Apr 152015

The Cabin Woman choked as I fucked her mouth. She looked up at me with fear in her single big green eye. My cock was too big for her mouth but that wasn’t stopping me.

I climaxed. A flood of seed entered her mouth, filled her cheeks and spilled out of her lips. She tried to pull away but I grabbed the feathers on her head and kept her pinned to my crotch. I held her there as my cock continued to pump seed into her mouth.

“Swallow it all!” Venda said. My cyborg parrot looked down from her perch on my shoulder.

“What she said,” I groaned.

The Cabin woman tried but there was too much come. Too much of it fell onto her tits and the floor.

My communicator beeped. It was my Quarter Master, Mr. Cash. “The Finance Consultation is about to begin. We’re just waiting for you.”

“On my way,” I sighed. I pulled my cock out of the Cabin Woman’s mouth and wiped it on her face. “Make sure to clean everything you dropped. We’re guests here.”

“Use your tongue!” Venda chirped. The Cabin woman nodded and licked my seed off the floor with her mouth. It was strange how my crew obeyed my cyborg parrot quicker than they obeyed me.

I started walking to the meeting. My intelligent pants zipped up over my cock. The hallways were surprisingly tall considering that our hosts were Wuats and barely over a meter tall.

I freely admit that I was slow walking to the party. I had been dreading it all day. My ship, the Savage Thrust, had taken a beating and we stopped at this repair asteroid to get back into shape. A renegade Wuat clan owned this asteroid and although Wuats were famous for their technical skills they were equally famous for the hard bargains they drove. My Quarter Master assured me that we could afford their prices but he used to be a banker and his definition of affording something could sometimes be “hey, let’s eat protein paste for a month.”

I reached where I thought the meeting was being held and was obviously mistaken. Instead of tables, chairs and charts, there was a bar, a live band and a bunch of Wuats standing around drinking from mugs the size of their heads. The band was loudly screaming a power ballad about misaligned plasma couplings.

Many of the Wuats were half naked. Wuats were an off shoot of humanity that grew up on high gravity worlds. They were a meter tall with squat thick bodies that were full of muscles. For a short race they were insanely tough and could survive just about anywhere. Their race had a reputation for being great at building things but I suspect that was just a side effect of devoting themselves to building the perfect beer brewing machine.

I was about to turn around when my Quarter Master spotted me. “Come on in, Captain!” he yelled. He had a mug in each hand and he was sitting on the shoulders of a bare-chested Wuat male. The Wuat was grinning and nuzzling the back of his head against Mr. Cash’s crotch.

“Glad you could make it, Captain!” Mr. Cash said. “This is Noz Cablestrong. We just came to an agreement to service the power core on the ship!”

“Good?” I said uncertainly. “Is this the financial consultation?”

“Hell yeah!” Mr. Cash said. He handed me a mug.

“We don’t negotiate shit without plenty of music and beer!” Noz said. He tightened his grip on my Quarter Master’s thighs.

I sniffed the mug I was handed. Several hairs in my nose died. The Wuats were certainly a hardy race.

“We just sort of mingle and negotiate our fees,” Mr. Cash said. “In fact, behind you is the Mistress of the Weapon Crafters. Mrs. Hammershock, the Captain is ready for your quote!”

I turned to face a busty Wuat woman though I guess all Wuats are busty with their short tick bodies. Mrs. Hammershock had long blond hair tied into a massive braid. Her more massive breasts were about to fall out of her tight blouse but knowing Wuat construction, I bet there was no chance of that happening. A workman’s skirt was wrapped around wide hips. She took a long drink from her mug and then let out a nice equally long burp.

“Excuse me,” she said while her burp still rang in my ears. “I’ve taken a look at the damage to your weapon systems and I think we can fix her back up for just twenty MegaCreds.”

“Are you drunk?” I snapped. “Twenty MegaCreds? Are the missiles made of precious metals? Do the lasers give me blowjobs when I fire them? That’s ridiculous!”

Mrs. Hammershock shrugged her shoulders, making her massive tits jiggle in interesting ways. “What’s ridiculous is that you were fighting at all with your old system. I might be able to shave one MegaCred off the price as a discount for the mentally handicapped.”

I was about to respond when the band started a new, louder song. A wave of noise hit my ears and I clutched my skull. Venda chirped something on my shoulder but I couldn’t hear her. Mrs. Hammershock banged her head in tune with the music.

“I can’t negotiate in this noise!” I yelled.

“Use the bargaining closet!” Mr. Cash yelled.

“The bargaining what?” I yelled back.

“I’ll show you!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled.

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me through the party. I was annoyed at being held by the wrist instead of the hand but I knew better than to try to fight her grip. Besides, if we were getting away from this noise, she could drag me by my shorts hairs.

She went to a door I hadn’t noticed and pressed her hand against it. Sensors read her palm print and the door opened. Inside was a room barely big enough for two people to stand shoulder to shoulder. At least it was tall enough for me. A monitor screen took up half a wall and I assumed it was for looking at contracts.

We crowded into the room and the door closed. Thankfully it was sound proof and I couldn’t hear the Wuat band anymore. The ringing in my ears took a little longer to go away.

I looked down at Mrs. Hammershock. She finished off the rest of her mug and let it drop to the ground. Another burp erupted and filled the tiny room.

“Alright, now we can do some real negotiating,” I said. “Normally I pay three MegaCreds for a full weapons overhaul and I just think that-Whoa! What are you doing?”

Mrs. Hammershock had a firm grip on my crotch. Her thick strong fingers closed around my growing bulge.

“I’m negotiating,” Mrs. Hammershock said. “Twenty MegaCreds is a reasonable price for our fine craftsmanship but as Mistress of my department I have certain price variances I can apply.”

“Rape and pillage!” Venda chirped from my shoulder.

“Hush,” I said to Venda. Looking down at Mrs. Hammershock, I asked a stupid question. “What kind of price variance?”

“I saw the video of you raping that heiress,” Mrs. Hammershock said. “You have a fine cock for one of your race.”

“Technically that was consensual since we were filming it for her reality show,” I said. My cock was throbbing under her firm grip. “But if you are looking for a repeat of that performance, I can work something out.”

“Shit, I just want you to fuck my brains out,” Mrs. Hammershock said.

“What about Mr. Hammershock?” I said. “I like to know what kind of danger I am risking before I fuck a married person.”

“Fuck Mr. Hammershock!” she snapped. “You’ll be in more trouble if you don’t get to the fucking right now!”

She drove a hard bargain. My intelligent pants unzipped on their own. Mrs. Hammershock lifted her skirt to reveal thick hairy legs and the thickest blonde pubic patch I had ever seen. I stared at her and tried to figure out how this was going to work. Just as I decided to pick her up, she grabbed my hips and pulled me down to my knees. There was no resisting her superior strength and I fell to all fours.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” I asked right before she grabbed my head. Her grip was tight as she pulled me by my hair to her crotch.

My face pressed against the thick bush of her hair. I burrowed into her hair and opened my mouth. I tasted flesh and my tongue licked the familiar taste of pussy.

I had a sudden flash to my Cabin Woman that I used earlier. It occurred to me that I was now in the same position she was in earlier. A smile came to my lips as I kept licking. Even Captains have to use their mouths sometimes.

“Lick it good!” Venda chirped. I felt her talons prick my back as she moved to a better position.

“What the bird said!” Mrs. Hammershock said.

She lifted one of her short legs and slung it over my shoulder. The weight of a hundred kilos pressed down on my body. I grunted into her pussy and judging from her shivers, I think she liked it.

The raised leg made it easier to reach her pussy. My lips played with hers and my tongue drank from her sex. She tasted like metals, beer and that feminine musk that all women of every species have. The weight on my shoulder was a burden but that burden was easily lifted by the joy of licking a soaked pussy.

“Quan’s Hammer!” Mrs. Hammershock moaned. “Your mouth is better than my washing bot!”

I took that as a compliment.

“On your back!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled.

She gave me a shove and my arms collapsed beneath me. Fuck, she was strong! I quickly rolled onto my back just in time to see her knees drop to either side of my head. Thick thighs encased my head as her yellow bush fell on my face.

I grabbed a quick breath before being smothered in Wuat pussy. I went back to licking because I knew it was the only way to escape. She was too strong for anything else.

Mrs. Hammershock straddled my head facing my cock. She grabbed my cock with her powerful grip. I thought she was going to stroke me but no, she was just content to hold onto my pulsing member while I ate her.

I licked with all my cunning. My tongue performed tricks learned from all across the galaxy. Swirls, taps, flicks and even bites were in my arsenal.

“Fuck!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled and her pussy quivered on my face.

Venda chirped something but it was hard as fuck to hear her with my ears encased in thighs.

The thighs tightened around my head. She was close to orgasm. I licked faster.

The constriction increased around my head. Pain flashed through my head. She was about to come at any moment. I licked harder.

The vice of her thighs escalated. I swore I could feel individual points of my skull about to burst. How much more did she need to come? I licked with everything I had.

“Quan’s Hammer!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled. A flood of juice splashed my face and I was reminded of my Cabin Woman once more. The thighs relaxed and I knew I would live to lick again.

Mrs. Hammershock lifted from my face. I gasped for air and let out a nervous laugh.

“Good,” Mrs. Hammershock said. She crawled on top of my head towards my cock.

“Hold on,” I said. My hands covered my cock.

“What foolishness is this?” Mrs. Hammershock said.

“Knock five MegaCreds off the price,” I said.

“What? That slices our profit margin to almost nothing!” Mrs. Hammershock said.

I shrugged. It was hard to look stern on my back holding my crotch and my face glistening with pussy juice. “Take five off or we can leave the Bargaining Closet right now.”

Mrs. Hammershock growled. I worried that I had pushed it too far.

“Take it or leave it!” Venda chirped. The cyborg parrot floated over to my shoulder.

“Fine!” Mrs. Hammershock said. “Now give me that cock!”

I pulled my hands away. My cock stood proudly like he always does when people are haggling over him.

Mrs. Hammershock stood up. She grabbed me by my shoulders and lifted my body from the ground as if she was carrying a doll. With ease she picked me up and sat me up against the wall.

I watched as she pulled off her skirt and tossed it to the ground. The bush I had just eaten was soaked with her juices and my spit. She stood over my cock and I felt it drip onto me.

“Wait,” I said before she could lower herself. “Fifteen MegaCreds is still too much. Ten seems more reasonable.”

A scowl crossed her otherwise lovely face. “Half price? That is an insult to my entire clan!”

I reached between her legs. My fingers found the slick cleft of her sex and slipped easily in. She clenched her eyes shut as I pushed three fingers deep inside her. Her sex tightened around my fingers and I bit my lip to keep from yelling.

“If my fingers feel this nice, just imagine how my cock feels?” I said. I stroked the inside of her sex to make my point.

“Ten MegaCreds, you bastard!” Mrs. Hammershock said.

I pulled my fingers out and she lowered herself onto me. She gripped my cock a bit roughly but I deserved that for teasing her. She guided my cock into her pussy lips with the precision of an engineer. I let out a grunt as her weight settled onto me.

“Quan’s Hammer, this feels good,” Mrs. Hammershock moaned.

I reached for her ass and squeezed. My cock throbbed inside the tight prison of her sex. Powerful muscles clamped down on my cock and I doubted I could escape her if I tried.

“Ready to be fucked, pirate?” Mrs. Hammershock said.

I grabbed her braid and pulled on it as hard as I could. Her head didn’t even budge but a smile came to her lips.

“Ready and waiting, craftswoman,” I said.

“Good,” she grunted and she rocked back and forth. Her thighs clamped around my legs and the muscles in her pussy were twice as strong. She placed her hands on my shoulders for support and I winced as her fingers dug into my flesh. Venda climbed onto my head and peered down at us.

“Oh shit,” Mrs. Hammershock moaned. “That’s the socket action I need.”

“Socket action!” Venda chirped.

I reached into her shirt and pulled out one of her breasts. A pale mountain of flesh came out. It was heavy in my hand and I brought the pale pink nipple to my lips. I bit down hard as I tried to pretend that I was a fearsome space pirate and not a customer getting humped in the closet.

“Harder!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled.

I bit down harder. Mrs. Hammershock humped me faster. Her pussy was so wet that she was soaking my balls. A wet spot formed on my intelligent pants

“Harder! Harder!” Venda chirped. Mrs. Hammershock listened to the parrot and grinded on my lap. My cock was trapped within her fantastic pussy muscles. Her mass shifted back and forth on my soaked lap.

I released her tit and pulled out the other one. Both of her tits were too much for my hands to hold but it was fun trying. My fingers sank into both of them as Mrs. Hammershock fucked the hell out of me.

“Quan’s Hammer, Anvil and Bucket!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled.

“Eight MegaCreds,” I grunted.

“What?” Mrs. Hammershock said. She didn’t stop fucking me.

“You heard me, eight MegaCreds or I get up and leave right now,” I said.

“Bastard!” Mrs. Hammershock said. She fucked me harder. Her fingers dug deeper into my shoulders.

“I mean it!” I said.

“Means it!” Venda repeated.

“You son of a defective womb!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled. She fucked my cock with raging fury. Her fingernails broke the skin as she clutched.

“Make it five MegaCreds!” I yelled. My fingers twisted both of her nipples. I felt her pussy quake around my cock.

“You are a thief, a weak drinker and your ship is poorly maintained!” Mrs. Hammershock said. Her hips grinded with a new circular motion that almost ripped my cock off.

“Last chance or we stop, NOW!” I yelled.

“Leave it or fuck it!” Venda said.

“Damn you, yes! Five MegaCreds!” Mrs. Hammershock said.

I pulled both of her tits to my mouth and bit down. Mrs. Hammershock yelled inside our small closet. I felt her pussy clench so hard I thought my cock wouldn’t survive.

“FUCK!” Mrs. Hammershock yelled. Her pussy spasmed around my cock. She threw back her head and screamed a mighty orgasm.

Even though I had just climaxed recently, I came again. My seed surged up inside her and unlike my Cabin Woman’s mouth; Mrs. Hammershock’s pussy didn’t spill a drop.

Mercifully, Mrs. Hammershock stopped. She stood up and pushed her tits back into her shirt. I was proud of the small bite marks I had left on her large mounds. She bent over and I admired her squat ass before she put her skirt back on.

“You drive a hard bargain but repairs will commence at the price of five MegaCreds,” Mrs. Hammershock said. The fury was gone and replaced with casual calmness.

“Great,” I said. My intelligent pants zipped themselves up while Venda settled on my shoulders. I winced as her tiny talons touched the bruises forming.

Mrs. Hammershock reached down and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to my feet with a single jerk. Before I could thank her, she already had the door open and a wall of sound crashed into me.

I stumbled back into the consultation party. I grabbed the first mug that was offered to me and swallowed it in one gulp. My throat caught fire and I doubled over coughing until someone tapped me on the shoulder.

It was Mr. Cash. He was still on the Wuat’s guys shoulders but he lost his pants somewhere. The Wuat lost his pants too and his cock looked as thick as my arm.

“How did the bargaining go?” Mr. Cash yelled over the music.

“Exhausting but I got the weapons repairs down to five MegaCreds!” I yelled.

“Great!” Mr. Cash said. “The Mistresses of the Engine Crafters are ready to discuss their estimate! I think they are sisters! They want to charge us thirty MegaCreds!”

I looked at the Wuats he was pointing at. They were dark women with shaved heads and even bigger tits than Mrs. Hammershock. Both of them saw me and licked their lips in unison. They started heading towards to the Bargaining Closet and waved at me to join them.

Lords of Space, this was going to be one long fucking night.

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