Aug 302016

I was sad to hear that Gene Wilder passed away yesterday. Not only was he a fantastic actor but by all acounts he was a fantastic human being and nice guy.

Long before I appreciated his fantastic comedic work as Leo Bloom and FrankenSTEEN, I knew him as the mysterious and ever cool Mr. Wonka. Gene Wilder’s portrayal as Willy Wonka was and continues to be a huge influence on how I think a wizard should act. Also how a dom should act. Hell, pretty much how any powerful and wise being should act. There was a playfulness to the role that had a constant current of something sinister. You were sure that Wonka was a good guy but you were never sure if he was a nice guy and that ambiguity is something I learn from every time I watch the movie.

I have no idea where Gene Wilder is going now but I am certain that when he gets there, it will become a better place.

Aug 242016

I was in a used bookstore yesterday. After a good long search I found the carefully hidden erotica section. The books are stacked sideways so only the spines are showing. The title alone had to grab me.

Black Masque? Oh cool, is this an erotic twist on the Poe story, the Masque of the Red Death? Is this about a masked party with shifting identities and spanking? Perhaps a novel about a sex cult?

Nope, Black Masque is about sex partners for vampires. Sigh.

Slave Island? Oh, is this a dirtier Exit to Eden? Maybe there are castaways on an island and they have reverted to slavery?

Nope, it is a historical novel about Romans.

And so on. I often feel the most erotic a book can be is before you read the back of the book. The suggestion of the title often brings forth your own fantasies and desires that get crushed by the mundane reality of what the book is actually about.

It is interesting because until I see a title like Slave island, I never knew I wanted a book about castaways and kink. I doubt I would come up with that on my own. Now I have another idea for my ever lengthening list of books I want to write.

Aug 222016

watchingThey’re Watching is a found footage horror movie about a cable home improvement show doing a followup on a pottery artist who bought a decrepit house in Moldovia. Did I mention that the house used to belong to a witch who was burned at the stake less than a hundred years ago? Did I mention that the villagers are superstitious and unfriendly? Did I mention that the home improvement show crew pretty much hates each other? As you can imagine, scary things ensue.

A lot of people don’t like Found Footage movies so I feel compelled to tell you upfront that there is a welcome lack of shaky cameras and a lot of stable shots as we see things from the cameras set up around the former witch’s house. I also need to tell you that unlike most movies of this genre, this movie has a REALLY conclusive ending.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. It is one big long tease of making the viewer wonder if there really is a witch, or if the villager’s hostile fear will get people murdered with or without a witch. Someone’s getting murdered and though it take awhile to get the first body, once the bodies start dropping, things go quick. Even if you get bored with the movie, stick around for the last thirty minutes because holy crap, that is thirty minutes of holy crap.

My wife hated the film crew more than I did but they do have their issues. The host of the show if a self-centered drama queen, the sound guy is a wise-cracking asshole, the camera guy is a Handsome Guy with a Troubled Past and the POV character is a college graduate who can almost be likable if she didn’t engage so much in making fun of the villagers. Luckily we have the real-estate agent who is a lovable criminal conman who you have seen a thousand times on real travel shows. Him and the mysterious homeowner are a hundred times more interesting and really save the movie when they appear.

It is currently on Netflix in America and I suggest you check it out.

Aug 192016

I have spent the last two weeks working on a four issue script for Faustus’ wonderful Gnosis College. Now that I have submitted the script for the second issue, I can spare a moment to talk about things.

When Faustus first approached me to write a four issue arc, I was thrilled and also intimidated. It is a new kind of writing and four issues at twenty-eight pages each for a total of one hundred and twelve pages of panel-by-panel breakdowns seemed a bit overwhelming. That is funny to write after putting out a 10,000 word interactive alien abduction story but hey, new things are inherently more intimidating.

So I did what I always did when I have a big task and I break it down to little tasks. First, I did a very broad outline of what happens in these four issues. Once I knew what each issue would have to cover, I broke it down even further. I sat down and figured out how the first issue would cover the things it needed to cover. Then I broke that down even further, assigning number of pages for each story part. After I had that in mind, I could deal with each page by itself on how it fit into the bigger story.

It still took me awhile to get the first issue together. The really interesting thing about comic script writing where a page gets posted to the public every day is that I want the reader to be able to keep up if they are reading it day-to-day. To do that, I have tiny little arcs that happen on each page. This also creates tiny little cliffhangers for the reader to look forward to the next day. If the reader waits until the whole thing is published and reads it in one sitting, it should have a natural flow of things.

To me the biggest challenge of comic script writing is this constant feeling of compression. With twenty-eight pages, every page and every panel is precious. I find myself writing two pages, looking at them and realizing they can be one page if I cut out stuff that doesn’t add to the story. In the first draft it might feel important to show a character move from point A to point B in four panels but the reader can fill in most of that journey in their head in just two panels or even one. It is something I am still learning and I think I am getting the hang of it.

My advice to anyone doing comic script writing for the first, second or third time is to keep writing. Staring at the blank page isn’t going to help but once you have words on the page, your storyteller instincts will kick in and tell you what needs to be fixed. At least that is how it was for me.

Aug 032016

Explorer’s Log: Today is day nineteen of my thirty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Incredible Grasp of Warfare” by Royal Astronomers. Today sensors have picked up another non-functioning starship. Life signs are negative and there is no response to hails.

This is the ninth dead starship I have come across. There frequent micro-meteor storms in this region and it looks like these ships weren’t up to the task. Looking through their logs, I can report that most of the dead ships belonged to desperate settlers, refugees or simple adventurers looking to make their fortune in relatively unexplored space.

Although there has not been much to salvage so far, I will be boarding this new vessel today. It is a tedious and time-consuming job, but who knows what great treasure or important knowledge I may discover that could benefit my beloved Queen, Erishella.

Glory to the Queen! End Explorer’s log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I will be boarding this new vessel today along with Chairbot. For some reason, the little robot has been insistent on coming along to interface with the derelict’s systems. He has been surprisingly successful in reviving these dead ships and allowing me to access their logs. I wonder what has gotten into him.

The airlock opened and Vaquel Di floated into the dead ship. The green fabric of her skintight spacesuit stretched across her ample curves. Long legs kicked off a wall to go down the corridor. A transparent glassteel helmet encased her lovely brown face. Short pink hair floated along her scalp.

“Looks like one of those freighter layouts we saw last time,” Vaquel said.

“Agreed, Mistress!” Chairbot said. The purple chair rolled into the ship. Magnets on its wheels kept if from floating. “Are you sure that you don’t want to strap into my seat so that I can carry your perfect plump ass everywhere?”

“Fuck off,” Vaquel without any malice. “Go find a port and interface already. See if you can get the power working.”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said. He sped down the corridor in search of an access point.

Vaquel looked at him as he left. That was weird. Usually he begged two or three times for her to sit on him before taking no as an answer. Was something wrong with her ass?

No, that was silly. Obviously he had started to finally respect her dominance.

Vaquel kicked off a wall and floated down a corridor. Yes, this was exactly like the last freighter they boarded. She headed in the direction of the bridge. The living quarters, cargo hold and any treasure vaults could wait. The first order of business was to collect information and that would be on the bridge.

Along the way, Vaquel’s expert eyes looked for signs of why the ship was a floating tomb. There were no signs of weapons fire, so a mutiny or pirate attack seemed unlikely. Dust swirled with every movement so the hull hadn’t been punctured. The walls were clean of alien egg pods which was always a relief to see on a dead ship. There was no obvious reason for the crew’s demise so far.

The bridge door was open and Vaquel breathed a sigh of relief. The ship was built for the Zatty which meant all of the doors were made to accommodate three meter tall bipeds. The last time she had to pry one of their doors open, she pulled a muscle on her back. Chairbot had to roll his wheels over her for two days.

There were corpses here. A male Zatty was strapped to a chair at the helm. His red skin had turned an ugly purple. Most of the skull was missing and the brain had long ago evaporated.

A female Zatty sat in the command chair. She was naked. A laser weapon was in her mouth and it appeared that she shot herself. The woman’s legs were open and a thick black bush of hair covered her sex.

“Power is about to be restored!” Chairbot said over the communicator. “Prepare, Mistress!”

Vaquel grabbed the back of the command chair. She shifted her weight to her feet. The lights came on, followed a moment later by the gravity. Vaquel dropped down to a standing position as lightly as if she had jumped from a chair.

“Good job,” Vaquel said. “Get to work on restoring the life support if able. Also, prepare a full damage report for the craft.”

“Mmm, I’ll be happy to, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel wondered why the robot moaned but she quickly forgot about it. There were logs to explore.

The Zatty spoke a variation of Old Times Goman. Vaquel had become quite fluent in it these past few months. She accessed the ship computer and pulled up the Captain’s logs.

At random, she picked a date. The screen came to life with a video capture of a male Zatty with flowing white hair. He didn’t resemble any of the corpses here.

“Captain’s log: Day eighteen of our voyage to new frontiers. The ship is doing well. Crew morale is up and-“

Vaquel cut off the playback. Too soon. The crew had yet to enter the Eight Stages of Certain Doom. The poor bastards had no idea what awaited them.

The Eight Stages of Certain Doom were well known to most space-faring races. Space was huge and crews that found themselves on board stranded ships faced psychological pressures beyond the imaginings of planet-bound races. When the distance from rescue was literally measured in astronomical terms, minds cracked in spectacular ways.

The tricky thing was that although the individual stages were mapped out, each race and crew went through the stages in their own order. Some skip straight to Eager Suicide while a few never leave the False Optimism period.

The screen changed to a bald female Zatty. It was the same person currently sitting in the command chair with a laser pistol in her mouth. She was naked and her left giant red breast had a swollen bite mark on it.

“Acting Captain’s Log, Lieutenant Rebmik Sram reporting. Date is who-the-shithole-cares. Our attempt at repairing the food reclaimers have failed. Communication array is still shitfucked. Air is good but it has been four weeks since we last ate. Crew is slowly mercy-murdering each-“

Vaquel terminated the transmission. This was too late. They were entering the final stage; Eager Suicide. She needed to pick another time. Vaquel keyed in another request along the log’s timeline.

Lieutent Sram’s re-appeared. Her uniform was clean and covering her fit body. Sweat glistened on her bald head. She had a shocked look on her face.

“The Captain died,” Sram said. “Wait, start over. Acting Captain’s Log, day forty-one of our voyage. The Captain died. The Doctor said it was natural causes. He had a fucking heart attack. We’re still repairing from the micro-meteor storm and trying to figure out how to fix-“

Vaquel turned it off. Shit was happening now. People were dying. The crew was in a state of shock. It wouldn’t be long now. She skipped ahead a week.

Large red breasts filled the screen. They were smashed against the camera. They jiggled as something rammed into Lt. Sram’s body.

“Captain’s log: things have gone to piss hell! The reclaimers stopped working! Engineering don’t know why!

Vaquel smiled. Yes! The crew had entered the Terrified Arousal stage. She reached down between her legs to the tight green fabric covering her sex. It was impossible but she could swear that she could feel the heat of her pussy pressing against the fabric. There was no denying how wet she was.

The red alien tits continued to jiggle and shake against the screen. Vaquel imagined having those giant breasts wrapped around her head. She wanted to bite them so very badly.

“The secondary engine failed today,” Sram continued, her face still unseen as her breasts filled the screen. “Thrust is down to seven percent but we can’t worry about that! I got those lazy twat-farts in engineering working on the reclaimers!

Vaquel stroked harder against the spacesuit covering her sex. Oh yes, this is what she loved. There was no substitute for the urge to fuck in the face of unavoidable death. Well, there was one substitute and that was watching it, which is why she kept stopping at every dead ship she came across.

“Fuck that skin port!” Sram yelled.

Sram’s enormous tits were pulled away from the camera. The naked lieutenant took a few steps and bent over. Her face was in front of the camera while a red hand gripped her bald scalp. A male body fucked her from behind.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sram cried.

Vaquel realized that this was the same control console that Sram was bent over in the log. She looked closer and thought she saw a sweat stain on the smooth plastic. If the air was safe to breathe, she would have tried to sniff the console.

“Fuck it all!” Sram yelled at the screen. Her face contorted as she climaxed.

“Fuck it all,” Vaquel repeated. Her fingers pressed tighter against her spacesuit. She felt the ridges of her sex. In tight little circles, Vaquel rubbed herself.

The log abruptly ended. Vaquel growled. While her one hand continued to stroke, she used her other hand to select a log date from a few days before.

Sram reappeared on the screen. She sat in the command chair and a male stood beside her. Vaquel couldn’t see the face of the male. Sram was gripping the male’s cock and was stroking it.

“Acting Captain’s Log, Lieutenant Sram reporting. The micro-meteor storm was worse than we thought. The communication array is completely perforated. Wit doesn’t matter. There is no one who can help us that we want to call. Isn’t that right, Ensign?”

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” the male said. His cock throbbed in her hand.

Sram smiled at the screen. She tightened her grip and stroked the ensign faster. “Things are bad, but we still have hope,” she said. “The solar collectors are still being repaired and we have ten percent thrust. It will take use ten years to reach the next system but hey, we got food and the reclaimers can technically feed us forever if we don’t mind eating our own shit. That’s not so bad, right, ensign?”

“Ma’am,” the ensign groaned. “Yes, ma’am!”

Sram turned and licked the head of the ensign’s cock. Her free hand went to her bush and she stroked her hairy sex.

Vaquel moaned. Her legs spread and she stroked her sex as hard as she could through her spacesuit. She imagined it was Sram’s hand between her legs. Her mouth opened and she pictured tasting the ensign’s cock for herself.

“I don’t feel like eating shit right now,” Sram said. “You know what I want, ensign?”

“My meat hammer, ma’am?” the ensign said.

Sram answered by taking his member into her mouth. Vaquel was impressed that the woman could get all of the ensign’s monster cock into her mouth. She swallowed him down right to his balls.

“Fuck!” the ensign cried. His hands went her head as his hips bucked. He face fucked his acting Captain.

“Yes,” Vaquel groaned. She sped up her stroking. Her mouth opened wider to imitate taking the ensign’s cock. Her free hand went to her hard nipple pressing against her tight suit.

“Mistress! I have restored life support!” Chairbot said. “Activating now!”

The sound of air rushing back into the bridge drowned out the audio of the log. Vaquel couldn’t hear the ensign as he shook. She didn’t hear what Sram had to say as her mouth opened with his cock still between her lips. The sudden brightness of the lights returning caused a glare on the screen right as the log ended.

“Fuck!” Vaquel snapped. She was pissed that she missed the end but at least there was life support again.

She stood up and pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened against her sex. The moist pink bush of her sex sprang from the opening.

Vaquel tapped another button. The spacesuit split across her chest. Luscious brown breasts fell out. Both dark nipples were unbearably hard.

The space explorer sat back down. She grabbed a nipple and played with it. Her sex was too sensitive to be played with. She didn’t want to come until she had another log to watch.

The next log played on the console. Lieutenant Sram sat in the command chair but there was another Zatty beneath her. It might have been the Ensign. His cock was buried in her hairy sex. He reached around and grabbed Sram’s abundant breasts but they were too large for his hands and spilled out of his fingers.

“Acting Captain’s Log, Lieutenant Sram reporting. Oh yes! We had our first mutiny. Fuck, yes! Some members of the crew didn’t agree with my decision to focus repairs on the main thrust drive. Right there! Right there!”

The Ensign pummeled Sram’s sex from beneath her. His red cock became a blur. Her breasts jiggled within his grip.

Vaquel moaned. She slipped her fingers into her sex and tried to match the Ensign’s speed. Her other hand went to her breast and mimicked the tightness with which the Ensign was gripping his Acting Captain.

“Those jizzholes thought we should work on the communicator array and call for help! Oh, oh, right there! That idiots wanted to call the Liberty Republic after all we went through to get a ship! Oh fuck, your meat ram feels so good! The mutineers tried to take control of the bridge. We warned them and then opened an airlock on them. That is five less mouths to feed. Oh, FUCK!”

The Ensign wiggled his hips and fucked the Sram with clockwise thrusts. She gripped the arms of the chair as her mouth screamed her orgasm.

Vaquel added the same twist to her own strokes. The story of Sram killing the mutineers added a delicious frission to her arousal. This was a woman that Vaquel could admire. It was too bad that her corpse was just a few meters from her.

Sram climaxed again. The log cut off part way through her scream.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel swore. She felt her own orgasm about to burst. Her fingers withdrew from her slick sex but she felt herself hurtling towards climax. She was seconds away from coming without visual simulation.

She reached down to her sex with both hands. Fingers gripped her pussy lips and pinched. Tears sprung to Vaquel’s eyes but she kept pinching. Just to make sure, she twisted her sex lips until she felt her climax slip away.

“Fuck, Vaquel gasped. That was close. This was such a hot story, she didn’t want to come too soon. She released her nether lips and a sigh of relief escaped her lips.

Vaquel took a moment to collect herself. Her eyes fell on the corpse sitting at the nearby station with his head blown off. It was the Ensign. The laser shot had come from behind. The bastard hadn’t seen it coming.

She turned her chair to look at the corpse of the Lieutenant. The woman had been a good commander. Her situation was dire and she had made the most of it. It wasn’t easy, out here in the vastness of space, but Acting Captain Sram had made a good attempt at survival. The odds against her was just too great.

Terrible odds were something that Vaquel was all too familiar with. Space travel was hard and Vaquel had been doing it for six years now. She had seen tough situations and she had survived terrible near-disasters that would have killed other people. How many times had Vaquel felt the hot sweaty embrace of certain doom? How many times had Vaquel climaxed knowing it might be her last? It was too many for Vaquel to count.

The familiar heat returned to her sex. Vaquel squirmed in her seat. She was ready to burst.

She turned back around to the console and went to the next log. Sram appeared naked on the screen. The woman had her feet on the console and leaned back in her chair. Her hairy sex was exposed for the camera. The red woman had a laser pistol in her hand.

“Acting Captain’s Log, I’ve lost track of the days. I am alone on the bridge and on lockdown. The medical officer released a poison into the ship to try to take over command. I had him executed. The crew is cleaning the air filters and I am debating whether I am letting any of them back onto the bridge.”

Vaquel sighed. It sounded a lot like they had entered the Homicidial Paranoia stage. Maybe there wasn’t anything left to masturbate too. She debated going to back to an earlier log. Her hand went to the console to go back to the log of Sram getting fucked from behind.

Sram lowered her laser pistol to her. She rubbed the barrel up and down her sex. “Jizz suckers don’t appreciate anything I do,” she said. “Thursters are back to twenty percent but all they care about is running out of our stocked food.”

Vaquel took her hand off the console. Maybe she had been too hasty.

“Fuck those traitors,” Sram said. She rubbed the tip of her laser pistol up and down her red nather lips. It quickly became slick with glistening drops of desire. “Fuck all of them.”

Vaquel reached between her legs. Up and down she rubbed as well. Her body clenched with anticipation.

“I’ll kill each and every one of them if I have to,” Sram said. She pointed the pistol towards her sex. One good plunge and the barrel would enter her pussy.

Vaquel had a sudden inspiration. She took out her own pistol, double and triple checked that the safety was on, and then placed it against her sex. Her body quivered and not at the coldness of the barrel. She leaned back in the chair and put her feet on the console in imitation of the Lieutenant.

“I’ll get these twat-farts to next planet,” Sram said, “if I have to ship their dead bodies there all by myself!”

Sram rammed the pistol into her sex. She cried out as it slid easily into her. Only the grip was outside her body.

Vaquel rammed her own pistol. She winced at the sudden invasion but her pussy clenched down on the welcome intruder.

“Oh fuck,” Sram moaned.

“Yes,” Vaquel moaned.

Sram pumped the pistol into her sex. Her legs spread wider as she shifted down into her seat. Both hands gripped the pistol as she fucked herself. Both of her enormous breasts jiggled with the force of her fucking. The soft squishy noises of her penetration filled the bridge.

Vaquel fucked herself as well. She felt own breast bounce with her thrusts. The barrel as too thin but Vaquel was too turned on. She rapidly reached the edge of her limits.

“FUCK!” Sram cried out.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.

Sram and Vaquel writhed in their seats as their orgasms exploded within their bodies. Both of them shuddered and dropped their pistols. Together, they stared at the console as they luxuriated in their orgasms.

“I needed that,” Sram said. “I better check on the progress of those air filters. Maybe we will get out of this after all.”

The log closed and Vaquel sat in her chair. Another orgasm aftershock ran through her body.

“No, you won’t,” Vaquel said. She stood up and picked up her pistol. A few taps on her belt and her green suit once more covered her body.

“Chairbot, found anything worth salvaging?” she asked over the communicator.

“Negative, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Just a bunch of farming equipment and some dead seeds.”

“All right. Download all of the logs and head back to the ship.We have a schedule to keep.”

“Will do, Mistress!”

Vaquel took another at the bridge. Sram sat in her command chair. It was hard to tell with a pistol in her mouth, but her expression appeared to be defiant.

“There is a saying among my people,” Vaquel said to Sram. “Do not go gently into the peace of death, but fuck, fuck, fuck against the dying of the light. I salute you.”

She took the pistol out of Sram’s mouth. The barrel was much thicker than her own. Vaquel had planned to set the pistol down beside the Acting Captain but she sprayed it with a disinfectant and pocketed it instead.

“I have more use for it than you do,” Vaquel said.

Aug 012016

I have begun work on a four issue script for Dr. Faustus’ Gnosis College. It is a bit daunting to work on so I thought I would go over what little I have learned from the process so far.

First of all, the biggest difference from my usual writing to script writing is space. Usually I can write for as long as I want until the story is finished but with a script, every moment is precious. There are twenty-eight pages in a script and the pages themselves are posted one at a time. My story has to fit within those pages and more importantly to me, the individual beats of the story has to be contained in a single page.

I was pretty intimidated by this at first. My sloppy solution that works well for me is to write the last page. I put down where I want the issue to end and then I work backwards. I write my entire outline in this manner. In every case, I found I had too much story for the pages and I started sniping like mad. At the outline stage this isn’t too bad as I am cutting summaries of pages as opposed to entire panel layouts.

In a few cases, once I start writing the actual script, I find myself with extra space. This doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is a glorious moment. It is easier to add content once your outline is written than it is to cut content.

As a visual person, my biggest mistake in script writing is showing every little thing. If I have a character go into a room, my inclination is to write them approaching the room, entering the room and standing in the room. It was a big transition to realize I could just have the character in a walking pose inside a room and it conveys everything that my three panels would have. Plus, it is a lot less boring that a full page of someone walking into a room.

Speaking of writing characters walking, it was a huge change of mindset to understand that my script was essentially a letter to the artist. I couldn’t just say it was a rundown house, I had to be explicit in what I thought a rundown house looked like. Same with the characters, what they wore, their expressions etc. Anything I imply won’t make it to the page. I need to be clear on every little detail that is important to me.

At the same time, if I was an artist, I would go crazy if someone told me every single little thing to draw. That is why I make sure to give the artist room to improvise. If I don’t care too much about what a rundown house specificall looks like, I write something like this: “The house looks deserted and kind of trashy. Less of a haunted house and more like a house where a killer stashes dead bodies.”

I am still learning the process but I will say I enjoy it a lot. I highly recommend that even if you don’t have an artist to draw it for you, go ahead and work on your own scripts. It forces your mind to work differently and to creative types, that is always a plus.


Jul 252016

trialbycuriositycoverDid you read my guest comic in the web series, Gnosis College? My entire issue can be read easily at this link.

Dr. Faustus and Lon Ryden have been creating this top notch comic for quite some time. It is about a college where mad erotic science abounds. The stories range from the amusing to the tragic to the downright horrifying but it is always sexy. If you have a week to kill, I highly recommend reading all of it.

As for my contribution, I wrote a self-contained story about a sorority testing four of their pledges. The pledges must explore a not-so-abandoned house and stay the night. There are logic puzzles! Diversity! Nakedness! Creepy rooms! Multiple penetrations! If you ever wanted to see a Shon Richards porn story in comic form, this is your chance!

Jul 222016

This is the final part to my three part autopsy of my interactive erotica book, Taken by the Aliens. Part One is here while Part Two is here. Spoilers abound so don’t read until you have read the book.

Before I wrote my first word in Taken by the Aliens, I had to make important decisions on the tone of the book. I was writing about alien abductions, which by their definition is a non-consensual situation. Other erotic works in the genre focus quite a bit on the lack of consent and derive a great amount of tension from the sinister power of these alien beings.

That is not the kind of book I wanted to write. The greatest appeal of interactive fiction in my mind is the power inherent in making choices. YOU DECIDE is what countless interactive books say but if the story lacks the consent of the reader’s character, how much are you really deciding? There is a wicked appeal in letting the reader make choices only to have those choices countered, but again, that isn’t the kind of book I wanted to write.

It goes back to my Amusement Park approach to this book. What does the reader want to happen? If the reader doesn’t want something to happen, then how do you accommodate their experience?

The answer has already been worked out by centuries of sexual role-playing, particularly in the BDSM community. When a dominant and a submissive play, they agree on a safeword that when spoken, pauses or ends the scenario. This allows the submissive to enjoy/endure the experience until the point where it is not longer wanted.

I decided to give the reader a safeword. The trick was doing it in such a way that the reader didn’t know they had one. The simple solution was that in every encounter, I have them the option to run away or avoid the encounter. If they took the escape option, it always works. They might get captured and put in a different situation, BUT they always left the situation that they wanted to run from.

When the reader ‘escapes’ the final sex scene that I had planned for them, I would put them back on Earth. If they avoided having sex with the last alien, I would put them in a less than ideal location on Earth. This included places that were common in horror fiction like cabins in the woods, midnight carnivals, creepy motels and so on.

In my first draft, some of these places came across as certain death. I decided to keep the tone of the rest of the book and respect the reader’s decision to avoid things they didn’t want to do. The less-than-ideal endings were rewritten so that they read like the beginning of a thrilling book, as opposed to the implication of certain doom. That is why I often included the line, “What happens next would take another book to explain”. It was my way of telling the reader they had left this interactive story and entered another one.

Will I write those books in the future? Probably.

While on the subject of consent, I have to say the hardest part of the book for me to write was the section where the reader gets to play with unconscious people. That was really hard to write in the two year period that Bill Cosby’s rape stories came to light. I debated trashing the whole section but in the end I decided that the choice to play the captor in an alien abduction scene was too vital to the genre to pass up. If I started the project today I think I would have skipped having human subjects and have you probe an alien instead. I don’t judge anyone who enjoyed that section of the book, I’m just saying that it was hard for me personally to write and I doubt I will do something like that again.

Jul 202016

The following contains spoilers for my new interactive erotica book, Taken by the Aliens. Before you read any further, you should probably go buy the book, which I am sure that you have already.

I have been reading interactive fiction for most of my life. I started with the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series, moved on to the excellent Fighting Fantasy series and have tried just about every spin-off like Interplanetary Spy, Wizards, Warriors and You, and a host of books that used licensed properties like Star Trek and G.I. Joe. I am a huge fan.

Most of these kinds of books have a simple linear structure. They have one main storyline that is the preferred story. If you deviate off the main story, it abruptly comes to an end. These kinds of books are more like a puzzle where you try to navigate pitfalls and traps to make it to a successful ending.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of structure. In a lot of ways, it mimics how most videogames play. Fighting Fantasy does this very well in which if you make a mistake early on, they let you keep reading for quite a bit until they stop you. Other books will end the story in one page and you just find yourself flipping back to your last choice and continuing. They both do the same thing which is prioritize a central story over the rest. Again, this is fine for a puzzle or game.

Erotica is something different from a game. It is about desire and personal tastes. Although you can easily make a game out of sex and I did that in Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem, I feel that erotica, and especially interactive erotica, should have more freedom.

I applied this philosophy in Dominate Your Teacher. I took a central idea, having sex with your mean teacher, and I brainstormed different ways to tell that story. One way was to have a male friend with you. Another way was to bring in a girlfriend as you dominate your teacher. A third way was to make a cuckhold out of a male teacher. Other ways included how you dominated your teacher. I took all of these ideas and made them equally viable and important. It is a book that caters to the reader’s desires.

That was what I also did with Taken by the Aliens. Lacking a central sex goal like a mean teacher, I decentralized even further by indulging in different kinds of fantasies. To me it was very similar to an amusement park mentality. You go to the park and you have a choice of rides and attractions. It is unlikely you will go to every ride on one visit. You very likely don’t want to go on every ride anyway. You pick and choose based on what appeals to you.

In this story, the spaceship that abducts you is the amusement park. At the very beginning, you are given choices of equal length and complexity. Do you want to follow the Men in Black? Are you curious about the door marked with tentacles? Are you more curious about your fellow abductees? Do you want to skip all of these choices and just get back on your exam table and go straight to some probing? The choice is yours.

More importantly, your choice does not overlap with any of the other beginning choices. If you play around the other abductees, you will not see a single line of story from the other choices. Each choice from the first one is a self-contained novella. You might see similar aliens but your experiences with those aliens will be completely different.

This separation of choices was very important to me as I feel it creates a lot of value. To really explore Taken by the Aliens would take four readings just to start. Each path has at least three sex scenes. I want the reader to be able to sit down every couple of weeks and enjoy a new alien abduction.

This Friday I will conclude the autopsy with a look at consent and endings.