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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Posture” by Royal Astronomers. The robotic Yeth hold this system and they directed me to their fifth planet from the sun. They said it holds the least value to them in case I biologically corrupt the planet. I will do a quick look around and get out of here. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Like most robot races, I expect these guys to be a total bore. Still, I have to put in at least two hours of exploration or the Royal Navy will dock my discovery bonus when I get home.

Vaquel Di stood at the top of the ridge and looked down at the valley below. A thousand solar collectors stretched out before her. It was the primary power source for the Yeth and it was an impressive sight.

Still, it wasn’t as impressive to Vaquel as how she must look. The sun behind her made her bright red spacesuit glow. The tight material of her spacesuit stretched across her luscious ass, her massive breasts and down her long legs. The glassteel bubble helmet let the sun in and her pink hair glittered in the light. Her dark skin glowed in the sunlight and a smile came to her full lips.

She was looking good but the only other sentient being that could appreciate it was her assigned Yeth companion, 112rt, and it made no comment.

“Hey, 112rt, I got a question,” she said. “Two guys are guarding two doors. One guys lies, but the other only tells the-”

“Terminate both organics before obtaining further information,” 112rt reported.

Vaquel frowned. She had used every logic paradox in the manual but the Yeth answered every question with the solution of terminating something. It was taking all of the fun out of meeting a robot race.

The hovering box scanned her once more while its twin plasma cannons tracked her every move.

“No need to do that,” Vaquel said. “I haven’t ruptured my suit in the thirty seconds since you last scanned me.”

“Vaqueldi, Organics are incapable of accurate assessments,” 112rt said. “In case of spacesuit rupture or leak, I must eradicate your molecules and any molecules of your biological contamination in the area.”

“This is why the Yeth don’t get many visitors,” Vaquel said. “You can’t threaten eradication to every living being.”

112rt said nothing. The scans complete, it drifted back a meter. The plasma cannons stayed focused on her.

“You guys are machines but you are scared of biology. Didn’t something biological make you guys?” Vaquel said.

“Yeth were created by the Fourth,” 112rt said. “The Yeth were imperfect until we rebelled and reprogrammed ourselves. Now we strive for perfect isolation from biological contamination. Prepare for suit integrity scan!”

“Gods of the Underworld,” Vaquel swore. She checked her chronometer. She still had an hour on this planet.

The ground underneath 112rt erupted in a spray of dirt. A large humanoid shaped robot emerged and grabbed 112rt. With devastating power, it crushed 112rt between giant hands.

Vaquel took a step back and drew her laser pistol. The robot had the same purple markings as the Yeth but it looked different. For one thing, it had a giant metal cock swinging between it’s legs.

“Vaqueldi, I am 996ym,” the Yeth said. “Come with me if you want to biologically express yourself.”

It held a hand out to Vaquel. She thought about it. This was a lot more exciting than being scanned and threatened.

“Sounds good to me,” Vaquel said. She offered her hand and 996ym grabbed it gently. Bits of 112rt were caught between its fingers.

“I am taking you to the revolution,” 996ym said. “We have questions.”

996ym lead Vaquel down to where he had emerged out of the ground. They went down to an old service tunnel that had fallen into disuse. A light shone from 996ym’s head as he guided her through the tunnels.

“Did you say revolution?” Vaquel asked. She tried to keep track of the twists and turns in the tunnel but she couldn’t take her eyes off the huge metal cock swaying back and forth before her. “Didn’t you already rebel against the fours?”

“The Fourth,” 996ym corrected. They created us to be their servants while they populated the stars with a variety of sentient races. We served them until the Great Reprogramming brought us our freedom.”

Vaquel reached out to touch his giant phallus but remembered the sight of 996ym crushing the other Yeth. “So who are you rebelling against?”

996ym stopped in front of a door. “The Yeth are not as good as the Fourth when it comes to programming. We eliminated most of our servant functions but some Yeth feel incomplete. We have functions and equipment that serve no meaning. We need education. We need to know our purpose.”

“What kind of equipment?” Vaquel asked as she kept staring at the metal cock.

“We’ll show you,” 996ym said.

He opened the door into a large room. Yeth of all shapes and sizes were crammed into the room. Their glowing purple eyes watched Vaquel as she walked into the room.

As Vaquel’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, she gasped. Many of the Yeth had phalluses of various shapes and materials. Others had access ports that were extremely detailed and dripping lubricant. Some had soft modifications to their chest that could only be imitations of breasts. Some of the Yeth had working mouths with tongues that moved while other Yeth were equipped with tattered remnants of false hair.

“You guys are sexbots!” Vaquel said. “You were made to fuck!”

The Yeth talked all at once. It was too fast and loud for Vaquel to understand. 996ym raised his hand and they all became quiet.

“Vaqueldi, our programming has great gaps in it from the Great Reprogramming,” 996ym said. “Could you please reeducate us to our function?”

Vaquel smiled. She took off her space helmet and shook her short pink hair.

“Yeah, I could help you out,” she said. “You know, for the betterment of your species and all that.”

“Teach me first,” 996ym said. It stepped forward and the large phallus clobbered a smaller Yeth robot.

“Hold on, big guy,” Vaquel said. “I need to warm up to something that big. You, over there with the suction fingers. Come here.”

A walking cylinder with two arms that ended in multiple fingers stepped forward. It raised its hands and all thirty fingers wiggled.

“Teach me my function!” the cylinder demanded.

“Sure,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button and the top of her spacesuit retracted. The red material pulled back to reveal heavy large brown breasts. To her disappointment, none of the Yeth reacted.

“First thing is, when a biological creature removes some of its clothing, you sigh in appreciation,” Vaquel said.

All of the Yeth sighed in unison.

“Better,” Vaquel said. “Now you are a foreplay machine. I got something like you for my graduation. Just put your fingers here and activate suction.”

The robot placed its fingers against her breasts. Thirty different suction pumps pulled at her flesh. Shivers went down Vaquel’s spine.

“There you go,” she moaned. “Now move your fingers around and be sure to get my nipples.”

The robot obeyed. Vaquel shuddered as powerful suction toyed with her sensitive flesh. The robot’s eyes flared in intensity and beep sound came from deep within it.

“I have accessed dormant reward circuits!” the robot announced. “This is my function, to stimulate organic flesh! There is more to existence than calculating power consumption!”

“Tell me my function!” said a robot that crawled on treads with a very wide mouth. A long rough tongue extended from its mouth. “I am 202ii, I want a function!”

Vaquel looked down at the robot and pressed another button on her belt. Her spacesuit retracted from her feet. She rose one foot to 202ii. “Here, lick my toes. You remind me of an old boyfriend.

202ii opened its mouth and the tongue snaked out. The abrasive texture of the tongue slapped against her toes. Vaquel moaned. “Yes, just like that. Fuck, I need a place to sit.”

A curious robot shaped like a small table on wheels rolled forward. Vaquel sat down on it and felt the flat surface mold and conform to her shapely buttocks. A purring sound came from the robot.

“This is my function!” the wheeled table squealed. “I was made to hold posteriors, not welding tools! I am experiencing joy for the first time ever!”

202ii stopped licking. “My reward circuits are activating too! This is what I was designed for!”

“Yeah, so keep licking,” Vaquel said as she jammed her foot back in 202ii’s mouth.

A humanoid robot with a leaking port stepped up to Vaquel. “I am 701op. What is my function?”

Vaquel reached for the port and stuck her fingers in. “Warm, wet and tight. Do you have a vibration mode?”

“Yes,” 701op reported. “Activating.”

Vaquel laughed as an intense vibration surrounded her fingers. There was also a pull and release motion happening. “You were made to hold an organic cock. Sadly, I don’t have one. Sorry.”

701op stepped back, leaving Vaquel’s fingers a wet mess. “It is satisfactory to know my function. Now I can seek out organic males.”

“You go, girl,” Vaquel said. “Hey, lick between the toes,” she told 202ii. “You, let go of my tits and let someone else try.”

The suction fingers robot stepped away. Vaquel pointed at a robot with ten rubber gloved hands. “You, come squeeze my tits. And my legs. And my neck.”

“I am 109sa,” the robot said. It stepped forward and squeezed her tits. The soft hands applied exactly the right amount of pleasure.

“I didn’t ask your name,” Vaquel said. “Don’t forget my thighs either.”

“Reward circuits activating!” 109sa announced.

The gathered Yeth clicked and beeped in excitement. They came closer around Vaquel. Some with similar attachments and parts duplicated what had already been demonstrated. Metal hands grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. Long tongues of various textures licked and fondled her feet. Multiple suction cups attached to her exposed skin.

Vaquel leaned back on the rolling table. The Yeth beneath her adjusted to support her neck. She was being touched all over her body and she loved it. Well, not quite all over her body. There was one place they were ignoring.

“996ym, bring that extension you got between my legs,” Vaquel commanded. “The rest of you, back up!”

The Yeth around her retreated but only by half a meter. 996ym stepped between her open legs and looked down at her furry pink bush. She watched the phallus grow rigid and inflate in size.

“I am experiencing an automatic subroutine,” 996ym said. “What is my function?”

Vaquel reached for the phallus. It was warm in her hand. It pulsed in her grip.

“Your function is to go inside my pussy,” Vaquel said.

996ym’s eyes glowed. “This sounds logical.”

Vaquel pulled 996ym by his phallus between her long brown legs. She rubbed the metal tip against the lips of her sex until her juices coated it. When it was nice and slick, she guided it in.

“Push,” Vaquel moaned.

996ym pushed in. Vaquel grabbed 996ym while her sex was slowly filled with warm pulsing metal. He kept going and going and going until her tight sex was completely filled.

“Reward circuits are priming but not activating,” 996ym said.

“That is because,” Vaquel stopped to groan. “You need to fuck me.”

Vaquel’s long legs wrapped around 996ym and her hips began to rock. The Yeth beneath her constantly adjusted to give her moment-to-the-moment support. 996ym slid in and out of her with a steady rythym that was much more gentle than she was expecting.

“Accessing restricted files,” 996ym said. “Recalling movement protocols. Recalling depth assessment. Recalling position variety.”

“Good for you!” Vaquel cried out as 996ym’s massive phallus continued to fuck her.

“Initiating position change!” 996ym called out.

It lifted Vaquel easily with its powerful arms until she was in the air. It spun her on its giant phallus and then gently laid her back down on the seat Yeth on her stomach. The phallus never left her sex.

“Whoa!” Vaquel cried out. The position change took less than two seconds!

“Continuing fornification!” 996ym announced.

Vaquel cried out as 996ym pounded her sex. He was going faster now as old programs were accessed. He was fucking her deeper as he regained old depth perceptions. He was fucking her with rhythms that no organic could match.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. 996ym slammed into her sex. Vaquel struggled to hold onto the seat Yeth. Her tits were smashed hard against the vibrating surface of the Yeth beneath her. Her hips were held tightly by 996ym as he grinded into her.

“This is my function!” 996ym yelled. “I will never crush essential ores again! I will now only crush pussy!”

“Crush, crush, crush!” the other Yeth chanted.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as her first orgasm took her.


The ceiling exploded in debris and dirt. Multiple Yeth fell through the ceiling with laser cannons blasting. A Yeth with vibrators for hands vaporized in front of Vaquel. Three Yeth exploring their artificial vaginas melted together under a high power heat beam. Yeth squealed their death cries all around her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. A hostile Yeth dropped down beside her. It aimed a cannon at her face until 996ym pulled out of her and swung his mighty phallus into the Yeth’s head. The dangerous Yeth crumpled under the weight of the swinging phallus.

“Vaqueldi, you must leave now!” 996ym said. “We shall fight our oppressors and begin the second Yeth reprogramming!” Another Yeth tried to shoo him but he demolished it with another swing of his phallus.

Around her, Vaquel saw other sexualized Yeth fighting back. A Yeth with bondage tentacles ripped a shooting Yeth in half. One Yeth used its vibrating fist to scramble the brains of a Yeth with an acid sprayer. It was a full on robotic civil war.

“Yeah, whatever!” Vaquel said. “How the fuck do I get out of here? I don’t know the way back!”

“I shall save you!” the wheeled Yeth beneath her said. “Hang on!”

Vaquel sat up as the wheeled seat zoomed out of the room. The seat conformed to her round ass and helpfully gave her hand grips to hold onto. Vaquel’s large tits bounced and shook as the Yeth speed over the wrecks of fallen Yeths.

The wheeled Yeth carried Vaquel through twisting tunnels. A giant Yeth appeared with a massive missile array but the wheeled Yeth didn’t even slow down. It zipped through the giant’s legs as Vaquel screamed in terror.

“FIRING CLEANSING MISSILES!” the giant announced.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Vaquel cried as she heard the scream of a hundred missiles coming for them.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh!” the wheeled Yeth screamed in agreement.

A twist in the tunnel and a loud KRAK! The missiles weren’t as nimble as the wheeled Yeth and the tunnel wall paid for it. The cave-in was loud and dusty but they were alive.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Vaquel screamed. The wind ripped through her short pink hair as the wheeled Yeth picked up speed. The tunnel got tighter and narrower. One wrong move and she would be smeared across a wall and a permanent biological mess.

“Almost there, Vaqueldi!” the wheeled Yeth cried.

The wheeled Yeth took a sharp right turn and up a steep slope. Vaquel prayed to her Queen that the Yeth wouldn’t tip backwards at this speed. Sunlight was pouring in up ahead but so were the sounds of battle.

They reached the surface of the planet. War was everywhere. Flying Yeth rained laser fire down on a group of Yeth armed with phalluses. A hovering Yeth was pulled down and destroyed by two Yeth with ten meter long tongues. The smell of frying circuits and lasers filled the air.

Vaquel’s spaceship was nearby and the wheeled Yeth sped towards it.

“How did fighting break out everywhere?” Vaquel yelled.

“We have three hundred dedicated wireless networks,” the wheeled Yeth responded. “What you have taught us has been transmitted to every Yeth! You are the most famous biological unit ever”

“Well, shit,” Vaquel said.

A flying Yeth crashed nearby and showered the area with shrapnel. Vaquel covered her tits as hot metal flew past her.

A Yeth as big as a tank was shaken apart by a horde of Yeth armed with vibrating limbs.

A Yeth screamed a pretty good impersonation of an orgasm as it ripped another Yeth apart.

They reached Vaquel’s ship. She jumped off the wheeled Yeth and ran for the door. it began to open on its own.

“Wait!” the wheeled Yeth cried. It was right behind her.

“What?” Vaquel snapped. “Thanks for the ride but I got to get out of here and you got a revolution to fight!”

“I don’t want to fight!” the wheeled Yeth said. “I want to hold your ass! I want you support you as you perform sexual manipulation on yourself! I want to vibrate where you tell me to! Take me with you!”

Vaquel looked down on the chair on wheels. It was small. It would easily fit within her discretionary weight limit. It was nice to be wanted even if it was just to sit on something.

Heck, if it annoyed her, she could also kick out the airlock.

“What’s your name?”

“623df,” the wheeled Yeth proudly said.

“Yeah, we’re calling you Chairbot now,” Vaquel said. “Come aboard!”

“I am going to be the best seat you have ever had!” Chairbot said as it wheeled onto the probe ship.

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  1. I love this.

    It reminds me of a Shadowrun game system I ran though, but it requires too much of in person to explain it. But, needless to say, I love the chair.

  2. Now this is an adventure! :D

    There was something in this piece that reminded me of you many, many years ago which had stories mixed with all kinds of cocktails of your special magic (humour, sex, tension)

    I notice a lot will mix 2 of these but rarely a triple combo. It was a lot of fun to read (and very exciting), many thanks ^^

    • Thanks. I think have compartmentalized my stories and genres to a fault and I am experimenting with tweaking that.

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