Mar 252015

“What does tightrope walking and getting a blowjob from your grandmother have in common?” asked Daisy the Dirty Doll.

“Eww,” said the human on stage. Her name was Connie. “I have no idea.”

“You don’t look down,” Daisy said.

The audience inside the tent groaned. Daisy’s little puppet legs kicked up to flash a thick brown bush at the crowd. Dirty snickers rumbled through the crowd.

I half listened to the act. I wasn’t here for a dirty ventriloquist act. I was here because my best friend Johnny said that if you approach Connie after the show with a twenty dollar bill in your hand, she’ll invite you back to her wagon for a blowjob.

That was crazy of course. Johnny was always bragging about getting sucked and fucked and no one ever believed him. I sure as fuck didn’t. Still, I had twenty dollars in my hand because you know, why not at least try?

I wished Connie was prettier though. She was plain looking with long straight brown hair and an upturned nose. She had no breasts that I could see and I considered myself an expert since I had felt up Megan Anderson behind the bleachers at least six times. Connie was no Megan Anderson at all.

But a blowjob was a blowjob and I had never had one.

The show ended and everyone filed out of the tent. I saw Connie carry Daisy to the side entrance. I pushed my way to the crowd towards her. My fingers clenched tightly around the twenty as if I was afraid anyone would notice what I was here for.

Connie saw me just as she was about to leave. She stopped and turned so Daisy could face me. I got a much better look at the doll. I thought she was wearing a white dress but up close I saw that it was sheer and I could see her naked wooden body underneath. Her dark bush was pretty hard to ignore under her white skirt.

“Hey there, good looking,” Daisy said. She flipped a small puppet hand through her long blonde hair. Her voice sounded sleazier up close.

“Hey,” I said. “Umm, my friend of mine told me to uh, bring some money-“

“And you’ll get your cock sucked?” Daisy asked. Connie wrinkled in nose in distaste.

“Uh yes,” I said. “I’m sorry if it was a prank-“

Daisy cut me off. “Hell no, it isn’t a prank! Connie here will choke on your fat cock for twenty bucks. You got twenty bucks, right?”

Words caught in my mouth so I just opened my hand. Daisy and Connie both looked at it.

“Hot damn!” Daisy said. “Looks like I know what you’re eating for dinner, Connie.”

Connie sighed.

“Come on, Dickie,” Daisy said. “Let’s go somewhere more private.”

Holy shit, it was true. Connie and Daisy went out the tent and I followed. I felt my cheeks grow hot. As I followed the two, I felt like everyone I passed knew exactly what was about to happen.

We passed by the House of Tremors and the Deep Sword Swallowers. We went past the Jiggle-Whirl and the Swinger Spinner. We kept walking past the Balloons Busty game and the Ring Nipple Toss.

Finally we came to a row of trailers. Connie went up the steps to a small trailer and opened the door. Daisy looked over Connie’s shoulder at me.

“Come in a boy and leave a man!” Daisy said. “Or at least a few ounces lighter.”

I stepped into the trailer. There was a surprising amount of porn on the walls. It was mostly cocks and suddenly I felt inadequate.

Connie sat on the floor of the trailer and propped Daisy up on the bed. Daisy patted the space beside her on the bed. I sat down next to the doll. I wasn’t sure who to look at.

“First of all, give us your money,” Daisy said.

I handed the money to Connie.

“No!” Daisy yelled. “You don’t pay the whore, you pay me!”

“Oh,” I said. I put out my hand with the money towards Daisy. She didn’t move.

“Stick it down the front of my dress,” she said.

I might have blushed more. I reached out and slipped the twenty down the neck of her dress. Daisy groaned as the money slid over her wooden bust. I drew my hand quickly back.

“I have a little rule in my trailer,” Daisy said. “If someone’s getting their cock sucked, then I’m getting eaten too. Understand? So if you want your cock sucked, you got to eat me out.”

What? I looked at Connie and Daisy loudly cleared her throat.

“Don’t look at that slut, you’re eating me out!” Daisy snapped. “Now lift my skirt and get to it!”

Maybe this was the joke. This whole thing was a set up to see if I would go down on a doll. Maybe Johnny and his friends were peeking through a window. The smart thing to do would be to leave now.

On the other hand, I might be missing out on a blowjob.

I reached for Daisy’s skirt and lifted it. A thick patch of fur was stuck in the space between her wooden legs. I tried to pick Daisy up but Connie shook her head and wouldn’t let go of her dummy.

Fine, I bent over on the bed and stuck my head down between the doll’s legs.

I felt fingers undo my zipper.

Oh shit, this was really happening. I nuzzled into the thick fuzzy hair.

“Use your damn tongue!” Daisy snapped.

I quickly obeyed. I stuck my tongue out and licked. I felt wooden ridges under the fake hair. Was that pussy lips?

A hand reached into my pants and grabbed my cock. I groaned into Daisy’s snatch. The hand pulled my cock out and stroked it.

“Get in there, pretty boy!” Daisy yelled. “Eat me out and make me shout!”

I licked harder. The wooden pussy lips were thankfully smooth. I licked and I licked.

Something warm and wet wrapped around the head of my cock. I shuddered as the warmth slipped down my cock and engulfed me.

Holy fuck! I was getting my cock sucked!

“Oh fuck this is some good mouth fucking,” Daisy moaned.

I realized that Connie was throwing her voice while my cock was almost completely in her throat. Damn, she was good.

I kept licking. I never really ate pussy before and I worried that I would do a bad job before I remembered it was just a fucking doll. In fact, I stopped licking altogether.

“Don’t you dare quit licking, fucker!” Daisy yelled.

I jumped and kept licking. How did Connie know? Maybe women just knew shit like that.

As I kept licking, Connie kept sucking on my cock. It was so much better than I had ever imagined. It was so much wetter than my hand. It was a hell of a lot better than Megan Anderson’s hand. Shit, blowjobs became my favorite thing ever.

“Keep sucking him down, you dirty whore!” Daisy yelled. “Suck on that thick cock while I get my pussy eaten! I bet you wish your pussy was being eaten you dirty slut. I bet your twat is so damn wet but too bad! I’m the star of this show and only the star gets her pussy eaten!”

Damn, this doll was mean. It was kind of turning me on. I kept licking the wooden pussy because I didn’t want that meanness directed at me.

Connie kept sucking too. Up and down my cock she went. Her lips were tight around me and her tongue licked every inch of me. She took all of me into her mouth and I felt her nose press into my lap.

“Oh yeah,” Daisy moaned. “Oh yes, yes, yes, FUCK!”

The doll grinded into my mouth. I kept my tongue out and let the doll fuck my face. She screamed her orgasm and it shook the small trailer.

It was too much for me. I never lasted long in Megan Anderson’s hands either. My nut busted and I groaned into Daisy’s hairy crotch.

Connie didn’t make a sound as she swallowed all that I gave her.

“Holy shit, that was good,” Daisy said. “Get off my cunt you greedy twat sucker! Get!”

I quickly moved away from her lap. As I sat up, Connie left my lap. It was up to me to tuck my wilting cock back into my pants.

“Alright fucker, you got what you came for,” Daisy said. “Now get. I got to smoke a cigarette.”

“Uh, thanks,” I said. I zipped up and headed for the door.

“Be sure to tell your friends!” Daisy yelled as I walked out.

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  1. Delightfully creepy and I love the what-if parts. I absolutely adore the Chuky vibe and her mouth.

    • Holy Vincent Price, I completely forgot about Chucky while writing this. What a weird oversight on my part! lol

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