Apr 122015

The following are links to articles I found interesting or useful to my writing.

This is an older article by Samuel R. Delany and his experience as a black science fiction writer. I find it particularly interesting because lately a group of racists sexist assholes have decided to hijack the Hugo awards because they don’t believe the work of non-white males have any merit. It is interesting/sad to see the same arguments used today mirror so closely the arguments Delany has dealt with all his life.

I feel like one of my odder hobbies is enjoying stories of government waste. My other less odd hobby is rocket science so I was really excited to read this article about a ten billion dollar waste of an attempt to make a radar that is vital to the rather impossible dream of missile defense. It has hubris! Complete lack of fore-planning! Missile physics!

Summer is coming and I have been debating whether to write more stories about Mermaid Island. I always saw those stories as a highly optimized daydream fantasy of my teenage beach experiences. Chillwave is a genre of music kind of like that especially the part where the genre itself never really existed.

Today’s music is Ratatat’s Cream on Chrome. Ratatat is becoming one my favorite bands to write to.

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