Sep 032014

Michelle stood at the counter. There was only one customer in the pier store and he was gawking at the painted beach shells. He looked like he was going to be there awhile.

She leaned back against the wall and instantly regretted it. The plug she had put in her butt shifted and her ass struggled to hold it all in. Michelle winced but she kept from groaning out loud.

“The things I do for older men,” she whispered.

Michelle looked out the window. The Mermaid Island beach was almost empty. Most of the college kids had left last week. Most of the adult singles will leave this week. That just left the families trying to cram in a few more days before summer ends.

The empty beach made it easy to pick out Paul. He was building a sand castle with his kids. Paul’s wife was just laying out in the sun; her white swimsuit turning into a beacon on the yellow sand.

Michelle thought of Paul and his black hair turning grey. She thought of the stubble that he had been growing as a minor rebellion against normal life. She thought of the way he grabbed her tanned tits. She thought of the lust in his deep blue eyes.

She clenched and her ass protested. It would all be worth it.

The customer in the sore picked up a seashell, his face blushing. Michelle figured that he had found the shell with the black ass on it. She wondered if he would have the courage to buy it.

She glanced back out the window. Paul was talking to his wife and pointing to the pier store.

Michelle’s pussy clenched. She grabbed a bag of the sour candy for Paul’s daughter and prepared a hot dog for Paul’s son. Two cans of orange soda and two bottles of water were next. The more she prepared, the more time they would have.

She slapped the door to the office. “Ava, cover me!”

“Alright,” Ava said. Michelle knew Ava wouldn’t mind. Michelle covered for Ava all the time. That girl was hooked working the glory hole for booth six.

The customer came to the counter. He had three seashells. Two were boats and one was the black ass.

“Ava will ring you up,” Michelle said as she walked around the counter. The butt plug made every step a struggle.

The customer nodded and tried to look casual.

Michelle made it to the store room door and waited. Paul walked in a moment later, saw her and headed towards her.

Fuck, he was hot. The sun and heat had drenched him in sweat. His stubble was a week shy of a beard. Best of all was his eyes. The lust there made Michelle’s knees shiver.

Michelle pulled him into the storage room. Rows of drinks, shirts and snacks surrounded them. A single window illuminated them as Paul pulled her to him.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he whispered. One hand went right to her tit. He pulled her young breast out of her bikini top and squeezed.

Michelle moaned. “I need you,” she whispered because she loved the way it made him growl. Older guys never get tired of being told they are wanted.

“Today is my last day,” Paul whispered. He squeezed the other tit as if trying to memorize the soft plumpness.

“I know,” Michelle said. “I have a surprise for you.”

She took a step back and unbuttoned her shorts. She pulled them down in that slow sexy way that drove her summer lovers wild. There was no underwear to hide her shaved pussy.

Paul stared in silent lust.

Michelle stepped out of her short and turned around. She heard him gasp at the plug in her ass.

“There’s a bottle of lube behind you,” Michelle says. “Fuck my ass.”

Paul doesn’t say anything but she hears the bottle cap pop open. She reached behind her and slowly pulls the plug out. All morning she had prepared for this and now she was going to reap her reward.

Michelle dropped the plug and she felt Paul’s cock press against her ass. He was so impatient and Michelle loved it. His cock pushed against her asshole and stretched her open. Slowly but firmly he entered her.

“Fuck,” Paul called out.

“Shh,” Michelle said. “Customers might hear,” she said.

Paul grunted and started to fuck her ass. One hand came up around and claimed her tit. The other hand went to her hip and held her as he pumped her.

Michelle shuddered and took it. This was the best part of summer. Ava could have all the young guys with their needy egos and quick burst cocks. Michelle loved the fathers with their desperate need to escape their lives. She adored a guy who would fuck her like there was no tomorrow and then go away for fear of ruining his marriage. She needed to be desired like she was their last chance at a dirty fuck.

Paul pounded her ass. He was a little too rough and it was great. He squeezed her tit a little too hard and it was wonderful. He held on a little too tight and it was perfect.

“Fuck this young ass,” Michelle said. “It is all yours for right now.”

Paul groaned and fucked her ass harder.

Michelle reached between her legs and stroked her pussy. “Remember fucking this tight ass when you go back to your job.”

Paul groaned and kept fucking her ass.

Michelle stroked herself faster. “Remember fucking your young beach slut when you’re back at home doing chores.”

Paul moaned and fucked her ass with short savage thrusts.

Michelle rubbed her clitoris in tight little circles. “Remember fucking my young tight ass when you are fucking your wife.”

“Fuck!” Paul yelled. He suddenly stopped and Michelle felt his seed surge inside his ass.

His cock kept ejaculating as Michelle stroked herself to orgasm. She shivered and Paul cried out as her ass squeezed around his cock.

“Holy fuck,” Paul said as he pulled out.

Michelle kept stroking herself.

“That was uhh, great,” Paul said.

Michelle stood up and kept stroking herself. His hot seed shifted inside her ass.

“I should get back before my wife gets suspicious,” Paul said. He yanked his shorts backup. The lust was gone from his eyes. Now there was just fear. He was worried that she would ask for his number.

“Ava’s got your food and drinks,” she told him. “I’ll see you next summer.”

Relief washed over Paul’s face. He might never come back to Mermaid Island now. “Yeah, see you next summer,” he said as he left.

Michelle smiled as she stroked herself to another orgasm. Another summer and another round of summer fathers fucked.

Now all she had to do was figure which of the lucky older town guys will be her boyfriend this winter.

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  1. Not sure which is more sad, the end of Mermaid Island stories for the year or the end of DragonCon…

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