Feb 192020

Nemi was not a mermaid, though to be fair, I wasn’t sure what she was. She might have been Indian or Hawaiian, philosopher or ditz, grifter or independently wealthy or some combination I never guessed. But I knew for sure that she wasn’t a mermaid.

No mermaid would be able to grip so tightly with their legs. A mermaid’s sex should be smooth and hairless, not the bristly black briar patch Nemi had. No, a mermaid should smell of the ocean or maybe the beach while Nemi smelled of sex and apricot body wash.

Nemi never said she was a mermaid, but then Nemi never said much about herself. She asked of others. Everything was a mystery to her and she wanted to know it all. Some of it was straight forward, like where did viruses come from? Other questions were whimsical like why does gravity love us so much? A few questions were disturbing, like when she asked me what was the monetary value of a human life.

It would be easy to believe Nemi was a mermaid asking questions about the surface world. If she was a mermaid, it might explain why she would giggle incessantly as she straddled my hips and rode my cock. She had the hair of a mermaid, long and black with streaks of brown and gold. A mermaid might never say goodbye and instead just leave in the night.

But Nemi never said she was a mermaid. The only time she used the word was when it was my time to come. No matter the position and no matter the passion, Nemi would insist that I ejaculate onto her chest. She would laugh as the white pearls splattered against her large brown breasts.

“Mermaid style” she called it.

Feb 172020

Under the Silver Lake is a 2018 movie about conspiracies in 2011 Hollywood. The main character, Sam, is a piece of shit who investigates his hot neighbor’s disappearance. By investigating, I mean consulting conspiracy zines, interrogating sex workers and engaging in ruthless violence to those who are weaker than him.

Did I mention Sam is a piece of shit? I almost quit this movie because Sam is the type of narcissist hero that i find really distasteful in today’s modern age. He sleeps around on his girlfriend, ignores his responsibilities, literally beats up children and thinks he’s smarter than anyone else. He is a walking Twitter Troll.

Once I realized that the movie thinks he’s a piece of shit too, I was able to truly enjoy the movie. Sam might be the main character, but he is in no way the hero. If anything, he is a walking indictment of the type of anti-hero loser investigator that fiction seems to love so much.

As for the rest of the movie, holy crap is it fantastic. Weird shit is happening in Hollywood and there are clues, signs and secret messages everywhere. Sam is just the right kind of damaged person to pick up on the clues and his investigations lead to the secret deaths of billionaires, a Homeless King, an assassin with an Owl Mask and the true origin of Pop Music. Once the movie gets going, weird shit is uncovered on a constant basis.

I admire the ambition of this movie. Most conspiracy movies have red herrings or preach the idea that things you think are connected, really aren’t, you wierdo. This movie rejects the idea of red herrings. Almost every clue, no matter how stupid or random, leads somewhere. It creates a world that justifies the most paranoid theory you can come up with, but then suggests that with so many weird things happening, shouldn’t you really be focused on your own issues instead?

The movie also has its own secrets that you will have to work out for yourself. Who is the Dog Killer that terrorizes the neighborhood? What is the purpose of the naked murderer with the Owl’s Mask? What the fuck is that parrot saying? The movie never says, except it does if you put together the right clues and maybe read this one Reddit thread . . .

I think Under the Silver Lake is the modern Foucault’s Pendulum when it comes to conspiracy fiction. Instead of trying to prove a specific theory, it is a wonderful take on the people who are drawn to conspiracies, which includes the kind of people who would enjoy such a movie.

Feb 142020

DROP is a journal writing game about being an uber powerful soldier in a science fiction war. What war, what kind of soldier and what you are fighting is up to you. You wait between missions, writing in your journal all the details you want to add.

But eventually, the moment comes when your soldier/space marine/mech pilot must get into the drop pod and descend into the battle field. You’ll roll two dice and the result will determine whether you have a glorious victory or a bitter failure. Or sometimes both.

And then you write about. Some of your previous answers will be changed. You will lost pieces of what make you who you are. Battle by battle, drop by drop, you will explore the truest thing about war: War is Hell.

DROP is a lovely journal game about war and how it changes the people that wage it. I grew up in a military family and the propaganda that entails. Military science fiction has been a big part of my life but rarely does it touch upon how shitty war is to everyone involved. DROP feels like a welcome counter-balance.

At six pages, it has just enough information to get you going. The art and presentation is lovely and sets the tone. If you want to journal as a soldier having an existential crisis, I can’t think of a better game.

Feb 122020

This is a opening chapter of my new book, Be the Supervillain. Enjoy!

The Origin of the Temptress!

Five years ago, a glowing asteroid flew close to the earth, bathing the planet in unknown radiation. For most people this radiation had no effect except for turning the sky a pleasant shade of purple for ten minutes. Little did they know that others, less than one in a million people, had their lives altered forever.

The radiation changed those affected in weird and unpredictable ways. For many, their bodies became much stronger, tougher and greater than they were before. Some developed amazing powers like the ability to shoot lasers from their hands or the power to move objects with their minds. Others became super-geniuses, creating new breakthroughs in science with just an afternoon’s work. Overnight, a new generation of super-humanity was created.

You are one of these Super-Humans. On the day of the Purple Sky, you were at home, passionately rubbing your favorite vibrator against your pussy. At the moment of your climax, a purple glow emanated from your body. Muscles formed and bulged in seconds. Your breasts grew before your eyes. Unwanted weight vanished from your body. You floated in the air, still shuddering from your climax. In a moment of panic, you broke your vibrator with your new super-strength.

Over the next couple of days, you took inventory of your new abilities. In addition to super-strength and flight, you found that your body was tougher than before. You are impervious to knives, car collisions and even guns. Thankfully, you still retain your sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy the touch of a kiss on your improved flesh.

It was while exploring your sensitivity that you discovered your most important power. A single touch of your bare skin against someone else’s skin induces extreme arousal in the other person. A kiss from your lips can reduce men and women to an uninhibited horny mess. Prolonged contact, like sitting on someone’s face, can induce an addiction for your touch that overrides all self-control. You have become the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You quickly decided to use these new powers for your own personal gratification. While other super-humans were dedicating themselves to public service or quietly keeping their powers a secret, you put on a costume and terrorized the nation. You have turned movie stars into your personal sex toys. You have commanded public figures to humiliate themselves after smothering them in your tits. You have no need to steal money or valuables because people will give them to you after a single kiss of your lips. The old you no longer exists. You have given up your name and taken on a new one. You are now, the Temptress!

Why are you such a bad person? Caitlin Cole, the famous internet reporter, says you were always a selfish woman with deviant desires. Beloved super-human and hero of the city, True Blue, says that absolute power corrupted you absolutely. Only you know for sure if you were always this wicked or if it is a change brought upon by the weird asteroid that gave you your powers. Most days, you are having too much fun to care.

Today you live in Pinnacle City, a sprawling metropolis on the east coast of the United States. More specifically, you live in a penthouse apartment that belongs to tech billionaire, Geoff Flatt. The billionaire is currently naked and serving as your footstool as you sit on a French throne you stole from the Pinnacle Museum of History. You are watching the sun go down over the skyline of the city while sipping thousand-dollar champagne.

“Temptress,” Geoff whines. “Will you let me come today?”

You smirk and look down at the naked man before you. Geoff is a decent-looking man in his mid-thirties. If he brushed his curly brown hair once in a while, he might actually look cute. He is on his hands and knees, facing you while your ankles rest on his thin shoulders. There is a glazed look to his brown eyes, probably because he is staring at your naked sex.

“I forget, when was the last time I let you come?” you say.

“Three days ago,” Geoff answers. “You jerked me off while I was on a conference call with my shareholders.”

You smile. That was a good day. Geoff’s stuttering performance on that call had caused his company’s stock price to drop by thirty dollars.

“Did you follow the commands I gave you for today?” you ask.

“Yes, Temptress,” Geoff says. “Per your orders, I shadow-banned the superheroine, Ms. Justice, so that no one could see any of her posts. She’ll have no idea why no one is responding to her.”

“Good,” you purr. “That self-righteous do-gooder is always posting pictures of normal citizens doing good deeds. Let’s see if she is still motivated to do that when her posts no longer go viral. What else have you done?”

“I also cancelled the million-dollar donation our company made to renovate police stations in Pinnacle City. I had it diverted to the swiss bank account number you gave me.”

“I don’t really need the money but fuck the police,” you say. “Anything else?”

“Yes, Temptress. I added code to the Flutter system so that it will search for any user making a derogatory statement about you. The bot will ban the user for one week and give our standard ‘violates terms and services’ explanation.”

“Excellent,” you respond. “Make it so if they do it again, they lose their account.”

“Yes, Temptress,” Geoff says.

“You have served me well, shithead,” you say.

Geoff trembles with excitement. He stares at your naked sex and licks his lips. “Does that mean I get to come?”

You think about it. For a billionaire, he is surprisingly useful. He did everything you asked, so letting him come would only be fair. The problem is that you have no obligation to be fair and you have a busy night ahead of you. Maybe you should just stroke his cock and get his reward over with.

Hmm, Geoff does look cute between your legs. Maybe you should order him to eat your pussy. He won’t get to climax, but he should be happy enough making sure you come.

The choice is yours.

How do you reward the billionaire for his service?

Jerk him off with my hand.

Deny him his pleasure and have him assist me with my clothes.

Pull his face between my thighs and make him lick me.

To make your choice, purchase Be the Supervillain!

Feb 102020

Be the Supervillain is available for purchase on Kindle. It is an interactive erotica story where you play the Temptress, a wicked woman with super-strength, invulnerability and the ability to lower a person’s inhibitions with a single touch of her skin. She is a bad lady and you get to play her for a single night.

What will you do as the Temptress? Maybe you want to steal Queen Nefertiti’s jewelry from the museum? The priceless artifacts are on tour from Egypt and deserve to be in your collection. Be careful, because the handsome hero, True Blue has sworn to protect the exhibit!

Or maybe you are in the mood for revenge? Internet reporter, Caitlin Cole, published a piece this year where she interviewed your ex-lovers from before you were a supervillain. The reporter won several rewards for her slanderous story of how bad you are in bed. You have been looking for Caitlin for awhile, and now you know exactly where she lives. It might be time to pay her a visit.

But there is another crime on your mind. Professor Akintola and Doctor Kubo, the super-scientist married couple, are working on a new invention to capture you. if anyone could make something that could finally end your criminal ways, it would be these two. It might be best if you interrupt their research now. Plus, you wouldn’t mind bending the sexy couple to their will.

Which crime will you commit? Will you humiliate your enemies or will you be humiliated instead? Find out when you purchase,

Be the Supervillain!

Feb 072020

A few minutes ago I hit ‘Publish’ on my next ebook. Sometime this weekend, “Be the Supervillain” will be available for purchase. It is an interactive erotica book about being a bad woman with super powers. I think you will like it.

Two things happen when you finish a big project. One is relief that it is finally over. Months of writing followed by months of editing is exhausting. The daily progress can seem so small. Knowing that there is literally nothing more to be done is a huge weight off my shoulders.

The other feeling is a void. You have this big project that dominates your day-to-day thinking and suddenly it is gone. Now what? Should I replace that thinking burden with another? Or should I take time to myself, knowing everyday that I goof around is another delay for my next big thing?

Either way, I plan to be grateful for the act of creation. A lot of us have books in our head, begging to be written, but a select few are blessed with the time to actually get those books written. Writing is work, and thank the Goddess, thank my wife and thank the Muses that I was able to conceive, write and finish another one. It is a truly rare act and I am grateful to be able to share more of my smut with the world.

Feb 052020

Explorer’s Log: I am on day twenty-nine of my fifty day voyage to the star system designated “All of the Friends You Would Betray for your Queen,” by Royal Astronomers. I have finished processing and transmitting the data I collected from the scans I took of “Untitled Cathedral”. It was a massive undertaking to compile a report on the largest structure ever encountered by a member of the Royal Navy, but I am sure my hard will be appreciated and rewarded when I return home. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Fuck, I am glad that is over with. I ran out of synonyms for ‘massive’. My body is stiff and sore from sitting at a terminal for so long. It is going to be awhile before I make planetfall again, so I’ll need to get my exercise here.

Vaquel Di performed another squat. The muscles under her brown skin rippled and flexed. She kept her arms straight in front of her, parallel to the ground. That wasn’t easy with her big brown tits in the way, but that was all part of the challenge of working out.

“Almost there,” Chairbot whispered behind her. The purple robot had compressed itself so the seat was barely half a meter off the ground.

Vaquel squatted lower. Her naked butt was centimeters above Chairbot’s seat. Sweat ran down her back, over her buttock and dripped down onto the robot.

Chairbot moaned. “So close!” he said.

Vaquel stood back up. Her muscles ached. Pain flared in her right knee. She brought her arms down and they felt like she had been carrying weights all day. It was tempting to stop.

Chairbot whimpered as Vaquel’s ass moved away. The robot lived for the touch of her ass on his seat. Being so close to her butt and unable to touch it was a form of torment.

Vaquel smiled. Denying the robot the satisfaction it craved was the best motivation. Her pussy was dripping wet. The soreness of her muscles was strong, but the endorphins from her arousal was stronger.

She performed another squat. This time she went deeper despite the pain in her knee. Closer and closer her round ass came down to Chairbot’s waiting seat. She could almost feel the vibrations coming from the robot’s motors.

But not close enough. Vaquel stood back up.


Vaquel sighed and grabbed a towel. She lifted a heavy breast and wiped the sweat under it. “Computer, report.”

“Port solar sail is performing at forty percent.”

Vaquel walked to a window on the port side of the ship. Chairbot silently followed behind her and returned to full size in case she wanted to sit down. Vaquel looked out and frowned.

The solar sail had a black smudge halfway along its length. Did the cells burn out? Maybe there was a bad connection? It was impossible to tell from here.

“I need to go outside and see what’s wrong,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her belt. Shiny white fabric expanded downwards and upwards from the belt. The white material spread over her thick pink pubic bush and flattened it. The white fabric slid over her sweaty ass and Chairbot sighed. The material reached all the way down to Vaquel’s boots and formed an airtight seal.

Vaquel wiped under her other breast and then tossed the towel away. A second button press and the white material flowed upwards from her belt. It covered her smooth stomach before beginning the long process of covering her enormous breasts. The space suit slid down her arms with quicker speed and covered her hands.

All that remained was Vaquel’s face. She wiped a few pink hairs from her face and then put on her glassteel helmet. The transparent bubble encased her head and sealed to her suit.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to sit down and rest before examining the sail?” Chairbot asked.

That was exactly what Vaquel wanted to do but she shook her head. “You’re just going to have to wait, you greedy ass-slut.”

Vaquel walked into the airlock. The door sealed behind her. She grabbed a pair of emergency thrusters and slapped them on her waist. The magnetic seal in her boots should keep her on the ship’s hull, but it was always good to have backup.

The outer door opened. Air rushed past her and into the vacuum of space. The glow of the solar sail was the only light. The rest of the view was a dark void dotted with stars.

Vaquel took her first step outside of the airlock and out of the range of the artificial gravity field. The magnetic boots kept her attached to the hull, but the rest of her body had the urge to float. Her breasts lifted from her chest and Vaquel felt a relief of pressure she had long learned to live with. Short pink hair floated within her glassteel helmet. The lack of gravity did strange things to her stomach.

The dark spot was several meters away. Vaquel took slow, measured steps. The infinite expanse of space surrounded her. She felt like she was about to be swallowed by the incomprehensible abyss at any moment.

Vaquel kept her eyes on the malfunctioning solar sail. She felt like an ant crawling on the Queen’s boot. The scale of space was oppressive. After ten years of traveling through it, she was still in awe of it.

One slow step after another eventually brought her to the dark spot. She knelt down and examined it as closely as she could without touching it. It looked like paint. She could barely make out the outline of the sail’s cells beneath the black patch.

It might just be garbage that got stuck on the sail. It happened. Space was big and people dumped shit in it all the time. The inertia field that surrounded the ship was supposed to divert loose objects but some things can still slip through.

Vaquel pulled a scanner from her belt. That was weird. The scanner wasn’t picking up anything, not even the sail itself. It detected her, the hull and the rest of the solar sail, but the dark spot and the part of the sail underneath were coming back as non-existent. Could it be a malfunction?

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel cursed. She wanted to shoot the unknown substance but she didn’t want to damage the sail underneath. That left scrapping it or peeling it off.

She sure as fuck wasn’t going to touch it with her hand. Vaquel took a small rod from her belt and did a flick of her wrist. The rod extended to a third of a meter. She poked the sharp end into the dark spot and gave it a test scratch.

The surface of the dark spot rippled. Vaquel jerked back as the patch jumped from the solar sail and towards the space explorer. The unknown thing expanded at an amazing speed and wrapped itself around Vaquel.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. She tried to jab the thing with her rod but it was too quick. The spreading darkness constricted around Vaquel and forced her hands awkwardly against her breasts. The rod and scanner were still in her grip but that just meant it was more discomfort for her tits.

The encasing of her body was from head to boot. Vaquel’s legs snapped together from the incredible squeezing. Her magnetic boots came together but luckily, remained connected to the ship.

Total darkness sheathed Vaquel. Pressure squeezed her body. Her breasts were being crushed by her hands. Even her amazing round ass was being flattened.

“Chairbot!” Vaquel yelled inside her helmet. “Respond!”

Nothing. Vaquel glanced at the data stream that was constantly being projected onto the side of her helmet. Other than her vital signs, the rest of the data was blank.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. It was the thing that had grabbed her. It was a blank space on her scanner. It was attached to her solar sail, right where the collectors absorb energy. She guessed that the thing sucked on energy, including communication signals and scans.

Vaquel tried to move her arms. Each hand moved a few centimeters and her crushed breasts were grateful. It was only for a brief moment as the thing tightened its grip on her. Vaquel’s hands were pressed down harder on her sensitive mounds.

“Damn it,” Vaquel snapped. She tried wiggling. The thing constricted more. Vaquel’s ribs flared in pain. Her ass was crushed.

Vaquel ceased her struggles. The tightness around her relaxed, but still held onto her. She was going nowhere.

“What the fuck does it want?” Vaquel said out loud. “I’m not emitting any energy. Well, probably some radiant heat through my spacesuit. And my belt is probably broadcasting signals as it tries to communicate with the ship. Probably my boots too if this thing can soak up magnetic fields. Ah fuck, I am like a damn buffet.”

Vaquel stared at the darkness surrounding her. Thank the Queen for the glasssteel helmet. The bubble helmet protected Vaquel’s head from being squeezed and let her look at her captor. She turned her head and examined the darkness for some flaw or organ she could exploit.

There was nothing. Everything was pitch black. It was darker than even the void of space. At least space had stars. That darkness was absolute.

Something pressed against Vaquel’s crotch. Instinctively, she shifted her hips to grind back. The touch moved in a tight circle, as if trying to burrow through the tin material of her spacesuit.

Vaquel froze in mid-grind. What was the thing doing? Was it trying to get inside her suit? If so, why at her crotch?

The pressure at her crotch stopped.

Something poked her shoulder. Vaquel remained still. The poking ceased.

Darkness pressed the back of her knee. Vaquel remained still. The pressure stopped.

Something rubbed against the side of Vaquel’s crushed breast. She groaned from the discomfort, but otherwise didn’t move.

A hard touch pressed between Vaquel’s buttocks. The suit prevented it from going deep, but the hint of penetration made Vaquel shudder. Her hips grinded in the darkness.

The pressure at her crotch returned. It resembled the poking of her ass. Once again, the space suit prevented Vaquel from being penetrated fully but she felt pressure opening her sex lips.

Vaquel groaned. She was being nearly-fucked at her ass and pussy. Her hips pushed forward and rolled back, but neither would truly go inside her. The teasing drove her wild.

There were more pokes around Vaquel’s body. The thing tried to enter the crease of her underarm. Pressure exerted between her knees. There was a lot more poking of her Vaquel’s compressed tits.

“Is it trying to fuck me?” Vaquel wondered. It has to know that they are not the same species. Maybe that didn’t matter. It could reproduce through parasitic means. If it deposited eggs inside of her, the eggs could incubate, hatch and then use her body for food before eventually leaving.

Vaquel groaned and tried not to think any more about the thing’s possible reproductive cycle.

Despite her fears, Vaquel couldn’t help from responding to the stimulation. She wiggled within the tight confines of the dark creature. Her pussy was soaking wet from the small thrusts. She clenched her ass tightly around the probing push that threatened to fill her.

The multiple searching pokes on the rest of her body came to a stop. Only the pressure on Vaquel’s ass and sex remained. The pokes wiggled more as they explored the constrained space.

Vaquel moaned. It was like being fingered by someone with micro-digits. She wanted to reach down and stroke herself, but the damn thing still had her hands, arms, scanner and rod pinned to her suffering breasts.

“Harder,” Vaquel whispered. She was on the verge of climax. She stared at the black mass surround her helmet but the darkness didn’t respond.

Wait, something different happened at her sex. The pressing poke was joined by another and then another. Now three points of pressure where pushing against her suit to rub against her pussy.

Vaquel shuddered. Her hips bucked wildly. The thing tightened its grip around her, apparently trying to prevent an escape.

“More, more, more,” Vaquel babbled. She was so damn close. It was maddening. The triple probing points pressed her closer and closer to the precipice.

The probe at Vaquel’s ass doubled. Two points wiggled between her crushed buttocks. A third point joined and then a fourth. They all grinded in the crease of her suit.

Vaquel bit her lip. There was too much stimulation to keep track of it all. An army of tongues and fingers were trying to get through her suit but in reality, it was just the one unknown creature. She was getting gang-groped by a gang of one.

Wiggle by wiggle, poke by poke, grind by grind, Vaquel finally reached her climax.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She screamed her orgasm inside the glassteel helmet.

The creature tightened around her. Vaquel’s scream turned into a gasp as her body was crushed.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel choked out.

There was a streak of color in the darkness. It was a pink flash and then it was gone. Did that mean something?

The wiggling at Vaquel’s crotch and ass increased. There were too many points of pressure to count. It was a frantic assault at her sensitive areas.

Vaquel frowned. The suit couldn’t take much more of this. It was tough, but she knew from previous fucks just how much the material could stretch. The probing creature was rapidly reaching that limit.

What would happen when the creature could reach her skin? Vaquel did not want to find out.

There was another pink flash of color. What the fuck did that mean? Was it excited? Was it pooping? Was it feeding?

Vaquel shook her head inside her helmet and tried to think. How could she escape? Poke it with the rod in her hand? There was no room to move. Set her scanner to overload to kill the thing? No, not with the scanner right next to her chest. Hope Chairbot thinks of something and saves her? Fuck, no!

The creature squeezed tighter. Vaquel whimpered as her body was crushed. Her poor tits were going to be permanent flat discs at this rate. And what the fuck was hurting both of her hips?

The thrusters! Vaquel had forgotten about them! She had put them on in case she got knocked off the ship. If she activated them, the energy seeking creature might ignore her for the output of the thrusters!

“Thrusters, activate!” Vaquel commanded.

Nothing happened.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel yelled. The creature was blocking her radio signal. She was going to have to press the button on her belt!

Vaquel let go of the scraping rod and the scanner. The grip of the creature was so tight that the objects didn’t move. They stayed pressed against Vaquel’s crushed breasts.

Another burst of pink flashed across the dark skin of the creature. The alien squeezed tighter. Vaquel gasped as the probing pressure points continued to push against her pussy and anus.

Vaquel forced her arms downward. They moved a few centimeters. She kept pushing. Her hands dropped down a little more. The vice-grip of the creature was relentless.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Her chest was too tight to speak fully. The probing rod rolled onto her nipple. Even though her entire body was being crushed, it felt like her nipple was suffering the worst of all. Vaquel really wished that she had thought to collapse the rod before letting go but it was too late now.

The wiggling at Vaquel’s sex increased. The pressure points were moving more consistently. Now it felt like multiple tongues were licking up and down.

Vaquel moaned. The fucking creature was adapting.

The movement on her ass changed too. The multiple points solidified into one large pressure point. It pushed deep into Vaquel’s buttocks, stretched the space suit to new limits. The tip of the pressure pushed into Vaquel’s tight asshole.

The sudden penetration sent Vaquel back over the edge. She climaxed again. Her body writhed in the creature’s tight grip as more pink flashes exploded in front of her.

A red light blinked within Vaquel’s glassteel helmet. She knew it was the suit integrity warning. The creature was on the verge of tearing her suit as it tore into her asshole.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She had to get to her belt! Moving both arms down to her waist was too hard. She grabbed her right arm with her left hand and used the strength of both arms just to move her right hand.

The creature fought her for her every centimeter. It crushed her hand to her belly. The tight alien skin barely budged as she worked her hand onto her waist. The pressure increased as her finger slid onto the hard metal of her belt. Vaquel thought her fingers were about to broken at any moment.

The probing pressure at her ass went deeper. Vaquel moaned as her sphincter expanded around the irresistible force. The licking sensation at her sex doubled in speed.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel whimpered as she came a third time.

As Vaquel shook with pleasure, her fingers slipped the final millimeter over her belt. The belt recognized her touch and sent a hardwire signal through the belt to the hip thrusters. Both thrusters roared to life.

The creature quivered around Vaquel. It unwound from her head and chest.

Stars appeared in front of Vaquel. She gasped for air. The rod and scanner drifted away and she instinctively grabbed them.

The creature wrapped tight around Vaquel’s waist. It looked like she had a black blanket around her waist. The output of the thrusters was completely soaked in by the alien. Flashes of pink and blue burst across it’s black outline.

“Great,” Vaquel said. “Now how am I going to get-Queen’s tit!”

There was a flash of blue light and the creature exploded. Hundreds of tiny black squares, each barely bigger than Vaquel’s hand, floated around her. They were quickly captured by the inertia field of the ship and sent hurtling into space.

“Mistress!” Chairbot screamed over the radio. “Are you okay?”

Vaquel winced at the loud noise but she didn’t admonish the robot. In fact, she was grateful to hear him, though she would never let him know.

“I’m okay,” Vaquel said. She tried to look for the tiny dark creatures but they were already swallowed by the abyss of space.

“What happened, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “You weren’t answering your communicator! The ship’s sensors couldn’t detect you at all, except for your feet and boots!”

“Fuck if I know what happened,” Vaquel said. Did the creature die? Did it reproduce? She didn’t give a shit either way.

“How is the solar sail?” Vaquel asked.

“Operating normally, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Then I am coming back,” Vaquel said. “Get your seat ready. I am going to need one hell of a massage for my ass.”

Chairbot’s squeal of delight echoed through Vaquel’s helmet.

Feb 032020

The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham is a 1953 novel about an invading force from beneath the sea. Sadly, there is no actual Kraken. Well, there might be, but we never see it.

John Wyndham is better known for writing Day of the Triffids but this book is another one of his “cozy catastrophes.” A mysterious species beneath the sea makes life hard for humanity. Ships are sunk. Coastal towns are depleted of their population. Bad shit goes down and the world nearly ends.

The main characters are a married couple who work for a broadcast station. They are not remotely heroes. They are the people interviewing military people, scientists and eyewitnesses. They gather together accounts and try to relay the growing danger to the rest of the world.

And this is where the book becomes really interesting and still has relevance to a modern audience. The invasion takes place over several years. At every point, scientists and military people freak out, but the government, financial leaders and pundits downplay the threat.

Monsters are sinking ships? Well, we can’t limit shipping because that would hurt the economy. The monsters are superior to us? Well, that is just unpatriotic. The end of the world is coming? Well, that would require doing something about and that would interfere with the current political agenda.

It feels like a naked allegory for global warming, but really, it could be an allegory for any global crisis. The fact the author used to work as a censor for the military gives the work another level of dread as he plausibly explains every level of resistance. The end of the world is coming and despite seeing it coming, we are unlikely to do anything.

The other cool part about the book is the alien quality of the invaders. We never actually see them. They exist at pressures that humans can’t survive at. The aliens use bizarre tactics and truly feel like a species that thinks differently. We never see the creatures, but they might be one of my favorites.

Jan 312020

A few years ago, a friend of mine expressed surprise at the amount of fiction I gave away for free on my blog. As an artist who paid his bills with his art, he thought I was far too generous and was short-changing myself.

I politely disagreed at the time, but then I published my first interactive fiction story on Kindle. My royalties from that book were easily ten times what I was making on my other works combined. I went from using my royalties to pay for a nice meal or two to using my royalties to being able to spoil myself with expensive books and porn memorabilia.

All of a sudden, it seemed like non-interactive fiction wasn’t a good use of my time.

I have put out four interactive books since then and have another book almost ready to go. They have all done extremely well and I am very proud of them. It is not enough to make a living from it, but being able to buy a plane ticket with my earnings is a nice feeling.

The problem is, interactive fiction takes a lot of work. Picture the last erotic story you enjoyed reading, and imagine it being three times longer. Once you add options to a story, the story multiplies in pages. Now take that huge story and then edit it. Now edit it again. Then proofread it again.

As much as I enjoy writing and getting paid for interactive fiction, it can be a lot of writing before you get the fruit of your labors. To help with this, I still write a monthly Vaquel story. Revisiting Vaquel is a nice little break most days, but some times it feels like another deadline I have to squeeze between writing more choices for my interactive story.

I always make sure that my interactive stories are subjects I enjoy writing about, but even the most beloved task becomes work when you do it long enough.

What I need to do is add more play to my writing. I have returned to short fiction to do this. Fiction Bites are my self-mandated breaks. Tiny self-contained stories that are over and done. Or maybe I will turn some of them into a series as long as the short lengths remain the same. It is up to me. I will treat them purely as recreation like I would watching movies or playing games. The act of creating something to amuse myself with no commercial application is incredibly freeing.

Speaking of games, I am carving out more time for journal games, especially erotic ones. I used to avoid random prompts but games like “Alone Among the Stars” changed my mind. Lately I have been playing my own game, “Traveling the Planes of Desire,” as well as Hyvemind’s “Hunger.”

It is fun to rediscover how to play with writing again. Writing has always been a coping mechanism for me. It helped me through some of the worse times of my life as well as help celebrate some of the best. I will always publish erotica for money, because hey, I do like money, but in the future I will also remember that writing can be the best self-care.

Jan 292020


Chloe was on her cheek and knees. Stone clamps held her wrists somewhere between her shins. A rock stockade restrained her ankles. The position kept Chloe’s buttocks high in the air but she didn’t want to think about that.


She wanted to turn her head but it was impossible. The grubby little men used a weird paste to glue her long blonde hair to the hard stone floor. They made the paste themselves, out of their ejaculate and a certain blue mushroom. Chloe knew from experience that she would pull her hair out of her scalp before it ever let go of the floor.

There was a solvent that the small men used to dissolve the paste. The sharp smell suggested what it was made from, but Chloe didn’t want to think about that either.


Chloe winced and tried to focus on something else. Shapes lurked in the room but it was hard to make them out. The single lantern in the room pulsed a sickly orange light. Could that be a bound person over in the corner? Was there a cage to the left of her? She tried to remember what the room looked like when she was brought here, but all she remembered was that terrible machine that was now behind her.


Not for the first time and not for the last, Chloe cursed her boyfriend, Kyle. It was his idea to go camping. He was the one that insisted they get away from the main sites and set up someone out of the way. When she heard digging sounds beneath their tent, Kyle was the one who told her not to worry as he went back to fucking her. He is the reason she was on this floor right now.


Chloe wondered Kyle was now. When the ground gave out beneath them, they fell together in the darkness. She cried out to him as small hands grabbed her. He might have screamed too, but she wasn’t sure. Chloe was too busy fighting in vain as she was bound and taken away through tunnels small and large.


Chloe shuddered. She hoped Kyle got away. He would have told the park rangers what happened. They might not believe him, but they would go looking for her.

But would they know to check deep beneath the earth?


Chloe growled and hoped that Kyle didn’t get away. She had never seen her small captors with a male prisoner, but that didn’t mean they might not have any. Kyle deserved to be naked and trapped somewhere. He should be the one getting tormented, not her!


Chloe sobbed with relief. The thick stone phallus in her ass slowly retracted. It pulled nearly all the way out of her puckered asshole. After being fucked for hours, the sudden absence of the massive dildo felt like heaven.

SPLOOSH! The phallus sprayed Chloe’s asshole full of a slippery liquid. Her ass struggled to hold it all until it could hold no more. Lube leaked from her ass and dribbled down her thighs.

Thu-THUMP! The machine went back to work. The stone phallus plunged deep inside of Chloe’s stretched asshole. It filled her and then stayed inside of her. The gears turned silently inside the machine, waiting until the next thrust cycle.

Chloe moaned. Her sex ached to be touched. Her ass ached to be empty again. Bound and plastered to the floor, neither was likely to happen until one of those strange small men returned. Even then, there was no telling what bizarre machine or cruel lust they would inflict on her next. She was at their mercy and from what she had seen, they had no mercy.