Jun 252014

“Courtney? Are you coming or are you going to sleep in all day?”

Courtney raised her head from her pillow. Amber and Danielle stood by her bed. They were already in their bikinis and if Courtney was as thin as them, she might have been wearing a bikini too.

“Nah, I’m sleeping in,” she told her friends. “I’ll catch up with you on the beach later.”

Danielle shrugged and headed out of the bedroom and into the condo. Amber looked at her with a touch of concern on her face.

“You have been sleeping in every day this week,” Amber said. “Are you sick?”

Courtney shook her head. “I am just enjoying sleeping in during my summer break,” she lied.

“Alright,” Amber said. Her duty as a friend had been fulfilled. “We’ll be at the beach and then at the Fish Shack at noon for lunch.”

“Cool,” Courtney said and she put her head back down on the pillow. She closed her eyes and listened.

Amber and Danielle talked, their words unclear.

Ice was dumped into a cooler.

Danielle asked where her sunglasses were.

Condo door opened.

Condo door slammed.

Courtney counted to ten. Sometimes Amber forgot something but she usually remembered as soon as she closed the door.

No one came back.

Courtney sprang out of bed. She was wearing a sports bra although she wasn’t one for sports. With tits as big as her’s, it was best to sleep with some support or else she would roll onto her tits in the middle of the night. She whipped it off and tossed it aside. She put on a loose shirt and grabbed her favorite dildo, Big Red.

The blinds were open and the sunlight came through the glass doors from the patio landing. Courtney slid the bolt on the condo door so if her friends came back, they would have to wait for Courtney to let them in. She then walked to the side of the patio doors and peeked out. What she saw made her smile.

Courtney closed the blinds and the living room darkened. She pushed a chair up to the patio doors and got her binoculars from the coffee table. She laid out a towel onto the seat of the chair. Courtney sat down but then stood back up to pull down her panties. Now she was ready.

She stretched out her toe and pushed a blind aside. Across from her was another condo building. She put the binoculars to her eyes and scanned upwards. Practice helped her find the spot instantly.

On the fifth floor, one floor below Courtney’s patio, two women were on their own patio. The blonde with the long hair was bent over the railing. Her small tits were inside a cute pink bikini top. Behind her was the girl with the short black hair, and her hand was somewhere between the blonde’s thighs.

Courtney groaned. She put Big Red against the lips of her sex. She was damp and had been since she woke up half an hour ago. Waiting for Amber and Danielle to leave had been so hard. Courtney had to wait and pray that her friends leave so that she could watch the lesbians again.

The brunette grabbed the blonde by the hair. She yanked her head back and Courtney sighed. They were so rough with each other. It made Courtney’s heart race.

The brunette pulled the blonde’s head way back. The blonde bent backwards but she kept her hands on the rail. Courtney zoomed in and saw the zip ties that kept the blonde’s wrists bound to her position.

Courtney wondered if the zip ties hurt. She imagined them biting into the girl’s wrists. She imagined the rough sea water irritating the burn marks later. Courtney imagined those cruel plastic bands cinching into her own wrists.

She pushed Big Red into her sex. A moan escaped her lips and Courtney was glad to be alone. She moaned again, much louder because she could.

The brunette let go of the blonde’s head. She reached around and tore the bikini from the blonde’s tits. Her small little tits popped out and Courtney bit her lip. The blonde’s tits were out in the open where anyone could see them.

Courtney fucked herself slowly with Big Red. In and out, in and out, in and out. She looked at the blonde’s tiny pink nipples and wondered what it would be like to bite them.

The brunette wasn’t done with the blonde’s tits. She pinched those tiny pink nipples and pulled on them. The blonde’s face contorted with pain.

Courtney’s face contorted with pleasure. How would that feel? Courtney’s tits were so much bigger, would that make it hurt more?

The brunette released the blonde’s tits. The blonde’s face sighed with relief. Courtney’s face sighed with disappointment.

Courtney fucked herself with Big Red. She was making a wet spot on the chair but that was what the towel was for. She would clean it up like she had all week. Amber and Danielle hadn’t noticed yet.

Courtney smiled at the thought of her friends. She pictured them on the beach, flirting and showing off their bodies in the hot sun. They had no idea that this was where the real action was, inside an air conditioned condo while two kinky lesbians went at it across the way.

The brunette reached down somewhere that Courtney couldn’t see. She stood back up with a black paddle. Courtney moaned. The paddle was black with silver studs that sparkled in the morning sun.

The blonde begged. Courtney wished she could hear what she was saying. She wished that she could hear the blonde’s begging and pass judgment on whether she would be spanked or not.

Courtney also wished that she was the one begging.

The brunette wasn’t impressed. She grabbed the blonde by the hair and brought the paddle down on the blonde’s ass.

Courtney gasped. She clenched down hard on Big Red.

The brunette brought the paddle down again. The blonde’s little tits bounced from the force of the spank.

Courtney moaned and fucked herself faster with Big Red.

The brunette went to work on the blonde’s ass. Courtney whimpered at the sight of the vicious assault. The paddle swung through the air over and over again. The blonde bounced and struggled, her tits bouncing with her, but the zip ties kept her to the railing.

Courtney moaned. This was so hot. Even hotter than the time the brunette fucked the blonde with a strap-on. It was even hotter than the time the brunette made the blonde eat her out right there on the patio. Fuck, this might even be hotter than that time the blonde wore those nipple clamps while the brunette fingered her.

The brunette paused in her spanking. She lifted the paddle and held it in the air. Her fingers flipped the paddle around so that she held it on the flat end. The handle pointing down, the brunette brought it down slowly behind the blonde.

Courtney gasped. The blonde said something in protest as the paddle disappeared behind her. The blonde gasped and her whole body shook. Courtney had no doubt; the paddle handle was now inside the blonde’s sex.

She turned Big Red on. The vibrations rippled through her sensitive sex. Courtney cried out as her first orgasm slammed into her.

Her legs kicked out. The blinds closed. Courtney fought through the climax and pushed the blinds open again with her toe. She scanned with her binoculars and found the lesbians again.

The blonde was coming. Courtney had seen her come enough times to recognize the look.

The brunette leaned down close to the blonde. She let go of the blonde’s hair and grabbed her by the throat. Courtney moaned as the brunette’s fingers tightened around the blonde’s throat. The brunette was saying something and whatever she was saying made the blonde’s eyes widen in shock.

The blonde and the brunette both looked up at Courtney.

Courtney froze. She moved her foot away from the blind and it closed. Big Red pulsed inside her and she felt another orgasm building despite her mounting terror.

They couldn’t have been looking at her, could they? Courtney was so careful with the blinds and the binoculars. They couldn’t see what she was doing, could they?

For one brief delicious moment, Courtney imagined that they could as she grabbed Big Red with both hands. She slammed it into her, picturing the blonde and the brunette watching her.

Courtney climaxed. Her toes curled. She bit her lip. Her thighs closed together as she turned off the vibrator.

She sat there. The afterglow swept over her as well as sensible reason. No, it wasn’t possible that they could see her. She was just imagining it.

Courtney reached out with her foot and pushed the blinds aside. She raised her binoculars and took a peek.

The blonde and the brunette were gone. A white piece of cardboard was taped to the railing. Someone had used red lipstick to write a phone number.

Courtney’s heart pounded. Oh shit, they did see her. They wanted to talk.

She pulled Big Red out of her. Heart pounding, she stood up and looked for her phone. She didn’t let herself think of all the reasons not to call, she just dialed.

“Hello,” a voice said. Was it the blonde or the brunette?

“I saw your sign,” Courtney said.

“You did,” the voice said. “And you saw other things, didn’t you?” Someone giggled in the background.

“Yes,” Courtney admitted.

“Come over,” the voice said. “We’re going to play some more in the bedroom.”

Doubt washed over Courtney like a cold shower. “I don’t have the same body as you two.”

“Come over,” the voice said. “Room number 522. We’ll buzz you in.”

“I’m fat,” Courtney said.

“Come over,” the voice repeated.

“I, uh, I have never done anything like this,” Courtney said.

“Come over,” the voice said and then they hung up.

Courtney bit her lip again. Amber and Danielle wouldn’t expect to see her until lunch. She was just going over, if she didn’t feel right about it, she didn’t have to do anything.

The worse that could happen is that they would let her watch.

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  1. Aww, that is sweet. Reminds me of a really fun week I had at Club Med in St. Lucia. Thank you.

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