Mar 112015

There were clues but Andrew didn’t notice them. Today he had to give a presentation to the upper managers and it consumed all of his focus. This was a common problem with mortals; they cared about all of the wrong things.

Andrew didn’t hear the ringing of bells because he spent the morning car ride listening to a motivational recording.

He didn’t catch the smell of robin eggs and nut beer because his mouth was full of a terrible breakfast burrito.

He did feel a warm breeze on a cold rainy March morning but he blamed it on global warming.

The flicker of golden wings around his office should have tipped him off but he never took his eyes off the presentation on his computer.

Andrew found out too late when he was in the restroom. He stood in front of a urinal and tried to pass the morning’s coffee. After he flushed but before he could zip up, he felt something thin and hot wrap around his wrist.

“No,” he groaned. He tried to move his hand but it was impossible. A powerful force yanked his hand up to the wall. Something else yanked his pants down to his ankles. He tried to use his free hand but he felt the thin hot thread encircle that wrist as well. It pulled his hand up to the wall and Andrew lacked the strength to move it.

“Not now!” he hissed. He was trying not to be heard. Oh God, was anyone in the stalls? He didn’t think so but he didn’t check.

“Please,” he whispered. “You’re a day early! I’ll give it to you tonight. Or if you need it right now, let me go back to my office. Anyone can walk in.”

He heard the giggles. The little ladies had no mercy.

One flew down near his head. It was the redhead. She was barely six inches tall with full breasts the size of his thumb. Her golden wings flapped as her other hand went to her sex. She fingered her furry red patch inches from his nose.

“Please,” he whispered again although he knew better.

A single note sang from her lips and he felt the fluttering of wings around his cock. Four of the little ladies settled onto his cock and wrapped their arms tightly around him. Small button breasts pressed against the length of his cock. Tiny mouths kissed the ridges of his cock. Their wings flapped and their bodies rocked back and forth as they tugged on his cock.

Andrew groaned. His cock throbbed. How many times had he done this for the little ladies? He had lost count. His hips moved back and forth as he gave into the rhythm of their stroking.

More of the little ladies appeared. Tiny cords wrapped around his legs and arms. Inch by inch they secured his body in place until all he could do was pump his hips.

The tiny redhead flew to his mouth and pressed a small breast to his lips. He kissed her breasts and flicked his tongue. Her tit tasted like lemon candy.

She giggled and flew away from his mouth.

“Faster,” he groaned. He looked to the restroom door. It stayed close. He knew from experience that no one else would see the little ladies. If someone walked in right now all they would see is him with his cock out humping the wall.

The ladies kept their slow steady pace. Their giggles were his only proof that they heard him.

Andrew looked away from the door. Not for the first time he wondered if it was all truly worth it. The Queen of the little ladies had whispered her offer to him. Straighter teeth, a better grasp of accounting and the blessing that his French fries would never be cold sounded great at first. The price of having to give his seed every twenty-six days was actually more appealing than the gifts they were offering. Who wouldn’t agree to something that required sex every twenty-six days?

He just didn’t know that the method and timing of the giving was never his to decide.

The red head lady sang something. More of the little ladies appeared all around him. One nuzzled his balls like it was a pillow. Another little lady rubbed her small breasts on his earlobe. Two of the ladies sat on his head and rolled around in his hair.

Most of the little ladies just flew around him. Their naked bodies floated about him as they stroked themselves and each other. Gold cheeks flushed as they sang out their orgasms. He was surrounded by a hundred of the naked little ladies.

“Fuck,” Andrew groaned. He was close. He laughed with nervous relief. He needed to come before someone walked in!

The redhead sang another strange note. Three of the little ladies appeared carrying a golden bowl. Andrew knew that bowl. He watched as they floated down to just in front of his cock.

The redhead drifted down to his cock. As the other little ladies continued to tug and pull on him, the redhead went to his tip. She opened her mouth and licked the drop of precum that waited for her.

Andrew came. He blasted the redhead with his first load and all of the little ladies laughed. They kept stroking him as the redhead moved out of the way. They jerked and pulled as he shot stream after stream into the gold bowl.

When he was finally drained, they released his cock. The little ladies rushed to the bowl to help carry it. Once again, the bowl was full despite only ejaculating a few ounces. It was just more magic he assumed.

He did wonder what it was they did with all of that seed.

The redhead floated up to his face. She tried to look cross with his come all over her body but her smile gave it away. She wagged her finger at him in mock admonishment.

“Sorry,” he said.

The redhead clapped her hands and suddenly he was alone. Andrew fell forward as the tiny cords released his body but he caught himself on the restroom wall. He pulled his pants up in a hurry and stuck his spent cock back into his boxers.

He still tasted her lemon candy breast on his lips.

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  1. Huh. I was just listening to something on the radio this morning about the Fairy Investigation Society (you can hear it here) – these would be very interesting fairies to investigate indeed :)

    xx Dee

  2. That was a fun story, though probably not worth always hot french fries. :) I like the idea of surprise sex. Must be nasty when they want it in the middle of a train.

    • It was either always hot fries or always find a close parking spot so I flipped a coin :)

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