Jan 282015

The monsters gathered around Jessica’s bed. It was pitch black in her bedroom but she knew they were there. She knew that claws were slipping out of their sheaths. The air in the bedroom was hot with their breathing. Her glasses were off but she knew if she put them on that she would see a dozens of eyes around her bed.

They were horny tonight. Jessica had done a bad thing and read a filthy book. Her pussy was wet and they could smell her desire. It had summoned them here and at any moment, they would pounce and take her.

There was only one way to keep them back. Jessica had to come. She had to come hard. She had to come so hard that her ties curled. If she didn’t then they were well within their rights to use her.

Jessica pulled the covers back. The monsters would want to see. She was too shy to take off her tank top or her panties. It would also be too tempting for them. If her tits were out, clawed hands would grab them. If her pussy was exposed, strange mouths would eat her before stranger cocks fucked her.

She slipped a hand into her panties. The first touch of her pussy lips brought a groan to her mouth. The monsters groaned with her.

Jessica’s other hand grabbed her breast. She kept her hand over her tank top and squeezed. The monsters came closer in the darkness as she pulled at her flesh.

She stroked herself. One, two, three, four, five, and six strokes over the lips of her sex. One, two, three, four, five and six strokes on the bottom of her pussy lips. One, two, three, four, five and six more strokes until she slipped a finger into herself.

Jessica cried out. It was a short gasp of noise before she bit her lip. She couldn’t be too loud. That would tempt the monsters too.

If they heard her cry out, they would want more. They would flip her over onto her stomach and tear her clothes off. Clawed bestial hands would scratch her back. Flat tentacles would slap her ass without mercy. Obscene tongues would lick at her asshole and there would be nothing she could do.

Jessica thought about all of this as she stroked faster. She thought of new torments as she pulled at her nipple under her tank top. Some of the tortures she thought of were inspired by that filthy book she had read.

The thought of the tortures made Jessica shudder with dread and longing.

She stroked deeper. The monsters would want her to go deep. She had to enter her pussy as hard and as fast as she could or monsters would replace her fingers with their cocks. They filled her wet sex with cocks covered in scales, cocks that were furry and cocks curved inside her and cocks that throbbed with unholy power. They would fuck her until each and every one of those cocks released their monstrous seed inside her.

The thought made Jessica clench her thighs tightly around her hand.

Jessica pulled at her breasts. She squeezed and mauled herself. Her breasts joggled and moved underneath her tank top and she knew the monsters were watching. They watched to see if she would expose her nipples because if she did, they bite them with no mercy whatsoever.

The thought made Jessica sob with fear and lust.

Jessica spread her legs. Her panties covered everything but she knew the monsters could see her hand. They could imagine what was happening right in front of them. Her panties were so thin that it didn’t hide any of the nasty stroking she was doing to herself.

She was going to come. Some of the monsters would too. They were almost certainly jacking off while watching her. They would shoot their seed all over her. If she opened her mouth, she could taste their inhuman seed on her tongue.

Jessica came. She stopped groping her breasts so she could bite on her hand. Her teeth clamped down hard as pleasure exploded through her body. Ecstasy went down her clenching thighs and to her curling toes.

When the orgasm was over, Jessica slipped her hand from out of her panties. She brought wet fingers to her mouth and sucked. She had to lick her fingers clean or else the monsters would lick them for her in the dark of the night.

She barely cleaned her fingers before sleep overtook her.

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  1. Yummy, I’ve had a few of those nights.

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