Nov 262014

Courtney came into my office. She was still walking funny from yesterday’s fucking. It was Friday afternoon so the office was already empty but she closed the door behind her anyway.

“Kenneth, we need to talk,” she said. Her hand compulsively wiped a strand of blond hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

“No, we don’t,” I said.

“The thing is,” Courtney continued, “yesterday was a one time thing. We can’t do it again. I only agreed because my husband is going through a lot right now and I have been feeling neglected.”

I raised my hand for her to stop talking. I stood up and walked over to her. What she was saying wasn’t a surprise to me. I just didn’t believe her.

“Take off your shirt,” I said.

“I can’t,” Courtney said. “We could both get fired.”

“Take off your shirt,” I said again.

Courtney looked down. She thought about it. I waited.

She pulled her blouse off. It fell to the floor like her pants did last night. Her small breasts were cupped by a lovely white lace bra.

“Now will you listen to me?” Courtney said.

I put my hand on her breast. My fingers pulled down the bra cup to reveal her pale pink nipple. She shivered as I ran my thumb over her nipple.

“This is all because Travis’s father died,” Courtney said. I think Travis was her husband. “It has made him really depressed plus he has been busy trying to sell his parent’s house . . .”

She kept talking. I pulled her other breast free from the bra. My hands went to both breasts and she paused to groan. I pinched each nipple and twisted.

“Owwww!” Courtney whimpered. Her face flushed like it did when I face fucked her yesterday.

“I’ve been reading a lot of porn lately,” Courtney said. I paid attention again. “With Travis always tired, I have been reading nastier and nastier stuff. So when I saw that book you had last week, you can see why I started seeing you in a different way. That’s why I have been flirting with you.”

I bent down and kissed a breast. Courtney kept talking. She stopped when I bit her.

“Ow!” she cried before biting her own hand to keep quiet.

“We have to stop this, Kenneth,” Courtney whispered.

I responded by biting harder. She cried out and trembled in my mouth. When my teeth finally released her, there was a nice bruise already forming.

“Pull down your pants,” I said.

“We can’t,” Courtney said. “This was to be a one time thing.”

I reached for her belt. Courtney didn’t stop me. She didn’t do anything as I unbuckled her, opened her pants button, unzipped her and then pulled down her pants.

She was wearing purple panties, just like I had told her to last night. They were soaked.

“I really need to try to make it work with Travis,” Courtney said. “We have two boys . . .”

I stopped listening again. I pulled her panties down. Her shaved sex glistened. Two of my fingers slipped into her.

“Kenneth!” Courtney groaned. She bit her lip and arched her back. Her pale hard nipples jiggled.

I stroked her. Hot, wet and tight she was around my fingers.

“Yesterday was a mistake,” Courtney said. “I love what you do to me but I need to think about my family. We have a mortgage.”

I kept my fingers inside her. With my free hand, I unzipped my own pants. They dropped to the ground and my erection poked through my boxers. Courtney reached for them and set my cock free.

“We can’t keep doing this,” she said.

I pulled my fingers out. Disappointment flickered across her face.

I rubbed her pussy juices onto my cock. She licked her lips.

I put my fingers back in her pussy and then smeared her juices back onto my cock. She spread her legs wider.

“Turn around,” I said.

This time she obeyed. Courtney turned around. Her ass was purple from the belt I gave her last night. I pushed her against the office door. She cried out and then she moaned. She stopped moaning when I kicked her legs together so she was standing ankle to ankle.

“What are you doing? Is this a spanking? I’m still too sore from last night!”

I aimed my cock for her. She moaned as my wet cock slipped between tight thighs. I was high enough that my cock rubbed against the bottom of her pussy lips.

“Oh shit,” Courtney whispered.

I fucked her thighs. I was slick from her juices and more juice was trickling from her pussy. The door shook as I fucked her. My hips crashed into her ass and she whimpered constantly.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Courtney moaned. She wasn’t talking about her husband anymore.

I came. My cock erupted between her thighs and sprayed the door. I pulled slowly out and shook the rest of my seed onto the back of her thighs.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. She had kept her position against the door.

“You said that was a one time thing,” I said.

“I was wrong,” Courtney said.

“Then we will fuck tomorrow. Maybe.”

“What about now?” Courtney said. The defiance was gone. There was a slight whine to her voice.

“Now, you can clean my door. You know the way.”

Courtney sagged to her knees. As I put my pants back on, she started licking my seed from the door.

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  1. Nice and fun, I like the casual reluctance and the sex was very hot. Yummy.

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