Oct 062014

Orgy on Pleasure Station Sigma is my new writing project/obsession. It is a blog about an orgy that has been going on for six years. Every day I update with around 500 words about what is happening at the orgy. Spoiler alert: It is a lot of sex.

A few years ago I was on a Team Fortress server that was set up for one map at all times. No matter what time of the day I logged in, there was a battle going on between these two forts. The names were almost always different but the fight remained. I was intrigued by the endless nature of it all. Some times one side would dominate the other but it was all meaningless as there was no way to truly win it all and end the battle. No matter how much one side destroyed the other, the fight kept going.

I touched on this idea in a Von Madd story.  In that story, Von Madd had set up a room where an ongoing orgy was set aside as a sort of reward for employees. To keep the orgy going, sexbots were added who were unaware that they were robots. To the robots, they were always on the verge of leaving but their libidos got the best of them.

Pleasure Station Sigma has a slightly different origin. It was started by persons unknown who rented a section of the space station for their party. The station is already a sex tourist destination spot which attracts deviants from all over the galaxy. People are drawn to the orgy because it is free to get in, and the Station Overlord allows it because people have to leave the orgy to eat, recover and maybe get enhancements.  As long as the rent keeps getting paid, the orgy will continue.

Personally I was drawn to the project because I am often jealous of artists who can just sketch a character or landscape and walk away without the need to create a story for the drawing. It is a brief act of creation that I envy greatly. Writing scenes from a science fiction orgy is my way of doing a daily sketch.

My initial goal is write this for six months and then evaluate if I want to continue.

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