Jun 022014

23 year old white female seeking guys with beach house or condo for the weekend. I want to fuck all of you all weekend. At least three guys minimal. Allergic to dog hair. Contact this user.

African American Couple in their 40’s looking for younger couple for drinks, dancing, swapping and hot tub orgy. Hot tub brand new. Contact this user.

Does your heart desire more than the world can give? Do you crave to be embraced by the ocean? Have you danced in sunken Lasyrc? The church of the Drowning Wave understands. Contact this user.

30 year old Hispanic guy with beach house looking for girlfriend for the week. Will pay for food, suntan lotion, and two swimsuits. Contact this user.

Will trade spanking session for seashells. I am an old man so I am not pretty but I know how to spank your ass. I’ll tell you which shells to get. Women only. Contact this user.

Professional Woman seeks warm cock for one night stand. Your pic gets mine. The less political views you have, the better. Contact this user.

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