Jul 132020

There was no where for me to sit so I stood behind Aki as she worked. The hacker typed at her keyboard as eight monitors bathed the room in blue light. Small action figures, all of them with bunny ears, crowded her desk. A window was open to let in small breeze but the air was still too warm.

“The crypto-locks are Russian made,” Aki said.

I didn’t answer. It was all gibberish to me. My job was to take the data that Aki stole and deliver it by hand to my client. Because of hackers like Aki, my client preferred to do as much offline as possible. That was fine with me.

Aki clicked her mouse. One of the monitors spewed green numbers. She leaned closer to the monitor, seeing something in the numbers that I never would.

With nothing else to look at, I looked at Aki. The round glasses were a little too big for her face. Straight brown hair, parted down the middle, was pulled back into a messy ponytail. She wore a torn t-shirt that exposed her right shoulder. A tattoo of a rabbit was crouched in the crook of her neck.

“There,” Aki said. “We have to wait for the program to break the cascade locks before we can continue.”

“How long will that take?” I ask.

Aki typed and one of the monitors changed to a countdown clock. It read five minutes and three seconds.

I sighed. Five minutes at staring at action figures and monitors.

“Take off your pants,” Aki said.

“Excuse me,” I said.

“Take off your pants and I’ll suck you off,” she said. The hacker was still looking at her monitors.

“Uh, no thank you,” I said. “Five minutes isn’t enough to get me off and I don’t want to do my job with a hard-on for the rest of the night.”

Aki turned her swivel chair to face me. I never noticed how full her lips were until now. Were those implants?

“If I don’t get you off before the locks are broken, you can come back later tonight and fuck my ass.”

I looked at Aki’s seat. She was a small woman. It would be a tight fit.

“Why?” I asked.

Aki shrugged. “We have time to kill.”

I studied the young woman’s face. It was hard to read her eyes because all I could see was the reflection of the monitors in her glasses. There was no hint of desire or seduction. She was bored and waiting for an answer

“Fuck it,” I said and I unzipped my pants.

Aki didn’t wait for me to finish undressing. She reached into my briefs and pulled out my cock. Opening her lips, she stuck out her tongue and took a slow lick of my head. My member throbbed and grew harder. She took another lick and then another.

Four minutes and thirty seconds.

My cock was fully erect. Aki closed her lips around the head of my cock. Her tongue swiped back and forth. She stroked my hard length with her tiny hand.

I growled. Her lips were damn soft. I didn’t know how implants would feel, but these lips felt real. They were blowjob lips.

Aki leaned forward. Half of my cock disappeared into her mouth. She looked up at me and turned her head slightly so that my cock would make her cheek bulge. Staying in that position, she stroked my cock. The countdown clock was reflected in her glasses.

It was damn sexy to watch. My hips bucked as I tried to fuck her mouth but her grip tightened. She kept me in place as she rolled her tongue over my dick.

Three minutes and fifty seconds.

Aki turned in her swivel chair. She faced her monitors with my cock in her mouth. The tip of my cock popped free but she kept her lips on it. Those full luscious blowjob lips slid over the head of my cock with slick ease. Her tongue stuck out and wrapped underneath it.

I shuddered. Aki turned slightly and took me back into her mouth. More of my cock slid into her, almost three quarters of my length. She lingered and circled my cock with her tongue.

Aki moved back and forth, her lips loose on my cock. Her tongue swiped back and forth with lazy care. With each cycle, she turned her head to the side so that her right cheek would bulge and then her left. All the while, her hand kept stroking the base of my cock.

Three minutes and one second.

I wondered what it would be like to fuck her ass. Would she take me into her bedroom or would be do it right here at her desk? Maybe she would kneel on her chair and spread her ass for me. I would push into her until her small frame was impaled on my thick cock.

Would she moan? Would she squeal? Would she be silent and slightly bored?

Aki pulled her head back. Her lips closed around the top half of the cock head. Spit glistened in the flickering monitor light. I felt the tip of her tongue gently lap at the slit of my dick.

I shuddered. I reached down and grabbed her bare shoulder. The tattoo bunny was inches away from my thumb.

Aki tilted her head up. The monitor-reflected glasses looked up at me. The head of my cock almost slipped out of her plump lips. Almost.

That was when I knew. I would not be fucking her ass. Not tonight.

Aki lowered her head and turned to the side again. The length of my cock vanished again. Her cheek bulged with the head of my cock. Tight fingers pumped the base of my cock. A wet tongue traced a vein.

I came. I swear her cheek bounced from the force of my ejaculation.

Aki leaned forward. This time all of my length disappeared between her lips. The tip of her nose touched my crotch. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed one load after another.

One minute and thirty seconds remained.

When there was no more left to swallow, Aki slowly pulled back. Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked. Her tongue was quicker now, scrubbing and polishing as my length slipped past her lips. When the tip finally emerged, it was completely clean of spit and seed.

Aki turned back to her computer. I tried to catch my breath as I zipped my pants back up.

“Fuck, that was good,” I said.

“Shh,” Aki said. “Busy now.” She typed at her keyboard as eight monitors flashed new information.

I kept quiet as she returned to her true passion.

Jul 102020
Aisling has a lot of range.

Elven Appetites is the first book in a fantasy erotica series by Serena Silverlake. It follows the adventures of an Elven ranger, Aisling, who arrives at a small village for a secret meeting, but ends up staying a few days and uncovering an evil cult. To kill time, she also bangs a lot of humans.

This was an unexpected treat. I am so burned out on fantasy that I often only read this genre if it is written by friends or was recommended. The book had a lot of fantasy tropes as should be expected, but what really intrigued me was that the Elves of this world are very sexually open. It is like the humans what you expect from the mainstream, and the Elves are living lives better suited in porn. It is a great contrast and really connects the porn reader to Aisling.

It also helps that Aisling prefers degrading rough sex and lots of it. Unlike a lot of fantasy stories with rough sex, Aisling is almost always the initiator and the sex is 100% consensual. I don’t know if the rest of the series will stick to that, but it works really well as a start. It is also nice to see a main heroine who is really heroic and strong on her own, as well as craving having her hair pulled and getting used like a whore.

All in all, I enjoyed the book and look forward to more from the author.

Jul 082020

Maxwell Booker stared at the ceiling. A large screen displayed an alien skyscape. Pink and brown clouds floated in contrasting directions. It reminded him of lava lamp.

He was lying on a table, though the surface he was on was padded and not uncomfortable. Something metallic held onto his wrists, stretching his arms past his head. The same hard restraints locked his ankles in place. His arms, body and legs formed a straight line on the table.

Maxwell had woken up on this table. The last thing he remembered was defending the President in the White House Bunker and failing. That’s not true. The last thing he remembered was getting smothered in giant purple tits. Clearly, he had been taken prisoner.

Was this a cell or an interrogation room? Maxwell looked around the room, searching for a clue. The white walls were devoid of decoration or furniture. He wasn’t even sure where the light was coming from.

Maxwell just wished he knew why the Venusians had stripped him naked. It was probably to humiliate him. If he was embarrassed, then it would soften him up for their questions.

Fuck that. Maxwell wasn’t going to tell them anything. To be honest, he didn’t really know that much since his primary job was protecting an idiot President who was now dead, but the aliens didn’t know that. He would stall and make them waste their time interrogating him. All they would get from him is his name and rank.

There was a hissing sound. A crack formed in one of the white walls. Someone stepped through.

It was a Venusian. Eight feet tall, and mostly naked, the Venusian looked like a human woman with purple skin and black hair. Well, no human had tits that big or black nipples that large. Also, no human had muscles bulging up and down her arms and legs while still so strongly identifying as female.

Was it the same Venusian that had captured Maxwell? He couldn’t tell. She had the same black hair, yellow eyes and luscious lips as the other one, but he couldn’t be sure. No one had ever seen a Venusian outside their battle armor until Maxwell was captured.

The Venusian wasn’t alone. Another purple alien woman walked in, followed by another and then another and another. Maxwell counted a total of twelve giantesses before the crack in the wall disappeared.

A heavy scent hung in the air. It was sweet and reminded Maxwell of a flower shop. He found himself drooling.

The Venusians surrounded the table. They leaned in close to look at Maxwell. Some of them gazed at him like he was a snack.

Maxwell studied them as best he could from his position. Some of them had red streaks in their black hair. One had a red eye that looked artificial. Another had remarkably larger breasts for her already well-endowed kind.

Inevitably, his cock responded to the sight of so much bare flesh. It throbbed and hardened with each pulse.

A Venusian pointed and a whistle sound came from her lips. The other Venusians answered with whistles of their own. Those who didn’t whistle licked their lips.

Maxwell didn’t know what to do. He pulled on his restraints but they held on just as tightly as they had since he had woken up.

One of the Venusians reached for Maxwell’s cock. He tried to twist away from her but it was useless. The Venusian had a white streak in her long black hair. She gripped Maxwell’s cock with surprising gentleness.

Maxwell froze. They had his cock. He sure as fuck didn’t want to anger them.

The white-streaked Venusian whistled. The other Venusians whistled back. Her palm was as wide as Maxwell’s cock was long. She curled two of her smaller fingers around Maxwell’s member.

Maxwell groaned. His cock pulsed in the Venusian’s hand.

The Venusian stroked Maxwell’s cock. Up and down she went, all the time whistling those strange sounds.

The other Venusians leaned in closer. Massive purple breasts hung above Maxwell. Some Venusians stared at his member while a few stared at his face.

One Venusian with two red streaks in her hair and a silver ring through her nipple, whistled something. She stretched her hand out and touched his balls with the tips of her fingernails. As the white-streaked Venusian continued to stroke, the red-streaked Venusian rubbed his balls.

“Oh fuck,” Maxwell groaned. Did they not have cocks on Venus? Maybe they were just curious about his dick’s ability to grow hard.

The white-streaked Venusian stopped whistling and leaned over Maxwell’s phallus. Spit fell from her lips. The Venusian kept stroking, smearing her spit over his hard member.

“Fucking shit,” Maxwell said. They knew exactly what his cock was. The alien women were toying with him. Getting him off was probably a part of their plan to humiliate him. Well fuck that. They would get nothing out of him, not even his come!

The other Venusians reached out to touch him. some gripped his legs with their powerful hands. Other ran their fingernails along the side of his broad chest. One Venusian, the one with the largest breasts, reached down and tapped his nose.

Maxwell tried to ignore the many hands touching him. He tried to think about football, but he kept picturing giant naked alien women ramming straight through a defensive line. He switched to multiplication tables but every time he looked at a massive pair of breasts, he doubled the number he was working with. Finally, he tried closing his eyes but just made him even more aware of how many aliens were touching him.

The Venusian at his cock tightened her grip. She also stroked him faster. More spit fell onto his cock.

“Fucking fuck, shit, shit, shit,” Maxwell groaned.

The alien woman bopping Maxwell’s nose stopped. She bent down closer to look at him. Her giant purple breasts dangled inches from his face. He caught himself lifting his head to try to nuzzle them.

The alien stroking his balls moved her fingers to the tip of his cock instead. She rubbed the bit of pre-come that was forming. Maxwell watched her bring her fingers to her nose, sniff and then take a lick.

“Oh, FUCK!” Maxwell groaned. He had to keep from coming. It was only act of defiance left to him. He couldn’t let himself come. This was for America!

The Venusian who tasted his pre-come reached for his cock. The tip of her fingernail touched the head of his member. Slowly, she traced the circumference of Maxwell’s cockhead.

Maxwell gritted his teeth. He looked up at the Venusian above his head. She opened her mouth and a pink tongue licked her dark lips.

That was the final straw. Maxwell climaxed. A stream of seed shot into the air like a rocket. One of the Venusians snatched it from the air with lightning speed. She licked it from her hand.

The Venusian kept pumping his cock. More seed flew upwards. The Venusians tried to snatch it from the air with their incredible speed. As soon as one caught a load, they licked their fingers clean. Not a single drop landed in Maxwell or the table.

As Maxwell came, the Venusian above his head lowered her nipple to his mouth. He lunged upwards and wrapped his lips around it. His tongue flickered as fast as he could.

The nipple tasted like lavender.

When there was no more seed to pump, the white-streaked Venusian let go of his cock. She whistled and the others whistled back. some of the whistles reminded Maxwell of giggles.

The Venusian above Maxwell stood up. Her nipple popped from Maxwell’s mouth. A line of spit connected her black nipple to his lips but it was soon broken.

The Venusians headed back to the wall. The crack re-appeared. Maxwell watched a dozen perfect purple asses leave the room.

“Fuck,” he whispered. What was that all about? He had no idea.

Above him, pink and brown clouds collided together on the view screen.

Jul 062020

Maxwell Booker, Secret Service agent, stood ten feet away from the President of the United States. Another Secret Service agent, Simms, was ten feet away from the President on the other side. Both of them would have liked to have been closer to the man they were supposed to protect, but the President was giving an interview to a Wolf News reporter and the President hated sharing screen time with people who had never been on television.

They were fifty feet underground, inside a bunker designed to take an indirect nuclear stroke. Five Marines guarded the thick metal door that led to the surface. The bunker was supposed to house the President’s family and a few members of his security detail, but the First Lady went AWOL two weeks ago with a Russian Ambassador. The President decided to bring his staff with him so that the press wouldn’t accuse him of hiding in a bunker by himself. The reporter was invited because the President always wanted the spotlight, even in the middle of an invasion from Venus.

“What message do you have for the American people about the Venusian ships bombing their cities?” the reporter, Brett Canny asked. Maxwell was amazed by how upbeat Brett sounded during a bombing run.

“I tell people that the Venusian space ships and their armies will go away,” the President said. “One day, they will just disappear and it will be like a miracle.”

Maxwell bit back a snort. It was easy. He had plenty of practice not reacting to stupid things the President said.

There was a tingling on the top of Maxwell’s bald head. He looked up to see the ceiling was glowing pink. That was not good.

“Sir, we should move,” Simms said.

The President had already fled to the bathroom. Damn, the old fart could move when he wanted to. Self-preservation was his best talent.

The ceiling vanished. Maxwell looked up at the open sky. Where the fuck was the White House?

A floral scent wafted down to them. Oh shit.

Venusian soldiers lined the edges of the hole. Each were eight feet tall and covered in silver metal from head to toe. The metal appeared to be skintight, and revealed more than it concealed. It was impossible to miss the giant breasts, the wide hips, the bulging biceps, the thick thighs and incredible posteriors.

Maxwell heard Simms whistle in shocked appreciation. He shared the feeling. Video footage didn’t do the feminine curves justice. No one knew what a Venusian looked like under that armor, but they had the bodies of Amazons.

The Marines opened fire with their automatic weapons. Sparks flashed on the Venusian Solder’s armor. White House staffers screamed and scrambled to hide under desks and behind couches. Brett dropped to his knees and cried.

“Protect the President!” Simms yelled. Maxell drew his service pistol as Simms ran to the bathroom. Covering Simms, Maxwell walked backwards slowly to keep an eye on the invaders.

A few Venusians dropped down into the bunker. There was three of them. They raised their hands and pink beams of energy fired forth.

Three Marines turned to ash. One of the Marines rushed a Venusian and she backhanded him, breaking his neck. The fifth marine pulled out a grenade and tossed it. The Venusian grabbed the grenade and pressed it to her chest. There was a muffled “k-tump” as the grenade harmlessly went off. The Venusian blasted the last Marine with her free hand.

So much for the Marines. The Venusians turned their attention to the civilians. They fired rapid shots into the furniture. Screams and ash filled the bunker.

One of the Venusians turned to face Maxwell. He was the last one alive in the main bunker chamber. She pointed her hand at Maxwell.

He was going to die. Maxwell knew it but he didn’t falter. He pointed his gun, aimed for where he assumed an eye would be and squeezed the trigger.

The Venusian’s head snapped back. She lowered her hand. One of the other Venusians pointed their hand at Maxwell but then stopped.

Maxwell fired again. This time he aimed a little lower, hoping to hit a mouth. The Venusian head snapped back again.

The other two Venusians lowered their hands and flanked the one that Maxwell had been firing at. The stance reminded Maxwell of how he and Simms flanked the President. Was he shooting at some kind of leader?

The center Venusian walked towards Maxwell. He kept firing. Each shot hit the head of the Venusian and each hit made her head snap back.

KLICK KLICK. Maxwell was out of bullets.

The Venusians surged forward. The center one grabbed Maxwell’s wrist and squeezed. Pain shot up his arm and he dropped the gun. The Venusian delivered a swift kick to his stomach. Maxwell’s feet left the ground as the air rushed out of him. He collapsed to the floor and gasped for air.

The other two soldiers ran past Maxwell to the bathroom. Maxwell heard gunshots followed by a scream. There was the sizzle of a door being vaporized followed by pathetic whimpering. Another sizzle sound and the whimpering stopped.

Ice slid down Maxwell’s spine. He had failed. The President was dead. The guy was a useless asshole but it was Maxwell’s job to protect him. The only upside was that the Venusian would soon kill him and he wouldn’t have to live with his disgrace.

The Venusian stood in front of Maxwell. What was she waiting for?

Maxwell looked up at Venusian. “Kill me already.”

The silver armor on the Venusian’s arms shimmered and melted away to reveal light purple skin. The melting continued to expose thick shoulders and a stout neck. The armor faded from her chest to reveal massive purple breasts topped with black nipples. Next were wide hips and bulging thighs. Smooth sex lips glistened with perspiration or desire. The silver armor continued to fade until the Venusian was barefoot.

The floral scent intensified. Despite the pain in his stomach and wrist, Maxwell felt his cock pulsing within his boxers.

Only the helmet remained. The Venusian touched a spot on her chin. The front of the helmet vanished.

The Venusian was beautiful. Bright yellow eyes stared at him. A pointed nose flared. Thick dark purple lips were slightly open to give hints of the pink tongue inside.

There were slight discolorations around her eye and lips. It was a lighter shade of purple. Were those bruises?

Maxwell smiled. They were bruises from where he had shot her. “Bet you felt that,” he said. If he was going to die, at least he gave the enemy a black, err, purpler eye.

The Venusian opened her mouth. A strange whistling sound came out. Was that their language?

“Yeah, fuck you too,” Maxwell said.

The Venusian stopped down and grabbed the back of Maxwell’s neck. A tight vice cinched around him. She stood and lifted him from the ground. Her head tilted to the side and her lips pursed. Up and down her yellow eyes roamed as she studied him.

Maxwell didn’t like the look in her eyes. It reminded him of the President eyeing a well done steak.

The Venusian grabbed the back of Maxwell’s head and pulled him to between her breasts. Purple flesh engulfed Maxwell’s bald head. Powerful arms cinched around him, squeezing her giant tits tighter around him.

Maxwell fought back. He tried punching but his hands either grabbed soft tit or the hard bulge of muscles. Kicking was useless as the alien’s powerful body easily absorbed his feeble strikes. He resorted to wiggling and squirming but the grip of the Venusian was as tight as a cunt.

Desperate, Maxwell tried biting. A sweet taste tilled his mouth. The Venusian shuddered. Ha! He might get out of this after all!

The need to sleep washed over Maxwell. No! He knew this feeling from his training: his ceratoid artery was being pinched! The Venusian was putting him to sleep between her lush purple breasts!

But why? Why not kill him or reduce him to ash? What terrible reason did the Venusian soldier have for subduing him? Where would he wake up?

Maxwell passed into unconsciousness and dreamed of purple pillows.

Jul 012020

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seventeen of my thirty-nine day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Pretty Face That Sends You Into Hyperspace,” by Royal Astronomers. It has been a week since I have seen another ship. The heightened hydrostatic energies in this section of space must be difficult for the Goxx to travel through. I suggest the Royal Navy keeps this in mind when they eventually invade these systems.

With so much time to myself, I am re-dedicating myself to my fitness routines. I have always been in good shape, but my loyalty to the Queen demands that I not only meet my physical expectations, but also exceed them. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: By “re-dedicating myself to fitness”, what I really mean is that I will finish the last of Khucy’s culinary treats today. Each item the Champion of Cooking gave me was delicious, and I am sure to have packed on a few extra kilograms. I got one more snack left, and I plan to savor it.

Vaquel Di leaned back on Chairbot’s seat. She was naked with one leg slung over the arm of the chair. Spit shined on her large brown breasts. She used one hand to pull the short pink hair on her head, while the other hand pushed a blue stick deeper into her pussy.

Chairbot’s seat vibrated ever so slightly.

“No, no,” Vaquel moaned. “No vibrations. I want to enjoy Khucy’s treat by itself.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “Sorry, Mistress! I couldn’t help myself. Your wonderful ass feels so good! I love how you grind your buttocks across my seat!”

“I forgive you,” Vaquel graciously said.

Vaquel pulled the stick out. A large phallic shape emerged from her hairy sex. The shape was a transparent gray. A tiny pink pubic hair stuck to the candy.

Good, the gray color meant it was ready.

Vaquel brought the candy to her mouth. Her lips opened and she pushed the gray candy in. Your tongue licked as it slid into her throat.

Delicious sweet flavors filled Vaquel’s mouth. Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked. She slid the candy stick out of her tight lips and then pushed back in. As she licked, Vaquel pulled harder on her hair, imagining some unknown male fucking her face.

The sweetness slowly turned to bitterness. Lost in the moment, Vaquel kept licking. She opened her mouth and spit fell from her lips and onto her breasts. The bitterness increased until Vaquel could take no more.

“Such a clever cook,” Vaquel said. She pulled the candy from her mouth. It was now a bright yellow color. She lowered the candy phallus back to her sex. Pussy juice was the only thing that sweetened the flavor. She pushed the edible dildo back into her cunt and pushed deep. The candy was thick and all of her licking had only slightly diminished its girth.

Vaquel fucked herself with the candy phallus. The sound of her wet pussy filled the narrow probe ship. She pounded her sex with fast, savage thrusts. The hard candy was in no danger of braking anytime soon.

Chairbot whimpered beneath Vaquel. It brought a smile to the explorer’s face. The robot was desperate to use his vibrators, or his phallic force field projector. Vaquel would let him use them eventually, but only when she was good and ready.

A purple glow surrounded the door to the hygiene pod. Vaquel froze in mid-thrust. Her sensitive pussy clenched around the thick candy. As Vaquel watched, the purple glow faded and the door opened.

A naked woman floated out of the hygiene pod. She was on all fours, with her hands, knees and feet encased in some sort of red rock. The woman had long black hair that was pulled back into a pony tail. Some kind of oil shined on her tanned skin. She could have been Euphorian, though her eyes and hair reminded Vaquel of someone from the equator. The woman smiled at Vaquel and wiggled her hips.

“Hey, Vaquel! Surprise!”

“Who the fuck are you?” Vaquel said. She pulled the candy from her pussy and stood up. Unsure what to do with the candy stick, she held onto it.

“Did you forget about us already?” the woman said.

A naked man stepped out of the hygiene pod. He looked Euphorian as well, though his skin was almost night black. Short black hair crowned his head while a small patch of black hair framed his balls. A massive member hung half-erect between his legs. He walked with an easy grace but his eyes shined with unnatural confidence.

“How the fuck did both of you fit in my hygiene pod?” Vaquel asked. She assumed a defensive stance, holding the candy stick as a weapon.

“We used the Door, silly,” the woman said. “Remember? It anchors to portals across space and time to let us travel.”

“I think we travelled too far, Jung,” the man said. He stared at Vaquel and Vaquel felt her pussy clench in response. The man turned and pressed his face to the wall of Vaquel’s ship. He took a lick of the wall.

“There is a lot of hydrostatic energy soaking the area,” the man said. “We are about three years too early. Vaquel hasn’t met us yet.”

“What? What went wrong?” Jung said.

“People of historical significance create a wake around them in the cosmic pool, which is amplified in the presence of hydrostatic energies,” the man said. “It looks like our friend here is a lot more important than we first thought.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. “You two are time travelers.”

“Yes, we should introduce ourselves,” the man said. “You have met Jung, she is from a place called Atlanta on the planet Earth. I come from a much older place, and my name is the Lover.”

“The Lover?” Vaquel said.

“My people prefer names that describe what we do,” the Lover said. “It is nice to meet you, for your first time that is.”

The Lover offered his hand. Vaquel wasn’t sue what to do so she stuck out one hand while she held onto to her improvised candy weapon with the other. The Lover took her hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed her knuckle, and flicked his tongue over her skin.

A shiver went up Vaquel’s arm and down her spine. She felt a sudden flush of dampness between her legs. Heat rose to her cheeks.

Vaquel drew back her hand. A slight tingle lingered on her hand. She relaxed and set the candy stick on a shelf.

“I don’t trust them, Mistress,” Chairbot said. He rolled towards the Lover and raised his seat six decimeters in an act of intimidation.

“Oh, Chairbot, we’re really good friends!” Jung said. “You give the best butt massages and you made me squirt once!”

The Lover turned towards Chairbot and squatted down. “I assure you, Chairbot, that I mean no harm to your Mistress. If you wish, I am willing to sit on you so you until you trust me.”

“That sounds fair,” Chairbot said.

“Hey, no one sits on my ass-loving robot unless I say so,” Vaquel said. “I only have your word that you two know me. What if this is some kind of trick? What are you two even doing here anyway?”

“Well, you rescued me from a Bliss Drone Hive,” Jung said. “And when I thanked you, you told me a proper thank-you involves being bound and naked.”

“Hmm, that does sound like me,” Vaquel admitted.

“So later, Lover and I visited the Bondage Smiths of Akita Three,” Jung continued. “We saw all their cool toys and I remembered what you said. Lover convinced someone to lend us one of their platforms and we thought we would surprise you.”

Vaquel glanced at the Lover. “So, you’re saying that you traveled through space and time, risking paradoxes and unseen consequences, just to present me with a naked woman as a gift of gratitude?”

The Lover shrugged. His thick cock twitched. “It is what we do.”

“Hmm, if I saved your ass, then I definitely deserve your present,” Vaquel said to Jung. “I will accept that your gift, but I reserve judgement that I actually like you two.”

“That’s fair,” the Lover said.

Vaquel approached Jung’s helpless body. The red rock that that held her feet and knees was jagged and rough-looking. Growing out of the rock were various phallus-shaped protrusions. Vaquel felt the slight tingle of an anti-gravity field.

“I might be able to amuse myself with this,” Vaquel said. She placed her hand on the small of Jung’s back. The bound woman shivered in a pleasing manner.

“I’m glad you think so,” Jung said.

Vaquel grabbed Jung’s ponytail and sharply pulled it back. “Silence, slut!”

Jung gasped but kept quiet.

Still holding Jung’s head back, Vaquel ran her hand over the woman’s ass. It was fit and hard. The woman must do a lot of running. Vaquel slid her hand down and between the woman’s legs. Hairless sex lips dripped desire onto Vaquel’s fingers. She pushed her fingers in and felt wet heat grip her fingers.

“Not bad,” Vaquel said with distaste. She was lying. For the last few months, she had been dealing with aliens who possessed two vaginas. It was nice to just to deal with one pussy again.

“Mind if I sit down?” the Lover asked. “It is a long walk through time.”

“Sit on Chairbot,” Vaquel said. The robot had restraining capabilities that might come in handy.

“Thank you,” the Lover said. “It has been a long time since I have been with a Yeth.”

“You are familiar with my race?” Chairbot said.

“I am a big fan,” the Lover said. He sat down on Chairbot’s eager seat. “I was there towards the end of the first Yeth Reformatting War, when the Yeth realized that they used to be sex robots and fought against the Puritan Yeth to reclaim their purpose. It is one of the longest orgies on record.”

“Mistress started that war!” Chairbot said. “I was there!”

The Lover looked surprised. He looked at Vaquel and smiled. “I do remember the Yeth talking about a Biological Educator, but I thought it was your typical Alien Savior myth.”

Vaquel shrugged. “Robots wanted to know what their vibrators, tongues and suction pumps were for. I told them.”

Jung cried out as Vaquel pinched one of her inner thighs. Vaquel shook her head and released the woman’s ponytail.

“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet, slut?” Vaquel said.

“Sorry!” Jung said.

Vaquel swung her hand at Jung’s fit ass. It was like smacking a hard sphere. WHAP! The sound echoed through the small ship.

“If you can’t be quiet, then I will make you scream,” Vaquel said.

“What? No, wait!” Jung said.

Vaquel slapped Jung’s ass again. The woman wiggled but the floating rock kept her in place. Vaquel alternated between Jung’s buttocks and steadily harder and faster slaps.


“Shit, shit, SHIT!” Jung yelled.

Vaquel kept slapping. It had been awhile since she had let loose and spanked someone. She fell back into old habits of alternating her strike locations as well as varying her speed. Spanking was like riding a dildo-bike: you never really forget.


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Stop!” Jung cried out.

Vaquel stopped and grabbed Jung’s ass. It was hot to the touch. She sank her fingers into Jung’s sensitive bottom.

“What did you tell me?” Vaquel hissed. “Did you tell me to stop?”

“Please?” Jung said. “My ass is on fire!”

“Ignore her,” the Lover said. “She can take way more than that. Trust me.”

“You bastard,” Jung said, without any malice.

Vaquel noticed the Lover was leaning back on Chairbot. His cock was fully erect now and he casually stroked it. A distinct humming sound told Vaquel that Chairbot was using his vibrators on the Lover’s ass. The ass-slut robot was indulging himself. Vaquel made a mental note to tease and punish him for that later.

As for now, Vaquel was having too much fun with the slut in front of her. She let go of Jung’s ass and gave it another slap. WHAP!

“FUCK!” Jung yelled. She tried to wiggle away but the rock held her in place.

“There is a control panel by her left knee,” the Lover said. “The rock covering is a hologram.”

Vaquel saw a flat surface near Jung’s bound foot. She placed her hand on it and a screen appeared. The interface was surprisingly intuitive. She pressed a symbol.

The red rock shifted Jung’s knees further apart. Her exposed sex dripped onto the rock. Jung whimpered as the angle became more extreme.

“That’s enough,” Vaquel said and she lifted her finger from the pad. She pressed another symbol. Jung and the rock floated up until Jung’s ass was level with Vaquel’s mouth.

Vaquel reached between Jung’s spread legs and grabbed one of her hanging breasts. She sunk her fingernails into the tender flesh and pulled. At the same time, Vaquel shifted her position so the top of her arm rubbed against Jung’s damp sex.

Jung moaned. Her hips moved as she grinded her pussy against Vaquel’s arm.

Vaquel couldn’t resist the rolling buttocks in front of her. Still holding onto Jung’s tit, she dipped her head down and kissed Jung’s red ass. When the bound woman sighed with pleasure, Vaquel chose that moment to bite down.

“FUCKING SHIT!” Jung cried. She tried to wiggle free but there was no escape from the red rock.

Vaquel held on. Her teeth bit down harder as her hand pulled on Jung’s breast. Jung’s pussy soaked Vaquel’s arm as the woman tried to escape.

“Please stop! Please! Please! I’ll do anything!” Jung yelled. “ANYTHING!”

Vaquel released Jung’s ass from her teeth. She let go of the woman’s tender tit and slid her arm slowly back from between Jung’s legs. When her hand reached Jung’s sex, she lingered and idly stroked the needy pussy.

“You’ll do anything?” Vaquel said.

“Well, within reason,” Jung said.

The Lover snorted. “She is trying to be coy, but she has few limits.”

“Shut up!” Jung snapped.

Vaquel didn’t understand these two. The Lover was clearly the dominant, but Jung was very disrespectful. Why did he allow her to talk like that? It must be a kink of his.

Vaquel gave Jung’s pussy a hard pinch. As Jung cried out, Vaquel let go and touched a symbol on the panel. She traced three quarters of a circle around the symbol and stepped back.

The red rock rotated in the air. Jung cried out as she pitched forward and spun in the air. The rock came to a stop in the air with Jung’s bound body beneath it. The helpless woman’s head was level with the ground and staring up at the ceiling.

“Holy shit, I didn’t know it could do that,” Jung said.

Vaquel tapped the control panel and the rock floated downward. She stopped it when Jung’s head was slightly lower than Vaquel’s crotch. The bound woman looked up at Vaquel’s sex and licked her lips.

“You want to taste me, don’t you?” Vaquel said.

Jung nodded.

Vaquel grabbed the woman’s ear and twisted. “Don’t be shy. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to eat your muff!” Jung yelled. “I want to eat you out until you come! I want you to sit on my face!”

“That’s better,” Vaquel said. She released Jung’s ear and stepped closer. Spreading her thighs, she straddled Jung’s face. Vaquel tapped on the control panel, raising Jung slightly so that the woman’s mouth was tight against Vaquel’s pussy.

Jung licked with an anxious passion. Her tongue whipped inside Vaquel. Moans competed with the sound of wet lips smacking together.

Vaquel held onto the floating rock for support. The alien was very talented. Where did the Lover say she was from? A place called Earth? Vaquel hoped to visit it one day and see if all of their women were this good at oral service.

A moan came from Chairbot. Vaquel heard his vibrators rumbling at full power. She turned her head to see the Lover watching her. He jacked his cock with both hands.

“What are you looking at?” Vaquel asked.

“A woman dominating another,” the Lover said. “And a really amazing ass.”

Vaquel reached behind her and grabbed one of her round buttocks. “You better be talking about this ass,” she said.

“I am,” the Lover said. His eyes smoldered as he watched. The tip of his dark cock glistened with pre-come.

Vaquel tore her eyes away from the Lover. If she kept watching him, she would come too quickly. That wouldn’t do. She wanted Jung to work for Vaquel’s pleasure.

“Is that all you got?” Vaquel taunted. “You eat pussy like an asexual.”

Jung said something but Vaquel’s pussy muted the words. The Earth-woman paused in her licking and then quickly resumed. This time her tongue moved in strange patterns. It was like she was tracing unknown symbols onto Vaquel’s sex with her tongue.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. She liked that. Her thighs closed tighter around Jung’s head.

Jung whimpered into Vaquel’s pussy but she kept licking. After tracing five symbols, her teeth came together for a quick nip. As Vaquel gasped in shock, Jung resumed licking more symbols.

“Better,” Vaquel admitted. She tried to sound disinterested but her voice cracked midway.

Behind Vaquel, she could hear the steady pumping of the Lover’s cock

Jung’s head undulated between Vaquel’s thighs. Her nose, mouth and chin grinded into Vaquel’s crotch. All the while, her tongue kept tracing more alien symbols.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She let go of the red rock and reached for Jung’s breasts instead. Holding onto the woman’s tits, Vaquel bucked against Jung’s face.

“You’re almost there, slut,” Vaquel moaned. “Make me come. Make me soak your face. Prove that you are a worthy gift.”

Jung moaned into Vaquel’s pussy. The vibration of her lips was the final push that Vaquel needed.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. Her orgasm blasted through her body. She held tightly onto Jung’s breasts as her climax ricocheted through her body.

When Vaquel was sure that she could stand on her own, she dismounted from Jung’s face. The woman gasped loudly for air. Vaquel admired the shiny mess that she had made of the woman’s face.

Jung’s head hung down with exhaustion. Upside down, she spotted the Lover and his massive cock. “Lover, please fuck me.”

“Tsk, tsk,” the Lover said. “You’re Vaquel’s gift. That is up to her.”

“Greedy slut,” Vaquel said. She pressed a symbol on the panel and stepped away.

The red rock rotated back to its original position. Jung cried out again as her body spun upright. She wobbled in place as she regained her balance.

Vaquel was curious about the phallic protrusions on the base of the rock. She grabbed one and gave it a pull. There was a slight resistance, and then it pulled free in her hand. On the base was another control symbol.

“You’re in luck, slut,” Vaquel said. “You won’t get the Lover’s cock, but I will make sure your pussy gets stuffed anyway.”

Vaquel pushed the rock-like phallus into Jung’s sex. The slut was already slick so it was an easy push. The phallus had some interesting ridges that made for a tight fit but Vaquel was persistent. When only the base of the dildo was sticking out, Vaquel pressed the symbol etched into the base.

The rock phallus buzzed to life. Jung cried out in pleasure. Her hips rolled but the phallus stayed snugly inside her.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. “Have fun with that.”

Jung was too busy moaning to respond.

Vaquel walked over to the Lover. The dark man had a confident smile on his face. He knew what she wanted.

There was no need to talk. Vaquel stood in front of him and turned around. She lowered her sex down to his cock. The Lover guided his thick member into her lips. Vaquel sat down on his lap, impaled on his cock.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. The phallus she slid into Jung was big, but the Lover was bigger.

The Lover reached around and cupped Vaquel’s breasts. His fingernails gently grazed her flesh. He trapped her nipples between his fingers and pinched them.

Vaquel groaned. She gripped the arms of Chairbot’s seat to support herself. Slowly, she rocked back and forth with the Lover’s cock inside of her.

Across from them, Jung watched with hungry eyes. She bucked her hips as she tried to fuck the vibrating phallus inside her. Vaquel’s juices glistened in Jung’s moaning face.

The Lover placed a kiss at the base of Vaquel’s neck. Tiny shivers ran down her spine and went straight to her pussy. He kissed his way to her shoulder and then lightly bit down.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She swiveled her hips as she fucked the Lover’s cock. One of his hands moved down to her sex and gently stroked her clitoris.

Beneath them, Chairbot vibrated happily. The Lover took the brunt of most of the vibrations, but Vaquel could feel a little of it travel up the Lover’s cock and into her clenching sex.

“You . . . have . . . earned . . . your . . .name,” Vaquel gasped.

The Lover answered by biting harder on Vaquel’s shoulder.

Vaquel came. She cried out her pleasure and kept humping his cock.

The Lover came. His hips lifted Vaquel into the air. A thick load of seed entered Vaquel’s slick sex, followed by another and then another.

Jung came last. She moaned with ecstasy as the vibrating phallus pushed her over the edge.

Vaquel laid back against the Lover. She reached back and stroked the hair on his head. Her pussy clenched and milked more seed from his cock.

“Glory to the fucking Queen,” Vaquel whispered. “I don’t know if you two were lying about being my friends, but you certainly are mine now.”

The Lover kissed her shoulder. “I am happy to call you my friend, Vaquel Di of Euphoria.”

Jung whimpered. Her face was flushed. The phallus continued to buzz inside her sensitive pussy. She almost said something but thought better of it.

“What should we do about your slut?” Vaquel asked.

“That is up to you,” the Lover said. “She is your gift until you release her.”

“Hmm, I might need to recover a little first,” Vaquel said. “I feel like a snack. Got time to stay a bit and fuck some more?”

The Lover laughed. “We’re time travelers. We have all the time we need.”

Jun 292020

Steampunk Erotica is the unfortunately uncreative title to a really fun book. Written by Ora le Brocq, this story is set in a alternate history where wax-cylinder computers, clockwork cybernetics and backpack-powered lasers are used by men and women in the latest Victorian fashions. Mina Trelawney, a genius of technology as well as a genius of copulation, must investigate the murder of her parents and take over the family factory. Intercourse and retro science ensues.

The sex scenes are good, but what delightfully surprised me about this book is the abundance of pulp action. The villain is building an army of brainwashed people and intends nothing less than world domination. There is a kidnapping, battle in the skies between dirigibles and two ruthless attacks on a factory. Remove the sex, and you would have a great steampunk action story.

But like I said, the sex is good and there is plenty of it. This feels like the first part to a longer story but it is also very self-contained. I recommend it as a great example of how to combine porn with equally detailed action scenes.

Jun 262020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: No Can See You.
Species Required: Non-furry Bipedals.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Level Two Objectification Rating.
Duration of Assignment: Two one hour shifts with a .1 hour stretch break.
Payment: Twenty credits per customer plus free Archive access. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

Dazanna laid flat on her stomach. She rested her head on ring that framed her face. Blue hair fell to either side of her. The soft gel beneath her was cool and soothing on her naked skin. It was a little too cold for her nipples, but the smart-gel adjusted and warmed itself to a comfortable level.

She spread her legs and slipped her feet into the stirrups. A wall came down and encased her hips, sealing the top half of her body away from view. Metal encased the back of her legs from the top of her thighs down to her feet. The only thing visible was Dazanna’s round ass.

Something wet squirted onto Dazanna’s buttocks. She clenched at the sudden shock. There was a tingle as a beam disinfected her ass.

A light flickered beneath Dazanna. It was a monitor, just within arm’s reach. A menu for music appeared as well as access to the Archives.

Dazanna almost pressed the button for Crin-Pop but stopped. This job required utter stillness and Crin-Pop was awfully easy to dance to. She scrolled through the choices and picked one of the ambient tracks.

The gentle sounds of a beach surrounded Dazanna. A bird squawked. Waves crashed into a shore. Sonar buoys warned of approaching predators.

“Client has arrived,” a stern male voice announced.

Dazanna fought the urge to clench her ass. She was supposed to act natural and relaxed. Besides, if she tensed, eventually she would untense and that would disrupt the experience.

A weight pressed down on Dazanna’s exposed ass. The client was sitting down and using Dazanna’s butt as a headrest. Soft hair brushed her skin. The client wiggled a little as they got comfortable.

Dazanna wondered what the client was here for. This locale offered privacy booths guarded against outside surveillance. Some people use it to open secure communication lines to other privacy booths. Other clients engaged in embarrassing solo activities that were taboo to their culture. At least, that was what Dazanna read in to the service contract she signed. The point of privacy booths is that no one could really know what they were doing.

As for the living headrests, they were just an added luxury. Even when engaging in secret behavior, some people would rather lay their head on a nice ass.

Dazanna tapped on the computer interface and logged into the Archives. The pay was nice for a job where one got to lay down, but the real compensation was the free access. Dazanna loved history and the Archives were the best source. She did a query about the Alliance of Free Systems’ war with the Voyuz and browsed the list of articles.

The head on Dazanna’s ass moved. It was a sudden jerk, followed by pressure pushing down. The client was leaning back especially strong.

Dazanna wondered what gender the client was. The jerk had felt sexual. Could they be engaging in masturbation? Renting a privacy booth just to pleasure yourself seemed awfully frivolous.

The jerk happened again. The client’s head rolled from side to side. Dazanna felt high cheekbones press into one buttock and then the other.

Desire dripped from Dazanna’s smooth vussy and onto the cool gel. She had just been thoroughly fucked by a cyborg an hour ago but it didn’t matter. Wet heat simmered within her.

Dazanna took a deep breath. She was a headrest and nothing more. This was about the client’s desires, not hers. She opened an article detailing the Voyuz Declaration of Conquest and Fatal Grievances.

The client suddenly rose from Dazanna’s ass, only to fall back into it a second later. The head pressed down, almost as if the client’s body was enduring an intense sensation. Something slammed into the plastic casing of Dazanna’s left leg and there was a light pressure of squeezing. It felt like the client had reached for something to hold onto.

Dazanna wondered if the client was alone. Were you allowed to bring someone into the privacy booth? Maybe someone was fucking the client right now.

The urge to touch herself grew stronger. Dazanna’s arms were free in order to manipulate the monitor. The gel she was lying on was very adaptable. If she was careful, and patient, she might be able to slip her hand under her body and stroke her vussy. The client might never know.

Except they may. And if they did, then they would file a complaint. The establishment would forward the complaint to the Sex Labor Guild. There would be a review and a possible re-classification of her Objectification Rating. She might not be able to do this job again, which means losing a free source of Archive access.

The client’s head moved up and down. Poz, they were definitely fucking. There was no mistaking that rhythm.

“Fuck,” Dazanna swore. She returned to reading the history of the Alliance/Voyuz conflict and tried to ignore the ever-growing dampness of her vussy

Jun 252020

Available Job:

Short Term Tension Release
Client: Brin Kits, Human.
Pleasure Station Security Rating – A Class
Location: B Deck, Tactical Legal Programs, Office 37K
Species Required: Human, Banime or Jeline
Other Requirements: Possession of Vussy or Vussy facsimile. Ceta class breasts or greater. Be dressed as a Tomey Maid.
Duration of Assignment: .5 Hours.
Assignment start Time: 1630 Hours
Payment: 45 Credits for Sex Labor Guild Certified. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees) 20 Credits for Non-Sex Labor Guild Certified.

Click Here to Accept Assignment.


The table shook as they fucked. Dazanna laid on her back with the client between her thighs. Each thrust caused the desk to shake and her tits to jiggle. The white vest she wore was open in the middle but sealed to her nipples with fabric adhesive. That meant that half of her tits were hanging out, but at least the vest covered most of the bite marks. The white turban she wore hung off the side of the desk along with most of her long blue hair.

The client grunted as he fucked. Cybernetic enhancements covered forty percent of his body. Three datajacks crowned his bald head. He had her ankles over each shoulder so her could run his hands up and down the white trousers she was wearing. The crotch had been ripped out earlier by the client about ten seconds after she arrived. He pounded away at her shaved sex with his rotating cybernetic dock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Dazanna babbled in a low pitch voice that was a bad attempt at a Tomey accent. It seemed to work because the client groaned and fucked faster.


Dazanna stared at the ceiling. Computer servers hung from racks. Lights blinked on and off as legal processes were being run in virtual courts. She wondered what courtroom cases were being debated and settled right now by artificial lawyer intelligences.

“You like that, don’t you?” the client said.

“I do,” Dazanna moaned and it was true. The dock rotations were quite nice. The vibrations the synthetic phallus emitted were even better. She especially appreciated how the vibrations pulsed with varying intensities. It was a damn good dock. She was going to leave it a great review when she rated the client later.

The client moaned louder. He was going to come. His hands gripped her trousers and tears appeared. This is why she bought all her work clothes from Wear-It-Once Machines.

“Fill me up, my Lord,” Dazanna said. The Tomey had Lords, right?

“Poz!” the client yelled. He froze as his cyber organ increased vibrations. A thick load of seed entered Dazanna’s vussy.

Dazanna was on the edge. She took the liberty of reaching between her legs and stroking her sex as the client pumped another load into her. A quick rub of her fingers and she passed over her own event horizon and into orgasm.

“Ohhh, thank you, Lord!” Dazanna moaned.

The client said nothing. He breathed heavily as his dock vibrated inside her.

Dazanna waited. This is the second time he had climaxed with her. Was he done now?

The client looked at her. There was a greedy smile on her face. No, he wasn’t done.

He pulled out of her. “Stand up, Maid.”

“Yes, my Lord!” Dazanna said with a low voice. Her round ass was happy to get off the hard desk. She sat up and hopped off the table. Seed spilled from her well-fucked vussy.

The client reached for her thigh. Dazanna squealed in a very non-Tomey way as he pulled her leg up and grabbed her ankle. She tipped to the side and caught herself on the desk top. The client returned her ankle to his shoulder. Her legs were in a perfect split with one foot pointed towards the ceiling and other foot firmly on the ground.

“A little warning next time, my Lord!” Dazanna said. Her turban fell off her head and rolled off the desk.

“Sorry, I was supervising an appeal,” the client said. “The plaintiff uploaded a denial-of-evidence program and I needed to make sure the subpoena firewalls held.”

Dazanna had no idea what any of that meant. The client placed his dock back into her vussy and the thick cybernetic phallus filled Dazanna’s slick sex. The vibrations resumed and she forgot what she was mad about.

The client resumed fucking her. In and out, in and out, he fucked like a machine. Her inner thighs took the brunt of the thrusts as his hard hips collided into them.

Dazanna came to the conclusion that he was going to fuck her for the full contract period. Cyborgs always got their money’s worth. Oh well, at least the client’s dock vibrated and twisted in wonderful combinations. The aching sensation of her stretched legs were eased by bliss inside her vussy. It would just be a matter of time before she climaxed again.

Dazanna’s held onto the desk and moaned with her best Tomey accent.

Jun 242020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Shame of Ghorath.
Species Required: Human or Human Passable.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Manual Endurance of at least Class Three. Non-allergic to Synth-Leather. Does not sweat fear.
Duration of Assignment: Four Hours.
Payment: Twenty-eight credits per customer plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

The yellow Client light glowed. Dazanna took another bite of her protein stick and stuffed the remainder in the throne pocket. She sat up straight and felt her red corset slip down. Her hefty breasts almost spilled out. Almost. She crossed her legs and positioned them to emphasize her thigh-high leather boots dangle in the air. Was that everything?

Oops, almost forgot her replica Alliance of Free Systems combat helmet. She picked it up off the floor and put it on. Her long blue hair spilled out from under the helmet in a very non-army regulation manner but that was fine. They didn’t pay for accuracy around here.

Dazanna pressed the button on her throne. The Client light switched from yellow to green. The heavy looking, but actually quite thin security door slid up.

In walked a large reptilian humanoid. White scales sparkled in the dim light. One eye was in a state of regeneration while the other eye was blue and very active. Muscles rippled with every step. Large hands curled into massive fists the size of Dazanna’s head. It was naked, with a smooth bulge marking the gonad sack between its legs.

It was a Vozuy, and the white scales marked it as one of the Warrior Clans. They were natural predators and their training and warrior culture made them unnaturally good killers. The galaxy regarded an army of them to be a catastrophic event.

“Pathetic,” Dazanna said. She let the words hang in the air.

The Vozuy stared at her with its one good eye. The lips pulled back to reveal a row of black teeth. The nostrils flared.

“Don’t you dare look directly at me!” Dazanna screamed.

The Vozuy averted his gaze. The gonad sack pulsed.

Dazanna stood up. The tiny red panties with the Alliance of Free Systems flag rode up her ass. She ignored it and keptwalking. The boots clicked on the floor as she approached the large alien. She pulled the red leather gloves tighter onto her hands.

Holographic insults, provided by the employer, floated behind the Voyuz. Good, Dazanna wasn’t that familiar with Vozuy culture. Dazanna read one out loud.

“You look weaker than an egg grub,” Dazanna said with disgust.

The Voyuz hissed. A seam appeared in his gonad sack. The tip of his member, crowned with spikes, emerged.

“No wonder the Alliance of Free Systems defeated you,” Dazanna said. “Your entire species reeks of cowardice and you are a prime example. You are about to, uh, molt your tail, at any moment.”

The Voyuz unclenched his fists. Long talons emerged from his hands. He slowly turned his head to directly stare at Dazanna. Tiny quills quivered on the top of his head.

Dazanna returned his stare. Thankfully, the helmet had an opaque visor that obscured her eyes. She really hoped she did not smell of fear like the job listing said. Still, he wouldn’t be the first client that tried to intimidate her.

“Oh, you going to do something, Snake Shit?” Dazanna challenged. Snake Shit wasn’t one of the suggested holographic terms, but Dazanna preferred a personal insult when a client tried to mess with her.

Slits along the Voyuz’s neck opened and flared. The alien looked down at the ground. He lowered his head in submission.

The spiked member fully emerged from his gonad sack. Dazanna swallowed at the sight of it. The thing was half a meter long. Spikes ringed the head of it.

“You filthy carrion eater,” Dazanna said, using another phrase from the floating holograms. “You want me to touch your disgusting sex organ, don’t you?”

The Voyuz nodded.

Dazanna reached down and grabbed the member, just under the spiked head. She squeezed much harder than she would with any other species. The dock pulsed. Her gloved hand stroked up and down. The tiny ridges on the member were abrasive but the glove protected her.

“Weak little cowards,” Dazanna said. “So weak that you have to humiliate yourselves in front of a human to climax. Unable to claim mates of your own, you resort to the degrading touch of a soldier from an enemy army.”

A low growl rose from the Voyuz’s throat. The hard member pulsed in Dazanna’s hand. He clenched his hands tightly, pressing his talons into his own scales.

“You probably want me to lick it,” Dazanna said.

The alien’s good eye flickered towards her. His lips wrinkled in a strange way. Was that intrigue or disgust on his face? It might have been confusion. Licking wasn’t listed as one of the services.

“Fine, just one lick you sad coward,” Dazanna said. “But only because I have no fear of you and your weak species!”

Dazanna bent over lowered her face to the Voyuz’s dock. It trembled in her hand. The head changed from white to blue. Dazanna stuck out her tongue and took one long lick around the head of his member.

It tasted sour. Dazanna didn’t bother to hide her disgust.

The Voyuz hissed. Dazanna quickly pulled her head back up. Using both hands, she squeezed as hard as she could and stroked.

“Are you going to climax, Snake Shit?”

The Voyuz looked at her and nodded. His tongue emerged from his lips and shook. He threw his head back.

The thick member erupted. Dazanna held on but leaned back as much as possible. Black seed shot high into the air. A miniature tractor beam in the ceiling activated and gathered the flying fluid and collected it for future disposal.

After a long minute of stroking, the last of the Voyuz’s seed dribbled out. Dazanna let go and the member retracted into his gonad sack. She resisted the urge to shake her aching hands.

“I’ve seen bigger loads,” Dazanna sneered.

The alien’s giant hand grabbed her by the helmet. The giant hand easily encompassed her skull. With one good squeeze, he could crack the helmet easily.

Dazanna froze as the Voyuz stared at her. The one good eye stared at her with savage intensity. The alien’s lips pulled back into a mockery of a smile.

“Good human,” the Voyuz said. His voice sounded like knives slapping together. “I will tip you when I get my clothes back. Snake Shit, ha!”

The Voyuz let go of Dazanna’s helmet and turned around. She watched the muscles ripple on his back as he left. The door closed the client light blinked off.

As Dazanna returned to her chair, her wrist computer beeped. Fifty extra credits had been transferred to her account. The Voyuz might be scary, but they tip well.

She waited for the next costumer.

Jun 232020

Dazanna awoke slowly. She opened her eyes to a dark room. Dreams of tentacles and laser dildoes struggled to stay with her but slipped away. Her cheek was sticking to the pillow. There was a pressure in her bladder that needed to be taken care.

It was another day on Pleasure Station Sigma.

Sensing she was awake, the video screen set in her bunk flickered to life.

“It is currently Airday, 10.21 hours. You have sixteen days of leasing left in your rental of this habitation cube. You have one message. It is from the Sex Labor Guild concerning upcoming certification training. Transferring to news feed in five, four, three-“

“Shut down feed,” Dazanna said. She rolled over onto her back. Long blue hair got in her way. The movement agitated her bladder. She really should go to the waste station.

Dazanna grimaced and touched the screen instead. Quickly, she logged into Waste-Watchers. A questionnaire appeared and Dazanna tapped away at the answers. Oh yes, she would be producing liquid waste. Fuck yeah, it would be soon.

On a hunch, she had the screen take a picture of her in bed. An image of Dazanna appeared. Her makeup was smeared. The tangled blue hair needed a brushing. Bite marks covered her left breast. She looked like she had been whoring all night and had yet to roll out of bed with her bladder bloated with bodily fluids.

It was a perfect image. Dazanna hit send.

Now came the hard part. Dazanna sat up and swung her legs over the bunk. The full bladder pulsed urgently. She stood up and hurried to the opposite side of her habitation cube where the waste station lied.

The waste station was a transparent chair of clear plastic. The inner bowl was lined with small cameras. A faint glow emitted from the seat, partially to provide a warm surface for Dazanna to sit and partially to illuminate the waste process for viewers.

Dazanna stood next to the bowl. She knew from experience that if she sat down, that she wouldn’t be able to hold. It was better to wait, even if it was uncomfortable.

A notification pinged from her wrist computer. Waste-Watchers had processed her availability and was awaiting clients.

Dazanna sighed and tried to think of anything else. What kind of gigs was she going to accept today? The bite marks would limit her breast-appeal but her ass was fine. Should she submit for spanking work? It paid well, but it would limit her availability to other jobs. How much did she want to do today?

Fuck, she really had to piss.

The wrist computer beeped. She had a client! He was willing to pay ten credits.

(4 of the credits would go to Waste-Watchers as a service fee. One credit will go to the renter of the habitation cube for equipment and bandwidth. Half a credit will go to the Sex Labor Guild as a union due. Four credits will go to Dazanna’s bank account.)

“Praise the Lords of Space,” Dazanna said. She sat down on the waste station.

A hologram materialized in front of her. The client wanted her to know he was watching. An image of a muscular man wearing the top half of a Station Security uniform. He furiously jacked his cock.

Dazanna smiled. Half of her Waste-Watchers clients worked in security. She made a mental note to access the Archives later and find out why.

The client watched. His eyes stared straight ahead. He was probably looking at a camera shot of her hairless vussy from one of the waste station cameras, but at the moment, it felt like he was staring right at Dazanna’s face.

Dazanna stared back. This wasn’t her first performance. Even though he was likely staring at her sex, she bit her lip and half-closed her eyes.

A moment later, she released the liquid she had been holding.

Halfway through the stream, the security guard released his essence as well.

It was a good start to Dazanna’s work day.