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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “A Single Taste of the Queen’s Lips” by Royal Astronomers. Four of the planets here are barren rocks and mining probes have been launched. The fifth planet ist volcanically active and I am receiving strange biological readings. I will be landing to conduct a personal survey. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I finally get to break out the heat resistant spacesuit. I know it has been rated for full submersion in lava but it better not flatten my curves and make me look fat.

Vaquel Di stood on the lip of a volcanic crater. A plume of lava rose a hundred meters into the air before crashing down onto the ground. Rivers of molten metals flowed down the side of the crater to collect in large lakes.

She should have been observing the lava but she was too busy checking herself out. The heat resistant suit was a light blue which made a nice contrast to her short pink hair. The suit was skintight which meant it stretched over her large brown breasts and firm round ass. The heat treated glassteel helmet was crystal clear which meant if anything was alive on this planet they could see Vaquel’s cute brown face.

“Heat Tolerance Is At Acceptable Levels,” her suit controls announced. It was quite amazing. Vaquel was almost chilly within her suit. Her nipples were hard and pressing tightly against the suit.

“Okay, so where is there bio readings coming from?” Vaquel said out loud. She looked over the edge of the crater but all she saw was the glowing fires of molten rock.

“Queen’s tit, I better not be lava diving just to look for super lava mold,” Vaquel said. It was known to happen. Mold grew everywhere.

Vaquel sighed and climbed over the edge of the crater. The heat suit was guaranteed to last twelve hours in extreme heat but Vaquel doubted she would get to file a complaint if that guarantee failed. It was better to get this shit over with as soon as possible.

Even more annoying was that this suit was even tighter than her usual spacesuits. Ever movement rubbed slick fabric across her sex, over her nipples and along the crack of her ass. She was trying to avoid lava but every step was like a caress of her most intimate places and Vaquel had a lot of intimate places.

As Vaquel climbed down the inside of the crater, more lava shot into the air. Some of it landed on her chest and she looked in horror at the glowing red lava. It took her a moment to realize that all she felt was slight warmth as if summer rain had landed on her chest.

She wiped it off though. There was no sense testing the suit. The lava slid off and her tits returned to a slightly chilly temperature.

Vaquel reached a ledge inside the crater. She pointed her right hand at the walls of the crater. The bioscanner in her glove checked for life signs. It detected nothing around here. She pointed it at the pool of lava below here.

“Ping!” the bioscanner rang.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She really did not want to go lava diving.

“Ping! Ping!” the bioscanner rang.

“What? Is it moving?” Vaquel said.

“Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!” the bioscanner rang. Yes, something was definitely coming.

Vaquel had a feeling the bio scans weren’t picking up mold. She wished that she had a weapon but unfortunately most weapons would have melted by now. Besides, what weapon could hurt something that hung out in lava?

Something emerged from the lava. It was a darker shade of red than the lava around it. As the lava slid off of it, Vaquel saw that it was roughly two meters tall and had two legs. Three, if you counted the large appendage swinging between’s legs.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore in appreciation. It was massive and so was the humanoid carrying it. She looked at the thing’s face and saw two flames where eyes should be. The mouth opened and glowing red heat burned within.

What was it? Some sort of plasma construct? A lifeform of solid lava? Vaquel had never heard of such a thing.

The thing saw her. The fires in its eyes flared. It reached up and started climbing towards Vaquel’s ledge.

It was decision time. Vaquel had verified the bio readings, her job here was done. She could leave now, report her findings and let the Royal navy send a survey crew. There was no reason to stick around.

Vaquel smiled. She saw one good reason and it was right between the legs of the lava creature. She stayed where she was.

The lava creature pulled itself up to Vaquel’s ledge. Up close it radiated heat that Vaquel could feel through her suit. It looked at Vaquel and tilted its head in the universal body language of “What the fuck?”

Vaquel pointed at herself. “Vaquel,” she spoke.

The lava creature pointed at itself. “Taa,” it said.

Language! What the hell did lava creatures talk about? Did it have a society? Where the fuck did they live? Vaquel had a million questions.

Taa apparently just had one. He reached forward and placed his hand on Vaquel’s breast. She felt warmth penetrate her heat resistant suit.

“Ni?” he asked.

Vaquel let him feel her tit in the interest of diplomacy. “That’s my tit. You don’t have that here?”

“Tt,” he said. His hand squeezed. A welcome heat washed over her breast. Now her nipple was hard for different reasons.

Since he started it, Vaquel reached for his cock. It was hot to the touch which was impressive considering the heat resistant suit made lava feel like a warm breeze. She gave it a squeeze and it throbbed in her hand.

Taa groaned. He used both hands to grab her tits. He squeezed a little too hard but Vaquel didn’t say anything. It was like being groped by heating pads. It felt quite nice.

Vaquel stroked his cock. It was massive so she had to use both hands. He might live in a volcano but his cock worked like any other. She stroked it with her gloved hands and felt the throbbing power within.

His thumb found her nipple through the skintight material. Vaquel shuddered as the hot thumb pressed against her sensitive nub. Taa smiled and rubbed harder.

“You learn quickly,” Vaquel said. She kept stroking his cock with one hand but her other hand went to his balls. They were almost too hot to touch but Vaquel caressed them anyway.

“Heat Tolerance at Ninety-Eight Percent!” the suit warned. Vaquel ignored it and kept fondling Taa’s balls. Ninety-eight percent was nothing to worry about.

Taa growled as she stroked him. Parts of his body glowed bright red as his balls and cock grew hotter. He let go of her breast and reached down between her legs. Vaquel felt his heat press against the sheer spacesuit material. It only added to the heat that was already there.

“You want to get inside me, don’t you?” Vaquel asked. “You just want to push that big burning cock inside my tight wet sex and fuck me senseless, am I right?”

Taa growled and rubbed at her sex. He didn’t understand her words but Vaquel could see he understood her tone. He grinded his hand against her sex and Vaquel’s hips rode his hand back.

They stood like that for a few desperate humps. She kept pulling on his cock while he rubbed the thin material at her sex. Vaquel breathed harder as Taa flared brighter.

“Heat Tolerance at Ninety-One Percent!” the suit warned.

“I have an idea,” Vaquel said. She pushed his hand away from her sex but she kept a hold of his cock. Taa made a dissenting moan until Vaquel turned around and presented her bright blue ass to him. She pulled his cock down to between her legs and her thighs trapped his hot cock.

Taa understood. He grabbed her hips with both hands and slid his cock back until it almost left the vice of her thighs, and then he slid back towards her until her ass was tight against his lap.

“Yes!” Vaquel moaned. This thick hard cock rubbed against her pussy lips. The thinness of the fabric meant she felt every bit of his thick girth as it pressed against her. It slid back and forth and Vaquel could feel her juices soaking the material.

“Heat Tolerance at Eighty-Five Percent!” the suit warned.

“You like this, don’t you?” Vaquel said to Taa. She knew he couldn’t understand her words but she liked to talk to him anyway.

“Your big cock feels so good between my thighs,” she said. “You are so thick that my thighs almost can’t touch each other. It is a good think my suit is so slippery. It is almost as slick as my pussy.”

Taa growled and fucked her faster. Back and forth he rammed into the grip of her thighs. Back and forth his cock rubbed against her lips. Back and forth her tight ass was slammed back into his hard body.

The crater shook. There was a seismic rumble that thundered through the area. A fresh geyser of lava shot into the air in front of them.

“Heat Tolerance at Seventy Percent!” the suit warned.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Vaquel said. “Fuck me like you were inside my pussy. Fuck me like you were inside my mouth. Fuck me like you were inside my nice brown ass! Fuck me as hard as you like, I can take it. And if I can’t, I would still take it for you!”

Vaquel reached behind her and grabbed Taa’s hips. She added a pelvic twist that interesting things to the cock between her thighs. The heat radiating from his cock became more intense on her sex. It was as if she was standing in front of an oven.

“Heat Tolerance at Sixty-Five Percent!” the suit warned.

Taa let go of her hips and grabbed her tits instead. Massive fingers crushed her breasts and waves of heat soaked into her soft flesh. He massaged her tits as he tried in vain to get all of them into his grip.

“Oh you like tits, don’t you?” Vaquel said. “Do lava women not have them? I bet even if they did that they are no where near as nice as mine. My tits are big, brown and all for you. Squeeze them, pull them and do whatever you want to them. They are all yours.”

“Heat Tolerance at Fifty-Seven Percent!” the suit warned.

“Harder,” Vaquel moaned. She clenched her thighs tighter. The ramming cock went back and forth across her pussy lips.

“Heat Tolerance at Forty-Four Percent!” the suit warned.

Taa growled. His cock pulsed and throbbed with unearthly passions. He pulled her back to his massive chest. His fingers sank into her breasts, penetrating the spacesuit with their heat.

“Heat Tolerance at Thirty-Two Percent!” the suit warned.

Vaquel knew she should stop but she was so close to coming. Lava shot higher into the air. The walls of the crater shook and pieces of it were sliding off into the lava below. She needed to get the fuck out of here but damn, she was so close.

“Heat Tolerance at Twenty-Seven Percent!” the suit warned.

Taa and Vaquel’s bodies moved together in a frantic symphony. His cock sliding along her pussy lips was a terrible tease and her thighs around his cock were just shy of giving him the penetration he needed. They teetered at the edge of climax.

“Heat Tolerance at Fifteen Percent!” the suit warned. A visual countdown at appeared in glassteel helmet in an appeal to her sense of self-preservation.

Vaquel reached down between her legs. One hand rubbed furiously at the suit as she stimulated her clitoris. The other hand went to the head of his cock, gripping it as it slid in and out of her fingers.

“Come on, I know you want to come,” Vaquel said. “I want to come too. I want to feel your cock as it fires whatever seed you got in there. I want you to feel my wet soaked pussy as it climaxes on your cock. Come together with me. Come between my tight thighs and I will come on your fat cock.

Taa growled a long sound that ended in a whimper. She could tell he was close as well. His fucking became more frantic. He wanted to come and his body shouldn’t couldn’t cross over into bliss.

Taa shouted something that sounded angry. He let go of her tits and slapped the side of her ass in frustration. Sharp pain went through Vaquel’s ass and straight to her sex.

Vaquel came. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. Her body shook as pleasure washed over her. Her thighs quivered around his thick cock. She leaned back and writhed on his hot hard body.

Taa came. His cock erupted and sprayed a heavy load of lava into the air. Vaquel looked down and watched the thick cock release load after load of lava into the lava below.

“Heat Tolerance at Seven Percent!” the suit warned. Bells were ringing in case Vaquel had slept through the previous warnings.

She waited for one more shudder to pass before letting go of her clit.

“Right, got to go!” Vaquel yelled. She hopped off Taa’s cock. She activated her anti-gravity belt and hit the emergency ascension button.

Vaquel rocketed into the air. Below her, Taa was already collapsing with weary bliss onto the ledge. Above her, a large piece of the crater wall broke off and fell towards her. Vaquel spun in the air and felt a piece of it bang against her glassteel helmet. The sound was deafening inside her helmet but still not as loud as the warning from the suit.

“Heat Tolerance at Twenty Percent!” the suit warned.

“Okay, I got it! You’re killing my afterglow!” Vaquel yelled.

A rumble below attracted Vaquel’s attention. The crater disintegrated as it fell inwards towards the volcano. Taa fell into the lava and Vaquel could only assume he was okay. Then there was a terrible loud thundering as a mountain of lava exploded into the air.

Vaquel frantically tapped the emergency ascension button. The anti-gravity belt yanked her higher into the air a bubbling of lava seemed to chase her upwards.

““Heat Tolerance at Forty-Seven Percent” the suit warned.

“Good to know!” Vaquel screamed. The lava was rising faster than she was.

She tried to think of a way to escape. There were no options. She could either keep rising or try falling. It was frustrating that she didn’t have any weapons. She wouldn’t be able to kill lava with a laser but at least she would feel better for having shot something before she died.

Vaquel’s heart raced as the lava came closer. She couldn’t take her eyes off her rapidly ascending doom. She worried that she was hallucinating with terror because she swore she saw Taa at the top of the lava.

It was Taa! The glowing red man was surfing the exploding geyser of lava. He looked up at her and waved.

Vaquel was too stunned to wave back. The lava was less than twenty meters from her and about to hit her.

And then it didn’t. The lava split in mid-air. Vaquel watched in wonder as the lava pulled to either side of her, creating a safe corridor for her to rise through.  She was surrounded by flying lava but none of it was touching her.

Taa appeared beside her. All around him lava was rushing upwards around him. He hovered in the cascade of lava. He waved at her again.

This time, Vaquel waved back.

Taa nodded and then the lava and him fell back to the ground. Once again, the lava avoided Vaquel completely. Before long, she was all alone in the air with just a lake of lava beneath her.

It occurred to Vaquel that Taa might have caused the eruption just to wave goodbye. Then it occurred to her that Taa would have protected her from any lava back in the crater. Vaquel frowned and wondered if she nearly had a heart attack because Taa wanted closure.

Damn, other species could be so needy.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked her over the communicator. “The scanners lost sight of you.”

“I’m good,” Vaquel said. She repositioned herself in the air for a safe landing. That was when new pains assaulted her through her legs.

“Fuck, I think I burned my thighs.”

“That is terrible, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“No,” Vaquel corrected. “It was worth it.”

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  1. That was awesome. :) As you probably intended, I imagined this with one of those National Geographic shows where they have lava splashing everywhere.

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