Jan 212015

Today I had two women competing to be my Cabin Woman. One would have the pleasure of serving as my personal pleasure toy and the other would go back to whatever shit jobs there were to do on this ship. That was why both women were squeezed in between my thighs and trying to suck on my cock at the same time. The brown one had more of my cock in her mouth but the green one was doing amazing things with her tongue on my balls. It was going to be a hard choice.

“Captain Blastpants, we found it!” One Eyed Peter yelled. “Five thousand cubic kilometers worth!”

The crew on the bridge cheered with joy. Both of the Cabin Woman candidates looked up and I pushed their heads back onto my laps. The green one took my cock in her mouth while the brown one sulked. Oh, that as going to count against her.

“Lick the balls, lick the balls!” Venda my cyborg parrot said. Venda was always on point.

I petted Venda and looked at the main monitor. The asteroid in question appeared with some helpful graphics around it. Lords of Space, it was huge!

“Five thousand cubic kilometers of Orgasmiam,” my First Mate, Marella, said. “That is enough to buy a space station, or a dozen. Shit, each member of the crew could get their own space station if they weren’t picky about the size.”

“I just can’t believe Mad Crazy Psycho was right,” I said. “There really is a giant chunk of Orgasmiam just floating in this asteroid field. We’re damn lucky he came to us with it. I don’t feel bad about the money we spent for this information.”

“Or that damn minefield we spent three weeks picking our way through?” Marella said.

“It is a shame we lost six pirates to mines but hey, their posthumous shares to their family are going to be huge,” I said.

“Aye,” Marella said. “All our shares will be.” She was in a great mood. It was rare to see my redheaded friend smiling. She had plenty of reasons to. That was a shit ton of wealth just waiting to be plucked. We could all retire on this find.

The green woman had my entire cock down her throat. The brown woman realized that she as losing and kissed the base of my cock with passionate fervor. It was a great moment. I had two hungry mouths on my lap and more treasure than I could count in front of me.

Something red arced across the monitor screen and smashed into the asteroid. A rainbow explosion of light flashed across the monitor as all five thousand cubic kilometers of Orgasmiam disintegrated before our eyes.

“No,” I whispered, too stunned to shout. All around me, the crew on the bridge erupted in wailing sobs. They were too heartbroken to speak as well. Even Venda was speechless and I wasn’t sure if the cyborg bird even understood money.

“FUCK!” Marella yelled, who was never too anything to keep from shouting.

“Captain, we’re being hailed!”

“On screen!” I yelled, finding my ability to shout. “Who the fuck did that?”

A woman appeared on screen. Her stoic Asiatic features cracked a smile at my misfortune. A blue Pik Collective uniform stretched across her enormous breasts. Her impeccable posture meant her breasts threatened to burst from the uniform fabric at any moment. My rage lessened for a moment as my eyes were drawn to her cleavage by the gravitational pull of the mass of her tits.

“Tits!” Venda chirped from my shoulder.

“Captain Gan!” Marella shouted while I stared at tits. “You destroyed the largest discovery of Orgasmiam ever found!”

“I am Captain Kianna Gan of the Pik collective,” Captain Gan said.

“Yes, she just said that!” I snapped. I stood up and the potential cabin women fell back on their knees. I glared at them and they both started kissing my cock. Just because I stood was no reason to stop a blowjob.

Kianna lifted a hand to block her line of sight to the women sucking my cock. “I am informing you that your ship, the Savage Thrust, is a documented pirate ship and is under arrest. You have been accused of thirty acts of piracy in this system as well as two counts of molestation of a Pik Collective Officer. A full list of crimes is being transmitted to you as I speak. I also have a warrant for your Captain, Captain Blastpants, if that is your real name.”

I gave Kianna a funny look. “You really don’t need to tell me the charges every time we meet. Also, I would like to argue about those two counts of molestation. I mean, I fucked your tits and I have spanked your ass, but molestation sounds a bit much. I mean, you did enjoy the spanking as I remember.”

“Fuck that!” Marella said. Man, she was pissed. “Why the fuck did you blow up the Orgasmiam?”

“Orgasmiam is a controlled substance,” Kianna said. “The ability to give any sentient being an orgasm just by being in close proximity to the material gives Orgasmiam the potential to be a weapon of mass distraction. I was perfectly within my rights as an officer of the Pik Collective to destroy it.”

Now Marella was speechless. The wanton destruction of so much wealth had paralyzed her.

Kianna’s smile grew wider. She was enjoying our displeasure. “Now I will ask you once to surrender. As you can see the Solemn Pledge has you outclassed. We have three times your weapons and twice your shields. Resist and I will not hesitate to destroy you and add your ashes to the scattered particles of the Orgasmiam.”

“Open fire!” Marella yelled.

“Fuck that!” I yelled. “All power to engines and get us the fuck out of here!”

Luckily I was the Captain and the crew obeyed my orders. The Savage Thrust fired engines and took off on an escape course. Immediately the ship rocked as the Solemn Pledge peppered our hull with lasers and mass drivers.

I fell back into my chair. My intelligent pants wisely zipped up over my cock. The two kneeling women returned to between my thighs and tried to kiss my zipper open. I gave them credit for staying on their job.

Damage reports came. The Solemn Pledge was blasting bits and pieces out of us. We were fast but the Solemn Pledge might have been faster. Kianna was catching up to us and judging by her rate of fire she was eager to avenge her two counts of molestation.

“Damn father sucking whore cunt!” Marella yelled. Yeah, she wasn’t going to be much good.

Fortunately for us, I had a cunning plan.

“Helm, plot a course for the mine field,” I said.

Old Nathan was at the helm and he was a good space pirate. That meant he obeyed right away despite our certain doom. The Savage Thrust went straight for the mine field at a reckless speed.

The Solemn Pledge kept firing. My combat screen was filled with information about the weapons that narrowly missed us.

The Cabin Women candidates weren’t distressed by our imminent deaths. The brown woman left a trail of spit on my bulge. My intelligent pants actually unzipped a few inches. The blue woman sucked on the tip of my bulge under my pants. I wondered if should could make me come in my pants. Maybe I should promote one of them before we all died.

Nah, that would show a lack of confidence. I was Captain Blastpants and the one thing I was known for other than my giant loads of come was being confident. I would fake being cocky until the very end.

“We’re all going to die!” Venda chirped. She was a parrot, she got to disagree.

“Entering the minefield!” One Eyed Peter announced.

A lifetime of space piracy sprang before my eyes. I thought of the women I had fucked, the men I had killed and the treasure I had looted. I thought of the friends I had lost and the enemies I had gained. I thought about mistakes I made and choices I will answer for if there was an afterlife.

Mostly though, I thought about tits.

“A mine exploded!” One Eyed Peter cried.

That was weird. I didn’t feel anything.

I glanced at the combat screen and saw the Solemn Pledge loosing speed. They must have hit a mine! Their port engine was leaking plasma. I watched it collide with another mine as they tried to stop their momentum. They hit a third mine before stopping completely.

“Open fire, fuckers!” Marella yelled.

This time my crew obeyed. The Savage Thrust let loose with everything we had. A terrible volley of revenge crashed into them. The Solemn Pledge rocked with explosions as large parts of the hull was reduced to wreckage.

They were near death.

“Again!” Marella said.

“Delay that!” I snapped.

Marella turned to me. “Kill those assholes now! I know you love Gan’s giant tits but they cost us a fortune!”

The entire bridge crew looked at me. I saw the anger in their eyes. I also saw their distrust of me. I had spared Kianna’s life before and they expected me to do it again.

Now it is true that I did like Kianna’s tits but I also liked her. The Captain was relentless despite all the times I bested her. I had fucked her tits and she still came after me. That took armored ovaries and I respected that. In a different situation, she would have been a hell of a Space Pirate.

But she had gone too far this time. I couldn’t spare her.

On the other hand, I didn’t respond well to my First Mate telling me what I had to do.

“Open a channel to the Solemn Pledge,” I commanded.

Marella snarled but she said nothing. Her fingers clenched awfully hard around her laser pistol though.

“Have you come to gloat? Captain Blastpants” Kianna yelled from the view screen. Her bridge was on fire and some of her crew was trying to put it out. A single strand of black hair had escaped her military bun and was hung sexily over her face. Her uniform was torn and I could see the top half of a black bra holding one of her giant breasts.

“If you set up this minefield you should be aware that you are violating the Articles of Safe Travels as established in the Omigon Accords!” Kianna added.

“Good to know,” I said. “I am calling to see if you would be willing to surrender.”

Marella snarled. Quite a few of my bridge crew snarled too.

“Never!” Kianna said. “I remember what happened last time I surrendered!”

I smiled. Damn, her tits had been nice and soft. “Fine. I will fire a single beam weapon at your ship every five minutes until your ship slowly crumbles and falls apart around you. It will be a slow and humiliating way for your crew to die. Shit, it might take all day.”

Marella laughed. My crew laughed.

“Slow and painful!” Venda chirped. My parrot was bloodthirsty too.

Kianna said nothing. Her stern composure was immaculate.

“Or,” I said.

Marella stopped laughing. So did my crew.

Kianna arched an eyebrow. “Or?”

“Or you strip down and masturbate right there in your command chair,” I said. “If you entertain me then I will leave and you can spend the next week getting your ship back together.”

“Asshole,” Marella said. I threw her a stern look but I saw she was smiling.

“You are a walking perversion!” Kianna said.

“Hit her ship with cannon one,” I said.

A crew member chuckled and I watched Captain Gan struggle to stay on her feet as her ship rocked.

“Fine!” Captain Gan yelled. “I accept your terms and I will add a count of sexual coercion to your crimes!”

I leaned back in my chair. My intelligent pants unzipped. The two women between my thighs dived for my cock with their mouths. I grabbed both of them by the hair. “Only use your hands,” I whispered. I wanted to make this last.

I looked up at Kianna. “I don’t see you stripping,” I said.

Kianna looked at me with fury but she reached for the zipper at the top of her uniform. She pulled it down to reveal the black bra that held her breasts. Once again the Pik Collective proved their superiority with engineering by the fact that any bra could hold those giant tits.

She wiggled out of her uniform and struggled to get it past her hips and round butt. Regulation black panties covered her sex. She started to take her boots off but I interrupted her.

“The boots stay on,” I said.

The fury in Kianna’s eyes changed to smoldering hatred.

“Get that bra off!” Marella yelled. “We want to see those tits again!”

The crew laughed as Kianna bit her lip. As professionally as she could, Kianna stripped off her bra and zero ceremony. It didn’t matter. As soon as her giant breasts became free, gasps and moans were heard all around me.

“Those aren’t moons!” Venda chirped. She was right.

By the Lords of Space, she had perfect breasts. Hard pink nipples topped beautiful mountains of soft flesh. They hung with the weight of their magnificence. I don’t know what they fed Pik Collective women but it was working.

“Get those panties off!” One Eyed peter yelled. He was always a pussy man.

Kianna stripped off her panties with the same military precision. The bush of her sex was trimmed into a precise triangle that I was sure was in accordance to some regulation.

“Grab those breasts!” I yelled now that she was nearly naked. “Let us see how soft they are.”

Kianna glared at me but she obeyed. She sunk her fingers into the bountiful flesh. I watched the pale flesh spill out of her grip. There was simply too much to grab.

My cock throbbed. The blue woman stroked the base of my cock while the brown woman stroked the tip. I saw Kianna’s eyes flicker to my lap and I saw disgust come to her lips. It galled her that I was deriving pleasure from her humiliation.

I wasn’t the only one. Marella pulled her shorts down and was fingering her thick red bush. Old Nathan leaned back in his chair and was pumping his cock. Big Zally had her pants down and had three fingers buried in her wet sex. In fact, with the exception of the women stroking my cock, everyone on the bridge was stroking off to the sight of Kianna.

Oh, how she must have hated that!

“Pinch your nipples” someone yelled.

Kianna did as she was told. She pinched both nipples although she was going a little easy on her self.

“Pinch and twist!” Venda chirped.

“You heard the parrot!” I snapped. The crew laughed.

Kianna twisted her nipples. She bit her lip to keep from showing discomfort. We didn’t care. We were too busy watching those fat tits roll and stretch with her twisting.

“Harder!” Marella snapped.

Kianna twisted her nipples savagely. The pain was obvious on her face. Dam, I wish I was there to twist them myself.

I noticed something. The crew behind Kianna had stopped with their chores. They were watching their Captain get humiliated and quite a few of them had smiles on their faces. One of the female crew members licked her lips while a male crewman was leaning awfully hard against a chair. They might have been Pik Collective but they weren’t immune to a naked busty woman.

“Bite one of your tits!” Old Nathan yelled.

Kianna hesitated.

“Prepare to fire,” I commanded.

Kianna quickly dipped her head down and pulled a breast to her mouth. Lords of Space, it wasn’t even hard for her. She pulled her breast to her mouth and bit down.

A dozen groans of pleasure moaned all through out my bridge.

“Now bite the other one!” Big Zally said.

Kianna obeyed. She sank her teeth into her other breast. Her dark eyes glared hatred at us. It made her look hotter.

“Enough play,” I said. “Sit in your chair and start fingering yourself.”

Giggles erupted among my bridge crew. Kianna released her breast from her mouth and a pink bite mark glowed. She sat down with as much dignity as she could and placed her hand over her sex. Her palm rubbed up and down over her sex.

“No, no, no,” I said. “Spread those thighs. Don’t use your whole hand, use two fingers. Your pussy is our prize and we demand to see it.”

An angry pout formed on Kianna’s lips. That was quite the trick. I hadn’t seen someone be angry and pout at the same time. This might be the reason I kept saving her life; she always had a new surprise for me.

Kianna spread her thighs and moved her hand. The bridge crew laughed when they saw the dampness of her pubic hair. She reached between her legs and just as I had ordered, used to fingers to stroke herself.

The crew grew quiet as they saw her fingers part the pink lips of her sex. All you could hear was the stroking of cocks and the fingering of pussies. Even Venda quietly watched from my shoulder. Everyone was watching the proud Pik Collective Captain masturbate for our amusement.

“Pinch one of your pussy lips as you stroke,” I commanded. My cock throbbed in the hands of the two women stroking me.

Kianna stared right at me as she obeyed. She winced as her sharp nails dug into her pussy lip. Her other hand stroked faster perhaps to counteract the pain.

“I should have known a deviant like you wouldn’t be satisfied with mere self stimulation,” Kianna accused.

“True,” I said. “Now grab some of your pussy hair and pull while you keep stroking.”

Kianna snarled but she did what I said. Her fingers clenched around her short curly hair and pulled with all her might. A red flush came to her cheeks as she struggled with the discomfort.

The potential Cabin Women stroked me faster. They switched places and the brown woman was at my base while the blue woman rubbed my tip. They worked well together.

“Rub your juices onto your tits,” Marella said. Her voice was huskier than usual.

Kianna took the opportunity of this new command to stop pulling her pussy hair. Her fingers dug deep into her sex and then she brought them up to her breasts. She smeared her juices onto her breasts. They began to shine.

“Lords of Space,” Old Nathan groaned and then he loudly climaxed.

Kianna’s nose wrinkled with disgust. She kept stroking though. Her hips began to writhe as she stroked harder.

“Suck on your fingers,” I commanded. “Suck on them like they were the cocks of my crew.”

“Disgusting hedonist,” Kianna said as she brought her lips to her mouth.

We watched in awe as her cheeks caved in around her fingers. Her lips formed a tight seal as she sucked hard on her fingers.

“Fuck,” Marella whimpered and judging from the rapid thrusts of her own fingers, I think she came.

Kianna’s body shuddered. She tried to hide it but those large tits of her shook like they her ship had taken another hit. Her fingers slowed down inside her sex and she was taking deep breaths.

“Faster,” I commanded her. “Use both hands and fuck your pussy for us.”

Kianna’s fingers left her mouth and a line of spit connected back to her lips. The spit broke as her fingers went down to her sex. She was using both hands but she was still holding back.

“Faster, Captain,” I told her. “Pound that pussy of yours.”

Kianna narrowed her eyes at me. She knew how close she was. She stroked herself faster and her face became neutral as she tried to hide her pleasure.

The women at my lap stroked me faster. I pulled them by their hair until they were on either side of my legs. Their hands moved together as they tightened their grip on me.

“Look at my cock, Captain,” I told her. “Look at my cock as you fuck yourself.”

One of Kianna’s crew women gasped behind her. Several of them had turned bright red with a mixture of anger and lust. All of them were clenching their hands to keep from using them.

Kianna’s eyes went to my cock. She watched the brown hand and the blue hand pump my thick member. She saw how hard I was.

Her fingers went faster. She stroked deeper. Her stoic façade broke slightly and a moan came from her lips.

Someone on my bridge came, shouting their orgasm.

“Picture me fucking you,” I said.

Kianna shook her head but I knew the image had already taken hold. Her thighs widened; her fingers pumped faster and she bit her lip. Kianna kept shaking her head but her eyes wouldn’t leave my cock.

I came. I never took my eyes off of her as the two women kept jacking me. My cock erupted like a volcano and made a mess on my lap.

“Damn,” Kianna whispered and her eyes clenched shut. She froze in mid stroke and pulled out a finger to grab a plump breast. She squeezed her tit tightly as her body writhed and wiggled on her command chair.

“Cut transmission,” I commanded and the display screen went dark. “Set a course for New Fortune. We have some repairs to make.”

Marella looked at me from her station chair. She was cleaning her fingers with her mouth and giving me an odd look.

“Do you have a problem?” I asked her.

She smiled. “That was exceptionally cruel. You made her pleasure herself for us. I’m broadcasting her little performance to the entire ship.”

I smiled back at her. “And the next time you tell me what to do in front of my bridge crew, they’ll be watching your performance next.”

Marella’s smile faltered for a moment. “Aye, Captain.”

I turned my attention back to the women at my feet. “Well, I have a mess on my lap. You’re both Cabin Women, clean it up.”

Both of them dipped their heads back onto my lap and cleaned me with their mouths.

Jan 142015

Hyun had been through one long ass day. A lube dispenser at Best Tit leaked a hundred liters of high grade synthetic fruit lube right onto the dance floor. The owner wouldn’t shut down while Hyun fixed it which meant he had to watch seven hours of some of the biggest tits he had ever seen shake, jiggle and bounce for eager customers. It was damn hard to concentrate and the job took an hour longer than it should have. The owner was pissed and Hyun was left with an erection that he couldn’t do anything about while on the job.

It was just another day as a lube dispenser repair man on Pleasure Station Sigma.

Hyun smelled like fruit flavored lube and he was exhausted. He was ready to go back to his residential cube and take a laser shower. He was looking forward to eating some leftover Spank-Rice as he watched tonight’s Ass-Fucker Tournament. He was dying to fall into his comfort chair and stay there until morning.

His strut had other ideas. Usually Hyun would just jack off during the Ass-Fucker tournament but all those tits had gotten to him. He wanted a little contact. He worked long hours and had finished a dirty job; he deserved a little extra pleasure.

Not too much though. Hyun was saving his earnings to buy one a new Virtual Slut. He had to think about the long term. It was better to get something cheap to get off tonight so he could afford something that would get him off for months. You don’t have to be smart with your money on this station.

That ruled out any of the brothels near his home on O-Deck. Beds were way out of his price range. That also ruled out Delivery Escorts, dinner at Fuck Plate and a splash at Gillians-4-U. No, he needed something cheap and dirty. Besides, he was really too tired to enjoy anything fancy. Shit, he might be too tired to fuck.

He saw what he needed. A Mouth Parlor had opened on his corridor.

The Mouth Parlor was seven chairs facing a wall. Behind each wall was a living being. Pictures of the beings hung on the wall and Pleasure Station Sigma law guaranteed that the person on the picture was behind the wall. Hyun wasn’t sure how strictly enforced that was but right now he was too horny to care.

He passed by the male beings and looked for a female. He was passed two of the women because they were species of aliens that had small breasts. He wouldn’t get to touch the tits of the Mouth Parlor employee but he wanted to know they were there.

One seat was taken by a red alien while another seat was taken by a thin human woman. He took a look at the beings sucking them to see if he was willing to wait. A man was sucking the man and something shaped like a bumpy slug was licking the woman. He passed them both.

On the last spot was just what he was looking for. A plump human brunette with even plumper breasts was displayed on the monitor screen. The monitor showed a quick video of the woman licking her lips while she squeezed her breasts.

Hyun pressed his hand to the pay screen. Sensors identified him, accessed his station credits and made a deduction.

He pulled down his pants and sat in the chair. Motors activated as the chair molded to his physical characteristics. The back of the chair reclined as part of the wall extended towards his lap. He felt his lap tingle as an opaque force field covered the lower half of his body.

Hyun realized his strut probably tasted like fruit lube. He realized he should have washed before coming. Oh well, it was too late now.

Lips kissed the tip of his strut. His hand reflexively went to grab her head but the force field stopped him.

The lips kissed down the length of his strut. He felt naked breasts brush against her legs. His eyes snapped to the monitor display and the busty brunette it showed. Yes, they felt like those tits.

A tongue licked his balls and Hyun shuddered. His strut throbbed and he let out a groan. Fuck, didn’t need much foreplay. Seven hours at Best Tits had done that.

The woman sucking him seemed to agree. She leaned against his thigh and he felt her breasts pressed against him. Her lips opened and slipped down over his strut. She swallowed him and sat up with his strut in her mouth.

“Fuck!” Hyun cried out. A passing by woman laughed at him. He gave her a thumbs up before turning his attention back to the mouth.

The woman’s lips rose up and down over the length of his strut. Her tongue flicked at him as she sucked. Her breasts stayed on his lap as her head moved up and down.

Hyun reached for her but the force field stopped him. He didn’t care; he had to try. He just wanted something to hold onto.

The woman’s mouth began to swivel. Her tongue did something clever. Her lips opened and spit ran down his strut and onto his balls.

Hyun groaned. He felt his orgasm coming. He didn’t want it to be over so quickly but at the same time, the speed was certainly a sign of the quality of the strut sucking. He was getting his money’s worth.

The woman choked on his cock. He knew it was an act it pushed him over the edge. His strut erupted and the woman sealed her lips around him. His strut kept pumping seed and the woman swallowed it all.

When he was completely drained, he felt her lips leave him. The force field retracted and his seat returned to the upright position. He sat there and shuddered for a few more seconds.

The seat chimed and the display monitor went blank. Hyun got the hint. He stood up and pulled his pants up. The previous customers were gone and three males had taken their place. He spent a moment wondering how profitable the Mouth Parlor was.

His stomach growled and Hyun headed home. He had some Spank-Rice waiting for him.

Jan 122015

Warning for Every Member of the Alliance of Free Asteroids

The renegade, Lt Marella Stones, has been recently spotted in Arc Four. She is not to be trusted in any way, shape or form. For the love of the Lords of Space, do not proposition her. Contact a Freebooter Captain immediately and assist them in any way in her capture or termination.

The charges against this renegade include Revealing of Freebooter Secrets to Space Pirates, Exploitation of Secret Asteroid Hideouts and Flagrant Disregard for Freebooter Traditions of Fair Warfare.

Lt Marella Stones formerly served aboard the Zero Taxation with mixed distinction. She earned six citations for Outstanding Aggression but also was accused of four counts of Striking Superior Officers as well as three counts of Violently Declining Sexual Propositions. She also refused to pay the voluntary Tithe of Profits for the Freebooter Widows, Orphans and Pets Fund.

She was scheduled for retraining back at the Freebooter Academy when she engineered a one-woman mutiny and marooned the entire crew of the Zero Taxation on a space wreck. She then became a space pirate using the Zero Taxation as her ship until it was destroyed by Pik Collective forces. Marella currently serves with Captain Blastpants aboard the Savage Thrust.

A reward of Four Thousand MegaCreds and the ownership of a Medium Asteroid are being offered for any information leading to the arrest or termination of Lt Marella Stones.

Jan 072015

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “A Single Taste of the Queen’s Lips” by Royal Astronomers. Four of the planets here are barren rocks and mining probes have been launched. The fifth planet ist volcanically active and I am receiving strange biological readings. I will be landing to conduct a personal survey. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I finally get to break out the heat resistant spacesuit. I know it has been rated for full submersion in lava but it better not flatten my curves and make me look fat.

Vaquel Di stood on the lip of a volcanic crater. A plume of lava rose a hundred meters into the air before crashing down onto the ground. Rivers of molten metals flowed down the side of the crater to collect in large lakes.

She should have been observing the lava but she was too busy checking herself out. The heat resistant suit was a light blue which made a nice contrast to her short pink hair. The suit was skintight which meant it stretched over her large brown breasts and firm round ass. The heat treated glassteel helmet was crystal clear which meant if anything was alive on this planet they could see Vaquel’s cute brown face.

“Heat Tolerance Is At Acceptable Levels,” her suit controls announced. It was quite amazing. Vaquel was almost chilly within her suit. Her nipples were hard and pressing tightly against the suit.

“Okay, so where is there bio readings coming from?” Vaquel said out loud. She looked over the edge of the crater but all she saw was the glowing fires of molten rock.

“Queen’s tit, I better not be lava diving just to look for super lava mold,” Vaquel said. It was known to happen. Mold grew everywhere.

Vaquel sighed and climbed over the edge of the crater. The heat suit was guaranteed to last twelve hours in extreme heat but Vaquel doubted she would get to file a complaint if that guarantee failed. It was better to get this shit over with as soon as possible.

Even more annoying was that this suit was even tighter than her usual spacesuits. Ever movement rubbed slick fabric across her sex, over her nipples and along the crack of her ass. She was trying to avoid lava but every step was like a caress of her most intimate places and Vaquel had a lot of intimate places.

As Vaquel climbed down the inside of the crater, more lava shot into the air. Some of it landed on her chest and she looked in horror at the glowing red lava. It took her a moment to realize that all she felt was slight warmth as if summer rain had landed on her chest.

She wiped it off though. There was no sense testing the suit. The lava slid off and her tits returned to a slightly chilly temperature.

Vaquel reached a ledge inside the crater. She pointed her right hand at the walls of the crater. The bioscanner in her glove checked for life signs. It detected nothing around here. She pointed it at the pool of lava below here.

“Ping!” the bioscanner rang.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She really did not want to go lava diving.

“Ping! Ping!” the bioscanner rang.

“What? Is it moving?” Vaquel said.

“Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!” the bioscanner rang. Yes, something was definitely coming.

Vaquel had a feeling the bio scans weren’t picking up mold. She wished that she had a weapon but unfortunately most weapons would have melted by now. Besides, what weapon could hurt something that hung out in lava?

Something emerged from the lava. It was a darker shade of red than the lava around it. As the lava slid off of it, Vaquel saw that it was roughly two meters tall and had two legs. Three, if you counted the large appendage swinging between’s legs.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore in appreciation. It was massive and so was the humanoid carrying it. She looked at the thing’s face and saw two flames where eyes should be. The mouth opened and glowing red heat burned within.

What was it? Some sort of plasma construct? A lifeform of solid lava? Vaquel had never heard of such a thing.

The thing saw her. The fires in its eyes flared. It reached up and started climbing towards Vaquel’s ledge.

It was decision time. Vaquel had verified the bio readings, her job here was done. She could leave now, report her findings and let the Royal navy send a survey crew. There was no reason to stick around.

Vaquel smiled. She saw one good reason and it was right between the legs of the lava creature. She stayed where she was.

The lava creature pulled itself up to Vaquel’s ledge. Up close it radiated heat that Vaquel could feel through her suit. It looked at Vaquel and tilted its head in the universal body language of “What the fuck?”

Vaquel pointed at herself. “Vaquel,” she spoke.

The lava creature pointed at itself. “Taa,” it said.

Language! What the hell did lava creatures talk about? Did it have a society? Where the fuck did they live? Vaquel had a million questions.

Taa apparently just had one. He reached forward and placed his hand on Vaquel’s breast. She felt warmth penetrate her heat resistant suit.

“Ni?” he asked.

Vaquel let him feel her tit in the interest of diplomacy. “That’s my tit. You don’t have that here?”

“Tt,” he said. His hand squeezed. A welcome heat washed over her breast. Now her nipple was hard for different reasons.

Since he started it, Vaquel reached for his cock. It was hot to the touch which was impressive considering the heat resistant suit made lava feel like a warm breeze. She gave it a squeeze and it throbbed in her hand.

Taa groaned. He used both hands to grab her tits. He squeezed a little too hard but Vaquel didn’t say anything. It was like being groped by heating pads. It felt quite nice.

Vaquel stroked his cock. It was massive so she had to use both hands. He might live in a volcano but his cock worked like any other. She stroked it with her gloved hands and felt the throbbing power within.

His thumb found her nipple through the skintight material. Vaquel shuddered as the hot thumb pressed against her sensitive nub. Taa smiled and rubbed harder.

“You learn quickly,” Vaquel said. She kept stroking his cock with one hand but her other hand went to his balls. They were almost too hot to touch but Vaquel caressed them anyway.

“Heat Tolerance at Ninety-Eight Percent!” the suit warned. Vaquel ignored it and kept fondling Taa’s balls. Ninety-eight percent was nothing to worry about.

Taa growled as she stroked him. Parts of his body glowed bright red as his balls and cock grew hotter. He let go of her breast and reached down between her legs. Vaquel felt his heat press against the sheer spacesuit material. It only added to the heat that was already there.

“You want to get inside me, don’t you?” Vaquel asked. “You just want to push that big burning cock inside my tight wet sex and fuck me senseless, am I right?”

Taa growled and rubbed at her sex. He didn’t understand her words but Vaquel could see he understood her tone. He grinded his hand against her sex and Vaquel’s hips rode his hand back.

They stood like that for a few desperate humps. She kept pulling on his cock while he rubbed the thin material at her sex. Vaquel breathed harder as Taa flared brighter.

“Heat Tolerance at Ninety-One Percent!” the suit warned.

“I have an idea,” Vaquel said. She pushed his hand away from her sex but she kept a hold of his cock. Taa made a dissenting moan until Vaquel turned around and presented her bright blue ass to him. She pulled his cock down to between her legs and her thighs trapped his hot cock.

Taa understood. He grabbed her hips with both hands and slid his cock back until it almost left the vice of her thighs, and then he slid back towards her until her ass was tight against his lap.

“Yes!” Vaquel moaned. This thick hard cock rubbed against her pussy lips. The thinness of the fabric meant she felt every bit of his thick girth as it pressed against her. It slid back and forth and Vaquel could feel her juices soaking the material.

“Heat Tolerance at Eighty-Five Percent!” the suit warned.

“You like this, don’t you?” Vaquel said to Taa. She knew he couldn’t understand her words but she liked to talk to him anyway.

“Your big cock feels so good between my thighs,” she said. “You are so thick that my thighs almost can’t touch each other. It is a good think my suit is so slippery. It is almost as slick as my pussy.”

Taa growled and fucked her faster. Back and forth he rammed into the grip of her thighs. Back and forth his cock rubbed against her lips. Back and forth her tight ass was slammed back into his hard body.

The crater shook. There was a seismic rumble that thundered through the area. A fresh geyser of lava shot into the air in front of them.

“Heat Tolerance at Seventy Percent!” the suit warned.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Vaquel said. “Fuck me like you were inside my pussy. Fuck me like you were inside my mouth. Fuck me like you were inside my nice brown ass! Fuck me as hard as you like, I can take it. And if I can’t, I would still take it for you!”

Vaquel reached behind her and grabbed Taa’s hips. She added a pelvic twist that interesting things to the cock between her thighs. The heat radiating from his cock became more intense on her sex. It was as if she was standing in front of an oven.

“Heat Tolerance at Sixty-Five Percent!” the suit warned.

Taa let go of her hips and grabbed her tits instead. Massive fingers crushed her breasts and waves of heat soaked into her soft flesh. He massaged her tits as he tried in vain to get all of them into his grip.

“Oh you like tits, don’t you?” Vaquel said. “Do lava women not have them? I bet even if they did that they are no where near as nice as mine. My tits are big, brown and all for you. Squeeze them, pull them and do whatever you want to them. They are all yours.”

“Heat Tolerance at Fifty-Seven Percent!” the suit warned.

“Harder,” Vaquel moaned. She clenched her thighs tighter. The ramming cock went back and forth across her pussy lips.

“Heat Tolerance at Forty-Four Percent!” the suit warned.

Taa growled. His cock pulsed and throbbed with unearthly passions. He pulled her back to his massive chest. His fingers sank into her breasts, penetrating the spacesuit with their heat.

“Heat Tolerance at Thirty-Two Percent!” the suit warned.

Vaquel knew she should stop but she was so close to coming. Lava shot higher into the air. The walls of the crater shook and pieces of it were sliding off into the lava below. She needed to get the fuck out of here but damn, she was so close.

“Heat Tolerance at Twenty-Seven Percent!” the suit warned.

Taa and Vaquel’s bodies moved together in a frantic symphony. His cock sliding along her pussy lips was a terrible tease and her thighs around his cock were just shy of giving him the penetration he needed. They teetered at the edge of climax.

“Heat Tolerance at Fifteen Percent!” the suit warned. A visual countdown at appeared in glassteel helmet in an appeal to her sense of self-preservation.

Vaquel reached down between her legs. One hand rubbed furiously at the suit as she stimulated her clitoris. The other hand went to the head of his cock, gripping it as it slid in and out of her fingers.

“Come on, I know you want to come,” Vaquel said. “I want to come too. I want to feel your cock as it fires whatever seed you got in there. I want you to feel my wet soaked pussy as it climaxes on your cock. Come together with me. Come between my tight thighs and I will come on your fat cock.

Taa growled a long sound that ended in a whimper. She could tell he was close as well. His fucking became more frantic. He wanted to come and his body shouldn’t couldn’t cross over into bliss.

Taa shouted something that sounded angry. He let go of her tits and slapped the side of her ass in frustration. Sharp pain went through Vaquel’s ass and straight to her sex.

Vaquel came. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried. Her body shook as pleasure washed over her. Her thighs quivered around his thick cock. She leaned back and writhed on his hot hard body.

Taa came. His cock erupted and sprayed a heavy load of lava into the air. Vaquel looked down and watched the thick cock release load after load of lava into the lava below.

“Heat Tolerance at Seven Percent!” the suit warned. Bells were ringing in case Vaquel had slept through the previous warnings.

She waited for one more shudder to pass before letting go of her clit.

“Right, got to go!” Vaquel yelled. She hopped off Taa’s cock. She activated her anti-gravity belt and hit the emergency ascension button.

Vaquel rocketed into the air. Below her, Taa was already collapsing with weary bliss onto the ledge. Above her, a large piece of the crater wall broke off and fell towards her. Vaquel spun in the air and felt a piece of it bang against her glassteel helmet. The sound was deafening inside her helmet but still not as loud as the warning from the suit.

“Heat Tolerance at Twenty Percent!” the suit warned.

“Okay, I got it! You’re killing my afterglow!” Vaquel yelled.

A rumble below attracted Vaquel’s attention. The crater disintegrated as it fell inwards towards the volcano. Taa fell into the lava and Vaquel could only assume he was okay. Then there was a terrible loud thundering as a mountain of lava exploded into the air.

Vaquel frantically tapped the emergency ascension button. The anti-gravity belt yanked her higher into the air a bubbling of lava seemed to chase her upwards.

““Heat Tolerance at Forty-Seven Percent” the suit warned.

“Good to know!” Vaquel screamed. The lava was rising faster than she was.

She tried to think of a way to escape. There were no options. She could either keep rising or try falling. It was frustrating that she didn’t have any weapons. She wouldn’t be able to kill lava with a laser but at least she would feel better for having shot something before she died.

Vaquel’s heart raced as the lava came closer. She couldn’t take her eyes off her rapidly ascending doom. She worried that she was hallucinating with terror because she swore she saw Taa at the top of the lava.

It was Taa! The glowing red man was surfing the exploding geyser of lava. He looked up at her and waved.

Vaquel was too stunned to wave back. The lava was less than twenty meters from her and about to hit her.

And then it didn’t. The lava split in mid-air. Vaquel watched in wonder as the lava pulled to either side of her, creating a safe corridor for her to rise through.  She was surrounded by flying lava but none of it was touching her.

Taa appeared beside her. All around him lava was rushing upwards around him. He hovered in the cascade of lava. He waved at her again.

This time, Vaquel waved back.

Taa nodded and then the lava and him fell back to the ground. Once again, the lava avoided Vaquel completely. Before long, she was all alone in the air with just a lake of lava beneath her.

It occurred to Vaquel that Taa might have caused the eruption just to wave goodbye. Then it occurred to her that Taa would have protected her from any lava back in the crater. Vaquel frowned and wondered if she nearly had a heart attack because Taa wanted closure.

Damn, other species could be so needy.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked her over the communicator. “The scanners lost sight of you.”

“I’m good,” Vaquel said. She repositioned herself in the air for a safe landing. That was when new pains assaulted her through her legs.

“Fuck, I think I burned my thighs.”

“That is terrible, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“No,” Vaquel corrected. “It was worth it.”

Jan 052015

This is your special update on the info you need for Pleasure Station Sigma. I am your virtu-host, Mika-C34. Remember, you can enter your Credit Information at any time to experience me performing oral sex on you as you process the news!

Station Overlord Pok assumed command of Pleasure Station Sigma in a coup last night. The transition was mostly peaceful with only a twenty percent casualty rate. Members of the previous administration are urged to report to the nearest security post for loyalty processing.

The corpse of the previous Overlord is currently on display on B-Deck outside Silver Ann’s Brothel and Casino. Eye witness accounts confirm that the previous Overlord is much shorter in person.


Overlord Pok has announced that the price of lube/gallon will return to 10 credits within the day cycle. Overlord Pok blames the previous high prices on embezzling on the part of the previous Overlord. This news as greeted with praise from members of A-Deck

“Affordable lube is the cornerstone of our economy. Without it, the brothels can’t keep up with demand, the factories can’t test their sex toys, tourists spend less and the broke losers on O-Deck have to use spit when they jack off. I salute Overlord Pok for making commerce his first priority.” – Vice Captain Owenna Maffo of the Maffo Consortium.

Overlord Pok will be conducting a tour of C-Deck in order to meet with influential and wealthy tourists. Sources say that Overlord Pok will be assuring tourists that Pleasure Station Sigma will remain the number one destination station for sexual tourism. This tour will of course be confined to hotels and residential buildings of Diamond Status and above.

Many businesses are rushing to show their support of Overlord Pok with specials. Mouth Parlor is offering a ten percent discount at all locations for today only. Burger Slut is offering half off their combo meals from now until Orbitday. Consult our Thrifty Fucker channel for more discounts in your area!

This concludes your special update on Pleasure Station Sigma. This is your virtu-host, Mika-C34, reminding you to stay alert and keep your lube handy! Have a great fuck!

Jan 022015

Remember way back in January of 2014 when I was all young and optimistic?

I had these grand plans and perhaps the grandest plan was to do an update every month on my progress? Wow I really botched that in record time. Let’s see how I did on my other plans.

First, “I have a haunted house book that I wrote last year that I still haven’t done a third draft on. I need to get that sucker out the door.”

Yeah, that still needs to happen. I did do a third draft but I haven’t sent it to my editor. No excuses there really.

Second, “I started an anthology called ‘Words’ where every story is about writing on the female skin. I wanted ten stories and I have three at the moment. I want to either write more of those stories or call the project dead.”

Well I did some work on that where I realized the project was dead and I posted the stories I had towards the end of 2014. I think it is better this way. I don’t see anthologies selling all that well lately and I think readers want to pay money for something they can sink their teeth into.

Third, “I miss gaming. I miss writing about gaming. I am staring a new blog where I chronicle a miniatures game about Space Pirates. I plan to update that at least once a week.”

Now that blog actually made it to September in bits and pieces. My wife breaking her leg was the biggest obstacle but also the stress of her getting laid off didn’t help either. I want to revisit it but I must admit I am scratching my space pirate itch already with Captain Blastpants stories.

Fourth, “I’ve heard good things about Smashwords but I haven’t published with them. I want to change that.”

Yep, no excuse there except I plain forgot. To be fair, I have only released one or two new books this year on Amazon. Next year should be different.

Fifth, “I want to write another choose-you-own-erotica book. I have learned a lot since the last book one thing I have learned is to not make it 300 pages.”

Here’s the funny thing; my last choose-your-own-erotica book is far and away my best seller. I haven’t had time to write another one but I feel like every day that I don’t I am leaving money on the table.

Sixth, “When I wrote “My Teacher, My Slave,” I intended to do an entire group of books that were based on the over the top themes of pulp paperbacks and usenet groups. I haven’t really done anything else in that vein and I think I am missing out.”

I think I may roll Five and Six together here.

Seventh, “Reviews on places Amazon really help a reader decide to try a book. I am making a promise to myself to write at least two reviews a week on erotica sites other than my own to help other writers.”

Haven’t done this at all and man I feel bad about that.

On the up side, let’s look at what I did do.

One, written three months worth of a one-a-day orgy in space blog. That was an insane thing to attempt during the holidays but I did it as an experiment. I found I was often too stressed or busy to think of even short stories but I wondered if I could create little tiny episodes in an on-going orgy. It satisfied my desire to write every day and eliminated a need for lengthy preparation. It is like writing a novel but only planning it a page at a time. It does a lot for my self-esteem to create something constantly.

The space orgy blog is scheduled to end in March. I am debating whether to keep doing it or switch to taking that energy to novels.

Two, I did get a part time job at a gas station. Not really a writing accomplishment but certainly something I should consider when judging how well I spent my time this year.

Three, I did manage to write a story a week for the blog all year long with the exception of December. That includes my month long of summer stories and Halloween stories.  Not bad for a guy providing full time care to his wife.

So in conclusion, I think the thing I learned most about New Year’s Resolutions to make a whole let less of them.

Dec 172014

What a year it has been. The wife’s broken leg, the wife being laid off and me starting a job have not been conducive to the porn writing life. Stress has been at an all time high and that’s even including when I had cancer. The cycle of my wife interviewing and getting turned down for jobs is soul crushing for her and me as well.

It is amazing I got any writing done at all. In a rare acknowledgement of my limits, I am taking the next three weeks off and won’t be posting any new stories.  I will resume writing in January where I am sure all of my problems will mysteriously fix themselves.

In typical stubborn fashion, I will keep posting my one-a-day space orgy blog. If you are not reading it, you have missed cyborgs, time travelers, psychics and snakes on a space station.


Dec 102014

Dee waited in silence. They had placed darkened goggles on her eyes that completely blinded her. She may not be able to see them but she felt the powerful hot lights that were focused on her body. E very inch of her ebony skin was on display. She was naked and more than her body was being exposed tonight.

She was smiling. A long year of work was about to pay off. She had completed so many tests. She had endured so many humiliations, challenges and trials. Once, she had been broken but she put herself back together. She had continued when others had quit. She had earned her right to be here.

Dee was going to become a member of the Partnership of Perversity. They were the most secretive club in the city. They didn’t care if you were rich or poor; but you had to be as dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh as they were. They were dedicated to fucking.

Dee needed them. Her life had gotten away from her. She in her thirties; single with a teenage child. She hated her job but it paid the bills. She hated her home but she could afford it. She was tired of dating, fighting and breaking up. She just wanted to fuck. Dee just wanted as much pleasure as her body could handle.

“It is time to write the Pact,” a voice said. It was her sponsor, Mr. Valkner. Dee’s jaw ached at the memory of how many times she had sucked his dick.

“We will write on you,” Mr. Valkner said. “Each Partner will write their demands onto your body. You will have one night to fulfill these demands. If you satisfy the Pact, and more importantly, the Partners, then you will be accepted into our ranks. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Dee said. Consent with very important with the Partnership.

People began to touch her body. A male hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed it so that they could write on the surface of her nipple. Someone pulled her ass cheeks apart so that someone else could write on the inside of her crack. Her foot was lifted and something written on the sole of her foot. Dee was grateful that they didn’t write on the arch of her foot or she would have been ticklish. Laughter didn’t seem appropriate at the moment.

The cold touch of the pen was felt all over her body. Dee wondered what they used to write on her body. Was it colored pens? Some sort of permanent marker? More than likely it was some special instrument selected just for this occasion. Whatever was used, Dee was certain that it could last a night of fucking.

A pen touched her right cheek. Something decadent was written across her face. A tremble of fear shook her as she wondered how hard the writing will be to wash off later. Had they marked her as a deviant forever?

The writing stopped. People walked away. A door closed.

“Take off your blindfold,” Mr. Valkner said.

Dee removed the goggles. The harsh lights blinded her. It took her a moment to let her eyes adjust.

“Look at the Pact,” Mr. Valkner said.

There was a mirror in front of her. Writing of multiple colors covered her dark brown body. Something white was written on her thighs. Something green was written under her breasts. Something blue was written on her face.

She looked closer as her face. “Choke on my cock,” someone had written.

“Is this one your’s?” Dee asked.

Mr. Valkner ignored her question. “Go to the Chamber of Orgasms,” he said.

Dee nodded and went through the west door. She had spent quite a few weekends here. A month of service had taught her every room. Hours cleaning jizz off of floors had taught her patience.

She wasn’t feeling patient now. Her heart was pounding. It would be her final test. It would be the last step before a lifetime of getting laid.

The Chamber of Orgasms was full. There were so many people here. Dee knew some of the members of the Partnership but not all of them. She knew of Miss Hemsworth and the loyal brothers who served her. She had met with kind Mr. Ulman and his very unkind canes. Both Kents were here and Dee still didn’t know if they were husband and wife or two very wrong siblings.

The rest were strangers and there were so many strangers.

“Claim your promise from her body,” Mr. Valkner said.

An old Asian man that Dee didn’t recognize walked up to her. His cock trembled with excitement. He was so frail looking but his cock was thicker than his wrist.

“Jack me off onto your leg,” he commanded. His finger tapped some red writing on her thigh. The letters were unknown to her.

“Of course,” Dee said. She spit in her hand and then grabbed his cock. He was so warm in her grip. Her fingers stroked his cock downward; aiming the head at her thigh where he wrote on her.

“Fifty taps with the cane,” Mr. Ulman said. He touched a place on Dee’s right buttock. She couldn’t see hiw words but she knew they were there.

“Do it,” Dee said.

There was no warm up. Mr. Ulman struck her ass with a very thin and very cruel rattan reed. Tears sprang to Dee’s eyes as the reed bit into her plump ass.

“This breast is mine,” a young woman said. Her curly brown hair was almost a veil on her face. She pointed to Dee’s left breast where someone had written, “Ms. Oliwitz’s”

“It is yours,” Dee said. Dee then cried out as another cane stroke hit her ass.

The young woman leaned over and kissed Dee’s breast, as tenderly as a lover.

Dee stroked the Asian man’s cock. Mr. Ulman continued his assault on Dee’s bottom. Ms. Olwitz lavished gentle kisses to Dee’s sensitive breast.

The rest of the Partnership of Pleasure waited their turns with eager eyes.

The Asian man climaxed. Dee jerked his cock down on her thigh. The heat of his semen splashed against her.

“You have honored your pact,” he said.

Dee nodded her head in acceptance before closing her eyes in pain. The cane strokes hit her faster and faster. She had tried counting them but now her ass was one giant center of sensitive pain.

Ms. Olwitz gave her nipple one last loving lick. “You have honored your pact,” she whispered.

“I am glad,” Dee said. She said it as quickly as possible between cane strikes.

A black man grabbed her ear as if he was disciplining child. Despite the pain in Dee’s ass, the twisting of her ear commanded her attention. He touched a spot on her neck where a pen had touched her earlier.

“Lick my ass,” he growled at her.

“Yes,” Dee said. He released her ear and turned around. His extremely fit ass faced her.

Dee dropped to her knees. Mr. Ulman kept striking her. She angled her ass towards him to give him a better angle. Obedience was so important.

The black man reached behind him and pulled her head to his ass. Dee gasped as muscled buttocks pressed against her face. Her mouth opened and her tongue reached out. She found the tight hole of his ass and started to lick.

Mr. Ulman struck her ass again. Dee whimpered. How many more could she take? Every inch of her ass was on fire. How would she be able to continue if she was too sensitive to move?

The black man pushed Dee’s face harder against his ass. Dee realized her answer. She would just have to keep going. She had come too far to stop.

Dee turned her focus away from her pain and to the man’s ass that she was licking. She flicked her tongue at his hole. She took long loving licks at that most vulnerable of places. She wiggled her tongue inside the man’s anus and tasted that most forbidden of spots.

The man released her head and his ass moved away. “You have honored your pact,” he said. His knees were shaking.

“Good,” Dee said. She noticed that she was no longer being caned. She wasn’t exactly sure when it had stopped. Her ass still hurt but she was grateful that it was over.

“Sit on my face,” a woman said. It was Mrs. Kent. The thin white woman giggled after making her request. She reached out and touched a line of writing on Dee’s ass.

Dee winced as the fingernail traced where a welt was forming. “I’d be happy too,” she said.

Mrs. Kent laid down on the floor. Dee carefully straddled the smaller woman’s face. Mrs. Kent smiled and opened her mouth as Dee’s shaved cunt descended.

“Oh shit,” Dee moaned. Mrs. Kent was licking her cunt and licking it well.

Mrs. Kent grabbed Dee’s ass and Dee screamed. The welts on her ass were too sensitive and Mrs. Kent was grabbing far too hard.

Dee nearly lost her balance as Mrs. Kent shook. Mr. Kent was between Mrs. Kent’s thighs and eating her. It was a chain of oral delight and Mrs. Kent was licking Dee even faster.

Dee really hoped that they were a married couple. A minute of licking later, she no longer cared.

Mrs. Kent squirmed underneath her. Her locking became less intense until it was non-existant. Dee stayed on Mrs. Kent’s as the thin woman writhed and climaxed. Dee was fulfilling her end regardless of her own pleasure.

Mr. Kent rose from between Mrs. Kent’s thighs. His face was smeared with her juices. “You have honored your pact,” he said.

“My pleasure,” Dee said. She stood up and moved out of the way.

“Kick me in the balls,” a Hispanic man said to her.

“Excuse me?” Dee asked.

“I wrote it on your foot,” he repeated. Anger flashed in his eyes. “Will you not honor the pact?”

Dee looked at him. He was completely naked. His balls dangled from his stiff cock.

“Um, don’t you want to wear a cup or something?” she asked.

“Honor the pact,” a voice hissed beside her. It was Mr. Valkner.

“Of course,” Dee said. She snapped a kick to the Hispanic man’s balls. Her ass protested at the sudden motion but Dee ignored it. The Partnership had many definitions for pleasure.

Dee’s foot hit the balls hard. Color drained from the Hispanic man’s face and he nearly fell over. The Kents helped him stay on his feet.

“You have honored the pact,” the man wheezed.

“Glad to help,” Dee said.

“Bend over,” a man said. It was one of the brothers that served Mrs. Hemsworth. “Bend over the couch.”

His hand went to her hip. Dee looked down and saw the words written in orange. “Be fucked by my cock.”

Dee smiled and turned to one of the couches. Mrs. Hemwsworth was sitting there masturbating. Dee bent over the arm of the couch and presented her ass. Mrs. Hemsworth smiled and masturbated faster.

Strong hands grabbed Dee’s hips as a cock entered her cunt. Dee shuddered in delight. She needed a fuck.

Mrs. Hemsworth servant fucked her. It was a rapid desperate affair. There was no art or rythym. It was just the mad fucking of a man who has probably done without for months. Knowing Mrs. Hemsworth, it may even be years.

The servant climaxed quickly. He barely lasted a few minutes. Dee moaned with frustration but then she pushed it aside. This wasn’t about her pleasure.

“You have honored your pact,” the servant said.

“It is my turn,” the other servant of Mrs. Hemsworth said. He touched Dee’s other hip where once again the words read, “Be fucked by my cock.”

“I am yours,” Dee said.

Mrs. Hemsworth kept masturbating.

The other servant was thicker but Dee’s wet cunt took him in. He fucked her much harder but Dee endured. His hands gripped her plump black ass instead of her hips and tears slid down Dee’s cheeks. Mr. Ulman had done a number on her and the tender pain was going to last all night if not all week.

The other servant climaxed even quicker. He shouted inarticulate cries of pleasure as his thick cock ejaculated inside Dee.

“You have honored the pact,” the other servant said.

“Mmm,” Dee said. She was so close to climax herself that she couldn’t say anything else.

Mrs. Hemsworth reached out with her hand. It was damp from masturbating. She reached between Dee’s thighs and touched just above Dee’s cunt.

“Come for me,” Mrs. Hemsworth said. Her fingers traced words that Dee knew was written there.

“Yes,” Dee said urgently.

She walked over closer until she was in front of Mrs. Hemsworth. Mrs. Hemsworth slipped a finger inside Dee’s cunt. Another finger joined and then a third. Dee’s hips moved as Mrs. Hemsworth finger fucked her.

“I’m going to come on your ass,” a man said behind her. It was a big man, round and pudgy. He touched a line of writing on her bottom. A new sting of pain radiated from her abused bottom.

“I am here to serve,” Dee said.

The big man masturbated furiously behind her. Mrs. Hemsworth continued to finger fuck her. Dee was in heaven. She was being used and getting fucked. This made the job, the apartment and the crappy dating of the past few years all worth it. This was living.

Dee climaxed. She shuddered and shook as she struggled to stay on he feet. Mrs. Hemsworth smiled and pulled her fingers out. She presented them to Dee’s lips and Dee happily licked the fingers clean.

“You have honored your pact,” Mrs. Hemsworth said.

A moment later, the hot splash of the big man’s semen landed on her ass. The jizz seared her welts and added to her tender pains.

“You have honored your pact,” he big man said.

“It was my pleasure,” Dee said to both of them.

“If you are done, I am ready to claim your ass,” a man said.

Dee looked at the new man. He was an older man but his erect cock was forever young.

“You said my ass,” Dee asked.

The man nodded and reached around her. His finger traced the inside of her buttock. Dee remember the writing that was there.

“Oh,” Dee said.

“Bend back over the couch,” he said. “By the way, my name is Mr. Anders.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Anders,” Dee said. She bent back over the arm of the couch. Mrs. Hemsworth stood up and left, leaving Mr. Anders to enjoy his claim.

Warm lube dripped into Dee’s ass. She closed her eyes as the lube made contact with her tender ass. She tried not to think about the pain she was about to endure. She did think about how wet her pussy had become. Pleasure and pain were so close to one another.

When Dee opened her eyes, a young man sat on the couch next to her. The man was naked except for a pair of black glasses on his innocent face. He grabbed Dee’s tit and traced his fingernail on the writing on her nipple.

“I demand this nipple,” he said.

“It’s yours,” Dee said.

The young man smiled and twisted her nipple. Dee cried out as the young man increased the pressure. Dee’s heavy tit twisted with his hand, sending new sensations to her already over whelmed mind.

That is when Mr. Anders entered her. His lubricated cock pressed against her ass and pushed forward. Dee trembled as his cock expanded her.

“Shit, fuck, shit,” Dee moaned.

The young man smiled and released her nipple. Dee breathed a sigh of relief that was cut off as the young man twisted her nipple again, this time in the other direction.

“Fuck!” Dee cried.

Mr. Anders kept pushing. His cock opened her ass and continued to invade her. Her ass was on fire from where he was touching her and her anus was on fire from being forced open.

She was also terribly wet.

The young man never stopped smiling. Back and forth he twisted her nipple. Sharp fingernails pressed against sensitive flesh.

Mr. Anders began to fuck her. Short controlled thrusts penetrated her ass. Every tap of his body against her sensitive ass was like being spanked. He cared nothing for her discomfort. He just wanted to fuck her ass.

The young man however cared very much for her displeasure. His fingers kept moving and twisting her nipple in new manipulations. Just as Dee was beginning to accept the discomfort he inflicted, his fingers would change. There was no rest for her nipple.

Dee endured. She also thrived. A good hard ass fucking was just what she needed. A little too much attention on her tit was nothing to sneer at either. She was being lusted at and abused. Best of all, there would be no messy breakup afterwards.

The pain on both ends stimulated her cunt. The ass pounding made her cunt very aware of how empty it was. The nipple twisting made her think of how cruel the young man’s fingers would be between her thighs. Her cunt was a hungry whore and it was being ignored. The desire was both overwhelming and divine.

Mr. Anders climaxed. His hot seed filled her tight ass. Dee gasped as the foreign liquid invaded her body.

With a final pinch, the young man released her nipple. He kissed her nipple goodbye and even that tender touch sent a fresh tingle of pain down her spine.

She didn’t notice if they had spoken. All she could think of was her cunt. The orgasm that Mrs. Helmsworth had given her seemed like a thousand years ago.

Mr. Valkner was there. He sat on the couch where the young man had been. He touched her cheek.

Dee smiled. She didn’t have to be told. She knew what he wanted.

She sank down to her knees between his legs. Her mouth swallowed his cock and it pressed against the back of her throat. His hand pressed down on the back of her head, pushing her past her limits to take his cock.

Dee sucked. Spit dribbled from her lips and down his cock. Her tongue lavished adoration onto his cock.

She thought about masturbating. Mr. Valkner wouldn’t mind. She didn’t. She think she understood. The Pact was her service to the Partnership. It was about celebrating pleasure even when you were not the recipient. For a bunch of hedonistic perverts, it was the ultimate sacrifice.

It was also the greatest lesson. There was pleasure to be had in giving.

Dee’s cunt clenched. It was drenched. It ached to be filled with tongues, fingers and cocks. It was a shrine to desire.

Dee sucked until she felt the explosion of semen in her mouth. She licked and swallowed as Mr. Valkner shook in her mouth. She savored the taste of his pleasure.

In time he lifted her head. Dee smiled at the glow on his face.

“Partners in Pleasure, may I introduce you to our newest member,” Mr. Valkner said.

Dee stood up and faced the assembled group. She had a connection with each and every one of them now. They were her lovers and friends.

Dec 082014

Priority Alpha Directive From Supreme Command Headquarters.

The rogue battle machine known as Warbot-65 as been spotted in your field of operation. Warbot-65 is considered a Level Five Challenge threat and should not be engaged by anything of Squad Level Three or lower. Additional asset allocation of twenty points is authorized for engagements with Warbot-65.

Warbot-65 was assigned to War Force Raven Sword and acquired seventy commendations for Superior Performance in the battlefield. Warbot-65 also acquired six demerits for Unauthorized Decoration as the machine inexplicably would paint itself garish colors and adorn itself with faux sexual organs.

During Operation Vermin Control, Warbot-65 was part of a force assigned to clearing out space pirates from the Farinelli Nebula. During this operation, Warbot-65 turned on his own squad and joined a group of space pirates.

Rogue software was detected in the Farinelli Nebula and is the primary suspect for Warbot-65’s defection. A secondary suspect is Warbot-65’s superior officer, Lieutenant Cart, was criminally deviant and may have programmed Warbot-65 with pseudo sexual functions. Full analysis will not be possible until Warbot-65 is terminated and examined.

Warbot-65 now travels as a member of Captain Blastpants’ crew. Their current ship is designated the Savage Thrust.

Be advised that although Warbot-65 may appear ridiculous while decorated with fake breasts, leather harnesses and strap-ons, the battle machine is still an efficient combat robot with full capabilities.

Dec 032014

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty of my forty day journey to star system designated “A Single Taste of the Queen’s Lips” by Royal Astronomers. After months of dealing with alien races and negotiating passage through a war zone, it is refreshing to travel through unoccupied space again. I am getting plenty of maintenance done and have caught up on my planetary surveys. I have taught Chairbot to do some basic janitorial chores which allows me more time to reflect on how fortunate I am to serve Queen Erishella. All praise the Queen! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: After a few failures I have finally gotten the hang of Chairbot’s hardware. Today I am attaching my last surviving vibrator to him to see if he fucks as well as he begs.

“Mistress, please!” Chairbot whined. “It is against Yeth protocols to change our bodies! Shame and disgust circuits are activating all along my mainframe!”

Vaquel Di looked down at the sniveling robot chair. She had plugged in her red vibrator to the robot’s purple chassis and connected it to his power supply. The vibrator was buzzing and ready to be used.

“There are the same protocols that told the Yeth to ignore their cocks for centuries until they forgot what they were used for, right?” Vaquel said.

“Exactly!” Chairbot said. “So please take it off of me!”

Vaquel sighed. The Yeth apparently didn’t understand sarcasm. She ignored his please and stood up. Vaquel stripped out of her orange spacesuit to reveal a fit brown body with large heavy breasts and a larger ass. She ran her fingers through the pink bush of her pubic hair and gave herself a few strokes. Her other hand ran through the short pink hair on her head as she thought about how to calm the robot down.

“Look, you see this ass?” Vaquel said. She turned and gave her ass a hard slap so Chairbot could watch it shake.

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said. A slight moan emitted from the robot. He was programmed to feel pleasure when someone sat on him. “If you could sit on me while you remove this modification, that would help eliminate my shame!”

“Nope,” Vaquel said. “I won’t do that but what I will do is sit on you after I have had a good fuck first. Fuck me right and I will be so exhausted that I will need to sit my round, brown, sweaty ass on you to recuperate. Hell, I might sit on you for hours.”

“Hours?” Chairbot said.

“Hours,” Vaquel said. She turned back around and sat on the edge of her bed. Chairbot moaned as her ass sat on something other than him.

“But Mistress, I feel so much shame and disgust!”

“Good!” Vaquel said. “That makes the sex better!”

Chairbot was silent for ten seconds. “Really?” he asked.

Vaquel shrugged and opened her thighs. “Let’s find out. Enter me.”

Chairbot rolled forward on its wheels. Vaquel grabbed the vibrator end and guided it to her sex. It slipped easily into her.

“Yesss,” Vaquel hissed. “Now fuck me, Chairbot!”

Chairbot rolled slowly backwards a few inches, taking the vibrator with him. It rolled forward and slid back into Vaquel’s sex.

“Good,” Vaquel moaned. “Now faster.”

“I’m still feeling immense shame, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“And I’m not feeling a fucking!” Vaquel snapped.

Chairbot rolled back and then went back into her. He repeated the motion with calculated accuracy. Computing motors controlled Chairbot from going too far out or too far in.

Vaquel groaned and leaned back. This was more like it. In and out, in and out, in and out she was being fucked. Her last vibrator was a familiar companion inside her but this was the first time someone else was doing the thrusting. It was almost as good as sex.


“You’re too precise,” Vaquel groaned between thrusts. “Add more variety.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. It was hard to improvise with his shame circuits in full emotion mode but he tried. He ignored the sacrilegious appendage to his front and programmed a random element into his thrusts.

The vibrator slammed into Vaquel, barely pulled back and then slammed into her again. Next it pulled almost all the way out and then only went halfway in before pulling back out.

“No, no, no,” Vaquel said. “Now you’re just a bad fuck! More rhythm! More rhythm!”

Chairbot adjusted. Vaquel moaned as the fucking returned to something more natural. Good hard thrusts slammed into her pussy with just a hint of variance.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried and she fell back onto her bed. She kept her legs wide as Chairbot rolled back and forth into her slick pussy.

Now it was time for the other parts. Vaquel reached for her nipple clamps. She secured one to each of her dark brown nipples. The sharp teeth bit into her sensitive nipples and sent shivers down to her fucked pussy.

“Activate the remotes!” Vaquel ordered.

“Please, Mistress, don’t make me do this!” Chairbot whined. “The wireless you connected to me is not part of my original hardware!”

“Do it, asshole!” Vaquel yelled.

Chairbot obeyed. He sent a signal to Vaquel’s right nipple clamp and the pressure lessened. He sent a signal to her left nipple and the clamp bit down harder.

“Oh fuck!” Vaquel cried. “Yes, yes, change it up!”

Chairbot switched signals and the clamps responded. He then commanded both of them to slacken and allowed Vaquel to point three seconds of relief before the clamps bit down with twice as much force as before.

While this was happening, Chairbot continued to thrust in and out of his mistress. It plunged the shameful vibrator attachment deep inside her with increasing speed and force.

“I’m going to come,” Vaquel moaned. The random pain to her nipples joined with the pleasure of the fierce fucking between her thighs and merged to form a massive orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. Her body shook and her thighs closed around Chairbot. She pulled on her breasts and the painful clamps around her nipples.

“Are we done, Mistress?” Chairbot asked hopefully. “Are you ready to sit and relax?”

“Not even close!” Vaquel said. She pushed Chairbot away with her foot. The vibrator slid out of her; glistening with her juices.

Vaquel rolled over and let her legs hang off the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows so her clamped nipples were off the bed. Her ass wiggled with anticipation.

Her brown ass was right in front of Chairbot. He whined with frustration. He was so close to her ass and the pleasure of having it rest against it.

“Fuck my ass, Chairbot! Now!” Vaquel commanded.

Chairbot rolled forward. He adjusted himself to guide the hated vibrator to her round buttocks. Carefully and with all of the power of his robotic brain, he aimed the vibrator for her anus and pushed.

“Oh, oh, ow,” Vaquel moaned. “Keep going!”

Chairbot discovered something within him. The sound of Vaquel’s displeasure did something to his shame circuit. It activated a complimentary program that was new to him. It was a bitter yet strangely pleasant emotion.

It was a tint of sadistic glee.

Chairbot rolled forward with a bit more speed than safety protocols recommended. Vaquel cried out as the vibrator pushed her open and then slid in. The vibrator disappeared inside her ass.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. Her back arched and her heavy breasts swung forward. The nipple clamps increased their pressure drastically and sent shockwaves of pain through her.

“Fuck my ass!” Vaquel commanded.

This time Chairbot didn’t hesitate. He rolled back and forth, his brakes squealing as he pounded Vaquel’s tight ass. He overrode safety protocols and slammed deeper than what was recommended. He went faster than the lubrication tolerances. The harder and faster the fucked, the more pleasure he felt from his sadism/shame sub function.

Vaquel didn’t know about any of this. She just knew that her ass was getting fucked and getting fucked hard. The force of the thrusts made her breasts bounce and agitated the relentlessly biting nipple clamps. Chairbot’s seat slammed into her round ass like awkward spanks to her bottom.

Who knew the little subservient robot had it in him?

Vaquel reached between her legs. Her fingers buried themselves in her slick pussy. As Chairbot rammed her ass, Vaquel stroked herself harder and deeper. The vibrations from the attachment radiated through her ass and went straight to her pussy.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. Her second orgasm was much stronger than the first. Her ass clenched tightly around the invading vibrator.

Chairbot didn’t slow down. If anything, he speed up. The vibrator continued to ram Vaquel’s ass. The nipple clamps bit down with almost unbearable force.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. Chairbot kept fucking her ass.

“Slow down, fucker!” Vaquel yelled.

Chairbot kept going.

Vaquel clenched the sheets of her bed with her hands. It never occurred to her that Chairbot might not obey her. In the weeks they had spent together, she had come to expect total obedience out of the little submissive bot. Had she broken it? Did attaching the vibrator so permanent damage to it?

“Take it, Mistress!” Chairbot yelled.

Vaquel broke into an evil grin. She hadn’t broken the robot; she had just pissed it off. She had new respect for the little bastard.

It also made her current ass fucking even sexier.

Vaquel fell back onto the bed. Pain shot through her breasts as the clamps were pressed into the mattress. She gritted her teeth but she didn’t rise back up.

Chairbot fucked her ass with new hostility. Vaquel took it. Her buttocks became sore from the repeated ramming from the chair’s edge of the robot. Her anus became sore as the vibrator buzzed away inside her. Her tits were on fire from the nipple clamps that no longer relieved any pressure.

The little robot was using her just as badly as she used him. Vaquel bit her lip and took it all. The robot had its revenge on her ass and she couldn’t have been more turned on.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as her third orgasm exploded within her body.

Chairbot pulled out of her ass. The sudden absence of the vibrator inside her felt strange. Her ass felt empty and open. Vaquel wondered if she would ever feel tight again.

“Was that enough, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel thought he might be sarcastic but it was hard to tell. “Yes,” she groaned.

The nipple clamps released themselves from her nipples. She winced as the blood came back into her nipples.

“Does this mean you will sit on me now?” Chairbot asked. Again, it was impossible to tell if he was sarcastic.

“Yes,” Vaquel said. She was exhausted but she forced herself up. Slowly she backed herself off the bed towards Chairbot.

The nimble robot rolled underneath her. Vaquel cried out as she sat on his comforting seat. Her ass felt torn up but damn, Chairbot was a comfortable seat. The back rest came up and Vaquel settled limply into Chairbot’s contours.

“Ahhhhh,” Chairbot groaned. “Mistress, you were correct! After all that overwhelming shame and disgust, the pleasure I feel from your glorious ass is greatly increased! I estimate it has increased geometrically!”

“Great,” Vaquel said. She was breathing hard. Her ass was sore as fuck but Chairbot was already massaging her with his seat motors. Her nipples were on fire but sadly Chairbot had nothing for that.

“Perhaps violating my hardware protocols wasn’t so bad,” Chairbot said. “Can we do more shameful things to my chassis? I want to experience more shame based pleasure!”

Vaquel snorted. Exhaustion was pulling her eyelids down. She was ready to pass out. “Not anytime soon!” she said.

Chairbot didn’t respond. Vaquel began to snore almost immediately. He signaled the lights for the probe ship to dim and he tilted Vaquel’s naked body to a sleeping position.

He spent the next eight hours brimming with pleasure from her naked fucked ass nestled against him.