Mar 152015

The following are links that I found interesting or useful for my writing.

There were many obituaries, retrospectives and just plain anguish over the death of Sir Terry Pratchett this week. Kieron Gillen wrote one that I felt was especially true and helpful in this dark time.

The Story of Yars Revenge is the story of how one of the most bizarre and yet most enduring videogames from the Atari was created. The most interesting part is that the designer was an economist and though he knew jack little about games, he understood economics and applied his knowledge to making a lasting game.

(Actually) True War Stories at NBC News is a cruel funny look at how an organization tasked with informing the public is far more concerned with ratings, egos and finding something to blame.

I have been hard on fan fiction in the past but lately I have come around to recognizing it as a fun creative outlet for people. Having said that, this article explores the mystery of one of the worse fan fictions ever created, My Immortal.

Nuns and Nuclear Security is a novel disguised as a news article but it is well worth your time. As a writer, I often imagine that nuclear weapons and other terrible things are guarded by something out of a James Bond novel. The truth is that the security resembles more from an episode of Archer. The Plowshares movement frequently breaks into top secret places and what they do there seems more like blood magic rituals than war protesting. It is a long fascinating read.

This week’s music is a throwback to my youth. “In the Back of My Mind” is from Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham-less Behind The Mask album.

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