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Robyn stopped by Ken’s house. It was Friday morning and she was expected. She had been doing this for several months but every time she came by she felt nervous. Did the neighbors know why she was here? Did they suspect?

Ken opened the door. “Come in,” he said. Months of practice had worn off the idle conversation. Robyn had to get to school and traffic was a bitch. Ken was many things but at least he understood her schedule.

Robyn came in and Ken closed the door behind her. She stood in the hallway and waited. She was afraid to go into the living room with the spanking bench, or the dining room with the stocks. The hallway was safe.

“Strip,” Ken said. He had the black marker ready.

Robyn bit her lip and began to take off her clothes. It was easier if she just rushed through it. She pulled off her thick blue blouse, the one that concealed her skin. Next went the sturdy black bra that held her large breasts.

It was harder to pull down her pants. She was a big girl; much bigger than any of the girls that Ken played with. Robyn was ashamed of her big hips and thick thighs but Ken never made a comment. She knew what he had to be thinking though. All men thought that way.

Last to go was her black panties. Her shaved sex was exposed. Ever since they started this game, Robyn had been keeping it shaved. It was her little shameful secret that almost no one saw.

Ken went to work. He grabbed her right breast and held it in his hand. Robyn felt her heart race but she kept her face as neutral as possible. She refused to show how much she enjoyed it.

He wrote on her. Robyn didn’t watch. She wanted it to be a surprise later.

The black marker dragged across the skin of her breast. His fingers held her breast with a focused firmness. Words were marked onto her breast, etching sexual acts not meant for her.

Ken’s fingers trapped her nipple. It would take nothing for him to bend down and lick it. Or maybe he could pinch it and make her cry like he does the other girls. Robyn had made him agree to never do that but it didn’t mean she didn’t fantasize about it.

It was over too soon. He let go of her breast and took hold of her left arm. He lifted it up so he could write along the top of her arm. It was long. The black marker painted words all the way up to her shoulder.

“Turn around,” he said.

Robyn swallowed and obeyed. He was going to write on her ass. He was going to write on her fat ass with all the unsexy curves and weight. Robyn hated her ass but he always wrote on it. Always.

Ken squatted down behind her. Robyn squirmed at him being so close. He grabbed her hip and kept her steady.

The black marker wrote on her. The marker touched what she never allowed her last two boyfriends to touch. Ken wrote where even Robyn never looked.

He wrote in slow, big marks. Ken was covering her ass with his writing. She guessed that it was numbers. He was making a note for how much to spank his playmate.

Robyn wondered what it would be like to be spanked. She wondered how badly it would hurt. She wondered what it would be like to be spanked by Ken.

“Turn around,” Ken said. He was still squatted down behind her.

Robyn felt the heat rise to her face. She knew what was coming. It was so dirty. It made her so wet.

She turned around. Her shaved sex was level with Ken’s face.

He placed the tip of the marker against the top of her sex. The marker moved slowly, teasing the sensitive flesh around her pussy. Ken took his time and used his best penmanship.

Robyn imagined Ken suddenly licking her sex. She would cry out with outrage. She would push him away but he would be too strong. He would eat her until she climaxed.

Ken finished writing. He stood up and looked at her. The smug smile spread across his face. Robyn kept her face as blank as possible.

“Thank you for being my notepad once again,” Ken said. “Though if you want to play with us this weekend, you are certainly welcome.”

Robyn tried to frown in a disapproving manner as she yanked her panties and pants back up. “Amy might disagree with you on that.”

“This week it is Kelly, and she’ll agree with whatever I tell her,” Ken said.

Robyn fastened her bra together. “This is as far as I want to go,” she said.

“Oh yes,” Ken said. “My lovely notepad. The woman who helps but never plays.”

“I play,” Robyn lied.

“Oh yes, I forgot,” Ken said. “You just never play with me.”

“Right,” Robyn said. It was a lovely lie about her being a strong independent woman who had all sorts of fun sex so she was too strong to let herself be fucked by a man such as Ken. It was not a very convincing lie but Robyn clung to it. It was a safe lie.

“The news said that 75 was backed up from an accident,” Ken said.

Robyn pulled on her shirt and headed for the door. “Thanks,” she said.

She made it to school without too much trouble. Classes went by and Robyn turned her attention to the teachers. The day went by and Robyn did her best not to think about the dirty words written on her body. She was getting very good at it.

Lunch time rolled around and she knew she would get her first call soon. Ken liked to start his weekends early. He also knew that Robyn had a two hour window in which she was free. Ken was very respectful of her schedule.

On her way to the sandwich shop, her phone buzzed. Robyn glanced at the text.

“Your arm,” it read.

Robyn smiled. She could do this while driving. She rolled up the sleeve on her blouse. A red light gave her the time she needed. Out came the cell phone and she stretched her arm out. She took a picture and pressed ‘send’.

Her eyes danced over the words. “Force her down to her knees and make her suck me.”

Robyn moaned. An image formed in her mind. Some woman, maybe a redhead or a blonde but thin, they were always thin, would be pushed down to her knees. The woman would watch as Ken unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Robyn always imagined it as a big cock. Ken had too much confidence to have a small cock. His large cock would be erect and he would pull the woman’s head towards it.

Robyn closed her eyes. The woman would choke. Maybe she would even struggle. Robyn hoped she did. Ken would be more forceful and push his cock into her lips. The woman would fight and then surrender. She would suck Ken’s cock until Ken climaxed.

A loud honk broke Robyn’s dreams. She opened her eyes to see a green light ahead of her and an annoyed man in her rear mirror. Robyn drove on.

Lunch was nothing special. Robyn ate and tried not to think of what Ken’s cock tasted like. She tried not to speculate on what it would be like to swallow a man’s seed. She had never done it before but if Ken was forcing her to do it, she might.

“No,” Robyn realized. There would be no ‘might’. She just would.

After lunch she went back to her classes. She was wet but she kept her attention on the teachers. The area between her thighs was in a constant state of need but that was okay. It made Robyn smile for reasons no one could guess.

Robyn went home and there were no text messages on the drive. She didn’t change her clothes because she didn’t want a glimpse of the words. After some homework she made microwave lasagna for dinner. She killed a few hours watching reality TV.

The credits were rolling on the last show of the night when she finally got another text.

“Your ass,” it said.

Robyn frowned. She hated taking pictures of her ass. It just looked even bigger on her cell phone.

She stood up and dropped her pants. Her panties were next and Robyn held the phone behind her ass. The first picture missed her ass completely but she got it on the second picture.

She read the picture before sending it. “50 Spanks, fuck her, 50 spanks.”

“Fuck,” Robyn whispered.

She went to her bedroom in a daze. She stripped down in the dark and climbed into bed. Her vibrator was ready at her bedside. She flipped it on and pressed it to her naked sex.

“Fuck!” Robyn cried out. There was no need for foreplay. She was already soaked.

50 spanks. Robyn had seen the paddles that Ken used. He gave a demonstration at the BDSM club once. Robyn was there by herself and all the guys were too busy hitting on the skinny women. She had been left alone to watch and she watched every swing.

Robyn pressed the vibrator harder against her sex. The vibrating round ball was tight against the lips of her sex. Her thighs opened wide and with need.

She imagined it would be the red paddle. It was a long thin paddle with metal studs that left a pattern on the ass. Robyn had seen how much Ken smiled when he used it. It was light in his hand and it stung like a crop. The girl would cry out with every swing.

Robyn ground the vibrator against her pussy. She pictured Ken spanking the woman he had tonight. He would make her count every swing and if she lost count, then Ken would start over. Robyn didn’t know this for sure but she wanted it to be true. She wanted Ken to be that cruel. She wanted the woman to suffer that much.

She adjusted the vibrator to go at a faster speed. Robyn cried out as the flood of sensations radiated from her pussy.

50 spanks and then fuck her. That was the instruction. Robyn knew it would be from behind. Ken would want to feel the heat he had given the woman’s ass. His cock would plunge between her thighs and into her pussy while his belly pressed against her hot ass. It would be rough. It would be without mercy.

Robyn was about to climax. She wondered what Ken’s rules for climaxing were. Did his women have to ask permission first? Could they come as much as they want? Would they have to wait until he came first?

“Fuck!” Robyn cried out. She climaxed. Her thighs clamped together around the vibrator. Robyn slammed her head back into her pillow. The force of this orgasm was amazing.

She clicked the vibrator off. Her thighs slowly parted. It might be over for her but it wouldn’t be for Ken’s woman. They would fuck and then the spanking would continue.

Robyn wondered what that must feel like. Would the sex make your ass more sensitive? Would the orgasm make the pain less? She didn’t know.

People had offered to spank her at the dungeon. She wanted to but at the same time she didn’t want her ass to be seen by others. Some had offered to spank her with her pants on but Robyn had declined. It would make her ass the focus. She couldn’t handle that.

Robyn put the vibrator away and thought about putting some panties on. She went to sleep before she could actually do that.

She dreamed of being at Ken’s house. He was fucking some skinny girl while Robyn watched. Robyn was naked and tied up. Every once in awhile, Ken would walk over to her and check to see what he had written. Then he would go back to fucking his slave for the night.

The phone woke her up. Her thighs were sticky from last night. She rolled over and checked the phone. It was from Ken.

“Your tit,” it read.

Robyn moaned. It was still early in the morning but Ken was ready to fuck his woman already. Robyn pulled the blanket down and took a picture of her tit. She checked the picture before hitting send.

He had written, “nipple clamps and tit fuck.”

Robyn only hesitated a moment. She reached for her table drawer and pulled out her nipple clamps. They were cheap things; not nearly as fancy as the ones she had seen in the club. She was sure that Ken had nicer, nastier clamps. Robyn wondered how badly they would hurt.

Her nipples were already hard. They had been that way since she heard the phone buzz. She pinched her nipple and applied the clamp. She hissed with pain and then applied the other clamp to her other nipple. Now both breasts were crowned with pain.

Robyn reached for her vibrator again. She flipped it on and placed the vibrating ball against her pussy. Her hips lifted to great the vibrator.

She imagined Ken straddling on top of her. She had a lot of tit so there would be plenty to squeeze together and fuck. How did that work anyway? Did titfucking need lube? It is just skin after all. Would Ken massage her tits with lube until it was ready for his cock? Or would he do something more crude like spit on his cock and then slide it between her tits?

Robyn used her free arm to pull her breasts together. It wasn’t enough for titfucking but it helped with the fantasy. She imagined Ken would squeeze roughly so that the clamps would be agitated. Every thrust would hurt.

She moaned. She fucked the vibrator so that her breasts would move. Her arm squeezed her tits tighter together like she imagined Ken would do. Her nipples ached from the clamps and the movement. Robyn reveled in the pain.

How long would it take Ken to come? How long could Robyn endure this? Better yet, how long would the skinny bitch that was with Ken last? Her breasts were probably too small for this sort of thing. Ken would be better off fucking Robyn’s breasts.

Robyn moaned. She was close to coming.

When Ken climaxes this way, it must make an awful mess. Thick seed would go flying everywhere. It would coat the breasts and maybe even spurt into the woman’s face. Robyn didn’t know how she felt about getting spunk on her face. If she was with Ken, she knew she might not have a choice in the matter.

Robyn squeezed her tits tighter. She pressed the vibrator tighter against her sex. Her orgasm was coming and it was coming fast.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she yelled. She came hard and her entire body shook.

“Fuck,” she said much softer when she was done. Robyn turned the vibrator off and it dropped from her fingers. Next came the clamps. She pulled them off her body and winced as the blood rushed back into her nipples. It was a delicious pain.

“Wow,” Robyn said. It was a hell of a way to start the morning.

Robyn went to the bathroom and gave herself a sponge bath. She didn’t want to risk washing the marker off in the shower. Her sex was thoroughly washed although she was able to do it without once looking at the writing above her pussy. It was quite the feat.

Breakfast was next followed by watching more reality shows. After that was lunch and watching a movie. Next came reading a book and ordering Chinese for dinner.

Robyn knew she should get out more but she didn’t feel like it. Also, it would be annoying if she was out and about when Ken called her. Well, annoying and maybe a little sexy. Still, Robyn had no interest in rushing to a public restroom to take a picture if he demanded it.

She toyed with the idea of taking a picture before hand and just sending it when he requested it. The idea was rejected. It felt like cheating. This was the only BDSM games that she had ever agreed to play and she was going to play it right.

As she ate dinner, Robyn wondered why Ken hadn’t texted. What did he do all day with his women? Did they go out and do something together? Robyn couldn’t imagine Ken going to the movies or out shopping with a woman. That seemed too much like dating.

Did they just fuck all day? That would explain the lack of texts. You don’t need to check your notepad when you are just fucking. Robyn doubted that. People just couldn’t fuck all day. Could they?

Robyn stayed up late but no text came. She went to bed and tried to masturbate. Ten minutes in, she knew it wasn’t working. She was annoyed, frustrated and tired.

The fact that she was jealous never crossed her mind.

On Sunday Robyn did go out. She did her grocery shopping and bought extra ice cream. She ate out for lunch and pretended to not care if he called. In a bigger act of defiance, she went to see a movie at the dollar theater and silenced her phone. She still let it vibrate though.

Robyn came home after the movie and flopped on her couch. She debated her next act of defiance.

The phone vibrated. Robyn sat up and looked at it. She knew what it would say before she read the text.

“Your pussy,” it read.

A spark of rebellion flared within Robyn. Maybe she would hold off on sending it back. Maybe she wouldn’t do it at all. Maybe she was tired of the game.

Her rebellion melted away and was replaced with curiosity. She pulled her pants down and took the picture.

He had written, “Tie her down and eat her at my leisure.”

Robyn hurried to the bedroom. She stripped quickly out of her clothes until she was naked. With vibrator in hand, she got on her bed and spread her legs.

She closed her eyes. Ken would tie her down spread eagle. He would use rope and maybe those leather restraints. Whatever he used, Robyn would be completely helpless.

Robyn pressed the vibrator against her pussy. A day of being angry hadn’t reduced her desire any. She cried out as the wonderful vibrations touched her sensitive skin.

The note said that Ken would eat her at his leisure. What did that mean? Would he lick her slowly? His mouth would toy with her with his tongue? Would he nibble on her pussy just enough to drive her crazy?

Or did it mean that he would eat her as he wished with no concern for her climax? Robyn pictured Ken diving between her legs. His mouth would take her pussy. He would lick, nibble and kiss as he wished. Robyn would be helpless as the man ate her pussy without a concern for her.

“Fuck yes,” Robyn moaned. She wondered if the woman Ken was eating would be allowed to climax. Would Ken force the woman to hold off? Maybe he would let her beg.

“Please let me come,” Robyn moaned. She pressed the vibrator harder against her pussy.

Ken would ignore her. She knew it. He would keep licking, and licking and licking and licking and licking.

“Please, please, please,” Robyn begged.

Her climax was close but Robyn was fighting it. She wanted to hump the vibrator but the imaginary rope around her ankles restrained her. The vibrator pressed harder as Robyn pictured Ken licking deeper.

She was going to come.

Robyn tried not to come.

Her orgasm was on the verge of exploding within her.

Robyn struggled against the orgasm with every ounce of her will power. Ken wouldn’t let her come. She knew it.

Or maybe he would.

Robyn imagined Ken allowing her to orgasm. She giggled with relief.

“FUCK!” Robyn yelled. She climaxed and she forgot all about imaginary rope, possible restraints or even Ken’s mouth. She curled up on her side and rode the vibrator until she could take no more.

It was a nice long time before she turned the vibrator off. Robyn felt completely fucked. The animosity towards Ken was gone.

The loneliness began to creep on her. Maybe it was time to stop playing these games by herself. Ken had offered to do more with her than just use her as a notepad but Robyn always declined. Men like Ken didn’t usually want to fuck women like Robyn.

Or maybe they did. Robyn had a tendency to deny what men said to her face. She thought she knew them better than they know themselves.

Robyn rolled out of bed. She laughed as her knees nearly gave out. That was a good orgasm.

She stumbled to the bathroom. The mirror would help her. She didn’t have a marker but she had lipstick.

It wasn’t going to be easy to write on her own body but Robyn had time. She also had a soap and water to erase her first two attempts. On her third try, she had written what she wanted to say across her breasts.

“Fuck me next weekend,” it said.

Robyn took a picture and sent it to Ken.

She regretted it a second later. Her heart was pounding so hard that she thought she was going to die.

Her phone buzzed. It was a text message from Ken.

“I will,” it read. “Guess I need to get another notepad too.”

Robyn smiled. Let some other girl be teased and used. It was Robyn’s turn to play.

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  1. This was a fun one, lots of details and a lovely build up.

  2. Hot damn! I really liked how this built up. Delicious ending, too :)

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