Oct 292014

shondemonclr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, that demon doll who will damn you all! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Halloween is days away! You can still save yourself if you wrap yourself up in something incredibly boring! Reality television shows are your only hope!”

“Silence Burny! Your warning pleas fall on deaf ears! These mortals are ready to give up their eternal souls in exchange for eternal pleasure with a side helping of eternal pain and humiliation! Why else would they come to this blog?”

“Maybe they come for the infrequent updating and random review of obscure erotica?”

“Well that’s just silly, Burny. Tonight they have come for the final story that will complete their transcendence into sexual ghost slaves to serve my every twisted whim! I give them a story I call Spirit Masks.”

“Oh I like that one. Forget what I said about saving yourselves, mortals. This story is worth damnation.”

“That’s right, Burny.”

“Read on, mortals.”


Sae cried out as Dui entered her. A cock the size of a moon entered her planet wide vagina. Her screams destroyed a new lifeform that was struggling to exist in the ether. Drops spilled from Sae’s sex and splashed a floating idea. The idea became sentient and ran off to infect writers.

Suddenly Dui’s cock was gone. Sae felt an aching emptiness inside her. She sent her mind out through the Astral Main but she couldn’t find him. Her eternal lover was gone.

Other beings were gone too. The wise women were absent. The cruel ones who dream of knives were missing. Most telling was the disappearance of cats.

“It is that time again,” Sae knew. She pushed her mind against the veils between worlds and they parted easily. That is where Dui went. It was Halloween and it was time to wear costumes once more.

Sae hurled her mind towards the blue planet. The moon was full and witches flew through the skies. The bond that connected her to Dui guided her and she fell towards a house where the mortals gathered.

The mortals were dressed as all sorts of amusing things. Some were dressed as animals while others were dressed as monsters. Some were dressed as famous people and others were dressed as jokes. Every year the clothes get a little skimpier and one day they will dress in nothing at all.

Sae knew Dui was here but she couldn’t feel him. He was hiding and there was only one way to draw him out. She had to pick her disguise.

She reached for a certain kind of mind. It belonged to a redhead woman dressed as a pirate. Sae slipped into the woman’s mind and settled there. She marveled at the feeling of large breasts that couldn’t deny gravity. A warm tingling was in her belly from whatever she had been drinking. The act of breathing amused Sae and she wondered how mortals could bear doing it for years.

Dui walked in front of her. He was wearing a dog suit. Sae recognized him by his walk. He walked like a soul wearing a body.

He saw her. He lifted a hand and pointed to a door. He then walked there.

Sae pushed on the woman’s mind. She sent heat down between the woman’s thighs. The woman gasped as she felt a sudden attraction for a stranger in a dog suit. The woman headed towards the door with the overwhelming need to do something dirty.

The door led to a bathroom. Dui already had the pants of his body down. Sae pushed on the woman’s mind and she lifted her skirt.

Dui pushed her up against the wall. His human cock slipped into Sae’s human pussy. It was bizarre and exotic. Such tiny little organs and yet so much pleasure. Dui grabbed Sae’s ass and held her as they fucked. The feeling of human hands on her ass was perversely strange.

They rutted up against the bathroom wall. Someone knocked and they kept rutting. The woman’s mind couldn’t believe what was happening but she enjoyed every second.

Sae cried out with a human voice as she climaxed. Humans, animals or entities, orgasms were the same. Sae was amazed that such fragile bodies were capable of the same pleasures as superior intelligences.

Dui left. The dogsuit human kept fucking her against the wall. Sae left her human and went looking for Dui again.

This time he was on the streets. Sae narrowed him down to an intersection. She reached out for a suitable mind to accept her.

Sae found it in an older woman. She wore the simple black robes of a witch. Sae slipped into the woman’s mind and realized the woman was headed somewhere. Well, not anymore.

Dui was across the street. He was inside a woman clothed as some sort of nurse. His woman was much younger than Sae’s but what was age to immortals?

He came across the street to her. As he walked, Sae pushed on her woman’s mind. The woman was transfixed by the nurse. For reasons she would never guess, she found the nurse to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She wanted nothing more than to taste her.

Few grabbed Dui by the hand and pulled them into the bushes. They fell into the darkness as young humans walked by. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies, partially in lust and partially with wonder at touching human flesh.

Dui reached into the witch’s robes and pulled out a breast. Sae reached between the nurse’s legs and stroked satin that covered warm heat. As Dui bit down on a small tit, Sae stroked soft panties into increasing dampness.

They kissed. Sae barely had to push as the witch nibbled and devoured the mouth of the nurse. Sae tangled their legs together until they were locked together in an intimate embrace. The witch’s hips grinded naturally against those of the nurse’s.

Sae relished the sensations. The friction of the nurse’s legs against the witch’s sex was intoxicating. The cold air on the witch’s exposed breast was invigorating. The heat of the nurse’s sex on the witch’s leg was irresistible.

The two bodies rubbed against each other. Mortals continued to walk down the street just a few feet away. The fear of discovery formed in the witch’s mind but Sae smothered it. She wanted nothing to interrupt her play.

The nurse came first. She almost cried out but the witch smothered her cry with a kiss.

Dui left. Sae was tempted to stay until her body had an orgasm but she left too. There was only one night for them to play.

Sae reached out and tried to find Dui. He was in a house but she couldn’t enter it. Dui had closed it off to her for some reason.

That was easily fixed. Sae sent her mind next door. A man was there, dressed in garish colors. She slipped into his mind and understood the clothes were meant to be something called “superhero”.

Mortals, always making up things.

Sae reached into her pants and pulled on her cock. It would do.

There was a knock on the door. Sae put her cock back in her clothes and answered the door.

A woman dressed as a cat looked at her. Another woman dressed as a nun was behind her. Behind her were two women dressed as the police of this world. One was dark as the night and the other as pale as the moon.

All four looked at Sae and Dui was in all of their eyes.

Dui rushed her. Sae giggled as the four women ripped the clothes from her body. There was no need to push on the body she rode, the man provided no resistance to what was happening. His cock was hard and his mouth was willing.

The nun sat on Sae’s face. Tight thighs smothered her as the man licked. The woman had a thick bush and Sae once again marveled at the variety of human bodies.

A hand grabbed Sae’s cock and stroked it. Another hand stroked Sae’s balls. Both hands belonged to different bodies.

A mouth sucked on Sae’s toes. The man recoiled at that but Sae pushed down on his mind. A few licks later and the man was wiggling his toes inside the woman’s mouth.

Dui teased her in all the ways that she loved. The nun rode her face with a savage glee. A mouth licked the man’s nipple. Another mouth engulfed Sae’s cock. The other mouth sucked one toe after another.

Sae felt the man was about to come. She stopped it. This costume was too good to let come so soon.

The nun rose from Sae’s drenched face. Sae coughed as she remembered that bodies needed to breath. She barely had time to gasp before one of the police women jammed a brown breast into her mouth. Sae sucked greedily on it as she relished the taste of human skin.

The mouth left Sae’s cock and was replaced by a pussy. It was the woman dressed as a cat. Her black tail rubbed against Sae’s balls as the woman humped her.

The nun moved to where Sae’s cock entered the cat woman’s sex. The nun licked the pussy juices off the base of Sae’s cock.

The man tried to come again. Sae stopped it, stretching his near orgasm in a long stalling moment of pleasure.

The sucking of her toes stopped. Sae felt a woman crawl up alongside her head and offer her breasts. It was the other police woman. She bared her pale breasts and leaned in. Sae was smothered by breasts pale and dark.

The man was going to come. There was nothing Sae could do about it. She too was aroused beyond her limits. It was time.

Sae came. She shot the man’s seed deep inside the sex of the cat woman. All four of the women laughed and Dui’s voice was in all of them.

The cat woman climbed off of Sae’s cock. Her member was slick and sensitive. She was curious why Dui hadn’t left bodies yet.

“Take this one,” the dark police woman said. Dui left her eyes.

Sae smiled and left her body. In the blink of an eye, she inhabited the dark police woman. She felt an aching need between her legs.

The man sat up. Dui was in his eyes now. He turned towards her as the other three women did as well. They climbed onto her body and ripped her clothes from her.

Sae laughed as they ravished her. This was going to be a memorable Halloween night.


“It is like I always say Burny, it isn’t Halloween until the costumed orgy starts.”

“When you collect the souls of everyone who read all five stories, can I have one? I never get a soul to torment.”

“You’re a flaming skull on a stick, what would you do with one?”

“I’m not sure but it would involve head.”

“Just because that pun was wickedly evil, I shall grant your wish. Which soul do you want?”

“Hmm, how about the one reading right now?”

“Done! When we collect their soul tonight, I’ll let you explain their new duties for the next eternity.”

“As for the rest of you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

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