Jan 052015

This is your special update on the info you need for Pleasure Station Sigma. I am your virtu-host, Mika-C34. Remember, you can enter your Credit Information at any time to experience me performing oral sex on you as you process the news!

Station Overlord Pok assumed command of Pleasure Station Sigma in a coup last night. The transition was mostly peaceful with only a twenty percent casualty rate. Members of the previous administration are urged to report to the nearest security post for loyalty processing.

The corpse of the previous Overlord is currently on display on B-Deck outside Silver Ann’s Brothel and Casino. Eye witness accounts confirm that the previous Overlord is much shorter in person.


Overlord Pok has announced that the price of lube/gallon will return to 10 credits within the day cycle. Overlord Pok blames the previous high prices on embezzling on the part of the previous Overlord. This news as greeted with praise from members of A-Deck

“Affordable lube is the cornerstone of our economy. Without it, the brothels can’t keep up with demand, the factories can’t test their sex toys, tourists spend less and the broke losers on O-Deck have to use spit when they jack off. I salute Overlord Pok for making commerce his first priority.” – Vice Captain Owenna Maffo of the Maffo Consortium.

Overlord Pok will be conducting a tour of C-Deck in order to meet with influential and wealthy tourists. Sources say that Overlord Pok will be assuring tourists that Pleasure Station Sigma will remain the number one destination station for sexual tourism. This tour will of course be confined to hotels and residential buildings of Diamond Status and above.

Many businesses are rushing to show their support of Overlord Pok with specials. Mouth Parlor is offering a ten percent discount at all locations for today only. Burger Slut is offering half off their combo meals from now until Orbitday. Consult our Thrifty Fucker channel for more discounts in your area!

This concludes your special update on Pleasure Station Sigma. This is your virtu-host, Mika-C34, reminding you to stay alert and keep your lube handy! Have a great fuck!

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  1. Heh, love these news pieces.

  2. It might be my favorite method of world building.

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