Dec 052016

Year of the Goat is a metal band from Sweden who do not have a wikipedia page so details are hard to come by. They sing a lot about Lucifer, wars with Angels, the coming darkness and mystic mountains but unlike a lot of occult metal bands, Year of the Goat has understandable lyrics and really amazing musical compositions. Songs are catchier than than you would expect from occult metal and you will catch yourself singing along.

The best insult/compliment I read from a critic was that he half-expected the band to launch into Age of Aquarius. He meant it as an insult but I think he nailed the epic coolness the music creates.

There is a melancholy to a lot of their music that I appreciate. They sing a lot about rebelling devils but the songs feel like morale boosters for a side that has lost and probably will never win. Considering that a lot of their albums sound like a lost project from 70’s Sabbath or the Blue Oyster cult, this innate feeling of loss feels appropriate.

Of Darkness is the first song from their first mini-album, Lucem Ferre.

Next we have Angel’s Necropolis from the album of the same name for when you want a ten minute epic about storming Heaven and killing angels.

And finally, a soothing instrumental, Non-Euclidean Calculus, from their Lovecraftian mini-album, The Key and The Gate.

Dec 042016

001Today’s piece is a bookmark custom made for me from Betty Munich. I was a fan of Munich’s work on the Occult Activity Book and I knew I wanted her to draw me a personal bookmark.

Bookmarks are one of my favorite kinds of art.  It is my tendency to anthropomorphize just about everything and bookmarks are no exception. Bookmarks becomes steady companions on the journey of reading a book.

I used to get frustrated with the range of bookmarks available for purchase until I realized that hey, a bookmark is just a bigger sketch card. I commission bookmarks now and I pretty much have a specific bookmark for every subject I read.

When it comes to magic books though, I tend to use a lot of bookmarks. On average I will bookmark a particular three or four times for easy reference later. This means I need a lot of bookmarks and when it comes to the occult, it feels right to have a bunch of unique bookmarks rather than a dozen of the same kind.

Munich has a pretty strong occult sensibility so when I commissioned her, I think I just requested that there be a lot of purple. Everything else was her choice and her choice was fantastic. It is a lovely bookmark and a treasured member of my paper coven.

Dec 012016

A group of men ran out of the forest. Their gait was strange for they carried something large under their crotches. As I peered closer, I saw that these were their scrotums. Testicles the size of baseballs shifted inside their hair sacks. Carrying this burden made them much slower their

The men ran into an open field of grass. Despair washed over their faces. Each of them knew that they had made a mistake.

A green beam of light felled one of the men. A shimmering net entangled another. One was brought down by a spinning thing that wrapped around the man’s ankles. One by one, they fell to devices or green beams.

That was when I saw the women. They were tall and each wore a fearsome mask of steel and light. Netting covered their bountiful breasts and muscular legs though I could not discern what purpose it would provide. Their sexes were hairy and proudly exposed.

The tallest of the women raised a spear. The other women looked to her as a leader. I scryed closer to examine her. Metal bars pierced her nipples. Around her belt were tattered remains of cloth, arranged as if they were trophies. In one hand she carried a spear while the other hand was sheathed in a massive glove made of metal and claws.

The leader lowered her hand and the woman separated, each going to a different fallen man. Those of the men not felled by the green light, squirmed and screamed. The woman would use a clawed glove to grip the men by their turgid cocks. This always subdued the man to lie still.

As for the unconscious men, their women merely rolled them over for what was to come next.

The leader raised her spear again and each woman stood over the phallus of the man they had captured. When she lowered her spear, the women all squatted in unison to mount their men.

The sex was brutal, rough and almost frenzied. The women humped, grinded and fucked like wild animals. Claws rendered flesh,

The men screamed or moaned, it was hard to tell through the glass.

Eventually, the leader of the women raised her spear again. A green bolt pierced the sky. Most of the women stopped their fucking and dismounted their spent men.

One woman continued to fuck. The leader came to her and loomed over her in a threatening manner.

The woman continued to fuck.

The leader stabbed her with the spear. The fucking woman didn’t try to defend herself. She died and fell off the man she was fucking.

The women gathered her dead comrade and left.

The men stayed on the ground, their giant scrotums now greatly reduced.
“In a Purple Mirror”
-Jennifer Glasse

Nov 282016

20160605113758_1Renowned Explorers, (which I will call RE because I can never spell Renowned on my first try) is a computer game about managing a team of three adventurers to go explore strange lands for fame, glory, money and all of their treasure. It is set in a vague time period that might be the 19th century but is certainly far more interesting than any real time period in our mundane world. Along the way, you may encounter scary cultists, aggressive pirates, friendly natives and really mean llamas.

Technically, RE is everything I look for in a game. For one thing, it is turn based which is great for my slowing reflexes. Second, it is procedurely generated which means no two expeditions to the same place plays out the same way. There will almost always be something new to discover. Third, you pick a team of three out of twenty distinct adventurers, each with their own personalities, strengths, weaknesses and interactions with each other. These characters grow with experience and you choose the skills they learn. In other words, this game plays a lot like a tabletop miniatures or RPG game.

The other high point is the approach to combat. If you tire of endless killing things, RE  feels your pain. For every fight, you can either fight your way out, be super nice to people and befriend them or be a jerk and insult/terrify your way through an encounter. This creates a rock/paper/scissors approach that I was dubious of at first but found it to be wonderfully complex as you dive deeper into it. There are advantages and disadvantages to both but it allows you to play a game that changes depending on what you are in the mood to do.

Of course, the most important thing about this game is that it is fun. There is a lot of self aware explorer humor in this game, and the way it treats indigenous people is a delight. You will encounter Necromancers who act like small children. Beware of the mocking monkeys. Be prepared to tell a lot of jokes to the Witch Doctor.

There is a DLC for it that I highly recommend as it adds campfire stories to the game. These stories further flesh out the already fascinating explorers.

This is one of my most played computer games for 2016 and I suspect I will be playing a lot of it in 2017 as well.

Nov 272016


Today’s Coven Member is a Purple Witch Sketch Card I commissioned from Jim8Ball. When it comes to witch commissions, I give very vague requests to the artists so that they can draw whatever a witch means to them. In this case, I requested that the color purple be a dominant color and as you can see, he took that to heart.

Long ago I didn’t have a strong preference for a particular color. When you are a boy playing with other boys, you play a lot of board games and war games. Picking a color to represent your side is important and boys usually want black, blue or red. I started to pick green, not because I liked it but because it was always available. Over time, it did become a favorite color because it was a color I associated with me. It was a favorite color by default.

Then I had my first girlfriend and her favorite color was purple. I came to associate purple with all the things wonderful about femininity: breasts, hips, long hair, soft skin, cute noses, dresses, perfume etc. Green stopped being my favorite color and I started picking purple in the games that I played.

When she broke up with me, it wasn’t music or favorite books that we shared that now felt weird to me, but it was the color purple. I felt like I had been cut off from my favorite color even though it only became my favorite color through her. It took me awhile, but I was able to decide that fuck it, purple was my favorite color now and there was no such thing as a color ‘belonging’ to anyone except yourself.

These are the dramas that seem so important when you are seventeen. Over the years, I have made other associations. Purple is the super-science mind-altering erotic color in the movie, From Beyond. Purple is the color of kings and queens. Purple is the color of a spanked ass, bruising. Purple is the color of the Saints from Saint’s Row.

Purple is the color of a special kind of witch.

Nov 252016

I know everyone is busy buying anything not nailed down but I have a big favor to ask of you this weekend.

My interactive erotica book, Taken By the Aliens is doing really well but for some reason, it has yet to have an Amazon Review. I get it, porn readers often don’t want to own up to reading porn but reviews do matter and I would really like at least one. Okay, maybe three. Really, I would love to have five raving great reviews but I will take one.

So please leave a review and I will be terribly grateful. also be sure to contact me and let me know you wrote a review so I can be grateful towards you.

Nov 232016

A common practice among magisexuals is far-groping. Two, or sometimes more, people versed in the magic arts form a bond between their minds. Once the bond is established, they can create the sensation of touches, kisses, bites, pinches, suction and thrusting with a focused thought. The sensation feels real although nothing physically there. That is little comfort when you are standing in line at the grocery store and you feel your lover’s mouth at a sensitive place.

Since the sensations can be stopped with a simple blocking spell, far-groping rarely becomes harassment. The possibility of sending back the feeling of ice shoved into a tight place also helps keep everyone polite and thoughtful.

Of course, if you don’t know a simple blocking spell, then the possibility of being subjected to endless sensations becomes a problem. This is often done by unscrupulous magicians and witches and it is frowned upon in the magic community. By frowned upon, I mean that when a local coven or school finds out what you are doing, the punishment will be harsh and usually highly educational to those who hear of your sad fate. Magisexuals have very strong opinions on consent.

One sided Far-Groping is still used by magisexuals who are in a power exchange relationship with non-magisexuals. The threat of a spanking no matter the distance between people is a useful discipline tool. The promise of a lick no matter how many clothes you are wearing is a tempting reward.

The downside to this is that if a non-magisexual person experiences a regular amount of Far-Groping over a period of time, the receiver may develop sensitivity to Far-Groping from any magisexual and as well from particularly strong willed non-magisexuals. This could result in experiencing the sensations of anyone who sees them and has a sexual thought about them.

The cure for this is simple to do though not so simple to execute. An orgy of no less than six individuals is often enough to overwhelm and erase the sensitivity developed by the receiver. If the six person orgy fails, repeat with more participants.
Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

Nov 212016

It is a familiar story. A mom is having troubles with her daughter. Things get creepy and she turns to a young priest for help. The young priest has his own issues with faith and realizes he is out of his league. He turns to an older priest who has seen some shit. The two priests work together and try to get a demon out of a young woman.

So far, so good. The show feels like a modern remake of the Exorcist movie and that isn’t a bad thing.

But other elements start butting in. The Pope is coming for a visit to the city. The rich and powerful are attending seminars on all of the great things Lucifer has done for society. A gang murders every resident on a street and harvests the organs. Conspiracy nuts whisper about horrible portents.

Now it feels like a remake with elements of other movies thrown in. There is some Rosemary’s Baby. There is some Omen. There is bits and pieces of every story of the satanic panic of the 70’s and 80’s.

Then some familiar music plays and an old character appears and you find out that the Exorcist TV show is not a remake, it is a sequel.

As you might guess, I like this show a lot. It goes big. It escalates. The best compliment I can give it is that it feels like the show is written by role-players from the horror rpg community. It has conspiracies. It has mysteries. It has interesting demons that feel like someone has a monster manual somewhere. There are some themes of the lack of women in the Catholic church and how that colors their perceptions.

In short, you need to see it.

Nov 202016


This week’s Coven member is a sketch card of Madame Xanadu by Robert R. Smith. She is a DC comics character who has been around since 1978. At first she was a mysterious wise woman who helped people who came to her fortune teller shop. She was a part time character in her own series as the story would focus more on the people who come for help. The reader knew little about her which was typical for magic characters in the 70’s.

That changed with Matt Wagner’s wonderful Madame Xanadu series in 2008. Running only 29 issues, Madame Xanadu is revealed to be a fairy woman who survived the Fall of Camelot and traveled the world trying to find her place. She has amazing divination abilities but knowing the future rarely helps you prevent the future from happening. The series takes place over centuries, allowing for some neat historical stories. By the end of the series, she realized that she best she can do is try to help others.  It is easily one of my favorite comic series.

In pop culture magic, I find Madame Xanadu to a be useful spirit when performing your own divination. Her willingness to help as well as her connections to magic that predates Merlin makes her useful. Unlike a lot of prophecy characters in fiction, Madame Xanadu doesn’t have the self-defeating baggage that a character like Cassandra does.

Nov 182016

The Hitachi Witch is well respected and feared for they know her magic wand is the most powerful ever made.

The Hitachi Witch flies through the air with ease, her magic wand buzzing between her legs.

The Hitachi Witch can bring you pleasure with a single touch, as well as summon every cat in a hundred yard radius.

The Hitachi Witch doesn’t do love spells but she knows plenty of self-love magic.

The Hitachi Witch knows a curse that will make all the spare batteries in your house disappear.

The Hitachi Witch tells her mother that she only does magic to cure back aches.

The Hitachi Witch knows a spell that will help you get over your ex.

The Hitachi Witch can’t make your bad work day any better but she can cast a spell so you don’t care as much.

The Hitachi Witch is the only type of witch known to be banned by the state of Texas.

Play With This is a series of articles designed to give you things to play around with in your writing. Feel free to borrow, modify, or completely change for your own stories.

*Hitachi Witch originated in a series of tweets from October.