Mar 222015

The following are links I found interesting or useful for my writing.

I love conspiracies. Taking real world data and fudging it a little to make a story might be the basis for all fiction but conspiracies often go that extra mile for a little WTF. Read about how the Denver Airport is probably a secret Illuminati bunker.

Know what fantasy roleplaying games need more of? Real world economics applied to fantasy tropes. Multiplexer writes in depth articles about such things and each one is gold. Well, let’s just say a valuable precious commodity because as some of the articles prove, that pile of Dragon’s gold is probably the worse thing to ever happen to an economy. It is hard to pick a favorite but if I had to it would be about the Murder Hobo Investment Bubble.

Finally we have a free game you can play in your browser. The Coop Times is about being a reporter with a really vicious deadline. You are given a story and told to write five lines about it under a time constraint. It is a fun and hectic way to write and I highly recommend that any writer give it a shot. The stories are then collected and published on a site so you can see the collective efforts of your fellow reporters. 

Music this week is Beastmilk’s “Death Reflects Us” because everyone needs Beastmilk in their life.

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