Oct 172018

Cthulhu City is a tabletop role-playing game about a mysterious city that sits on the east coast. The city doesn’t appear on any maps. The city isn’t in any history books. The city can be hard to find until one terrible night, you find yourself in the city and now find it impossible to leave. The city is called Great Arkham, but you will know it as Hell on Earth.

I feel like there are as many Call of Cthulhu inspired games as there are Great Old Ones in the stars. Some are Suck, many are Okay and others are even Quite Good. The Gumshoe line of games from Pelgrane Press aspire to be more than just Quite Good and transcend into Art. Cthulhu city is no different.

It takes Lovecraft’s original bunch of small haunted towns and asks what would happen to those small towns if they got absorbed into one terrible city like New York or Chicago? Innsmouth, for example, is no longer a small fishing town but the name of the neighborhood that has the docks. It applies this kind of logic to places like Dunwich and Kingsport; transforming familiar places into really neat evolutions.

A normal writer would have stopped there and called it a day but Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan goes further. He makes the city truly alien and sinister with little touches like the giant basalt buildings that clearly predate human civilization but stand alongside skyscrapers and no one finds that weird. There is the mysterious Transport Police, who technically exist to keep people with infectious diseases from coming into the city, but the buildings they spray down with their “disinfectants” tend to melt the next day. Or what about the Church of the Conciliator, who is the dominate religion in the city, that teaches that Christ did not ressurect, but instead is dying and yet dreaming of a time when humanity will be merged with the Will of the Divine?

There is a mystery in Chtulhu city and one of the brilliant innovations of this game is that it is up to the gamemaster to decide what that mystery is. Does Great Arkham exist in other dimension? is it a shared hallucination? Some terrible result of a world-bending spell? The gamemaster decides, and the players investigate. To help you, the book provides three to four versions of EVERY non-player character, so you can decide, per campaign, if wise Dr. Armitage is a rebel hero, secret traitor or something far worse.

The game is contained in one nice beautiful tome. It took me about three months to read it all because I had to digest it in bits and pieces. Even though I don’t have a gaming group at the moment, the book is a wonderful source of inspiration for all things great and creepy. I recommend it to any Lovecraft fan and hold it up as an example of how to improve on Lovecraft’s original work.


Oct 122018

Z Nation is a zombie apocalypse show on the SyFy channel. I am personally sick of all things zombies, but Z Nation is in its 5th season and I keep coming back to it. Why?

My pitch for Z Nation is imagine Walking Dead if it was fun. It is created by the same studio that makes Sharknado but the show never hits that level of campy stupudity. Instead, it opts for the kind of wild hijinks you except in a tabletop role-playing game where people have a loose grasp on biology and physics. yes, early on there is a tornado with zombies in it but later there is a guy who collects zombies of famous dead people. There was a wonderful group of survivors who were trapped at a team-building exercise and now can only communicate through the talking stick. There types of zombies that range from plant monsters to zombie bears. This show has imagination.

The other reason for watching Z Nation is that they have a black woman, named Warren, who is their leader and resident bad-ass. It is refreshing to see a black woman in charge in a genre show. Warren has so many great moments over five seasons that she is one of my favorite action heroines in any show.

The other great character is Murphy. He is a prisoner who received an experimental dose of zombie cure in the early days of the apocalypse. After surviving twenty zombies bites, Murphy becomes the most important man in America and now the heroes need to transport him to a lab on the other side of the country.

There are other great characters like Doc the aging hippie, 10K the not-psychotic sniper, Addy the tomboy who’s good with gadgets and others. People come and go in this series like any zombie show, but these characters all have meaningful moments and die much more heroic deaths. No one gets their brains bashed in on the side of the road by a nutjob with a bat.

So yeah, if you are burned out on zombies, or burned out on sad people hacking parts off of each other, give Z Nation a try.

Oct 102018

Phantasm 2 opens with a young woman talking about the dreams she is having. Because this is the 80’s and the woman is blonde, she has psychic abilities. Her dreams recap the events of of the first Phantasm and adds the helpful bit of info that the main villain, the Tall Man, is coming for her.

We cut to the last few minutes of the first movie where Mike gets pulled through a mirror in his bedroom. never fear, because Reggie, the middle-age balding icer cream vendor is there to save him! Well, not so much as Reggie gets trapped in the kitchen with an empty shotgun and surrounded by the Jawas of the first movie. Reggie solves this problem by turning on the gas on his oven real high, grabbing Mike and then jumping out the window as his house explodes in fireball. Wow!

Except none of that happened. We see Mike, all grown up and looking sour in an insane asylum. See, he imagined all of that. Whoa, something happened and then it turned out to not be real? You just got Phantasm’d!

Anyhoo, Mike gets released from the asylum by pretending to be sane and the first thing the kid does is dig up the local cemetery. Turns out there are no bodies in those graves, which even Reggie thinks is suspicious. Reggie still isn’t sure about Mike and his psychic visions until Mike has a vision of their house exploding with all of their family. Two seconds later, the house explodes and kills all of their family. Well, Reggie is on board now. It is time to go hunting a Tall Man, his Jawas and his killer flying spheres.

After the dreamlike quality of the first movie, the sequel is pretty straightforward. Mike and Reggie go from town to town, following the Tall Man’s trail. They load up on weapons and make a few of their own because that is what you did in the 80’s. Just ask McGyver and the A-Team. They run into a few traps before finally finding psychic girl from the beginning of the movie. when she gets kidnapped, they launch an attack on the Tall Man’s new funeral home, which is just as deadly as the first one. Things blow up and damsels are narrowly saved.

You could argue that this movie is more of an action movie rather than the horror movie that the first one was. There are a lot of fight scenes and close calls. This movie had the biggest budget of any of the Phantasm movies at a whopping three million dollars and it shows in the bigger explosions and stunts. This movie hads a mythology of the Tall man slowly killing small towns across America and you can tell the studio really wanted to make this into a franchise.

There are still some creepy moments though. The shots of abandoned small towns are unsettling. The Tall Man has some human henchmen, called Gravers, that are never explained. Their wiliness to participate in these atrocities heightens the malice. The Jawas are still almost laughable except for one or two scenes that remind you that they are reanimated corpses.

The small budget means there is a lack of even background actors, which gives the movie a desolate feel,. Every set looks empty because there are at most four characters in any scene. I know if this was deliberate, but it reinforces the idea that America is slowing dying off. It also the closest the movie gets to feeling like a nightmare.

All in all, this feels like the dumber bigger brother to the classic of the first movie, but still a lot of fun to watch. Reggie is the only guy in horror who looks like a regular joe and that means a lot.

As for the Tall Man, he’s still a creepy mother-fucker.




Oct 082018

RAINN (Rape, Assualt, Incest National Network) does a lot of good work and it is a good place to start if you need someone to talk to or resources to look up.

1in6 is a group dedicated to the issue of male victims of sexual assault.

Selhelpline is dedicated to victims in the military.

Remember that you are believed. You are loved. Remember that we will get through this.


Oct 052018

Amanda Clover has written many, many stories of proud women in a fantasy world getting captured, seduced and fucked silly by all sorts of monsters. The world that she wrote about suffered from these horny monsters until the events of “Escape the Island of Eldritch Lust”. In that book, the Mother of Monsters was defeated, monsters were leaderless and humanity brought about an age of peace.

That is until the events of this book, Savage Lust of the Orc Gladiator. This is the first part of a new series, Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles, where the monsters begin their comeback. Fortunately, you don’t need to read any of the previous books if you want to dive into hot orc gladiator on human action. It is also a stand alone book in case you don’t want to make a commitment to a full series.

Written by Amanda Clover and Jay Aury, this novella has surprisingly sympathetic characters. The orc gladiator, Ghostheart, would be a hero in any story despite the fact that he is a brutal killer. The heroine’s father owns Ghostheart and makes him fight in the arenas and fuck prostitutes for the amusement of his party guests. The heroine feels sympathy for Ghostheart but also a dark craving for the killing machine’s cock. It is kind of a love story actually, while also exploring themes of the fascination with the abomination. It all leads to a great climax, pun intended, and the promise of greater things to come.


Oct 032018

Explorer’s Log: I am on day ten of my thirty-three day journey to the star system designated The Queen Says Something Once, Why Say It Again? by Royal Astronomers. All systems are normal. No anomalies detected. All personal systems are optimal. There is nothing to report. At all. Nothing. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Whispers. Where are they coming from? Chairbot swears he doesn’t hear them, but I do. I can’t hear what it is saying but I hear something. It sounds like it might a woman. Maybe more than one. I’m not imagining it, am I?

But why does their whispering make me wet?

Vaquel Di tossed in the sleeping bay. Asleep, she had kicked the covers off at some point in her rest cycle. Sweat clung to her dark brown skin. Heavy breasts jiggled as she rolled onto her back. A clump of her short pink hair stuck together and would surely have annoyed her if she was awake.

“What?” Vaquel groaned in her sleep. She turned her head from side to side, trying to turn an ear to an unknown sound.

The air recyclers in the probe ship hummed. The hull of the ship rumbled gently from a dozen micro-impacts. The navigation pod at the front of the ship flashed information on several screens but emitted no noise. Chairbot sat nearby, inert as it went through a daily internal scan.

There, Vaquel heard something. Her eyes fluttered open, but she was not quite awake. She drifted on the precipice between consciousness and dream.

“Do you want to feel something exquisite?” the voice asked. It was a sultry voice, deep with the promise of something sensual.

“Yes,” Vaquel answered.

There was a sigh and Vaquel wasn’t sure if it came from her or the voice. The weight of her eyelids became too much and they closed once more. Her consciousness drifted back down into the depths of sleep.

“Jiggle, jiggle, mounds of brown,” a voice whispered. “Pinch and twist till lovely lips frown.”

Vaquel swept her hands over her breasts. She felt this happen with a strange detachment. Her hands moved on their own and didn’t need her help. She should just lay there and relax.

She felt her hands cup her breasts and then give them a shake. It started gentle, merely shaking her large breasts from side to side but soon it escalated. Her hands shook faster and faster until her tits were slapping together.

It was enough to wake Vaquel up, but something whispered to her.

“No, no,” the voice said. “Sleep a little dream of warm tides and full moons.”

Vaquel groaned. She was on an ocean. The moon was full and bright above her. No, there were three moons. And across each moon, something flew across them.

Her hands stopped shaking her breasts and focused on her nipples instead. Thumbs rolled over her soft nubs of flesh. Around and round her thumbs rolled until she coaxed her nipples to harden to little stones. That was when she pressed her other fingers to her nipple and pinched down hard.

Vaquel gasped but she did not awake.

The fingers pinched hard. Pain flared through Vaquel’s sensitive flesh. The sensations caused her thighs to spread. Her hips shifted.

The fingers twisted. The gasp became a moan. A heel dug into the mattress. Slowly, Vaquel’s lips began to frown.

“Tremble in pain, tremble in joy,” the voice whispered. “Reach down and play with your favorite toy.”

Vaquel let go of her right breast. She moved her hand to the soft furry bush of her pink pubic hair. In the darkness, she pushed aside the petals of her sex and found the sensitive button that was her favorite toy.

A jolt ran through Vaquel as she touched her clitoris. The jolt was amplified by the twisting of her left nipple. Her eyes fluttered open but only for a second before closing again.

Vaquel’s fingers played with her clitoris. She rolled it between her fingers and gave it little squeezes. Sometimes she pulled and sometimes she twisted just to the verge of causing pain.

Something was off. This wasn’t how Vaquel normally touched herself. She liked to rub herself in a tight circle. This was something different.

Someone else was touching her clit.

“Twist and play, play and twist,” the voice whispered. “Bring me forth, I INSIST!”

Vaquel twisted her nipple back and forth. She did the same to her clitoris. The pain made her whimper, but it also made her pussy moist. Desire flowed through her sex and dampened the sheets beneath her.

“A little bit of nail should do it, sweet,” the voice whispered.

Vaquel shook her head but her fingers did it anyway. Sharp nails dug into her twisted nipple. Sharper nails sung her sensitive clit. Pain blossomed from both.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out.

“Yes,” a woman said next to her.

Vaquel jumped. Her eyes popped open. Fully awake, she turned and looked at the person sharing her sleeping bay.

It was a woman. That was clear from her shapely breasts and the curious slit between her legs. She glowed with an internal light that outlined her orange body. Green hair as short as Vaquel’s topped a face with bright white eyes. Sensuous lips the color of a deeper shade of orange smiled at her.

“Who the fuck are you?” Vaquel demanded.

“Did I not deliver on my promise?” the woman said. “Was that not exquisite?”

Vaquel trembled as she felt an aftershock from her abused clitoris. “Yes, but-“

“And would you like to feel more extemporary delights?” the woman asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel whispered.

The woman smiled. “Of your own free will then,” she whispered. She placed a hand between Vaquel’s thighs and palmed her wet sex. “Sleep.”

“Fuc-“ Vaquel didn’t finish as her eyes closed and her tongue grew heavy. Down the pit of sleep she fell although she continued to feel the woman’s hand on her pussy.

“My name is Lunda,” the woman said. “And we still have two of my Climax-Sisters to bring forth. We must work quick. The prison we were locked in will soon become a tomb.”

Vaquel snored in response.

Lunda climbed over Vaquel. The sleeping bay was only a meter tall so Lunda clung close to the sleeping woman. She turned herself around until her knees straddled Vaquel’s head and Vaquel’s own sex was beneath Lunda’s mouth.

“What a delightful smell you have, sweet,” Lunda whispered. “I smell cock and fingers, pussy and dildo, organic and inorganic, physical and cosmic. You have fucked your way through the galaxy. No wonder my spell was drawn to you.”

Lunda dipped down and pressed her mouth to Vaquel’s pussy. A long tongue slithered out and parted the sex lips. The tongue kept going, extending deeper, deeper and deeper into Vaquel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel groaned in her sleep. This was a strange dream. Something cold was on top of her. She could smell pussy nearby. A snake was burrowing into her own sex and reaching places that were rarely touched.

Lunda retracted her tongue back into her mouth. “Delicious,” she said. “I could eat you all night but there so little time. I imagine the cell my Climax-Sisters are in has already been brought to the volcano. As tempting as it is to keep licking, I should really get to work, don’t you think?”

Vaquel groaned. Her hips thrust upwards.

Lunda cackled. A plant sample from the last world Vaquel visited wilted in its containment pod. A nearby dildo grew an extra three centimeters. The temperature inside the ship dropped a degree.

“Hold still, sweet,” Lunda said. She slipped her finger into Vaquel’s pussy and pulled it out. Slick juices clung to her orange finger. Resisting the urge to lick, Lunda wiped the juices on Vaquel’s thighs. She traced strange angles and weird arcs on the sleeping woman’s skin. Her finger dried quickly so it took frequent dips into Vaquel’s pussy to complete her work.

Vaquel groaned as Lunda drew on her skin. The pussy juice tingled where it laid and unknown to Vaquel, it glowed with a green light. The tingling of her secretions sensitized her thighs until it felt like a hundred mouths were kissing her.

“Now sweet, let’s pull my Climax-Sister through, shall we?” Lunda asked.

The orange woman slipped her finger back into Vaquel’s pussy but this time, two other fingers entered as well. The fingers expanded within Vaquel, each as thick as a slender cock. The three pushed deep inside but then pulled back at the brink of pain. They slid in and out of her stuffed sex, fucking her with an insistent rhythm.

Something splattered against Vaquel’s face. It was sticky and the musk was overwhelming. Thighs trembled around her head. She understood that Lunda’s sex was dripping onto her No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get her lips to open.

“Milebe, luscious and excessive,” Lunda whispered. “I call with something delicious for you.”

Vaquel shuddered. The three fingers in her pussy seemed to double in length. It was impossible, but her sex stretched to accommodate it. The penetration seemed to fill her entire body.

“I hear you sister of the orgasm,” a new voice whispered. “Bring me forth!”

Lunda pumped her fingers in and out of Vaquel. It was slow and steady. The three fingers thrummed and pulsed as fucked the explorer.

Vaquel writhed in the bed. What she was feeling was impossible. The three fingers pushing in were touching three fingers pushing out. It felt like someone was inside of her sex, stroking in synchronicity with the strange woman fingering her pussy. Each thrust felt like it was dividing Vaquel in two. The sleeping explorer should have been in pain but in the delirium of her dream, it felt amazing.

Whatever was happening inside Vaquel, it was enough to make her come. Still asleep, she cried out as pleasure erupted inside of her. Drops of the woman’s pussy landed in her mouth and made her climax again.

“Oh, she is lovely,” the new voice said.

Vaquel was awake again. Her heart pounded and her pussy clenched. Lunda had pulled out of her and was now lying on Vaquel’s side.

On Vaquel’s other side was a new woman. She had the same orange skin that was illuminated from within, but that was the only similarity. This woman had heavy orange breasts the size of small boulders. Her hips were wide and broad like her shoulders. Waves of black hair tumbled from her face and nearly obscured it. Deep within that green hair, white eyes glowed.

Vaquel wasn’t sure if she was still asleep. The sleeping bay was too small for three women, yet here they were. The woman’s broad shoulders should be scraping the ceiling but it moved freely. She felt Lunda arranging herself behind Vaquel without falling out of the bay. How was that possible?

“Who are you?” Vaquel asked the new woman.

“Milebe,” the woman said. Her voice was high and sweet. “Let me ask you a question. Would you like to taste something delicious?”

Vaquel didn’t hesitate. “Yes,” she said.

“Then sleep and open your mouth,” Milebe said. She pulled Vaquel towards a massive breast. Vaquel was asleep in an instant and her mouth was open a second later.

A plump breast pressed against Vaquel’s face. A hard nipple as thick as her thumb pushed into her mouth. A sweet scent filled Vaquel’s lungs, like candy but more precious. Vaquel’s lips closed around the nipple and she sucked.

Something thick squirted into Vaquel’s mouth. The liquid made Vaquel’s tongue tingle and her mouth water. A warmth spread down her throat that made her own breasts feel sensitive. The heat expanded and filled Vaquel’s buttocks. Her asshole felt a need to be touched. The heat curiously skipped her sex and went down her legs. Her toes curled in pleasure.

“I can see why you delayed, Lunda,” Milebe said. “The walls of the prison were glowing red and I wondered if you had forgotten us.”

“Never,” Lunda said behind Vaquel. She shifted down and gripped Vaquel’s ass. Her hands pulled apart her cheeks and Vaquel felt hot breath on her asshole.

“Oh, I believe you,” Milebe said, squeezing Vaquel harder to her breast. “But you know our Orgasm-Sister, she will be annoyed to be called last.”

“Annoyance is her reason for breathing,” Lunda said.

“I must warn you, sweet,” Milebe whispered to Vaquel. “Our third Orgasm-Sister is the most fearsome of us all. She is greedy and selfish with the beauty of youth to excuse her appetites. She will not be gentle with you.”

“She will see for herself,” Lunda said. “Now help me with the gate.”

Vaquel felt Milebe place her hand on Vaquel’s soaked pussy. The explorer wanted to lift a leg to allow better access, but the chains of sleep held her still. It was no matter. Milebe pushed, squirmed and wiggled her thick finger until it slipped inside of Vaquel.

Shudders gripped Vaquel’s body. She sucked harder on the nipple and the warmth if provided. Milebe’s finger slipped and curved and shifted in unnatural ways. It filled Vaquel and molded to fit the contours of her sex.

“Mmmm,” Vaquel moaned into Milebe’s breast.

“With finger and milk, I knock on the door,” Milebe whispered. “With pleasure and satisfaction, I ring the bell.”

Lunda flicked her tongue over Vaquel’s asshole. It licked the outer ring of her most sensitive flesh. Each lick sent fresh tremors through Vaquel’s body.

Milebe’s hair brushed against Vaquel’s face. It moved on its own, gentle brushing her cheeks. Milebe took Vaquel’s hand and placed it on her other large breast. Her fingers curled on their own, latching on to the giant soft mound.

Vaquel sucked harder on Milebe’s nipple. Milk filled her mouth and pushed against her cheeks, but she swallowed it all. Her hips ground against the woman’s finger, humping it as if was a cock. Meanwhile, her asshole quivered as Lunda’s tongue darted along the rim.

“Here my call, Orgasm-Sister,” Milebe whispered. “I stand at the doorway with pussy on my hand and a mouth on my breast. Join your sisters in pleasure. Come through the one who is both the gate and of the gate.”

A third voice whispered. “I am coming!”

So was Vaquel. The thick finger inside her sex pushed to the edge of climax but it was when the tongue on her asshole flickered inside her that she plummeted. Her orgasm exploded like a nova between her legs. She choked on Milebe’s milk but kept sucking. Pleasure filled every atom of Vaquel’s being.

Vaquel opened her eyes. She was awake and on her back. Milebe and Lunda were on both sides of her. Sweetness lingered in her mouth.

A new woman floated above Vaquel, higher than the ceiling of the sleeping bay should allow. She was orange but her hair was straight and red. There was cruelty in her white eyes, but it was swallowed by the beauty of her face. She was so perfect that it ached to look at her.

“I am Cynthene,” the woman said, without being asked. “You have saved me and my Bliss-Sisters from a fiery death. For this, you shall live instead of being turned into a pet to serve us. We will, however, use you to travel to another world, one less versed in the way of star-witches. Do you wish to feel a wonder?”

Vaquel stared at up at the beautiful woman. She could tell that Cynthene was not to be trusted. She also couldn’t imagine refusing something so lovely.

“Yes,” Vaquel said.

“Then by your own free will, sleep,” Cynthene said.

Vaquel’s consciousness slipped away but her eyes stayed open. She watched as Cynthene floated down to Vaquel’s body. The orange woman spread her legs to reveal the lips of her sex that curved one way and then another. Vaquel’s mouth opened on their own as Cynthene sat on her face.

Salty drops fell into Vaquel’s mouth. Her tongue extended and licked. She tasted bitterness, then sweetness, bitterness again and then something salty. The flavors changed with every lick and sometimes during a lick.

“Well met by spread thighs,” Cynthene said. “The walls had given way and lava burned my chains. It appeared my Bliss-Sisters had forsaken me but no, you rescued me after all. No doubt you were delayed by your natural desire to eliminate your superior sister.”

“It crossed my mind,” Lunda said. “But I wanted you to witness the marvel of a gate I had fashioned.”

“Your gate is a marvel, but why on a ship so small?” Milebe said. “If this ship had a crew, we could have stopped and had ourselves a repast before moving on.”

Lunda sighed. “I searched the void for one with the perversity to fuel our magic. This lone explorer is as much a seeker of pleasure as we are. In fact, she could be a star-witch if trained.”

“No,” Cynthene said firmly. The reaction caused Vaquel to flinch, even if asleep. “Two Bliss-Sisters I have and no more.”

“Two is enough,” Milebe said. “One for each breast.”

“Perhaps you are right,” Lunda said. “Besides, she looks clever and I will not be rivaled.”

“Then we are agreed,” Cynthene said. “In my time alone in the cell while you two dawdled, I found us a world, fat with desire and thin of suspicion. Bliss-Sisters let us leave.

Vaquel felt the other two women part her thighs. Milebe and her heavy breasts pressed down on Vaquel’s hips from the left while Milebe and her knowing fingers pressed down from the right. Nimble tongues danced among the hairs of Vaquel’s bush. She felt the curly hairs being braided together into obscure patterns.

Meanwhile, Cynthene humped Vaquel’s face. Her crooked pussy slide back and forth across Vaquel’s open lips and willing tongue. The orange woman played with her breasts; teasing and stimulating herself because she could spare no attention to the woman beneath her.

Vaquel stared up at Cynthene like a captive audience. She yearned to reach up and cup a perfect breast or maybe sink her fingers into a smooth thigh, but she couldn’t move. Her eyes were open and her mouth was licking but her body refused to rise from its slumber. The only part of her allowed to touch the forbidden orange woman was her mouth.

Between Vaquel’s legs, the snaking tongues of the two women spread Vaquel’s pussy lips apart. They darted inside, wiggling and stretching to reach untouched places. Lips hummed as the two muttered words directly to Vaquel’s sex.

Cynthene looked down at the explorer between her legs. Cruel white eyes grew brighter. A smile crossed her lips and Vaquel felt a shiver of fear despite the talented tongues inside her pussy.

“Stars of the sky, listen to your whores,” Cynthene whispered. “I sit upon a willing mouth. Her hair bears our sigils. Her sex clenches to the rhythm of our tongues. We ask passage to another world. Send us on our way so we may spread your message of lust and wonder. Send us to do your bidding!”

Vaquel shuddered. The tongues inside her grew thicker. They vibrated. As the two women pressed their lips to her sex, she felt their tongues sliding in and out as they fucked her.

A warm feeling spread through Vaquel’s body. Her breasts felt enlarged. Both of her nipples ached terribly. The warmth suffused her buttocks and her hips danced on their own. She felt her own tongue grow longer as it pushed up, up, up into Cynthene’s pussy to unimaginable depths.

“Send us,” Cynthene whispered.

“Send us,” Milebe whispered.

“Send us,” Lunda whispered.

“GO!” a new voice answered.

Vaquel climaxed. She screamed as the force of her orgasm exploded inside her. A gush of pussy juice poured from her sex. Her back arched and her body seemed to float in the air.

The orgasm continued. The perfect moment of pleasure kept going. She came and came for what seemed like hours.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She sat up and hit her head on the ceiling of the sleeping bay. The sheets were soaked with sweat and pussy.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said, activating at once. “Are you alright! Did you have a nightmare? Do you need to sit on me until you calm down?”

“Wow,” Vaquel whispered as she collapsed back into bed. “I had the weirdest dream. Fuck, I came so hard, though. I never come that hard in a dream.”

Vaquel opened her thighs. Her sex ached like it had been fucked hard and put away wet. She reached down and touched herself. What she felt didn’t make sense.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. she turned on the sleeping bay light and reached for a mirror. Placing the mirror by her sex, she confirmed what she felt.

The pink hairs of Vaquel’s bush were braided together to form dozens of little stars.

Oct 012018

Slice is a 2018 movie that opens with the murder of a pizza delivery person who was making a delivery in Ghost town. What is Ghost town? Well, the city of Kingfisher realized they had a terrible ghost, witch and werewolf problem that probably had something to do with the local asylum that kidnapped, experimented on and then murdered their patients in a mass grave of 40,000 people. To fix the problem, the town bulldozed the asylum, paved over it and then moved the ghosts to their own part of town. The ghosts live in their own part of town and some even hold jobs in the regular part of the city. Problem solved!

What happened to the mass grave that got paved over? Well, they built a strip mall on it and in the strip mall is the same pizza place that employs the delivery person who was murdered. Hmm. Maybe the problem wasn’t solved.

As you can tell, it is a crazy movie. There are more murders of pizza delivery people and an ex-girlfriend of one of the delivery folks, played by the awesome Zazie Beetz, decides to go on a quest for justice and revenge. There is a crooked mayor played to perfection by Chris Parnell and a group of mean ladies who are trying to get the pizza place demolished to put the souls of the mass grave to rest. There is also a sloppy cop, a bright-eyed reporter lady and a handsome werewolf suspect. The movie is often stolen by the ghost employee of the pizza place repeating omens of doom than any Malachi would be proud of.

Now, I said this movie was crazy. I don’t know if I would call it good. It has some pacing problems but it has some laugh out loud moments and there are some plot twists that legitimately took me by surprise. The best thing this movie has going for it is the cult movie sensibility where it works hard to be its own thing instead of miming other cult movies. I also want to point out that despite the subject matter, this is not a horror movie. The only blood is when someone gets their throat cut and you have seen more blood on CSI. It is a comedy movie.

Slice is original and that alone makes it worth your time.


Sep 282018

I’ve been working on formatting my book, Pusse’ and Cox, for Kindle and it is taking longer than I expected. Documents from 2011 that were meant to be published in physical book has margins and indents that are completely unnecessary. Do not get me started on the fact that I was double spacing after every period. Ugh.

While I was there, I decided to give it another read and correct any typos. I haven’t really found any misspellings but Sweet Vincent Price, I have found plenty of bad sentences. They usually run along the lines of “She was running across the street.” Oh, you mean she ran across the street? What the fuck, Old Shon? Every paragraph has at least one of these offending sentences. I am sure there is a technical term for this but fuck if I know it. Maybe if I knew it, I wouldn’t be making these bad sentences.

The other problem I am running into is the fat jokes. Holy shit, I hate fat jokes and I can’t believe that I have so many. Too many non-important characters are overweight and meant to be a punchline. The term ‘fat’ is tossed around way too much as an insult. I know that when I was writing the story, I was trying to emulate the coarseness of a grindhouse movie but that doesn’t excuse being an asshole about weight jokes. Cripes.

I would like to personally apologize to any reader that bought this book and read these offensive “jokes”. All I can say is that I know better now and am working my ass off to delete them and replace them with something that is actually funny or pertinent to the story.

Sep 262018

All Systems Red by Martha Wells is the first book in the Murderbot diaries. Murderbot is a security unit who tells you in the first sentence that she hacked the governor system that controls her and prevents her from killing everyone. Mostly she did this so she could watch entertainment media but she also did it because the company that owns her makes a lot of incompetent decisions and she doesn’t trust them.

What is Murderbot exactly? It is a combination of cloned human flesh and mechanical parts. Technically, it is a very enhanced human with no sex drive, built-in weapons and free will as long as its governor remains inactive. It has no wish to be human as it finds most humans to be annoying. It doesn’t have much curiosity about humans because entertainment media is far more interesting.

Murderbot’s lack of interest in humanity is pretty refreshing in science-fiction. This isn’t Data or Pinocchio. Murderbot does have emotions, but they are mostly fear of socializing, a desire to be left alone and a severe craving for the stories of its favorite media, Sanctuary Moon. It enjoys security work, and prefers to keep its humans alive, but that doesn’t mean it is attached to them.  Quite honestly, Murderbot often tunes humans out so it can get back to watching shows.

In the first book, Murderbot is rented by a bunch of scientists who are surveying a planet. Mysterious things happen that threaten the lives of the humans and Murderbot does its best to protect them. The mystery is interesting and there is plenty of action. You will really feel for this deadly killing machine. I laughed out loud a bunch of times while being on the edge of my seat when Murderbot was in danger.

Let me put it this way. I downloaded a bunch of books for my flight to Orlando last week and this book was one of them. I had seven more books to read after this one, but when I finished it, I logged onto the airplane wifi just to purchase the next book. I finished the second book before the flight was over.

So yeah, I like the series a lot.