Nov 302015

This past weekend I wrote the last Vaquel story for 2015. It will conclude the 5th year of writing stories for my perverse space explorer which makes her the longest running series I have written. I may have written other characters off and on over a period of years but Vaquel has had a new story at least once a month.

This year I tried something new where I had one enemy, Voice, for an entire year. In Buffy fandom terms, Voice was my Big Bad and I was fond of the extra-dimensional mass-murdering psychopath. He destroyed worlds because it amused him and he destroyed so many that he had no more left to play with. There is a parable about conservation, greed and perhaps not-mass-murdering in there somewhere.

Once you have one Big Bad in your series, there is an expectation to have another. I will not be having a Big Bad next year. The problem with continuous Big Bads is that as soon as you have two of them, comparisons are made. One is the real Big Bad while the other becomes the Not as Interesting Big Bad. Besides, Voice was special and I think it makes him more special if he is rare.

In 2014, I had a theme where Vaquel encountered several races that were neighbors. It was a small tribute to science fiction that dealt with politics and wars. Before that, I think I had a partial theme where Vaquel went a long time without encountering anyone and I played with loneliness. Before that, I think I was just winging it.

I’m not sure what 2016 will bring. Having a theme helps set the tone when I release these stories as ebooks. After a year of Voice, I am eager to write stories where Vaquel actually talks to someone face to face or genital to genital instead of just talking to inside her head. Star Wars is coming out soon and part of me is tempted to do a year long satire of a rebel alliance and an evil empire but I am not sold on it. I like parodies but I think they work best in small doses.

Whatever I decide on, I want to thank the reader for joining me on this twenty year mission.  We have completed the first five years together and I think we have had some fun. We’re only at the 1/4 mark and we still have a lot of space to explore and fuck.

Nov 202015

This past Wednesday I missed a stop sign and then proceeded to not miss a person coming from the left. Our cars smashed into each other, I spun around, saw my airbag open in slow motion and then come to a stop. I got out and checked on the other driver who was okay but shaking. I held her hand as we figured out what to do.

A guy stopped by to help. He had both hands missing and had hooks. I was in a weird mental space. I saw his hook hands and thought, “I don’t remember a third driver.”

He was very helpful. He called 911 and calmed us down.

A lady drove by and yelled at me for my car being in the road. I tried to push my car off the road and found out that my left side of my chest hurt like fuck. I think I pulled a muscle in the crash.

Firemen came, looked at me and couldn’t find a bruise. Ambulance came and was waved off so none of us would have to pay money for it.

An Asian family came by and just sat and watched. They didn’t see anything or offer to help, they just wanted to watch.

Police came. Policewoman asked me if I had a record company. I asked her to repeat it three times before I realized she was saying wrecker company.

Police got my side of the story where I said I fucked up. They wrote me a citation and gave me a court date.

Went to the doctor for x-rays just in case and she said I was fine. Had no idea why my chest hurt but figured it was just pulled muscles. Two days later it is better but it takes an act of will to bend to the left much less sit down. Sneezing is painful as fuck.

Insurance is covering everything. As long as the other driver doesn’t develop any injuries, we shouldn’t have to pay anything. She was walking around fine when I last saw her but you never know.

Mostly I am embarrassed as fuck. I’ve been in accidents before but this was totally my fault. I was going up hill and the intersection was at the top of the hill. I saw the stop sign at the last second and by then I was in the intersection and something silver was hitting from the side. I am embarrassed that I psychologically might have screwed over the other driver, I am embarrassed that I killed my wife’s car and I am embarrassed that we had to dip into savings for a new car and who the fucks know how high our insurance will go.

I getting flashes of something silver coming from the right. I could do with less of those.

My confidence is pretty much the pits right now. I think I will suspend posting any stories for next week and resume in December. I just need some time to feel human again.

Nov 182015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked to the entrance of the corn maze. The sun was high in the air but the November air was brisk. The smell of barbecue, hot cookies and corn enveloped everything.

A man stood at the entrance. He was young and couldn’t stop looking at Felicia’s tight sweater.

“Here’s your card, ma’am,” he said. “Get to all of the checkpoints and you could win a free grill.”

“Checkpoints?” Felicia asked. She knew all about it but she wanted to give the young man an excuse to keep looking at her.

“There are checkpoints within the maze and a hole puncher for each one,” the man continued. His eyes kept drifting from her dark lips down to the curves of her sweater. “Each hole puncher has a different shape. Find all the checkpoints, punch out the sides here, and turn it in for the drawing later.”

Felicia nodded. “Thank you,” she said.

She walked slowly away in the hopes that he would appreciate how tightly her jeans clung to her round ass. When she reached the entrance of the maze, she glanced back. The young man quickly pretended to be looking elsewhere.

Felicia laughed. If nothing else happened today, at least she had one admirer today.

She put the map away in her pocket. It was better to get a little lost. Although she had come to this maze a dozen times, every year it was always different. You never knew what could happen at new places.

The corn stretched out before her. Even when she could look over the corn, she just saw more corn. The path branched and turned with the occasional break where someone impatient had made their own path.

Children ran past her and Felicia let them by. Two teenagers crossed her path and smiled at her chest. A mother herded a group of children with threats and promises.

Felicia went deeper into the maze. There were well worn paths and paths rarely taken. She took the later. There were slender paths and larger paths. She took the former. Some paths had voices around the corner. These she avoided. Choice by choice, she avoided more and more people.

After a while, she noticed the subtle changes. She stopped seeing candy wrappers and instead found a pair of panties. The corn leaves were wet as if it had rained this morning. A moan was carried on the wind.

Felicia stepped into a clearing. There was no checkpoint to be found. The ground was torn by the passage of many feet.

Another woman came into the clearing. She was dark brown like Felicia but she was naked from shoulder to toes. Instead of a human head, she had the head of a large black bird. It took Felicia a moment to realize it was a mask.

The bird woman cawed. Answering caws came from all around. Another bird woman came from a different path into the clearing. Across from her, another woman came. More and more came until Felicia was surrounded by dark naked bodies and staring bird masks.

“Oh,” Felicia said. “They are crow masks. I just realized that. I should have guessed sooner.”

The crow women cawed. Their blank eyes and open beaks were unnerving. Felicia wondered how they could see.

The women pressed closer around Felicia. A hand went to her ass. Another hand went to Felicia’s breast. One hand petted Felicia’s long dark hair.

Felicia let them. Her heart was pounding but she stayed where she was. This was a new experience but Felicia had learned over the years to trust.

Hands touched every part of Felicia. They grabbed and pulled at the breasts beneath her sweater. Hands gripped and squeezed her ass. Fingers pressed against her thighs. A thumb slipped between Felicia’s lips.

Felicia relaxed and gave into the hands. The crow women cawed as they grinded palms into her back. Multiple hands rubbed and massaged her arms. Skilled hands worked away tense knots along her thighs.

A hand pressed against Felicia’s crotch. It belonged to the first crow woman Felicia had spotted but she couldn’t be sure. The empty eyes of the crow looked at her as the hand pressed tightly against the heat in Felicia’s jeans.

Felicia grinded against the hand. Her hairy pussy soaked the material of the jeans for Felicia never wore panties to somewhere new. She felt the fingers straining against the jeans to touch her wet sex.

The crow woman cawed. The others answered with caws of their own.

They tugged at her sweater and peeled it over her head. Felicia’s shoes were pulled off and discarded. Hands unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. Felicia’s bra was unclasped and lost to the ground. They stripped her with a dozen hands.

Felicia was picked up. Strong feminine hands held every part of her body. Their strength and skill was uncanny. It was like floating in a hammock of hands and arms.

Other crow women reached past the ones holding Felicia. Fingers tugged at her hard nipples. Hands pulled her thighs wider apart. Fingernails danced and pinched her flesh at random.

Felicia groaned. A long finger invaded her mouth. She flicked at it with her tongue. The finger played with her tongue.

Fingers went to Felicia’s sex from multiple hands. Her sex was buried under grasping hands. They pulled at her pussy lips while others pushed inside. Felicia lost count of how many fingers were inside her.

“Oh shit,” Felicia moaned. Her body was smothered in touching. Not only were there hands and fingers, but also the press of naked breasts and slender arms. The smell of women was in the air.

She wished that she could see their faces. Dozens of black bird heads bobbed on the sweaty bodies of naked women. Their eyes were blank and their beaks were unable to move. Were the women smiling or were they busy focusing on Felicia’s body? She couldn’t know and their motives remained an enigma.

Felicia didn’t question the motives of the fingers stroking her sex. They took turns playing with her clitoris. Some of the fingers stroked the depths of her sex while other fingers rubbed the outside of her pussy. They smeared Felicia’s sex juices all over her dark thighs and round hips.

She threw her head back and moaned. Strong hands cradled her head and petted her forehead. Other hands held her body as she began to arch her back.

Felicia came. She cried out her orgasm and the crow women answered her with caws. The stroking fingers stayed within her quivering sex until she could scream no more.

The crow women set Felicia down on the ground. The coldness of the dirt was a welcome change to the sweaty heat of the hands that held her.

Felicia stayed on the ground and tried to catch her breath. The crow women cawed and backed away through the paths leading out. One by one they disappeared back into the maze.

The last crow woman paused to pick up Felicia’s bra. Felicia suspected that it was the first woman she had seen. The crow woman bowed her large bird head towards Felicia before taking Felicia’s bra with her into the maze.

Felicia laughed and slowly rose to her feet. Let the woman have her trophy. Felicia would have the memory of the crow women to keep her warm this winter.

She gathered her clothes and put them back on. It felt strange to be standing on her own two feet after being carried literally to orgasm.

When she was dressed, Felicia returned the way she came. She avoided a clearing where she saw a man with the mask of a bull. She walked past a path where she heard the grunts of fucking. When choosing her way, she always picked the path most familiar.

It wasn’t long before she came across a group of children posing for a picture by their mother at a checkpoint. She followed a group of tired teenagers through shortcuts.

Nov 132015

I learned an important lesson a little too late in writing my alien abduction chose-your-own-erotica story today. It might be too late for me but I will share it with you so you can learn from my mistakes.

An interactive story has branches but often these branches come back together to the same place. Imagine a story about investigating a haunted house. The first option asks if you want to check out the first floor, or go up the stairs to the second floor. if you pick the first floor, the story branches into the kitchen, the living room, etc. Eventually after checking those places, you will have the option to check out other first floor rooms or go up the stairs.

Now what most writers would do is if you pick going up the stairs, then the writer will link you to the same choice as if you decided to go up the stairs at the beginning of the book. You would then follow the story along that one path. That is what smart people do.

Dumb people like myself felt the need to make even similar choices different. I felt that readers on multiple read-throughs would get bored reading the same passage about going upstairs multiple times. My solution was to write a different going-up-the-stairs scene for each time the option came up. That way it never gets boring.

The problem is that I ended up writing what is essentially the same scene, eight fucking times, without any real significance between the eight. I may have changed up from where you were when you decided to go up the stairs, but when it came to the stairs themselves, it was pretty much the same. When I realized this and tried to add more variety to the stairs, didn’t create a difference worth mentioning. this is especially true for the reader who on their 3rd, 4th or 20th time up the stairs, probably won’t be paying that much attention themselves.

The only thing I ended up doing was really hating those fucking stairs.

So my advice to future interactive fiction writers is to feel free to recycle previous choices you have written and only skip recycling if you have something important that is going to be different.

Nov 112015

“And welcome back to Ex versus Ex! I’m your host as always, Carl Carnage. We are halfway through our final round and our contestants have played hard and dirty. Scott is in the lead with ten thousand dollars but his ex-wife, Kayla, is close behind with eight thousand dollars. With five thousand dollars at stake, it is still anyone’s game!”

“Scott, we just watched Kayla endure a grueling ass fucking from the Anal Destroyer machine. She lasted three minutes and fifty seconds before hitting the quit button. Did you ever think your ex would last that long, Scott?”

Scott shook his head. “No, I didn’t, Carl. She always said her ass was too tight for anal.”

“That might have been the case but now I think she might be more open to it in the future, if you know what I mean!”

Scott saw the laugh sign come on and the live studio audience faithfully laughed. He laughed too but that was mostly from nerves. There was a lot of money to win.

Carl walked over to Kayla. She shifted back and forth on her feet as she tried to find a comfortable way to stand. The Anal Destroyer had really done a number on her.

“Kayla, since your ex picked Pleasure, you were forced to undergo the Pain challenge. It is time for you to spin the Wheel of Pleasure and see which challenge he will endure.”

“I’m ready, Carl!” Kayla said. Scott could hear the venom in her voice. She was angrier than that time he forgot her birthday.

Kayla hobbled to the wheel and gave it a spin. A dozen terrible delights clicked past the pointer.

The wheel slowed down. Scott prayed for it to stop on Soapy Lap dance but it kept going. He bit his lip when he saw Triple Handjob but thankfully it kept going. His relief was short lived as he saw the wheel slow down on the next category. When the wheel stopped on it, he felt his stomach sink.

“Blowjob from our very own, Blowjob Queen, Yuna!”

“Oh fuck,” Scott said. How many times had he jacked off to Yuna sucking off a poor contestant? Shit, how many times had he jacked off to Yuna just standing around? He was fucked!

“Now Kayla,” Carl said. “Right now Scott has to survive three minutes and fifty seconds from a Yuna blowjob without climaxing. You have the option of sacrificing your own money to make that time even longer. Would you like to do that?”

“No, no, no,” Scott prayed.

“Fuck, yes!” Kayla said, looking Scott right in the eye.

“Every thousand dollars adds a minute,” Carl said. “And remember, whomever has the most money at the end of the final round gets to decide one last punishment for their ex. How much do want to spend?”

Kayla smiled without any warmth. “Two thousand, Carl. Just enough to win with.”

That bitch! Scott forced himself to smile back. She was willing to blow two thousand dollars just for an extra round of humiliation!

Fuck, maybe he shouldn’t have spent his money earlier to add a minute to her ass fucking.

“That makes it five minutes and fifty seconds!” Carl announced. “Let’s get started! Scott, assume the position!”

Scott sighed and stood inside the red circle in front of him. He felt the four cameras zoom in on his hard cock. The audience was already snickering at his fate.

Carl stood beside Scott . “And let’s introduce that perky beauty all the way from Tokyo, Japan, the Blowjob Queen herself, Yuna!”

Yuna came through the curtains. Scott’s heart skipped a beat. There she was in all of her beauty. Long black hair flowed around her cute face. Bright brown eyes smiled at the audience. A pink tongue licked bright red lips. She was topless and her heavy breasts bounced with every step. A short black skirt covered her waist but Scott knew there was no underwear beneath that skirt.

Scott felt the money slipping away. Yuna waved to the audience and then headed straight for Scott. A devilish smile came to her lips. Yuna had the mouth that destroyed hopes and dreams. It was a rare man, or woman, who could survive what she licked out.

“The time to beat is five minutes and fifty seconds,” Carl said. “Are you ready, Scott?”

Scott was nowhere near fucking ready. Yuna sunk to her knees before his throbbing cock. She looked up at him and winked.

Oh fuck.

“I said, are you ready, Scott?” Carl asked. His gleaming smile never faltered.

“Yes?” Scott said.

Kayla laughed wickedly.

“Then, begin!” Carl said.

Yuna leaned towards Scott’s cock. She paused and his cock throbbed in front of her face. His hips bucked forward towards her mouth. The audience laughed at his eagerness.

“Not going to last even a minute,” Kayla yelled.

Yuna looked up at Scott and licked her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Her tongue waved at his cock as if asking him to play.

“Oh shit,” Scott groaned. He wasn’t even in her mouth yet and he was so turned on.

She leaned in closer and licked the tip of his cock. On her second lick, she leaned in close enough for her lips to touch him. On her third lick, she moved forward on her knees and took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Scott groaned. He was inside Yuna’s mouth!

Yuna looked up at him with her deep brown eyes. Locking him with her gaze, she slipped more of his cock into her mouth. Inch by inch, he disappeared between her lips until her nose was pressed against his waist.

The crowd groaned in sympathetic pleasure.

“Five minutes remaining!” Carl said.

Yuna put her hands on Scott’s thighs. Tiny fingers pressed into his skin. Both of her large breasts pressed against his legs. Her nostrils flared and he felt her breath on his crotch.

How the fuck was he going to last five minutes?

Yuna’s head began to move. She pulled back and let his cock slip past her lips. His cock was shiny with her spit.

When she reached the top of his cock, he felt her tongue. It was a delicate fluttering on the slit of his cock. He knew if he came right now, she would swallow everything he had to offer.

She went back down on his cock. Scott thought he would climax when she reached his balls. She slid back up and he thought he would climax when she reached his tip.

He didn’t. Up and down Yuna sucked on his cock and he didn’t come.

“How does it feel, Scott?” Carl asked him.

“Nice,” Scott said. He had trouble forming words.

“Nice? Just nice?” Carl said. The audience laughed. “Did you hear that, Yuna, he said it was nice.”

Yuna nodded her head with Scott’s cock in his mouth. She made a faux-angry face at him. He wanted to apologize but he was afraid to speak.

“Maybe you can get a good out of him, Yuna!” Carl said.

Yuna gave Carl a thumbs-up and then bounced her mouth furiously on Scott’s cock.

“Fuck!” Scott cried out.

The audience laughed. They cheered his impending doom.

Yuna’s head bounced on Scott’s lap. The beautiful woman was face fucking herself on his cock. She made little choking sounds and his ego believed that the size of his member was making the talented blowjob queen gag.

Scott forced himself to look away. He looked up at the cameras focusing on him. One would be focused on his face. Two would be recording every angle of Yuna’s mouth. The fourth would a long shot to catch Yuna’s bouncing head and cute kneeling ass.

He bit his lip. He didn’t want to think about Yuna’s cute ass.

“Four minutes remaining!”

Scott whimpered. There was no way he could last. Yuna’s lips were too tight. Her mouth was too wet. Her deep brown eyes were too pretty.

He looked at Kayla. She glowered at him with smug contempt. She was enjoying this. She knew he would break.

Scott laughed. It took Scott getting a blowjob from a hot woman to make Kayla happy.

Once he started laughing, he couldn’t stop. The whole thing was silly. He was getting the blowjob of his life but he couldn’t let himself enjoy it. There was money at stake. There was a bonus round to avoid. There was pride involved.

“Hysterical laughter is always a bad sign,” Carl said, “or a good sign depending on who you are.”

Yuna slowed down on her sucking. She looked up at Scott and grabbed a breast. She squeezed it hard with his cock still in her mouth.

Scott moaned.

She reached up for his hand. He let her guide his hand to her breast. He knew that he should resist but he couldn’t. Yuna pressed his fingers to her breast and urged him to squeeze.

He did. It was soft. It was warm. It was heaven. It was proof that there was a supreme divinity and they loved tits.

Yuna kept sucking. Her cheeks caved in with the suction of her mouth.

He squeezed harder. She grabbed his other hand and brought it to her other breast. He held onto two handfuls of pillowy heaven.

“He’s getting the most out of his time, folks!” Carl announced. The audience laughed.

Yuna pulled his hands away. Scott whimpered as she put his hands back on his knees. He might never touch her tits again.

“Three minutes remaining!” Carl announced.

Scott couldn’t believe it. He didn’t last this long when he was jerking off at home to Yuna. He might make it after all.

Yuna pulled up and let his cock fall from her lips. His member was shiny with spit. It was bright red with her lipstick. It throbbed in front of her face.

She bent down and kissed his balls.

“Oh fuck,” Scott said. The audience cheered. Were they cheering Yuna on his balls or his need to come?

Yuna licked his balls. Slow long tongue lashings caressed his balls. Kayla never did this. If she did, they would still be together no matter how much she nagged him.

Her lips opened and she took a ball into her mouth. Wet heat embraced his testicle. A gentle tongue stroked it.

Scott shuddered from head to toe. His cock bounced wildly against Yuna’s face. Could he come like this?

He imagined climaxing. He pictured his seed raining down on Yuna’s cheek. He pictured her sucking his ball as his continued to come for the amusement of the audience.

Scott shook his head. No, he couldn’t think about that!

Yuna opened her mouth wider. His other ball was sucked into her mouth. Her tongue danced between his two testicles.

Scott groaned. This was so good. His cock continued to throb. He knew that he was unlikely to come from this but what about when her mouth returned to his cock? He would have no resistance left.

“Feeling close, Scott?” Carl asked.

“Fuck you, Carl,” Scott snapped.

Carl laughed and offered his hand for a high five. Dazed and aroused, Scott high fived him.

“Two minutes remaining!”

Yuna released his balls. She resumed her position in front of Scott’s cock. Her face was relaxed and confident. She licked her lips.

Scott knew that she knew that she owned him.

She went back down over his lap. Once again his cock disappeared into her lips. He felt her tongue again as it swirled and played with the ridges of his skin.

A tremor ran through Scott. There was a tightness in his body. This was it.

“Come, you lazy fuck!” Kayla yelled.

Scott growled. Kayla would like that. She would take the prize money and build that damn porch she always wanted. The rest of the money would go to fixing up the house they bought that he couldn’t live in anymore. Oh yes, Kayla would enjoy his coming very much.

Anger came over Scott. He thought about the wasted holidays spent fighting. Memories of angry drives to work swept over him. He would be damned if he was going to give Kayla one more thing, even if it meant coming in Yuna’s mouth.

Yuna sensed something. She looked up at Scott and her eyes softened. Her hand went to his thigh and stroked him gently. The suction of her mouth turned into a gentle place to rest.

Scott’s rage melted. Being angry all of the time was one of the reasons he left Kayla. Life was too to be mad all of the time. Blowjobs were too rare too be unhappy while you’re getting one.

He felt his body slump. He should just come. He should just spray his load inside Yuna’s mouth. It wouldn’t matter what the bonus round did to him. He would be able to spend the rest of his life with the happy memory of filling Yuna’s mouth.

His decision made, Scott relaxed. He was done. Fuck being mad.

Yuna sucked hard on his cock. Her lips were tighter than any pussy. She moaned and the vibrations travelled down his cock. Her breasts pressed tighter against his legs.

Scott smiled. He was at peace with decision. Kayla could have her porch. He was going to make a memory that lasted a lifetime.

Yuna lifted her skirt to bare her ass. Scott watched on a monitor as she wiggled her bare bottom. The audience cheered.

“One minute remaining!”

Scott blinked. Well shit, if he was this close there was no point giving up!

Yuna moaned harder, sending vibrations down to the base of his cock.

Scott’s hands balled into fists.

Yuna bounced so hard on his cock that her hair went flying.

Scott tried to think about baseball but all he could picture was Yuna’s ass.

Yuna flicked her tongue over the slit of his cock, urging him to come.

Scott tried to imagine what he would do with the prize money but all he could think of was buying more Yuna porn.

Yuna grabbed his hands and placed them on her head.

Scott grabbed her hair and his hips started bucking. He fucked her face on instinct.

He was going to come.

Scott bit his lip. He tried to stop moving his hips but Yuna was happy to keep moving. He shut his eyes but he could still feel her wonderful mouth.

“Time is up! Scott, you have won, Ex versus Ex!”

Yuna pulled away from Scott’s cock. Her tongue flicked at him as she pulled away.

“Fuck!” Scott yelled. His cock erupted and a shower of seed sprayed. Yuna shrugged and tried to collect it on her breasts.

“Unbelievable, viewers!” Carl announced. “Scott held out and blew his loud after the time ran out! It is a rare defeat for Yuna! We’re going to take a moment to give Scott a break but when we come back, Scott will spin the Wheel of Judgement to see what terrible fate waits for Kayla! You won’t want to miss it!”

Nov 042015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nineteen of my forty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Comprehensive Understanding of Interrogation Techniques” by Royal Astronomers. Major and minor ship systems have been restored with the exception of the automatic water adjustor in the hygiene pod. I’m attributing that small malfunction to the influence of the galactic entity I have designated Voice. I think it just likes dousing me in cold water when I least expect it.

Speaking of Voice, I have not heard from the world-destroying entity in a while. I know I am still somewhat within its sphere of influence and I know it desperately wants my cooperation in spreading its dread power across the universe so its lack of communication is puzzling. Is it possible that it possesses a flawed concept of consent and respects my declination of its invitation? If it this true, than the entity is far weaker than previously recorded. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I have a bad feeling about Voice’s silence. It is a clever and cruel intelligence. I suspect that any pause just means it is marshaling its strength against me.

Vaquel Di awoke with a start. Her heart was thumping and she was felt terribly exposed. The darkness of the Relaxation Pod was no comfort.

“Lights,” she said. The dim nightlight came on and illuminated her dark brown skin. She ran her fingers through her short pink hair. It was drenched with sweat.

“Must have been a nightmare,” Vaquel said. She couldn’t remember what it was. That was probably for the best.

She noticed that she wasn’t wearing underwear. That wasn’t too unusual. She usually didn’t bother if she planned to masturbate but she didn’t think she had. Her sex had that familiar ache to be touched.

“Maybe I feel asleep before I could finish,” Vaquel said. “Lights off.”

Darkness returned to the Relaxation Pod. Vaquel laid back and spread her legs. It was too hot to pull the covers over her. She considered adjusting the temperature to something cooler but decided against it. Sweaty sex was what she needed to banish the nightmare she couldn’t remember.

She reached between her legs. The fur of her pubic bush was damp. She traced the outside of her sex with her finger tips. Around and round her fingers went as she teased herself.

Vaquel’s other hand went to her breast. She squeezed her plump tit and let her sharp nails dig into her flesh. The pain sent jolts along her body. Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

A memory flashed in her mind. She was in a jungle. Something with too many claws had pinned her down. It was trying to mount her but it was also trying to rip her flesh off.

Vaquel shook her head. So that was the nightmare. She released her breast and played with her nipple instead. She pictured a mouth, licking and sucking gently.

After a minute of this fantasy, her sex could wait no longer. She slipped her fingers in. She pushed deep and cried out as she penetrated herself.

Something within her sex bit her fingers. Sharp teeth clamped down and pulled.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was in her Relaxation Pod. The light illuminated her gasping chest. The pod was cold.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. That was a rough nightmare.

She looked at her fingers. They looked okay.

She reached between her legs and paused. Fear struggled with common sense. It didn’t feel like anything was inside her but the nightmare held on.

Vaquel reached for a dildo. She picked a smooth metal one she had fashioned last week. Although she told herself that nothing was inside her, she wanted to break their teeth if she was wrong.

She opened her legs and placed the dildo at her sex. After a moment’s hesitation, she pushed in. The smooth dildo slid into her sex and filled her.

Vaquel moaned. The dildo was just as thick as she remembered. A feeling of pleasure swept through her. She felt silly for even suspecting that something was inside her with teeth.

Since she was here, Vaquel decided to keep playing. She stroked herself with the dildo. The solid thickness pushed deep inside her. It tested her limits but she was wet enough for almost anything.

Vaquel spread her dark legs wider. She went to touch her breasts but remembered the dream about the monster. Her fingers went to her mouth instead. She sucked on a finger as if it was a cock.

She pumped her pussy faster. The metal dildo slid in and out with ease. Her body began to quiver. She was going to come soon.

The door to her Relaxation Pod swung open. Vaquel turned to see a creature dressed in red armor standing before her. She froze in midstroke as the armored intruder pointed a gun at her.

Flames sprayed from the gun. Intense heat washed over her body. The smell of accelerant filled her nose.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was sitting in her chair at the Navigation Bay. The darkness of space surrounded her.

“Queen’s tit!” she yelled. Her scream echoed down the quiet probe ship.

She checked herself. She was naked but she had no burns. Sweat covered her body and glistened on her dark breasts.

“Why am I naked?” Vaquel asked. She sometimes spent entire days naked but today didn’t feel like that kind of a day.

Vaquel started a system check. She had never had a nightmare like that. Perhaps there was an anomaly in the area.

She smirked. Technically this whole section of space was an anomaly with the presence of Voice.

“Fuck it,” Vaquel said. “I just need to sleep in my bed and lay off the algae ice cream before bedtime.”

She got up and noticed her legs were damp. It was her pussy. She was so wet that she had soaked her thighs. Fuck. Maybe she was hysterical from arousal.

Vaquel walked into the main corridor. “Chairbot!” she yelled. “Wake up!”

Lights appeared on a purple chair. The robot had been in sleep mode a lot lately in an attempt to repair lost files. That was tough shit because Vaquel needed to make use of its vibration seat.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “How may I serve? Does your beautiful bottom require support and adoration?”

“Yes it does,” Vaquel said and she sat down on the soft seat. “Fuck my brains out so I can get some sleep.”

Chairbot squealed with delight. Powerful motors came to alive. The contours of the seat shifted and rolled for maximum surface contact.

Vaquel cried out. The subservient sex robot hadn’t bothered with foreplay. That was fine by Vaquel. She gripped the sides of the seat and felt the vibrations working their way deep into her body.

This is what she needed. She forgot all about nightmares and flames. Her world was centered on her wet pussy and the powerful vibrations she was sitting on.

Chairbot kept moving. It rocked back and forth so Vaquel could better grind her sex and bottom. The seat shifted into new positions for maximum effect. The vibrations pulsed in new arrangements to keep Vaquel moaning and squirming.

She was going to climax. She was moments away.

A crack appeared in the wall in front of her. There was a hiss of air.

Vaquel looked for her spacesuit but it was too late. The crack widened and ripped her hull apart. Equipment and clothes rushed past her into the empty void of space. She tried to hold onto Chairbot but she was torn off the slick seat.

She felt her eyes harden. Her lungs burned as the air was sucked out of them.

Vaquel awoke with a start. Dim moonlight fell on her dark skin. The wreckage of her probe ship was firm against her back.

She sat up. It was just a nightmare. It was from when she used to travel in space; before she crashed on this planet in the star system designated “Queen’s Lovely Tongue.” Back when she used to be harassed by a terrible entity that wanted her to destroy the universe.

Vaquel rolled out from under the wreck of her ship. A blue landscape stretched out before her. Toxic sand spun in swirls in a manner she still didn’t understand. Clouds of acid rain lurked on the horizon.

“I am starting to think I should have taken Voice’s offer,” she said. Vaquel spoke to herself a lot these days. Three hundred days of loneliness will do that to a space explorer.

“I bet if I was Voice’s Herald, I wouldn’t have crashed into that asteroid,” she said. “And even if I did crash, I bet Voice could have fixed my ship. I wouldn’t have had to land on this damned planet where there is nothing around to fuck. Shit, even if I did land here, I bet Voice’s reality-altering abilities could have made something for me to fuck.”

A hot wind blew but there were no answers on the wind.

Vaquel thought about her dream. She was riding Chairbot. Her pussy ached at the thought. She missed the subservient robot.

Too bad the rain melted him. There wasn’t enough left to even make a dildo out of him.

She remembered her dream. His motors had felt good against her sex. Too bad she was so far away from Voice. She would happily agree to anything if she could get off on a vibrator again.

In the meantime, she had her fingers. Vaquel reached down and stroked her pink pubic bush. There was sand in her bush but there was sand everywhere. She ignored the sand and pushed into her sex.

“Fuck, I am wet,” she said. She said it out loud because it was the only dirty talk she got.

“Oh yeah, get in there,” Vaquel told her fingers. “Fuck that pussy. Tear it up!”

She stroked herself fast and hard. Her pussy was so wet. It was as if it had been through a hundred wet dreams without coming. She had soaked her fingers in seconds.

The wind grew stronger. Another acid storm was on the way. She should get her shelter ready but she kept stroking. Protection from the elements was important but not as important as one good climax on a deadly world.

“You like that, don’t you?” Vaquel taunted her pussy.

Her pussy squelched louder as she stroked.

“Take it you horny little bitch,” Vaquel shouted.

She was close. She was going to come and it was going to be fantastic. It was going to be better than she had ever had on this shitty planet.

Lightning flashed. The shelter exploded. Vaquel was flying through the air as the thunder reached her a second later.

She fell into the sand. Micro-poisons went to work on her skin. She gasped as the sand gave way under her. The acid rain began to fall onto her face.

Vaquel awoke with a start. The soft mattress beneath her shifted as she sat up. Delicate fibers caressed her skin.

“Mistress, what is the matter?” a musical voice asked.

Vaquel turned in her bed. It was Larasa, her bed-slave. The green alien was still bound to the bed frame where Vaquel had left her.

“Nothing,” Vaquel said. “Just a nightmare.”

Vaquel waved her special arm and the sheets flew from her body. She snapped her fingers and Larasa’s bonds disintegrated. Larasa scrambled off the bed and went to fetch Vaquel’s breakfast.

Vaquel closed her eyes and looked through the pink gem that had replaced her eye. Visions of the world around her appeared. Aliens died in a hundred amusing ways. Monuments were being built to Vaquel’s glory. The environment collapsed under the weight of reality’s alterations.

“Very good,” Voice purred. “You are an excellent Herald.”

“Of course I am,” Vaquel said.

Larasa returned with breakfast. She held a bowl of black berries that were Vaquel’s favorite. The berries started growing on this planet the moment Vaquel had touched down.

“Serve me,” Vaquel said. She took the bowl from Larasa’s hands and picked out a berry.

Larasa dropped to her knees between Vaquel’s thighs. The blue alien’s long tongue flicked at Vaquel’s pussy. The slave moaned when she tasted the first drop of Vaquel’s desire.

Vaquel moaned as well. She was wet. Her pussy felt curiously neglected despite the orgy of last night. Strange, perhaps it was the dream.

“I hunger for more games,” Voice said.

Vaquel swallowed a berry. “I will provide them.”

“Let me give you more of my power,” Voice said. “You will be able to do more on my behalf.”

Vaquel didn’t answer. More power? That seemed impossible. She had already given up an arm and an eye, what more would Voice take?

Larasa licked harder. The alien tongue burrowed into Vaquel’s sex. Vaquel squeezed her thighs around Larasa’s triple breasts.

“No price is too high,” Voice said. “Do you not enjoy what I have given you?”

Vaquel nodded. Yesterday she had fucked a hundred aliens in a marathon orgy. Last planet, she had forced an entire civilization to dance for her delight until they died. Before that an entire solar system had burned at her whim. She enjoyed it all.

But there was something wrong about taking more power from Voice. She couldn’t put her finger on it.

She was going to come. Larasa was well trained and knew how to lick her. Vaquel could tell it would be a hard climax.

“Take me,” Voice demanded. “Accept my power now!”

Vaquel understood that accepting would bring the climax. It would be a hard climax and it would literally change her forever.

“Accept” Voice screamed. “Accept it or you lose everything!”

Stubbornness swept over Vaquel. “No,” she said.

Larasa suddenly stopped licking. Vaquel looked down at her slave. The blue alien started up at her with frightened eyes.

Dark spots appeared on the blue woman’s skin. Larasa coughed and shook. Her body was undergoing rapid system failure before Vaquel’s eyes.

Vaquel looked away. She felt pain all over her body. She had a fever, shakes and chills. Voice was turning her own body against her. He was killing her from the inside out and there was no way to stop it.

Vaquel awoke with a start. Dim moonlight poked through the holes of her wrecked ship. The smell of acid rain was in the air.

She was back on this awful planet. For one brief dream, she had been a conqueror of worlds. It had been glorious.

There was an unbearable heat between her legs. She touched her soaked pussy. The tongue of her slave had felt so real.

“Accept me and I can save you,” Voice said.

Chills ran through Vaquel. “You are too far away!” she yelled. “How can you even be talking to me?”

“Accept or die here alone,” Voice said.

There was the rumble of thunder. Vaquel remembered drowning in sand.

“No, that was a dream,” Vaquel said.

Voice didn’t answer. The thunder rumbled closer.

Vaquel sprang to her feet. She went looking through the supplies she had scavenged from the wreck. There was only one thing she could think of that could save her.

It was underneath a pile of salvaged algae seeds. Vaquel took out a butt plug with the inscribed image of Queen Erishella in all of her naked glory. Engraved around the thick circumference were the words, “Feel my strength inside you.”

Vaquel smiled at plug. It was a moral booster. It was to remind her that she already served a beautiful wicked force and to serve no other.

“Accept!” Voice demanded.

Vaquel took the plug and pressed it against her sex. Up and down she rubbed and it felt wonderful. She moaned and nearly doubled over from the pleasure.

The thunder was closer. The wind was stronger. The swirls in the sand plains spun faster.

Vaquel bent over. She reached behind herself and pressed the tip of the plug against her ass. The tightness of her ass seemed insurmountable.

She pushed. Her ass burned as it expanded.

“NO!” Voice yelled.

There was a bright flash and Vaquel felt her head explode from the lightning blast.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was sitting naked in her chair in the Navigation Bay. Ship diagnostics flashed on display screens. The hum of the ship flying through the stars was all around her.

There was a sharp pain in her ass. It was the butt plug. It was like sitting on a spike.

“You’re never going to escape,” Voice whispered. “You will die and dream and die and dream until you accept and become my Herald!”

“We’ll see about that,” Vaquel said. “Chairbot, my ass needs you.”

Chairbot beeped to life from his sleep cycle. He rolled into the Navigation bay in record time. His seat was already vibrating. “How may I serve your ass, Mistress?”

Vaquel didn’t bother to answer. She got up and sat her plump bottom onto Chairbot’s seat. The powerful vibrations shook the butt plug she carried within.

“Oh, Mistress!” Chairbot moaned. “Your ass makes me so happy!”

Vaquel cried out as the seat rocked back and forth. She rode Chairbot’s shifting seat and grinded her ass into the vibrating motors. Her pussy smeared the seat with her desire. The thick plug was buried deep within her ass.

She was going to climax. The pressure in her ass was too great to ignore. She was too wet. She was going to have a powerful orgasm and soon.

Warning klaxons blared. The ship was headed for a star. Heat shields were rapidly failing.

Vaquel kept grinding. Chairbot kept vibrating. The butt plug kept spearing her ass.

The hull cracked. The ship flew apart around Vaquel. A wave of super hot plasma swept over Vaquel and Chairbot.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was in her Relaxation Pod. The light illuminated her brown body. The pod was cold. The butt plug was lodged deep in her ass.

There was no time to waste. She rolled over onto her stomach and reached for the plug. Her fingers grabbed the handle and plunged the plug deeper.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried. She needed lube. She needed an ice pack. Her poor asshole was being torn apart.

She pulled and pushed on the plug. She bit down on her lips as she fucked her ass.

“You can’t escape,” Voice whispered. “I control your mind. I control your life. Surrender to me and I will grant you ever lasting power.”

“Fuck you,” Vaquel said. She fucked her ass faster. It hurt. It was brutal. It was more than she could take.

It also made her wet. She was soaking the sheet beneath her. She used her other hand to reach under herself. Her fingers found her pussy and stroked.

“I can give you more pleasure than you can imagine,” Voice said.

“My Queen gives me all I need,” Vaquel moaned.

In the heat of her arousal, she could almost believe it. She pictured the Queen’s cruel smile watching with satisfaction as Vaquel fucked her tight brown ass. She imagined the Queen’s dark curly hair touching the back of Vaquel’s thighs as she bent down for a closer look. She could almost feel the Queen’s fingers stroking Vaquel’s sex as a reward for carrying the butt plug.

The door to the Navigation Pod swung upon. A terrible beast of red claws and shiny teeth snarled at Vaquel.

Vaquel kept fucking her ass and fingering her pussy. She didn’t stop for a moment as the horrible monster ripped into her with tooth and claw.

Vaquel awoke with a start. She was in the Relaxation Pod. The light was on. A blanket had been pulled over her. She had underwear on.

“Mistress!” Chairbot cried. “You are awake!”

Vaquel sat up. A feeling of nausea came over her. She reached between her thighs. She was soaking wet.

Her ass was empty.

“What happened?” Vaquel asked. Her throat was dry.

“You have been asleep for thirty-nine hours!” Chairbot said. “Vital signs were fluctuating. I tried to install a nutritional feed but I couldn’t overcome my lack of hands!”

Vaquel tried to stand but fell back into the bed.

“Please let me carry you, Mistress,” Chairbot said.

Vaquel nodded and sat on Chairbot. The faithful robot cradled her weak body. “Where do you want to go, Mistress?”

She was weak. She was starving. She could really do with a shower. All of them were good choices but not the best choice.

“Take me to the Queen’s butt plug,” Vaquel said. “My ass needs to remember whom I serve.”

Nov 022015

Nation Novel Writing Month is once again upon us. It is that magical challenge where writers try to write an entire novel in one month. It is a time for weeping, watching others’ excuses and maybe even writing.

I wish all of them well. In fact, I have some humble advice.

One, write now and edit later. don’t spend an hour working on the perfect start to your novel. Just write it and you can fix it later.

Two, keep writing. Twitter can wait. Instagram can wait. Tumblr especially can wait. You might even want to turn off your internet.

Three, you should be writing instead of reading this blog. For reals.



Oct 302015

411F7LKkHJL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Ghost Patrol X is on sale at Amazon. A team of paranormal investigators record their investigation into the haunted brothel known as the Slunt House. They are looking for sexy ghosts for their direct-to-DVD special. They have no idea about the terrible sexy spirits that await them.

This story has bondage, domination, male dominants, female dominants, ghosts, strange recordings, creepy locals, video cameras, strange phenomenon, spankings, face-sittings, rough sex and unexplained mysteries.

All of which is totally based on a true story. Totally.

Please buy a copy by clicking the link.

Oct 282015

monstermash“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, that demon beauty with the supernatural booty! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Listen to me, readers! I will teach you how to set up a circle of protection to guard your souls! First, arrange your underwear in a circle around you and then-“

“Enough of that, Burny! It is the week before Halloween and our readers are on the cusp of experiencing forbidden delights. That is why today I am sharing a story I call, The Athol Sisters.”

“Vincent Price’s Ghost! I love that story!”

What, no dread warnings, Burny?”

“Nope, these readers get what they deserve. I want to get on with the story!”

“You heard the flaming skull. Read on, mortals.”


There was a creak outside the bedroom door. I paused in mid-thrust. Rowena’s cunt clenched me with urgency.

“What’s the matter, cock-meat?” she asked. A blue eye and a green eye stared up at me.

“I think your sister is listening again,” I whispered.

“Of course she is,” Rowena said. “The little slut likes to watch. Let her.”

Rowena hooked her legs around me. I felt the dozens of skin tags press against my sides. Crooked fingers dug into my back. The strength of her cunt made me moan.

I went back to fucking her. Hard brutal thrusts made her cry out. Sharp fingernails dug into me wanting more.

There was a moan from the other side of the door. I laughed.

“I told you Gywn was a slut,” Rowena said. “Listen, cock-meat.”

She rolled me onto my back and mounted me. I tried to ignore the pattern of moles on her stomach and focused instead on the hairy cunt that embraced my cock. My hands went to her tits and ignored the dryness of her skin in favor of the plumpness that I held.

Rowena grinded on my cock. She held a finger to her lips and urged me to listen.

All I heard at first was the wet sound of Rowena’s crotch but when Rowena paused I heard it. I was hearing a different pussy, one that was so wet and getting fingered so hard that I could hear it from the hallway. It was deafening.

“Horny bitch,” Rowena said with affection. “Just like our mother.”

I shuddered a little. Old Lady Athol died last year. She had been the terror of the neighborhood children and was old when I was young. Kids who crossed her yard would find their toys broken. Adults who insulted her would get sick. The sidewalk in front of her house was always cracked. When she started walking around with a baby, no one dared asked who the father was.

Rowena mistook my shudder for pleasure. She resumed grinding on my cock. Her fingers played with her enormously large clit.

Outside the door, I heard a long shuddering moan. It sounded like Gywn had climaxed. There was a pause in the wet noises but then they resumed.

“Maybe we should let her in,” I said. “She could watch from the chair.”

Rowena laughed. “You would like that wouldn’t you, cock-meat? You would like to fuck both of the Athol sisters, wouldn’t you? It would be a lifelong dream of yours.”

“To be honest, I didn’t even know you had a sister until this week,” I said. “I remember seeing you through the window growing up but I never saw another girl. But I guess since you are twins maybe I saw both of you and didn’t even know it.”

Rowena snorted. “I doubt it, Gywn has always been shy,” Rowena said. “That was good for Mother since she wasn’t too social herself.”

“What about you?” I asked as I squeezed her tits.

“I think people have their uses,” Rowena said. She climbed off my cock and turned around. Her ass was presented to me. I never met a girl that loved anal as much as her.

I sat up and got on my knees. My cock went to her ass and pushed in. She was always loose at first but then tightened when I was fully in.

“Fuck,” she groaned.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

Outside the door was another moan.

I started to fuck Rowena’s ass. Rowena cried out her first orgasm. She was also the only girl I ever knew that could come from anal. It was like all her sensitive bits were in her ass.

There was another orgasmic cry from behind the hallway. The bedroom door shook a bit.

“I hope she’s not jealous,” I said.

Rowena came again before answering. “That slut? Trust me, cock-meat, she gets more cock than I do. Pussy too. Her lovers come from all around. They come from her mind, her books and her dreams.”

That seemed mean but Rowena had her cruel streaks. Just because her sister fantasized and masturbated a lot was no reason to assume she wouldn’t get jealous.

Rowena’s ass clenched tighter around my cock. The fine red hairs on her back stood up. I pounded her ass harder; knowing she could take it.

“Praise the Gods your hard cock came to my door,” Rowena cried. “Praise the Gods you had the balls to ask if we needed landscaping! Praise the Gods for your dirty filthy cock in my twice damned asshole!”

I kept fucking. Rowena was always saying weird shit like that. Home schooling fucks kids up.

Rowena came again. Gwyn came again outside the door.

I came and fired my load inside Rowena’s tight ass. She might have a bunch of skin conditions, weird ideas and a dirty mouth but fuck; she had an ass for fucking.

The wet sounds stopped outside the door. I heard heavy thudding steps go down the hallway. Gywn must be the fat twin.

I fell back on the bed exhausted. Rowena curled up next to me. We were done talking. We laid in silence until sleep overtook us.

Later I awoke. Rowena was beside me, snoring that weird high pitch three note thing she does. Despite the cold October air, the bedroom was hot and sticky.

There was a moan. It was faint and distant. My cock stirred.

I climbed out of bed. My cock bounced between my legs. The bedroom door was silent as I snuck out.

Gywn’s room was down the hall. I expected it to be locked but it wasn’t. It opened to reveal a flight of stairs. A single light swung at the top of the stairs.

I frowned. I didn’t know there was a second story. It must lead to the attic.

The smell of pussy was strong. It was amazing. I hadn’t smelled this much pussy since my senior prom party. How much masturbating did Gywn do?

I went up the stairs. There were a lot more than I was expecting. Things were written on the walls but I didn’t understand the language. Old Lady Athol might have homeschooled them but at least they learned foreign stuff.

The top of the stairs opened into a large room. It didn’t look much like an attic. It didn’t look much like anything. There was a wall of books that blocked most of the light coming from the stairs. Around the wall was just darkness.

I read some of the book titles. They were most romances. “The Duchess and the Pirate’s Cook” was one. Some of the titles were weirder. What kind of romance book was “The Princesses’ Tiny Demon?” Or “Six Daughters of the Goat”?

Oh well. I wasn’t much of a reader myself. I was more of a fucker.

“Gywn?” I asked softly. “It’s me, your sister’s boyfriend.”

Boyfriend might have been too strong of a word but I doubt she would know my name. Rowena just usually called me cock-meat.

“I know you,” a voice said. It was nicer than I was expecting.

“I just thought I would check on you,” I said. “I heard some odd noises.”

“Turn off the light,” Gywn said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to fuck you in the darkness,” she said.

That was what I thought. Without another word I clicked the light off. A single beam of moonlight came from a window.

“Where are you?” I asked. I took a step into the darkness and then another. I was headed for the square of moonlight on the ground.

“Here,” a voice said.

I was grabbed from behind. Something wet picked me up and slammed me on my back. My head hit the floor and I yelled out in pain.

“Shh,” Gywn said.

I could hardly see her in the darkness. She was big, much bigger than I was expecting. Lumpy too. I was having a hard time making out where her arms were.

Something heavy dropped on top of me. I thought it was a giant sack of wet cloth. I pushed with my hands but everything I touched was soggy.

Something wet pressed against my face. It was pussy. Soaking wet pussy. There was a tiny bit of pubic hair which was a welcome change from the shrubbery bush that Rowena had.

It was irresistible. My mouth opened and I started to lick. It was musky. It was spicy. It was quenching. It was salty. It was sweet. It was all of those things and I couldn’t help licking.

Something wet touched my cock. I groaned into the pussy I was eating. I assumed it was Gywn’s fingers. The horny sister’s fingers must be dripping from stroking all the time.

Wet heat gripped my cock. It wasn’t fingers. I thought it might be a mouth but it was too slick. It was a cunt.

I was confused. The cunt squeezed around my cock and I groaned again.

I reached out with both hands. Something was in the way. Smooth slick lips intercepted my fingers. Both hands plunged into two sets of cunts.

What the fuck? My heart pounded. I tried to rise but Gywn was too heavy.

My mouth didn’t stop licking. I was scared but I was also horny. I needed to eat more pussy. My cock wanted more cunt. My fingers stroked and fucked two wet holes.

Gywn groaned. The sound was intensely loud. My fucking rib cage vibrated.

The cunt on my cock rocked back and forth. The pussy grinded on my face. My hands curled into fists inside tight cunts.

Something wet and slick rubbed against my legs. Hot desire dripped onto my chest. My toes slipped into hot pussy lips.

I had never been so hard.

There was the sound of laughter. “You like it?” It was Rowena.

I tried to answer but the pussy smothered my words.

“I wasn’t talking to you, cock-meat.”

“Yes,” Gywn said.

“I knew you would,” Rowena said. “It is about time you had a human cock. I am just disappointed that it took him this long to come to you.”

The cunt bounced on my cock. I was going to come soon.

I tried to ask a question. My tongue wouldn’t stop licking to form the words.

“Yes, we’re sisters,” Rowena said. “And yes, we’re twins. I take after mother.”

“I take after Father,” Gywn groaned.

I could care less. My cock erupted and it felt like my entire soul came.


“Halloween is always fun for the whole family.”

“Especially if the family is a pair of witch-spawned twins with an other-worldly father.”

“So true, Burny! Remember people, if you really want an interesting Halloween, go fuck a witch!”

“Or skip the witch and fuck the entity from another dimension directly!”

“Good advice, Burny! Very good advice for the readers to keep in mind when a certain dark demoness with gorgeous tits visits them later.

As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 212015

monstermash“Greetings, mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the sassy lassy with the cursed chassis! Joining me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Mortals, stop touching yourself, right now! Every stroke gives her more power over your fragile soul!”

“Oh let them stroke, Burny! Everyone deserves a little pleasure before they join my collection of damned souls. That is why today’s story is a delightful treat I like to call, “The Pleasers”.

“No! That story is too seductive and will teach them bad habits like staying out too late and giving blowjobs to strangers!”

“One can certainly hope, Burny.

Read on, mortals.”


At exactly one am on Halloween, Angelica stepped out of her car. She pulled down the skirt to her nurse’s costume. The brisk October breeze went right through the thin material. She was thankful for the white stockings she had chosen to wear. They should help keep her warm.

The street was dark. Rows of houses stretched out before her. Most of them had their lights turned off to let people know they were no longer giving candy. Here and there, purple lights shined like beacons on select houses. Street lights illuminated parts of the road but mostly there was darkness.

Angelica was glad that she wore a nurse’s uniform. She was Hispanic with dark skin and black hair; all of which blended too easily into the dark. At least the white should make her stand out to any cars.

She headed for the first purple light. The road was a slope but that was why she was wearing sensible shoes instead of the heels from last year. The rules were to wear something sexy and Angelica’s overflowing cleavage, short skirt, tight stockings and red lips certainly made up for the lack of heels.

The purple light called to her. Her heart race as she walked up the driveway. She felt her mouth go dry as she climbed the porch steps. A paper skeleton leered at her from the door. She pressed the buzzer and stood up straight.

The door opened. A woman towered over Angelica. The black dress she wore clung to her body. Red hair framed a pale face. A bat necklace dangled between pale exposed breasts. She smiled to reveal pointed teeth.

There was a pause and Angelica blushed. The woman was waiting for the ritual words.

“Use me please!” Angelica said. She put her hands behind her back and waited.

“Lift your skirt,” the woman said.

Angelica did as she was told. She pulled up her skirt to reveal a shaved sex. No panties were allowed on Halloween.

The woman leaned down and pressed her fingers to Angelica’s sex. She pushed and her fingers slipped in.

Angelica gasped. She was wet. She had been wet ever since she stepped out of her car. She knew she was going to be wet all night.

The woman used her free hand to pull aside the shoulder of Angelica’s nurse costume. She dipped down and planted a kiss on Angelica’s shoulder. A tremor ran through Angelica and she let out a moan.

The woman bit down. Sharp points clamped down on Angelica’s shoulder. At the same time, the woman’s fingers stroked Angelica’s sex.

Angelica gasped. The bite was intense and grew stronger with every passing second.

The fingers dug deeper into her sex. The fingers stroked faster.

Angelica gritted her teeth. It would be bad to scream. It was against the rules to draw attention to oneself. She was here to receive whatever was given to her.

The woman kept biting. Her fingers kept stroking.

Angelica began to squirm. She couldn’t help. Pain and pleasure wrestled for control of her body.

Suddenly the woman let go. She pulled her fingers out of Angelica and stood up. Looking angelica in the eyes, she brought her wet fingers to her mouth and sucked on them.

“You may go,” the woman said. She continued to lick her fingers.

Angelica walked away on shaking knees. She pulled her skirt down when she reached the street. Her shoulder ached and she knew it would bruise. Her sex ached and she knew it was just the start.

She passed a house and then another. A dog barked at her from a dark house.

Across the street was a man walking in the opposite direction. He was dressed like a superhero from a movie she hadn’t seen. He waved at her and she waved back. He was a fellow traveler this night.

Three more houses and she reached another purple porch light. A paved path guided her to the door. She climbed the steps and was frightened by a toy bat that suddenly hissed at her.

She pressed the door bell. She heard someone cry out inside the house.

The door opened. A handsome dark man with no shirt answered the door. The sound of a hard spanking came from behind him.


When the spanking paused, Angelica spoke. “Use me please.”

The dark man looked over his shoulder. “She is still busy but come in.”

He stepped aside and Angelica entered the house. They were in a foyer and down the hall; a living room could be seen. Someone cried out as the spanking continued. It was a male’s voice.

“Turn around,” the dark man said. He now had a crop in his hand. Maybe he always had one in his hand.

Angelica obeyed. She also gathered up her skirt to reveal her plump ass. Her buttocks clenched. She hated crops. She hated them with a terrible heat within her pussy.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking from the living room continued.

The man pushed Angelica’s head against the door. He pinned her there while the tip of his crop traced over the curves of Angelica’s ass.

Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking grew louder. So did the cries of the male voice.

WHISH! The air was cut and then a sliver of pain stung Angelica’s ass.

“Fuck!” she cried out.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking continued.

WHISH! Another swing of the crop and another slice of pain formed on Angelica’s bottom.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking echoed down the hallway.

WHISH! Another precise strike of the crop hit Angelica’s ass. She cried out and clenched her skirt in her hands.

The man pushed harder on her head. He ground her face into the hard door.

Angelica’s pussy clenched with need.

“Fuck!” the male voice yelled. Something terrible was happening to him.

Angelica wished that she knew what it was.

WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! A flurry of crop strikes hit her. Angelica’s own screams drowned out the male’s voice. A rain of sharp stings fell on her ass and she quivered against the door.

“There,” the dark man said. He let go of her head. “You may go.”

Angelica quickly pulled her skirt down. Her ass burned from the contact with the skirt. She winced and whimpered silently as he opened the door for her.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking had resumed behind her.

She quickly left the house. The crop marks burned her ass with every step. The cool October wind was no comfort.

Angelica reached the road and paused near a streetlight. She was so wet. That last house had been so hot. Who was being spanked? Was he another Pleaser like herself? How much longer would he get his ass spanked? Would they give him any relief when it was over?

Her hand moved to her skirt. She could lift her skirt and stroke. She could give herself what she craved and be done in less than a minute. It was against the rules but Angelica was so wet that she couldn’t stand it.

The thought of disobeying the rules brought her back to her senses. She took six deep breaths and then continued her journey.

One dark house, followed by another and then another. She turned a corner and walked past a large yard. A bright moon watched her as she looked for more purple lights.

She found one. It was across the street. She hurried her way across and entered the yard. A row of small orange lights guided her to the door.

Someone was already on the porch. It was a woman dressed as an ice princess from a cartoon movie. She was bent over the porch rail as someone fucked her from behind. The long blond braid from her wig bounced over the rail’s edge.

The man that was fucking her was dressed as a pirate. He had an eye patch and bandana. He fucked the ice princess with a frenzied pace.

Angelica wasn’t sure what to do. Who was the home owner and who was the pleaser? She stopped a few feet away from the porch and waited to be called on.

The pirate pulled out. He slapped the ice princess on the ass. “You can go now. You! Come over and finish me off.”

The ice princess stood up and pulled her dress down. She had the biggest smile on her face. She went down the steps with the awkwardness of the well fucked. As she walked past Angelica, she patted Angelica’s arm with almost sisterly affection.

The pirate was waiting. His cock protruded from his pants. Angelica went up the stairs and he grabbed her shoulders. He pushed her down and Angelica fell to her knees. The crop marks on her ass flared and her pussy grew wetter.

“Use me please,” Angelica said.

He pulled her head to his cock. The smell of pussy was overwhelming. Angelica opened her lips and took him into her mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the man groaned.

The pirate let go of her head and Angelica went to work. Her hands went to his thighs to steady herself. She bobbed on his cock and let her tight lips do the work.

Angelica sucked. She sucked on the cock of a stranger and tasted the juices of another. She sucked while on her knees on a stranger’s porch. She sucked because she loved to be used by others.

The pirate groaned. His hands went to her shoulders and gripped tightly. He was trying to control himself but his hips were thrusting towards her mouth.

Angelica’s pussy clenched tightly. Oh fuck, she wanted to be fucked. She wanted this hard cock in her sex. She wanted to be bent over the railing and fucked like the ice princess.

But she kept sucking. This was his desire and she was here to please this night on Halloween.

There was a gasp and then a flood of salty sweetness. Angelica moaned and swallowed. Her tongue and lips drained all that he had to offer.

“Oh wow,” the pirate said. “Good job.”

Angelica’s pussy clenched tighter. She could drown a pirate ship in her pussy she was so wet.

The pirate pulled out. “You may go,” he said, freeing her. now it was his turn to walk awkwardly as he headed inside and closed the door.

Angelica rose to her feet. She licked her lips for any lingering traces of the pirate or the ice princess.

The purple porch light went out. A surge of pride filled Angelica. That was one house that was too sated to continue.

She returned to the street. There were fewer lights than she remembered. The next one was across the street and four houses down.

Angelica hurried. She didn’t see the ice princess. Perhaps she was always ready at the house Angelica was going to. Maybe the purple light would turn off before Angelica reached it.

The light stayed on. A jack-o-lantern burned on the porch. A plastic sign promised candy to ghosts and ghouls.

Angelica rang the doorbell.

She waited.

The door opened. A short woman with a simple domino mask answered the door. The rest of her was naked. It was an effective costume.

The masked woman had a vibrator in her hand. Angelica gasped. It was the new Von Madd Hurricane with the large sphere attachment.

“Use me please,” Angelica begged.

The masked woman smiled.  “Reach up,” she said.

Angelica looked up. Leather handles hung discretely from the roof of the porch. She was so eager that she almost jumped for them. They were set high so Angelica had to stretch to grab and hold onto them.

She felt wonderfully exposed.

The masked woman turned on the Hurricane. A powerful hum came from the device. A louder moan came from Angelica’s lips.

Angelica watched the Hurricane come closer. The masked woman didn’t bother to lift Angelica’s skirt. She just placed the sphere end against Angelica’s stocking covered thigh and slowly moved it upwards.

The deep vibrations made Angelica’s leg quiver. As it neared her sex, Angelica felt tears spring to her eyes. Fuck, she wanted this.

The masked woman touched the vibrator to Angelica’s sex. It was powerful, almost too powerful. It was perfect.

Angelica lost herself and cried out. The woman’s hand clamped over her mouth a second before she screamed. Angelica’s cheeks flushed with shame at the terrible mistake she almost did but the masked woman just laughed.

The masked woman pressed a button. The vibrations began to oscillate. Round and round the vibrations penetrated Angelica’s soaking pussy.

Angelica screamed again into the woman’s hand. Her knees buckled and her arms shook as she held onto the hanging handles.

“Come, little nurse,” the masked woman said. “Come as I look into your eyes.”

Angelica nodded. She wanted nothing more than to obey.

The masked woman pressed another button. The sphere end began to rotate in the opposite direction of the oscillating vibrations.

Images and sensation flashed through Angelica’s mind. She felt the sting of the crop once more on her thighs. She tasted the ice princess’s pussy. She felt the sharpness of the vampire woman’s bite. She felt the surge of the pirate’s seed going down her throat.

This time Angelica moaned with the masked woman’s hand clamped over her mouth. She felt the dam collapse and a huge orgasm swept over her like a wave. Her knees gave out completely and Angelica hung from her arms as she came.

Throughout it all, the masked woman watched her. She stared into Angelica’s eyes as Angelica moaned, squirmed, shuddered and came.

The masked woman smiled and turned off the vibrator. She brought up to in front of Angelica’s face so she could see how soaked it was. Angelica blushed at the mess she had made.

“You can go now,” the woman said. “And be sure to come back next year.”

The masked woman went back inside. Angelica let go of the handles. To her surprise, she stayed on her feet.

The October wind blew and was colder. Angelica barely felt it. The heat in her sex was an inferno. The crop marks were hot sparks on her ass.

She returned to the street in search of more houses to visit.


“Like I have always said, it is not Halloween until you come on a stranger’s porch.”

“Is that why you told two stories this year about trick-or-treaters? Or are you running out of infernal ideas?”

“Why, Burny, I am pleasantly surprised by your snarky criticism! You are growing a spine which is quite the trick for a flaming skull on a stick.”

“Does this mean you will shave a few years off my damnation?”

“Of course not, Burny! In fact I plan to add a few. I like snark but save it for other demons.”

“Well, fuck.”

“Fuck is right. But remember, only stop at houses with the purple lights.

As for you mortals, I’ll catch your souls later.”