May 202015

Felicia Grafal Flores drove down the highway. She was headed to the used bookstore with a stack of read books. It was that perfect time of the morning for the driving. Everyone else was at work and lunch was another hour or so.

Hopefully the bookstore would be just as empty. That would let her linger and watch the face of whoever processed her used books. All of Felicia’s books were erotica and she loved seeing the employees’ reactions. Sometimes they said nothing and tried to keep stoic faces. Other times they would blush and try to flirt with her. Either way, it would turn her on and give her something to fantasize about when she rubbed herself back in the car.

It was a fun game but for some reason, Felicia wasn’t feeling it today. Maybe it was the heat. Summer had come early and it brought a dry heat that even her Puerto Rican upbringing found oppressing. It did give her an excuse to wear her lightest summer dresses and she liked the way she could expose more of her dark skin but it was still just too hot. She was thinking more of the air conditioning at the book store than she was the blushing employees.

Exit 385 came up. Felicia drifted towards the exit. 385A was on the right and where she needed to go to turn off towards the book store. She had come this way a hundred times and knew it by heart.

Felicia licked her lip. It was a pretty summer day. Maybe she should try something new.

She went past Exit 385A and turned towards 385B. She had never been this way before.

The highway curved around a hill. The trees became a lighter shade of green and bright red flowers dotted the side of the road. A billboard advertised a chicken finger place she had never heard off. The road was damp from a recent rain.

A woman stood up the side of the road. Felicia thought she was wearing a small bikini at first but no, the woman was actually topless. Her large tanned breasts jiggled as the woman waved at Felicia.

Felicia thought she might be a hitchhiker. She thought about slowing down and asking when she saw another woman further down the road. This woman was black and much thinner but topless as well. That woman was waving too.

A third woman was further down the road and behind her, a fourth. They either wore shorts or bikini bottoms but all of them were topless. They stood by the side of the road and waved at her to stop.

Felicia felt a heat between her thighs greater than the heat outside. She knew that she had to stop. It wasn’t clear what they were offering but it didn’t matter. Felicia could always say no.

The only question was who to stop for? Did she stop for the cute short girl with the blonde pigtails? What about the bald black woman with the huge tits? The number of choices available was its own dilemma.

Felicia saw what she wanted. It was another Hispanic woman with dark skin, round tits and wide hips. They could have been cousins although none of Felicia’s cousins could have pulled off looking that good in blue jean shorts.

She brought the car to a stop next to the Hispanic woman. The window rolled down and warm moist air came in. It was so much cooler than where Felicia had come from. She was instantly jealous.

“Hi,” the woman said as she came closer. Long black hair framed her face on either side. She leaned down and her large tits dangled inside the window.

Felicia resisted the urge to lick the firm nipple in front of her. She tried not to stare and failed. The smell of coco butter drifted from the woman’s breasts.

“I just need to see your Driver’s License first,” the woman said.

“Of course,” Felicia said. She didn’t understand why but it didn’t matter. Felicia had learned to adapt in new places. She took her wallet out and fished out her license.

The woman took it from her and gave it a careful look. She nodded with satisfaction and pulled out a small device from her shorts pocket. The edge of the card went into the device and there was a click sound. She passed the card back to Felicia and she stole a quick glance. A small circle had been punched out of her card.

“Is that all?” Felicia asked.

The woman chuckled and leaned into the window. “Of course not,” she said.

The woman’s hand pulled up Felicia’s skirt to reveal Felicia’s hairy sex. Felicia never wore panties on her trips to the bookstore. The woman moaned and ran her fingers through Felicia’s thick bush. She was already wet.

“Fuck,” Felicia moaned. She spread her legs wider and shifted her hips. Felicia reached down and pressed the woman’s hand hard against her sex.

The woman leaned towards Felicia and pressed her breast to Felicia’s lips. Felicia was eager to kiss and bite gently down on the woman’s full tits. She tasted sweat, lotion and the sun on her skin.

Felicia groaned into the woman’s tit as the woman’s fingers sunk into Felicia’s sex. Nimble fingers slipped easily into the wet grip of Felicia’s pussy. The woman’s thumb pressed against Felicia’s clitoris as the other fingers glided deeper in.

“I love getting girls off,” the woman said. “We don’t get nearly enough girls on this road.”

Felicia answered with a groan. She sought out the woman’s nipple and flicked her tongue over it. The woman shuddered but she never stopped stroking Felicia’s sex.

The woman knew what was doing. Chills ran up and down Felicia’s body. The fingers slipped and pushed and stroked and fucked like they were made for Felicia’s sex. How many pussies had this woman stroked? How many women had she gotten off? It must have been a lot because she was doing better than even Felicia’s husband.

Felicia groaned as she thought of her husband. He would love to come down this road. He would have Felicia sit in the passenger seat and watch this hot Hispanic woman jerk him off. When he was about to come, he would force Felicia’s head down onto his spurting cock as the woman kept jerking him.

The woman reacted to Felicia’s clenching sex. She stroked faster and plunged her fingers deeper into Felicia’s wet pussy. She finger fucked Felicia hard and Felicia’s sex fucked her back.

“Fuck!” Felicia screamed into the woman’s tit. As the woman kept stroking, Felicia bit down hard on the woman’s abundant breast. She kept biting as the woman brought her to a second, a third and finally a fourth orgasm.

“Enough, enough,” Felicia groaned. The woman stopped immediately. She pulled her hand away and brought her fingers to her mouth. She looked Felicia in the eye as she sucked Felicia’s juices off her fingers.

“That was amazing,” Felicia said. A large bite mark remained on the woman’s breast.

“Just your tax dollars at work,” the woman said. “You have three more left on your card for this year.”

“That’s good to know,” Felicia said. It was rare that she could ever return to a new place but it had happened. It wouldn’t hurt to try.

“Take care,” the woman said as she stood up. She backed away from the car and waved. “Drive safely.”

Felicia blew the woman a kiss and started her car. She left her skirt pulled up and placed a hand on her sex. She was still quivering from the orgasms.

She drove down the road. She saw a few more topless women but they were gone after the next turn. The sun came back out and there were no more red flowers. A mile later, she saw a street name she recognized and turned onto it. The bookstore would be about two miles away.

Felicia pressed her hand against her sex. She was still wet. The taste of the woman’s breast lingered in her mouth.

She was going to tease the fuck out of whoever was working at the bookstore today

May 132015

A vortex of laser fire came from the door to the ship’s bridge. It was a steady rain of hot death and already three of my pirates had fallen to the deadly torrent. My crew looked at each other and then at me; none of them were going to try to enter. It was certain death.

I let out a sigh. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. This was a Ceung Freighter. The hairy talking centipedes were a docile race of traders and cosplayers. Scans showed that their hulls were full of diamond cortexs from gas giants. It was supposed to be a low risk, high yield pirate job. The Ceung were pushovers. The worse they would do to us is unflattering imitations of us when we left.

The Duron mercenaries that the Ceung had hired however were another matter. They were complete bastards and treated every fight as a matter of personal honor. They made us bleed for every inch we had taken of this ship.

I was done bleeding for the day.

“What now, Captain Blastpants?” Morella, my First Mate asked. She was using my full name which meant she was quit tired of kicking her ass kicked too.

“I’m going to toss this plasma grenade through the door,” I said.

Her brow furrowed inside her environmental suit. “You mean one of those defective grenades we got from raiding that trash ship?”

“It’ll work,” I said. “You know how fussy factories are. These grenades probably explode a percentage point out of tolerance of quality recommendations. It’ll be fine.”

Morella was about to say something else but she stopped when I tossed the grenade. An explosion of light came from the bridge. I frowned and she laughed. There was a noticeable lack of superheated matter.

“Fuck it,” I yelled and I was running through the door with pistol and laser sword drawn.

Duron mercenaries stumbled around. The malfunctioning grenade had merely blinded them instead of melting them. I worked with that. I shot a Duron who was clutching his eyes and used my laser sword to skewer a Duron who had tripped over a chair.

“Not so tough now, are you?” I yelled. I could almost feel that post victory blowjob.

My crew ran in behind me. Grim laughter filled the cabin as we slaughtered the blind mercenaries. These assholes had killed our friends and colleagues and now they were helpless. We gave them pirate mercy which is to say none at all.

“The best part is the bridge is still intact!” I said.

Morella let out a sigh. “You’re just lucky the grenade didn’t work like it should have.”

I smiled at her. “I always said I would rather be lucky then good.”

A glow caught my eye. It was coming from under a console. It was a weird orange globe that seemed to slowly be expanding.

It was the grenade. The plasma containment field was collapsing slowly instead of the micro-second that it should have failed.

“Run!” I yelled.

I turned and suddenly I was propelled upwards towards the bridge ceiling. I slammed into the ceiling and darkness engulfed me.

I awoke drifting in space. My suit had sealed itself and warning glyphs flashed before me on the holographic display on my helmet.

Oh fuck. Sixty-three percent of the suit was damaged. The oxygen recycler was offline. The propulsion system was offline. Radiation shielding had been compromised which I didn’t worry about because hey, I wasn’t going to be alive long enough to get space cancer at this rate.

I activated my communicator. Dead silence. A quick scan of the hundred warning glyphs told me that my communicator was offline too.

Well fuck. I was going to have to wait until my pirates looked for me using my suit’s transponder.

A nasty thought crossed my mind. I scanned the warning glyphs.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! The transponder was melted too!

I was in a slow spin. The guidance thrusters were offline so there was no way to stop my rotation. I was curious about my ship. Hell, I was curious if my ship was even around. How long had I been knocked out? Could my ship had already left without me?

Slowly my body rotated in the right direction. I saw my ship, the Savage Thrust, still connected to the Cueng Freighter. The bridge of the freighter looked like a burst bra. A mess of debris surrounded the bridge but I was a good long distance away from it.

Shit, I must have been blasted out by the explosion. The plasma grenade should have just destroyed the inside of the bridge but instead it created a catastrophic breach. That might be why I was ejected out instead of smeared against a bulkhead.

Yeah, lucky me. I am going to suffocate out here instead of dying instantly. Praise the Lords of Space!

I wondered if Morella died too. Nah, she would survive just so she could bitch about me throwing that grenade. I realized she was going to do a great job taking over as a Captain. She’s smarter than I ever was.

Fuck, it didn’t take long for me to get morose. I stopped that shit right away. I was Captain Blastpants! I had fucked my way across the galaxy! I had a hot blue alien girlfriend! I had slapped more asses and squeezed more tits than any other pirate! I had nothing to be depressed about.

My joy lasted about three minutes. Dying sucked.

I thought about masturbating. I never did get that after battle blowjob. I couldn’t get inside my suit without exposing my flesh to the vacuum of space but maybe I could rub myself. I could dry hump my hand. If I could come one last time, the endorphins would help ease waiting for death.

My hand went to my crotch. The boarding suit armor got in the way. Fuck, most of the suit had been destroyed but of course the shit around my crotch was fine. I couldn’t even jack off before dying.

Was this the sad end of Captain Blastpants? Blown out into space by his own defective grenade?

I laughed. As endings went, it was pretty funny. I was bound to be remembered for it. Well, that and my massive cock.

My body rotated away from the ship. A galaxy of stars cascaded around me. The beauty of the cosmos surrounded me.

I thought about opening the environmental seals on my crotch. I wondered if I could jack off fast enough before I died. It was certain suicide but it was better than waiting to suffocate. I was also a little turned on the challenge.

Fuck, I had been a space pirate for so long; I wasn’t sure when I lasted masturbated. That was what Cabin Women were for. Did I even remember how?

There was a green star that caught my eye. Next to it was another green star. I watched them as my body slowly rotated but strangely I didn’t loose track of them. They were following me.

Were they ships? No, that was silly. How could ships even know I was here? Without a transponder, I was a single grain of sand in the vast ocean that is space.

The green stars became brighter. Maybe they were ships.

I got my first good look at them. They were women. Long green hair trailed behind them as they floated towards me. Large green round breasts floated in zero gravity. Long green legs tapered up to hairless pussies. Bright green eyes looked at me as green lips smiled.

Wow, I had gone fucking nuts from oxygen deprivation. I wasn’t expecting that. At least I was hallucinating hot women.

They were close enough to touch. I reached out for a plump breast. My fingers sank into soft flesh. I was impressed by how detailed my hallucination was!

The two green women grabbed me. They stopped my rotation and the stars stopped spinning. One of them smiled at me and touched my faceplate while the other floated down to my crotch.

A warning glyph appeared. Something was attempting to open my environmental seals on my pants.

I remembered an old story told by Captain Crazy Bite. It was about floating women in space. There might have been a butt plug involved. He had a name for them, Qansons, I think. It was a good story but it was just another bullshit space pirate story. You know, like haunted asteroids or brothel workers that paid their customers.

I squeezed the tit again. My other hand reached down and grabbed a handful of ass. The green woman giggled soundlessly in space.

Fuck, Qansons were real.

The other Qanson was still messing with my environmental seal. She was persistently trying to get into my pants. I liked that in a woman but I was worried about the whole vacuum exposure part.

I tried to push her away. She took my hand and guided it to her green lips. Her mouth opened and she took three of my fingers into her. I felt her tongue flick over my fingers as her cheeks sucked inward.

That felt nice. My glove was thick but her tongue was talented. I could only imagine what it would feel like against my bare flesh.

The Qanson near my face stroked her self. I watched her lips open in a soundless moan. Green hair floated around us as she masturbated vigorously.

I tried communicating with her. My fingers let go of her tit and pointed back at my ship. “Take me back there, please!” I yelled.

Of course my communicator was fried but I hoped they could read my lips. Maybe she could sense my message psychically. I thought really hard at her.

The green woman stroked faster. The other Qanson wrapped her thighs around my leg and rubbed herself against me. She kept my fingers in her mouth as she humped my leg.

I tried pantomime. I pointed at myself and then at the ship. I made some vague motion that resembled flying. I grabbed my throat and contorted my face into the act of choking and dying. On a whim, I used the Intergalactic Hand Signal for distress and rescue.

The Qanson nodded and I let out a sigh of relief. She leaned forward and pressed her plump green breast to my faceplate. A green tit with a dark green nipple filled my entire view.

Yeah, I was going to die out here. I wasn’t bitter. It seemed kind of fitting that I would be killed by the neglect of horny space anomalies. This kind of irony made me believe there really were Lords of Space who controlled everything for their amusement.

The Qanson humping my leg humped faster. She also kept sucking on three of my fingers. I was impressed by the width of her mouth.

The other Qanson rubbed her green tits back and forth across my faceplate. I appreciated the view but it was annoying to be so close to tits and not be able to kiss them.

Shit, why was I keeping my helmet on? I was debating killing myself just to jack off earlier; why not do it for a pair of great tits?

I pressed a button on my helmet. I laughed when I got the confirmation glyph for opening my helmet. Every other damn thing in this suit was melted but lock still worked. I pressed the button again to confirm that I wanted to open it.

The faceplate retracted. I winced as I prepared for the cold suck of death to drain the atmosphere of my suit but instead I got a large breast smashing into my face. Instinct took over and I opened my lips and bit down.

I was alive. Despite being exposed to the ravages of space the breast was surprisingly warm. I found her nipple and licked it. The Qanson shivered and her breast jiggled in the zero gravity.

The Qanson pulled her tit away. She smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss. I took a deep breath in an open helmet as she came. Maybe I was already dead and this was the afterlife.

Or maybe the Qansons had their own life support field. That made more sense. I mean, I didn’t know if it was scientifically possible. I’m a space pirate not a scientist.

She kissed me and I forgot about science. Her tongue was soft and fluid inside my mouth. Warm lips kissed mine as her hands wrapped around me. She kissed me softly as we floated in space.

The other Qanson kept humping my leg. Her lips opened and released my fingers. I reached out and cupped her neck instead. She rode my leg with an increasing passion. Her sex pressed tightly against my knee as she rubbed back and forth.

She climaxed. I felt a pulse of energy shoot up my leg and fill my body with warmth. She suddenly stopped humping my leg and I felt the literal afterglow of her orgasm.

The Qanson that was kissing me whimpered in my mouth. It was a jealous sound. She wanted to come too.

She broke the kiss and glided up my body. I saw every perfect inch of her smooth green body. Her thighs opened in front of me and then closed around my head. My lips opened and my tongue sought her sex.

The Qanson’s pussy was hot to the touch. My tongue parted her sex lips and delved inside. She tasted sweet with a faint touch of ozone. Her pussy juice tingled as it went down my throat.

The other Qanson messed with my crotch again. This time I helped her. I pressed a button and my pants opened like a first time pirate. My cock was free in the vacuum of space.

But not for long. The Qanson’s mouth engulfed my cock. An electric charge shocked my cock but it was brief. Warm wetness surrounded my cock and I groaned into the other Qanson’s pussy. I was finally getting my post battle blowjob.

We drifted in space together. I licked one Qanson while the other sucked me. The Qanson I ate humped my face while her friend bounced her face on my cock.

I stripped off my gloves so I could feel their soft flesh. They stripped off my remaining clothes so they could touch me. I sank my fingers into firm asses while they gripped my hairy arms and thighs. We writhed and grinded our hips in each others’ mouths.

The Qanson’s thighs tightened around my head. A glow came from deep within her sex. I licked faster and harder until the glow flashed into a green star.

The thighs released me. The green woman arched her back and drifted away from me in orgasmic bliss. The green glow radiated from her sex like beacon in the dark of space.

The Qanson sucking my cock stopped. She held onto my cock with one hand as she spun around. Her ass was presented to me and her legs parted. It was clear what she wanted.

I grabbed her hips and completed a docking maneuver. My cock slid into her from behind and the Qanson clenched tightly around me. Another jolt travelled up my cock and up my spine.

There is a trick to fucking in zero gravity and it just comes down to practice. Being a space pirate I had the skills and the Qanson did as well. I wondered how many people these two had fucked in space.

We fucked in the dark emptiness. She reached back and I grabbed her arms for support. Our bodies humped in a slow economy of motion. Her long green hair floated around us while our sexes merged.

The other Qanson recovered and floated back to us. She came up along side me and kissed my chest. Tiny sparks flew with each kiss. Her other hand went under her friend and I felt fingers at her sex. She rubbed her friend while she sucked on my nipple.

A new surge went through me. It came from her mouth on my nipple, shot down my body and travelled through my cock into the other Qanson’s pussy. It was a powerful force and I felt my heart skip a beat. We were completing some strange circuit.

It came again, running from tongue to nipple, to cock to pussy once more. This time I swore my heart skipped two beats.

It came again. My vision got a little fuzzy. I realized this was probably unhealthy. It was most likely going to kill me.

Ha! I should already be dead; naked as I was in space! Every thrust was an extra bonus of pleasure I had cheated from my certain doom. I wasn’t going to quit now.

I fucked the Qanson faster. Her green back arched beautifully. If she screamed something I couldn’t hear it in space. The other Qanson kept rubbing and sucking; sending a near constant surge of energy through me.

The Qansons climaxed. A green light exploded from the area of her pussy. I clenched my eyes shut but I couldn’t shut the green star out.

She dismounted from my cock. The circuit was broken. As soon as her pussy left my cock, the green woman beside me grabbed my cock. It was slick with her friend’s juices and her grip slid easily over me.

One tug, two tug and I came on the third. I shouted and it was a soundless cry. My seed fired from my body and froze instantly in the cold of space.

I came for a long time. Streams of come turned into glittering ice. The Qanson kept stroking me until every drop had turned into a comet.

I was exhausted. Darkness crept around my vision. I was dying. Shit, maybe I was already dead and this was the tail end of my death hallucination. That was cool. At least I came.

I felt warm flesh take both my arms. Two sets of breasts pressed against my ribs. As my eyes closed, I saw my seed twisting in space like strange diamonds.

“Lords of Space!” someone yelled.

I woke up. I was in an airlock. My naked ass felt the cold metal beneath me. I was looking up into the eyes of several of my crew.

“Captain, we thought you blew yourself up on the bridge!” it was Morella. Was their concern in her voice?

“Technically someone else blew me,” I said as I sat up. “Wait, how did I get here?”

Morella frowned at me. “You tell us! The airlock alarm went off and said we had an intruder. And why are you naked?”

I laughed. I could still taste ozone on my lips. My cock had a layer of frost around it from where the Qanson’s pussy juices had frozen. It was going to be one hell of a story to tell.

Shit, who was I kidding? They were never going to believe me.

May 062015

Magic is all about choices. Every day a magician faces possible annihilation or the fulfillment of their wildest dreams. The choice can be one they embark on or one forced onto them by the hand of fate. Either way, every choice must be made with the utmost thought and presence of mind for it can spell their doom if they choose poorly.

I was at a personal crossroad this morning. Like many people, it was while sitting on the toilet. Should I read the book of magic pornography that my friend sent me, or do I flip through the Delight Channel guide and see if I wanted to watch a movie? Both had their appeal for I was feeling that particular kind of lazy and horny where I wanted to fuck but wasn’t really in the mood to do anything about it.

“I call for the one who pulls my hair.”

That wasn’t me. That was a psychic signal sent out from someone else. They sounded female and they were broadcasting out into the world. The fact that I could hear it meant that I was eligible for her requests. It also meant that my soul was still empowered by the internet spirit I ate out yesterday.

“I call for the one who fucks me as rough as I can take it.”

She was tailoring her request and I was certainly interested. I finished my business and flushed the toilet. I walked into my bedroom and laid down. I wanted to focus as I listened to the rest of her spell.

“I call for the one who will satisfy themselves with my body.”

I winced. Her request was too broad. She had left loopholes big enough for a demon and his sixty best friends to walk through. She might summon playful spirits who could sate her lusts but she would just as likely call forth something that defined sex differently than her.

So I made my choice right then to accept. I didn’t do it because I was a hero. I did it because one should always help another who studies the craft. I was doing her a favor and perhaps she would help me out one day.

Also I was really horny.

My astral form left my body. Her spell tugged at me and I followed it. Cities zipped by in a blink. I passed through hundreds of buildings and cars without feeling a thing. At the speed of thought, I was beside her in her bedroom.

She was older than me and but her nude body was delicious to look upon. Her skin was a light brown and a small afro crowned her head. Plump breasts hung from a shapely body. Runes had been drawn in red lipstick on her body. Half of the runes were nonsense but the other half had power.

A body formed around me. It wasn’t my own. Instead of my long white hair, I was bald. My stomach was covered in abdominal muscles. My cock was long and uncut. Carefully manicured stubble graced my chin. This was a form that she thought about a lot.

“I am here,” I said and my accent was British. Of course it was.

She turned to face me. Surprise danced in her eyes but she struggled to remain calm. She held up her palm and a rune was drawn there. I didn’t recognize it.

“By the Will of the Wet One, I command you to tell me your true name!” she said.

Oh, so that was what the rune was supposed to be. She had left out the third arc and didn’t charge it properly. I gave her my other name instead.

“I am called Samuel,” I said. “You wish to be used?”

She shuddered. “For one hour you may use me,” she said. “Then we must stop because my son gets home then and OH!”

I lunged forward and grabbed a handful of her brown tit. I crushed it with my strong fingers and dipped down to bite her nipple. My teeth sank into her breast while other hand wrapped around to her ass. Teeth and fingers clenched around her flesh.

“Fuck!” the woman cried out. “This is real!”

I had little doubt that she was a novice but this proved it. She needed to learn about wards. She needed a lesson in wording her requests. She really needed to practice her rune making. The best thing for her right now would be for a mentor to take her under his wing.

To hell with that, I was here to fuck.

I picked her up. It was easy with my body made of dreams. She squealed with delight as I grabbed both thighs and lifted her from the floor. So powerful was my body that I was able to easily bring her sex to my lips while the rest of her towered above me.

Her pussy was shaved and damp with ritual magic. I drank from her dark lips and tasted the power flowing through her. Novices carry so much energy in them that the lightest lick brings it forth. That is why people are even willing to teach; fucking a novice is payment enough.

“Oh shit!” she cried out as I ate her. I tasted her dreams in her pussy. I saw her crazy ex-boyfriend. I felt the frustrations of her many vibrators. I browsed the titles of the books of magic she had read. I experienced the fantasies that she dreamed of when she touched herself.

They were good fantasies. I wouldn’t mind making them come true for her.

I tossed her onto her bed. She cried out as she flew the five feet to her bed. When she bounced on the mattress, she laughed like a teenager in lust. She looked up at me and bit her lip. She wanted to roll onto her back and spread her legs but she stayed where she was. In her dreams, she never did anything on her own.

I growled as I played my part. I reached down and grabbed her by the throat. A smile came to her lips as I tightened my grip.

“Yes,” she whispered.

My other hand went to her thighs. I slapped them apart and this time she did spread her legs. My fingers pushed cruelly into her sex and it greedily accepted me. I finger fucked her as my hand continued to slowly choke her.

She moaned. Why wouldn’t she? How many times had she come imagining this very thing?

I heard a growl. It wasn’t me. It came from the thing forming in her closet. It must have heard her request. I couldn’t see it but I doubted that it was taking the form of a well hung British man.

I released her throat. She gasped for air before moaning from my fingers that were still fucking her. My thrusts were rough and unkind but it just made her wetter.

The thing in the closet growled louder. This time she heard it and her eyes went to the closet.

“Look at me!” I snapped. Too many things gain power by attention. “Look at me when I’m molesting you!”

My other slapped one of her heavy breasts. WHAM! Her eyes snapped to me as another moan escaped her lips.

“Yes, I’m sorry, sir,” she said.

WHAM! I slapped her other tit. “Use my name, Samuel!”

“Yes, Samuel!” she shouted. “I’m sorry, Samuel!”

I felt the thing in the closet shrink. Her attention was on me now. Her request had opened the door but now it knew someone had already stepped through.

My fingers fucked her faster. The wet sounds of her pussy filled the room.

WHAM! I slapped her tit again. Her brown globe now had a splash of pink where I had slapped her.

“Shit,” my summoner moaned. Her hips fucked my hand as I finger fucked her.

Eyes appeared in her window. A presence formed on her wall. Something took possession of the bed. Her request had brought others.

WHAM! I slapped her other tit. She cried out with lust and pain.

The things around us grew stronger. They sensed my claim but they were greedy. Other worldly forces weren’t always respectful. I needed to make a stronger claim on her.

That was fine. Like I said, I was horny this morning.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and grabbed her hips. My strong body easily flipped her onto her stomach. I pulled her half way off the bed and her legs dangled off the side. My foot kicked her legs apart and I leaned down onto her.

“Fuck me,” she groaned.

A surge of power went through me. Her binding of me was weak but her need was incredible. My body obeyed her outside of my control. My hips pushed forward and my cock sunk inside her.

It was a perfect fit. Of course it was. This body was the culmination of all of her needs. I was thick enough to fill her completely; long enough to reach what was needed and curved for her pleasure.

I was overcome with lust. There was something intoxicating about being someone’s fantasy. Other desires stormed within me and I remembered that her demands were more than just physical.

My hand grabbed her short hair and yanked her head back. She shouted and quivered around my cock.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I growled. “I am going to use your body as I wish.”

And I did. My cock slammed into her with the never ending endurance of a wet dream. I pounded her sex while my fingers kept her head pulled back. My hips crashed into her ass until the sounds of our collision drowned out her cries.

The eyes in the window watched us. The thing in the closet stayed behind the door. The presence on the wall shrunk to a dot. Whatever possessed the bed went away as we shook the bed with our thrusts.

“God damn!” my summoner yelled. She had no idea how close she had come to being damned. Instead, she was just getting her brains fucked out.

I enjoyed the body she dreamed up for herself. I slapped her ass with a hand that never missed. I choked her from behind as my hips continued their relentless fucking. I lifted her off the bed with massive arms and fucked her against the wall.

She came. Over and over again she climaxed on my cock. I made her come up against the wall. I made her come when I fucked her on her hard floor. I made her scream my name as I pounded her wet sex back on her bed.

One by one the other entities left. With each screaming orgasm, the summons she sent out was weakened. I fucked the monsters away that she didn’t even know were there.

There was one monster left: me.

I pulled out of her drenched pussy. My cock was drenched in the powerful juices of her beginning magic. Already I felt the power surging through me and this wasn’t even my body. I had plans for this power but first I needed to take my due.

I grabbed her head and pulled her to my cock. She looked at me with glazed eyes. She was high on a spell well cast and a body well fucked. I stroked my cock inches from face.

“Wait,” she said. Reason pushed through the languor of her afterglow. This wasn’t part of her fantasy. “I wanted you to come in my mouth.”

“Then you should learn how to make better runes,” I said.

I came on her face. A look of total surprise came over her. She realized that her bindings were nothing and everything that had happened was because I allowed it. The thought terrified and aroused her.

I emptied myself onto her face and generous tits. It felt good.

“Who are you?” she asked. “Can you teach me?”

I wiped the last of my seed on her face. She obediently licked the tip of my cock as it pulled away. It was a tempting offer.

“No,” I said. “Look for the Witches of Wheatley. They have a website. Send them an email about what happened today. Tell them everything. They can train you. Plus, don’t do any more magic until they do. You were lucky today.”

I let go of the force that held me. My borrowed body began to fade and I felt the tug back to my real body.

“Will I see you again?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. It would depend on well she worded her next request.

May 042015

WebberWitch 001This May marks the anniversary of surviving my testicular cancer.  It was around this time that my doctor said I had no evidence of the cancer remaining. I still had to go through two years of checking which was necessary but also a weird feeling of being on cancer probation. The closest I can describe it as is like that point in a horror movie where the heroes kill the monster but the credits haven’t rolled yet so you expect the monster to make one last appearance. Three years out I feel like the credits have rolled and the ushers are cleaning the popcorn from the aisles.

I just hope they never make a damn sequel.

Surviving cancer brings two lessons. Lesson one is that after your nut grows to the size of a baseball and chemo makes you sick as a dog for twelve weeks, any other challenge life throws you is easy mode. Seriously, so many things that used to worry me are nothing by comparison. It is almost like a super power. I know that whatever happens, I can deal with it.

The second lesson is much simpler but harder to convey. Enjoy life. Really. After being too queasy to eat, you really appreciate a good hamburger. After feeling like you might never see another summer, you really see the importance of hitting a pool every once in awhile. Enjoy life; that’s what it is there for.

The sketch card is by George Webber. I get a “Fuck Cancer” card every year. My missing nut deserves it.

Apr 292015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-one of my fifty-two day journey to the stars system designated “Queen’s Obedient Mouth Slave” by Royal Astronomers. This is despite the incompetence of the assholes that created my probe ship. I am logging seven breakdowns a day ranging from inconsequential systems like radiation signal translation to vital systems like my damn pulsing water massager! I have been doing repairs non stop and have put Chairbot to work as well although he lacks fingers.

This is insane! How the fuck am I supposed to make to another star system with such a piece of shit vehicle? Did the warranty expire? Execute all of the people who fabricated my ship. Execute the engineers who designed it! Kill them all! KILL THEM ALL! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Gods of the Underworld! The fucking propulsion drive just kicked off again! Queen damn it!

Vaquel Di leaned back on Chairbot. The space explorer was naked and sweaty. The air cooler system had stopped working two hours ago and it wasn’t as vital as the oxygen recycler she had just finished repairs on. Her dark brown body glistened with sweat and her short pink hair was plastered to her head.

She was leaving a wet spot of sweat on Chairbot’s chassis but the robot seemed to like it. Everything was falling apart but as long as her plump brown ass was on Chairbot, he didn’t care. She envied his simplicity and resented it at the same time.

The space explorer knew she needed to get up and fix the propulsion drive but shit, she would have to crawl through a service duct and pray she could repair it from her limited vantage point. If she had to leave the ship to fix it, she would then have to pray that the environmental seals held and she wouldn’t lose her atmosphere.

Vaquel shook her head. It was better if she just stayed here. Either way she was fucked but if she didn’t check on it, then she wouldn’t know how fucked she was. Maybe she should savor the moment of not knowing a little longer.

Something beeped on the control panel before her. It was a sound she didn’t recognize.

“What is it, Mistress?” Chairbot said. “You don’t need to get up, do you?”

Vaquel stood up just to spite the ass-loving robot. The groan of disappointment was the one joy she had experienced in the last seventy-hours.

She reached the panel and pressed a flashing button. A tiny door opened and inside was a small box. There was a label with the Royal Navy seal on it.

“Emergency Morale Booster”

Vaquel smiled. There must be a program in the logging software that looked for signs of depression or despair. She had no doubt that she qualified for whatever emergency moral boost the navy could give her. It was a surprise that she hadn’t triggered it earlier but the last month had been true shit.

Was it drugs? A rare alcohol? Chocolate? Vaquel couldn’t wait to find out.

The box was heavy and Vaquel hoped that meant it was a lot of drugs. She opened the lid and peeked inside.

It was a butt plug.

Vaquel pulled it out. The plug portion had a beautiful image of Queen Erishella imprinted on it. The queen was naked and her long curly black hair did nothing to hide the curves of her body. She held the lips of her sex open as if inviting a licking. The power of her stare and the smile of her lips made it clear that licking her sex was less of an invitation and more a command.

Something was written along the circumference of the plug. “Feel my strength inside you.”

Vaquel frowned. The plug was rather large. She gave it a squeeze. It was firm and unyielding, much like the queen herself. It would be a painful beast inside her. Fuck that.

“How is that supposed to boost morale?” Chairbot asked.

“Fuck if I know,” Vaquel said.


“Yes, I know!” Vaquel snapped. If she delayed any longer, it would have a noticeable effect on her arrival time at the next star system and at this rate, Vaquel might need to make it to an inhabitable planet before her ship fell completely apart.

Vaquel took another look at the butt-plug. Fuck, what did she have to loose?

“Lube me, Chairbot,” Vaquel said. She bent over and pointed her ass at the robot. She reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks.

Chairbot rolled into position. She was glad that she had added a lube squirter to his frame back before everything started breaking down. The robot sprayed her ass with lubricant warmed by his internal motors. Hot lube sprayed onto her round backside and Vaquel made sure her asshole got plenty of it.

“Ninety percent lubrication has been achieved!” Chairbot said. There was pep in his mechanical voice. The next best thing to touching ass was spraying it.

Vaquel took the morale boosting butt-plug and pressed it against her tight asshole. She wondered if her plug had been designed specifically for her ass or if it was just standard issue. She tried to relax and pushed the plug against her ass.

The plug slid slowly in. her ass struggled to surround it. It was too big. It was too much. There wasn’t enough lube and there might not be enough lube in the entire galaxy.

Vaquel kept pushing. It seemed to sink a millimeter at a time into her ass. Fire burned in her ass but Vaquel kept pushing. She was already at her mental limit with all of the breakdowns; she might as well hit her physical limits as well.

“Keep going, Mistress!” Chairbot cheered. “Take it all!”

Vaquel groaned and kept pushing. She imagined it was the thick cock of a Navy Admiral. No, it was the cock of one of the Queen’s personal bedslaves. No, it was a pseudo-cock wielded by Queen Erishella herself. The Queen was penetrating her ass and would accept nothing less than her complete submission.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out as the plug slipped in. It was inside her. Only the handle was sticking out. Her ass was being stretched and violated by the cruel morale aid given by a crueler Queen.


“Yes,” Vaquel whispered. She stood up on uncertain legs. Chairbot rolled out of her way.

She took a step and groaned. The plug was massive in her ass. She swore she could feel the plug pressing against her empty sex. She kept walking while the weight shifted painfully within her.

Vaquel moved her hand down to between her thighs. She was soaked. Her fingers lingered before she remembered her task.

“Computer, open service hatch #8,” Vaquel said.

The service hatch on the floor opened. Vaquel squatted down, wincing with discomfort. She realized that she had forgotten her tools. A groan left her lips as she thought about standing up. It would be unbearable.

She stood up anyway. It was just as she imagined. The heavy plug shifted and held her asshole open while her butt clenched in pain. New desire surged between her thighs and Vaquel was tempted to forget the repairs and just finger herself silly.

“Later,” she promised herself.

Vaquel grabbed her tool pouch and squatted back down again. The plug made her ass feel like it was about to burst. She winced and crawled into the service hatch.

It was hotter inside the small crawl space. Light activated automatically to guide her way although half of the lights didn’t come on at all. A small circulation fan turned on but it only went half the speed it was supposed to.

Vaquel shook her head and pushed her tool pouch ahead of her. There was barely enough room to be on her hands and knees. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth; dripping sweat onto the floor. Every movement of her knees sent a jolt to the heavy weight inside her ass. No matter what Vaquel tried, the plug was a constant reminder of the ongoing penetration of her sensitive ass.

The discomfort was offset by the arousal in her sex. Desire dripped down from her soaked sex. The presence of the plug that filled her ass so completely reminded her of how empty her sex was. It had been weeks since she had a good relaxing masturbation without worrying about something breaking down. It had been even longer since someone had actually fucked her. Why couldn’t the emergency morale boost be a vibrator instead? A good buzzing fuck would cheer her the fuck up.

Vaquel crawled to the end of the service corridor. The panel for the propulsion drive was in front of her. An orange glow surrounded the panel.

The sight of the glow was bad news. The glow was from the Gortug field that should be surrounding the outside of the ship, not the inside of the drive itself. The Gortug field was what allowed the ship to travel at beyond light speed and did funny things to the laws of physics. Vaquel had no idea of the field itself was safe to touch.

She stayed there in the corridor and thought about her training. Sweat continued to drip down her nearly exhausted body. The plug enforced a constant pressure inside her ass.

Vaquel tossed a sonic driver at the field.

The drive hit the field and fell to the ground. It shook a little but didn’t blow up or burst into pieces.

All that proved was that any exposure to the field didn’t cause any visible harm. For all Vaquel knew, it could be radioactive or fuck up her blood stream. The smart move would be to crawl back to the hatch and consult her ship wiki.

Vaquel’s ass clenched around the plug. She would have to crawl backwards. If anything was in her way, she wouldn’t know it until her ass bumped into it.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. She reached out and put her hand in the field.

A tingling sensation came from her hand. It was hard for Vaquel to describe. It wasn’t the tingling of sleeping on your arm, and it wasn’t the tingling from grabbing something that vibrated. This was different. It was prickly, stingy, and tingly at the same time.

“It’s my nerves,” Vaquel said. It made a kind of sense. The Gortug field altered light and mass. Maybe it was altering how her sensory nerves were receiving signals.

She pulled her hand out. The tingling stopped. Still, that didn’t guarantee that long term exposure wouldn’t cause permanent damage.


“No,” Vaquel said. She couldn’t allow that to happen. Permanent damage wouldn’t mean a thing if she was marooned out in space.

Vaquel crawled to the drive. Her fingers tingled as the opened the panel. Once the panel was open, the Gortug field expanded to envelop the top half of her chest.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. Her lips tingled with what felt like tiny microscopic bites. A million pricks jabbed the flesh of her face and neck. Her nipples hardened as the tingling engulfed her swinging breasts. A stinging sensation went down her back that wasn’t unpleasant at all.

There were other effects. She saw triples of everything and the colors were wrong. It sounded like twenty different songs were playing at the same time. She tasted meat and sugar on her tongue.

Vaquel yanked her head back. It took a moment for her senses to return to normal. There was no way she could fix the drive with her brain messed up like that.

She leaned in a few centimeters away from the glow and took a look inside the drive. A projector dish had fallen out. A power cable was disconnected. A collection of screws rolled around on the ground.

“Gods of the Underworld,” Vaquel swore. How did screws undo themselves? Was it some sort of vibration? Shit, she needed the find the source of that vibration and hump it.


“Yeah, I know,” Vaquel said. She picked up the sonic driver and went to work.

The tingling returned to her hands as soon as she entered the field. It was hard for her to keep a grip on things. It felt like she was holding a cube of ice, a rolling ball and a rubber grip at the same time. She ignored the sensations and relied on her eyes instead.

She had to lean in closer to pick up the projection disk. The front half of her tits entered the Gortug field. The prickling, biting, tingling swept over her nipples and sensitive flesh.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned.

She involuntarily clenched down on the plug in her ass. The plug didn’t budge. It stayed in her ass, pulling and pushing her poor asshole beyond its limits.

Vaquel scooped some screws and tried to reinstall the dish. It was a delicate balancing act. She had to use both hands and she couldn’t lean on anything because it would put her head back into the Gortug field. The tingling running up and down her arms were distracting but nowhere near as distracting as the tingling on her tits. They felt like they were being squeezed, bitten, pulled, slapped, kissed, caressed and mauled.

As powerful as the Gortug field was on her tits, somehow it didn’t compare to what was happening to her asshole. The Queen’s plug was unchanging and rigid. It didn’t pulse or vibrate; it simply was. Vaquel’s ass was stretched around an unforgiving object and despite everything happening to her tits and arms, Vaquel couldn’t help focus on the plug.

She remembered the words on the plug. “Feel my strength inside you.” Vaquel felt it. On her world, there was no one more important, no one more indomitable and no one more essential than the Queen. The Queen simply was and Vaquel felt a piece of the Queen’s unconquerable strength inside her.

Vaquel kept working. The dish had six points of connection and each had to be carefully screwed back in. That meant more time with her hands and tits in the Gortug field. Her back began to ache with the unusual arch she was maintaining but she ignored it. She tried to turn her attention instead to the Queen’s plug which exerted far greater demands on her ass.

The Gortug field was not so easy to ignore. Every inch of her tits was alive with sensation. Her breasts felt impossibly large as every nerve fired contradictory stimuli. Pain became pleasure and became pain again in an endless cycle.

Vaquel’s attention wondered. Every time she felt a bite, she wondered how long it had been since someone actually bit her tits. When she felt a caress, she tried to recall who the last sentient being to grope her was. On and on the sensations came and while they were arousing, they were also reminding her of her loneliness out here in deep space.

She dropped one of the screws. “Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She fished around for it and found it with her fingers. Luckily the screw hadn’t rolled somewhere she couldn’t reach.

Vaquel realized that she might not be so lucky next time. She needed to focus more. With nothing else to rely on, she clenched down on the enormous plug in her ass.

Pain blossomed from the core of her ass. There was no confusing neural response there. It was all pain and discomfit.

Queen Erishella would have approved.

The last screw locked into place. The dish wouldn’t activate until the power cable had been reattached. Once it was powered up, the Gortug field should realign itself and surround the ship. The power cable was easy enough to do and she could do it one handed.

A smile crossed Vaquel’s lips. Since she had to endure the peculiarities of the field, she figured that she might as well get something good from it.

Vaquel pulled her right hand free of the field. Her skin still crawled as the misfiring neurons calmed down. Not caring to recover first, Vaquel plunged her fingers into her wet sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel shouted in the small service corridor. Her fingers couldn’t feel shit but her sex certainly did. She clenched tightly around her fingers as she fucked herself.

The weight of the plug pulled at her ass. The stimulation of her breasts by the Gortug field continued. Her back hurt from keeping this pose but the pain was just another added sensation for her aroused body.


“Fuck off!” Vaquel yelled. “Give me one damn minute!”

The power cable was in her other hand. All she had to do was stretch it and plug it in. It would take ten seconds if not less.

Vaquel had no intention of doing that anytime soon.

Feeling returned to her fingers. She could feel how slick she was. Pubic hair and pussy lips rubbed against her hand.

She thought about plunging her sex into the Gortug field. What would it be like? Bites and thrusts? Pinches and licks? Burns and thick cocks?

The thought was tempting. It would be glorious or disastrous. Vaquel debated it as she stroked deeper.

While she daydreamed, the Queen’s plug stayed in her ass. She could feel it with her hand on some of the deeper thrusts. It was a painful reminder of her service to the Queen as well as a reminder of the Queen’s mercy.

Vaquel shook her head. She wasn’t going to plunge her sex into unsafe space flight field. The girth of the Queen’s plug was all the glory she needed today.

She stroked deeper. Her fingers were a blur inside her wet sex. She leaned in closer to the Gortug field and let the weird sensations creep up her neck. The plug in her ass shifted and exerted new pressure on her poor ass.

The climax was sudden. Pleasure exploded from her sex that was elementally pure bliss. The plug shook in Vaquel’s ass as her body quivered.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried out and she meant every word. It was as if the Queen herself was fingering Vaquel’s ass.


“Fuck it!” Vaquel said and she plugged the power cable in. The message cut off and the field retracted; hopefully redirected outside.

“Can’t even enjoy a damn orgasm,” Vaquel swore.

“Mistress!” Chairbot yelled over the comm. “Engines are back online and compensating for the velocity variant.”

“Another damn thing fixed on this damned ship,” Vaquel said. She pulled her wet fingers out of her sex and gathered her tools. By the time she was done, the tool pouch was shiny from her pussy juices.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “The hydrogen probe just went offline!”

Vaquel laughed. Of course it did. She would handle it though. If she could handle the Queen’s gift, she could deal with anything.

She began to crawl backwards, the Queen’s moral booster impaled in her sweaty brown ass.

Apr 272015

It is silly to think that the internet is haunted. Some magicians believe that ghosts lurk in the internet, kept alive by Facebook pages that never expire. It is completely ridiculous.

The internet is a system of data, nothing more and nothing less. It is a collection of fixed points with its own system of laws and reality. Souls of the departed can’t haunt a house made of zeroes and ones.

Obviously the internet is not haunted by the ghosts of human beings. The internet is a realm full of its own magical beings. Duh.

Like most magical beings, the Internet Entities have their own agendas. The Voyeur Eyes of Blogspot want your soul laid bare. The pathetic ghouls of the Chan boards want destruction and misery. The forgotten nymphs of Usenet thrive on nude selfies. They take these offerings and convert it into power for their strange wars against each other.

New entities are born every day and older ones perish. Many take the guise of living people but do not be fooled. The greedy Prince will steal your money but there is no hidden treasure. A thousand spirits claim to be horny housewives waiting for your call but really they just want your semen sacrifice. The wise magician trusts no one on the internet.

The unwise magician however has a lot to gain. Internet Entities are greedy and yet bursting with the power of daily sacrifices given by unwitting users. These gods of the moment might not exist tomorrow but that doesn’t stop them from trying to spread their power as far and wide as possible. Unimaginable fame could be yours for the day. Money beyond counting can be had though the currency might only exist in a game about spaceships. Some magicians of the internet gain and lose more than in a single day than some magicians ever achieve with a lifetime of study.

Just beware the viruses. There is nothing worse than having your previous existence rewritten and deleted.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

Apr 262015

The following are articles or links I found useful for my writing.

A new law in Nashville makes it illegal to run a sex club within a certain range of a church. A Swinger’s Club does the only logical thing and declares themselves a church.

I find Chess to be insufferably boring. What I don’t find boring is Cheating at Chess which is an age old tradition.

One thing that always bothers me when writing science fiction is the fear that the science fact that is important to my story is completely wrong. Apparently this is something that doesn’t bother the FBI. It appears that for the last twenty years, the science of hair analysis has been one giant con to convict people.

I love wargaming but much like chess, wargaming can degenerate into an obsession of efficency over fun. Hipsterhammer is a new blog about taking a cheap yet fun approach to the Warhammer Fantasy. Even if you don’t play wargames, this kind of blog is helpful to adopting an attitude of fun towards whatever you do.

Music this week is from the Spacechem soundtrack. SpaceChem is an insanely hard game about chemistry but I am a bigger fan of the music. It has a nice science sound that works well as writing music. You can get the entire album from the artist here.

Apr 242015

I am in the mood to write another Choose-Your-Own-Erotica book again. I am leaning towards doing one where you play a woman recently abducted by a flying saucer and you try to escape but at the same time choosing when you want to get captured and have sexy time inflicted on you.

It is a tricky theme to deal with. I have done non-consent roleplay with people before but readers always feel different. You could argue that a reader gives consent by reading and that putting the book down is the ultimate safeword but I always have an initial hesitation when starting these projects.

A bigger concern is structure. I designed “Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem” as a kind of complex challenge. For the reader to reach the one happy ending it will take trial and error. I was much happier with “Dominate Your Teacher” because it promised a sexy premise and the reader decided how they got there and what diversions they took. Prisoner was a gauntlet of choices that were designed to trip the reader, while Dominate was like a burger menu that wanted to know how you liked your burgers.

I would prefer to do something like Dominate again but the very nature of an abduction and an escape suggests the format of Prisoner. I feel like leaving the saucer is the best way to end the story. I could make a central alien and make having sex with them the climax of the story, but I feel that might be limiting.

When I get into a crossroad like this, I like to make a list of what appeals to me about the project I am working on. For this project, I want to tackle various science fiction themes in a non-consent format. I want robots, I want a tentacle monster of some sort, I want your anally obsessed Greys, I want anti-gravity and anything else that comes to mind.  As you can see, I want to tackle a genre as opposed to the single sexual stereotype of Dominate Your Teacher.  I just don’t want the complexity of Prisoner.

Luckily for me I experienced something recently that suggests a format; I’ve been to Dollywood. I went to the Dolly museum of dresses and movie clips, skipped the rollercoasters and hung out in the craft stores.  I had a buffet approach to Dollywood and I think that will work best for my saucer abduction story. In short, I need to turn the flying saucer into an amusement park for the reader.

Apr 222015

Felicia Grafal Flores pushed through the crowd of people. Aunts tried to kiss her, uncles tried to hug her, female cousins tried to remember her name, male cousins tried to look down her cleavage, nieces tried to hide their envy of Felicia’s body while nephews tried to hide embarrassing erections. It was a typical wedding for the extended Flores family.

Normally Felicia would mingle but the ceremony would be starting soon. One thing even a bad Catholic girl like Felicia knew was that wedding ceremonies took forever. There would be readings, invocations and speeches. Felicia’s plump bottom could handle the hard pews and her husband, Emil, would flirt with her to keep her awake but none of those could help a full bladder.

Felicia didn’t know her way around this church. They had traveled across state to her second cousin-in-law on her Emil’s father’s sister’s side for this wedding. She looked over the sea of brown faces for a restroom sign.

She saw her aunt Alma instead. Worse, her aunt Alma saw her. The woman waved at Felicia and pushed her way towards her.

Felicia looked for an escape. If Aunt Alma cornered her, it was a guaranteed half hour of Alma talking about her daughter. Felicia had no interest in learning what accomplishments her sainted cousin had achieved this time.

She saw a hallway no one was using. Felicia mouthed “Sorry, restroom!” to her aunt and ducked into the hallway. There were three doors and none of them were marked. She went through the first one and hoped her aunt would give up looking for her.

“Kneel,” a voice said. Powerful hands grabbed both her arms and held them straight out.

Felicia dropped to her knees with practiced ease. She learned to adapt fast in new places. Two robed figures stood to either side her. Their hands were pale white under their green robes and certainly not family members. Hoods covered their faces.

“What’s going on?” Felicia asked. The robed people didn’t answer so she looked around. Red candles illuminated a cavern too large for the church she had just left. Blue lines had been painted into the rocky ground and formed strange designs. A hot wind came from deep within the cave.

A robed man stepped out of the darkness. She knew he was a man because his cock was sticking out of his green robe. It was large and thick though not as large as Emil’s. The man was carrying an open book and he read from it as he approached her.

“Kozza Joiu, Kozza Freq. Vakkaz Roo Ghriq Odda.”

It was gibberish. Feicia understood none of wit. He stopped in front of her, his pulsing cock inches from her face.

She knew what she was to do but she waited. Felicia was a bad catholic woman but she was enough of one to recognize a ritual in progress. Doing the wrong thing in a ritual was bad in any religion.

A hand grabbed the back of Felicia’s head and pushed her forward. She opened her mouth and the thick cock entered her lips. The two men to either side maintained their grip on her arms; holding them straight out as if some sort of parody of the crucifixion.

Felicia giggled at the thought with the cock in her mouth. Aunt Alma would die of horror if she could see her now.

The hooded man kept reading. It was all nonsense but then again so was much of Latin. She didn’t understand it but she felt its importance to the others.

The hand in her hair moved her head back and forth. Felicia wondered if they were male or female. The hand was too strong to resist, not that Felicia was. It moved her back and forth along the length of the cock with steady ease.

For her part, Felicia sucked. She closed her lips tightly around the reading man. Her tongue flicked along his cock as she was pulled back and forth. She tried to look up at the man she was sucking but all she saw was the leather cover of the book he was reading.

“Kozza Joiu!” the man shouted.

“Kozza Freq!” the voices around Felicia answered.

Desire pooled between Felicia’s thighs. Being forced to suck someone off was in her top five fantasies. Doing something nasty in a church was in her top ten. Being used in a mysterious ritual wasn’t on her list but it was now.

Felicia wanted to reach between her thighs. She wanted to hike her conservative church skirt up and rub her hairy sex. She had skipped wearing panties because they had travelled across state and she never knew what could happen at new places.

“Kozza Deem!” the man shouted.

“Kozza Ahm!” the voices answered.

The hand at her head went faster. It gripped her long black hair painfully tight. Her scalp burned as her hair was pulled. Felicia choked and spit fell from her lips. She had been face fucked before many times but never like this.

The hooded man kept reading. His cock throbbed in her mouth as she sucked him. He hit the back of her throat many times as she was forced onto his cock. His balls slapped against her chin with every thrust.

“Kozza Lozza!” the man shouted.

Kozza Ia!” the voices answered.

Felicia parted her thighs. She hoped one of her assailants would take the hint. If Emil was here, he would stroke her. He would reach under her skirt and rub her hairy pussy. Her husband would whisper terrible things to her as she sucked another man’s cock.

There was a rumble from the ground. A great shaking vibration travelled up Felicia’s kneeling legs. She tried to sit back to press her ass or her sex to the vibrating ground but the hooded figures held her arms tightly.

“Kozza Ereg!” the man shouted.

The hand shoving Felicia’s head suddenly stopped. Dizziness swept over her but she kept her lips tight. The hooded man groaned and a deluge of seed filled her mouth. It tasted sweet and was thicker than she was expecting. She swallowed and swallowed but yet he kept coming. Eventually she choked and his seed spilled from her mouth.

The robed people picked her up from her knees. She cried out as the one holding her hair yanked her head back. Her eyes stared up into the dark corners of the cavern as they turned her around. They opened the door that she came in from and pushed her back out.

She was free. Felicia looked at the church hallway as the door closed behind her. She stumbled a few steps down the hallway. Her jaw was sore, her scalp hurt and her knees were almost numb from the ground shaking.

The crowd of family members was lining up to be seated. Emil spotted her and walked over to her. Felicia smiled as she took his arm for support.

“The wedding is starting soon,” he said. “Where were you?”

“I’ll tell you when you fuck me later,” Felicia said.

Emil groaned and his eyes brightened. He loved hearing about the new places she went.

“You have some come on your chin,” he whispered as they took their place.

Felicia wiped it off and realized she never did get to use the restroom.

Apr 202015

Visitors to Euphoria have many ways of travelling around the great planet. They can rent an automated skimmer, ride a well endowed equine beast or rent a personal jetpack. However the most comfortable and most famous way to get around the planet is to ride the Trans-Euphorian Mobile Express, better known as the Golden Snake.

Established by Queen Erishella, the Golden Snake is a luxury anti-gravity train with stops at every major city, pleasure resort, slave market and tourist attraction on the planet. Being an anti-gravity train, there is no track and the route of the train is easily changed. The Queen has made it quite clear that being a stop on the train is a privilege and frequently has the train skips stops that have displeased her or worse, bored her. Because of this, every stop does whatever they can to appeal to the Queen’s sophisticated and sadistic tastes.

No expense is spared for those who ride the Golden Snake. Passengers are treated to leather seats imported from the Jungle system of Phob while being attended by the exotic service slaves from conquered worlds. A world-mind level Artificial Intelligence has been reduced to the role of executive chef and can provide any meal in the known galaxy. The air itself on board the Golden Snake has been brought at great expense from distant gas giants.

The most famous luxury is without a doubt the personal Mouth Slave that is assigned to each seat. These slaves kneel before every seat and offer their mouths in any way that pleases the rider before them. Passengers are encouraged to use the wide array of stimuli buttons to reward the Mouth Slaves for good service or punish them for inadequate licking.

The high prices of the Golden Snake may discourage most interested tourists but Queen Erishella, in her infinite mercy, has provided a method of payment for those less wealthy. For every one hundred kilometers that a person serves as a Mouth Slave, they gain one kilometer in credit towards a purchase of a Golden snake ticket.

–Euphorian Gazetteer