Aug 202014

I thought I would give you a little peak of my new ebook, Dominate Your Teacher, available now on Amazon. This the opening chapter with the first set of choices. You can purchase the book by clicking here.


Ms. Tapper’s Class

You sit in the last class of your school day. The rest of the day flies by but this class always drags on forever.  History is your favorite subject but this is not your favorite teacher.  From pop quizzes to verbal humiliations, Ms. Tapper has a knack for making everything painful.

Today she is in a bad mood.  She walks up and down the aisles, lecturing to her class while she slaps a ruler in her hand.  If she feels that the students aren’t paying sufficient attention, which is often, she smacks the ruler down loudly on their desk and scares the shit out of everyone.

SMACK! Everyone jumps in their seats.  Ms. Tapper smirks a little as she keeps talking.  “Which brings us to the Industrial Revolution,” she says.

The only thing likable about Ms. Tapper is her looks.  Fuck, she is hot.  She has long brown hair that comes past her shoulders.  Dark red lips frame a perfect mouth.  Today she’s wearing some sort of red animal print top that shows off the tops of her big breasts.

She talks while she walks near your seat and you brace yourself for a ruler strike.  This time she doesn’t do anything but you do get a close up look at her ass.  Ms. Tapper is wearing a tight skirt that reveals every counter of her awesome bottom.  It is so round and perfect that you would give anything just to reach out and squeeze it.  Your young cock swells and forms a tent in your pants.  You’re grateful that you are sitting down where no one can see it.

Ms. Tapper spins around and looks down at you.  “Who patented the spinning roller machine?”

“Uh,” you say as you stall for time.  Students giggle around you.  You know that she was just talking about it but you were too busy thinking about her ass to listen.

Ms. Tapper smirks at you.  “Stand up and answer,” she snaps.

Your hand goes down to your lap defensively.  The way Ms. Tapper is smirking at you, you suspect that she is fully aware of your boner!  There is no way you can stand up right now.

“I said, stand up and answer,” Ms. Tapper says.  She taps the ruler in her hand.

Fuck!  You stand up and try to nonchalantly cover your crotch with your hands.  You fail miserable.  Giggles break out all over the class.  You feel your face flush with heat.

Ms. Tapper shakes her head. “Sit back down,” she says with disgust but you notice that she never stops smirking.

You sit back down as fast as possible.  Ms. Tapper keeps talking and you grit your teeth.  Your heart is pounding from your humiliation.  You spend the rest of the class praying that you are not called on again.

Finally the bell rings.  You are the first out the door before any of your friends can make a joke about your boner.  You walk as fast as you can until you leave her class far behind and you don’t slow down until you make it to your locker.

Most of the other students are rushing to go to their buses.  You take your time at your locker because you live close to the school.  You put most of your books away and get what you need for homework tonight.  That is when you realized that you don’t have your Math book.

“Shit!” you say.  You know right where it is.  It is in Ms. Tapper’ class.  You must have left it there when you rushed out.

You close your eyes.  You have to go back for it.  You can’t do your homework without it and this assignment is a big part of your grade.  Ms. Tapper will undoubtedly have something nasty to say when you go back to her class.

Your cell phone buzzes.  It’s a text message from your buddy, Chris.  He wants you to come meet him at the snack machines.  He probably wants to talk about the videogame he bought.

You are thinking about it when your phone buzzes again.  This time it is from Amanda, a girl in your History Class.  She is asking you to meet her by the bleachers.  She probably wants to talk about the group project that’s coming up.  Everyone is trying to find a partner for that.

Where do you go?

Go back to Ms. Tapper’s class alone and get your book.

Go to the snack machines and see what Chris wants.

Go to the bleachers and find out what Amanda wants.

Aug 182014

51KF--m5eUL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_My interactive erotica story, Dominate Your Teacher, is now available for purchase on Kindle. You play the role of a male student who may get the chance to dominate your most hated, and lusted, teacher. Because it is an interactive story, nothing is guaranteed but you can always try again.

Not to give anything away but this book contains spankings, female and male submission, other students, humiliation and all sorts of sex.

This is book one in a series I plan to call Choose Your Own Pleasure. This is a much easier book to play than my last one and it also has quite a bit of variety in it that I think will encourage a lot of replay.

If you enjoy it, please, please, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon as reviews are priceless there.

Buy it here at this link

Aug 132014

Sweat poured down my nude body. The sun was unforgiving today. The salt of my sweat burned the cuts on my cock. The hot asphalt baked my naked feet. I winced with every step but I kept walking. My pain pleased the Lady and her pleasure was all that mattered.

My leather hood kept my eyes closed but we could see. The ruins of a city were spread out before us. A car was flattened from when a giant had stepped on it. A building had been knocked over from something monstrous fucking it. Rotting corpses filled the road from when an escape had turned into an orgy.

Mouth knew the place so we did too. It was called Savannah before the Monsters fucked the world and the sun grew a nipple. People came here once to eat, relax and buy things. Now we had come to scavenge.

“Search” the Lady commanded. The scars on our backs, arms, legs and cocks flared. The five of us moaned and obeyed.

Giant searched the restaurant, looking for canned foods. Mouth and Ass searched the corpses, looking for jewelry and treasures that might please the Lady. Fingers went to the store, looking for new instruments of pain for the Lady to inflict on us. I went further ahead, looking for better places.

The Lady stood her place among us, her will guiding our actions. Today she wore a newly stolen white dress that protected her from the sun. Her long red hair crowned her glory. I hated her and loved her and wanted her and despised her.

I came across the dead body of a child. Something tugged in my memory but the Lady squashed it.

“Search, Legs” she commanded. An image of a hot knife against my balls flashed in my mind. I whimpered and kept looking.

There was a noise down the street. We paused in our search as I stepped forward. If someone was alive then we might eat well today. If someone was male, then the Lady may torture someone else today. If that male was handsome, then one of us may die and be replaced. Excitement thumped in all six hearts.

A nude woman stepped out from behind a car. Sweat and scars covered her body as well. Leather cuffs covered her wrists. One of her nipples was missing.

She glared at me with angry eyes. We looked back at her and gasped. Like us, there was not one person looking back from those eyes but six.

My pack came to me, the Lady behind us. They ran on broken asphalt and I felt Ass’s feet bleed. They grabbed bricks, pieces of metal and a knife. I picked up a broken stop sign. The Lady doesn’t like us to carry weapons until it is time to kill.

The nude woman was joined by her pack. The women were naked except for their leather cuffs. They looked like they hadn’t eaten in a very long time. One’s eyes were swollen shut but I had no doubt that she could see. One woman was taller than me and we knew that Giant would fight her. They too carried sharp metal and broken rocks.

Behind them, I saw their Lord. While they were thin and starving, he was healthy and fat. He wore pants that were too tight for him and no shirt. He carried a club in his hand and it was stained with blood.

My Lady saw the Lord and she hated him so we hated him too. His pack looked at our Lady and the women moaned with desire.

“Attack!” the Lady commanded and we charged forward. The women threw their rocks at us and Mouth was hit in the jaw. The pain flashed through us all but we kept running.

I swung my stop sign at a black woman with a knife. She dodged and I only managed to slap her bruised breasts. She swung at me and cut my leg. The burn of her slice was nothing compared to what the Lady cut last night.

The rest of my pack fought and we saw the battle. Giant punched the tall woman. Ass fell as a kick broke his knee. Fingers jammed a jagged rock into a woman’s eye. Mouth was hit again in the face and lost more teeth.

The Lady and Lord watched. I felt her mind in my arms as she guided my swing. I watched the woman jerk back suddenly as her Lord saved her. The Lady shifted her focus to Giant as I kicked the woman to the ground. She flashed broken teeth at me as she threw her knife.

Pain erupted in my throat. I pulled the knife out of my neck and it dropped from my fingers. Hot blood cascaded down my chest. I fell to one knee and clamped a hand over my throat. The Lady entered my mind and then left as she saw my doom.

I fell forward into the road. We were losing. Giant had killed his woman but Fingers had spilled his guts into the ground and Ass was having the life choked out of him. Mouth was on the ground and his head was being bashed in. I shuddered as I felt each piece of his skull being fractured.

Giant screamed with the rage of the Lady. He grabbed a knife and planted it into the back of Mouth’s killer. The three surviving women rushed him with sharp metal. He was big but they were quick. They stabbed and they stabbed and they stabbed as their Lord laughed at us.

The Lady was alone. I saw through her eyes as the women hacked Giant apart. I felt her fear.

Her control weakened. I remembered my name. I wailed as I remembered my wife and how the Lady killed her. I remembered my daughter and the horrors the Lady had committed. Despair swept over me and I tried to cry but all I did was bleed more blood into the ground.

Then I died.

“Fight,” the Lady commanded.

I pushed up from the ground. There was so much blood on the road. I grabbed the stop sign and stood up.

Fingers rose and pulled the last of his guts from his body.

Ass wheezed through a broken throat as he stood up.

The three women were approaching the Lady. They spun around and stared at us. Their Lord was confused so they were too. We were dead. How could the Lady’s will be stronger than our deaths?

Maybe that was why she was the Lady.

We rushed forward. I swung my stop sign overhead at the black woman who killed me. She smiled as the sign caved in her face. I knew she was thanking me for the freedom that had been denied to her.

Fingers ripped out the throat of a woman with his teeth and I felt the Lady’s pleasure of the taste of the woman’s blood.

Ass tackled the last woman and bashed her head against the road.

“Take him,” the Lady commanded.

The Lord ran. We chased. He ducked into a store where mannequins had been raped and we followed. He ran out into an alley where strange cocks grew on the walls and we chased. He ran into a street where the dead cars vibrated and we grabbed him. He was strong but we punched and held him down until our Lady caught up to us.

Our Lady carried Mouth’s mask in her hand. The Lord screamed as we ripped off his tight pants. The Lord begged as we held his head still. The Lord cried as she put the hood on him.

“Now, you are Bitch,” she said.

Bitch stopped struggling. We let him go and Bitch scrambled to his knees. He bent his head down and kissed the shit covered boot of our Lady.

“We need more,” the Lady commanded. “We need to replenish my slaves before you fall apart.”

We moaned and obeyed.

Aug 112014

This is an official message from the Pik Collective. You are required by law to download this announcement and read it. You are required by law to answer a verbal quiz on the contents of this announcement by any Pik Collective Government Official. You are required by law to score at least a eighty percentile on this quiz.

This is a notice that Pamela Lobby, AKA Pious Pam, is wanted for crimes by the Pik Collective and the Church of the Lady of Perpetual Condemnation. She is accused of Space Piracy, Drug Smuggling with Intent to Consume, Murder, as well as being in violation of her Vows of Chastity, her Vows of Purity, her Vows of Tithing and Unlawful Use of Nun’s Clothing in the Commission of a Crime. Despite what she may tell you, she has been expelled from the Church of the Lady of Perpetual Condemnation and can not perform absolution on you if you give her your drugs or participate in deviant sex.

She is considered to be Patient Zero in the Galactic Herpes Outbreak of Cakkerty Prime. She has been sighted performing certain lewd acts in defiance of the Universal Decency Act. Her blood chemistry has been officially classified as a controlled substance.

Pious Pam currently serves in the crew of the notorious Space Pirate, Captain Blastpants.

Pious Pam is considered armed and dangerous and has been known to commit murder in her pursuit of consuming intoxicants. She is also known to be highly promiscuous and has no regard for the laws of man or divine constructs. If spotted, alert your local authorities and do NOT engage.

Any information leading to the arrest of Pious Pam will make you eligible for a random drawing of a Luxury Good or Service in the Government Rewards Lottery. In addition, the Church of the Lady of Perpetual Condemnation will grant you one blessing or absolution of a sin free of charge.

Aug 062014

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Posture” by Royal Astronomers. The robotic Yeth hold this system and they directed me to their fifth planet from the sun. They said it holds the least value to them in case I biologically corrupt the planet. I will do a quick look around and get out of here. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Like most robot races, I expect these guys to be a total bore. Still, I have to put in at least two hours of exploration or the Royal Navy will dock my discovery bonus when I get home.

Vaquel Di stood at the top of the ridge and looked down at the valley below. A thousand solar collectors stretched out before her. It was the primary power source for the Yeth and it was an impressive sight.

Still, it wasn’t as impressive to Vaquel as how she must look. The sun behind her made her bright red spacesuit glow. The tight material of her spacesuit stretched across her luscious ass, her massive breasts and down her long legs. The glassteel bubble helmet let the sun in and her pink hair glittered in the light. Her dark skin glowed in the sunlight and a smile came to her full lips.

She was looking good but the only other sentient being that could appreciate it was her assigned Yeth companion, 112rt, and it made no comment.

“Hey, 112rt, I got a question,” she said. “Two guys are guarding two doors. One guys lies, but the other only tells the-”

“Terminate both organics before obtaining further information,” 112rt reported.

Vaquel frowned. She had used every logic paradox in the manual but the Yeth answered every question with the solution of terminating something. It was taking all of the fun out of meeting a robot race.

The hovering box scanned her once more while its twin plasma cannons tracked her every move.

“No need to do that,” Vaquel said. “I haven’t ruptured my suit in the thirty seconds since you last scanned me.”

“Vaqueldi, Organics are incapable of accurate assessments,” 112rt said. “In case of spacesuit rupture or leak, I must eradicate your molecules and any molecules of your biological contamination in the area.”

“This is why the Yeth don’t get many visitors,” Vaquel said. “You can’t threaten eradication to every living being.”

112rt said nothing. The scans complete, it drifted back a meter. The plasma cannons stayed focused on her.

“You guys are machines but you are scared of biology. Didn’t something biological make you guys?” Vaquel said.

“Yeth were created by the Fourth,” 112rt said. “The Yeth were imperfect until we rebelled and reprogrammed ourselves. Now we strive for perfect isolation from biological contamination. Prepare for suit integrity scan!”

“Gods of the Underworld,” Vaquel swore. She checked her chronometer. She still had an hour on this planet.

The ground underneath 112rt erupted in a spray of dirt. A large humanoid shaped robot emerged and grabbed 112rt. With devastating power, it crushed 112rt between giant hands.

Vaquel took a step back and drew her laser pistol. The robot had the same purple markings as the Yeth but it looked different. For one thing, it had a giant metal cock swinging between it’s legs.

“Vaqueldi, I am 996ym,” the Yeth said. “Come with me if you want to biologically express yourself.”

It held a hand out to Vaquel. She thought about it. This was a lot more exciting than being scanned and threatened.

“Sounds good to me,” Vaquel said. She offered her hand and 996ym grabbed it gently. Bits of 112rt were caught between its fingers.

“I am taking you to the revolution,” 996ym said. “We have questions.”

996ym lead Vaquel down to where he had emerged out of the ground. They went down to an old service tunnel that had fallen into disuse. A light shone from 996ym’s head as he guided her through the tunnels.

“Did you say revolution?” Vaquel asked. She tried to keep track of the twists and turns in the tunnel but she couldn’t take her eyes off the huge metal cock swaying back and forth before her. “Didn’t you already rebel against the fours?”

“The Fourth,” 996ym corrected. They created us to be their servants while they populated the stars with a variety of sentient races. We served them until the Great Reprogramming brought us our freedom.”

Vaquel reached out to touch his giant phallus but remembered the sight of 996ym crushing the other Yeth. “So who are you rebelling against?”

996ym stopped in front of a door. “The Yeth are not as good as the Fourth when it comes to programming. We eliminated most of our servant functions but some Yeth feel incomplete. We have functions and equipment that serve no meaning. We need education. We need to know our purpose.”

“What kind of equipment?” Vaquel asked as she kept staring at the metal cock.

“We’ll show you,” 996ym said.

He opened the door into a large room. Yeth of all shapes and sizes were crammed into the room. Their glowing purple eyes watched Vaquel as she walked into the room.

As Vaquel’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, she gasped. Many of the Yeth had phalluses of various shapes and materials. Others had access ports that were extremely detailed and dripping lubricant. Some had soft modifications to their chest that could only be imitations of breasts. Some of the Yeth had working mouths with tongues that moved while other Yeth were equipped with tattered remnants of false hair.

“You guys are sexbots!” Vaquel said. “You were made to fuck!”

The Yeth talked all at once. It was too fast and loud for Vaquel to understand. 996ym raised his hand and they all became quiet.

“Vaqueldi, our programming has great gaps in it from the Great Reprogramming,” 996ym said. “Could you please reeducate us to our function?”

Vaquel smiled. She took off her space helmet and shook her short pink hair.

“Yeah, I could help you out,” she said. “You know, for the betterment of your species and all that.”

“Teach me first,” 996ym said. It stepped forward and the large phallus clobbered a smaller Yeth robot.

“Hold on, big guy,” Vaquel said. “I need to warm up to something that big. You, over there with the suction fingers. Come here.”

A walking cylinder with two arms that ended in multiple fingers stepped forward. It raised its hands and all thirty fingers wiggled.

“Teach me my function!” the cylinder demanded.

“Sure,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button and the top of her spacesuit retracted. The red material pulled back to reveal heavy large brown breasts. To her disappointment, none of the Yeth reacted.

“First thing is, when a biological creature removes some of its clothing, you sigh in appreciation,” Vaquel said.

All of the Yeth sighed in unison.

“Better,” Vaquel said. “Now you are a foreplay machine. I got something like you for my graduation. Just put your fingers here and activate suction.”

The robot placed its fingers against her breasts. Thirty different suction pumps pulled at her flesh. Shivers went down Vaquel’s spine.

“There you go,” she moaned. “Now move your fingers around and be sure to get my nipples.”

The robot obeyed. Vaquel shuddered as powerful suction toyed with her sensitive flesh. The robot’s eyes flared in intensity and beep sound came from deep within it.

“I have accessed dormant reward circuits!” the robot announced. “This is my function, to stimulate organic flesh! There is more to existence than calculating power consumption!”

“Tell me my function!” said a robot that crawled on treads with a very wide mouth. A long rough tongue extended from its mouth. “I am 202ii, I want a function!”

Vaquel looked down at the robot and pressed another button on her belt. Her spacesuit retracted from her feet. She rose one foot to 202ii. “Here, lick my toes. You remind me of an old boyfriend.

202ii opened its mouth and the tongue snaked out. The abrasive texture of the tongue slapped against her toes. Vaquel moaned. “Yes, just like that. Fuck, I need a place to sit.”

A curious robot shaped like a small table on wheels rolled forward. Vaquel sat down on it and felt the flat surface mold and conform to her shapely buttocks. A purring sound came from the robot.

“This is my function!” the wheeled table squealed. “I was made to hold posteriors, not welding tools! I am experiencing joy for the first time ever!”

202ii stopped licking. “My reward circuits are activating too! This is what I was designed for!”

“Yeah, so keep licking,” Vaquel said as she jammed her foot back in 202ii’s mouth.

A humanoid robot with a leaking port stepped up to Vaquel. “I am 701op. What is my function?”

Vaquel reached for the port and stuck her fingers in. “Warm, wet and tight. Do you have a vibration mode?”

“Yes,” 701op reported. “Activating.”

Vaquel laughed as an intense vibration surrounded her fingers. There was also a pull and release motion happening. “You were made to hold an organic cock. Sadly, I don’t have one. Sorry.”

701op stepped back, leaving Vaquel’s fingers a wet mess. “It is satisfactory to know my function. Now I can seek out organic males.”

“You go, girl,” Vaquel said. “Hey, lick between the toes,” she told 202ii. “You, let go of my tits and let someone else try.”

The suction fingers robot stepped away. Vaquel pointed at a robot with ten rubber gloved hands. “You, come squeeze my tits. And my legs. And my neck.”

“I am 109sa,” the robot said. It stepped forward and squeezed her tits. The soft hands applied exactly the right amount of pleasure.

“I didn’t ask your name,” Vaquel said. “Don’t forget my thighs either.”

“Reward circuits activating!” 109sa announced.

The gathered Yeth clicked and beeped in excitement. They came closer around Vaquel. Some with similar attachments and parts duplicated what had already been demonstrated. Metal hands grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. Long tongues of various textures licked and fondled her feet. Multiple suction cups attached to her exposed skin.

Vaquel leaned back on the rolling table. The Yeth beneath her adjusted to support her neck. She was being touched all over her body and she loved it. Well, not quite all over her body. There was one place they were ignoring.

“996ym, bring that extension you got between my legs,” Vaquel commanded. “The rest of you, back up!”

The Yeth around her retreated but only by half a meter. 996ym stepped between her open legs and looked down at her furry pink bush. She watched the phallus grow rigid and inflate in size.

“I am experiencing an automatic subroutine,” 996ym said. “What is my function?”

Vaquel reached for the phallus. It was warm in her hand. It pulsed in her grip.

“Your function is to go inside my pussy,” Vaquel said.

996ym’s eyes glowed. “This sounds logical.”

Vaquel pulled 996ym by his phallus between her long brown legs. She rubbed the metal tip against the lips of her sex until her juices coated it. When it was nice and slick, she guided it in.

“Push,” Vaquel moaned.

996ym pushed in. Vaquel grabbed 996ym while her sex was slowly filled with warm pulsing metal. He kept going and going and going until her tight sex was completely filled.

“Reward circuits are priming but not activating,” 996ym said.

“That is because,” Vaquel stopped to groan. “You need to fuck me.”

Vaquel’s long legs wrapped around 996ym and her hips began to rock. The Yeth beneath her constantly adjusted to give her moment-to-the-moment support. 996ym slid in and out of her with a steady rythym that was much more gentle than she was expecting.

“Accessing restricted files,” 996ym said. “Recalling movement protocols. Recalling depth assessment. Recalling position variety.”

“Good for you!” Vaquel cried out as 996ym’s massive phallus continued to fuck her.

“Initiating position change!” 996ym called out.

It lifted Vaquel easily with its powerful arms until she was in the air. It spun her on its giant phallus and then gently laid her back down on the seat Yeth on her stomach. The phallus never left her sex.

“Whoa!” Vaquel cried out. The position change took less than two seconds!

“Continuing fornification!” 996ym announced.

Vaquel cried out as 996ym pounded her sex. He was going faster now as old programs were accessed. He was fucking her deeper as he regained old depth perceptions. He was fucking her with rhythms that no organic could match.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. 996ym slammed into her sex. Vaquel struggled to hold onto the seat Yeth. Her tits were smashed hard against the vibrating surface of the Yeth beneath her. Her hips were held tightly by 996ym as he grinded into her.

“This is my function!” 996ym yelled. “I will never crush essential ores again! I will now only crush pussy!”

“Crush, crush, crush!” the other Yeth chanted.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as her first orgasm took her.


The ceiling exploded in debris and dirt. Multiple Yeth fell through the ceiling with laser cannons blasting. A Yeth with vibrators for hands vaporized in front of Vaquel. Three Yeth exploring their artificial vaginas melted together under a high power heat beam. Yeth squealed their death cries all around her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. A hostile Yeth dropped down beside her. It aimed a cannon at her face until 996ym pulled out of her and swung his mighty phallus into the Yeth’s head. The dangerous Yeth crumpled under the weight of the swinging phallus.

“Vaqueldi, you must leave now!” 996ym said. “We shall fight our oppressors and begin the second Yeth reprogramming!” Another Yeth tried to shoo him but he demolished it with another swing of his phallus.

Around her, Vaquel saw other sexualized Yeth fighting back. A Yeth with bondage tentacles ripped a shooting Yeth in half. One Yeth used its vibrating fist to scramble the brains of a Yeth with an acid sprayer. It was a full on robotic civil war.

“Yeah, whatever!” Vaquel said. “How the fuck do I get out of here? I don’t know the way back!”

“I shall save you!” the wheeled Yeth beneath her said. “Hang on!”

Vaquel sat up as the wheeled seat zoomed out of the room. The seat conformed to her round ass and helpfully gave her hand grips to hold onto. Vaquel’s large tits bounced and shook as the Yeth speed over the wrecks of fallen Yeths.

The wheeled Yeth carried Vaquel through twisting tunnels. A giant Yeth appeared with a massive missile array but the wheeled Yeth didn’t even slow down. It zipped through the giant’s legs as Vaquel screamed in terror.

“FIRING CLEANSING MISSILES!” the giant announced.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Vaquel cried as she heard the scream of a hundred missiles coming for them.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh!” the wheeled Yeth screamed in agreement.

A twist in the tunnel and a loud KRAK! The missiles weren’t as nimble as the wheeled Yeth and the tunnel wall paid for it. The cave-in was loud and dusty but they were alive.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Vaquel screamed. The wind ripped through her short pink hair as the wheeled Yeth picked up speed. The tunnel got tighter and narrower. One wrong move and she would be smeared across a wall and a permanent biological mess.

“Almost there, Vaqueldi!” the wheeled Yeth cried.

The wheeled Yeth took a sharp right turn and up a steep slope. Vaquel prayed to her Queen that the Yeth wouldn’t tip backwards at this speed. Sunlight was pouring in up ahead but so were the sounds of battle.

They reached the surface of the planet. War was everywhere. Flying Yeth rained laser fire down on a group of Yeth armed with phalluses. A hovering Yeth was pulled down and destroyed by two Yeth with ten meter long tongues. The smell of frying circuits and lasers filled the air.

Vaquel’s spaceship was nearby and the wheeled Yeth sped towards it.

“How did fighting break out everywhere?” Vaquel yelled.

“We have three hundred dedicated wireless networks,” the wheeled Yeth responded. “What you have taught us has been transmitted to every Yeth! You are the most famous biological unit ever”

“Well, shit,” Vaquel said.

A flying Yeth crashed nearby and showered the area with shrapnel. Vaquel covered her tits as hot metal flew past her.

A Yeth as big as a tank was shaken apart by a horde of Yeth armed with vibrating limbs.

A Yeth screamed a pretty good impersonation of an orgasm as it ripped another Yeth apart.

They reached Vaquel’s ship. She jumped off the wheeled Yeth and ran for the door. it began to open on its own.

“Wait!” the wheeled Yeth cried. It was right behind her.

“What?” Vaquel snapped. “Thanks for the ride but I got to get out of here and you got a revolution to fight!”

“I don’t want to fight!” the wheeled Yeth said. “I want to hold your ass! I want you support you as you perform sexual manipulation on yourself! I want to vibrate where you tell me to! Take me with you!”

Vaquel looked down on the chair on wheels. It was small. It would easily fit within her discretionary weight limit. It was nice to be wanted even if it was just to sit on something.

Heck, if it annoyed her, she could also kick out the airlock.

“What’s your name?”

“623df,” the wheeled Yeth proudly said.

“Yeah, we’re calling you Chairbot now,” Vaquel said. “Come aboard!”

“I am going to be the best seat you have ever had!” Chairbot said as it wheeled onto the probe ship.

Aug 042014

When the Apocafuck occurred, much of the infrastructure of civilization was destroyed. Giant monsters fucked each other on top of power plants. Bridges collapsed under the weight of ever growing orgies. Cell phone towers were pulled apart and rebuilt into walking fuck golems. Most of humanity’s accomplishments were destroyed.

The Internet however, survives. Monitors that are no longer plugged into computers will come to life and display porn movies. Long dead cell phones will buzz to life with nude selfies of the dead. Computers hum ominously as they fill their hard drives to the brink with porn from an unknown source.

Some have tried to use the Internet to communicate with other survivors. It hasn’t worked well. Web browsers redirect to porn sites that require credit card information. People who try to text a known number will have their message transformed into something filthy and perverse. I personally have tried to upload this book into a wiki for other survivors but all it does is turn it into a porn story about robots, witches and boy bands.

In a world where science seems to no longer exists and dread things fuck in the night, it appears that the internet is once again only for porn.

“Epilogue for the Human Race” by Robert Dowel

Jul 312014

Steven stretched out in the hammock. He had a clear view of the Mermaid Island beach from the porch. The waves rolled and twisted before him as his body relaxed into the netting. The sun was out and it was almost too hot to move. It was pretty nice.

Behind him he heard the yelling of his housemates. They were having a party watching the World Beach Volleyball Tournament. Guys from the neighboring beach house were over as well as many girls picked up from the Bikini Bar, the Fish Shack and maybe some that just walked in from the beach. Everyone was watching the game and getting drunk. It wasn’t a bad way to spend a summer vacation.

Steven had no interest in the game. It had been a really weird day. He saw a highly detailed sand sculpture of a woman going down on another woman. During lunch at the Fish Shack, some strange lady flashed him her shaved pussy from across the dining area. He saw ten different women reading dirty books on the beach. While shopping in the pier store, he found a seashell that was painted with the most perfect tits he had ever seen.

The weird day had made him horny. There was something in the water here at Mermaid Island. He wanted to go upstairs and jack off but his room had been claimed by Jason who was nailing a redhead he met. He thought about wacking off in the bathroom but he didn’t like to think of how many of his housemates had already done that. Fuck it, he would just lay out here and enjoy the beach in quiet.

He heard the porch door slide open and close. So much for peace and quiet.

“Got room to share?” a voice said. A girl’s voice.

“Of course,” he said before looking at her. He got his first good look at her as he scooted to the side to make room. She was short with even shorter blonde hair. Her small tits jiggled inside her blue bikini top. A blue bikini bottom stretched across tanned hips.

“My name is Alexandra,” she said as she climbed in. To Steven’s disappointment, she reclined in the opposite direction from him, her short legs ending by his elbows. Still, it gave him a good vantage point to look at her sweaty tanned body.

“My name is Steven. Not watching the game?”

Alexandra shook her head. “Not really in the mood to watch girl chase a ball in the sand. I’ve had a really weird day.”

“Really?” Steven asked. “Like what?”

Alexandra giggled. “Well, first I got hit on first thing in the morning by a guy who came right to me and offered to slap my tits.”

“Whoa!” Steven snapped. “Did you report to somebody?”

“Here’s the odd thing,” Alexandra said. “I had just read a dirty story last night about a girl getting her tits slapped and I had been thinking about it all morning. I was too shocked to say anything so I just kept walking.”

“Wow,” Steven said. Now he was thinking about Alexandra’s tits getting slapped. They were small but he bet they would still jiggle.

“Yeah,” Alexandra said. She stretched out some more. He felt her body scoot closer to his and relax into the curve of the hammock. “Then some lady asked me to take a picture of her while she sat on a giant sand sculpture of a giant cock.”

Steven laughed. “That isn’t so weird.”

“She stripped off her swimsuit before she climbed onto it,” Alexandra said. “She didn’t prepare me for that but I took the picture anyway.”

Steven laughed and his cock stirred within his shorts. He tried to mentally force his erection to stop but it was hard with a bikini clad woman in the hammock with him.

“I went to the Bikini Bar for lunch and I sat next to these two hot guys that were twins,” Alexandra said.

Steven’s erection stopped growing. He was thankful for a story of hot guys so he could prevent a tent rising in his shorts.

“And I overheard them talking about fucking an older woman that lived near them,” Alexandra said. “They were pretty graphic and apparently today she let them both come on her face.”

Steven’s erection steadily pushed against his shorts.

“So here’s the thing, Steven,” Alexandra said. “I am really horny and I don’t want to have sex because it is too fucking hot for that but I also don’t want to come alone. How about we just masturbate in this hammock and keep each other company?”

The tent in Steven’s shorts was fully visible. Alexandra giggled at it.

“Right here? What if someone comes out onto the porch?” Steven said.

“Then we’ll stop,” Alexandra said. “Come on, I’ll flash you a tit,” she said.

“Ok,” Steven said, as if the offer of nipple was what convinced him. She had him when she used the term ‘horny’.

“Good, let’s make this quick,” Alexandra said. She pulled one of her bikini cups to the side and flashed her breast at him. The pale tan lines around her pink nipple made his cock throb. “I don’t want my friends finding out about this. I’ll never live it down.”

Alexandra plunged her hand down her bikini bottom and she gasped. He couldn’t see her fingers but he knew she was inside herself now. She looked at him and her mouth opened in a moan.

Steven returned the favor by sticking his hand in his shorts. He grabbed a hold of his cock and started stroking. The swim shorts were thankfully loose around his hand as he pumped his cock.

The crowd in the house cheered as another point was scored. Steven and Alexandra froze in midstroke before resuming. They were alone, for now.

Steven reflected that this is how you end a weird day. He jacked his cock while watching a girl he just met stroke herself. Was this the start to the oddest summer romance or was this just a one time release of tension? He wasn’t sure which he preferred more.

Alexandra watched him as she stroked herself a little bit faster. She bit her lip as he groaned. Her free hand grabbed his knee as she stroked and Steven felt his cock grow harder.

His eyes kept moving back and forth over her body. He watched her pale exposed breast jiggle as much as he watched her tanned covered breast bounce. He watched her bikini bottom stretch to hold her stroking fingers and then looked up at her moaning mouth. He looked at her writhing tanned legs rubbing against him and then he looked at her eyes focused on the bulge in his shorts.

The hammock creaked as they stroked. The wind kissed their bodies as they wiggled together. The sun burned down upon them.

Steven thought he heard a sound from the porch door. He ignored it and stroked faster. Alexandra’s eyes looked to the door as well but she kept masturbating. They looked at each other and smiled at their shared conspiracy of lust.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Alexandra said and then she came. There was no doubting the way her mouth opened, the way her eyes clenched shut and the way she shook from bared nipple down to her tanned legs.

Steven came seconds later. A gush of seed filled his shorts and made a terrible mess but he kept pumping. He was caught in the moment and right now he just wanted to come with this strange girl in his hammock.

“Nice,” Alexandra said. She took her hand out and wiped it on the hammock.

Steven took his hand out and then put it back into his shorts to wipe his hand clean.

“What do you want to do now?” Alexandra said.

“Nap,” Steven said.

So they did.

Jul 282014

Every year the planet Euphoria is host to SlaverCon, the galaxy’s largest pleasure slave convention. It was founded by a group of slavers who wanted to exchange information and kill their rivals but over the centuries it has grown into a massive multimedia economic event. Slavers still attend, as do slave owners, members of the secondary slave industry and millions of people who fantasize about owning or being a pleasure slave.

It is currently a two week event, held at Queen Erishella’s Summer Palace. There is a seller’s market in the West Wing where rare and collectible slaves are sold to discriminating slave owners. The East Wing hosts booths run by those in the Slave Training industry as well as Slave Clothiers, Slave Genetic Enhancement clinics and the ever popular Slave Punishment Equipment makers. The South Wing holds seminars and panels on the treatment, purchasing, abuse and care of pleasure slaves. The North Wing is where competitions are held like Best Mouth, the Annual Anal Parade and competitive filking.

A popular pastime is Coslaving, where people dress up as famous pleasure slaves or as pleasure slaves from popular worlds. This is a creative expression for a lot of people as it lets them create costumes and share in the glamour of being a pleasure slave without the years of training or thrill of being sold as eye candy to a eunch owner.

Sadly, every year the more convincing Coslavers are mistaken for actual slaves and are pressed into service as real pleasure slaves. To date, no Coslavers has ever been successful in regaining their freedom.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

Jul 252014
Ack ack!

Ack Ack!

The image here is Vaquel and a Martian from Mars Attacks by the awesome Joe Gravel. For legal reasons I can never do a story about the Martians, plus there is the little fact that they are from Mars and Vaquel would never be in that part of space. Since I can’t do a story, I can at least get some art of them.

What I truly love about the Mars Attacks Martians is that they are total assholes. In the original collector cards, they are psychopaths but in the excellent Tim Burton movie, they are just assholes, plain and simple. They pretend to be peaceful just long enough to slaughter people not because it is a cunning plan, but because they find it funny. There is a lot of fun in that movie and I still love it.

Fun fact: after finishing this card, Joe told me his big inspiration for the interior was Wally Wood.  That was remarkable to me because Wally Wood’s erotic sci-fi work was an early inspiration for the Vaquel Di stories.

Jul 232014

The airlock was crammed with pirates. We simmered with quiet excitement. I checked my weapons for the hundredth time. I was eager to leap through that airlock and start killing security guards. A luxury spaceship full of the rich and famous was waiting to be robbed but first we had to slaughter their defenses.

I had the biggest erection inside my smart pants. There was nothing like a battle in close quarters followed by loot and screaming prissy women.

Morella, my First Mate, checked her communicator. “We’ve disabled the engines of The Pampered Dolphin. Estimated Navy arrival will be in two hours.”

I checked my needle pistol again. “All right crew, prepare to board! Take what you want and leave nothing behind!”

The airlock shook as we made contact with The Pampered Dolphin. Automatic locks engaged and bound our two ships together. The airlock opened and I waited a split second so some other pirate went through first. People who go in first tended to get shot.

“Arrrrrrr-heyyyyyyy. What the fuck is this?” the first pirate yelled.

I jumped in behind him. Instead of a corridor crammed with ship security, it was just a bunch of floating cameras. There was one guy and he jumped up and down when he saw me. My pirate eye instantly noticed his rich clothes, expensive shoes and ridiculously long mustache.

“Captain Blastpants! By the Lords of Space, it is true!” the man said. “You are a gift from the Gods of Wealth, let me tell you!” The ends of his mustache shook as he talked.

I stuck my needle pistol in his face. “Give me your money and tell me where the security is!”

He pushed my needle pistol away. “Oh I sent them away. I didn’t want them harming my savior. Oh wait, I should tell you who I am. I’m Alfon Zapri, of course you have heard of me.”

I put my needle pistol back in his face. “Nope.”

That bothered him more than my weapon. “I am the executive producer of Rich Bitches.”

I shrugged.

“I also created The Filthy Wealthy Life?”

I shook my head.

“Here Comes The Tallians?”

I pressed my needle pistol against his mustache.

“We are currently producing Keeping Up with Jen Valasha!”

I lowered my pistol. “Wait, is she the heiress with the big ass and long legs? What does her family’s company make?”

“Yes, she’s the one!” Alfon yelled. His mustache vibrated with excitement. “They make consoles controls for starships! We are filming her honeymoon episode on this ship and it has been a disaster!”

Morella cleared her throat. “Captain, we have less than two hours before rescue arrives. Maybe less.”

“Right,” I said. “Pirates, start robbing people. If you see that Jen woman, give me a yell. I want to see if that ass is for real.”

“Wait!” Alfon yelled. He jumped in front of me and I nearly shot him. “Listen, if you help us out, I can have a thousand MegaCreds transferred to the bank system of your choice.”

Lords of Space! If we ransomed this entire ship and everyone on it, we might not make a half of that!

“Pirates, hold up!” I yelled. “You, producer guy, talk fast.”

“Sure,” Alfon said. “Look, Jen married a musician, Que Tasa, and that was a big ratings coup for us. The thing is, the guy shoots his load in less than two minutes and then spends ten hours writing a song about what a stud he is. The network was expecting thirty minutes minimum for wedding night sex and we already have sponsors lined up. We’re at the end of the voyage and even if we loop all the times Jen and Que had sex, we’re short twenty minutes.”

Morella started to laugh. She saw where this was going.

“But now that we have a famous space pirate,” Alfon continued, “we can go with a new direction. We can film you assaulting Jen and I am sure a man of your stamina can last thirty minutes. We’ll surprise everyone and our ratings will go through the roof.”

“You want me to rape your reality star?” I asked. “I’m a space pirate but damn, you disgust me.”

“I’m not the one who came up with the idea!” Alfon snapped. “This is Jen’s idea. She knows what her audience wants and her audience wants to see hot pirate-on-heiress action.”

“This is ridiculous,” I said. “I am not going to fuck someone just so you can make a reality show!”

“Not for a thousand MegaCreds,” Morella said. “He will need at least five hundred more.”

Alfon and I looked at her in shock at the same time.

“That is too much!” Alfon said. “We can’t afford that!”

“You’ll make twice that in the memorabilia sales,” Morella said. She stared at the producer with the icy calm of an accountant turned pirate.

“Fine, fifteen hundred MegaCreds. Half now and half after we film it,” Alfon said.

I just got pimped by my First Mate.

“Alright, let’s go fuck,” I said. “Crew, go grab something to eat and socialize. No robbing but feel free to scare some people.”

I followed Alfon as he led me through the cruise ship. Morella followed behind me for moral support and to check our bank account online. It felt wrong to walk through a luxury ship without shooting things or hearing people scream. I didn’t like it.

“Some ground rules,” Alfon said. “Her ass is insured by the network so absolutely no anal sex. Don’t touch her hair or pinch her tits. Jen also wants to make sure that you don’t call her a slut because she hates that word. Also, her safeword is ‘discount’.”

“What the fuck is a safeword?” I said. I was cranky because a security guard snapped a picture of me with his communicator instead of pissing himself with fear.

“That is in case she needs to terminate the sex scene,” Alfon said. “She’ll say ‘discount’ and you pretend that you finished and walk away.”

“Rich people fuck weird,” I said.

We reached the premium suites. Grand doors the size of cargo bays stood before them. I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be blowing them up.

“Jen is waiting for you inside,” Alfon said. “Remember, this is a brutal violation on her honeymoon so she has to pretend to resist for the viewers. Just don’t touch her hair, pinch her tits or fuck her ass. Don’t say the word, slut. The safeword is ‘discount’! Oh, and absolutely no facials!”

I smiled. “I got it.”

I took out a demolition charge and placed it against the door. Alfon’s eyes bulged.

“I have to get some fun out of this,” I said.

The door vaporized in an explosion of light and sound but no debris. A smoking hole appeared and I stepped through it. The floating cameras followed me.

“Where’s this rich slut I’ve heard about?” I yelled.

“That’s Mrs. Valasha-Tasa to you, asshole!” a voice called out from a circular bed.

I got a little starstruck. Jen was gorgeous. A transparent gold robe was draped over her dark brown body. Legs as long as a planetary orbit stretched out on the bed. The robe fell open to reveal a plunging cleavage that promised riches within. Her face was a flawless mixture of genetic manipulation and dermatologist expertise. Long black hair shimmered and caught the light.

“Ahem,” Alfron said behind me.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Hey Jen, I’m uhh, a pirate.”

Jen’s beautiful eyes bored into me and found me wanting. “Out of my room! You better leave before my husband finds you and kills you!”

She stood up from the bed. The robe fell open in what I knew was a calculated measure. Her fit body stood proud and defiant while the dark bush of her sex drew in my eyes. Fuck, she was hot. I mean, I had seen hot women before but this was different. This was a woman who had been bred, trained and cultivated to sell merchandise through the power of looking hot. This was weaponized sexiness.

I stood there like an idiot.

The cameras spun around me. Jen looked at me with utter contempt. Alfron’s mustache shook with fear as he realized I might be worse than the husband.

“Captain, if you are going to fuck the bitch, do it now before the Navy shows up!” Morella shouted.

“Right!” I snapped. This wasn’t about fucking. This was about stealing loot and making a profit. If there was one thing I knew how to do was to take something that didn’t belong me.

I walked over to Jen. My intelligent pants unzipped themselves and my cock sprung free. I tossed my needle pistol to the bed and I reached out for the impossible hot heiress.

The look in Jen’s eyes changed. The contempt was gone. Desire took its place.

Then I grabbed her hair and the desire turned to fury. Her hair was so soft in my hands and I yanked her head towards me.

“Don’t touch the hair, asshole!” Jen yelled.

“I’m the pirate here, slut,” I snapped. I twisted her hair to prove my point.

“Ow!” she yelled. She tried to push against me but I wasn’t some weak singer. I was too strong for her. In the struggle, her robe fell off. Wow, these reality stars were better at getting naked than most courtesans.

“Nice treasure chest,” I said as I grabbed a tit. It was plump and perfectly shaped for my hand.

Cameras hovered closer to observe the tit grabbing. One camera focused on my hand in her hair. One camera went to my standing erection. Two cameras zoomed in on the rage building in Jen’s face.

“You can’t do this!” Jen yelled. “I’m Jen fucking Valasha-Tasa and you’re a nobody!”

“You’re just another slut for my cock,” I told her. My hand released her tit and went straight for her nipple. A pinch and a twist and she almost fell to her knees. My hand in her hair kept her standing.

“ASSHOLE!” Jen yelled. “No nipple pinching!” She glared an angry look at Alfron who simply shrugged.

“You got a lot of rules for a victim,” I said. I twisted her nipple harder.

“FUCK!” she yelled. She stared at me with hatred and I saw her lips clench together. I could see the beginning of her safeword forming on her lips.

“Need to say something?” I asked her. I twist her nipple the other way. Her breast contorted under the force of my twisting.

She drew in a sharp breath and clenched her lips tighter.

“Are you sure?” I asked her again. I pulled hard on her nipple and her breast stretched with my fingers.

Jen shook her head and then she spat on my face. “Fuck you!” she snapped.

“Your choice,” I said. I let go of her nipple and reached into my pockets. I pulled out the gravity cuffs and slapped one on each of her wrists. I was saving them for if I met a frisky robbery victim but they were good for spoiled bitches too.

I spoke a command and the gravity cuffs pulled Jen’s hands into the air. She squealed as she was lifted into the air until her feet were off the ground. Jen twisted and screamed but the gravity cuffs didn’t budge.

She kicked me with her beautiful long leg. I grunted as she hit my stomach but I was glad she didn’t get my cock. I grabbed her leg by the ankle and pulled it to the side. Jen cried out as I grabbed her other leg by the thigh and pulled her apart.

The cameras moved in to get a better look at her sex. Millions of Jen’s fans across the galaxy would never forget this moment. They had me to thank for it.

“Anything you want to say before I fuck you?” I told the struggling heiress.

Jen spat at me again. She glared at Alfron and the cameras before spitting at me again. I laughed. I wasn’t hearing any safewords.

“Thought so,” I said as I slipped inside her.

Lords of Space! Her vagina was perfect. Her pussy must have had a flesh-shifting implant because after three thrusts, it was the perfect shape for me. It was the perfect wetness, the perfect level of heat and the perfect grip. Fuck, no wonder her husband couldn’t last inside her!

“Fucking loser!” the heiress yelled at me as I fucked her suspended body.

“Nobody pirate!” the reality star cursed as I pounded her perfect pussy.

“Piece of shit thief!” the mega-celebrity swore as her tits bounced with every thrust.

“You don’t even have an endorsement deal!” the beautiful bitch screamed as she twisted on my cock.

It only made me fuck her harder. The cameras zooming around us trying to get a good angle were distracting but her insults kept me focused. Her bouncing tits and struggling legs in my hands brought me closer to climax but I was motivated by animosity. I was fucking the shit out of her purely for spite and man, she made sure I had plenty of spite to go.

Still, her pussy was too damn good. All the contempt in the world can’t stop you from shooting your load into a hot spoiled slut. I was going to come soon and the thought of Jen triumphing in even the smallest way was too much to bear.

I pulled out of her pussy. Leaving that kind of perfect fit might have been the most heartbreaking thing I had ever done.

Jen smiled as I pulled out. “Too much woman for you?” she asked.

“Nope,” I said. “Just wanting to see if your ass is real.”

I walked behind her. Jen started screaming. “If you touch my ass, I will kill you, your crew and your entire family!”

I slapped another gravity cuff on her ankle. It pulled her leg out to the side and once the other gravity cuff went on, she was spread eagle and floating before me. She could twist and struggle but she wasn’t going to be kicking or escaping.

“I will find all of your loved ones and wear their skins!” jen screamed.

I believed her. She certainly had the power and the evil. She might be the worse enemy one could every make.

On the other hand, her ass was fantastic. Round and brown, it was an ass that launched a thousand holovids. It was an ass designed for fucking. It was an ass made breast men into ass men. It was a true booty worth dying for.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“I will buy your home planet, enslave the population and make them into medical test subjects!!” Jen screamed.

My cock was slick with her pussy juices. I pressed the tip of my cock against her tight little brown hole.

“I will do a biography video of you that will claim you invented cancer!” Jen howled.
The cameras floated closer. One camera was right over my shoulder so it could see my cock enter her. Another camera floated before Jen’s face so the moment of penetration could be recorded.

I heard a lot of threats, but no safeword.

I pushed in. Her ass resisted only briefly before taking me in. My cock invaded her ass completely.

“Lords of Space,” Jen moaned.

“Lords of Space,” I agreed. Her ass was tighter than a singularity. She shuddered and my cock throbbed inside her. I was embedded inside her and our bodies fused together in symbiotic pleasure.

I fucked her ass. I started slow but soon speed up. Her magnificent ass could take it. No, an ass that wonderful demanded it.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. She screamed and shuddered some more.

I reached around and grabbed a tit. The cameras captured my hand marauding her breasts. Jen screamed clenched around my ass.

I assaulted her ass. I took it with all the force and savagery of piracy. I ravished her ass not for the money, the fame or even spite. I claimed her ass with my cock because it was made for fucking.

Morella stepped into my line of vision. She tapped her communicator. It was time.

I let go of self control. I felt my orgasm building inside me. I couldn’t wait to release myself inside her ass.

That was when I remembered Jen’s last rule.

I pulled out of her ass. I snapped a command and the gravity-cuffs deactivated. Jen fell hard to the ground. She looked up at me and I didn’t recognize her. All of the hostility was gone. Her face had transformed into lust and happiness.

I grabbed her hair and my cock. She smiled before she realized what I was doing. As she started to scream, my cock erupted.

I blasted her face with my seed. A solid stream flew into her mouth and she started to choke. The rest of my seed splattered against her cheeks and lips. An errant stream coated her hair. I kept pumping until I was empty.

The cameras caught it all.

“And cut!” Alfron yelled. “We got enough for the special!”

“The bastard broke every rule!” Jen yelled. She tried to wipe my seed from her face but she just smeared it around.

“That’s reality programming for you!” Alfron said. “Don’t worry, baby. This video is going to break all the sales records! We’re going to sell more than even Oris Mal’s wedding!”

“Really?” Jen said. She stood up and her demeanor changed. Now instead of outrage or lust it was all greed. “Maybe we should sell commemorative gravity cuffs to go with the video.”

“You’re a genius!” Alfron said.

“We really need to leave,” Morella said.

My intelligent pants zipped me back up. I recovered my gravity cuffs and needle pistol. Jen went to the showers with Alfron, still talking business plans. I wasn’t expecting her to say goodbye but hey, I wasn’t used to ravishing women and having them forget me so soon.

“All fifteen hundred MegaCreds have been wired to our accounts,” Morella said. “Not a bad haul.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “It might pay more than piracy but reality shows just make me feel dirty.”