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Stephanie stepped out of her beach house. It was the first day of summer and the wind carried the heat of the morning. Her house was at the edge of a row of rental beach houses and she could see the beach from her deck. Someone had already made a sand sculpture of a giant ass. It was a beautiful start to the morning and it promised to be an even more beautiful day.

She stood on her deck in a fetching red bikini that clung to her darkly tanned body. Her breasts looked as if they might escape at any moment from the thin fabric while her bikini bottoms stretched across her firm ass. Her thick brown hair lifted from her shoulders from the strength of the wind.

“I need a hat,” she said. She grabbed a white hat with a wide brim. She put it on and pulled the brim down to hide her eyes. The hat gave her a touch of mystery, sophistication and elegance. It also kept the fucking sun out of her eyes.

“Time to go fishing,” she said. It was her yearly custom. She saved her vacation days all year long so she could take the entire summer off. She would drink, flirt, dance, read, swim, lay on the beach and fuck but first she needed someone to put on her suntan lotion. She liked them young, male and on the cusp of frustration.

It had to be the right boy. It had to be someone who would get horny every time they put lotion on her naked body but wouldn’t follow her around like a lost puppy all summer. They had to be old enough to be legal and young enough not to be a nuisance. They had to have to be satisfied with the handjob that Stephanie would give them for their service and eager enough to return the next day.

Not every boy could fit those requirements but Stephanie found one every summer.

Stephanie saw a boy walking past with a good body and nice hair but he was wearing a black t-shirt. He gawked at her body as he walked by but she didn’t acknowledge him. Men who wear black t-shirts at the beach were either stupid or dramatic.

Next was a boy with a great body with chiseled muscles. The wind went through his short blond hair like it was playing with it. He waved at Stephanie with a cocky smile but she ignored him. He knew that he was gorgeous and he expected the world to part their legs for him. She dealt with his type all year.

Patience was the key to having a good summer. Five more boys passed her by. All of them saw her and some of them tried to make contact but she ignored them all. Stephanie didn’t settle when it came to her vacation.

Something unexpected came walking down the road. It was two boys which Stephanie usually ignored because she preferred her boys to be loners but these two were different. They were identical with dark brown Hispanic bodies, thick curly black hair and bare chests covered in darker hair. They were twins and either one of them would be perfect for the summer.

Stephanie bit her lip. Should she try her game with twins? Would there be a chance for jealousy? Should she stick with what she knew and look for a suitable lonely boy?

“Summer is for decadence,” Stephanie said to the wind.

“Excuse me!” Stephanie yelled to the boys. They stopped talking and looked at her.

“Yes, ma’am?” the one on the right asked.

“Are you boys old enough to help me with my suntan lotion?” Stephanie asked. Her usual smooth delivery was marred ever so slightly by the urgency in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am,” they both said.

They came up the stairs of her deck. They smiled in a friendly way as if she was an old family friend. They offered their hands to shake.

“My name is Guillermo,” the one on the left said.

“Jorge,” the one on the right said.

“Stephanie,” she responded. Her hands were so much larger than hers. She felt a warmth between her legs as they squeezed her hand gently.

“I always need help with my suntan lotion,” she said. “I want to make sure I am completely protected.”

“Of course,” Guillermo said. “We should go inside, don’t you think?”

“Ah, yes,” Stephanie said. That was supposed to be her line; saying an invitation to come inside with the subtle touch of flirting. Instead, they had used her line on her.

The three of them went inside. Stephanie felt her heart beating fast like a teenager. She picked up a bottle of lotion and handed it to the closest one. She had already lost track of who was whom.

“I only have the one bottle right now,” she said.

“It is okay, ma’am,” one of them, maybe Jorge, said. “We are used to sharing.”

The boy squirted the lotion into the hands of his twin who then stepped behind Stephanie. They weren’t waiting for her instructions. They went right to work as they put their hands on her body and began to rub the lotion into her skin.

Stephanie let out a moan. Most boys are timid and put the lotion on gently but these boys had no such hesitations. Guillermo was rubbing the palms of his hands into her back like a masseuse. Jorge rubbed the lotion onto her shoulders with a confident strength. They had done this before and Stephanie suspected that it was done with a woman.

She felt her bikini go loose a moment before Jorge pulled it away and released her breasts. Stephanie felt heat rush to her face as she blushed for the first time in decades. That was her move! She was supposed to strip her top off and surprise them with her nudity! Instead, these boys had taken the intitiative themselves.

Before she could say anything, Jorge rubbed his hand onto her right breast. She groaned as strong fingers gently but firmly rubbed the lotion into her breast. Her nipple grew hard as his expert fingers groped her.

She let out a gasp as her bikini bottom fell to the floor. Guillermo grabbed her ass with slippery confidence. Her cheeks were pulled apart as talented hands made sure that every inch of her ass was covered in lotion.

“You are good,” Stephanie groaned. She reached for Jorge’s bulge growing in his shorts. Her hand pressed against his bulge and felt the heat underneath. She reached behind her and did the same for Guillermo’s. She gently stroked both of their cocks.

Stephanie was surprised at herself. Usually she waited until they were done lotioning her body but today she couldn’t wait. Another rule fell away and she didn’t care.

Guillermo reached under her and stroked her furry sex. Stephanie froze. She had never let the boys touch her there before but she didn’t stop him. His fingers were slippery and rubbing the outside of her lips.

“We must get everywhere,” Guillermo said.

“Yes, everywhere,” Jorge said. His fingers joined his twin’s. Both boys rubbed the outside of her sex with long teasing motions. She shuddered and waited for one of them to enter her but they didn’t.

Stephanie stroked the bulges in their shorts. The more the rubbed her sex, the harder she stroked their bulges. Plans and rules were being broken left and right but she kept to what she usually did and kept stroking. Boys were always under her control when she had her hands on their cocks.

“You boys are bad,” Stephanie groaned.

“No, ma’am,” Guillermo said. “We are very good.”

Guillermo pushed her forward at the waist. Jorge caught Stephanie in his strong arms. Stephanie cried out as her legs were pushed gently apart. Behind her was the sound of swimwear being pulled down.

“Wait,” Stephanie said. She had lost all control. She felt that she had to do something but her mind was drawing a blank. Her sex on the other hand, had all sorts of ideas.

“Don’t worry,” Jorge said. “We love older women.”

He held onto Stephanie as he pulled down his swimwear. His cock popped free and Stephanie gulped at how handsome it was. Long, thick and slightly less brown than the rest of his body; precum was already smeared on his tip.

Jorge lowered Stephanie’s head down to his cock. She opened her mouth without thinking. Her lips closed around his young cock and she let out a satisfied moan.

The twin entered her from behind. His cock was the mirror duplicate of the one in her mouth. She groaned again as her sex was filled to the point of bliss.

Stephanie sucked the cock in her mouth. She took the thrusting going on in her sex. Jorge held her arms with such strength that she knew that she was in no danger of falling.

The twins fucked her at both ends. A wonderful cock filled her sex while another equally beautiful cock filled her mouth. Their hips worked in unison, never choking or unbalancing her. Strong hands guided her hips while other strong hands held her arms. Her tits swung with each thrust as lotion dripped from hard nipples.

Stephanie thought about all the boys she had jerked off in this house. She thought about their eager horny bodies and the many loads of come she had sprayed onto her legs. It occurred to her that maybe she should have been fucking them all this time. Maybe she had not truly been enjoying summer to its fullest like she thought.

Or maybe she was just waiting for the right boy.

More like the right boys.

Stephanie climaxed. How could she not? Two cocks were better than one. Two young men were fucking her with all the energy of youth. Her body responded and pleasure filled her senses. She let out the loudest moan of her life but it was gagged by the thick cock in her mouth.

Maybe the moan felt good on the boy’s cock because he climaxed a moment later. Hot come filled her mouth and Stephanie swallowed it all. Almost simultaneously, Stephanie felt her sex fill with come as well.

Both twins slowed down. Jorge stood still as she milked every drop with her tongue. Guillermo stood still as her sex clenched and drained him of all that he had.

The twins helped her stand back up. She was on shaky legs but both of them were so helpful in keeping her upright. Their hard cocks disappeared back into their swim trunks. She felt full and sated.

“We’ll be back tomorrow to help with your lotion,” Jorge said.

“Okay,” she said. That was usually her offer to make but whatever. She was high on her afterglow.

“You must lotion every day,” Guillermo said. “It is good skin care.”

“Yes,” she agreed.

“And tomorrow, I will take care of your back,” Jorge said.

“And I will have your front,” Guillermo said.

“Yes,” Stephanie agreed again. “You both will.”

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