Mar 182015

Felicia Grafal Flores parked in front of the sandwich place. A sign promised the best Philly cheese steak in town. That was a bold promise from a place that only opened last week. Felicia wasn’t that big of a fan of cheese steaks, but she did like new places.

She never knew what could happen with a new place.

Felicia walked into the place and saw that she was the only customer. There were three men working behind the counter and each of them turned to watch her. Why shouldn’t they? Felicia might be an older woman but she prided herself on still being gorgeous. Her wavy black hair was immaculately styled and her dark Puerto Rican skin was moisturized several times a day. All she needed to do with her plump breasts was wear tops with cleavage and Felicia considered it her duty to all men, and some women, to wear blouses that transformed her cleavage into a deep canyon. Some might think her hips were too wide for the skirts she wore but never had a single complaint.

The three men behind the counter had waxed moustaches like something out of her grandmother’s photo albums. The oldest was the same age as Felicia’s husband but the other two men were young enough to be his sons. They all wore shirts tighter than Felicia’s although where she had plump breasts to show off, they had the hard lines of broad muscles. They looked less like sandwich makers and more like strongmen from times past.

Thunder cracked outside despite there being clear skies when Felicia came in. She paid it no mind; these kinds of inconsistencies happened to her all the time.

“What can we do for you today?” the older man asked.

Felicia looked at the menu above his head while he looked at her cleavage. There were seven varieties of Philly cheese steaks. Most of them had ingredients that she didn’t recognize. She settled on the one that looked the most familiar.

“I’ll have a number three,” she said. She set her purse on the counter and took out her wallet.

“And your drink?”

“I’ll have the Coke,” she said. Coke was everywhere.

“That will be ninety-six,” the man said.

She noticed that one of the younger men walked around the counter towards her. The other young man flexed his fingers.

“Ninety-six?” Felicia said. “That’s all? Not even a dollar? Or did you mean ninety-six dollars? If that is the case I think I’ll pass.”

The older man shook his head. “No, ninety-six,” he said slowly, as if she didn’t understand English.

Felicia got that a lot. She was Puerto Rican but most people mistook her for Mexican. They didn’t know she grew up watching BBC and probably had a better vocabulary than most Americans. She also knew that these guys were probably not Americans themselves.

“I don’t understand,” Felicia said.

The young man behind her grabbed her skirt and yanked it down. Felicia cried out as her bare ass and hairy pussy was exposed. She rarely bothered with panties and never when exploring new places.

Despite being exposed, she made no motion to cover herself. “What are you doing?” she demanded. Her tone was not angry in the least.

“Getting payment, ma’am,” the young man said. He pushed her towards the counter. The other young man leaned forward and grabbed her wrists. He pulled her arms across the counter until she was bent over it, her naked ass exposed.

“Ninety-six what?” Felicia asked again although now she had a pretty good guess.

The young man kicked her legs apart. Felicia obliged and braced herself. She felt one hand go to the top of her ass and press down gently. He was locking her in place.

SMACK! His hand struck her plump ass with swift force.

“Fuck!” Felicia cried. There was no warm-up at all!

SMACK! SMACK! The young man behind her spanked each side of her ass in turn.

“Shit!” Felicia yelled but she wasn’t struggling. This wasn’t her first time being spanked in a strange place.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The young man continued to spank her ass, delivering slaps with painful precision.

She noticed a bulge in the pants of the man holding her wrists. She wondered if it was for the sight of her bare ass getting spanked or the sight of her cleavage falling over the side of the counter. Felicia guessed it was probably both.

“Ten.” SMACK! “Eleven.” SMACK! “Twelve.” SMACK!

The old man was counting. She looked at his pants and there was a bulge there as well.

Felicia wondered what her husband, Emil, would do if he saw her now. Probably take out his cock and jack off. He would tell the men to fuck her ass after they had spanked it. He would wait until all three of them had fucked her ass before coming in her mouth.

Sweet Jesus, she loved her husband.

SMACK! “Twenty-one.” SMACK! Twenty-two.”

Felicia groaned. The young man showed no signs of getting tired. Each spank was as hard as the last.

SMACK! “Thirty-three.” SMACK! “Thirty-four.”

She clenched her pussy in frustration. Juices flowed from her needy sex and down her leg. It wouldn’t be long before the smell of her pussy filled the sandwich store.

SMACK! “Forty-six.” SMACK! “Forty-seven.”

There was a bell. Felicia gasped. It was the door! Someone else had walked in! They were watching the strange men with the wax moustaches spank her!

It made her pussy even wetter.

SMACK! “Fifty-eight.” SMACK! Fifty-nine.”

Felicia’s ass burned. Over and over, the young man kept striking the two same spots on her ass. Each buttock seemed to be on fire.

She pulled slightly but the man in front of her held firmly onto her wrists. There would be no escape until every spank was paid for.

SMACK! “Sixty-five.” SMACK! Sixty-six.”

The bell rang again and then again. The lunch crowd was coming in. More people were waiting in line to order. That meant more people were watching Felicia’s brown ass turning pink with every slap.

She wished that she had just gotten the sandwich and not the combo. That would have been cheaper.

SMACK! “Seventy-two.” SMACK! “Seventy-three.” SMACK!

The pain was almost too much. It felt like the rest of her body had dropped off and now all that she was a tender ass.

No, she was also a needy greedy hungry pussy. Her sex ached with the need to be filled, fucked, rammed and used.

SMACK! “Eighty-four.” SMACK! Eighty-five.”

Felicia lunged for the bulge in front of her. Her lips closed around the young man’s slacks. In a haze of lust and pain, she bit down gently on the bulge as her spit soaked into his pants.

The young man groaned and pressed against her face. She smelled grease, onions and beef on his pants.

SMACK! “Ninety-One.” SMACK! “Ninety-two.”

It was almost over! Felicia just had to hold on for a few more spanks. It seemed like an impossible task. Her ass burned so much!

Felicia chewed gently on the slacks covered bulge in her mouth.

SMACK! “Ninety-three.” SMACK! “Ninety-four.”

Felicia’s ass hurt. It burned. It was on fire. It felt hotter than the grill they were using to make her sandwich. It was too much.

Felicia’s pussy was so wet. Juices flowed like a river down her thighs. She could fuck every wax mustached man working here. She could fuck all of the customers that she knew was behind her. She could fuck her husband and his huge cock five times at least.

SMACK! “Ninety-five.”

One more spank. It felt impossible. One more spank and she would die from pain and need.

SMACK! “Ninety-six.”

The man in front of her released her wrists. Felicia opened her mouth and he took a step back. She smiled at the wet stain that outlined his hard cock underneath.

Strong hands gently pulled her from the counter and to her feet. Her ass flinched as it waited for another spank. A stranger walked past her to place an order with the older man. The man that held her wrists turned around to get her sandwich from a window. The man who had spanked her stepped to the side to squirt sanitizer into her hands.

Felicia felt exposed. The sudden lack of attention made her self conscious about her bare ass. She bent down and grimaced as her ass complained. She grabbed her skirt and pulled it back up to her waist.

The light cloth settled on her tender ass. Felicia cried out as the simple touch enflamed her growing welts.

“Number three combo,” the young man said. He passed her a bag and a drink.

Felicia smiled and took her meal. She turned around to see a long line behind her. The men looked at her with obvious longing while the women blushed with embarrassed lust.

She didn’t want to dine inside. Felicia headed for the door even though the rain was coming down hard outside. A young grinning man half her age held the door open for her.

It was bright and sunny outside. When she reached her car, she looked back at the sandwich shop. They had one customer being waited on by a duo of teenagers.

Felicia opened her car. She took a deep breath and sat down in her seat.

The pain was overwhelming. Her abused ass flared with stinging sensation while Felicia bit down on her lip.

As soon as the door was closed, Felicia’s fingers were under her skirt. She buried her fingers in her hairy pussy as she clenched her eyes shut. The pain of her ass intertwined with the pleasure from her pussy like a braid of sensations.

She pictured the bulge that was soaked with her spit. She remembered the sound of the old man counting. She relived the force of the spanking man’s blows.

“Fuck!” Felicia screamed in her car. She climaxed and the car rocked with the force of her spasms.

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  1. Mmm, surreal but yummy. I liked it a lot, though it isn’t fast food. :)

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