Sep 152014

Attention Citizen-Serfs of the Prosperity Caliphate!

The space pirate, Deepthroat Sadie, has been spotted in our system. Deepthroat Sadie is a known molester of mummies, ancient and living. This deviant is also wanted for eight hundred counts of desecration of Sacred Harems. Charges had also been filed against Deepthroat Sadie for repeated manufacturing and distribution of farm animal pornography.

Deepthroat Sadie refuses to adhere to the Gender Normative Decree and may be male or female, or both. It’s complicated and also blasphemous to understand. If you do understand, report to your nearest Temple for de-education.

It is known that Deepthroat Sadie serves in the crew of the infamous Captain Blastpants, may the Supreme Judge strike them both dead.

Deepthroat Sadie is considered armed, dangerous and tempting. Resist any attempts to arrest this degenerate yourself and instead call the nearest law enforcement temple.

A reward of a five second glance from our Holy Governor Caliph will be given for any information leading to Deepthroat Sadie’s arrest and purification.

Sep 132014

My friend Hannah Mayse is doing a Kickstarter for her book series, Paths to Passion. It is a series of interactive erotica books and as we well know, the market is lacking in these kinds of books.  Those books we have, I would say only ten percent are worth reading. Hannah aims to create stories with plots and aims more for romance erotica rather than meaningless sex erotica.

Normally I would question why a book needs a Kickstarter but I don’t question that with interactive Choose-you-own-plot kind of books. The time investment in writing these things is double a normal book if not more. You’re not plotting, you’re multi-plotting. You’re writing branches and doing your damn best to not repeat yourself. You end up writing multiple books inside one book. It is a pain in the ass and quite frankly, I think a Kickstarter is an excellent way to see if there is interest to justify the work.

The cool thing is Hannah already has one ebook for you to try to see if this is your thing. Island Affairs is already available for Kindle.

I hope you consider funding this Kickstarter.



Sep 102014

Explorer’s Log: I am on day six of my nine day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Fierce Backhand” by Royal Astronomers. This system is the home of the Fourth who created the robotic Yeth and also claims to have created most of the races in the immediate system. I am sure they are fakes like most “Progenitor” races. Elder races like to claim they invent other races all the time for prestige and profit.

Fortunately for me I am carrying the Yeth, Chairbot. The Royal Navy had strict rules about carrying passengers on board probe ships but since he is a robot and a chair, I think he qualifies as personal cargo and he falls under my weight allowance. I will interrogate him for information on the Fourth so I can prepare for their lies ahead of time. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Chairbot can maintain seventy different vibrations on his chair surface. I am going to interrogate the fuck out of him.

“Please, Vaqueldi, wouldn’t you like to sit on me?” Chairbot whined. It tilted its seat back and forth in invitation.

Vaquel Di looked down on the wheeled chair. She was naked, her brown body glistening with sweat after her workout on her exercise bike. Her short pink hair was wet and clinging to her head. She wanted to sit down awfully bad after her workout but she wanted to torment the chair even more.

“No, I don’t think so,” Vaquel said. “It feels good to stand.”

Chairbot made a small beep noise. It sounded pathetic. “Would you like to take a shower? You can sit on me and I will transport you to your hygiene pod?”

Vaquel turned around to face the hygiene pod but also to position her round ass in front of Chairbot. “Hmmm,” she said.

Chairbot hummed as his motors revved. Reward circuits warmed up in anticipation of feeling her ass and then sending pleasure through his artificial senses.

“Nooo, I don’t think so,” Vaquel said with a cruel grin.

Chairbot beeped in disappointment. “Please, Vaqueldi, it has been three point four hours since you last sat on me.”

“Has it been that long?” Vaquel said. She clenched and her buttocks tightened.

Chairbot made a lower pitch beep of frustration. “Please, Vaqueldi, take pity on me. I just activated my reward circuits seven cycles ago! I have existed for twenty centuries without pleasure! I don’t know how to handle going without pleasure now that I have experienced it!”

Vaquel reached behind her and idly touched her ass. Her fingernails dragged down across her brown bottom.

“Well for starters, you could learn to beg,” Vaquel said.

“Beg?” Chairbot said. “Like biological entities do when we are cleansing them of their infectious germ producing organs?”

Vaquel hesitated in her ass play. Did Chairbot just threaten her? She didn’t find any weapons on it when she brought it aboard but then again, it was a clever thing.

“Yes, like that,” Vaquel said. She braced herself for an attack.

“Please, Vaqueldi! I will give you anything you want! Kill my life mate, just spare me!”

Vaquel turned around. “Okay, I see what you mean. How about you don’t imitate previous pleas from dying creatures? You can try flattery.”

Chairbot rolled back and forth a few inches as it thought. “Flattery is not a concept in my database.”

Vaquel sighed and turned back around. “You see this ass? You see how I can grab it with both hands and how firm it is? See how round and shiny it is from my sweat? Flattery is telling me what I already know and that is how perfect my ass is.”

Chairbot was silent for two seconds before answering. “Your ass is the roundest I have ever seen in centuries of organic cleansing. You have two dimples on either side of your ass that activates a pleasure circuit that provides thirty percent of my pleasure. The sight of your ass nearly activates a pleasure subroutine meant only for physical contact.”

Vaquel blinked. “That was . . . very accurate,” she said. “But I don’t know. Maybe I don’t feel like sitting.”

Chairbot clicked with despair. “Please, Vaqueldi, I am not programmed to feel pain but if you don’t sit on me I fear I will. All I want is to feel the plumpness of your bottom press down on my chair surface! I am incomplete without your ass resting on me! I want to feel every millimeter of your ass as I serve your every need!

“My every need?” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Vaqueldi! I will take you to the hygiene pod! I’ll transport you to the sleeping area! I will wheel you to where you ingest organic fuel! Just sit on me and I will do anything you command!”

“Hmmm,” Vaquel said. She started to bend at the knees. Her round ass lowered towards Chairbot’s surface. A drop of sweat dropped from her ass onto Chairbot and an unknown pleasure circuit activated.

“Yes,” Chairbot moaned.

Vaquel stopped lowering herself. She was centimeters above his surface. Her muscles hurt but she held the position out of pure sadistic glee.

“Please continue!” Chairbot begged.

Vaquel stayed where she was, hunched over the eager chair.

“Your ass is the greatest for four solar systems!” Chairbot pleaded.

Vaquel smiled and stayed where she was.

“Your ass completes my function!” Chairbot cried.

Vaquel sat down. She felt Chairbot’s surface change to conform to her contours. In seconds he was the perfect chair for her naked bottom.

“Ahhhh,” Chairbot moaned.

“You promised me whatever I wanted,” Vaquel said. She leaned back and the chair automatically supported her back.

“What is your bidding, Vaqueldi?” Chairbot asked.

“First, call me Mistress,” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said.

“Second, activate a pleasing vibration around my pussy,” Vaquel said.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said.

A small select area of the chair began to vibrate. Vaquel leaned forward and spread her legs. She grinded her hairy sex against the vibrations.

“Nice,” she groaned.

“The clenching of your thighs against my surface delights me,” Chairbot reported.

“Mmm,” Vaquel answered. She grabbed the seat with both hands and fucked the seat.

“Your ass is pleasing to my tactile surfaces,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel grinded a little faster; her brown tits bouncing with the motion.

“I would deactivate seventeen models of my species to have you sit on me for one minute,” Chairbot said.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. The vibrations were strong on her sex.

“As you wish, Mistress,” Chairbot responded. It took her exclamation as a command and began to rock forward and backwards.

Vaquel cried out but she didn’t order it to stop. The rocking forced her to hold on with her hands and thighs. The tilting used gravity to shift her body back and forth across the vibrating section.

The surface of the chair moved to cup her ass. New vibrations were directed against her buttocks. The seat pulled her ass cheeks apart and something pressed against her anus. Stronger vibrations resonated against her anus.

“Oh, yes,” Vaquel moaned. She had no idea that Chairbot could do this. Perhaps the one she was being crueler to was herself for denying herself this pleasure.

Chairbot kept tilting the seat in random directions. Vaquel’s top half bounced and swayed with each sudden change. Her tits bounced, jiggled and swung as she held on. Vaquel bit her lip as new sweat poured down her face.

“Your ass is proof of a Universal Creator,” Chairbot said. “The curvature of your buttocks should be taught as a mathematical formula for perfection.”

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She grinded against the vibrations on her pussy. She grinded against the vibrations on her ass. She was being reamed and fucked with sensation.

“Your ass mass to size ratio is ideal for someone of your height,” Chairbot continued.

The vibrations against her anus increased. The surface pressing against her ass rotated at high speeds. Around and round the vibrations went like a swirling tongue.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. Her orgasm was terribly close.

“When Mistress’s ass was formatted, they lost the design templates,” Chairbot said.

The seat rocked forward and backwards with a harsh savagery. Vaquel was bucked in her seat, the vibrations grinding against her soaked pussy.

“If I could serve as your seat for the rest of my existence, you would never want for worship again,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel climaxed. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. The vibrations on her sex went down in volume but the vibrations against her anus increased. She shuddered as she rode out the pleasure she experienced.

Eventually the vibrations stopped altogether. Vaquel’s already exhausted body reached a tipping point and she collapsed into her seat. Chairbot conformed to her relaxing body and tilted backwards.

“Wow,” Vaquel whispered.

“Wow,” Chairbot agreed. “I am experiencing seventeen distinct levels of euphoria at this moment, Mistress.”

“Wow,” Vaquel said.

“Shall I transport you to the hygiene pod now, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel laughed. “You will do no such, thing. I am just going to sit here. Maybe forever.”

Chairbot reached eighteen distinct levels of euphoria.

Sep 082014

I am often by myself. I am often never alone.

I have more imaginary friends than friends in the real world. It started when I was young when I would create personalities for my toys for them to interact with each other. It bled into talking to them when I was by myself and it shifted into talking to them when I wish I could be alone and I wasn’t.

I never really grew out of it.

Writing is an act of creation. It is also an act of listening. I have been doing this for so long that I can provide the thoughts, dialogue and actions of imaginary people with barely a thought. I still don’t beleive that characters write themselves, I know better than that. I I think my brain can write some characters without much input from me.

These characters aren’t confined to stories. They inhabit my personal mythology and take roles inside a pantheon of divine inspiring forces. I talk to them when I am stumped, I talk to them when I am worried and I talk to them when I am excited. I think sometimes my biggest problem with religion is that I don’t understand why people follow a religion that they didn’t write.

I never plan anything alone anymore. I have advisers. I have critics. I have friends.

Luckily, I don’t have any enemies. Yet.

A friend of mine is into the Tarot. I scoff at it politely and then go home to randomly sort through sketch cards I have commissioned of characters to listen to.

Some characters I fall madly in love with. I write their stories as an act of adoration. I entertain myself and hopefully my readers.

Some characters I kill. I kill them in the story and I love them too because if I didn’t, they wouldn’t be worth killing.

Some characters I kill by not writing about them. The stories run out and there is nothing more to say. I miss them and sometimes my heart aches for them like an ex that I am not over. I tell myself that I will write about them again but you know, I almost never do.

My favorite characters have large bits of me in them. They might be women, they might be aliens and they might be complete assholes but I see myself in them. I see the fears we share, the tastes we have and the anger.  I love them for who they are but maybe this is also a way for me to love me which is not always easy for me to do.


Sep 032014

Michelle stood at the counter. There was only one customer in the pier store and he was gawking at the painted beach shells. He looked like he was going to be there awhile.

She leaned back against the wall and instantly regretted it. The plug she had put in her butt shifted and her ass struggled to hold it all in. Michelle winced but she kept from groaning out loud.

“The things I do for older men,” she whispered.

Michelle looked out the window. The Mermaid Island beach was almost empty. Most of the college kids had left last week. Most of the adult singles will leave this week. That just left the families trying to cram in a few more days before summer ends.

The empty beach made it easy to pick out Paul. He was building a sand castle with his kids. Paul’s wife was just laying out in the sun; her white swimsuit turning into a beacon on the yellow sand.

Michelle thought of Paul and his black hair turning grey. She thought of the stubble that he had been growing as a minor rebellion against normal life. She thought of the way he grabbed her tanned tits. She thought of the lust in his deep blue eyes.

She clenched and her ass protested. It would all be worth it.

The customer in the sore picked up a seashell, his face blushing. Michelle figured that he had found the shell with the black ass on it. She wondered if he would have the courage to buy it.

She glanced back out the window. Paul was talking to his wife and pointing to the pier store.

Michelle’s pussy clenched. She grabbed a bag of the sour candy for Paul’s daughter and prepared a hot dog for Paul’s son. Two cans of orange soda and two bottles of water were next. The more she prepared, the more time they would have.

She slapped the door to the office. “Ava, cover me!”

“Alright,” Ava said. Michelle knew Ava wouldn’t mind. Michelle covered for Ava all the time. That girl was hooked working the glory hole for booth six.

The customer came to the counter. He had three seashells. Two were boats and one was the black ass.

“Ava will ring you up,” Michelle said as she walked around the counter. The butt plug made every step a struggle.

The customer nodded and tried to look casual.

Michelle made it to the store room door and waited. Paul walked in a moment later, saw her and headed towards her.

Fuck, he was hot. The sun and heat had drenched him in sweat. His stubble was a week shy of a beard. Best of all was his eyes. The lust there made Michelle’s knees shiver.

Michelle pulled him into the storage room. Rows of drinks, shirts and snacks surrounded them. A single window illuminated them as Paul pulled her to him.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he whispered. One hand went right to her tit. He pulled her young breast out of her bikini top and squeezed.

Michelle moaned. “I need you,” she whispered because she loved the way it made him growl. Older guys never get tired of being told they are wanted.

“Today is my last day,” Paul whispered. He squeezed the other tit as if trying to memorize the soft plumpness.

“I know,” Michelle said. “I have a surprise for you.”

She took a step back and unbuttoned her shorts. She pulled them down in that slow sexy way that drove her summer lovers wild. There was no underwear to hide her shaved pussy.

Paul stared in silent lust.

Michelle stepped out of her short and turned around. She heard him gasp at the plug in her ass.

“There’s a bottle of lube behind you,” Michelle says. “Fuck my ass.”

Paul doesn’t say anything but she hears the bottle cap pop open. She reached behind her and slowly pulls the plug out. All morning she had prepared for this and now she was going to reap her reward.

Michelle dropped the plug and she felt Paul’s cock press against her ass. He was so impatient and Michelle loved it. His cock pushed against her asshole and stretched her open. Slowly but firmly he entered her.

“Fuck,” Paul called out.

“Shh,” Michelle said. “Customers might hear,” she said.

Paul grunted and started to fuck her ass. One hand came up around and claimed her tit. The other hand went to her hip and held her as he pumped her.

Michelle shuddered and took it. This was the best part of summer. Ava could have all the young guys with their needy egos and quick burst cocks. Michelle loved the fathers with their desperate need to escape their lives. She adored a guy who would fuck her like there was no tomorrow and then go away for fear of ruining his marriage. She needed to be desired like she was their last chance at a dirty fuck.

Paul pounded her ass. He was a little too rough and it was great. He squeezed her tit a little too hard and it was wonderful. He held on a little too tight and it was perfect.

“Fuck this young ass,” Michelle said. “It is all yours for right now.”

Paul groaned and fucked her ass harder.

Michelle reached between her legs and stroked her pussy. “Remember fucking this tight ass when you go back to your job.”

Paul groaned and kept fucking her ass.

Michelle stroked herself faster. “Remember fucking your young beach slut when you’re back at home doing chores.”

Paul moaned and fucked her ass with short savage thrusts.

Michelle rubbed her clitoris in tight little circles. “Remember fucking my young tight ass when you are fucking your wife.”

“Fuck!” Paul yelled. He suddenly stopped and Michelle felt his seed surge inside his ass.

His cock kept ejaculating as Michelle stroked herself to orgasm. She shivered and Paul cried out as her ass squeezed around his cock.

“Holy fuck,” Paul said as he pulled out.

Michelle kept stroking herself.

“That was uhh, great,” Paul said.

Michelle stood up and kept stroking herself. His hot seed shifted inside her ass.

“I should get back before my wife gets suspicious,” Paul said. He yanked his shorts backup. The lust was gone from his eyes. Now there was just fear. He was worried that she would ask for his number.

“Ava’s got your food and drinks,” she told him. “I’ll see you next summer.”

Relief washed over Paul’s face. He might never come back to Mermaid Island now. “Yeah, see you next summer,” he said as he left.

Michelle smiled as she stroked herself to another orgasm. Another summer and another round of summer fathers fucked.

Now all she had to do was figure which of the lucky older town guys will be her boyfriend this winter.

Aug 272014

The cabinwoman pumped my cock with her small hands. The lube was making everything slick but her grip was too tight. It was hard to climax when she kept squeezing the life out of me.

“Not so damn tight,” I snapped.

“Sorry!” she said. She loosened her grip but I knew it wouldn’t last. Giving me a handjob on the bridge was too distracting for her. She wasn’t used to doing a filthy act in front of so many people.

“We’ve reached New Fortune!” the helm announced.

“Hurry up,” I told the cabinwoman. “I want to shoot my payload at least once before I fuck Zian.” Zian was a brothel owner and my favorite pussy to fuck. It helps to come before fucking her so I don’t fire my torpedoes too fast.

The cabinwoman pouted but she stroked me faster. Great, bad handjobs and she gets jealous? This wasn’t going to work out.

“Lords of Space!” Morella, my First Mate said.

I looked up at the viewscreen. A hundred small ships were attacking the planet. They were ugly ships and no two looked alike. They swarmed and attacked all the pirate ships in the area.

“What the fuck?” I yelled. I shoved the cabinwoman away. My intelligent pants managed to zip themselves up over my massive bulge.

“They identify as the Jort!” comms reported. “They claim this planet as their prey. They claim all people on the surface as their meal! They claim the ships in the sky as their personal shooting targets.”

“I know these guys,” Morella said. “They are a nasty race, kind of a cross between a giant lizard and drunken sports player. They consider their enemies’ faces to be a delicacy. We should leave now and find another port to sell our loot.”

“Fuck that,” I said. “Zian is down there. She is the best whore in the galaxy.”

“She is their whore now,” Morella said.

I snarled. “That is my whore. Morella, you have command. Fight as long as you want. I am going to take a shuttle down there and get Zian. No lizard beast is going to eat her ass!”

“Captain, you can’t be serious!” Morella said. “You are going to get yourself killed over some pretty tits?”

“That’s three pretty tits!” I said and I left the bridge.

The cool thing about being a space pirate is you don’t have to go to your quarters to get your weapons, you can just grab them from other pirates you pass by. I grabbed a laser sword, a plasma rifle and enough grenades to choke a deepthroater. I heard that the Jort was tough but I never minded shooting something twice.

“Wait up! I’m fucking coming!” a snarling voice said behind me. It was Angry. No one knew what race she was and she never shared. She was a half a meter tall, furry and had really sharp teeth. She looked like a cute pet except for her perpetual cursing and her tendency to set things on fire. She had a flamethrower with her that she had designed herself.

“What do you want, Angry?” I said as I kept walking.

“You’re fighting fucking Jort so I want to come along and shit on them,” Angry said. “Jort killed me mother!”

“Really?” I said.

“Who the fuck knows?” Angry said. “Lot of people hated my mom.”

“Alright, sure,” I said. “I could use another hand.”

Pious Pam came running up. “I heard you’ve fighting Jort. Can I come?”

“What the fuck do you want with the Jort?” I asked the former nun. I saw she was carrying a laser rifle, six knives and her old nun’s veil. The rest of her body was covered in transparent mesh to show off her tattoos.

“I heard their blood is one of the best highs in the galaxy!” Pious Pam said.

I laughed. “You’re the worse nun I have ever met, you’re in.”

We got to the shuttle bay and Warbot-65 was waiting for us. Someone had painted the menacing war machine pink and attached balloon to his chassis to serve as faux breasts.

“Captain, I have been assigned by the First Mate to protect you,” Warbot-65 said.

A smile crosses my lips. Morella does care after all. Well, I had an angry short furry thing, a filthy nun and a warbot, what could go wrong?


Everything was going wrong. The shuttle was a smoking ruin behind us. Half of New Fortune was in flames. Angry was limping from when a Jort tried to bite her leg. Pious Pam had her veil and half her hair ripped out by a Jort. Warbot-65 had both balloon tits shot and his targeting array was damaged.

We had been on the planet for only five minutes.

These Jort were bad news. They were taller than me and covered in red scales. They didn’t have necks because their shoulders were so muscular. Some of them had weapons but most of them just used their nasty sharp claws. I guess it made it easier to eat someone’s face.

Weirdest of all, they wore these tight white shorts that were too long to be shorts and too short to be pants. I wasn’t sure why they wore them because the shorts were so tight I could see they didn’t have genitalia. What alien modestly compelled that strange fashion choice?

“Keep going!” I screamed. I fired my plasma rifle at a snarling Jort and melted his face. Another Jort leaped at me and my laser sword cut his hands off before my boot caved in his face. A third Jort didn’t even hesitate as it ran right at me before Warbot-65 blew his knees off.

“Targeting array fixed?” I asked Warbot-65.

“I was aiming for a headshot,” the Warbot replied.

“Die, you mother humping spawn of piss eggs!” Angry screamed as she set fire to a group of Jort that were looting a shop. Pious Pam threw a knife into the eye of one of the Jort that had escaped the flames. The Jort was dying but Angry made sure to set it on fire too.

“Moons of Zian is right around the corner!” I yelled. “Keep moving!”

Reluctantly my team moved. The Jort were busy looting until they caught sight of us and then they tried to eat us. We shot them, stabbed them, set them on fire and they kept coming. There were a damn lot of them.

You would think a haven for pirates would put up a better fight when invaded by ravaging lizard things, but nope, the citizens of New fortune did what they always did which was lift their skirts, drop their pants and ask that you don’t take too long fucking their ass. Me and my pirates were the only real opposition the Jorts had on this whole fucking planet.

I saw Moons of Zian. A small army of Jorts were ripping open a wheel transport in the middle of the street. People were screaming as the Jorts ate them alive. Those folks needed one hell of a rescue.

Warbot-65 let loose with his missile launcher. Even he couldn’t miss a target that big. Thirty warheads smashed into the transport and sent it flying high into the air. Jort and citizens went flying. Pious Pam and I shot the Jort out of the sky before they thudded into the ground. Whomever we missed, Angry ran up to and set on fire. As for the citizens, I don’t think any of them were moving.

Pirates don’t do rescues.

“Into the brothel!” I yelled and Angry kicked in the front door which is impressive considering her size. We followed behind him and Pious Pam went to work barricading the door.

“Zian, where the fuck are?” I yelled.

A blue head with long green hair poked up from the other side of the bar. “Blaspants, what are you doing here?”

I dropped my plasma rifle and walked over to her. Her yellow eyes sparkled as I pull her head towards mine. Her lips opened as I kissed her and her eight inch tongue wrapped around my tongue.

When I had trouble breathing, I broke the kiss. “Where are the rest of your sluts?” I asked Zian.

“They ran away through the secret passage,” she said. “They are miles away in the tunnels by now.”

“Shit, why didn’t you go?” I asked.

Her beautiful blue face frowned. “And let some assholes destroy my place? Fuck that!”

I laughed and kissed her again. I placed one hand on her shirt and groped her left breast, before moving on to her middle breast and then her right. I groped all three tits as we kept kissing.

Something heavy slammed into the brothel door. We kept kissing.

“Captain!” Angry yelled.

“What?!” I yelled. I broke our kiss but I lifted Zian up and pulled her across the bar to be with me.

“The fatherless Jort are gathering outside like a bunch of peckers,” Angry yelled. “They know we’re in here!”

“Lords of Space, haven’t we killed enough of them?” I asked. “Warbot-65, go into mass termination mode. Pious Pam, where’s Pious Pam?”

The nun was sitting on a table, snorting the blood off her knife. Euphoria swept over her face. “Fucking hell, this is good shit.”

“Pious Pam, get your sorry ass to the barricade and prepare to repel assholes!” I yelled.

Zian rubbed against me. I pulled her shirt off so I could access all three of her tits. She was trying to unzip my intelligent pants and my pants were resisting. I felt her do something subtle and my pants unzipped on their own.

“Incoming!” Warbot-65 said.

A window exploded. A Jort jumped in and Angry set it on fire. It stumbled around until Warbot-65 knocked its head off. A second Jort jumped in and Pious Pam shot it. A third jumped in and Warbot-65 kicked it back out through the window.

“I can’t believe you came for me,” Zian moaned. Her fingers wrapped around my cock. I groaned, now that was the right grip.

“You’re my slut,” I said.

She shuddered. Her eyes turned to gold and I knew she was as horny as I was. “I’m your slut,” she agreed.

“Then get to work, slut,” I said.

Zian smiled and dropped to her knees. She grabbed my cock in one hand and one of her tits in the other. Her impossibly long tongue flicked out from her blue lips and licked my balls.

I pulled out both my laser pistols and aimed at the entire room.

The front door shuddered but held.

A different window crashed and a Jort jumped in. Pious Pam tackled him and stabbed him multiple times before burying her nose in one of his wounds. She let out a howl of delight as the stimulant ripped through her body.

Zian pumped my cock with her hand. She pressed the tip of my cock against one nipple, then another and then another.

A Jort jumped through a broken window and shot a laser at Warbot-65. It bounced off his armor and destroyed a gambling machine. Warbot-65 fired back at the Jort and blasted both knees off. I guess he was aiming for the head again.

Zian’s long tongue wrapped around my cock; snaking around with an intoxicating loose grip. When her tongue pulled away, my cock was covered in spit.

Angry threw a glass of alcohol at a Jort in the window. It sputtered with indignation before Angry set it on fire. Angry ran and did a jump kick to push the Jort back outside.

Zian took my wet cock and embraced it with her breasts. It was her right breast and her middle breast. Her left breast jiggled as she titfucked my cock.

A third window exploded and two Jorts climbed in. Pious Pam stabbed one in a drug induced frenzy. She didn’t even see the second Jort. That was fine because I did and I sent a laser shot right through its eyes.

Zian squeezed her plump tits tighter around my cock. She spat onto my cock to keep things slippery. I felt her tongue flick the tip of my cock every time it emerged out from between her tits.

The door shuddered and the bottom half broke. A Jort crawled inside and Warbot-65 stepped on it. The sound of crunching ribs didn’t stop the Jort behind it from crawling in. Warbot-65 fired a round at him and missed completely with the first five shots but the sixth killed it. Quantity beats accuracy any day.

Zian moved my cock to between her middle and left tit. I let out a groan. It was like sliding into a new warm pussy. My hips bucked against Zian’s chest as I continued to shoot stray Jort that made it past my crew.

“We could use some fucking help, asshole!” Angry yelled. She snapped a fresh fuel container into her flamer and stuffed the empty container down a Jort’s gasping throat. It took me a moment to realize she was talking to me.

“I’m busy,” I yelled back at her. Zian giggled as she fucked my slick cock with her tits. Her tongue licked the head of my cock and tried to coax my orgasm.

Something huge rammed into the door from outside. The door flew and bounced off of Warbot-65. The front end of a wheeled vehicle pulled away from the hole that used to be the entrance. Jort poured in through the large opening.

Zian dipped her head down and took my cock into her mouth. I gasped and kept firing.

Angry let loose with the flamer. She burned the first wave of Jort but the second wave just trampled their burning comrades and rushed in.

Warbot-65 raised both arms and released a torrent of lasers. Jort heads exploded, arms were severed and cauterized and chests were perforated. Still, the Jort came running in.

Pious Pam slashed two Jort throats with one swing of her knife. She grabbed another Jort and broke his back over her knee. With a savage scream, she jumped up and bit one Jort’s neck and ripped out his throat with her teeth.

I kept shooting. I shot a Jort sneaking in through a window. I shot another crawling out from the burning pile of bodies. One to the right, two to the left, one in the center and three more to the right; I fired without thinking.

Zian sucked harder. Her ass was facing the battle but she didn’t care. Tight lips stroked my cock. Green hair flew as her head bobbed faster and faster. All three tits slapped against my thighs. Her long tongue escaped her lips, reached under my balls and flicked at my ass.

A Jort leaped on Warbot-65’s head and ripped off another sensor. Another Jort grabbed Warbot-65’s right arm and his weight forced the robot’s gun to point at the ground. Warbot-65 shuddered as Jort fired repeatedly at its chest.

Angry ran out of flamer fuel and pulled out a laser knife. She took a cut to the arm from a Jort before gutting it. Another Jort sliced her leg and Angry dropped to one knee. She killed the Jort but she didn’t look like she could stand up.

Pious Pam got more erratic. Her face was smeared with Jort blood and her eyes were about to bug out. She sliced at the Jort until they got smart and gang jumped her. I saw her go down under a pile or red lizard bodies.

Zian moaned. Her mouth vibrated around my cock. My self control vanished. My cock unleashed a flood of seed into her mouth. Her head stopped bobbing and her cheeks caved in around my cock. An immense load of seed filled her mouth and she swallowed it all.

My thumb clicked my laser pistols into rapid mode. A rain of laser shots burned the pile of Jort off of Pious Pam’s buried body. A volley of shots cleared an area around Angry so she could grab a fallen gun and use it. A flurry of lasers took out the Jort hanging on Warbot-65’s arm so he could return fire on the Jort shooting at him.

And then suddenly, there was no more Jort to fight. The ones inside were all dead and no new Jort were coming in. My pirates looked at me but I had no answers.

Zian sighed as she realized my balls were empty. She went to work cleaning my cock with her lips.

My communicator beeped. “Captain, are you alive?”

“Morella!” I said. “What haven’t you left the system yet?”

My First Mate smirked. “I tried but when the other pirates saw us providing your shuttle with cover fire, they came back to fight. The Jort couldn’t handle all of us so they are fleeing. The last of the Jort ground troops just left. The New Fortune mayor just sent us a message thanking us for saving the entire planet. They want to put a statue up in your honor. They’re calling you the Hero of New Fortune.”

“Who to the what now?” I said. Zian gave my cock a final lick before standing up. She slipped my arm over her shoulders and her three tits pressed against me.

“Yeah, you’re a fucking hero now,” Morella said. “I’m bringing the ship in so the crew can fuck and drink whatever is still there. Savage Thrust out.”

I looked at my crew. Pious Pam was snorting blood from a Jort’s gushing neck. Warbot-65 was scraping Jort flesh from its giant foot. Angry was looking outside, probably for something to set on fire. I still had my cock out with my three breasted blue slut next to me. We didn’t look much like heroes.

“What now, Hero?” Zian asked. Her gold eyes had turned silver with mockery.

“How about you ride my cock while I get drunk?” I said.

“Get on the bar and let me give you a hero’s fucking,” she agreed.

Aug 252014

Stephen King once wrote something to the effect that there was nothing more boring than a happy couple in love. That stuck with me because it is true but I am ready to add my version which is nothing is less blog-worthy than a writer enjoying writing his next book.

Earlier this year I had an idea for a book. I outlined it, trashed the outline and did a second outline. I worked on the heroine and reinvented her a half dozen times. When I was finally ready to start writing the book, my wife broke her leg. Non-writing ensued.

Five months later, I finally started on my book this past week. It has been going great. I think spending so much time thinking about it has made it easy to write. I know this character and more importantly I know the kind of story I want to tell. Things are going along splendidly.  So splendidly, that I have little to blog about here.

Usually I take Mondays to write a little something that has something to do with the story of the following week. Next week’s story is about Mermaid Island and quite frankly, I am so over summer right now that I couldn’t bare to write any more about it. I am really looking forward to fall.

So I’ll tell you what, how about I write this blog more as a statement that I am alive and well.  Think of it as a little postcard from the Land of Writing Alot and I included a note that said “Wish you were here” but I only wish you are here if you don’t interrupt my writing.


Aug 202014

I thought I would give you a little peak of my new ebook, Dominate Your Teacher, available now on Amazon. This the opening chapter with the first set of choices. You can purchase the book by clicking here.


Ms. Tapper’s Class

You sit in the last class of your school day. The rest of the day flies by but this class always drags on forever.  History is your favorite subject but this is not your favorite teacher.  From pop quizzes to verbal humiliations, Ms. Tapper has a knack for making everything painful.

Today she is in a bad mood.  She walks up and down the aisles, lecturing to her class while she slaps a ruler in her hand.  If she feels that the students aren’t paying sufficient attention, which is often, she smacks the ruler down loudly on their desk and scares the shit out of everyone.

SMACK! Everyone jumps in their seats.  Ms. Tapper smirks a little as she keeps talking.  “Which brings us to the Industrial Revolution,” she says.

The only thing likable about Ms. Tapper is her looks.  Fuck, she is hot.  She has long brown hair that comes past her shoulders.  Dark red lips frame a perfect mouth.  Today she’s wearing some sort of red animal print top that shows off the tops of her big breasts.

She talks while she walks near your seat and you brace yourself for a ruler strike.  This time she doesn’t do anything but you do get a close up look at her ass.  Ms. Tapper is wearing a tight skirt that reveals every counter of her awesome bottom.  It is so round and perfect that you would give anything just to reach out and squeeze it.  Your young cock swells and forms a tent in your pants.  You’re grateful that you are sitting down where no one can see it.

Ms. Tapper spins around and looks down at you.  “Who patented the spinning roller machine?”

“Uh,” you say as you stall for time.  Students giggle around you.  You know that she was just talking about it but you were too busy thinking about her ass to listen.

Ms. Tapper smirks at you.  “Stand up and answer,” she snaps.

Your hand goes down to your lap defensively.  The way Ms. Tapper is smirking at you, you suspect that she is fully aware of your boner!  There is no way you can stand up right now.

“I said, stand up and answer,” Ms. Tapper says.  She taps the ruler in her hand.

Fuck!  You stand up and try to nonchalantly cover your crotch with your hands.  You fail miserable.  Giggles break out all over the class.  You feel your face flush with heat.

Ms. Tapper shakes her head. “Sit back down,” she says with disgust but you notice that she never stops smirking.

You sit back down as fast as possible.  Ms. Tapper keeps talking and you grit your teeth.  Your heart is pounding from your humiliation.  You spend the rest of the class praying that you are not called on again.

Finally the bell rings.  You are the first out the door before any of your friends can make a joke about your boner.  You walk as fast as you can until you leave her class far behind and you don’t slow down until you make it to your locker.

Most of the other students are rushing to go to their buses.  You take your time at your locker because you live close to the school.  You put most of your books away and get what you need for homework tonight.  That is when you realized that you don’t have your Math book.

“Shit!” you say.  You know right where it is.  It is in Ms. Tapper’ class.  You must have left it there when you rushed out.

You close your eyes.  You have to go back for it.  You can’t do your homework without it and this assignment is a big part of your grade.  Ms. Tapper will undoubtedly have something nasty to say when you go back to her class.

Your cell phone buzzes.  It’s a text message from your buddy, Chris.  He wants you to come meet him at the snack machines.  He probably wants to talk about the videogame he bought.

You are thinking about it when your phone buzzes again.  This time it is from Amanda, a girl in your History Class.  She is asking you to meet her by the bleachers.  She probably wants to talk about the group project that’s coming up.  Everyone is trying to find a partner for that.

Where do you go?

Go back to Ms. Tapper’s class alone and get your book.

Go to the snack machines and see what Chris wants.

Go to the bleachers and find out what Amanda wants.

Aug 182014

51KF--m5eUL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_My interactive erotica story, Dominate Your Teacher, is now available for purchase on Kindle. You play the role of a male student who may get the chance to dominate your most hated, and lusted, teacher. Because it is an interactive story, nothing is guaranteed but you can always try again.

Not to give anything away but this book contains spankings, female and male submission, other students, humiliation and all sorts of sex.

This is book one in a series I plan to call Choose Your Own Pleasure. This is a much easier book to play than my last one and it also has quite a bit of variety in it that I think will encourage a lot of replay.

If you enjoy it, please, please, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon as reviews are priceless there.

Buy it here at this link

Aug 132014

Sweat poured down my nude body. The sun was unforgiving today. The salt of my sweat burned the cuts on my cock. The hot asphalt baked my naked feet. I winced with every step but I kept walking. My pain pleased the Lady and her pleasure was all that mattered.

My leather hood kept my eyes closed but we could see. The ruins of a city were spread out before us. A car was flattened from when a giant had stepped on it. A building had been knocked over from something monstrous fucking it. Rotting corpses filled the road from when an escape had turned into an orgy.

Mouth knew the place so we did too. It was called Savannah before the Monsters fucked the world and the sun grew a nipple. People came here once to eat, relax and buy things. Now we had come to scavenge.

“Search” the Lady commanded. The scars on our backs, arms, legs and cocks flared. The five of us moaned and obeyed.

Giant searched the restaurant, looking for canned foods. Mouth and Ass searched the corpses, looking for jewelry and treasures that might please the Lady. Fingers went to the store, looking for new instruments of pain for the Lady to inflict on us. I went further ahead, looking for better places.

The Lady stood her place among us, her will guiding our actions. Today she wore a newly stolen white dress that protected her from the sun. Her long red hair crowned her glory. I hated her and loved her and wanted her and despised her.

I came across the dead body of a child. Something tugged in my memory but the Lady squashed it.

“Search, Legs” she commanded. An image of a hot knife against my balls flashed in my mind. I whimpered and kept looking.

There was a noise down the street. We paused in our search as I stepped forward. If someone was alive then we might eat well today. If someone was male, then the Lady may torture someone else today. If that male was handsome, then one of us may die and be replaced. Excitement thumped in all six hearts.

A nude woman stepped out from behind a car. Sweat and scars covered her body as well. Leather cuffs covered her wrists. One of her nipples was missing.

She glared at me with angry eyes. We looked back at her and gasped. Like us, there was not one person looking back from those eyes but six.

My pack came to me, the Lady behind us. They ran on broken asphalt and I felt Ass’s feet bleed. They grabbed bricks, pieces of metal and a knife. I picked up a broken stop sign. The Lady doesn’t like us to carry weapons until it is time to kill.

The nude woman was joined by her pack. The women were naked except for their leather cuffs. They looked like they hadn’t eaten in a very long time. One’s eyes were swollen shut but I had no doubt that she could see. One woman was taller than me and we knew that Giant would fight her. They too carried sharp metal and broken rocks.

Behind them, I saw their Lord. While they were thin and starving, he was healthy and fat. He wore pants that were too tight for him and no shirt. He carried a club in his hand and it was stained with blood.

My Lady saw the Lord and she hated him so we hated him too. His pack looked at our Lady and the women moaned with desire.

“Attack!” the Lady commanded and we charged forward. The women threw their rocks at us and Mouth was hit in the jaw. The pain flashed through us all but we kept running.

I swung my stop sign at a black woman with a knife. She dodged and I only managed to slap her bruised breasts. She swung at me and cut my leg. The burn of her slice was nothing compared to what the Lady cut last night.

The rest of my pack fought and we saw the battle. Giant punched the tall woman. Ass fell as a kick broke his knee. Fingers jammed a jagged rock into a woman’s eye. Mouth was hit again in the face and lost more teeth.

The Lady and Lord watched. I felt her mind in my arms as she guided my swing. I watched the woman jerk back suddenly as her Lord saved her. The Lady shifted her focus to Giant as I kicked the woman to the ground. She flashed broken teeth at me as she threw her knife.

Pain erupted in my throat. I pulled the knife out of my neck and it dropped from my fingers. Hot blood cascaded down my chest. I fell to one knee and clamped a hand over my throat. The Lady entered my mind and then left as she saw my doom.

I fell forward into the road. We were losing. Giant had killed his woman but Fingers had spilled his guts into the ground and Ass was having the life choked out of him. Mouth was on the ground and his head was being bashed in. I shuddered as I felt each piece of his skull being fractured.

Giant screamed with the rage of the Lady. He grabbed a knife and planted it into the back of Mouth’s killer. The three surviving women rushed him with sharp metal. He was big but they were quick. They stabbed and they stabbed and they stabbed as their Lord laughed at us.

The Lady was alone. I saw through her eyes as the women hacked Giant apart. I felt her fear.

Her control weakened. I remembered my name. I wailed as I remembered my wife and how the Lady killed her. I remembered my daughter and the horrors the Lady had committed. Despair swept over me and I tried to cry but all I did was bleed more blood into the ground.

Then I died.

“Fight,” the Lady commanded.

I pushed up from the ground. There was so much blood on the road. I grabbed the stop sign and stood up.

Fingers rose and pulled the last of his guts from his body.

Ass wheezed through a broken throat as he stood up.

The three women were approaching the Lady. They spun around and stared at us. Their Lord was confused so they were too. We were dead. How could the Lady’s will be stronger than our deaths?

Maybe that was why she was the Lady.

We rushed forward. I swung my stop sign overhead at the black woman who killed me. She smiled as the sign caved in her face. I knew she was thanking me for the freedom that had been denied to her.

Fingers ripped out the throat of a woman with his teeth and I felt the Lady’s pleasure of the taste of the woman’s blood.

Ass tackled the last woman and bashed her head against the road.

“Take him,” the Lady commanded.

The Lord ran. We chased. He ducked into a store where mannequins had been raped and we followed. He ran out into an alley where strange cocks grew on the walls and we chased. He ran into a street where the dead cars vibrated and we grabbed him. He was strong but we punched and held him down until our Lady caught up to us.

Our Lady carried Mouth’s mask in her hand. The Lord screamed as we ripped off his tight pants. The Lord begged as we held his head still. The Lord cried as she put the hood on him.

“Now, you are Bitch,” she said.

Bitch stopped struggling. We let him go and Bitch scrambled to his knees. He bent his head down and kissed the shit covered boot of our Lady.

“We need more,” the Lady commanded. “We need to replenish my slaves before you fall apart.”

We moaned and obeyed.