Jun 112014

Kyle waited his turn at the changing booths. It was a hot summer day and the inviting cool water of the beach was a big temptation. There were six changing rooms at the pier and the first five were moving pretty quickly but the guy in the sixth room was taking forever.

A girl came out of room number three. Kyle pretended to look out on the beach as if looking for a friend. Someone else went into room number three and closed the door. As soon as the door closed and the lock clicked, Kyle spun around to keep an eye on room number six.

He wondered if his friend, Ryan, had been ribbing him. Was Ryan out in the water laughing at Kyle standing forever by the changing rooms? Could Ryan really have been telling the truth about room number 6?

Kyle knew that he wouldn’t be able to leave without knowing. Crazier things had been known to happen at Mermaid Island.

The door to room number six finally opened. A smiling black guy in tight trunks came out the room. He gave Kyle a thumbs-up as they passed.

Kyle’s heart raced as he ran into the changing room. He closed the door behind him and slid the lock. A quick pull on the door proved that the door wouldn’t open.

There it was, right where Ryan had said it would be. On the back wall up against the pier store was a hole at crotch height. It was larger than Kyle expected but that was good. It was big enough for Kyle’s cock which as hard a surfboard right now.

According to Ryan, you just stick your dick in the hole and it gets sucked. Knowing Ryan, that is exactly what he did but Ryan is also something of a dumb ass. Kyle wanted a few assurances. He bent down and took a look at the hole. He didn’t see any rough edges which was good. In fact, someone had put a lot of duct tape in the inside of the hole to make it smoother.

“Whip it out already,” a female voice said from the side of the hole.

Kyle jumped. He didn’t think someone would be watching him. At least the voice was female. That answered one rather important question for Kyle. On the other hand, who could be sure?

“Are you a girl?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, so do you want your dick sucked or not?” the voice said.

“Yeah, I do,” Kyle said. “I just wanted to be careful, you know.” He took a look through the hole. A blue eyes looked back at him. It looked like a girl’s eye. Then again, how could he be sure?

“Can you uh, prove that you are a girl?” Kyle asked.

He heard a sigh from the other side of the room. The eye disappeared. There was a blur of flesh before him as they stood up. A completely smooth pussy appeared on the other side of the hole, with three tanned fingers buried deep in the folds of her sex.

“Satisfied?” the voice said.

“Uh yeah,” Kyle said. He pulled down his shorts. His cock popped out and he aimed it for the hole. Before he pushed in, he stopped.

“What now?” the voice said.

“Uh, I’m just curious,” Kyle asked. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because my boyfriend would rather surf all day instead of fucking me,” the voice said. “Because I really like sucking cock. Because I love the idea of sucking the dicks of strangers while by boyfriend has no idea. Because I FUCKING WANT TO!”

“Alright, alright,” Kyle said. “Sorry. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t sort of sex slavery thing. I read an article about it on Puffington Post.”

Kyle put the tip of his cock against the lip of the hole. He heard a wet noise behind the wall like someone licking their lips. All he had to do was shove his cock through but he hesitated.

“Look, either stick that dick in my mouth or get out so someone else can,” the voice said.

“This might sound weird, but could you give me your name?” Kyle said. “I just never did this before and I think a name would make things more normal. My name is Kyle by the way.”

“Call me Ava,” the voice said. “Are you good? Do you want my life story? Do you need to know my favorite music? Can I suck your dick already?”

“Sorry,” Kyle said and he slid his cock into the hole. The wall was much thinner than he expected and most of his cock emerged on the other side.

Kyle felt a lick on his cock and he shuddered. For all her insistence, he expected her to just deep throat him right away but she didn’t. She licked the tip of his cock and then gave a long loving lick to the underside of his cock. From there she kissed and licked her way down his entire length.

“Holy shit,” Kyle whispered. He pressed his head against the wall of the changing room. It felt damp. He lifted his head and wondered how many guys had pressed their heads against this wall. He wondered how many have been where he was today.

Ava kept licking him. She left spit wherever she licked. He could feel his cock getting drenched. He tried to thrust with his hips but his cock was already as far into the hole as it was going to go.

Finally her mouth returned to the tip of his cock. He felt her lips press against his tip and slowly open. His cock slid into her mouth as she slowly let him enter her. Kyle pushed hard against the wall as Ava’s mouth enveloped his cock.

“Yes,” Kyle groaned. This was worth the wait. This was worth standing around forever. This was worth waiting all year for the summer.

Ava’s mouth fucked his cock. Her tongue took loving licks of every ridge on his cock. She moaned as she sucked him and he felt her vibration around his cock. The suction on his cock was unbelievable.

Kyle heard doors open and close in the changing rooms beside him. The ever present crashing of the ocean waves stayed in the background. The heat of the day made him sweat and the wall that he leaned on was getting sticky. He didn’t care. This was his best blowjob ever.

Back and forth her mouth moved on his cock. It was slow and steady and Kyle thought he was going to lose his mind. He wanted to pull out of her mouth, tear through the wall of the changing room and fuck her. He wanted to pound into her pussy. He wanted to bend her over and fuck her in ways that her absent boyfriend never did.

Instead of all that, he stood there and let his cock get sucked. He clenched his fists while on the other side of the wall, Ava worked her magic with tongue, spit and lips. He enjoyed the magical moment that might never get repeated again in his life.

Ava shuddered and moaned. Kyle remembered her fingers in her pussy. Was she stroking off while she sucked him? Of course she was.

He felt that familiar tension in his cock. “I’m going to come, Ava,” he moaned.

Kyle felt her mouth release his cock. For one terrifying moment he thought she was going to leave him frustrated but then she grabbed his cock with her hand. Ava licked the head of his cock from the left edge and then slowly swiped her tongue all the way across to the right edge of his tip. As he gasped, Ava’s tongue flicked the underside of his cock and fluttered against his sensitive skin.

Kyle’s cock erupted in a shower of seed. He bit his lip to keep from screaming in the changing room as he had the hardest orgasm of his life. It felt like his seed was spraying from his cock in a geyser.

Ava giggled on the other side of the wall. “I love wiping a facial from my face and eating it off my fingers.”

“Holy shit,” Kyle said.

“You should change and go enjoy the beach,” Ava said.

“Uh-huh,” Kyle said weakly. He took a stumbling step to his swim trunks. He clumsily put it on and stuffed his shorts into his bag. His cock felt drained and his body was exhausted. No wonder Ava’s boyfriend spends all day surfing, he wouldn’t be able to do much else after a blowjob like that. Kyle wasn’t sure he could either.

“And remember,” Ava said on the other side of the wall. “Tell your friends.”

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  1. That was so hot! I loved it, it really hit the spot. Well done! I’m always trawling for super-hot fiction and damn I found some right here ;)

    Stupendous! x

  2. Yummy! I loved it.

  3. I’ve read this three times now (and keep getting distracted and not commenting!). Really love this story – it’s hot and sexy and a little bit funny as well :)

    xx Dee

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