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Dee waited in silence. They had placed darkened goggles on her eyes that completely blinded her. She may not be able to see them but she felt the powerful hot lights that were focused on her body. E very inch of her ebony skin was on display. She was naked and more than her body was being exposed tonight.

She was smiling. A long year of work was about to pay off. She had completed so many tests. She had endured so many humiliations, challenges and trials. Once, she had been broken but she put herself back together. She had continued when others had quit. She had earned her right to be here.

Dee was going to become a member of the Partnership of Perversity. They were the most secretive club in the city. They didn’t care if you were rich or poor; but you had to be as dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh as they were. They were dedicated to fucking.

Dee needed them. Her life had gotten away from her. She in her thirties; single with a teenage child. She hated her job but it paid the bills. She hated her home but she could afford it. She was tired of dating, fighting and breaking up. She just wanted to fuck. Dee just wanted as much pleasure as her body could handle.

“It is time to write the Pact,” a voice said. It was her sponsor, Mr. Valkner. Dee’s jaw ached at the memory of how many times she had sucked his dick.

“We will write on you,” Mr. Valkner said. “Each Partner will write their demands onto your body. You will have one night to fulfill these demands. If you satisfy the Pact, and more importantly, the Partners, then you will be accepted into our ranks. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Dee said. Consent with very important with the Partnership.

People began to touch her body. A male hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed it so that they could write on the surface of her nipple. Someone pulled her ass cheeks apart so that someone else could write on the inside of her crack. Her foot was lifted and something written on the sole of her foot. Dee was grateful that they didn’t write on the arch of her foot or she would have been ticklish. Laughter didn’t seem appropriate at the moment.

The cold touch of the pen was felt all over her body. Dee wondered what they used to write on her body. Was it colored pens? Some sort of permanent marker? More than likely it was some special instrument selected just for this occasion. Whatever was used, Dee was certain that it could last a night of fucking.

A pen touched her right cheek. Something decadent was written across her face. A tremble of fear shook her as she wondered how hard the writing will be to wash off later. Had they marked her as a deviant forever?

The writing stopped. People walked away. A door closed.

“Take off your blindfold,” Mr. Valkner said.

Dee removed the goggles. The harsh lights blinded her. It took her a moment to let her eyes adjust.

“Look at the Pact,” Mr. Valkner said.

There was a mirror in front of her. Writing of multiple colors covered her dark brown body. Something white was written on her thighs. Something green was written under her breasts. Something blue was written on her face.

She looked closer as her face. “Choke on my cock,” someone had written.

“Is this one your’s?” Dee asked.

Mr. Valkner ignored her question. “Go to the Chamber of Orgasms,” he said.

Dee nodded and went through the west door. She had spent quite a few weekends here. A month of service had taught her every room. Hours cleaning jizz off of floors had taught her patience.

She wasn’t feeling patient now. Her heart was pounding. It would be her final test. It would be the last step before a lifetime of getting laid.

The Chamber of Orgasms was full. There were so many people here. Dee knew some of the members of the Partnership but not all of them. She knew of Miss Hemsworth and the loyal brothers who served her. She had met with kind Mr. Ulman and his very unkind canes. Both Kents were here and Dee still didn’t know if they were husband and wife or two very wrong siblings.

The rest were strangers and there were so many strangers.

“Claim your promise from her body,” Mr. Valkner said.

An old Asian man that Dee didn’t recognize walked up to her. His cock trembled with excitement. He was so frail looking but his cock was thicker than his wrist.

“Jack me off onto your leg,” he commanded. His finger tapped some red writing on her thigh. The letters were unknown to her.

“Of course,” Dee said. She spit in her hand and then grabbed his cock. He was so warm in her grip. Her fingers stroked his cock downward; aiming the head at her thigh where he wrote on her.

“Fifty taps with the cane,” Mr. Ulman said. He touched a place on Dee’s right buttock. She couldn’t see hiw words but she knew they were there.

“Do it,” Dee said.

There was no warm up. Mr. Ulman struck her ass with a very thin and very cruel rattan reed. Tears sprang to Dee’s eyes as the reed bit into her plump ass.

“This breast is mine,” a young woman said. Her curly brown hair was almost a veil on her face. She pointed to Dee’s left breast where someone had written, “Ms. Oliwitz’s”

“It is yours,” Dee said. Dee then cried out as another cane stroke hit her ass.

The young woman leaned over and kissed Dee’s breast, as tenderly as a lover.

Dee stroked the Asian man’s cock. Mr. Ulman continued his assault on Dee’s bottom. Ms. Olwitz lavished gentle kisses to Dee’s sensitive breast.

The rest of the Partnership of Pleasure waited their turns with eager eyes.

The Asian man climaxed. Dee jerked his cock down on her thigh. The heat of his semen splashed against her.

“You have honored your pact,” he said.

Dee nodded her head in acceptance before closing her eyes in pain. The cane strokes hit her faster and faster. She had tried counting them but now her ass was one giant center of sensitive pain.

Ms. Olwitz gave her nipple one last loving lick. “You have honored your pact,” she whispered.

“I am glad,” Dee said. She said it as quickly as possible between cane strikes.

A black man grabbed her ear as if he was disciplining child. Despite the pain in Dee’s ass, the twisting of her ear commanded her attention. He touched a spot on her neck where a pen had touched her earlier.

“Lick my ass,” he growled at her.

“Yes,” Dee said. He released her ear and turned around. His extremely fit ass faced her.

Dee dropped to her knees. Mr. Ulman kept striking her. She angled her ass towards him to give him a better angle. Obedience was so important.

The black man reached behind him and pulled her head to his ass. Dee gasped as muscled buttocks pressed against her face. Her mouth opened and her tongue reached out. She found the tight hole of his ass and started to lick.

Mr. Ulman struck her ass again. Dee whimpered. How many more could she take? Every inch of her ass was on fire. How would she be able to continue if she was too sensitive to move?

The black man pushed Dee’s face harder against his ass. Dee realized her answer. She would just have to keep going. She had come too far to stop.

Dee turned her focus away from her pain and to the man’s ass that she was licking. She flicked her tongue at his hole. She took long loving licks at that most vulnerable of places. She wiggled her tongue inside the man’s anus and tasted that most forbidden of spots.

The man released her head and his ass moved away. “You have honored your pact,” he said. His knees were shaking.

“Good,” Dee said. She noticed that she was no longer being caned. She wasn’t exactly sure when it had stopped. Her ass still hurt but she was grateful that it was over.

“Sit on my face,” a woman said. It was Mrs. Kent. The thin white woman giggled after making her request. She reached out and touched a line of writing on Dee’s ass.

Dee winced as the fingernail traced where a welt was forming. “I’d be happy too,” she said.

Mrs. Kent laid down on the floor. Dee carefully straddled the smaller woman’s face. Mrs. Kent smiled and opened her mouth as Dee’s shaved cunt descended.

“Oh shit,” Dee moaned. Mrs. Kent was licking her cunt and licking it well.

Mrs. Kent grabbed Dee’s ass and Dee screamed. The welts on her ass were too sensitive and Mrs. Kent was grabbing far too hard.

Dee nearly lost her balance as Mrs. Kent shook. Mr. Kent was between Mrs. Kent’s thighs and eating her. It was a chain of oral delight and Mrs. Kent was licking Dee even faster.

Dee really hoped that they were a married couple. A minute of licking later, she no longer cared.

Mrs. Kent squirmed underneath her. Her locking became less intense until it was non-existant. Dee stayed on Mrs. Kent’s as the thin woman writhed and climaxed. Dee was fulfilling her end regardless of her own pleasure.

Mr. Kent rose from between Mrs. Kent’s thighs. His face was smeared with her juices. “You have honored your pact,” he said.

“My pleasure,” Dee said. She stood up and moved out of the way.

“Kick me in the balls,” a Hispanic man said to her.

“Excuse me?” Dee asked.

“I wrote it on your foot,” he repeated. Anger flashed in his eyes. “Will you not honor the pact?”

Dee looked at him. He was completely naked. His balls dangled from his stiff cock.

“Um, don’t you want to wear a cup or something?” she asked.

“Honor the pact,” a voice hissed beside her. It was Mr. Valkner.

“Of course,” Dee said. She snapped a kick to the Hispanic man’s balls. Her ass protested at the sudden motion but Dee ignored it. The Partnership had many definitions for pleasure.

Dee’s foot hit the balls hard. Color drained from the Hispanic man’s face and he nearly fell over. The Kents helped him stay on his feet.

“You have honored the pact,” the man wheezed.

“Glad to help,” Dee said.

“Bend over,” a man said. It was one of the brothers that served Mrs. Hemsworth. “Bend over the couch.”

His hand went to her hip. Dee looked down and saw the words written in orange. “Be fucked by my cock.”

Dee smiled and turned to one of the couches. Mrs. Hemwsworth was sitting there masturbating. Dee bent over the arm of the couch and presented her ass. Mrs. Hemsworth smiled and masturbated faster.

Strong hands grabbed Dee’s hips as a cock entered her cunt. Dee shuddered in delight. She needed a fuck.

Mrs. Hemsworth servant fucked her. It was a rapid desperate affair. There was no art or rythym. It was just the mad fucking of a man who has probably done without for months. Knowing Mrs. Hemsworth, it may even be years.

The servant climaxed quickly. He barely lasted a few minutes. Dee moaned with frustration but then she pushed it aside. This wasn’t about her pleasure.

“You have honored your pact,” the servant said.

“It is my turn,” the other servant of Mrs. Hemsworth said. He touched Dee’s other hip where once again the words read, “Be fucked by my cock.”

“I am yours,” Dee said.

Mrs. Hemsworth kept masturbating.

The other servant was thicker but Dee’s wet cunt took him in. He fucked her much harder but Dee endured. His hands gripped her plump black ass instead of her hips and tears slid down Dee’s cheeks. Mr. Ulman had done a number on her and the tender pain was going to last all night if not all week.

The other servant climaxed even quicker. He shouted inarticulate cries of pleasure as his thick cock ejaculated inside Dee.

“You have honored the pact,” the other servant said.

“Mmm,” Dee said. She was so close to climax herself that she couldn’t say anything else.

Mrs. Hemsworth reached out with her hand. It was damp from masturbating. She reached between Dee’s thighs and touched just above Dee’s cunt.

“Come for me,” Mrs. Hemsworth said. Her fingers traced words that Dee knew was written there.

“Yes,” Dee said urgently.

She walked over closer until she was in front of Mrs. Hemsworth. Mrs. Hemsworth slipped a finger inside Dee’s cunt. Another finger joined and then a third. Dee’s hips moved as Mrs. Hemsworth finger fucked her.

“I’m going to come on your ass,” a man said behind her. It was a big man, round and pudgy. He touched a line of writing on her bottom. A new sting of pain radiated from her abused bottom.

“I am here to serve,” Dee said.

The big man masturbated furiously behind her. Mrs. Hemsworth continued to finger fuck her. Dee was in heaven. She was being used and getting fucked. This made the job, the apartment and the crappy dating of the past few years all worth it. This was living.

Dee climaxed. She shuddered and shook as she struggled to stay on he feet. Mrs. Hemsworth smiled and pulled her fingers out. She presented them to Dee’s lips and Dee happily licked the fingers clean.

“You have honored your pact,” Mrs. Hemsworth said.

A moment later, the hot splash of the big man’s semen landed on her ass. The jizz seared her welts and added to her tender pains.

“You have honored your pact,” he big man said.

“It was my pleasure,” Dee said to both of them.

“If you are done, I am ready to claim your ass,” a man said.

Dee looked at the new man. He was an older man but his erect cock was forever young.

“You said my ass,” Dee asked.

The man nodded and reached around her. His finger traced the inside of her buttock. Dee remember the writing that was there.

“Oh,” Dee said.

“Bend back over the couch,” he said. “By the way, my name is Mr. Anders.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Anders,” Dee said. She bent back over the arm of the couch. Mrs. Hemsworth stood up and left, leaving Mr. Anders to enjoy his claim.

Warm lube dripped into Dee’s ass. She closed her eyes as the lube made contact with her tender ass. She tried not to think about the pain she was about to endure. She did think about how wet her pussy had become. Pleasure and pain were so close to one another.

When Dee opened her eyes, a young man sat on the couch next to her. The man was naked except for a pair of black glasses on his innocent face. He grabbed Dee’s tit and traced his fingernail on the writing on her nipple.

“I demand this nipple,” he said.

“It’s yours,” Dee said.

The young man smiled and twisted her nipple. Dee cried out as the young man increased the pressure. Dee’s heavy tit twisted with his hand, sending new sensations to her already over whelmed mind.

That is when Mr. Anders entered her. His lubricated cock pressed against her ass and pushed forward. Dee trembled as his cock expanded her.

“Shit, fuck, shit,” Dee moaned.

The young man smiled and released her nipple. Dee breathed a sigh of relief that was cut off as the young man twisted her nipple again, this time in the other direction.

“Fuck!” Dee cried.

Mr. Anders kept pushing. His cock opened her ass and continued to invade her. Her ass was on fire from where he was touching her and her anus was on fire from being forced open.

She was also terribly wet.

The young man never stopped smiling. Back and forth he twisted her nipple. Sharp fingernails pressed against sensitive flesh.

Mr. Anders began to fuck her. Short controlled thrusts penetrated her ass. Every tap of his body against her sensitive ass was like being spanked. He cared nothing for her discomfort. He just wanted to fuck her ass.

The young man however cared very much for her displeasure. His fingers kept moving and twisting her nipple in new manipulations. Just as Dee was beginning to accept the discomfort he inflicted, his fingers would change. There was no rest for her nipple.

Dee endured. She also thrived. A good hard ass fucking was just what she needed. A little too much attention on her tit was nothing to sneer at either. She was being lusted at and abused. Best of all, there would be no messy breakup afterwards.

The pain on both ends stimulated her cunt. The ass pounding made her cunt very aware of how empty it was. The nipple twisting made her think of how cruel the young man’s fingers would be between her thighs. Her cunt was a hungry whore and it was being ignored. The desire was both overwhelming and divine.

Mr. Anders climaxed. His hot seed filled her tight ass. Dee gasped as the foreign liquid invaded her body.

With a final pinch, the young man released her nipple. He kissed her nipple goodbye and even that tender touch sent a fresh tingle of pain down her spine.

She didn’t notice if they had spoken. All she could think of was her cunt. The orgasm that Mrs. Helmsworth had given her seemed like a thousand years ago.

Mr. Valkner was there. He sat on the couch where the young man had been. He touched her cheek.

Dee smiled. She didn’t have to be told. She knew what he wanted.

She sank down to her knees between his legs. Her mouth swallowed his cock and it pressed against the back of her throat. His hand pressed down on the back of her head, pushing her past her limits to take his cock.

Dee sucked. Spit dribbled from her lips and down his cock. Her tongue lavished adoration onto his cock.

She thought about masturbating. Mr. Valkner wouldn’t mind. She didn’t. She think she understood. The Pact was her service to the Partnership. It was about celebrating pleasure even when you were not the recipient. For a bunch of hedonistic perverts, it was the ultimate sacrifice.

It was also the greatest lesson. There was pleasure to be had in giving.

Dee’s cunt clenched. It was drenched. It ached to be filled with tongues, fingers and cocks. It was a shrine to desire.

Dee sucked until she felt the explosion of semen in her mouth. She licked and swallowed as Mr. Valkner shook in her mouth. She savored the taste of his pleasure.

In time he lifted her head. Dee smiled at the glow on his face.

“Partners in Pleasure, may I introduce you to our newest member,” Mr. Valkner said.

Dee stood up and faced the assembled group. She had a connection with each and every one of them now. They were her lovers and friends.

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