May 282014

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived on the 3rd planet in the star system designated “The Queen’s Gravity Defying Ass” by Royal Astronomers. The Forians have graciously accepted me as their guest in the interest of mutual discovery about each other’s civilizations. I plan to stay for three days before continuing on my journey. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The Forians are a bunch of highly sexed amphibians. I am looking forward to three days of gratuitous sex.

Vaquel Di dropped to her knees. Water splashed around her brown body as she got into position. Her short pink hair was wet and plastered to her head. The Forians liked to have seven centimeters of water on the ground at all times. It was like walking in a constant puddle. It took some getting used to but Vaquel was quickly adapting. It helped that there was so much cock to suck.

The green Forian in front of her stroked one of those cocks in front of her face. Vaquel leaned forward and opened her lips. The Forian slipped his cock in and Vaquel started sucking. He tasted like fish but then so did everything here.

“Yes,” the Forian hummed. Vaquel thought his name was Ozen. He was one of the seventy councilors who ruled the Forians. It was an honor to be fucking one of the rulers on her first day.

“Spread your legs,” the green and yellow Forian behind her said. Their name was Pias and they were a councilor as well. They were transitioning between genders, which is something apparently all Forians do on a regular basis. Vaquel didn’t quite understand it all but she understood the small cock they slipped into her pussy and she understood the urgent passion in which they fucked her.

Vaquel was fucked on both ends and she couldn’t be happier. She had stepped off her probe ship barely twenty minutes ago and she was already fucking two of the rulers of the planet. It had to be a space explorer record.

“Only two breasts but what breasts!” Ozen said as he fucked her mouth. He leaned a little so he could watch her heavy brown tits swing.

“Her ass is wonderful too!” Pias said as they grabbed handfuls of her ass to hold onto.

Vaquel couldn’t respond because her mouth was full but she did suck a little harder and clenched a little tighter with her sex.

The Forians pounded her face and pussy. Balls slapped against her chin and thighs. Greedy alien hands squeezed and groped her sensitive body.

“This is a great day for our people,” Ozen said. “Most races when we meet them for the first time aren’t willing to go right to the fucking. They want to do boring things like give gifts or check for germs.”

“It is nice to meet an alien who knows the best way to communicate is with a good fuck,” Pias said.

Vaquel signaled her agreement with a moan.

Ozen groaned and a flood of seed filled her mouth. It was salty as fuck but Vaquel swallowed it all in the interest of intergalactic peace.

When his balls were finally drained, Ozen sat down in the water. Vaquel missed his hands but not for long. She was focusing on her hips and trying new motions with Pias’s cock inside her. With the right swivels, she could get even their tiny cock into all the right places.

Ozen sat up and stroked himself. His cock was already hard again.

“I’m going to come!” Pias moaned.

Vaquel felt a gush of alien seed inside her and she came as well. The tremendous amount of seed was too much and her pussy couldn’t hold it all. It flowed out of her and down her thighs.

Vaquel gently lowered herself into the water. Lias pulled out and fell to their hands and knees. There was a hump on their back that Vaquel hadn’t noticed before and as she watched, the hump grew bigger.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. “Is he okay?”

“Of course,” Ozen said. He leaned forward and cupped one of her tits.

Vaquel watched as they hump doubled in size. “Is Lias going to die?”

Ozen laughed. “They are still young at three weeks old.”

Vaquel didn’t process his statement at first. She was fascinated by the hump which suddenly burst. A small Forian slid out of the hump and fell into the water. It started to drink the water and wash itself at the same time.

As it washed, Vaquel got a better look at it. It was female with yellow skin but it also had curious brown spots the color of Vaquel’s own skin. It had the small buddings of four breasts but the breasts seemed a little too large for her body.

Lias stood up and cuddled its spawn. “I am going to call her Vaqa in honor of her other parent.”

Explorer’s Log, Day Two: And that is how I became a mom. Forians cycle through genders on a rapid basis and when they are female or transitioning to and from female, they have the ability to absorb genetic material through genital contact. Cross-species fertilization is apparently common but they rarely get to fuck aliens so it is still novel to them. Gestation only takes five minutes which explains why Forians climax so quickly. They need to come before the spawn show up.

Vaquel Di moaned as the Forian male behind her fucked her ass. She was bent over a railing thirty stories up in the Forian Science tower. The wind whipped through her sweaty pink hair. The view was breathtaking but not as breathtaking as the size of the Forian cock inside her. She groaned as her ass struggled to hold it all but fuck, it was intense. He fucked her ass like it was last fuck he would ever do.

“And if you look to the right, you can see one of the main recycling tank which handles all of our water, waste and corpse management,” her Forian guide said. She was female and currently stroking herself with a dildo.

“You recycle your dead?” Vaquel asked between earthshattering anal thrusts.

“We have to,” the Forian Guide said. “With as high as our population is, we would have no way to feed our living if we didn’t.”

“Wait, you eat your dead?” Vaquel asked as the Forian behind her grabbed her tits.

“You don’t?” the Forian guide said. She looked at Vaquel’s tits and sighed. “Are you sure that you wouldn’t want to go down on me?”

“Not right now,” Vaquel said. “I already have thirty children by last count and I want to slow down.”

“Fuck!” The Forian male yelled behind Vaquel. She felt a rush of seed fill her ass. Vaquel sighed with disappointment. She was so close to coming but he was done. She would have to wait at least three minutes before he got hard again.

She felt him leave her ass and fall onto the ground. A splash of water was louder than she expected. Vaquel turned around and looked at her lover. His eyes had rolled into his head and his tongue was hanging out.

“Fuck, is he dead?” Vaquel asked.

The Forian guide glanced at him and looked back over the railing. “Yes, don’t worry. His life transponder will signal the recycling crew. Now if you look to your left, you can see our spaceport.”

“Wait, what did he die off?” Vaquel said.

The Forian climaxed on her dildo before answering. “Old age of course. He was six weeks old after all.”

Explorer’s Log, Day Five: The Forians continue to surprise me. To aid their fast life span, Forians are mildly telepathic. The young absorb information from the adults around them and reach full mental maturity in sixteen hours. I will visit a nursing pod to see if this can somehow be adapted to Euphorian Navy training. End Explorer’s Log.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried. The Forian female between her legs, Ais was her name, was licking Vaquel with superior skill. Vaquel realized that Ais was probably using centuries worth of pussy licking knowledge that she had absorbed as a child.

All around Vaquel, young Forians were splashing around in the wading pool. Some of them were eating ravenous from food tubes while others were playing computer games designed to stimulate their telepathic powers to unlock cheat codes.

It was a little disconcerting how many of those young Forians had brown spots on their skin. Had Vaquel really fucked that many Forians?

Vaquel gripped the edges of the wading pool as Ais licked her. Ais’ head was below the water line but that is where being amphibious helps. Ais was more than happy to lick, nibble and tease Vaquel’s pussy as long as it took. Vaquel was more than happy to help Ais live out her fantasy of licking an alien.

“Right there,” Vaquel moaned. Her orgasm was close. She wanted Ais to get her off before the growing hump on Ais’ back popped.

Explorer’s Log, Day Eleven: I know I am overdue to leave but the Forians have so much interesting technology. Today I am taking a tour of their recycling plant to understand how they achieve 95% nutritional yield from their waste process. End Explorer’s Log.

Vaquel humped the Forian worker beneath her. Their name was Suo their transitioning small cock felt great inside her. She had fucked ten male Forians today and her pussy needed a break.

“When I heard that our alien guest wanted to see the recycling plant, I had no idea she would be fucking me!” Suo said.

“Sometimes you got to stop fucking scientists and fuck a worker, you know?” Vaquel said.

Suo moaned as Vaquel grinded on top of them. Around them, the other workers continued on their work assignments. Suo was on his fuck break which is something that is mandated by Forian labor law.

“Such big breasts!” Suo said. He reached up and cupped Vaquel’s tits. The suckers on his fish hands latched onto her plump tits. “They are bigger even then Via’s!”

Vaquel paused in mid grind. “I know that name.”

“Via, spawn of Dia,” Suo said.

“Oh, Dia is a councilor, right? I think I fucked her.”

“Of course you did,” Suo said. “That is why Via has your tits!”

Vaquel laughed and then she cried out as her orgasm erupted.

Explorer’s Log, Day Twenty-One: I had to disable the artificial intelligence on my probe ship as it wanted to quarantine me for not wanting to leave this planet. The ship doesn’t understand how important it is for the Euphorian Navy to learn from Forian ship design. End Explorer’s Log.

“We are honored to have you here, Vaquel,” the Forian female said. “My name is Fya and these three are my assistants. We have a lot to show you if you want to understand our space welding process.

Vaquel floated before them in the zero gravity environments. She had shed her usual spacesuit because the Forians were often confused by clothes. Fya was a female and so were her assistants. They couldn’t stop staring at Vaquel’s large floating breasts.

“Actually, I was thinking we skip the welding lesson and skip to forming a chain of mouths and pussies,” Vaquel said.

“Well, it is an hour early for our orgy break, but what the fuck!” Fya said.

The Forians and Vaquel quickly got into position. Yellow legs parted for a brown mouth and brown legs parted for a yellow mouth. Vaquel licked at a salty Forian pussy while an expert tongue probed inside her sex. The five of them floated in a circle of humping and licking.

By the end of the orgy break, Vaquel had twelve new daughters.

Explorer’s Log, Day Thirty-Six: Forians don’t need pornography. Since this is the number one export of Euphoria, I have decided to talk to the economic ministers of the Forians to see what can be done. End Explorer’s Log.

A splash of seed hit Vaquel in the face. She laughed and opened her mouth. She swallowed some of the salty mess but most of Gao’s seed landed on her tits. The economic minister shook his cock to sprinkle the last of his seed onto her tongue.

Another splash hit her from the left. She tried to turn but Hei gently pushed her head back so he could continue climaxing on the side of her face. Vaquel felt loads of seed splash her cheek and dribble down her neck.

A grunt was heard behind her followed by a heavy splash of sticky seed on her back. The economic minister behind her, his name might have been Jua, kept jerking his cock until her back was covered with alien goo.

A Forian walked into the room. “That looks like fun. What is it?”

Gao answered. “Vaquel showed us a new thing where a bunch of beings climax on a single person. It is a lot of fun.”

“We should call it Vaqukke in her honor!”

Vaquel laughed. Knowing the Forian method of telepathic learning, she was turned on by the idea of a sex act forever bearing her name.

“I want to try!” the new Forian male said.

“Sure!” Vaquel said.

The economic ministers parted to allow the new Forian in. Vaquel recoiled. He was well hung but his cock was green with brown coloring.

“Are you one of my spawn?” she asked.

“No, but I am a grandspawn!” the Forian said. “My name is Voe, and my sire was Vas and their sire was Ais! It is an honor to come on your face, grand-sire!”

“Whoa!” Vaquel snapped. She stood up and held up her hands. “I am not ready to be anyone’s grand-spawn that they like to fuck.”

“But why?” Voe asked

“Look, my race is pretty sexually open but we draw the line at incest. We do have some limits! Okay, maybe just the one.”

Voe’s frown was the saddest thing Vaquel had ever seen.

Explorer’s Log: Day Forty-five: Forians reproduce really fast.

Vaquel stood in the middle of the Grand Pool. Forians surrounded her. Some were laying in the sun, some were wading in the water and some were fucking. All of them were touching themselves. It was the most sexual activity that Vaquel had ever seen in her life.

“Ancestor-spawn, have you reconsidered fucking a descendant?” a hung Forian male with dark brown skin asked her.

“No thank you,” Vaquel said.

A plump brown Forian female with four large breasts approached her. “Ancestor-spawn, want to join our foursome as an observer?”

“No thank you,” Vaquel said.

A transitioning Forian with a brown cock and wide yellow hips swam up to her. “Ancestor-Spawn, it would be an honor to perform a Vaqukke on you.”

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed.

She swam out of the pool as hundreds of confused relatives of hers looked on.

Explorer’s Log, Day Forty-eight: Fuck this planet. I got space to explore.

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