Oct 032014

ddwav-coverMy Dream Date With a Villain is a small comic booklet of wonder, sexiness and despair criminally under priced at five dollars. Created by friend-of-the-blog, Tenebrous Kate, this book gathers together all sorts of writers and artists to create stories of romance, desire, and horror all focusing around dates with terrible villains.

Some of the stories are prose while others are illustrated in full comic book style. Some stories are sweet while others are cruelly fun. The villains range from Dr. Doom, to Ilsa, to Stripe from the Gremlins. There is a little something for everyone here. Fun permeates every story here despite the possible gruesomeness of the subject.

I was very impressed with this book as the quality is top notch. It is glossy and very pretty. It might be most durable “fanzine” I have purchased.

This is one of the coolest things I have come across in awhile and if you like anything I do here on my blog, you would love this book.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


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