Mar 082015

The following are links to articles I read that I thought were inspiring or useful for my writing.

The Fairy Investigation Society was/is a real thing. It is useful to remember that before people were hunting UFO’s and Bigfoots, a lot of people were haunting the woods looking for little men. Also, Fairy Census sounds like the coolest thing ever.

An Interview with Richard Laymon is a 20 year old article printed in a fanzine but writing advice never ages. Laymon is part of my unholy Trinity of Favorite Horror Writers and one hard working writer.

My Dad, the Pornographer is one son’s account of his father’s pornographic career. Andrew Offutt wrote a lot of porn to support his family which is no easy feat. This article is about Offutt’s son who had the task of going through his father’s belongings after he passed away. It’s a touching article about fathers, porn and writing.

Finally, we have Lindsey Stirling’s Roundtable Rivals, introduced to me by the always excellent, The Other Side Blog. The song is awesome but a steampunk western showdown with music instead of guns? Fuck yeah.

  2 Responses to “Extra Credit March 8th, 2015”

  1. Roundtable Rivals is awesome. It made me want to write something in inspiration for it, though its further down the line on my budget.

    And I love the Pornographer. It makes me want to do the same for my little ones. :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Lindsey Stirling is awesome. She gets better everytime I see her.

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