Jul 252014
Ack ack!

Ack Ack!

The image here is Vaquel and a Martian from Mars Attacks by the awesome Joe Gravel. For legal reasons I can never do a story about the Martians, plus there is the little fact that they are from Mars and Vaquel would never be in that part of space. Since I can’t do a story, I can at least get some art of them.

What I truly love about the Mars Attacks Martians is that they are total assholes. In the original collector cards, they are psychopaths but in the excellent Tim Burton movie, they are just assholes, plain and simple. They pretend to be peaceful just long enough to slaughter people not because it is a cunning plan, but because they find it funny. There is a lot of fun in that movie and I still love it.

Fun fact: after finishing this card, Joe told me his big inspiration for the interior was Wally Wood.  That was remarkable to me because Wally Wood’s erotic sci-fi work was an early inspiration for the Vaquel Di stories.

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