Aug 042021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ass Can Shake The Stars,” by Royal Astronomers. There are seven planets here, and most of them are heavily industrialized and designated Tycoon Zones. One planet, 4th from the sun is designated something called a Puzzle Zone. A quick scan shows that it is lightly developed with an emphasis on luxury and beauty. That is peculiar, considering how the dominant species, the Entitled, usually make sport of dominating bipedal humanoids.

My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, explained what a Puzzle Zone is. It is a world where some Entitled bred desirable slaves as well as complex puzzles involving matching colors and symbols on a grid. Other Entitled pay a fee to play a slave’s puzzle, and if they solve it in a certain number of moves, they get to fuck the slave. If they fail, they can pay the fee again for another attempt.

What an insane way to run a brothel! I asked HoleBuster-442 why the Entitled just don’t assault the slaves and skip the puzzles? He said there were strict rules against such behavior. What kind of masochist would agree to this system? It would be cheaper just to buy or hire a sex slave in a Tycoon Zone. HoleBuster-442 responded that some Entitled prefer the cerebral challenge.

This kind of deviant masochism deserves closer examination. At great personal risk, I will land on the planet and make closer observations. May the Queen protect me! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: The slaves apparently wonder around free to tempt Entitled into playing their puzzles. I have my eye on a beautiful looking water recreation park that would be perfect for a few hours of “observations.”

Vaquel Di floated on her back. Her short pink hair formed a wet skullcap on her head. The bright sun kissed her brown body. Water glistened on the bright yellow bikini top that struggled to contain her large breasts. A single pink hair from her bush peeked out from the tight yellow bikini triangle that covered her sex.

The warm water felt wonderful under Vaquel. There was a slight current that was generated by the water falling from the giant stone cock above the pool. The current gently guided Vaquel’s floating body through a holographic boat. Vaquel giggled as she watched her wet breasts break through the hull of the white ship.

Someone screamed to Vaquel’s right. It came from a green woman at the edge of the pool. She was on all fours, getting fucked from behind by a metal body in the shape of a giant feline. Vaquel could make out the black cock that was ramming the woman’s gushing pussy. The cock was an Entitled, a phallic race of self-centered bastards. The metal cat was the Entitled’s vehicle and fuck-mobile. A name, SlubieSavager-991, was painted on the side.

The woman’s screams were a mix of pain and pleasure. Vaquel felt a stirring in her pussy as she listened to it. It was lovely pool music.

A shadow fell on Vaquel’[s body. It was a glowing sphere, hovering above Vaquel. A blue phallus floated inside the sphere. It was pointing down at Vaquel. Letters scrolled along the surface of the sphere, letting everyone know that the Entitled was named AssAce-308

There was a beep from her wrist communicator. Someone, most likely AssAce-308, had paid fifty credits to play Vaquel’s puzzle. If they won, they could fuck her just like the green woman was being fucked for two kiloseconds.

“Good luck, asshole,” Vaquel whispered. The puzzle had been designed by Chairbot, her loyal robot and sextoy. Not only could the puzzle pass for the kind of puzzles that were used here, but it had been altered to be nearly impossible to solve. Chairbot assured her that it would take a team of super-intelligences to solve, and if the robot ever wanted Vaquel’s beautiful ass to sit on it again, he had better be right.

Vaquel rolled over onto her stomach in the water. Her brown buttocks and her nearly invisible thong faced the Entitled above her. Water sparkled on her firm curves. She clenched her buttocks multiple times to taunt to the phallic alien.

The communicator beeped, indicating the puzzle had been failed.

“Rageshit!” the Entitled screamed above her. “Your puzzle is too hard, hole-walker!”

“Take it up with my owner, dickhead!” Vaquel shouted over her shoulder.

Vaquel’s owner was registered as HoleBuster-442, but since that was the Entitled who was currently a prisoner on her ship, she wasn’t worried about any complaints that were filed.

“Your ass is too fat anyway!” AssAce-308 yelled before flying off.

Vaquel sighed and swam down into the water. The same cycle repeated itself. An Entitled would try her puzzle, they would fail, and then insult her before flying off. For a race of sentient cocks, the Entitled had very fragile egos.

Holographic fish swam in the water. Each was a different vibrant color and no two shared the same shape. Vaquel swam alongside a gorgeous red fish until a larger holographic fish swallowed it whole. She wondered who designed the fish. All of the slaves she had met were uneducated while the Entitled were too obsessed with fucking to care about fish.

A blue holographic fish swam by. The front of its body supported perky blue breasts that did not belong on a fish. It was only because it was a hologram that the poor thing didn’t float straight to the surface on its large tits.

“An Entitled definitely designed these fish,” Vaquel muttered.

Vaquel surfaced for air. She swam to the nearest pool edge and pulled herself up. Water cascaded from her curvy body. She paused in mid-lift to tilt her head back. Her massive breasts strained against her tight yellow top.

“Damn, that was sexy,” Vaquel thought to herself. “Everyone is going to want to fuck me.”

The communicator on her wrists stayed silent.

Vaquel frowned and looked around. The metal cat body was fucking a red woman laying on a towel. A fleshy tentacle body pinned down a brown man in his lounge chair while the Entitled controlling the body fucked his mouth. In the center of the pool, a gleaming body made of force fields held a pale woman in the water while an Entitled humped her tits. Three other Entitled bodies strolled through the pool area, browsing the slave men and women while planning their next puzzle attempt.

No one was looking at Vaquel.

Technically, that was a good thing. Vaquel was an illegal visitor to this planet. As a non-Entitled, she had no rights. If she attracted too much scrutiny, then someone might notice that her certification as a slave was just a forgery. The more people ignored her the better.

But where was the fun in that?

Vaquel climbed out of the pool. Water dripped from her brown curves. She clenched her ass and not-so-casually rubbed her neck, making sure to jiggle her tits with her arm. Swinging her hips, she walked over to the swimsuit kiosk.

A holo-screen floated before her. A row of swimsuits appeared. A wave of Vaquel’s hand and the swimsuits spun like a carousel. There were suits for all types of bodies and every level of modesty. A touch of the screen changed the colors of the suits while another touch added patterns and other details.

Vaquel had something special in mind. The bikini she wore was tight and skimpy but she felt it could be more so. There was a lot of Vaquel’s body to admire and she wanted to make sure that the horny Entitled saw it all.

There. A swimsuit appeared that was obscene and hideously expensive but Vaquel didn’t care. Unlike the slave-owners who would normally receive these funds, Vaquel had no overhead or operating expenses. This planet visit was a vacation and she intended to spend every credit she earned.

Vaquel tapped a symbol on the holo-screen. Her wrist communicator beeped as the credits were deducted from her account. A laser mount in the swimsuit kiosk fired a beam that disintegrated Vaquel’s yellow bikini top. Her large brown breast fell free from their vanished restraint. The laser fired at her thong and the yellow fabric vaporized to reveal her slick pink bush of soaked pubic air.

As soon as Vaquel was naked, the matter-fabricators activated. Molecules were constructed on the sub-atomic level around Vaquel’s body. Two large rubies appeared over Vaquel’s aureoles. Three gold threads, almost invisible in thickness, spread from the rubies to circumference the curve of her breasts. The threads met at Vaquel’s neck to form a necklace.

Vaquel laughed. The micro bikini offered no support. It merely covered her nipples and highlighted her curves. It was perfect.

The matter fabricators went to work on her bottom. A tiny swath of red cloth covered her sex. The fringes of her pink pubic hair peeked out from the edges of the cloth. The fabric was so tight that the lips of her pussy were clearly visible. Gold threads that matched her top secured the cloth in place with glittering web that revealed more skin than it covered. A single thread clung tightly to the crack of Vaquel’s ass, completely exposing her buttocks.

“Perfect,” Vaquel said. She turned around and walked along the edge of the pool. Every step pulled the thong fabric tighter against her pussy lips. The red cloth was already soaked with her juices.

The sun felt great on Vaquel’s nearly naked breasts. The rubies were cool against her nipples and she wondered if they had a cooling mechanism inside. Despite the lack of support from the scant threads, there was just enough tension in the top to make her plentiful tits jiggle.

Vaquel passed the tentacle body fucking the face of the man on his lounge chair. The Entitled paused in mid-thrust down the gagging man’s throat. A tentacle-mounted sensor pointed at Vaquel and followed her as she walked by.

The wrist communicator beeped. Vaquel smiled at the sound. The Entitled was deep in someone’s mouth and he was still trying to solve Vaquel’s puzzle. That was more like it.

Up ahead was a blue woman with long green hair. She sat on the edge of the pool, slowly kicking her legs to show off how long they were. A white swimsuit clung to her modest breasts.

The woman turned as Vaquel walked by. Her eyes bulged at the sight of Vaquel’s exposed body. A flash of envy flared across her bright white eyes.

A jolt of heat filled Vaquel’s sex. The only thing better than naked desire was raw jealousy. The sheer fabric over Vaquel’s pussy began to drip with her flowing juices.

Vaquel was too turned on to return to the pool. She wanted to soak in the admiration and envy of the people around her. The nearly naked explorer walked over to a lounge chair sitting next to a purple woman wearing a yellow bikini. The woman’s body was slender, which made her nearly sexless compared to Vaquel’s dark curves.

The communicator on Vaquel’s wrist beeped. The Entitled had failed to crack her puzzle. A second later, the Entitled shouted “Ugly whorser!”

The frustrated hostility warmed Vaquel’s pussy like a nimble tongue.

Vaquel sat on the lounge chair and pressed a symbol on the side. Credits were deducted from Vaquel’s account and a slot opened on the side of the chair. Vaquel reached in and pulled out a vial of ultraviolet ray blocker. She sat up in the chair and aimed the bottle at her breasts. A simple squeeze squirted slippery liquid onto her chest. It was as warm as hot seed.

The metal cat body walked over to Vaquel and sat down. A silver saucer floated above her. A red humanoid body shaped to look like it was made of stone took a position in front of Vaquel.

The communicator beeped. One of the Entitled were attempting her puzzle. She wondered which one it was.

Vaquel rubbed the lotion into her breasts with one hand. It would be quicker to use both hands but this was much more fun. The micro bikini offered no resistance to her hands as she groped, cupped and massaged her large brown tits. It was easy to slip her fingers under the red ruby that covered each nipple, although technically the nipples didn’t need any lotion since they were covered by the rubies.

The communicator beeped, signaling the puzzle had been failed. The metal cat dug its claws into the tiles of the ground. Strangely, there was no verbal insult to accompany his failure.

Another beep came from the communicator as someone else tried.

When Vaquel’s breasts were bright and shiny with lotion, she pointed the bottle at one of her legs. The warm liquid flowed onto her thigh. She used one hand to massage the oil into her skin. The inner thigh required extra attention so Vaquel spread her thighs wide so everyone got a good view.

The purple woman next to Vaquel snorted.

“Did you say something?” Vaquel asked sweetly.

“You’re coming off as desperate,” the purple woman said. “Solvers prefer a little more mystery.”

“Oh, they do?” Vaquel said as she leaned back into her chair. She lifted her legs and pointed her feet at the sky. Her hands went to the back of her thighs as her exposed buttocks clenched together.

All three Entitled moved closer together to get a better look at Vaquel’s ass.

“Slubie,” the purple woman whispered and then turned her head away from Vaquel.

Vaquel giggled. She rolled over onto her side. Squirting more lotion into her hand, she rubbed her ass, one butt cheek at a time. In the interest of protection, Vaquel made sure to rub the lotion with slow circular motions of her hand. She even reached under the single gold thread that was her thong to make sure her crack was covered.

The communicator beeped another failure. The saucer flashed angry yellow colors. “Your ass is too big,” a speaker blasted from the saucer.

“Oh, is it?” Vaquel said innocently. She slapped her ass as hard as she could. The brown buttock quivered from the force of her strike.

The communicator beeped as someone else attempted her puzzle.

Vaquel laid back on the chair. A green sphere rolled up to Vaquel’s chair. A blue Entitled emerged from the top of the sphere and pointed at Vaquel. It pulsed in silence.

That didn’t bother Vaquel. She liked it when cocks stared at her. As the Entitled watched, she squirted more lotion into her hands and rubbed her shoulders. She took care to fold her arm over her tits as she did so, causing her large brown breasts to flatten, jiggle and compress with every movement.

The communicator beeped another failure. The red stone body barked a single “Rageshit!” before falling silent again. The communicator beeped as someone else tried.

“Oh, I bet you were really close,” Vaquel said. “Maybe you should try again.”

“The puzzle is too damn hard for this fee,” the red stone body said.

“There are too many line breakers,” the metal cat said.

“The puzzle designer doesn’t understand game balance,” the saucer complained.

“Aw, maybe you are just not that good?” Vaquel offered.

None of the bodies said anything but Vaquel could feel their frustrated rage. HoleBuster-442 had explained that damaging another Entitled’s property on a Puzzle Zone was severely punished so Vaquel she was safe, but the thrill of taunting them was making her wet. It was good to have fun while on vacation.

The communicator beeped a failure. The Entitled on top of the sphere shook with indignation.

“Impossible!” the sphere blasted over its speakers. “This puzzle is broken! It is not worth the trouble to fuck your weird looking face! I’m going to fuck this tit-sack instead!” The sphere rotated to face the purple woman at Vaquel’s side.

“Oh well,” Vaquel said with feigned sadness. “I guess I will have to wait for a real puzzle solver to fuck me. It is a shame. I have been waiting so long that my slit is just soaking wet. See what I mean?”

Vaquel spread her legs on the lounge chair. The red fabric over her sex was completely damp. To emphasize the point, she rubbed the small triangle into her pussy lips.

The sphere rotated back to face Vaquel. The metal cat and the stone body took a step closer to her crotch. The saucer hovered lower to get a better view.

“I need a big thick cock so badly,” Vaquel said and it was true. She grabbed one of her brown breasts with her hand and squeezed. The abundant breast threatened to spill out of her hand.

The communicator beeped. One of them was trying again. The purple woman glared at Vaquel with unconcealed hatred.

Vaquel shuddered. Still holding onto her tit, she pressed her other hand down on her bikini bottom. The heat of her sex warmed the fabric. Vaquel ground her palm into her sex and moaned.

“The slubie is a freak,” the metal cat said.

“Her genetic code must be hyperactive,” the saucer said.

“When I finish this puzzle, I am going to pump her slubie hole raw,” the stone body said.

The Entitled on the sphere said nothing but the pulsed with eager menace.

Vaquel stared at the stone body that threatened to fuck her raw. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips. Both eyes closed to narrow slits. Keeping eye contact with the stone body’s crotch, she rubbed the thin cloth covering her sex with slow up and down motions.

The communicator beeped a failure. The stone body clenched its hands in frustration. Another beep signaled someone else trying Vaquel’s puzzle.

“Who’s trying to fuck me now?” Vaquel groaned.

“I am, whorser,” the sphere said. “And when I solve it, I am going to pump my seed down your throat and make you choke on it!”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Vaquel groaned. “I can’t wait for you to fuck my face.”

Vaquel rubbed her bikini bottom harder. The thin material was tight against her pussy lips. She pushed down and the cloth sunk into her pussy. More and more of her pink bush was revealed.

The metal cat stood on its hind legs. A panel opened in its crotch to reveal the black shape of the Entitled inside. The phallus vibrated with rigid tension.

Vaquel shivered. She needed more than just rubbing. Snatching a hold of the wet fabric, she pulled her bikini bottom out of her sex and to the side. With her cunt completely exposed, she plunged three fingers into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Vaquel cried out.

“Disgusting,” the purple woman said loudly, but no one acknowledged her.

The communicator beeped another failure. The Entitled on the sphere threw a silent tantrum and swung back and forth. The sphere he rode wobbled with him.

There was another beep as someone else tried Vaquel’s puzzle. The metal cat took another step closer. “This time, your ass is mine, hole-walker!” the cat said.

“This ass?” Vaquel said. She rolled over on the lounge chair and rose up on her knees. Tilting forward, she laid her face down on the chair with her ass high in the air. One hand kept the bikini bottom pulled to the side while the other hand continued to fuck her slick pussy. Her big brown buttocks shook and wobbled as she fucked herself.

“You’re talking about this ass?” Vaquel taunted. “You want to sink yourself into my tight asshole? I bet you wouldn’t even use any lube. That would be your right. You could pound my ass and make it your slubie.”

Another shudder went through Vaquel. The lounge chair was hard against her cheek. She rocked back and forth on her knees, rolling her ass with practiced ease.

The communicator beeped. “Old slubie!” the metal cat screamed. Old? Before Vaquel had time to process that insult, her communicator beeped again as someone else tried.

The saucer dropped down behind Vaquel’s ass. It was less than a meter away from her shiny buttocks. The top of the saucer opened to reveal a thick pale phallus.

“Keep talking shitsmack, flucke!” the saucer said. “We’ll see how well you talk when I pump your slit and break you in two. I’m activating my flare-processor for this one! I’ll crack your puzzle and then I’ll crack that ass!”

A bolt of terror went through Vaquel. It had never occurred to her that the Entitled might cheat. HoleBuster-442 had conveniently left that part out. Could these angry fuckers actually solve her puzzle?

Vaquel’s pussy responded by tightening around her fingers. She groaned and kept thrusting. Juices spilled from her soaked pussy.

Fantasies flashed through Vaquel’s mind. The Entitled would ride his saucer right into her ass. The metal cat would fuck her face and choke her with its girth. The stone body would hold her down as it savagely rammed her cunt. The sphere would roll onto her chest and fuck her tits. Other Entitled would get in line, eager to break her puzzle and then fuck the battiness right out of her.

Vaquel’s climax slammed into her. She cried out as spasms racked her pussy. A spray of juices flew through the air and coated the saucer.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She rubbed her face into the lounge chair as aftershocks of pleasure shook her body.

The communicator beeped. The saucer had failed.

“Rageshit!” the saucer yelled. “I’m done wasting my credits on you! Your pussy is too wet, anyway!”

“Your pink hair is a weird shade,” the stone body said as it walked away.

“I like a bigger ass,” the metal cat lied as it sulked away.

“Whorser!” the sphere simply yelled.

Vaquel collapsed into the lounge chair. The wet spot from her juices soaked into her skin. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked on them. Another aftershock of pleasure made her squirm.

The chair beside her was empty. The purple woman had left at some point and Vaquel hadn’t noticed. Vaquel saw her getting fucked by the tentacle body in the water.

There was an incoming message on Vaquel’s communicator. It was from Chairbot.

“Mistress! I have been monitoring communications in your area! Puzzle Moderators are converging on your location. Nineteen reports have been filed accusing you of using a broken puzzle and being too ugly to arouse Entitled.”

Vaquel sighed. “I should have predicted that. Fine. There are other parks to go to. Send me the coordinates to that flower garden I saw earlier. I’m in the mood to tease some more cocks while I sniff something pretty.”

Aug 022021
Space never looked more phallic

Book Ten of Vaquel Di’s adventures are available for purchase on Amazon. Oh my Goddess, I have finally caught up on collecting these stories for ebook. It only took five years? I will be better when Book Eleven is ready to be collected.

This volume collects twelve adventures spanning Vaquel’s tenth year in space as she travels through the Interplanetary Championship Alliance. Included within these stories are graphic descriptions of heterosexual and lesbian sex with aliens, Champions of immense talents and strange powers, being smothering by something unknown, sexy music, inter-reality invaders, delicious food on a naked body, mysterious time travelers, sex on a space board, a vengeful bounty hunter, a possessed ship, a fan convention, and some sexy gifts.

Jul 302021
Looking forward to Hot Shay Fall, Winter and Spring.

Hot Shay Summer is an anthology of sexy stories written by Shay Sands. These stories originated as tweet threads as the author shared her fantasies. This book takes those twitter threads, edits them and reformats them for traditional prose so you don’t have to read 140 character paragraphs. Thank the Goddess for that.

This is a really fun nasty book. Most of the stories are about a submissive female with occasional appearances of mind control. There are a few science fiction apps mentioned in the stories that I wished I had thought of. Almost all of the stories are male/female with one or two female/female stories. There is a mean side to some of the stories that make them delightfully wicked.

I read this book on an airplane trip and in hindsight, that was a mistake. It would have been best to read these stories somewhere private, as well as stretch them out as each story deserves its own time to digest and enjoy.

This is an author I plan to keep an eye on.

Jul 232021

God is an Astronaut is the name of an Irish post-rock band. Now, I have no idea what post-rock means but the band itself creates entire albums of sweeping instrumental music that is perfect for hitching rides on comets.

But to be fair, maybe not all of the albums are instrumental because I can’t seem to escape the gravitational pull of the album, All is Violent, All is Bright. It is a lovely album and one that always gives me peace and wonder when I listen to it.

Jul 212021

The first orgasm is the easiest. All I have to do is pull Tracey’s pants down to her ankles and press my mouth to her cunt. On some days, her pants barely make it to her knees before she pulls my head to her sex.

Tracey’s panties are always soaking wet. It is a long drive from her husband’s house to my place. It is plenty of time for her to finger herself in the car. Once or twice, she leaves her panties at home but then the stains to her pant crotch are too obvious to hide.

Describing the taste of her sex would flummox a food writer. I wish I could say that I am some sort of expert of eating pussy but the truth of the matter is that I only know what Tracey likes. My tongue presses flat against her pussy like a palm. My mouth growls slightly. My head tilts against her like I am trying to hump her with my face.

A few minutes later, Tracey comes. Despite being older than me, she sounds like a young lady when she squeals. Hands clutch my thick hair as her pussy quivers against my lips.

The first orgasm done, we move on to slower and more mutual climaxes.

Jul 192021

Netflix justified their subscription price for another month with the glorious Fear Street series of movies. Adapted from what appears to be an endless number of books by RL Stine, these movies tell a tale about the most cursed town in America over three different time periods. The first movie is set in 1994 and apparently got their soundtrack from my computer, while the second one takes place in 1978. The final movie takes place in 1666. Yeah, olden witch times.

The premise for these movies is that a witch cursed a town to always know sorrow. The dead witch drives people mad and they become slasher killers. This has been going on for two hundred years so there is a LOT of slashers. We only get glimpses of most of them and they have really cool iconic looks that barely need any explanation. The slashers can be any gender and their kill counts are insane.

All of these murders take place in Shadyside, while nearby Sunnyvale lives in prosperity and hasn’t had a murder in ages. if that sounds suspicious as fuck, it is because it is.

Now, I was totally on board with a movie series about multiple slashers. What elevates this series is that it is told with a strong feminist viewpoint. The main characters are women. The story lines revolve around broken friendships, the lack of support from the male authority figures and the hardships of what is it like to be a woman who stands out in any way, shape or form that bucks society.

It is also interestingly enough a series about how hard it is to grow up non-privileged. The people of Shadyside are considered losers who keep killing themselves and all of their murder problems are their own fault. There is a lot of drug use and it is often portrayed as an outlet for these kids to escape their shit lives. Some kids who try to escape their backgrounds are resented by those who are stuck in their lives. Although it is never openly expressed, I found myself looking at this movie as a metaphor for how hard it is for impoverished people to escape the pre-destiny of their shitty starting situations.

But on top of all this, the series is a just a lot of fun. The kills are gruesome. The characters are worthwhile and will break your heart when they die. There is a lot of humor along with characters acting smart instead of making dumb moves like other slasher films.

So give the series a try. Even if you are not a slasher nut like I am, this is one of the best female heroine movies you will see this year.

Jul 162021
At no point do they ever attempt to explain where the purple hair comes from.

Frankenhooker tells the story of Jeffery Franken, a man who loses his fiancee in a tragic automatic lawnmower accident and decides to bring her back to life. Unfortunately, most of his fiancee’s body was shredded by the a fore mentioned lawnmower so he is going to have to get some new body parts. After drilling into his own head to scramble his sense of right and wrong, he decides to use sex worker parts.

You know reader, dead sex workers has to be one of my top squicks for fiction. Real life violence against sex workers is so pervasive in our world that I just can’t derive any entertainment from it in fiction. I have avoided this movie for years and it was only because of a recommendation that I decided to reluctantly try it.

And you know what? I liked it. This is a deeply silly movie. At no point is Jeffery a sympathetic character. The sex workers end up killing themselves by accident. When the fiancee is re-animated, she keeps repeating phrases that the sex workers said and Jeffery is dismayed. It is like this movie to trying to say something deep about how men are okay with using sex workers but not having a loved one as a sex worker.

Or that might be an accident.

Either way, this was a ridiculous movie with some laugh out loud moments. No one can accuse this movie of being sex worker sensitive, but it also wasn’t as misogynistic as the average 90’s. movie. It also has a surprisingly sexy scene where Jeffery is examining a group of sex workers and measuring their parts. It makes me wonder how many people acted out that fantasy after seeing this movie. Well, without the exploding bodies.

Anyhoo, Frankenhooker is a movie that deserves the cult status it has garnered over the years. It starts off slow but the once the freaky stuff starts, it never stops.

Jul 142021
Nine years of this nonsense?

Volume Nine of Vaquel Di’s erotic exploration of space is live on Amazon. This volume covers Vaquel’s journey through the territory of the Prober Supreme! Thrill to her sexual adventures as she takes on perversions of science and nature. This volume also includes the first appearance of the Booty Hunter.

I got to be honest, when I first thought of doing a twenty year arc of stories, I thought I would be lucky to get to five years. The fact that I am currently in the eleventh year blows my mind. Thank you for coming along with this prolonged flight of sexy madness.

Jul 122021
I don’t see a rogue but I have spotted a chest.

Alexandra Mountspear has a problem. She is a bit impatient and far more sexually open than her adventuring party. Her adventuring group is a little tired of how often her adventures end in a monster gangbang. She gets dumped by her group but fine, Alexandra will put together her own group and do things her way. They even have a first mission, stealing the Mask of Many Facials from a sex cult.

“Roguelike”, by Serena Silverlake is a sequel to a favorite book of the blog, “Filthy Fetch Quest.” Like that book, this is a great book of erotic fantasy adventuring. Alexandra is a slut, but not a stupid slut, and that is an impressive distinction in a book that is almost parody but never crosses over into stupidity. There is a Conan reference that made me laugh without breaking the mood of the book.

This book is greatly enhanced by the new adventuring party that Alexandra puts together. There is a sexy thief with a thick accent and a sexy dark elf graduate of the magic school. These two ladies are not quite as slutty as Alexandra, which translates into they need just a little more encouragement before getting down and dirty.

And dirty this book is. Wow, there is a lot of body fluids, genitals and monstrous fucking. I needed a shower after reading this book. Both to cool down and to get rid of the stench of relentless sex. Which again, I count as a plus.

So yeah, I highly recommend Roguelike. If you like my stuff, you should love this.

Jul 072021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day fourteen of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Ass Can Shake The Stars,” by Royal Astronomers. My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, tells me that much of this area is frequently patrolled by raiders looking for prey. With that in mind, I have been running on stealth mode and limiting my scanner emissions.

In the meantime, I have successfully connected the power cell I obtained recently to the new laser array. Test shots have been promising. The damage output is truly amazing. If the Royal Navy can reverse engineer this, then the Queen’s forces will be greatly enhanced.

Unfortunately, my attempt to recreate the Entitled’s force field technology has failed. The shield matrix array is just too complex for me to create with my tools. Without that shield, I wouldn’t be able to survive more than two attacks from a standard Entitled ship weapon. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It is a bit nerve wracking knowing how vulnerable the ship is but I am doing my best to keep calm. Chairbot has been generating a constant low vibration field on his seat that is quite relaxing to sit on. Besides, I am running in stealth mode using what I have learned about Entitled scanners. I just need to trust in the Royal Navy’s tech and I will be fine.


“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Smoke stung her eyes. Sparks flew from an overhead panel. She grabbed her glassteel helmet and slapped it on. Her short pink hair fluttered as impure air was flushed from the interior of the helmet. The bright yellow suit clung tighter to her curvy body as it pressurized.

“Where is the ship now?” Vaquel yelled.

“It’s coming back for another attack!” Chairbot yelled from under her ass. The loyal robot had linked to her ship systems in order to help. For some reason, his voice trembled as if he was moaning.

“You have doomed us all, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 barked through his speakers. The phallic alien slammed his body into the side of his containment box. “I told you that your pathetic ship wouldn’t be able to hide from the Raiders! They live to hunt, kill and fuck! Now they are going to board ship, fuck your miserable wet hole and sell me into wage slavery!”

“Shut up!” Vaquel snapped.

“Three more ships detected!” Chairbot said. He trembled under Vaquel’s ass. Was that fear?

Vaquel looked at the navigation screen. Fuck, three more ships were coming from three different directions. The Raiders never worked together. It was every Entitled for themselves out in space.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. The probe ship was barely holding together. One more hit would cripple it for good.

Or maybe it is already crippled?

“Shut down all power!” Vaquel yelled. “Vent plasma through the port exhaust!”

“Obeying, Mistress!” Chairbot said. His link to the ship meant he could do all of those things must faster than the ship itself.

“What foolish hysteria is this?” HoleBuster-442 yelled from his speakers. “Has your womb tilted and affected your mind?”

“You never heard of pretending to be dead?” Vaquel said.

“What a foul idea!” HoleBuster-442 said. “No Entitled would ever think of displaying weakness!”

“Good,” Vaquel said. “That is what I am counting on.”

The attacking ship to Vaquel’s rear turned sharply in the direction of the nearest newcomer. It unleashed a barrage of laser fire. The newcomer did as well. Lasers smashed into shields on both ships until the newcomer cracked in half.

“Enemy ship down!” Chairbot said. The vibrations on Vaquel’s ass increased and her pussy responded in kind.

“Control yourself,” Vaquel whispered to her robot, though her hand did go to her sex. She idly stroked herself as she watched the navigation screen.

The two newcomers changed course to engage with the attacking ship, while also launching attacks at each other. The three ships flew in evasive patterns while still fighting. It was a complex dance of speed and lasers.

“I can’t believe it,” HoleBuster-442 said. “The hole-walker’s pathetic scheme worked! We are saved by her lack of pride! We should flee now! The winner of this battle will return to loot the fallen ships and fuck whatever is left alive!”

“Now there’s a thought,” Vaquel said. She looked out the viewport at the shattered ship nearby. “I wonder if it’s shield matrix array works.”

“Mistress, I can drift the probe ship towards the wreckage with the thrusters,” Chairbot said. “The chemical discharge shouldn’t be picked up the Entitled.”

“Do it,” Vaquel said. “HoleBuster, how big is a shield matrix array?”

“About as big as your ass, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Hmm, that’s not bad at all,” Vaquel said. She stood up and went to the weapons locker.

“You are really doing this, you ignorant fluck?” HoleBuster-442 said. The phallic alien shook within his cage. Laughter cackled over the speaker.

“Yes, go! Go and get captured when the surviving Raider gets back! Me and Chairbot will stay here and escape while you are getting your holes fucked raw!”

Vaquel walked over to the containment box. The laughter died on the speakers.

“Don’t worry, dickhead,” Vaquel said. “You’re coming with me.”

A few minutes later, Vaquel stepped through an airlock on the broken starship. Lights flickered with low power. The HUD on her glassteel helmet told her there was an atmosphere but she left her helmet on. There was no telling how long the remains of this ship could maintain life support.

A small red cock with white spots flew next to Vaquel. It was HoleBuster-442. The anti-gravity rig around its base looked like a high-tech cock-ring. The phallic alien didn’t need a spacesuit.

“Remember, stay within three meters of me or the gravity rig will smash you through a wall and shoot you towards the nearest star,” Vaquel said.

“Bah! Your threats mean nothing to me,” HoleBuster-442 said. His words broadcasted on a radio channel to Vaquel’s helmet. “Nothing you can do is worse than what an Entitled will do to me if we get caught. I have no interest in becoming someone else’s slave. Let’s find the shield matrix array and get out of here!”

They exited the airlock and turned a corner. A green woman’s face, her mouth open was displayed on the wall. The face was large enough to stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Next to her was another woman, this time with blue skin but a similar expression on her lips. The entire hallway was covered in displays of women’s faces.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said.

“We Entitled like to keep mementos of our victories,” HoleBuster-442 said. “These are clearly the pained faces of the slubies the owner of this ship has fucked.”

“They look more like happy faces to me,” Vaquel said.

“Ridiculous!” HoleBuster-442 snapped. “An Entitled takes and ravishes! These are the faces of clones in pain, no doubt in the middle of being penetrated most cruelly!”

“I don’t know,” Vaquel said. “Most people don’t roll their eyes when they are in pain.”

HoleBuster-442 ignored Vaquel and floated down the hallway. “Let’s find the array and get out of here.”

Vaquel followed the flying phallus. The Entitled understood these ships better than Vaquel and made an excellent guide. They passed through corridors of moaning faces and soon reached the engineering section.

The door was open and HoleBuster-442 flew in. He went straight to a white device that stood two meters tall. Cables crossed over the device in complex patterns. Vaquel recognized the device from the schematics that HoleBuster-442 had given her.

“Wait, this is the shield matrix array?” Vaquel said. “It’s huge! You said it was as big as my ass?”

The floating cock turned towards her. “It isn’t? They look the same size to me.”

“Look, asshole,” Vaquel said. “How the fuck are we going to move it?”

“Easily, you ignorant flucker,” HoleBuster-442 said. “This button decouples the array from the mounting and this button activates the gravity suspensor to make it weightless. Then you just push it to the airlock. Should I explain it again in simpler words? I know how rarely blood reaches your brain because they pool in those giant sacks you call tits.”

“You smug little cock,” Vaquel muttered. “Wait, what is that thing over there?”

Vaquel pointed at a curious device. It was a floating sphere with five attachments sprouting from it and all them were phallic. A disc hovered half a meter above the sphere and several metal tentacles dangled from it.

“It is a torture device for hole-walkers,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I used to have one. They are great for tormenting your captives. Except mine didn’t have a vibrator function, and wait, these spikes are smooth and ribbed. This piece looks like a tongue.”

“It’s not a torture device, dickhead,” Vaquel said. “It’s a machine for getting humanoids off.”

“Rageshit,” HoleBuster-442 swore. “You’re right. How disgusting! I knew Entitled who became Raiders were deviants but his is unthinkable! He actually pleasures his captives!”

“Turn it on,” Vaquel said. “I want to try it.”

“Are you insane, slubie?” HoleBuster-442 said. “As soon as those Raiders are done fighting, they’re going to come here to loot this ship!”

Vaquel opened a channel back to the probe ship. “Chairbot, how is the fight going?”

“One of the Raiders was incapacitated but five more Raiders have joined the fight!” Chairbot reported.

“Perfect,” Vaquel said. “Activate the sextoy, HoleBuster.”

The alien cock hovered in front of Vaquel. The white spots seemed to pulse. “You are really not leaving until you satisfy your disgusting slick hole, are you?”

“Not a chance, dickhead,” Vaquel said.

“Rageshit!” HoleBuster-442 snapped. He flew over to a panel and rammed his head into glowing buttons. “I cannot believe that I have been reduced to serving as a technician for a biped’s pleasure!

There was a hum from the sphere. The attachments vibrated and then retracted into the sphere. The floating globe rotated and dropped down low enough for Vaquel to sit on.

“Good,” Vaquel whispered. She pressed a button on her belt. The locks on her helmet popped free and she took it off. Another button press and a seam appeared in her yellow spacesuit over her sex. She pulled the seam apart to reveal the thick pink bush of her pubic hair. A few strokes of her fingers opened the brown lips of her pussy.

“What do I do?” Vaquel said.

The sphere dived between Vaquel’s legs. She nearly fell over but powerful gravitational forces compelled to legs to close around the sphere. Something narrow and vibrating pressed against her pussy lips and entered her.

“Whoa!” Vaquel cried out. The slender dildo arced inside of her sex and curved with her natural slope. Strong vibrations brought her sex to life in an instant.

“Not bad!” Vaquel said. “Keeping my balance on this thing is almost a workout.”

“It’s not fully activated yet, flucker,” HoleBuster-442 said.

The disc flew to over Vaquel’s head. Metal tentacles stretched down and wrapped around Vaquel’s wrists. The tentacles then retracted, forcing Vaquel’s arms to pulled straight up.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. “Let go!”

“I thought you were enjoying the pleasure device, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Try another setting!”

The slender dildo withdrew from Vaquel’s sex. Something much thicker pushed up into her. She cried out as her tight pussy struggled to contain it all.

“Oh, you fucking cock!” Vaquel cried out.

The thick cock vibrated with increasing intensity. Vaquel shuddered from the powerful sensations. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

There was a flash of light. On the far wall, an image of Vaquel’s face was projected.

“Ha!” HoleBuster-442 snorted. “The Entitled who owns this ship is incapacitated and he still made a trophy of you!”

Vaquel tried to think of a retort but the vibrations were too strong. She could feel the buzzing in her stomach. Her pussy shuddered around the thick dildo as juices flowed onto the sphere.

HoleBuster-442 tapped a few more buttons with his head.

The dildo in Vaquel’s sex withdrew. Something smaller, but still decent in girth pushed into her. It filled her pussy and then began to pump at a steady pace.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Vaquel cried. “Right there! Keep doing that!”

BOOM! The ship rocked. Vaquel cried out in fear and them moaned with pleasure as the dildo continued to fuck her.

“We’re going to die!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

“Don’t worry, Mistress!” Chairbot announced over the comm. “That was the shockwave of an exploding Raider ship. There are still four Raiders fighting.”

“We must stop, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Even your inferior hole-tainted mind understands that!”

“Keep . . .going . . .” Vaquel groaned.

There was a growl from HoleBuster-442’s communicator. He flew back over to the control panel and slammed into a few more buttons.

More tentacles stretched down from the disc above Vaquel. A tentacle wrapped around each of her breasts. They constricted, straining the yellow spacesuit as they compressed Vaquel’s plentiful breasts into tight cylinders.

“Oh, you fucker!” Vaquel cried through gritted teeth. The pain on her tits was incredible.

It also made he pussy all the wetter.

Another port opened in the sphere Vaquel was sitting on. It was another tentacle, although much smaller and made of a softer material. The red tentacle reached for Vaquel’s sex and burrowed into her pink pussy hair. The tiny tentacle flailed at her sex lips like a tongue.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. No humanoid tongue could move as fast as that little tentacle. Combined with the pain of her tits being crushed and the pumping of the dildo, the pseudo-tongue was speeding her to orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes, Glory to the Q-UUHCK!”

As Vaquel was screaming her orgasm, HoleBuster-442 flew into her open mouth. The red phallus jammed itself between her lips and hit the back of her throat. Ignoring her choking, the alien phallus gleefully fucked her mouth.

“Take it you filthy slubie!” HoleBuster-442 taunted over the comm line. “Just sitting there, taunting me with your fuck-mouth and you didn’t expect me to use it! My rightful place is inside any hole that I choose!”

Vaquel gagged on the alien fucking her mouth. The spasms caused her pussy to clench tighter around the thrusting dildo inside her. The surprise abuse and filthy language pushed her towards another orgasm.

“MMMMMM!” Vaquel cried with a mouth full of sentient phallus.

A second min-tentacle joined the first. Twin tongues lashed at her pussy lips as the vibrating dildo fucked her. Juices flow from her sex, soaking the hovering sphere and dripping onto the floor.

“Take more of my magnificent girth you flucker!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “Choke on it! I love the feeling of you gagging around me!”

Vaquel climaxed again. The resulting shudders caused her to choke spectacularly.

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth. She continued to gag and drool feel from her lips. Tears stung her eyes.

“You fucking dickhead!” she snapped. “When we get back-UHHCK!”

HoleBuster-442 slammed back into Vaquel’s mouth. The sentient phallus pulsed in her mouth with laughter. He roughly fucked her mouth, changing angles quickly to stretch her cheeks from the inside.

“Your threats are meaningless to me!” HoleBuster-442 cackled over the speakers. “Suck on your superior, slubie!”

The dildo in Vaquel’s pussy paused. Studded bands emerged from the smooth surface. The fucking resumed.

Pleasure suffused Vaquel’s body. Her jaw went slack as HoleBuster-442 ruthlessly fucked her mouth. Both eyes rolled as her back arched.

There was another flash of light. Vaquel saw another picture of her face appear on the wall. This time it showed the flying red phallus deep between her lips.

Another shudder went through her body.

“Mistress! Seven more ships have joined the fight!” Chairbot reported over the comm. “Current number of ships fighting is nine!”

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth again. It hovered in front of her face. A line of spit connected her lips to the red phallus’ tip.

“You fucking asshole,” Vaquel whispered. Her jaw hurt to speak.

“Good idea, hole-walker,” HoleBuster-442 said and he hovered down to the belt around her waist. He tapped his head against a button and Vaquel felt her spacesuit open in the back. Cool air kissed her bare brown bottom.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said. HoleBuster-442 flew behind her. The tip of his head pressed against the crack of her ass. Vaquel tried to rise up but the gravity fields of the sphere kept her thighs in place. She tried to use her hands but of course the tentacles arms from the floating disc wouldn’t let go.

HoleBuster-442, slick with her spit but not slick enough, pushed against her asshole. The wiggling red phallus slithered against the tight brown ring until it slowly expanded. The sentient cock then pushed himself the rest of the way in.

“QUEEN’S TIT!” Vaquel swore. The Entitled was a little too big, a little too dry and way too much for her ass to take. It felt like her insides were being compressed to make way for a massive cock.

Vaquel climaxed again.

“Yes! I feel your pleasure as you clench tighter!” HoleBuster-442 exclaimed. “Your ass-burrow is mine, slubie! I am your lord and master! Say my name, flucker!”

Vaquel’s struggles caused the tentacles around her breasts to squeeze tighter. Her tits felt like twin stars of pain. She couldn’t believe the shape her round mounds were being compressed into.

The pain in Vaquel’s chest was beautifully countered by the sphere’s attention on her pussy. A third pseudo-tongue lapped at her sex while the studded dildo continued to fuck and vibrate inside of her. The sphere itself vibrated lightly, adding a pleasant tingling to Vaquel’s thighs.

But Vaquel barely noticed any of that because all of her attention was on the thick angry phallus fucking her ass. It reamed her tight hole without mercy. Not hampered by a body and aided by the antigravity ring, the sentient cock plunged in and out with pitiless aggression.

“I’m going to detonate inside your filthy hole, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 bragged. “I’m going to fill your dirty little shit-burrow with my essence and you can’t do a thing about it!”

“Glory the Queen!” Vaquel cried as she came again.

Hot seed shoot into Vaquel’s crammed asshole. The sentient phallus lurched and squirmed. The feeling of warmth penetrated deep within Vaquel. The quantity of seed felt like twice the size of the Entitled inside her.

HoleBuster-442 shook violently for ten seconds and was suddenly still. There was another pulse and more seed pushed into Vaquel. She felt like she was going to burst at any moment.

The sphere kept fucking Vaquel. It was almost too much. The three mini-tentacles lavished her pussy with adoration as the studded vibrator increased in speed. Throughout it all, HoleBuster-442 sat in her ass, his hot seed cooling inside of her.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried again.

The ship shook. “Mistress, that was a shockwave from four ships colliding! There are only two fighters left! You should hurry back and come sit on me!”

Vaquel winced reflexively. She doubted that she would be sitting for a long time.

“HoleBuster, wake up!” Vaquel snapped. “There are only two Raiders left fighting.”

There was no response inside her ass.

“Fine, stay in my ass and get captured by the Entitled,” Vaquel said. “Maybe they will sell you to a tycoon zone and you can coordinate cargo bay drones for the rest of your miserable near-immortal life!”

“Rageshit,” HoleBuster-442 muttered. He pulled out of Vaquel’s ass, thankfully at a sluggish pace. When he popped free of her tight ravished hole, it felt like a liter of seed gushed out.

HoleBuster-442 flew into the control panel. The tentacles from the flying disc released Vaquel’s arms and tortured breasts. The dildo swiftly withdrew from her over-stimulated pussy. The gravity felid turned off and the sphere suddenly tilted forward one hundred and eighty degrees. Vaquel slid off the pussy juice-soaked sphere and fell onto the floor.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Hitting the floor tender tits first muted some of her afterglow.

“Are you still on the floor?” HoleBuster-442 said. The shield matrix array floated next to Vaquel. The alien cock had already decoupled it and made it weightless. He hovered in the air, still dripping with seed.

Vaquel jumped up and grabbed the slimy phallus. The red cock pulsed in her hand.

“You bound, fucked and abused my body,” Vaquel whispered.

“And I will do it again, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 shouted over the comm link.

They stared at each other intensely. Well, Vaquel stared at the phallic alien. HoleBuster-442 didn’t have visible eyes, but she was sure that he was looking at her.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said over the comm. “One of two remaining ships lost half of its mass! It is still fighting but probably not for long! You should return now! My seat warmers are standing by!”

Vaquel released the alien. “You are damn lucky that was a good rough fuck. Try it again and I will send you to the Entitled myself.”

HoleBuster-442 pulsed silently in the air. Whether it was with fear or arousal, Vaquel wasn’t sure.