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Explorer’s Log: I am on day four of my twenty day voyage to the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Posture” by Royal Astronomers. I have officially left Forian space and it will be another seven days before I enter Yeth space.

The Forians have told me that the Yeth are a synthetic race created by a race known only as The Fourth. The Forians have a low opinion of the Yeth and find them incredibly boring. Considering that the Forians consider any race that doesn’t have orgies to be dull, I will keep an open mind with the Yeth. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Artificial Intelligence races are rare so I am looking forward to cataloging this race. The Royal Navy awards ten bedslaves and a summer beach home to anyone who finds a new A.I. race. I’ll get a bonus of a trained massage bedslave if the race is easily manipulated with logic paradoxes. I have to break out my old explorer’s manual and find a few choice riddles to-

“Attention Filthy Organic!” Vaquel Di jumped as the message was broadcasted over her comm system. A ship was on an intercept course with her and was broadcasting on all frequencies. According to what the Forians had told her, it was a Yeth ship.

“Damn, I’m still a good ways from Yeth territory,” Vaquel said. “They value their privacy.”

“Greetings Yeth Ship,” Vaquel broadcasted back. “I am Vaquel Di of the Euphorian Royal Navy. I come on a mission of peace and mutual discovery.”

The viewscreen activated. A purple metal box mounted on a larger metal box looked at her with glowing yellow eyes.

“Vaqueldi, my designation is 908wa. You will be allowed to visit our machine perfection pending an assessment of your pollutive qualities. Do you consent to a biological assessment or do you agree to be vaporized to prevent your disgusting organic matter from infecting our system?”

“Uh, I guess I’ll take the assessment,” Vaquel said. “Can we do it on my ship or should I come to your’s?”

“Negative, Vaqueldi,” the 908wa replied. “I will dock with your ship and come aboard for your biological assessment. Any resistance will be considered a sign of your inherent organic mental instability and you will be vaporized. Comply, yes/no?”

“Uh, yes,” Vaquel said.

The screen went blank. “Looks like I’ve got visitors,” Vaquel said.
She stood up and took a quick personal assessment. Her short pink hair was freshly cut and looking cute. She was wearing a blue skintight spacesuit that was partially unzipped to reveal plenty of her brown cleavage. The Yeth probably didn’t appreciate tits but it was no reason not to look sexy.

The probe ship shook as the Yeth ship docked. Vaquel stood before the airlock and wondered if she had enough time to dig out a logic paradox from the manual. She decided to lower the gravity instead so her brown breasts would float more.

The doors opened and a tall metal humanoid stepped out. It looked different from the box that Vaquel had been talking to earlier. This robot had two arms, two legs and quite a few scanning devices located at the crotch. It was certainly an interesting design choice.

“Welcome to my ship,” Vaquel said. “Are you 908wa or a different Yeth?

“I am 908wa controlling this biological assessment unit,” the robot replied. “Biological assessment begins now.”

“Sure, what do you need me to-fuck!”

908wa grabbed one of her arms and lifted her from the ground. The other hand of the robot began to spin like a circle saw. Vaquel kicked at the robot but it barely budged.

“Remain still for inorganic shedding,” 908wa said.

The robot brought the blade to Vaquel’s chest. She stopped struggling as the spinning blades came in contact with her spacesuit. Blue fabric flew everywhere and Vaquel felt a slight tingling on her skin.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel yelled. “You could have asked me to undress!”

908wa didn’t respond. It held her by her wrist as the spinning blade went to work on the rest of her body. It shredded the suit around her heavy breasts and freed them. It cut through the fabric on her hips and revealed the pink bush of her pubis hair. The blade sliced through the tight material on her long legs and as well as the material clinging to the curves of her ass. The spinning blades went up and down her arms until they were as bare as well. When she was completely nude, 908wa released her and dropped her to the ground.

Vaquel landed on her feet and did a quick check of her skin. She wasn’t bleeding anywhere. The blade had never touched her.

“Asshole,” Vaquel yelled. Before she could make a run for her weapons, 908wa grabbed one of her tits. The robot’s hand was large enough to engulf her entire large brown breast.

“I do not have a posterior waste exhaust,” 908wa said. “Prepare for surface skin contamination assessment.”

The fingers of the Yeth’s hand slowly squeezed Vaquel’s tit. She winced but then the hand began to pleasantly vibrate. The wince turned into a moan as the strongest vibrations were centered on her nipple. The vibrations sent warm pleasant tingles throughout her body.

“This isn’t so bad,” she moaned.

“Microscopic traces of a dozen different alien genetic materials has been discovered,” 908wa said.

“What can I say? Aliens of all species love big tits.”

The robot released her tit. Vaquel winced as the blood came back into circulation. That didn’t stop her from making a dive for her laser pistol.

908wa grabbed her legs as Vaquel was in midair. She hit the ground softly and was grateful that she had lowered the gravity.

“What are you doing?” Vaquel yelled. The Yeth grabbed both of her ankles and spread her legs apart. She tried to remember the paradox about two brothers lying.

“Assessing orifice contaminants in four, three, two, engage.”

Something warm and vibrating touched her sex. Vaquel froze in mid struggle. She looked over her shoulder to see 908wa was extending a robotic arm from its crotch to probe her sex.

“Shit, why didn’t you say so?” Vaquel said. She relaxed and lifted her hips. The probe slipped into her sex expanded within her.

“Whoa!” Vaquel said. The vibrations were nice but having her sex filled was even nicer. She pushed down with her arms to raise her torso while 908wa still held her ankles. It was all about the positioning.

“Filthy,” 908wa said, obviously reading some sort of internal scanner.

“If you do it right,” Vaquel agreed.

“Prepare for secondary orifice assessment,” 908wa said.

As Vaquel worked out what that meant, something wet and slippery splashed against her ass. “Ohhh!” she said in understanding.

Another probe pushed against her ass. Vaquel held herself up with one hand while her other hand reached behind and grabbed a butt cheek. She pulled the cheek to the side as the probe wiggled and made its way into her ass.

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled. The probe pushed and buried itself in her ass. She became a bit concerned as it pushed deeper than Vaquel thought was possible. Then it pushed a little deeper.

“Hold on, you got to be care-ohhhhhhhhhh.” Vaquel’s protests were stopped by the powerful vibrations of the anal probe. Pleasure rippled through her body and made her eyes clench shut.

“There is almost as much genetic evidence of other races in your waste exhaust as there is in your sexual intake,” 908wa observed.

“Yeah, aliens love a big ass too,” Vaquel moaned.

The vibrations increased as more sensitive scans were done. Vaquel shook and writhed as 908wa held onto her ankles. She lifted her torso from the floor as she did her best to hump the probes inside her.

908wa pulled her legs further apart. The probe in her sex went deeper and hit a sensitive spot that made Vaquel cry out in orgasm. The probe in her ass went deeper and she felt like she was being split apart in the most wonderful way possible.

The twin vibrations grew stronger. Vaquel came again and she dropped weakly to the floor. Her breasts were crushed by her body weight as the robot lifted her legs higher. Vaquel surrendered completely as she enjoyed another climax.

Vaquel’s sex was dripping with pleasure. Beads of sex juice slid down her sex, down her waist and onto her breasts before falling to the floor.

“Disgusting,” 908wa declared as the vibrations increased.

“Disgust me,” Vaquel said insensibly. She slapped the ground as yet another orgasm rippled through her body.

The probes inside her withdrew. Vaquel moaned with disappointment as they left her sex and ass. 908wa released her ankles and she drifted slowly down to the ground.
“Prepare for energy intake port assessment,” 908wa said.

Vaquel was in too much afterglow to work out what that meant. She got her answer when she felt a powerful hand grab her sweaty pink hair and pull her to her knees. She moaned happily at this unexpected domination.

A probe hovered in front of her mouth. Vaquel felt a moment of terror at the thought that it might be the probe that had been in her ass. She didn’t have time to react as it lunged for her lips and entered her mouth.

Thank the Queen, the probe tasted like pussy.

Vaquel choked as the probe assaulted her mouth. She laughed as the probe fucked her face. She moaned as the probabe hit the back of her throat.

Who knew that a robot race would fuck her too? And fuck her well.

“Filthy,” 908wa declared. His probe left Vaquel’s mouth, glistening with her spit.

“Did you enjoy it too?” she teased.

“You have been cleared to visit the home world of the Yeth,” 908wa said. “You must adhere to the following protocols. One, you must wear an environmental suit at all times. Two, any exposure of your disgusting organic filth to the surface of the planet will result in immediate environmental sterilization including but not limited to atomic disintegration or plasma cleansing. Do you agree to these protocols?”

Vaquel smiled lazily. She was barely listening. Getting double penetrated and face fucked had that effect on her. “Sure,” she said. “Are you going back to your ship?”

“Negative,” 908wa said. “This drone unit will self-destruct in order to prevent organic contamination.”

Smoke rose from the robot’s joints. Vaquel sobered up from the afterglow and jumped for cover just as the robot exploded and showered the inside of her ship with shrapnel.

Vaquel growled from behind the hygiene panel door. “I am going to tell these assholes every logic paradox I can find.”

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