Jun 092014

You’re listening to 78.5, the Tail! The only radio station in Mermaid Island for Mermaid Island. I am your DJ, Jasmine, with your morning news.

The Bikini Bar would like to remind people that Happy Hour starts at 2 in the afternoon, every afternoon until the end of summer! Wear a bikini and get a free shot! Wear no bikini and get six shots of your choice!

The Mermaid Public Library has started their free book exchange program. Bring in a book and exchange it for another book in the exchange program. This is open to all visitors and you don’t need to be a resident. This is a great way to try something new for your summer reads.

The Church of the Drowning Wave will hold a bonfire and barbecue tonight at Dolphin Point. New attendees are welcome.

The Mermaid Island Police want everyone to remember that the beaches are for everyone, young and old, so please stop making obscene sand sculptures.

That is all for now. Up next is a sixty-nine minute rock block, starting with the new single from Doom Vagina, ‘Temple of Groans’. You’re listening to the Tail!

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