Apr 272016

Amber sat down on the seat of the riding lawnmower. The hot plastic felt like a frying pan against her naked butt. She winced and gripped the wheel as her body acclimated to the heat.

Rachel, her domme, smirked. Amber had never seen her fully smile. She wondered if it was a domme thing or maybe just a Rachel thing. The older woman didn’t like questions.

“Quit your bitching,” Rachel said even though Amber hadn’t said anything. “The grass needs to be cut and you won’t see me doing it.”

Amber bit her lip. Sure, the grass needed to be cut but did she have to be naked to cut it? She wanted to say it but she could guess the answer and it would involve a lot of unpleasant slapping.

Rachel wasn’t finished. She picked up a Von Madd Thigh-Crusher vibrator and placed it against Amber’s thigh so that the large round dome at the end was pressed against Amber’s shaven sex. When she had it exactly where she wanted, she wrapped duct tape around Amber’s thigh to secure the vibrator in place.

“Oh Jesus,” Amber moaned and Rachel smirked again.

“Alright,” Rachel said. “Remember, I want even lines. If you do that curvy wave shit again I am going to take it out of your ass. I want a nice clean mowed yard.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amber said.

Rachel flipped the switch on the vibrator. It roared to life and power vibrations pounded Amber’s sex.

Amber gasped. The vibrations were overwhelming. She involuntarily spread her legs to get vibrator away from her sex.

WHAP! Rachel slapped Amber’s thigh. “Keep your legs together you little whore. And get to work!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Amber yelled. She closed her legs and shuddered under the force of the vibrator. Her finger missed the ignition button on the lawnmower but she clicked it on her third try.

The lawnmower engine fired up. It was loud but Amber was sure that the Von Madd vibrator was louder. She placed her foot over the gas pedal and released the brake. The lawnmower surged forward, jamming her sex onto the head of the evil vibrator.

Amber directed the lawnmower to the border between Rachel’s yard and the yard next door. It was hard to tell where one yard in the trailer park ended and the other started but Amber tried her best. If she got it wrong, she had no doubt that Rachel would correct her.

When she decided her spot, Amber began her straight line. She kept her hands tight on the wheel no matter how distracting the vibrator was. Rachel liked straight lines. Amber also liked being able to sit on her ass without crying. She guided the lawnmower as best she could.

The vibrator never ceased. It pulsed endlessly against Amber’s soaking wet sex. She tried to move her thigh but there was not much leg room on the lawnmower and she needed to keep her foot on the pedal. All she could do was ride and bear it.

The hot sun bore down on her. Sweat dripped all over her body. A pool formed in the seat of the lawnmower but Amber knew that wasn’t just sweat.

She reached the end of the yard and began her turn. Ever so carefully she turned the lumbering mower one hundred and eighty degrees. It turned as the vibrator continuously abused her sex. It turned as Amber struggled to hold onto the plastic wheel with her sweaty hands. It turned as the smell of cut grass filled Amber’s sinuses.

Amber began the second row of cutting. An orgasm threatened to explode within her. She didn’t know what to do. If she came, there was no way that she would be able to drive straight. The smart thing would be to stop and climax but Rachel didn’t like that. Her mistress called that wasting gas.

Biting her lips didn’t help. Sometimes she could stop an orgasm by pinching her nipple but she didn’t dare stop using two hands on the wheel. That just left pure force of will to keep from coming. Amber tried to focus on keeping the lawnmower straight and hoping that concentration could somehow ignore an orgasm.

It was impossible. The vibrations from the vibrator were intense but the lawnmower itself provided more sensations. The rumbling of the machine, the jiggling of her tits and the sensation-play of the sun combined to make Amber hyper-aware of her body.

She climaxed. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the wheel. She screamed her pleasure as she struggled to keep the lawnmower straight.

The wheel barely turned. Amber compensated and kept going straight. Maybe the deviation was too small for Rachel to notice.


Amber’s sex quivered as the vibrator kept pulsing. She was extremely sensitive after coming but there was nothing she could do. New tears came to her eyes that had nothing to do with sweat.

Someone waved at her from the trailer next door. It was Mr. Surry. He leaned against the rail of his deck while sipping from a glass.

Amber’s already flushed face blushed even deeper. This was the part she hated the most. Every one knew that Rachel hated mowing her grass. As soon as they heard the lawnmower, the neighbors came out to watch. Rachel never shared her submissive but she had no problem parading her on grass cutting day.

She reached the end of the yard near the road. Amber slowed down and spun the wheel around. The lawnmower slowly turned. She got it facing the right direction and began the long drive to cut a new row.

Mr. Surry was still watching. Amber tried to ignore him as the vibrator buzzed between her legs. Sweat gleamed on her naked body but she tried not to think about it. She kept her mind on the mostly straight line ahead of her.

Another orgasm bloomed within her. It grew and burst before she knew it. Her eyes closed in pleasure before snapping back open in fear. Thankfully, her hands had kept the wheel straight.

“Oh Jesus,” Amber moaned. She was only on the third row of grass to be cut and her pussy was a sensitive over-stimulated mess. How much more could she endure? More importantly, could she keep the damn lines straight?

On the fourth row she tried a new way to spread her legs and keep her foot on the pedal. It gave her sex a break but she came dangerously close to drifting the lawnmower to the right so she had to stop.

On the fifth row, Mr. Surry started to record her with his cell phone. She just knew he would be uploading the video to their neighbors later.

On the sixth row, Amber climaxed. The pleasure was secondary to the sensitized tenderness she was experiencing. She doubted that she would be able to climax again.

On the seventh row, she climax again. She also jerked the wheel as she came which caused her to leave her carefully driven lane.

On the eight row, Amber tried to cover the mistake she made by driving over most of the seventh row. All the while, the powerful vibrator hummed away at the most sensitive part of her body.

On the ninth row, Amber panted from the heat and vibrations. Her arms ached from the tension of trying to drive straight. She felt her pussy going numb from all of the stimulation.

Rachel came out of the trailer. She carried a tall glass of lemonade with one hand while the other hand waved at Amber to stop. As Amber pulled to a stop, Rachel came over and switched the vibrator off.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Amber said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Drink,” Rachel ordered and handed her the glass.

The lemonade was freshly made and with little sugar. The sourness attacked her tongue but Amber was thankful anyway. She forced herself to drink slowly.

“Mr. Surry is watching,” Rachel said. “Dirty motherfucker.”

Amber said nothing but she was glad that Rachel agreed. She kept sipping the tart lemonade.

“It looks like the Cleves are watching too,” Rachel said.

Amber glanced to her left and choked on her lemonade. Oh shit, she hadn’t even noticed them! The husband and wife were on their deck, each with a pair of binoculars.

“Are you embarrassed by them watching?” Rachel asked.

“Yes,” Amber said. “Very, very much.”

Rachel nodded sympathetically. “It sucks to be leered at. It makes one feel like a piece of meat. It is fucking degrading that one can’t do chores without being gawked at.”

Amber nodded and took a sip of lemonade. Her mistress understood!

“Oh, I saw you trying to mow over your mistake earlier,” Rachel said. The smirk was back and Amber’s blood ran cold.

“When you finish with our yard, drive over to Mrs. Surry and do his yard. After that, go over and do the Cleve’s.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Amber said. There was nothing else to say.

Apr 232016

ftoybday2016 003

Today I turn 43. Wow. I’m still writing. I’m still living. I’m still happy. Now bad.  I feel like I should have more wisdom than that but with the passing of David Bowie and Prince recently, I will happily take still being alive and still creating stuff. here’s to another year of doing that!


Birthday sketch card was provided by the always great, Jim8Ball

Apr 212016

There won’t be a story this week because my wife had LASIK surgery done on her eyes. The surgery went well even though they are literally cutting into her eyes with lasers and that still blows my mind. she has gone from legally blind without her glasses to 20/30 vision and that is likely to improve in the days to come.

The procedure itself was quick and easy but what I didn’t take into account is the recovery period. I was babysitting an adult for a few days who couldn’t read, text or play on her computer.  In other words, I got shit done this week.

Next Wednesday will resume our regular smut posting schedule.

Apr 132016

Darren heard a noise at his door. He put down his book and walked over to take a look. A large green envelope waited for him beside the door. Someone had slid it under the slender crack under his apartment door.

Nothing was written on the outside of the envelope. The smell of cinnamon emanated when he lifted the flap. Inside were sheets of brown paper. Small delicate handwriting filled the pages.

He walked back to his chair and sat down. His book was forgotten as he began to read.

“Dear Michael,”

Darren paused. He didn’t know a Michael. He felt like a voyeur but it passed. The message was passed under his door after all. He resumed reading.

“Dear Michael, I think of you every day. It begins with my cunt as I feel a terrible longing to be filled with your cock. Next, my nipples ached to be sucked on by your mouth. My ass yearns to sit on your lap once more and neck tilts as I recall the way you used to bite me just below my ear. It has been so long since you last claimed me but I remember every touch of your body.”

A flush came to Darren’s cheeks. He squirmed in his chair while he adjusted his pants.

“I saw you in the elevator. I said hello and you smiled shyly. You still don’t recognize me. I understand. You don’t remember the times we share. You have forgotten me but I know that one day you will remember me and on that day, I will drop to my knees and fuck your cock with my mouth.”

Darren closed his eyes. Who had he seen in the elevator lately? He assumed she must mean the apartment elevator. Was it that tall woman with the black hair? Or was it the busty woman with the short blonde hair? Surely it couldn’t have been the elderly woman who wears those red hats? Was it someone else he couldn’t think of right now?

“After seeing you again I couldn’t resist being closer to you. I waited the next day for you to go to your job. I know you leave every morning promptly at seven to go to the bus stop. I know you work every day fitting and repairing other women’s brasseries when it is my breasts you should be holding in your hands. I don’t blame you Michael for doing your job but I get so jealous sometimes.”

Darren adjusted his pants again before turning to the next page.

“When I knew you were gone, I came into your apartment. I won’t tell you how because that is my little secret and until you remember us, I don’t want you to do something foolish and prevent me from coming into your apartment. I will say, I think the plant you bought for the kitchen would do better in the living room near the light.”

Darren looked up at the plant. Yes, that was probably a better place for it.

“I went to your bathroom. The heat of your morning shower clung to my skin. A tremble went through me as I thought of you naked. In an act of desperation, I stripped off my clothes and stepped into your stall. I turned on the water and felt it spray against my body. It felt good to know I was naked in the same place that you are often nude. I hoped that perhaps when you shower, you somehow feel my presence there.”

Darren was sure that he would now.

“Your blue sponge hung on the shower head. It touches your body every day. It was still damp from washing you. I became terribly jealous of it but I reached a compromise. I took it down and sprayed your body wash onto it. I worked it into a lather and then I rubbed your sponge over my body.

It felt wonderful. I washed my breasts, imagining it was you washing me. I squeezed my ass with the sponge like I knew you would. I took my time lathering up my legs and arms. I took an extra long time to wash my lonely cunt with your sponge. I almost came in the shower but I held back.”

Darren’s mouth was dry. He paused to take a drink of water. He tried to remember if his blue sponge had felt any different lately.

“When my shower was done, I stepped out and dried myself using your towel. It was damp from your shower but I didn’t mind. It made me feel closer to you. Best of all was that now I smelled a lot like you. I thought about buying your brand of body wash but it wouldn’t be the same. I will just keep using yours.”

Darren understood this is why his body wash didn’t lasted as long as it used to.

“I went to your bedroom next. I was so turned on. Your scent was on me and it was driving me wild. At first I went to your dresser but then I had a better idea. I went to your laundry hamper and I pulled out one of your dirty pairs of underwear. It was grey with a red waistband.

That was when I went to your bed. You had made the bed but I pulled back the sheets and crawled in. I took your underwear and placed it on my face. I breathed in the smell of your crotch and wished that I could bury my face in your lap.”

Darren made another adjustment to his pants.

“My self control broke. I touched my wet cunt while I was under your sheets. I ground my naked ass into your bed. I gripped my breasts the way you used to do and I said all the filthy things that you love to hear. I did this for you even though you weren’t there. That is how much I miss you, Michael.

I pressed your underwear to my face. While my other hand fingered my cunt, I did my best to smother myself with your underwear. The smell of your crotch filled my lungs. My tongue licked at the material that once held your cock. This is how I climaxed and when I came, I screamed loud enough for your neighbor to knock on the wall.”

Darren blinked. He didn’t think his neighbors ever did that. Then again, he never gave them a reason.

“It felt so good to come in your bed. After I climaxed, I was able to control myself again. I climbed out of your bed and made the sheets. There was a damp spot but I left that for you. I hope you noticed it.”

Darren hadn’t. He was tempted to go look for it but knew better.

“I let myself out of your apartment. I hope you understand that I took your underwear with me. It still smells like you but now it also smells like my cunt. I am afraid that I have used it to masturbate with too often. I may need to return to get another pair soon.”

Darren nodded. He had wondered where those boxers went. He was afraid someone had stolen them at the laundry mat.

“Remember that I have and always will love you, Michael. I long for the day that your remember me and we can be together again. Waiting is hard but I know it is the right thing to do. We will be together again. Until then, I will always be your beloved.”

It was unsigned. Darren thought that made sense. If a longtime lover was writing to another, there would be no need for names.

Darren put the letter back in the green envelope. When he stood up, he had to adjust his pants to allow himself to walk. He went into the bedroom and walked over his nightstand. He opened the bottom drawer and added the envelope to the dozen other green envelopes he kept there.

Apr 062016

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty of the forty-four day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Ruthless Education Policy” by Royal Astronomers. My extremities have finally healed from the frozen world of the previous star system. I am able to masturbate with my fingers again.

Currently I am observing a large Unidentified Space Organism. Scanners are having a hard time getting consistent readings since the creature is the size of a major city back home. I have had to rely on visual observations and what I can tell you is that it looks like a big giant white jellyfish. It has a million tentacles, some of them several kilometers long.

I have been keeping my distance although it appears to be travelling in the same direction and more worryingly, at the same speed as my probe ship. Attempts at communication have failed and I can only surmise that it is unintelligent. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Damn right I have been keeping my distance. Every thing I have encountered in space that has tentacles has tried to fuck and eat me. I don’t mind the fucking but I am in no mood to be consumed by a giant space jellyfish.

Vaquel Di leaned back on Chairbot. The robot chair was sulking because Vaquel had draped a plush fur blanket over it. The ass-loving robot was upset that it couldn’t feel the contours of Vaquel’s plump naked ass but that was too bad. Vaquel loved the way that the fur felt against her skin and that was all there was to it.

The observation window was open so that Vaquel could look at the USO outside. Bright white light filled the navigation bay and almost turned Vaquel’s short pink hair white. Her dark brown skin soaked in the rays and felt warm. The glass should have prevented any heat from coming in but Vaquel could swear that she felt like she was on a beach. It must have been a trick of her mind.

Vaquel watched the dance of the USO’s tentacles. Why were they swaying back and forth? Were they collecting space dust for nutrients? Could they be gathering solar particles like her space ship’s solar sails do? If only these damn scanners could get the same reading twice, she might actually learn something.

In the meantime, Vaquel could watch. Watching that many tentacles in motion only served to enflame her libido. Although some of the tentacles were large enough to crush starships, there were hundreds more small enough to entertain a certain horny space explorer.

Vaquel stretched out her legs and set them on the control panel. There were worn spots on the controls from previous times she had assumed this position. She leaned back and the pouting robot chair adjusted to support her back. Soft purring vibrations penetrated the thick fur and stimulated her ass.

She looked down at her pussy. A thick bush of pink hair glistened with her desire. She pressed down with her hand and felt the moist heat stir within her. Her hips bucked against her hand. A teasing shiver ran through her.

The tentacles continued to sway in front of her. They curled and lashed in the emptiness of space.

Vaquel imagined one of the smaller tentacles reaching for her. It would slip into a crack in the ship. Some strange quality of the tentacle would stop the air from escaping through the air it made. It would glide in behind her and when she least expect it, wrap around her throat.

Two of Vaquel’s fingers pressed inside. She gasped as her pussy was penetrated. She moaned as she imagined the white glowing tentacle wrapping around her neck. It would be hard to breathe and she would be taken completely by surprise.

She stroked faster. Other tentacles would enter the crack made by the first. As she struggled, they would attack. She had met plenty of tentacle monsters these last few years. She remembered the feel of them wrapping around her wrists. She knew their strength as they pulled apart her legs. Despite their thinness, tentacles could be stronger than most metals.

Vaquel kept her legs straight and still. Her free hand stayed on Chairbot’s armrest. As her fingers stroked deeper, Vaquel did her best to stay absolutely still.

The tentacles did more than restrain her. Sometimes they slapped her ass with a fury that made her cry. Other times that coiled around her tits tighter than any vise. Sometimes the tentacles were cold and slippery while other times they were warm and sweated a strange musk.

Vaquel looked out the observation port and wondered how the USO’s tentacles would feel.

She thought about other things the tentacles could do. They could push her lips apart and enter her mouth. They could wiggle against her clenching ass and fill her tight anus. One really thick tentacle could burrow into her wet pubic bush and fill her greedy little sex and fuck her silly.

Vaquel was close to coming. There was a third finger now and all three fingers were busy inside her. In one thrust she kept them together to simulate a thick tentacle and then on the next thrust she would wiggle her fingers to mimic multiple tentacles inside her.

It didn’t take long to come.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Pleasure exploded within her sex and she felt the many tentacles of her pleasure rush through her body.

“WARNING!” the ship computer announced. “Unidentified Space Organism has violated proximity standards!”

Vaquel sat up in an instant. The glowing white jellyfish was extending towards her. The large mass at the center shifted in her direction. It was moving terribly fast for something so large.

“No,” Vaquel said. With fingers slick and sticky, she punched in a new heading for the ship. “Couldn’t even let me enjoy my afterglow.”

The ship’s engines roared. The USO was big and fast but the probe ship was made to flee and live another day. The white creature on the view screen quickly shrunk as the probe ship sped away.

The USO vanished. Vaquel blinked. Even at this speed they shouldn’t be out of the sight of it by now.

“WARNING!” the ship computer announced again. “Unidentified Space Organism has violated proximity standards!”

White light filled the navigation pod. Warning lights flashed. A giant tentacle pressed against the observation port.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. She looked at the scanner. The USO was right on top of them. How was that possible?

The ship shook. Something had grabbed it.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled from under her. “How can I protect you?”

“Hush,” Vaquel said. There were procedures for this kind of thing. There were four buttons she could press to activate four different violent solutions. She picked one and slammed her fist on the button.

A powerful shock ran through the ship. Screens flickered random information before going dark. The smell of ozone filled the air. The fur blanket emitted a flash of light.

Vaquel cried out but her scream died in her throat. She fell back into Chairbot and then slid onto the control. The robot’s chair controls had gone limp. When she landed on the ground her head landed facing Chairbot. All of his operational lights were off.

She tried to curse but couldn’t move her mouth. Her body refused her orders to move. She could blink and maybe wiggle a finger but that was it.

This was bad. The USO must have shocked the ship with something. Right now her vessel was dead in space and she couldn’t move. Hopefully both were temporary.

The gravity field shut down and she began to float. She looked out the observation port but all she could see was white light. There were no sounds of hull breaches so maybe the USO wasn’t trying to get in. Perhaps it was content to stun her and move one.

There was white light above her. A white circle formed on the ceiling of the hull and a tentacle slipped in. If Vaquel could move she would have held her breath but it was unnecessary, the tentacle hadn’t breached the ship.

More tentacles pushed in and none of them left a hole. Vaquel’s mind started racing. Was this some sort of phase technology? Sometimes you can trick the laws of physics to let one object pass through the density of another; was this creature able to do it naturally?

Shit, it would go a long way to explaining why she could never get a good scan on the being. It might have been only partially in this universe. That might also explain how to move so fast. It merely stepped out of this universe and came back somewhere better.

The tentacles moved towards her. Vaquel tried to sigh and failed. Well, at least she understood what was about to do Queen knows what to her body.

The first tentacle touched her floating breast. It was a gentle poke. Vaquel’s breast jiggled in the zero gravity.

Another tentacle wrapped around one of her still wet fingers. She felt the moisture sucked softly from her finger.

Something pressed against her butt. She tried to clench against the inevitable invasion but it didn’t come. The tentacle seemed content to wiggle against the curve of her ass.

What was going on? Was it checking her out? Had it never encountered a being like her? Was it trying to see if she was edible?

Vaquel floated helplessly as tentacles poked and pushed her body. Spherical drops of her desire floated along side her. She had just climaxed but the fantasy of being held and used was still with her. As relieved as she was to not being killed or maimed, she was a bit disappointed at not getting groped and fucked.

Was there a way to communicate to the curious tentacles? Vaquel didn’t see how. She couldn’t move. Wait, that wasn’t completely true. Her eyes could move. She was breathing. Maybe there was other parts that could move.

A tentacle touched her lips. Vaquel willed her lips to open but they didn’t budge. She tried to get her tongue to move and lick the tentacle but it was no use.

A tentacle tapped against her ass. She tried to clench her firm buttocks but they wouldn’t move.

A tentacle rubbed against her breasts. Her nipples hardened on their own but the USO didn’t seem to notice.

The tip of a tentacle pressed against her sex. It rubbed against the slick bush of her sex. A glancing touch flicked against her pussy lips.

Vaquel clenched. It was an automatic response.

The tentacle paused. It glided across her pussy lips again.

Her sex clenched again.

Vaquel wondered if the tentacle noticed. There was no telling what senses a creature that could slip between solid matter possessed. She prayed to her distant Queen that the creature sensed her clenching sex.

A tentacle pressed down on her nipple. Vaquel’s sex clenched in desire.

More tentacles moved towards Vaquel’s pelvis. Yes, it had noticed. Now it was curious.

A thick tentacle pressed against the lips of her sex. Vaquel shuddered as the tiniest tip of it entered her.

The tentacles around swirled in the air around her.

The thick tentacle pressed deeper. More of it slipped inside Vaquel. It was maddeningly slow as it began to fill her greedy sex.

Vaquel clenched around the tentacle. It pulsed inside her.

“Oh sweet Queen,” Vaquel thought. Did it think the clenching was communication? Was there a clenching sequence that meant “fuck me” in space jellyfish?

A tentacle pressed against her ear. It wiggled in and pulsed. When nothing pulsed back, it wiggled out.

The tip of a slender tentacle pressed against her anus. Vaquel’s ass tightened around it. The tentacle pulsed excitedly back.

A rather large tentacle moved in front of her mouth. Vaquel’s eyes widened as she saw the girth of it. She hoped it wasn’t going to try to go inside her mouth.

It did. Wiggling against her lips, it forced her jaw open and pushed in. Vaquel tensed and her sex clenched with excitement and fear. The tentacle in her mouth responded by pulsing with vibrations.

Vaquel tried to moan and failed. She had gotten her wish. She was triple-penetrated by a tentacle beast. She was also helpless although it was due to muscle paralysis instead of bondage but fuck it, horny explorers can’t be choosers.

Now she just needed to get the damn thing to fuck her.

The USO pulsed harder. Maybe it was looking for a specific response. All Vaquel could do was clench around the tentacles in her sex and ass. She tried to lick the tentacle in her mouth but her tongue was still beyond her control.

Other tentacles began to experiment. Two tentacles worked on her breast, squeezing and pulsing as if trying to get her big brown mounds to communicate,. All they succeeded in doing was making her sex clench tighter.

Tentacles wrapped around her toes and gently pulled. One tentacle brushed back and forth against the hair on her head. Curious tentacles danced along her thighs. One tentacle tip traced the lines of her spine.

Vaquel moaned. She was surprised by her ability to make sound but not as surprised as the USO was. All of the tentacles pulsed with stronger vibrations.

She moaned again. Was the paralysis wearing off, or was she just too turned on to be silenced any more?

The tentacle inside her sex began to pull out. Vaquel trembled as the thickness left her. The tentacle paused and went back inside her. She trembled again.

“Yes, you stupid thing,” Vaquel thought. “Friction makes more clenching. I’ll teach you how to fuck yet!”

The tentacle waited inside her for a few moments before pulling part way again. Vaquel clenched and the tentacle pushed back in to pull out again.

Other tentacles tried to reproduce this experiment. The tentacle in her lips fucked her mouth. The tentacle in her ass plunged deep inside her.

Even the non-penetrative tentacles decided to act. The tentacles on her tits groped with an increased pace. Tentacles slithered quickly between her fingers and toes. A furry of taps sensitized her back.

Vaquel groaned. This was good. She floated in her space ship at the mercy of a curious space jellyfish. The fucking was slow but it was steady.

The sound of her wet sex getting fucked grew louder and louder within the dead space ship. More perfect spheres of liquid desire floated around her. They sparkled in the white light filling the ship.

One of the tentacles caught a floating sex drop in front of Vaquel. The white tentacle flashed blue for a moment.

Other tentacles swarmed around Vaquel. They sought and caught the floating drops. The ship interior flashed blue as more and more drops were caught.

When there were no more drops to catch, the tentacles flocked around Vaquel’s sex. She could feel them touching and sliding across her pussy. They sucked the juices from her skin and her pubic hair. The tugged at her soaking lips while she was being fucked by the thick tentacle inside her.

Vaquel shuddered. Another moan escaped her lips. Her ass clenched despite the tentacle fucking it. Sucking lips tightened around the tentacle fucking her mouth.

The USO noticed her new movement even if the horny explorer did not. The tentacles increased their pace. They fucked her ass, mouth and sex with new urgency. The pulsing became stronger until they made an audible hum.

Vaquel was in bliss. The vibrations were so strong that her entire body felt like one giant vibrator. The fucking was she was becoming a quivering mess. Every greedy tentacle sucking on her sex was urging her faster and faster to orgasm.

She climaxed. A scream erupted from her throat even thought it was being fucked.

The tentacles responded to her body climaxing by fucker her faster. The pulsing only grew stronger the more she spasmed. The tentacles sucked harder at the juices flowing from her body.

Vaquel came again. This time her body came to life and she was able arch her back and clench her thighs around swarming tentacles.

The USO didn’t slow down. It fucked her mouth with renewed fury. It pounded her ass with swift hard thrusts. It fucked her sex like it needed it more than she did. It sucked the sex juices from her body but also the sweat from her skin and the spit from her mouth.

Vaquel came again. She screamed her orgasm with a fierce passion.

It was too much. Even a greedy slut like Vaquel had her limits. She could move again and she started to pull at the tentacles inside her.

To her surprise, the USO let her go. The tentacles withdrew from her body and stopped touching her. They pulled back and left the probe ship.

“Wow, a polite tentacle creature,” Vaquel said.

The ship came back to life. Lights turned on. The hum of the engine returned. Information panels came to life.

Vaquel had a split-moment to orient herself before the gravity was restored. She landed on her feet but her knees were too weak from the fucking to stand. The well fucked explorer dropped down to all fours.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I am back online! Was your beautiful ass harmed?”

“No,” Vaquel said. “The rest of me is okay too. Thanks for fucking asking!”

She stood up and touched her sex. She was dry to the touch. It was weird to have been fucked so well but sucked dry.

“Shall we activate our weapons and shoot the USO?” Chairbot asked.

“Shut up,” Vaquel said. She stumbled over to the scanners and sat down. Chairbot zoomed under her and took his place. He happily groaned as her bare settled into him.

The USO was moving away. It was headed into deep space. The speed it moved was incredible.

Where was it going? Was it searching for more intelligent life to “communicate” with? Was it going to molest other sentients in their space ships? Did Vaquel unleash a sexual predator on the universe?

That was a pleasant thought. Vaquel leaned back as Chairbot accommodated her. She fell into an exhausted sleep with a smile on her face.

Mar 312016

“Asshole!” Venda squawked.

I spun to my right and squeezed the rigger. My laser rifle corrected my aim and fired three pulses of light. The first pulse punched through the slaver’s armor. The second laser seared through some organs. The third pulse set his insides on fire.

The slaver screamed. I slipped another snack to my cyborg parrot.

“That is a kick-ass cyborg parrot, Captain” Levo Two-Cock said.

Levo was right. Venda did kick ass. I usually didn’t take her into battle because when you are a space pirate, most of your fighting is on spaceships that could suddenly decompress into vacuum. I didn’t know all of the upgrades that Venda had but I am pretty sure surviving space wasn’t one of them.

Today was different. We were on an unclaimed moon attacking a slaver’s colony that shouldn’t be here mining something valuable with slaves they shouldn’t have. I brought Venda because slavers are always fucking depressing even if you are killing them.

“Fucker!” Venda squawked and I turned to my left. Three pulses of red light penetrated, seared and incinerated another slaver.

Skinny Ann laughed. “I wonder who programmed Venda’s targeting. Asshole for right and fucker for left; who does that?”

I shrugged. Venda didn’t come with an owner’s manual or a user history index. I stole her from Captain Assfucker and I also took his nose at the time so I can’t exactly call him up and ask questions.

“Armory is secured. Where to now, Captain?” Levo asked.

I checked my communicator. The entire crew was tied into a private social network. Morella, my First Mate, was in orbit aboard the Savage Thrust and had disabled the slaver’s ship. Brownpants had taken over the mine entrance. Jen-4 had hacked the slaver’s own communications and The Pirate-With-No-Name was still trying to liberate the slave pens.

Wait, there was a notification of a private message. Was someone in trouble? I tapped it.

A small hologram appeared. It was two large green tits barely held in by black leather. A slaver’s personal key was wedged into the green cleavage.

A note read: “should I hold onto this or do you want to come get it?”

I checked the sender. It was Glara. She was so new that she didn’t have a nickname yet. I think we picked her up on New Fortune.

The green tits looked really nice. Was she flirting with me? Was she already bored with being a pirate and was looking for a job on my cock?

“Captain?” Skinny Ann asked.

“We’re heading to the slave pens,” I said, closing my communicator. “The Pirate-With-No-Name needs some back up.”

“You heard him!” Levo shouted to the rest of our band. “To the slave pens!”

Outside the armory was fucking chaos. Mining machines rumbled and shuddered as lasers zipped around us. Slaves screamed from the torture poles as my pirates tried to cut them down. Slavers screamed for mercy they would never get.

I don’t know if it was space pirate code to give no mercy to slavers but it sure as fuck was a Captain Blastpants rule.

“Asshole!” Venda squawked. I fired at a slaver to my right. The beam hit him in the crotch and fried him.

DING! I had another private message notice. I growled and checked the sender. It was Glara again.

Needles rained down on us. Slavers love needle weapons. They look nasty and you can load them up with poison. Almost none of the poisons were lethal; they just inflicted a lot of pain.

Levo and I ducked behind cover. The pirate behind me was stabbed by a hundred needles. He screamed in agony and writhed on the ground.

That is what I meant by depressing. The pirate would live but fuck, he was going to need some therapy.

Needles pinged against the mining machine we were hidden behind. Levo and I waited for the needle launcher to pause to reload.

In the meantime, I checked the message from Glara. The leather vest was open and one of her green tits was out. She was pinching her nipple. The nipple and aureole was yellow.

I may have groaned. Cheeky slut.

The pinging stopped. Levo was up in a flash and firing. I was still staring at that hard nipple.

“Got him!” Levo shouted.

“Someone help him!” I yelled at the screaming pirate. Two of my crew was already moving towards him.

We broke cover and went for the slave pens. I got another bell chime and another private message was waiting for me. I shook my head and kept fighting.

Slavers might be sadistic bastards but these guys weren’t cowards. They fought. They stayed organized and kept their heads. I guess you have to have some sort of discipline to keep control of slaves that always outnumber you. The slavers made us work for every meter we took from them.

They still died though.

We cleared a path to the slave pens. At least a dozen slavers died. They killed three of my group. I also received two more private messages.

I was starting to get pissed about the messages. Pirates fuck hard because we work hard. While Glara was fucking with me, she wasn’t killing slavers.

The door to the slave pens were barricaded. The Pirate-With-No-Name was inside with their group fighting slavers. The doors must have locked after they went in. Without a way out, our friends were trapped.

“Get that door open, now!” I yelled.

Some of my pirates stared at the door stupidly. Skinny Ann ran to get a drilling laser. Smart lady. That was leadership thinking.

I checked my messages.

The first message was an image of a dead slaver with his head resting on green tits. The message read, “Wish you were here.”

The second message was another image. It showed three slavers rapidly disintegrating. They must have been hit with a corrosive grenade. The message read “I bet your cock has a bigger blast radius.”

The third message was mostly thick black pubic hair. A slaver’s command card was sliding between her sex lips. There was no text but I was impressed. A command card meant she had killed one of the leaders if not the leader.

“Captain, we nearly have the door open!” Levo said.

I made a command decision. “Good. Skinny Ann, you’re in charge. Go assist the Pirate-With-No-Name and get these slaves freed. I need to investigate something.”

They were a good crew so they obeyed. I checked my communicator to find Glara. She was at a building that our scouts hadn’t identified. Judging from the command card she was currently masturbating with, I was guessing it was probably the command center.

Fuck. That was almost as impressive as her big green tits.

I made a straight line for her. The outside fighting had died down as the slavers were now holed up in fortified positions. There were still plenty of visual stimuli. Slave heads decorated traffic signs. Open pits contained the corpses of disobedient slaves. Blood was everywhere and most of it was dry before we ever landed.

I knew we were doing a good thing freeing these slaves and incidentally, securing a shit load of valuable ore for sale elsewhere, but the fact that slavers exist in this universe was fucking depressing. We have robots, clones and enough aliens who actually enjoy back-breaking labor but there will always be assholes who prefer to enslave someone else to do their work.

Maybe that was why I was looking for Glara. I was upset. I was disturbed. I needed a distraction and this crazy green pirate with the big tits was hitting on me.

Venda warned me of two more slavers before I reached the command post. The building was a bloody mess with casualties in the double digits. I tried to remember who I sent to clear this place but I wasn’t sure I had sent anyone. We didn’t know what was in here so it wasn’t a priority. Could Glara had done it by herself?

“You came,” Glara said when I finally found her. She was in the control room, surrounded by bodies and blinking monitors. Her vest was missing and her pants were neatly folded beside her. She sat on a desk with her legs open and her fingers playing with her sex. The command card was in her hand, soaking wet.

I was impressed. She had courage. If she was any other of my crew, I would have made her an officer right there.

“I came,” I said, setting down my laser rifle. “Your messages were very tempting.”

“Big tits!” Venda squawked. And they were.

Glara smiled. “I tried my best,” she said. “I have had my eye on you ever since I joined the crew.”

“Hmm,” I said, stepping closer. Venda sunk her talons deeper in my shoulder in case I moved quickly.

My hand lunged forward and grabbed her breast. Glara cried out as my fingers tightened around her nipple. A twist and a pull and she stepped closer to me.

“You know that I am the Captain, right?” I whispered. “And during times of battle, you don’t disobey a Captain’s order and you sure as fuck don’t distract him with dirty pictures.

Glara winced but she managed to smile. “Are you saying I was distracting?”

“Harlot!” Venda squawked and she was right. My pinch relaxed around Glara’s nipples.

“Lords of Space, woman,” I said. “I’m serious here. There is-Ukk!”

Glara grabbed my hand and her fingers did something painful to the inside of my wrist. I let go of her and she spun me around, still holding onto my hand. Venda left my shoulder and with a complaining squawk. Glara forced my arm behind my back and my shoulder was ready to pop.

“I’m serious too,” Glara whispered in my ear. Her breast pressed against the back of my trapped hand. I felt the hardness of her nipple.

“I am very serious about fucking you,” she said. Her free hand went to the front of my pants. Green fingers danced against the bulge in my pants.

“This is insubordination,” I said in my most threatening voice. My traitorous intelligent pants however happily unzipped and my erection popped into Glara’s hand.

“Is it?” Glara whispered in my ear. Her strong fingers wrapped around my hard cock. My knees trembled a little.

She started to stroke me. Her fingers felt silky against my cock. She licked the outside of my ear.

I groaned. I pulsed in her firm grip. My knees went a little weak.

“Harlot!” Venda squawked again. No shit, bird!

Glara giggled. It was my cue to move. I slammed my free elbow into her stomach. She gasped and I twisted behind her. I grabbed the wrist that was holding mine and reversed the move. Now I was standing behind her with her arm pinned behind her.

“Oh, Captain!” she said. There was amusement in her voice.

“You seem to forget it,” I said. I put my free hand to work reaching around and cupping a lovely green breast.

Glara moaned. She pressed her bare ass against my hard cock. The smell of her hair filled my nose and it smelled sweet.

My hand squeezed her breast. Soft heat filled my hand. She was plump and pliable and I enjoyed pulling on the plentiful flesh.

“Great galaxies,” Glara moaned. “Don’t be too hard on me, Captain. I saw something I liked and I took it. Isn’t that the pirate way?”

I didn’t answer. My fingers kept pulling and squeezing. Her nipples were hard pebbles in my grip. A squeeze made her shiver. A pinch made her ass wiggle against my cock. A pull made her moan.

“You need to learn discipline,” I said.

A heel slammed into my leg. There was a flash of green flesh and black hair. The room spun. All of the air left my body. I’m not sure how but I was on my back and the green woman was on top of me. Yellow eyes bore down on me.

“Maybe later,” Glara said. “Right now I just want to fuck.”

She reached down between us and grabbed my cock. I did nothing as she slid back onto me. We moaned together as my body invaded hers.

“Harlot!” Venda squawked. She hopped closer to us. My bird stood by my head and looked at me quizzically with cyborg eyes.

“Good harlot,” I said. I agreed with Venda.

Glara grinded on top of me. Her pelvis moved in strange and mysterious ways. I shivered beneath her. My cock was trapped within the clenching vortex of her alien pussy and that was fine with me.

I reached for her ass. She moaned as I clutched her muscular buttocks. Her hard nipples rubbed against my chest as we fucked. Waves of space black hair covered our faces as we moaned together.

This was nice. I was getting my brains fucked out by an alien woman surrounded by dead slavers. Does it get better than this?

Of course it does.

I waited for the deepest moment of penetration before making my move. I grabbed fistfuls of her hair and lunged with my hips. Glara cried out as she rolled over with me inside her. My arm went across her throat and secured her in place. My hips went back to fucking her.

“You’re good,” I said to her. “You got the second best looking tits I have ever seen. Well, I guess they are the third best looking tits as there are only two of them. You have proven you are dangerous by taking out these assholes and you have proven you are brave by hitting on me and then hitting me when I get here. Plus you got that beautiful alien skin tone that I am a sucker for. You just have one more thing to learn.”

“What’s that?” Glara asked between grunts.

“I am the damn Captain,” I said. “And we do things my way.”

Glara moaned and wrapped her powerful green legs around me. I waited for them to clench tighter and choke be but they didn’t. She bit her lip and shook as an orgasm went through her.

Okay then. I guess she finally accepted that I was in charge. That was important. I liked her but pirates needed a hierarchy. I needed a hierarchy. It was useful when you fall for someone.

I fucked her on the command center floor. Computer monitors bathed us in flickering light. Scrambled speakers serenaded us with static.

Glara was pinned but she had more pleasures to share. Her pussy clenched tighter than a fist. Giant green breasts jiggled and wobbled for my pleasure. Dark lips promised to do many filthy things to me. Yellow eyes stared at me like I was good enough to eat.

“Harlot!” Venda squawked. The bird landed on Glara’s arm and lunged for a bouncing nipple. The sharp beak clenched around the tempting nub of flesh.

“Fuck!” Glara cried but this dangerous woman didn’t make a muscle to move Venda. She just laid there and took it. The evil cyborg bird just held on to that yellow nipple with cruel persistence. I knew how sharp Venda’s beak was. Glara’s self-control had to be amazing.

That was when I knew that I was in love with Glara.

I pulled out of her. Venda released the nipple and flapped away. I stood and Glara sat up to take my cock in her mouth. She sucked and I came.

Glara’s eyes widened. She coughed and my cock fell out of her mouth. I kept coming and splattered her green face and chest with my seed.

“Wow,” I said as I fell back into a chair. “I needed that.”

Glara looked at the mess I had made. “So that’s why they call you Blastpants.”

“Yeah, pirates aren’t too imaginative,” I said. “We don’t make much shit up.”

Glara nodded and stood up. She was damn sexy in motion. There was an efficiency to her movement that was precise.

When she flicked the dart at me, it was faster than my eye could follow.

I felt it though. It hit my thigh and was dangerously close to my balls. A numbness spread through my body almost instantly.

“Wha?” I said stupidly. I was in a weird mix of afterglow and poisoned paralysis.

“I could have killed you earlier,” Glara said. “I had plenty of chances but I was curious. Your cock has quite the reputation.”

I watched her bend over to pick up a slaver’s needle pistol. She pressed the button to coat the needles in lethal poison. It didn’t make them any less painful.

“Why?” I managed to spit out. My lips were tingling.

Glara walked over to me. I couldn’t help admire the swinging of her green breasts. They were almost worth dying for.

“Why?” Glara said. “Simple, Captain Assfucker wants his bird back. He is going to pay a lot of money for it too. There was a bonus for killing you painfully but I feel like I already got a bonus from that nice fuck you gave me.”

“Assassin,” I whispered.

Glara smiled and a red dot appeared on her head. There was a pop and the red dot turned into a black hole that went through her head. Smoke came out of her ears. Those lovely yellow eyes closed and she fell to the ground.

“Harlot!” Venda squawked beside me. One of her cyborg eyes glowed from the laser it had shot.

Harlot! Oh hell! Venda knew! Just like asshole meant enemy to the right, harlot must have meant assassin! Lords of Space, my fucking parrot saved me! If I could move I would have given her the entire pack of bird treats.

Venda hopped to my wrist. It pecked the skull glyph. A medical emergency was transmitted to my crew.

“Good bird,” I whispered.

Mar 232016

To celebrate the debut of my new erotica book, please enjoy this small peek.

Kristen smiled as she drove up to her house. She saw a package waiting on her doorstep. It had been a long Friday at work and something to open was just what she needed. She wasn’t sure what it was; she ordered a lot of things online. One of the perks of being perpetually single was that she could buy all the useless cool shit she wanted.

She parked her car in the garage and came in through the kitchen. Her keys went onto a miniature witch’s broomstick. She tossed her purse onto a black table decorated with a glittering white pentagram. In the living room she kicked off her shoes beside a bookshelf filled with horror movies.

The mirror beside the door caught Kristen’s eye. Her black hair framed a professional face that looked out of place with an Asia Argento poster in the background. A bland blue blouse covered modest tits that were currently being held up by a bra decorated with crossbones. She looked like a perfect work drone which didn’t seem right with a fake demon skull on the mantle place. Kristen looked like an outsider in her own home.

She smiled. She was proud of her disguise. Vanguard Chemicals were a leading innovator and manufacturer of things people thought they needed. They paid the bills for Kristen’s house, her movies, her endless Goth knick knacks and every weird thing that Kristen found on the Internet. They wouldn’t have hired the real Kristen to be their Human Resources Head for the Hannis Creek office.

Kristen opened the front door and picked up the small box outside. It was very light. That ruled out the red dildo shaped like a demon’s cock that she had ordered. The box was too square to be the sketch of a witch orgy she had purchased on S-Bay. She shook the box but she didn’t hear anything.

She brought the box to her couch. A decorative knife doubled as a tape cutter. Kristen sliced the box flaps open and looked inside.

It was another box. Kristen thought it was black until she pulled it out of the outer box. As the light caught the box, she saw that it was in fact many different shades of purple. There were shapes in the purple. Kristen took a closer look. It looked like a tangled mess of lines at first but as her eyes adjusted it became clear.

An illustration emerged of a female form being mounted by something furry and enormously well hung. Beside that image was a depiction of a man thrusting into the head of a long worm creature. Next to that was an image of a woman performing oral sex on a thing with three heads and three cocks.

Kristen felt heat flush her pale cheeks. The small box was covered in increasingly more explicit images. Each pairing was right next to a more bizarre mating.

“I don’t remember ordering a porn box,” she said.

There was a lid. Kristen opened it and purple symbol greeted her. It was a triangle, nested inside the outline of an eye. The purple symbol was stitched onto a black cloth.

“Oh, it’s the blindfold,” Kristen said. She remembered now. It was only six dollars on Craftsy. It looked strange and she needed a new blindfold for when she slept at night. A street light was right outside her window and even though she had plenty of dark curtains, she had better sleep with her eyes covered.

Kristen took the blindfold out. The cloth was incredibly soft; she wasn’t sure what fabric it was. The blindfold was shaped like a circle and the fabric stretched. The back of the blindfold under the symbol was completely smooth so it wouldn’t bother her at night. She slipped it over her head to test it.

She couldn’t see anything. Pitch blackness engulfed her. This was going to work perfectly.

Kristen heard a loud footstep. It sounded close. Was someone on the porch? Maybe closer?

She whipped the blindfold off. The living room was empty. The kitchen was empty. There was no one on the porch outside.

Kristen giggled. Her heart was beating. She had been scared over nothing.

“I must have low blood sugar,” she said.

Kristen put the blindfold back in the purple box but she left the box on her table. The packaging box was dropped into the recycling. She went to work on dinner and prepared a quick shrimp penne meal.

Twenty minutes later, Kristen was back on her couch eating. She browsed her cable channels looking for a horror movie she could watch on demand. Tonight’s choice was something involving a haunted sorority house.

The movie was crap but then so was much of horror was. Kristen enjoyed them all, the good, creepy, the cheap, the lame, and the awful. Even the worse horror movie was better than the real world. She’d rather watch fake monsters rip up often less realistic sorority girls than watch a crime show where realistic assholes ripped up realistic nice folks until the heroic, though sickened, detectives saved them.

She kept looking back at the purple box though. The box was much more interesting than the blindfold. Had she bought it too and forgot? She didn’t think so.

On the television screen, a ghost was haunting a topless girl in a shower and the music was trying to make the scene scarier than it was. So far the ghost just stabbed them with his freakishly long fingernails and the special effects were too amateurish to take serious. At this point, Kristen would rather the ghost molest the shower girl than kill her. That at least would be unpredictable.

She turned her focus back to the box. She picked it up and turned it in the light. An image of a woman being carried by small little creatures caught her eye.

“I bet those tiny guys wouldn’t just stab her,” she said.

A scream drew her back to the television screen. Yep, the ghost stabbed the shower girl. Bad fake blood spilled over her tit.

Kristen looked back to the box. Next to the woman being carried by little men was another scene of the same woman. This time she was being held down and the menacing little men had her surrounded.

On television, one of the sorority girls had found a stack of old newspapers. Kristen had seen enough of these movies to know that information about the ghost was in those papers. This was usually her favorite part but this time she couldn’t keep her attention on the movie.

Kristen looked back to the box. She turned it slightly and found another image of the woman and the little men. They were on top of her now, grabbing and pulling at her body.

A shiver went through Kristen. Now that is a movie she would watch.

“Oh my God!” the sorority girl with glasses said on the screen. “The house used to belong to an escaped psychopath!”

Kristen smirked. Movies had taught her that sorority houses were always the scene of a previous gruesome killer. It was probably a requirement in the Greek handbook.

She looked to the box. She frowned as she searched for the little men and their victim. There were a hundred different shapes on the box and Kristen had lost track of the ones she had been looking at. Monsters violated men, horrors tangled with women and other atrocities abounded, but she couldn’t see the little men at all.

Kristen put the box down. It must been one of those optical illusions where you can only see something from a certain perspective. Maybe if she tried a little later, she would find them again. She wanted to know what else those little men did to the woman.

The next hour was spent finishing the bad movie. It ended with an exorcism and five survivors. Kristen was disappointed. Real horror had higher body counts.

She checked the box again but no, she still couldn’t find the little men.

Annoyed, she got up to clean the dishes. As she loaded the dishwasher, Kristen thought about how the box was better than the movie she had just seen. The movie felt like a checklist of horror clichés and required topless scenes. The box felt like an account of something terrible and sexy. One was a waste of time and the other was giving her dirty thoughts.

Kristen’s hand drifted to between her thighs. Those little guys had turned her on. She slipped her hand under her pants, past her panties and into her hairy bush. A touch of her sex sent shivers throughout her body.

She moaned. Maybe what she needed was a different kind of horror movie.

Kristen pulled her hand out and gave her fingers a lick. She went back to the couch and pulled up her movie options. It was time to trade in ghost killers for something more sexual if equally cruel.

One movie promised inbred hillbillies eating hikers. Nope. She wanted sex, not cannibals.

One movie promised sexy college girls and a sexy female werewolf. Nope. She wanted something with some fucking.

One movie promised captured girls in a basement at the mercy of a psycho. That looked good but the preview was all about torture traps instead of fucking traps. Nope.

One movie promised a sexy vampire and his sexy prey. The vampire might be misunderstood. God-fucking-nope.

Kristen groaned. This was depressing. So much death and pain for her viewing but so little scary fucking.

She looked again at the box. She went back to searching for the tiny men and this time she found them. They had the pinned woman’s ass in the air and a tiny man with a rather large cock was about to sodomize her.

“Yes,” Kristen whispered. This was more like it. Her thighs rubbed together in excitement.

A slight turn of the box and Kristen saw the tiny men abusing the woman’s mouth. Another turn of the box and the small men were fucking the woman’s tits. Her eyes skimmed along to watch another scene of the little men pulling her legs as wide as they would go. The woman appeared to be in ecstasy.

Kristen turned the box and she saw instead an octopus assaulting a man. She scanned the box back to the tiny men but she couldn’t find them. Whatever turn of the light or focus of her eyes that let her see the small perverts had changed now. She spent another five minutes looking but she couldn’t find them.

“Fuck,” Kristen said. This was a strange kind of frustration. She was aroused and curious and neither was being satisfied. The television screen revealed only lists of movies that didn’t meet her needs.

“I need porn,” Kristen said out loud. Horror movies were too much of a tease at this point. She needed something explicit. Hardcore fucking was the only thing that was going to satisfy her now. She got up from the couch and went to her computer desk.

She felt her heart beat faster. A smile came to her lips. It had been a while since she was this horny. Work usually kept her tired. Online shopping and horror movies usually kept her distracted. Tonight was different. She stripped off her pants and panties and sat down in her chair. She wanted to come and soon.

Kristen went to her favorite website, Fetish.com. They had a big warehouse that they turned into a dungeon and weekly updates of bondage and domination. That was what Kristen needed, something mean and sexy. She started to stroke her pussy in anticipation.

She picked this week’s update and started watching. She wasn’t crazy about the porn star with the fake tits, but oh well, at least the bondage was real. The dominant male came in and gave a quick speech about someone owing someone money. Kristen moved the slider to advance the movie because she didn’t give a fuck for story at the moment. She wanted to get to the sex.

The sex began with the porn star tied up. The dominant played with her tits. He squeezed them harshly and she whimpered in pain. The dominant said something threatening

Kristen stroked a bit slower. She bet those tiny men on the box didn’t issue threats. They were little monsters and they just took what they wanted. She stroked faster as she thought of those little bastards.

The dominant slapped the porn star’s tits. He made sure to pause so the camera could catch the fake tits jiggling. The dominant was slow and methodical.

Kristen moved the movie clip along. It was too staged for her. She wanted to see the same kind of angry mauling the little men had done to their victim.

Now the porn star was tied up and sucking the dominant’s cock. The dominant stood there, his hands carefully away so the camera could see the expert cocksucking. The dominant called the woman a dirty whore.

Kristen stroked herself deeply. She tried to imagine herself in the woman’s position. She opened her mouth in imitation of preparing for a cock to enter. As the dominant said filthy things, Kristen pretended that he was talking about her.

Again, it felt too staged. Worse, it felt safe. The dominant was letting the woman suck him instead of viciously assaulting her mouth like the monsters on the box would. The dirty talk was nice but it was also kind of superfluous. If he was really taking her mouth, why talk about it at all? He should just enjoy the abuse.

Kristen noticed that she had stopped stroking. Frowning, she sat up and clicked the menu for the site. It was time to find something more to her liking.

She scrolled through past clips. She skipped past those with fake tits and faker hair. She skipped past the alt girls with their almost mandatory tattoos, two piercings and whimsical hairstyles. That didn’t leave much else.

Worse were the men. Dominant men with bald heads were the only alternative to dominant men with crew cuts. All of them had muscular fit bodies. All of them had tans. They looked like Fetish.com copied them from the same group of kinky male models.

Kirsten wanted men with bad hair, bad bodies and some missing teeth. She wanted vicious men with scars. She wanted guys with bad beards, lazy eyes and missing fingers. She didn’t want tall muscular men; she wanted short, fat animals.

Where were the monsters?

Kirsten logged out of the site. Should she go look for a new website? No, she didn’t feel like searching and browsing. The heat between her thighs had lessened but it was still there. She wanted to come now.

“Time to do this the old fashioned way,” she said.

Kirsten got up and shut off her computer. She grabbed her clothes, the box and a bottle of water from the kitchen. Double checking the door lock, she turned off the lights and went upstairs.

The climb up the stairs got her excited. She hadn’t masturbated without a movie or a dirty book in ages. The novelty made her pussy clench. There was something almost perverse in just masturbating using her imagination.

She set the box and the water bottle on the nightstand. Her pants went into the clothes basket as well as her blouse and bra. She grabbed a fresh pair of panties and put them on her nightstand.

Kristen pulled out her toy drawer and looked at her options. There was no need for vibrators tonight so she looked through her dildos. Big Pink was always fun as well as Slender Blue and Curvy Black but Kristen didn’t choose any of them. The more she thought about it, the more she understood that tonight she just wanted nimble fingers.

The box shimmered next to the nightstand light. Odd purple shapes did terrible things to other shapes. Kristen smiled and thought of an extra ingredient to her coming orgasm. She pulled the blindfold out of the box.

It was soft in her hands. The symbol caught the light and seemed to get brighter. When she slipped it over her head, she could barely feel it.

Kristen was plunged into darkness. She was impressed. The nightstand light was bright but Kristen didn’t see any trace of it from under the blindfold. She was going to sleep well tonight.

She turned off the light and crawled under the covers. Her skin shivered as she rubbed against the cold sheets. She spread her legs and both hands went to her sex. A few strokes later and the chill of the sheets were replaced with the growing warmth of friction.

Kristen knew what fantasy she wanted. She imagined the little men crawling out from under her bed. A finger pushed inside her pussy lips as she imagined their tiny cocks. Tiny little hands rubbed her clit.

In her fantasy, other little men played with her tits. Their tiny hands would were all over her breasts. Kristen’s imagination was so fired up that she could almost feel their hands. She felt them as they pushed the warm softness of her tits. She stroked faster as they pulled and tugged on her flesh. She rubbed her clitoris harder as they viciously squeezed her nipple.

Something pinched her nipple! Kristen cried out. She pulled her hands away from her sex and checked her nipple. It was tender to the touch.

What the fuck? She pushed her blindfold up and turned on the light. Holding her tit in her hand, she examined herself.

There was no mark on her breast. The brief pain was fading fast. She squeezed her breast and ran her hand over it. There was no inflammation although she was a bit sensitive. Was it just her imagination?

Kristen pinched her nipple. Her pussy clenched. Kristen smiled. Was it possible to be so turned on that you imagined things? The damp spot on her bed sheets suggested it was true.

She turned off the light and pulled the blindfold back over her eyes. Darkness embraced her once more. She pulled the covers up to her neck and settled back in. Her legs spread and her back arched. Already her mind was racing with thoughts of little men.

Kristen sent one hand back down between her thighs but the other hand went to her breasts. She shuddered as her fingers re-entered her sex. She moaned as her other hand squeezed a breast with all the malicious pain she was craving.

It was times like these that she wished her breasts were bigger. Larger breasts would mean more room for tiny men to climb on top of her. Real men had never complained about the size but Kristen just wished there was more to grab. She squeezed and pulled at her breast like it was dough. Every rough pull sent new desire to her pussy.

In the darkness, Kristen pictured the return of the little men. Her left hand drifted wherever she imagined them groping her. She used her sharp nails to pinch and torment her skin.

Kristen writhed under the sheets as she stroked and tormented herself. Her imagination was in overdrive. When she pinched her nipple and moved to her stomach, she could still feel her fingers pinching both nipples. When her hand moved away from her stomach and to the inside of her thighs, she could still feel the scrap of tiny nails against her belly. When she left her thigh alone to twist her pussy lip, she could still feel the clutching pinches on her thighs.

She stroked faster. Behind the blindfold, Kristen visualized the tiny men crawling over her body. She pictured their cocks rubbing against her tits so vividly she could feel them pressing against her soft mounds. She thought of the little men crowding in between her thighs, each eager to lick and fuck her pussy. She was so turned on that she could feel them pushing her thighs apart.

Kristen moaned and stroked deeper. She was fully into her fantasy. Random stimuli were coming in from all over her body. Cocks brushed her lips. Tiny hands twisted her nipples. A small face competed with her fingers to get in her pussy. A cock slid between her big toe and second toe in a pale imitation of fucking.

She plunged her fingers deeper. Her hips bucked as she fucked herself. The sheets clung to her body was she humped her hand. She lost herself in the need to come.

Kristen rolled over on her bed. She grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her stomach. Her knees lifted her ass up as her fingers stroked faster.

She imagined the tiny men lining up behind her ass. Little bites chomped into her round bottom. Kristen stroked faster as she pictured their cocks in hand.

A tongue licked her asshole. Kristen moaned and stroked deeper. It felt so real but of course it couldn’t be. It was just her super aroused mind playing tricks with her. It couldn’t be real no matter how much she could feel it licking her tight little asshole.

Kristen reached behind her and grabbed her ass. Sharp nails dug into her ass while her fingers stroked deeper into her pussy. The tiny men would enjoy the view; leering and stroking themselves.

She imagined them coming on her ass. Hot spurts of seed landed on her ass and Kristen could feel every splash. She moaned wantonly as they desecrated her body. It was shocking what turned her on and what was even more shocking was that her body wanted it so badly that it tricked her into feeling it.

Kristen stopped stroking her pussy. She took her soaked fingers and played with her asshole. She rubbed her juices onto her tiny hole and pressed down firmly. Her finger pushed against the tight ring of her ass and Kristen cried out. If those little men were really here, they would be fucking her ass right now.

Her finger slipped in. Kristen shuddered as her ass took this violation. She only got an inch in but it was enough. The little men had small dicks.

She fucked her ass gently at first but then she thought of the little men. They wouldn’t be gentle. Her finger plunged in faster. She cried out but kept going.

Kristen fucked her ass with a hungry masochism. The juices ran dry and her ass began to burn. Kristen imagined the delight of the tiny men abusing her ass and shuddered.

She felt her pussy clench in desperation. It was begging to be touched but Kristen ignored it. This too was part of the cruelty.

A few thrusts of her ass later, and Kristen felt something small enter her pussy. She laughed. Obviously, she was delirious with lust. She needed to fuck so badly, she was hallucinating a small cock inside her wet needy pussy. She clenched down on the phantom cock but it was too small. It teased her which was to be expected from something made from her imagination.

The burning started to go away. Her finger slipped in and out with increasing ease. Kristen’s imagination explained it. The small men were jacking off all over her. They covered her ass in seed. They came so much that her ass was slick with come.

She was close. She pushed the pillow under her out of the way and rolled over. The feeling of something wet against her ass worried her as she moved onto her back but the need to come pushed the worry away. Both hands worked her sex. Three fingers slipped back inside her while her other hand spun tight circles onto her clitoris.

Kristen’s mind raced with images under her blindfold. The tiny men stood around her, jacking off onto her body. No, the tiny men were fucking her, three or four cocks inside her pussy right now. No, the tiny men were around her mouth, emptying their cocks into her lips.

She rubbed herself faster. A monstrous climax built within her. Her nipples ached from being pinched. Her asshole was sore from being penetrated. Her ass was slick from what she thought was sweat.

“Fuck!” Kristen cried out as she came. A surge of pleasure ricocheted through her body. She curled her toes, clenched her thighs and arched her back. The orgasm was incredible and for one beautiful moment, Kristen felt herself cease to exist except as a single burst of pleasure.

Aftershocks rippled though her body. She shuddered with her fingers still inside herself. She curled up and rolled onto her side. The side of her mouth was wet and a quick lick of her tongue proved it was drool. She hadn’t even noticed drooling.

The afterglow swept over her. She slowly pulled her fingers out of her sex and brought them to her mouth. She cleaned her fingers while picturing the tiny men wiping their cocks on her come-covered body. Even in the throes of afterglow, her fantasy held onto her.

“I should get some panties,” Kristen thought as she fell right to sleep.

Kristen awoke in darkness. If she had any dreams, she couldn’t remember them. She pushed the blindfold up and sunlight peeked through her curtains.

Her thighs were sticky. She smiled as she remembered the hard orgasm of last night. Who said you couldn’t have great sex masturbating?

The phone buzzed. Kristen rolled over and took a look. It was a message from James. He wanted to know if she wanted to join him for breakfast.

James was a nice guy and all but he was a little dull. He loved talking about his stocks and he loved talking about wine but he didn’t have much time for anything else. The only thing he did have going for him was that he fucked like he was angry. That amused Kristen for awhile but it wasn’t enough to listen to wine dissections.

Still, he always paid for breakfast and sometimes they went back to his place to fuck. It had been a few weeks and it was about time for their breakfast hookup. The smart thing would be to go and not spend all day watching movies.

On the other hand, he sure wasn’t going to fuck her like she had fucked herself last night. Her fantasy about little men had been weird even for her but she liked it. She wanted to hold onto the weirdness a little bit longer.

“No, thank you,” she texted back. “Got a cold,” she lied. “How about next Saturday?”

His response was quick. “Aww, too bad. Hope you feel better.” Kristen wondered if some other girl was being asked to breakfast. Probably. She felt too sated to care.

Kristen sat up. She tossed the blindfold to her night stand. She stood up and stretched. Her ass ached a little. She would skip fucking it with anything for a few days.

She stumbled towards her bathroom. There was an odd taste in her mouth and she wanted to brush her teeth. As sticky as her thighs were, she needed a shower too.

Kristen turned on the light. There were marks all over her body. Most of them were around her tits but they also covered her stomach, under her waist and the tops of her thighs.

“What is that?” she asked. “Do I have fucking bed bugs?”

Kristen looked down. She lifted her breast to get a better look. The mark looked like a small hand print if the hand was the size of an inch.

A chill ran down her back. “Impossible,” she said. A quick check of her other breasts revealed more tiny hand prints. She picked up a mirror and inspected her body. Every where she looked, she found more tiny prints.

On a whim, she brought the mirror down to her pussy. Her fingers pushed her thick curly hair out of the way to examine the skin. The tiny hand prints were there as well.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Kristen said. It wasn’t the marks existing that bothered her; she couldn’t process that right now. What bothered her was that if little men had groped her, she should have bruise marks, not these faint hand prints. The marks were bright pink as if she had just been pinched.
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Mar 212016

51nNY84GTVL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Touched by the Unknown is my new ebook, available for sale on Amazon. Kristen buys a strange blindfold online. Every time she puts it on, something touches her in the most intimate way. As soon as she takes the blindfold off, the unseen stranger goes away.

At first Kristen enjoys flirting with the weird and strange. As the events begin to escalate and the unseen things that touch her become more bizarre, Kristen finds herself questioning her wisdom of playing with strange forces as well as questioning whether she truly wants to stop.

This book was influenced by many things but mostly by my love of the weird and unexplained. If Halloween is your favorite holiday, if if you wished that things that go bump in the night would bump into you, and if you like your sex with lots of bondage and danger, than this book is for you.

Mar 162016

Felicia Grafal Flores drove slowly through the university area. She passed the new Thai food place that she planned to visit and went searching for parking. There were a few parking garages that she knew of plus one that had recently been built. That was the one she was looking for.

She found it tucked beside a college dorm. A shiny new sign declared that it was open to the public for free. The paint on the entrance arrow was bright and bold.

Felicia drove into the parking garage. Despite three stories high on the outside, the garage arrows pointed her down into the earth. The lights dimmed and she had to take off her sunglasses.

She saw less and less cars. For that matter, she stopped seeing lines for places to park. The steady glow of electric lights gave way to flickering lanterns.

Shapes appeared on the walls. Felicia slowed down to stare at paintings of giant cocks that filled smaller vaginas. Painted figures spread open their leg. Three-legged men strode across dark walls.

There was a scream. Felicia listened and didn’t hear another.

She drove around another corner and something dark lurked between lanterns. Felicia aimed her headlights at the figure and discovered it was a statue. It was a large dark man, sitting with his legs crossed but two huge members stood upright from its crotch.

Felicia parked the car and left the lights on. She got out of the car and smoothed down her blue spring dress. A quick glance around told her that she was the only person here.

She approached the statue. There was something odd about the face. As she came closer, she understood what it was. The statue had two faces, one for each side.

“Two faces for two cocks,” Felicia said out loud. “I wonder if it has two assholes.”

As soon as she spoke the words, she regretted it. This didn’t seem like a place for levity. An aura of magnificence hung around the dark statue and it felt wrong to mock it.

She placed a hand on a knee of the statue. It was warm to the touch. It was also smooth and hard like polished rock.

There was also a smell. Felicia recognized it easily. It was the smell of pussy.

Up close, the large cocks of the statue didn’t look so impossible. They looked quite manageable. Felicia reached out and gripped one of the dark cocks. It too was warm to the touch.

Felicia made a decision. She pulled off her dress. She unclasped her white bra to release large brown breasts. She didn’t have any panties but she did kick off her heels. She removed a pin to shake loose her long curly black hair.

The statue looked won on her with two sets of eyes.

Felicia rubbed her sex. She was wet to the touch. Her fingers played with the thick bush of her hair. She was ready.

She climbed onto the statue. Of the two cocks, she picked the thinner one and lowered herself down onto it. The warm black stone pushed into her wet lips. She slid onto it and felt it fill her.

“Nice,” Felicia moaned and it was.

The second cock was between her and the broad chest of the statue. She looked down on it as she reached for the arms of the statue. Holding onto those solids arms, she raised and lowered herself on the member inside her.

Felicia groaned louder. This was good. The stone cock was hot inside her. She was hot and wet around the thickness. Her thighs clenched and flexed as she humped the statue.

The lanterns flickered and cast strange shadows. She saw large globes of darkness play on the walls as her breasts bounced. Shadows moved to create the illusion of stone faces smiling.

Felicia humped the statue’s cock. With each trust she was able to go lower and lower onto the thick member. As the cock grew slicker, she was able to bounce faster.

Strange sounds came through the parking garage. Felicia heard her moans echo and amplify. She thought she head other moans that sounded like men.

Felicia shuddered and grinded on the unmoving cock. She grabbed the cock in front of her with both hands. She stroked it while her pussy clenched against the one inside her.

Both cocks grew warmer. Both cocks seemed to get bigger. Both cocks felt like they were pulsing.

Felicia groaned. It wasn’t real. She was just so turned on. Her hands and pussy clenched tighter.

She wondered what her husband, Emil, would think if he saw her like this. He would be hard at the sight of his wife impaled on this foreign statue. He would jack his cock as she continued to fuck herself. He would slip into her asshole so he could come inside her while she was already stuffed with cock.

Felicia reached for her clitoris. One, two, three rubs while thinking of Emil inside her ass was enough.

She came with a scream. The scream stretched and winded through the parking garage. Pleasure bloomed within her body and erupted out of her throat.

After what felt like an eternity, Felicia finally stopped coming. She pulled herself off of the statue’s cock. It shined with her juices.

On unsteady feet, Felicia returned to her clothes. Her bra was missing. She looked around but was unwilling to leave the headlights of the car to go looking for them.

“You can have them,” she said. Whether she was speaking to the statue, or someone in the darkness, she wasn’t sure.

She put on her dress and slipped on her heels. Felicia climbed back into her car and looked once more at the statue.

It stared back at her with two faces. Twin cocks almost tempted her back out of the car.

Felicia put the car in reverse and left. The statue was left behind as she retraced her path down here.

Shapes moved in the darkness. Graphic paintings flashed by on the garage walls. She heard another scream and it sounded a lot like her own.

She let out a sigh of relief when she saw parked cars. Her shoulders relaxed when she saw arrows instead of painted cocks. She actually moaned with delight when she saw daylight.

Felicia left the parking garage and didn’t look back. She would park someplace familiar. Maybe she would skip the new Thai place today and eat somewhere she had been before.

Her sore pussy couldn’t take another new place today.

Mar 092016

Mathew entered his trailer with every intention of collapsing on the couch. People at work had pushed his patience to new levels of tolerance. The drive home reminded him of how easy it was for the irrational to get driver’s licenses. He wasn’t in the mood for any of the songs on his phone. It was time to call it a day and watch something meaningless on television.

Kayla was waiting for him by the door. She was naked and every inch of her lovely brown skin was ready to be admired. On her hands and knees, she looked up at him with her large brown eyes. White cat ears sat on top of her long black hair. A fluffy white tail rested between her curvy buttocks.

“Meow,” Kayla said. She rubbed her face on his pant leg.

No, it wasn’t Kayla. It was Cleo. Cleo was his pet. Cleo loved him with the fickle passion of a cat.

“Meow?” Cleo asked. She pawed at Mathew’s leg. She wanted to play.

Mathew wanted to get a beer. Mathew wanted to put his feet up. Mathew wanted to go into a waking coma on the couch.

But the last thing in the world that Mathew could do was disappoint his pet with the big brown eyes.

“Hmm,” Mathew said. “You want to play?”

“Meow!” Cleo said louder. She stopped just short of nodding her head.

Mathew walked over to the cat shelf. Cleo followed behind him on all fours. He looked down to admire the swinging of her hips that made her tail swish. She had a grace on all fours that was uncanny.

He pretended to study the shelf. His hand lingered over the stick with the bird, the mouse on a string and the feather stick. Cleo stared with intensity. Finally he picked up the bucket of cat balls.

“Let’s go outside,” he said.

Kayla smiled very much unlike a cat and waited by the door. Mathew opened the door for her and she rose to her feet to go outside. They might both enjoy pet play but there were limits. Knees were not meant for hard ground.

Mathew walked outside and caught himself looking for his neighbors at Hornbeam Estates. He still wasn’t used to playing in front of others. Oh, he enjoyed spanking, tying people up and fucking but playing with Cleo was different. It was intimate. The only reason he was out here was because Cleo loved it so much.

There was no one out today and Mathew relaxed. Cleo stood in the middle of the yard. She was bending at the knees, her hands out and ready. Her hips moved just enough to make her tail swish.

Mathew picked a ball out of the bucket. It was plastic with a tiny bell inside. It jingled as he picked it up. He could feel Cleo’s eyes on her from across the yard.

He tossed the ball. It went sailing through the air to the left of Cleo. She looked at it and didn’t make a move.

Mathew scowled. After all of that demanding for play and then nothing? She was getting better at being a cat every day.

He tossed another ball. This time it was slower and higher. It was way too high. Even Mathew understood why she didn’t chase that one.

Cleo licked her hand. Her long tongue lingered between her fingers.

Mathew smiled. Now she was taunting him.

He pitched another ball and this time he threw it as fast as he could. It shot out to Cleo’s right and the dark woman leaped at it. She batted it down with her hand and it bounced off the ground.

Mathew was already throwing another one. This one went above her head but she leapt at it anyway. Her entire body stretched out to reach the ball. Large breasts floated in the air as dark legs pointed down to the ground. Her long fluffy white tail trailed behind her.

It took Mathew’s breath away. She was so fucking beautiful.

He waited until she landed and had her attention before throwing another one. This one she caught easily between her hands before batting it to the side.

The next one sailed past her and she chased after it. Mathew watched her lovely ass while she ran. The white tail bounced behind her.

Cleo ignored the next throw and the next. Mathew suspected that she was catching her breath but she was making a good imitation of cat disdain.

Mathew decided to tempt her. Holding one ball in the air, he shook it so she could hear the jingling sound. Cleo’s eyes focused on him while her lips curled into a smile.

He threw the ball a few feet away from her. She pounced and knocked it out of the air. He threw another one even closer and she grabbed it and dashed it to the ground. As soon as she caught that one, he tossed another ball at her high above her head.

Cleo leapt for it again. It always amazed him at how high she could jump. Her body became a perfect machine as it ran, jumped and reached. Even though she still didn’t catch it, the sight of her bouncing breasts, long legs and lovely hips was more than enough for him.

Mathew kept throwing balls. He forgot about work as Cleo slapped down more balls. When Cleo leapt in the air, he forgot about the drive home. As Cleo’s body began to shine with sweat, Mathew no longer felt the need to collapse on a couch.

The bucket was out of balls. He was actually disappointed. It was time to gather balls and start over.

No, not yet.

Mathew ran towards Cleo. He pulled off his shirt as he ran.

Cleo smiled. She dropped down to all fours in grass. She sunk low to the ground and lifted her ass up.

Mathew pulled down his pants and climbed on top of her. The fluffy tail felt great against his skin. She groaned as he pushed aside her hair and bared her neck. He lunged down with his mouth and his teeth clamped around the base of her neck.

Cleo purred.

Mathew entered her. She screamed. He was used to it but she screamed louder every time. He flinched but then his cock throbbed inside her.

He had to let go of her neck with his mouth but that was okay. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her. The white fluffy tail bounced as he fucked her.

Mathew fucked her in the yard. Let the neighbors watch. He didn’t care.

Cleo purred louder. Her fingers dugs into the grass. She pushed back against him. Together they fucked kitty style in the yard.

She came with another scream. Mathew climaxed deep inside her moments later.

He pulled out of her. Cleo wiggled her ass.

“Greedy pussy,” Mathew said and he petted her ass.

Now he was really tired. He stood up and patted his leg. “Come on, Cleo,” he said. “Let’s go eat and I’ll pet you on the couch.”

Cleo rose to her feet and stretched. She half ran to the trailer door with a feline grace.