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I pushed deeper into my cabinwoman’s ass. She groaned as my cock penetrated deeper into her tight little hole. I yanked her red hair back. She cried out while I slowly opened her.

“Take it all!” Venda, my cyborg parrot said from her perch on my shoulder.

The cabinwoman whimpered as I buried my cock inside her ass.

“Captain Blastpants, I did it!” Three-Legs said. He stood by a flashing panel in the cave wall. A tremor ran through the cave, causing the cabinwoman’s ass to jiggle around my cock.

I pulled out of her and my intelligent pants zipped me up. “Good job, Three-Legs,” I said. “We’re one step closed to Captain Facepounder’s lost treasure.”

“Bad news, Captain,” Jen-4 said. Her eyes had been replaced with a video display and right now a holographic skull floating over her long black hair. “Bowling Bob died. That razor boulder must have been poisoned.”

Damn, that just left three of us left. Well, four if you count my cabinwoman but she was just a pretty redhead with a tight ass.

“Dead men don’t get a share!” Venda said.

“You’re a cruel Parborg,” I said to Venda. That is why I liked her.

The cave wall slid aside to reveal a secret door. Stairs lead down to who knows what.

“Alright, Three-Legs, take the lead. Jen-4, cover our backs. Me and umm, what’s your name again?”

My cabinwoman pouted. “Aja, remember?”

“Nope. Aja and I will take the middle. Let’s be careful. Captain Facepounder might have more traps ready.”

We went down the stairs. Three-Legs was an old hand at stealing things. He had us step over three normal looking steps and I didn’t question him. His knowledge about traps was almost as large as his cock.

The bottom of the stairs was brightly lit. It opened into a large cavern. Atomic lamps hung from the ceiling and bathed the place in perpetual light.

“Space Buddha!” Jen-4 swore. A holographic glyph of WTF floated above her head.

I couldn’t disagree. We had found the treasure of Captain Facepounder and it was bigger than I had imagined. Open chests filled with solid platinum credits bars were laid out in neat rows. Bags filled with gems spilled everywhere. Not one, not two but three gold thrones were stacked in the corner.

And all that was the obvious stuff. Leaning on a chest was a nude painting of Empress Elit. Resting on the ground was one of the six Obsidian Monoliths. Sitting on a shelf was a complete collection of Lady Neyonce’s Diamond Albums. The cavern was filled from wall to wall with treasures that could buy small planetoids.

“Lords of Space,” my cabinwoman said. She ran forward and grabbed a ruby necklace. She held it to the light and was dazzled by the sparkles.

“Jen-4, contact the Savage Thrust and let them know we found it. Give them coordinates so we can begin the looting.”

“Sorry, Captain,” Jen-4 said. An empty green bar floated above her head. “There is no signal down here. I’ll have to get back up to the top of the stairs.”

“No one leaves,” a voice boomed.

Someone stood up near my cabinwoman. It was a curvy gold woman. Gold braids fell from her head and fell on plump breasts. Even though she was facing us, I was impressed by the obvious size of her plump ass.

My cabinwoman screamed. She ran towards us and I stepped out of her way. She hit the first step and a white light shot from the gold woman’s hands. My cabinwoman turned to ash instantly while the ruby necklace fell to the floor.

“Ass to ashes!” Venda said.

“No one leaves,” the gold woman said. “Congratulations on finding Captain Facepounder’s treasure. You will spend the rest of your life here and I will add your corpses to the generator for future power needs. Leave and you will be granted a quick death.”

“Uh, Three-Legs?” I said. “This counts as a trap I think. Go turn it off?”

Three-Legs looked at me. His dark brown face split into a grin. “Looks more like a robot to me. That falls under Jen-4’s expertise.”

“Jen-4?” I asked.

The cyberdyne frowned and toyed with her black hair. ? floated above her head.

“Well, I am pretty sure it is a modified Spencari,” Jen-4 said. “They are a line of highly durable sex robot with an emphasis on ass. They also were known to be programmed to enjoy sex. The weapon is a new thing, but what we really need to worry about is their durability. None of our weapons is going to affect it.”

“Well shit,” I said. I stepped closer to the robot woman. “So we are free to stay here as long as we live?”

“Correct,” the robot said. Up close I realized her tits were pretty big too, they were just eclipsed by that ass.

“Is there any food here?” I asked. “How about water?”

“Negative,” the gold robot woman said. “Most go mad with thirst in three days and then they commit suicide by trying to escape.”

“Fuck that,” Three-Legs said. “Come on, Captain, let’s run for it! She can’t kill all three of us at the same time!”

A hint of a smile came to the robot’s lips. “I am pretty sure she can, Three-Legs.,” I said. “Do you have a name, robot?”

Those white eyes focused on me. “Captain Facepounder called me Oco.”

“Do you like it here, Oco?” I asked.

“I serve my function,” she said.

“That doesn’t answer my question,” I said.

Oco frowned. “I tire of standing guard and slaying intruders but my programming will not allow for any deviation. I was designed for more than this.”

“Made for fucking!” Venda chirped and I agreed.

“Captain, I have an idea,” Jen-4 said.  floated above her head. “Spencari models weren’t known for their endurance. We might be able to exhaust her internal power supply.”

Oco shook her head. “Obeying my function as a guard will require minimum resources. I merely need to observe you and slay you as necessary.”

“What about your other functions?” I asked. My hand went to her breast. My fingers squeezed synthetic flesh indistinguishable from the real thing. Her nipple hardened in my hand.

“My other functions are functional,” Oco said. A huskiness came to her voice.

“Ahhhh,” Three-Legs said, understanding my plan. “Does anything in your programming prevent you from giving your prisoners a good fuck?”

Oco took a deep breath even though she had no need to breathe. It made her breasts rise and fall in an alluring manner. “It does not. I must warn you that my programming requires me to bring you complete satisfaction as quickly as possible. I doubt you will be able to outlast me.”

It was my turn to smile. “Oco, we’re space pirates in a room full of treasure with a woman with a great booty. You’d be surprised by what we would do for both.”

“Great booty!” Venda repeated.

My intelligent pants unzipped. My cock stood firm and Oco reached for it. Her fingers secreted lubricant as they tightened around me. I groaned out loud with her first stroke.

“The rest of you, get in here!” I yelled.

Three-Legs already had his pants off and his monstrous cock swung between his legs. He went straight for Oco’s back and she bent over for him. Her legs braced themselves while he bit her ass.

Oco groaned her white eyes flashed.

“The more pleasure I experience, the more power I consume,” she said.

Jen-4 crawled onto the ground. She opened her mouth and took one of Oco’s hanging breasts in her mouth. Jen-4 sucked on her nipple with the enthusiasm I have come to expect from our technical expert.

“What gives you more pleasure, jacking my cock or sucking it?” I asked Oco.

“Sucking, but I will make you come,” she said.

“Try it,” I told her.

“Suck it down!” Venda chirped. My Parborg was the best wingman.

She fell forward onto my cock. Her mouth took all my girth between her lips. A nimble tongue flicked over my length as I slid into her throat.

Lords of Space, she was good! Her mouth felt real. No, it felt better than real. Oco’s mouth was warm, wet and hungry. She sucked on my cock like a woman in need. I wondered if she tasted Aja’s ass and I hoped that it added to her pleasure.

“Coming aboard!” Three-Legs said. He stood up and slipped his cock into Oco. He grabbed handfuls of Oco’s plump ass as he entered her. Oco moaned on my cock as Three-Legs filled her robotic pussy with his own unnatural monstrosity.

“She is tighter than a cask of rum!” Three-Legs yelled.

“Pace yourself!” I yelled. “We got to wear her out!”

Three-Legs nodded and he fucked her from behind, nice and slow. I grabbed her braids in my hand and tried to do the same. I fucked her mouth with deliberate caution as I fought the urge to slam her face. If her pussy was anywhere as good as her mouth, this was going to be quite the challenge.

Jen-4 played her part too. As she sucked on a breast, she also reached for Oco’s sex. Jen-4’s fingers stroked the robot’s pussy while Three-Legs fucked it.

I reached down and grabbed the breast that Jen-4 wasn’t sucking. I squeezed the pliant flesh and pulled on the nipple. It was hard to do without further arousing myself. With each thrust into Oco’s lips, I found myself closer to coming.

“It is too tight, Captain!” Three-Legs said. “I am about to burst!”

“Pull out!” I yelled. “Take a break!”

Three-Legs stepped away from her. His black cock glistened with her juices. He gripped his cock tightly as he willed himself not to come.

I pulled out of Oco’s mouth. The suction on my cock was powerful as I left her lips. She smiled at me as I stepped away from her. A line of spit connected my cock to her lips. It broke as I took another step back.

“Lie down,” I told Oco.

She nodded and stood upright. Jen-4 kept stroking the robot’s pussy as the Oco got down on the ground. She kept stroking as Ococ laid back and spread her thick thighs.

“Spread them like a nun!” Venda chirped. My Parborg must have had quite the life experience.

I climbed between Oco’s legs. Jen-4’s fingers left Oco’s pussy and smeared pussy juices onto Oco’s breasts. The robot moaned and her thighs quivered.

I guided my cock to Oco’s pussy. Fuck, it was as tight as her hand. I pushed into slick walls that gripped me tightly.

“Fuck,” I moaned. Oco looked at me with half closed eyes.

“Give me some support,” I told Jen-4. <3 flashed above her head. She reached for Oco’s clitoris and rubbed it furiously while I slid my cock in and out.

Venda hopped down from my shoulder. The Parborg went straight for one of Oco’s nipples and clamped down with her steel beak. Oco cried out but she didn’t stop the Parborg. I guess she took pain as well as pleasure.

“Get back in here,” I told Three-Legs. He crawled back over to us. Oco reached for his cock but I held up my hand.

“No, kiss her,” I commanded.

Three-Legs sighed with relief and did as I commanded. He bent down and kissed the golden woman. Her pussy tightened around my cock as she pulled Three-Legs down to her.

They kissed with wild abandon. Three-Legs groped a plump tit as they kissed while Oco grabbed his ass. Both of them groaned with mutual pleasure.

I kept fucking Oco. Jen-4 kept stroking her clitoris. She switched hands as one got sore. It wasn’t long before that hand got sore too.

I grabbed Jen-4’s head and pulled her down to Oco’s sex. Mmmm flashed above Jen-4 head’s and I heard her loud licking.

Sometimes her mouth would touch me and I felt her tongue on my cock. I tried to ignore it and keep thrusting. Normally I would welcome her mouth but today we were fucking for our lives.

Venda kept clamping down on Oco’s nipple. The cyborg bird would walk back and forth around Oco’s plump breast, kneading her flesh with kneading talons.

Oco and Three-Legs broke their kiss. Both of them were breathless which was quite a feat for a robot.

“Give me your cock,” Oco demanded. She grabbed Three-Leg’s ass and pulled his groin to her mouth.

“Whoa!” I said but it was too late. Oco took all of Three-Legs into her lips. His giant black cock disappeared into her golden mouth. His balls pressed against her cheeks as she sucked down on him.

“Lords of Space!” Three-Legs groaned. He came and there was nothing we can do to stop it.

“Fuck,” I said and I pulled out of Oco’s pussy. It was too much. I was near my bursting point too.

Jen-4 took my place. She climbed between Oco’s legs and dived into the robot’s pussy as she swallowed Three-Legs’ seed.

Three-Legs fell back when Oco had drained him. The cock of legends was now a shriveled short story. He looked slightly embarrassed but also very sated.

“Get to sucking one of those tits,” I commanded and Three-Legs did. He grabbed a breast and suckled on it with tender affection. Venda watched Three-Legs from the other breast.

How close were we? I had no idea. We just had to keep going.

“Give me the woman’s pussy,” Oco said. “I will drain more energy eating her than I will being eaten.”

I slapped Jen-4’s ass. “You heard the lady.”

AFT floated above Jen-4’s head. She stood up and shimmied out of her shorts. Her bare sex glistened with arousal. She climbed over Oco’s body and sat on the robot’s face.

OMGWTF floated above Jen-4’s head instantly. Oco’s mouth was just as functional with women as it was with men. I doubted Jen’4 would last long.

I got down between Oco’s thighs. Three fingers slid into her pussy while my mouth went to work. She tasted like tropical berries. That was a nice surprise. My tongue eagerly licked her at pseudo flesh.

“Captain!” Three-Legs yelled. “She’s jack my cock!”

I looked up. Oco was good at multitasking. She had a grip on Three-Leg’s cock and she was bringing it back to life.

“Keep sucking her tits!” I commanded and then I went back to eating the robot’s pussy.

“Suck them titties!” Venda chirped, a nipple still between her beak.

Jen-4 screamed with pleasure. Oco’s thick thighs quaked around me with pleasure.

Three-Legs kept biting Oco’s tits while she stroked his newly rejuvenated cock.

I kept licking and stroking the pussy in front of me. It helped that she was delicious. I felt Oco climax and I kept licking.

Jen-4 screamed another orgasm. W00T appeared above her head. “It’s too much! I have to stop!”

“You stay on her fucking face!” I yelled, my own face soaked with Oco’s juices.

Jen-4 whimpered but she stayed where she was. Her long black hair shook as her body writhed on the robot’s face.

“Shit,” Three-Legs groaned and I knew he had come again. He emptied himself onto Oco’s hand and he pulled away. Guy might have a monster cock but his self control was shit.

“Lords of Space!” Jen-4 screamed and she came again. I watched her back arch and then she fell off of Oco’s face. AFK floated above her head as she collapsed onto a pile of platinum bars.

“Fuck me,” Oco said. “Power Supply is dwindling.”

Fuck, now it was time to test my own endurance. I climbed on top of her body. Venda flapped away from her breast and climbed back on my shoulder. My cock slid back into Oco. Hot slick tightness gripped my cock.

I fucked her plump body. I ignored how her flesh shook. I looked away from her moaning mouth. I thought about escape velocities instead of her bouncing tits.

It was too much. She was too much. I came.

“Fuck!” I yelled in a mix of pleasure and anger. My seed pumped into her body while her pussy milked me for every drop. My cock withered inside of her.

Oco’s face was flushed which was an odd thing to see on gold skin. “Near critical levels,” she whispered.

“Damn it, we’re not done yet,” I said. “Roll over. Three-Legs, slap her ass. Jen-4, get over here.”

Oco rolled over and got on her hands and knees. The full glory of her giant ass was on display. There was a reason I had been saving her ass for last. My cock was already stubbornly throbbing.

“Booty for days, booty for days!” Venda said.

“Damn right,” I said.

Three-Legs got up on two shaky two legs. He brought his hand down on the robot’s gold ass and it jiggled wonderfully. She cried out in a good imitation of pained pleasure.

“Spanking me burns minimal energy,” Oco said.

“This isn’t for you,” I groaned.

“Not for you!” Venda repeated.

“What do I do?” Jen-4 asked.

I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face down to my cock. She opened her mouth and took me inside. NFW floated above her head.

I watched Three-Legs slap Oco’s ass while Jen-4 sucked on my exhausted cock. Every slap sent shockwaves through Oco’s gorgeous golden ass. Jen-4’s licked my spent cock as it slowly rejuvenated.

Five minutes of ass slapping later, my cock was hard again. Jen-4 choked on my cock and I released her. I was ready again.

“So . . .close . . “ Oco said. Her golden ass was now a bright red.

I guided my cock to her asshole. It wasn’t surprising to see that it too was self-lubricating. The tip of my cock pushed inside her and the most amazing tightness gripped me back.

“Nice and slow, captain,” Three-Legs said.

“Put your cock back in her mouth,” I ordered him.

“Aw, Captain. I got nothing left!” Three-Legs said.

He obeyed though. I watched him wince as Oco’s greedy mouth took him. He was too sensitive to enjoy it but damn it, we were going to exhaust this robot if it killed him.

I fucked Oco’s round ass as slowly as I could. I was trying to conserve my strength and not unleash another load into her ass. It was damn hard. Her ass was tight, as tight as I had ever fucked. Her plump beautiful ass felt good against my thighs and I felt the heat radiate off of them from the spanking. It was a damn sexy ass to fuck.

Jen-4 massaged her jaw. She leaned against a bag filled with emeralds. I knew she was tired from the lack of holograms above her head.

Three-Legs grimaced. Oco’s head was bobbing on his monster cock. Somehow she was going to pull another orgasm out of him.

“Shit!” Three-Legs yelled. He came and the pain of a third orgasm contorted his face. He pulled out and fell backwards into a pile of rare rugs.

It was up to me. I kept fucking Oco’s ass.

“Fuck that ass!” Venda chirped.

If we were going to escape Captain Facepounder’s treasure vault, I had to keep sliding in and out of this tight hole.

If we were to ever spend any of those platinum credit bars, I had to keep ramming this round golden ass.

If we were to ever fucking brag about how rich we were then I had to pounding this soft big ass until I wore it out.

I felt my orgasm coming. Even I had my limits. I fucked faster.

Oco cried out. She pushed back onto my cock. She reached between her legs and stroked her sex as I fucked her ass.

I came. My cock erupted inside her ass. I kept fucking and pumped every bit of my load inside her.

“Fuuucccccceeeeee…..” Oco said and then she fell to the ground. I fell on top of her, my cock still deep in her ass.

“Thank the Lords of Space!” Three-Legs said. “You did it, Captain! You fucked her out!”

I pulled out of her ass. My cock felt drained. It would be weeks until I had sex again.

Okay, maybe days.

“I have a signal now!” Jen-4 said. “The jamming device must have been in her. Shall I call the ship now?”

“Yeah,” I said. I leaned against Oco’s abundant ass. “Tell them to send a looting party and let them now about the traps we found.”

“What about the robot?” Three-Legs said. “Should we destroy her in case she re-activates?”

“Fuck her and loot her!” Venda said.

“No,” I said. “Jen-4, have Oco taken aboard and upload a free-will program into her. If she wants to leave us, fine, but make sure she knows she has a place in our crew if she wants it.”

“A booty like this, belongs with pirates.”

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  1. That was a fun epic adventure of endurance and the loyalty of a crew. Loved it.

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