Apr 262015

The following are articles or links I found useful for my writing.

A new law in Nashville makes it illegal to run a sex club within a certain range of a church. A Swinger’s Club does the only logical thing and declares themselves a church.

I find Chess to be insufferably boring. What I don’t find boring is Cheating at Chess which is an age old tradition.

One thing that always bothers me when writing science fiction is the fear that the science fact that is important to my story is completely wrong. Apparently this is something that doesn’t bother the FBI. It appears that for the last twenty years, the science of hair analysis has been one giant con to convict people.

I love wargaming but much like chess, wargaming can degenerate into an obsession of efficency over fun. Hipsterhammer is a new blog about taking a cheap yet fun approach to the Warhammer Fantasy. Even if you don’t play wargames, this kind of blog is helpful to adopting an attitude of fun towards whatever you do.

Music this week is from the Spacechem soundtrack. SpaceChem is an insanely hard game about chemistry but I am a bigger fan of the music. It has a nice science sound that works well as writing music. You can get the entire album from the artist here.

  4 Responses to “Extra Credit April 26th, 2015”

  1. Go the Swingers Club! I can grok their reasoning :)

    xx Dee

  2. I love SpaceChem. It was a damn hard game, but a lot of fun to play.

    (I did not know about that hair analysis thing.)

    • SpaceChem is what I play when I need a dose of humility.

      The hair forensics is scary, ain’t it? I want to rewrite every CSI show ever made to just them fudging results for cops.

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