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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Fierce Backhand” by Royal Astronomers. This system is the home of the Fourth who created the robotic Yeth. The Fourth also claim to have created most of the races around here but that is typical of elder races. They are always claiming to seed the galaxy or to be the ones responsible for building giant structures in a planet’s history.

So far I have detected no life signs on any of the twelve planets here. Chairbot insists this is where the Fourth live but the scanners don’t see anything. I’ll prepare a probe to check for underground habitation. I will begin with the twelfth planet and set the parameters of the probe for-“

Transmission lost.

Vaquel Di awoke. Everything was dark. She tried to move but her body didn’t respond.

The last thing the space explorer remembered was making her log entry and then nothing. Fear gripped her heart. There had been no warning from the computer. The sensors never saw whatever knocked her out. This was some seriously superior technology.

That just proved the Fourth were old. She didn’t buy any of the nonsense about being the creators of life in the sector.

A light came on. Vaquel’s body appeared under her. She was lying on some sort of metal table. She recognized the dark brown body, the plump breasts with her dark nipples, and the short pink hair on top of her sleeping face. The strange thing was that Vaquel’s body had her eyes closed. How could Vaquel see herself if her eyes were closed?

Vaquel wondered if this was an out-of-body experience. Was it some sort of telepathy? Was her brain in jar now with some sort of video connection? Or was it something even worse that she couldn’t imagine?

“Anyone there?” Vaquel yelled. That was her voice, but the mouth on the body beneath her didn’t move.

Vaquel tried to lick her lips. She couldn’t.

“Anyone there?” she said again; mostly to confirm that she could speak. She heard herself but she wasn’t entirely sure that what she was hearing was her voice. It might be her brain thinking it was her voice.

Things were looking an awful lot like her brain was in a jar.

Brain removal was a complex technology but not unheard of. Vaquel’s people had the technology to do this but they usually reserved it for criminals and those who harass on social media. It didn’t prove the Fourth were anything special.

A voice echoed in her head.

“This appears to be a scout being from a race that has achieved moderate levels of technology.”

“Who’s there?” Vaquel asked. She thought about the voice she heard. Did she really hear it or was it just in her head?

One of the brown breasts jiggled. Vaquel could feel it as it wobbled. That was good, right? If she could feel it, maybe her brain wasn’t in a jar. Why keep it connected if they weren’t putting it back?

A dozen scenarios involving torture sprang to mind. Yes, there was plenty of reasons to stay connected.

“Note the firmness of her breast. Her nipples are already hard. Most likely she comes from a pleasure race created for power exchanges.”

Vaquel watched her arm rise on its own. It punched the air, delivered a knife’s edge chop and then mimed gouging an eye.

“Update, a pleasure race created for power exchanges with the sub trait of violence.”

The arm lowered back down. Vaquel willed her arm to rise again but noting happened.

“Prepare the identifier. I wish to know her world.”

Vaquel watched her brown body rolled over on its own. Her hands reached behind her and pulled her buttocks apart. A glistening stream of liquid appeared from nowhere and splattered her asshole.

A metal object appeared. Vaquel knew from its shape what its purpose was.

“Hey, give me a kiss before you fuck my ass!” she yelled.

“Confirmation on violence sub trait,” the voice said.

The metal object levitated downwards towards her ass. Vaquel watched and felt the tip press against her cheeks. She winced as her asshole expanded to accept the object and then she moaned as it entered her. The metal shape filled her ass and kept going deeper.

“Data incoming. Species identified and cataloged. Origin planet determined and cataloged. Race and planet were given a dictatorship vector. Distance from home planet is remarkable. She must be part of a conquering survey.”

The object sunk deeper into her ass. Vaquel cried out. It slowly pushed her ass apart as the girth embedded into her ass. If she had lips, she would bite them. If she could control her hands, she would be masturbating.

“She has protagonist markers. This one has no doubt affected the trajectories of quite a few species. Security measures should be activated to prevent unpredictable escape strategies.”

“Oh, I am going to escape, assholes!” Vaquel yelled. She still wasn’t sure if they could hear her but she liked yelling at them.

“Security measures activated.”

Vaquel felt something grab her breasts. It felt like hands. Someone was groping both of her breasts in a rather pleasing way. Fingers glided over her nipples and teased them.

“I’m not going to be distracted by just some tit playing! Whoa! That feels nice!”

Something nibbled the back of her neck. Vaquel looked but she saw nothing on her body beneath her. Whatever was nibbling her neck must be affecting her erogenous zones through nerve stimulation.

“Her companion is a Yeth. He has reawakened to his original programming six centuries ahead of schedule. Most likely this was her doing. Make a note to survey the Yeth and determine their current species trajectory.”

Vaquel wanted to take credit for messing with the Yeth but the neck nibbling was really distracting. It was almost as distracting as the hands groping her breasts were slowly massaging her plump flesh.

The metal object went even deeper into her ass. Vaquel wasn’t sure if she could take much more. Surely these assholes knew something about the limits of an asshole, right?

Vaquel looked down at her butt in wonder. She had never seen something go into her ass from this angle. The object felt big but watching how big it was and watching her ass stretch to take it was a different matter.

Vaquel realized that she was getting turned on by the sight of her ass’s accomplishments. She was already aroused from being fucked in the ass but now she was getting turned on by the aesthetic qualities of her brown ass. She wondered if there was even a term to describe loving one’s own ass.

“Perform an orgasm scan. I want to know her capabilities.”

Another object appeared. It was similar in shape to the object in her ass but much, much thicker.

“Oh yes,” Vaquel said.

It floated to her sex. Vaquel felt it press against her pussy lips and she also felt the vibrations coming from it. It wiggled against her and entered her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. She felt her entire sex stimulated with the perfection vibration setting.

“Sentient organic,” the voice said. “While we wait for the orgasm scan, we would like to make a few inquiries. If your mind was mapped to an object for use in species manipulation, would you prefer to inhabit a large black object of inscrutable material or a glowing green ball with the ability to speak and convey stories?”

“Ahhh,” Vaquel said. The nibbling on her neck was moving to her ears. The hands were now lightly tapping her nipples. The vibrations inside her were euphoric.

“I guess the glowing green thing,” she said. “Green is a good color for me.”

“Noted. Hypothetically, if a race developed weapons of mass destruction and were intent on destroying themselves, how would you stop them?”

The vibrating object was fucking her in a slow steady manner. Something soft and slippery rubbed her clitoris. The object on her ass pushed deeper inside her. She didn’t know how much further it could go but she was feeling great.

“Uhh, repeat the question?” Vaquel asked.

“Hypothetically, if a race developed weapons of mass destruction and were intent on destroying themselves, how would you stop them?”

“I would threaten to do something much worse if they didn’t knock it off,” Vaquel said.


The vibrating object kept fucking her sex with a slow steady pace. Vaquel wished she could press back against it but she had no control of her body. She was helpless as the object fucked her at its own speed. All she could do was take it while it fucked her at its leisure.

Or she could ask.

“Can’t you make it go faster?” Vaquel asked.

The voice ignored her request. “What is your view on one species transcending their role and attaining space travel before they are ready for the responsibilities?”

“What the fuck kind of questions are these?” Vaquel said. The steady fucking was driving her crazy. She felt her orgasm coming but it was coming too slow. If she could control her body, she would grab the object and fuck herself right.

“One moment for orgasm scan to complete,” the voice said.

The fucking continued. Vaquel watched her paralyzed body get used. She watched the object violate and take her ass. She felt the other object spin inside her sensitive sex. Unseen hands pulled and tugged on her breasts and nipples.

The hands pinched her nipples. The sharp pinch was the last thing she needed.

Vaquel came. She cried out her orgasm with a voice that didn’t need to breathe. Her scream continued as she watched her body writhe beneath her.

The vibrations suddenly stopped. The object left her sex and ass. She felt suddenly empty; as if two black holes were left behind in her ass and sex.

The hands released her nipples and left her breasts. For some reason, the nibbling continued on her neck. It reached her ear and softly bit her ear lobes.

“Orgasm scan is complete. It confirms your question responses. You are an inherently selfish being. You do not desire to enhance and improve the universe. You care not for the growth and maturation of intelligent races according to a higher purpose. You are a danger to others.”

“Damn right I am a danger to others! But I have some good qualities! I helped Chairbot leave his planet.” Vaquel said. “I sit on him every day because he likes it!”

“You also sit on him because it gives you pleasure,” the voice said. “If we empowered you with our tools, you would make you would be like a God to those you are charged with. The results would be unsatisfactory.”

Vaquel smiled. “Make me a Goddess. Do it and I guarantee you that the species I commanded would be the army that conquers the universe. Make me a Goddess and the universe would worship me in perfect harmony.

There was a pause. “Like we said, the results would be unsatisfactory.”

There was silence. The ear nibbling continued.

Vaquel waited. She saw her body relax and roll back onto its back. Her pink pubic hair looked drenched.

“You coming back?” she called out to the voice.

There was no answer. The nibbling moved away from her ear and back down to her neck.

“Fuck this,” Vaquel said. She needed to get out of here. The voice might decide to recycle her or something since they couldn’t use her for their pathetic ‘helping races’ plan. Species didn’t need helpers. They needed an iron fist to grab their balls and tell them what to do.

She looked at her body. There were no restraints. The bondage must be some sort of mental block. Maybe if she could move her body, she could find where they are keeping her consciousness. All she had to do was push through the mental blocks with sheer stubbornness.

The nibbling grew more insistent. She felt the prick of teeth on her neck. It felt wonderful.

“No!” Vaquel said out loud. She tried to force it away.

She focused on her hand. All of her will bent towards making her hand move.

Her finger twitched.

Vaquel smiled. She could do this.

Something bit her right nipple. Vaquel winced but then she groaned as the teeth bit down softly. It felt very good. She thought about laying there and taking the biting.

“No,” Vaquel moaned. “It must be the defense system.”

She focused on her hand. If she could curl her fingers, maybe she could race a fist.

Something bit her left nipple. They were sharp teeth but the pressure was light. Now she had a set of unseen teeth on each nipple while a mouth bit the back of her neck.

Vaquel felt herself shudder while her body remained perfectly still. It was a strange disconnect.

“Come on,” she growled. Nipple and neck nibbling wasn’t going to stop her. She was a Deep Probe Explorer of the Queen’s Royal Navy. They said she came from a violent species and that was true! She fucked people up! She wasn’t going to get distracted!

Something nibbled her clitoris. Vaquel let out a loud moan as gentle teeth pulled at the sensitive nub of her sex. It sent pleasure all through her body. She was still sensitive from coming moments before. If Vaquel stayed still, she might be able to get a second orgasm out of the teeth.

“No,” Vaquel growled. She was done laying on her back.

Vaquel pushed through the pleasure. She stared at her fingers and willed them to curl.

Her fingers bent.

The nibbling intensified. Sharp teeth clamped down on her nipples. The teeth on her neck moved down her spine. Teeth bit down around her clitoris.

Vaquel whimpered. She was tempted to give up. If she just stopped, she could lay back and enjoy this sensation. As prisons went, this one was pretty nice. After all that she had been through, didn’t she deserve a break?

Another thought came to her mind: if she could move her hands, she could masturbate herself to orgasm.

Vaquel laughed. A new confidence settled onto her. The nibling continued but she didn’t ignore it this time. She used it as motivation.

She watched her hand curl into a fist.

The nibbling turned to bites. Other unseen mouths joined in. Something bit her ass. Teeth clamped down on the bottom lip of her mouth. She felt a row of mouths bite down her thighs all the way down to her ankles.

Vaquel was close to climaxing. She needed one good stroke to come. Every bite, every prick of teeth and every nibble was just teasing her to the edge.

It occurred to her that she should have came by now. The bites were intense and her body was sensitive. On any other day, she would have came like a plasma cannon by now. Something was holding her back and that pissed her off. No one denied Vaquel pleasure.

Her hand rose. Vaquel groaned as the biting increased. She rode the mix of pain and pleasure.

Vaquel’s hand moved to her sex. She felt the damp hair of her pink bush under her fingers. Her pussy lips felt the weight of her hand.

The biting turned vicious. Teeth clamped down all over her body. It was an assault of pain on her senses.

That was their mistake. If this had happened at the start of Vaquel’s twenty year voyage in space, it might have overwhelmed and intimidated her. But Vaquel had been in space for a few years now. She felt horny and neglected most of the time. Pain was just another stimulation these days.

Vaquel stroked her sex. The biting turned into one long plateau of pain and she kept stroking. Her body was on fire but she kept fingering her sex.

She came. Vaquel sat up on the examination table and cried out. She saw out of her own eyes. The pain vanished in an instant and the euphoria of her climax filled her body. She sat shuddering on the examination table as she rode her orgasm.

When her climax was over, Vaquel looked around. The room was empty. It was worse than empty, it was just a black void. Vaquel wasn’t sure if the room was dark or if she was in empty space. She couldn’t even find where the light was coming from.

“You have escaped,” the voice said. “Congratulations.”

Vaquel stood on the table. She still couldn’t see anything. “Let me go or I will do my own research on your dying corpses!”

“We shall let you go. Your escape proves that you possess the will to be a catalyst to the universe around you. Just because your will is powered by selfishness doesn’t matter. Like any natural disaster, you will bring change wherever you go.”

“Give me Chairbot too,” Vaquel said. “The little guy goes with me.”

“Of course. He possesses several traits worth allowing to continue.”

Vaquel stood on the table. She looked around. “So when are you letting me go?”

The world went dark.

The world returned. Vaquel was back in the probe ship. She was sitting back in the command chair except now she was naked. Her ass hurt from the anal probe.

Her fingers went to her head. There were no incisions. All of her hair appeared to be there. Maybe they didn’t take her brain after all. Or if they did at least they replaced it well enough.

She checked the chronometer. Three days had passed. She checked their heading. She might have been out for three days but they were now eight days away from the Fourth’s solar system. They were even on course for the next system.

“Fuck,” she whispered. “That is some seriously superior technology.” It still didn’t prove they were some sort of Progenitor race.

“Mistress!” Chairbot squealed. He came rolling into the navigation pod. “I met the Fourth! They said I had minor potential to be a nuisance!”

Vaquel patted the seat of Chairbot. The robot moaned with disappointment that it was her hand and not her ass touching him.

“Trust me, Chairbot, that potential is much higher than minor.”

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  1. That was a seriously good one, thank you.

    • Thanks! I think the month long Halloween break helped with this one. I was stuck forever on how I wanted to show the Fourth.

  2. An impressive breaking of the mental block there – and this was a great story :) Hooray for continued Chairbot, too :)

    xx Dee

    • Chairbot was scheduled to stay with the Fourth but I couldn’t pull the trigger on it. More Chairbot for the foreseeable future!”

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