Jul 222015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nineteen, maybe twenty of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Bust” by Royal Astronomers. It is hard to tell because the chronometers are offline. So are the engines, life support and every damn thing else. Honestly I should be dead but somehow I am still alive. Why the log function is still working is a fucking mystery.

Chairbot is offline and I am ashamed to admit that I miss him. I miss his sycophantic worship of my ass and I miss his multiple vibrators. His absence has reminded me of how alone I am out here in space.

The star is in visual range and I got to tell you, Royal Astronomers have a pretty loose definition for what counts as a star. This thing doesn’t look like any star I have seen. It’s ugly and it is giving off light, but it’s a brown light. The thing looks more like a gas giant. Actually, more like an asshole.

I should also report that I am hearing whispers constantly now. They keep telling me to come. I’m not sure if they want me to come closer or to get off. I’ve gotten myself off but the voice keeps whispering. Maybe it is just greedy. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I should probably tell the Royal Navy about my encounter with my future selves a few days ago. I’m not sure what to tell them. One was scarred and fucked up that warned me that something called the Eye will make me an offer I have to refuse, while my other future self was some sort of weird altered version of myself that had said yes and was really happy about the choice. At this point I am leaning towards being happy.

Vaquel Di stood in the navigation bay of the probe ship. Weak sickly light came through the viewport and illuminated the skin tight green spacesuit she was wearing. Her short pink hair was dulled to a dim red in the odd light. The tightness of the suit clung to her heavy breasts and round ass.

Even though she was breathing with zero life support, she was too cautious to take off her spacesuit and helmet. She expected to be exposed to the cold vacuum of space at any moment.

She was standing because even the fucking navigation chair had broken. The base had snapped and the seat was in a permanent slope.

Vaquel looked out the view port at the brown ‘star’. It was hard to tell without instruments but the ship seemed locked in a course straight for the star. Attempts to steer the ship had failed yet the ship made course corrections on its own.

“Come,” someone whispered.

Vaquel ignored it.

“Come,” it whispered again.

Vaquel’s hand went between her thighs. She pressed down with her fingers over her sex. The thin suit felt slippery against her wet sex.

“Come,” the voice whispered.

Vaquel rubbed herself harder. “You want me to come?” she whispered back.

“Come!” the voice insisted.

Vaquel paused in mid stroke. “Make me,” she said.

A wave of pleasure swept over her. Shivers ran down her spine and to her sex. She felt her nipples harden in an instant. Her ass clenched tightly. Instinct caused her to widen her thighs and she fell to her knees.

“What are you?” Vaquel said. “Tell me!”

“Come!” the voice demanded.

Vaquel put both of her hands flat on the ground. Her sex clenched tighter with desire. She bit her tongue as another wave of pleasure swept over her. A mad desire to touch herself filled every inch of her body.

“No!” Vaquel yelled. “Not another damn stroke until you tell me what you are!”

The pleasure stopped. The voice laughed. The cruelty in the voice drove away any feeling of lust Vaquel had and replaced it with fear.

“I am EVERYTHING!” the voice said. “I am ALL in my universe. I am the Beginning and I was the End! A billion, billion, billions souls were mine to play with and use but they are gone and now there is only ME!”

“I got news for you,” Vaquel said. “There is still a lot of living creatures in the galaxy.”

“Your galaxy,” the voice said. “Not mine. I played with them all.”

“What happened to them?” Vaquel asked.

“This,” the voice said.

Vaquel found herself kneeling on desert world. Sand blew against her glassteel helmet. Twin suns burned overhead.

In front of Vaquel was a party. As far as the eye could see, red alien bodies fucked and danced. Wooden statues burned and within those statues were more fucking bodies.

The party speed up. It was as if Vaquel was watching a recording played faster. Bodies fucked. Bodies danced. Bodies built statues and burned them. Bodies burned.

A moment later, corpses covered the ground. A moment after that, sand covered them.

“That was the Burning Game,” the voice said. “I like that one.”

Vaquel was in the sky. Great cities floated around her, sharing space with clouds. Powerful engines of a design Vaquel didn’t recognize kept them afloat.

“This is the Falling Game,” the voice said.

One of the engines ceased working. An entire city screamed. The city tipped and fell. It pierced the skies as it began its long descent.

As the city fell by Vaquel, she saw the inhabitants. They were odd winged creatures with violet feathers. Instead of flying to safety, they were humping each other.

They were still humping as they smashed into the ground.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore.

“This is the Eating Game,” the voice said.

The world changed. Vaquel was underground. Complex tunnels stretched around her. Segmented aliens with crushing teeth swarmed around her.

These aliens were fucking too. Strange phalluses entered stranger vaginas. The tunnels were hot with the heat of sex.

Vaquel watched as one alien climaxed and then had its head eaten by its lover. Blood exploded and covered the other aliens. The fucking continued but now they were eating as well. They fucked as they ate each other.

“ENOUGH!” Vaquel shouted and she was back on her ship. “Fuck! That is some messed up shit! You caused all of that? What are you?”

“I AM,” the voice said.

“And you ran out of toys? Are you telling me you killed everyone where you are from?”

“They were toys and I played with them,” the voice said. “But one day there was no more toys.”

“That’s what you get for breaking them, asshole,” Vaquel said. “That is the first rule of owning slaves: if you want to fuck them tomorrow, you have to not kill them today.”

“I was alone when the last toy died,” the voice continued. “I tried making my own toys but it never worked. After many long ages, I found a weakness in the structure of reality. I found a place where I could push and when I pushed through, I found your reality.”

“Oh,” Vaquel said.

“Here is where I first pushed through,” the voice said. “I changed this useless ball of flames into something I could reach through.”

Vaquel looked at the ugly brown sphere in space. A shiver ran down her spine. Such immense power wielded by such a cruel being.

She was also very turned on.

“Your universe is not my universe,” the voice said. “I have to push through awful matter and foreign space. I have to exert myself for far too long just to reach the nearest star systems. It is worth it. Once I can reach far enough, I can play with other toys.”

Vaquel thought of the last world she was on. The entire population of insect creatures had fucked themselves to death. A mountain of corpses was all that remained.

“Yes, the Queen game,” the voice said. “Before that, you saw the Crystal game.”

Vaquel shuddered as she thought of the previous world. There were giant crystals that felt awesome on her body until they turned into rampaging tentacles. She had barely escaped with her life.

“What game are you going to play with me?” Vaquel said.

The voice laughed.

Vaquel thought about her weapons. Nothing worked any more. She doubted the plasma grenades, lasers or sonic tools would even work. Besides, how does one kill something from another universe?

“I have a new game for you,” the voice said. “A very important game. I am going to let you leave and go to new toys. You will seek out toys for me to play with. Every world you touch shall become a new game for me to play.”

“That sounds like you need me alive,” Vaquel said.

“Oh very alive,” the voice said. “I don’t want to wait any more to reach new toys with just the force of my thought. You will bring me to those toys far faster than I could travel.”

Vaquel started to relax. It was better to be a transporter of doom than a doomed person herself. “How am I going to bring you there?”

The ship around her rumbled. Metal twisted and shaped itself before her eyes. Hard metal hands rose from the floor and grabbed her ankles. Cables detached from the ceiling and wrapped around her arms. She was lifted into the air with her arms and legs pulled into a star formation.

“You’re going to carry a piece of me inside me,” the voice said. “We are going to play the Fucking game.”

Euphoria crashed into Vaquel. She cried out as every erogenous zone in her body cried out at once. She soaked her spacesuit from within with a flood of pussy juice. Her nipples felt like they could cut her spacesuit with their hardness.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out.

“Forget your Queen,” the voice said. “She merely rules worlds. I command a universe and you shall help me command a second. I am your GOD.”

The viewport glass exploded inwards. A thousand shards of allegedly unbreakable glass flew at her in a hurricane of shrapnel. She clenched her eyes shut as the deadly fragments came at her.

The shards ripped into her spacesuit. A million cuts shredded the thin material but miraculously none of them impaled her. They flew around her in a tight whirlwind of slicing glass.

Vaquel wasn’t completely unharmed. The sharp fragments nicked and stung her flesh. Thin slices of pain that didn’t break the skin crossed her heavy brown tits. Hundreds of stings that didn’t draw blood caressed her thighs. Shearing blades kissed her round buttocks.

The glassteel helmet cracked and exploded away from her face. A second into Vaquel’s scream, all of the swirling glass suddenly vanished.

The cracked viewport twisted in front of Vaquel. She knew that the vacuum of space should have killed her by now. Instead, she watched as the breach widened and pulled itself apart. A giant hole ripped into the front of her ship until she had a clear view of the vile brown intrusion that took the place of a star.

“No,” Vaquel corrected herself. “The hole didn’t open to let me see out. The voice wants to see in.”

The floor twisted. A protrusion of metal, electronics and cables rose before her like a snake. The tip glowed and the raw materials changed into a red crystal tip of considerable girth.

Vaquel knew where it was headed. The protrusion rose and snaked around her thigh. The tip rubbed against her pink pussy hair. It wiggled against the lips of her pussy and pushed inside her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. Her sensitive body was primed for this. The red crystal penetrated her sex and she felt like a missing piece of herself had finally come home.

“Come,” the voice demanded.

That wouldn’t be hard. Every centimeter of Vaquel’s body was tingling with desire. The crystal phallus slid in and out of her sex. It grew thicker with each thrust. It expanded inside her and filled her completely.

Vaquel pulled on her restraints. She wasn’t trying to escape; she just wanted to fuck the red crystal. She wanted to grab it and ram it deep inside her.

The brown mass shifted in space. Something was moving across the ugly dark sphere.

“Come,” the voice demanded.

Vaquel was surprised that she hadn’t. She was certainly wet enough. Her nipples were so hard that they ached. She felt her ass clench with every thrust. Lesser cocks had gotten her off and this crystal was perfect.

More protrusions formed out of the pieces of the ship. The pads of her navigation chair split apart and pressed against her breasts. A piece of the fuselage curved and rubbed against the crack of her brown ass. Small cables detached from the ceiling and massaged her scalp.

“Come and accept a piece of me,” the voice said.

Vaquel understood. The voice controlled this section of space but it couldn’t control her. Oh, it could control her body but not her mind. It needed her acceptance. The act of coming had to be her choice.

She laughed. Denying herself orgasms had never been a part of her personality profile.

But still, Vaquel thought about what she would become. The future version of her that had accepted was greatly different from her. She had scales, gems for eyes and a way of speaking that was unnatural. Accepting a piece of the voice would change who she was on a fundamental level.

A tube snaked down from the ceiling. Vaquel watched the metal melt and form the shape of a thick cock. It plunged towards her mouth and she opened her lips just in time. It pushed into her mouth and fucked her.

She was being fucked at both ends now. The one in her pussy was hard, thick and felt so damn good. The one in her mouth tasted of metal but she couldn’t help sucking on it.

“Come,” the voice said.

Vaquel thought about the other future self; the one that hadn’t accepted. She was missing an arm and an eye. Her face was scarred. She looked tired and worn. That Vaquel was herself but she had been through so much and still had so much further to go. Was that future any more desirable?

Something wiggled against her anus. The warm feel of alien crystal pushed against the tiny ring of her ass. Vaquel knew it was another protrusion and she welcomed it as it invaded her ass.

She was being fucked at three ends now. The restraints pulled on her arms and legs as her holes were taken. She was filled completely. Her pussy was wet, her ass was tight and her mouth was sucking.

“Come,” the voice said. “Come and play the Herald game.”

Vaquel saw herself on another world. She watched as a mass of alien bodies worshipped her. They masturbated to her glory and she accepted their obedience. They began to kill each other with their bare hands and she accepted this as well.

The world shifted and she was somewhere else. Here aquatic creatures threw themselves onto dry shores. They humped the ground as they suffocated in the dry air. They did this at her feet and she looked down on their self destruction and it felt good.

“World after world will be ours,” the voice said. “You will bring me to new toys and together we will play. You will no longer be a mere explorer and recorder of treasures for a Queen you may never meet again. Instead you will be a Goddess bringing sex and death to toys that are ours to consume.”

The three protrusions fucked Vaquel harder. She was on the edge of climax. She felt like a star about to go supernova. Her pussy was trembling with delayed bliss.

Maimed weary explorer or fabulous destroyer ofworlds? It seemed like an easy choice. All she had to do was accept the pleasure her body was craving.

The brown mass shifted again. Vaquel watched as she was face, ass and pussy fucked. The brown pulled away from the center to reveal something.

It wasn’t a star. It was an eye. It was a giant massive eye of alien design. It was pink with sharp angles around the iris.

Vaquel screamed. The protrusion in her mouth muffled her cry but she kept screaming. The eye was too large. It was literally astronomical. Her brain could barely comprehend the size of it.

More disturbing was what Vaquel saw in the eye. It was alien but there was no mistaking the malevolence in that cosmic gaze. It stared at her with hatred, lust and cruelty. It was the eye of a monstrous god.

“Come,” the voice said. No, the Eye said.

Vaquel shook her head. There was no fucking way she was letting that thing inside her. The one-armed, one-eyed future self was right. Better to be fucked up than to let that fucked up thing live inside her.

“Come,” the Eye repeated.

The ship continued to twist around her. The protrusion in her sex vibrated. The phallus in her mouth tasted like chocolate. The probe in her ass reached deeper and stimulated depths no one else had ever reached.

“No,” she said with a chocolate phallus in her mouth.

The Eye glared at her. She felt it’s rage from a billion miles away.

“Come,” the Eye commanded.

Vaquel shook her head as she protrusions fucked her silly.

“COME!” the Eye screamed inside her mind.

“Make me,” Vaquel said.

The protrusions pulled out of her. The ship let go of her. Vaquel fell to the floor. The rough landing was annoying but it was nothing compared to the sudden emptiness of the lack of penetration.

“What now?” Vaquel said. “Going to kill me?”

“No,” the Eye said. “You will change your mind. You are still within my reach. You will visit other games of mine. You will want to play.”

Vaquel snorted. “Awfully sure of yourself,” she said.

“I am sure of you,” the Eye said.

The ship began to mend. The breach sealed and the glass fragments flew back into place to form the viewport. The floor twisted and melted back into shape. In not time at all, her ship was back to normal.

Vaquel however, didn’t feel normal at all.

Jul 152015

Felicia Grafal Flores sucked hard on her husband’s cock. Emil groaned and pushed down on her head. His hips bucked and his cock surged up into her mouth. A hot stream of seed sprayed the inside of her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

“Fuck,” Emil groaned. “It’s safe,” he added.

Felicia lifted her head from her husband’s lap. There were two cars in the rest stop parking lot but no one was outside. The only creature watching the car was a squirrel from a nearby tree. It didn’t look like it would tell.

“I needed that,” Emil said. “It has been a long drive.”

Felicia laughed. “You would need a blowjob even if we were sitting at home.”

“True,” Emil said.

“I’m going to the rest room,” Felicia said. “Do you need to go?”

“Yes, but I will wait,” Emil said. “You go by yourself first.”

Felicia kissed her husband on the cheek. He was such a thoughtful man. He knew she would have better luck in a new place by herself.

She got out of the car and walked up the steps to the rest stop. The wind ruffled her long yellow summer dress. The sun shined down on her deep brown cleavage. She shook her long curly black hair out as she walked.

A sign told her where she was in Tennessee. Another sign asked her not to litter. A third sign told her who to call in case of trouble.

Felicia went through the glass doors and entered a small area. A shelf held brochures. Vending machines offered salt, sugar and fat. A water fountain tempted her to bend over at an indecent angle for a sip.

She found what she needed. A thick heavy door sealed the entrance to the women’s restrooms. Experience had taught her that the more secure the door, the greater the chance for adventure.

Felicia walked in. A wave of heat washed over if an oven door had been opened. It was dim inside and Felicia worried that she had her sunglasses on.

Strong hands grabbed her by her arm. “Quickly, this way,” a voice commanded.

Felicia looked at the man. He was tall and covered in dark leather. A badge she didn’t recognize sparkled in the dim light. A helmet covered his head and the top half of his face but she could tell he was at least twenty years older than her.

“Quickly,” he snapped. He swatted her bottom with a flat paddle.

WHAP! Felicia jumped. The sting spread along her amble bottom. She quickened her pace.

The corridor was long; much longer than the rest stop they had parked in front of. They walked past dozens of doors. All of them were closed but Felicia could hear the sounds of screams inside.

A shiver of fear went through Felicia. Had she finally came to a place that she shouldn’t?

They reached an open door and walked inside. This room was brightly lit and Felicia tried to shield her eyes. Her hands were pulled up over her head and something cold clicked around them. She tugged but the cuffs held her hands tight.

“What have you done?” a voice asked. It was another man dressed in the same strange leather uniform and helmet. Felicia could tell he was much younger than the first man.

WHAP! The older man slapped her ass again. “Answer him,” he snapped.

“Umm, I just sucked off my husband,” Felicia said. “It was in a public parking lot.”

The younger man nodded. “A Class Two.” He pulled out a knife from his belt.

Felicia pulled on her restraints but they were too strong. She let out a scream as the younger man approached. She tried to kick him but the older man grabbed her legs.

“Calm down!” the younger man snapped. He grabbed the neckline of her dress and pulled. The knife came down and cut through her dress. He cut a slit that went all the way down to her waist. He pulled the slit apart to expose the yellow bra holding her large brown breasts.

Felicia stopped struggling. Now she was intrigued.

The younger man cut the middle of her bra. The cups fell from her massive tits and the younger man pushed them out of the way. He gave each of her nipples a quick pinch.

“Take the right,” the younger man said. He stepped back and pulled out something from his belt. It looked like a flogger.

“Take the right, where?” Felicia demanded.

The older man chuckled as he reached up from behind. His rough glove grabbed her left tit and squeezed. Small metal spikes in his glove contracted around her breast.

“Oh shit!” Felicia groaned. It wasn’t that bad. The spikes were small and spread out. It was like being pricked by a dozen needles.

TWHIP! The sting of six rubber tips slapped her other tit. The younger man had struck her free breast with the flogger.

Felicia jumped which made the stings from the clenching glove even worse. The older man opened and closed his hand around her tit. Every grope resulted in new bites on her tender flesh.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her right breast again. This time it struck perilously close to her nipple. Felicia was terrified of how it would feel if it did hit her nipple.

“Okay, okay! I won’t do it again!” Felicia yelled. It was a complete lie but she had to try.

The younger man shook his head and swung again. TWHIP! This time he did hit her nipple and it felt like six instant bites on her sensitive nub of flesh.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. It didn’t hurt as bad as she imagined, it hurt worse.

She felt a sudden flood of desire surge to between her thighs. Her panties were soaked. The pain and the manhandling and the sexy cruel helmets were having an effect on her.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her breast again. Six rubber ends quickly stung the side of her breast.

The older man continued to grope her left breast. Now his fingers were squeezing around her nipple. Sharp metal spikes stung her tender flesh.

Felicia tugged at the restraints above her head. The metal cuffs didn’t move an inch. She tried to move her body but the older man’s biting glove kept her in place. She toyed with the idea of kicking her legs but she didn’t want to piss these people off more.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The younger man increased the pace of the flogging. The stings moved around her breast in a clockwise fashion.

The older man became more aggressive with his groping. He pulled and tugged on her heavy brown breast. The metal spikes bit and nipped at her skin but it never pierced her flesh. He mauled her breast with relentless force.

Felicia’s body couldn’t stop wiggling. Each sting of the flogger and each bite of the glove travelled through her breasts, down her belly to straight to her pussy. Her thighs rubbed together as her sex ached to be touched.

Suddenly both of the men stopped. The older man let go of her breast while the younger man stretched his flogging arm.

She looked down at her poor breasts. The one that had been flogged was crossed with pink marks. The one that had been groped was covered in angry red pricks from where the spikes had poked her. Both of her nipples were swollen and needing a kiss.

The older man moved to her other side. The younger man moved across her as well. She realized her ordeal wasn’t stopping, it was merely redistributing.

“Please!” Felicia yelled. “Enough, enough! I’ll suck both of you if you will stop!”

She couldn’t see their eyes through their helmets but the sour frown of their mouths was answer enough.

TWHIP! The flogger struck her groped breast. Six stings joined the hundreds of bites across her breast.

The older man grabbed her flogged breast. Harsh fingers and hot spikes agitated her already tender flesh.

“FUCK!” Felicia yelled. Her legs gave out from under her and she hung from her wrists. Twin bolts of lightning struck her drenched pussy.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The flogger flailed her sensitive breast. The swishing of the air preceded every stinging slap. It felt like he was striking each and every one of the places that the metal spikes had bit her.

The older man kneaded her flogged breast without mercy. Metal spikes overwrote stinging strips of sore flesh. His hand lifted her large breast and forced it to spill out of his biting fingers.

Felicia ground her thighs together harder. Her desire was dripping down her legs. She wondered if she could come from being flogged and groped alone.

She thought of Emil. If he knew what was happening, would he save her? Or would he take out his cock and fuck her from behind while they abused her tits? She thought that was more likely.

TWHIP! TWHIP! TWHIP! The flogger struck every inch of her sensitive tit. The younger man’s stoic expression never changed no matter how much she screamed.

The older man grabbed her nipple and twisted it. Felicia’s hips moved to fuck the air in the vain hope of coming.

Again they stopped. This time, the younger man put his flogger back in his belt. The older man took off his glove.

“I’m going to lunch,” the younger man said to his colleague. “Let her meditate on what she had done for three minutes and then let her go.”

The older man nodded. The younger man went out the door and closed it behind him.

“You are a wet slut, aren’t you?” the older man said to Felicia. “I can smell your greedy cunt. I bet you would like to come, wouldn’t you?”

Felicia licked her lips. Was this a trap? Part of her just wanted to wait her three minutes and leave. A dirtier part of her didn’t want to miss out on what he might be offering.

She nodded her head.

The older man laughed. He took out his own flogger. Felicia’s stomach dropped with fear.

He reversed the flogger and lifted her skirt. She felt the round end of the flogger press against her panties and against her pussy. The solid leather end sent quivers down her thighs.

“You got less than three minutes,” the older man said.

Felicia grinded against the flogger handle. It was awkward for her but she could be nimble when she had to.

“Dirty slut,” the older man said. “Your tits are bright red with punishment but you’re humping away like a cat in heat.”

Felicia said nothing as she kept humping. Every jiggle of her tits hurt but it also made her wetter.

“I see sluts like you all day,” the older man said. “I’ve slapped their tits, spanked their asses and choked their throats for years and you know what I’ve learned?”

Felicia shook her head in response. She never stopped humping the handle.

“Each and every one of them just wants to come after their treatment,” the older man said.

Felicia groaned. The older man kept the handle still as she grinded wantonly on it.

“You’re the tenth slut to come on my flogger today,” the older man whispered.

Felicia moaned and grinded faster.

“I could bit your tit right now and you would still come,” the older man said.

Felicia gasped and grinded harder.

“If you don’t come right now, I think I will bite it,” the older man said. “I will bite your tit and my teeth will hurt so much worse than the flogger and the glove combined.”

“FUCK!” Felicia cried out. She came and she came hard on the flogger handle. Her body shook and her tender breasts flared from the movement.

Darkness came over her. When next she opened her eyes, she was sitting on the floor. She was sitting in a wet spot from all of her juices. Her wrists were free and her tits hurt like hell.

“Your three minutes are up,” the older man said. “Time to go.”

He helped her to her feet. Felicia leaned on him as they left the room and went back down the corridor. The sound of screams continued from behind closed doors.

They reached the exit. Felicia came to her senses and remembered that her tits were out. She grabbed the sides of her dress and held them together at her neck. The fabric rubbed against the welts on her sensitive breasts.

“Have a nice day,” the older man said as she went through the door.

Felicia stumbled out into the rest area. A wide eyed teenage boy stared at her from the vending machine. Her breasts were barely covered by the hastily held remnants of her dress.

She winked at him as she walked by. He never saw her eyes because he was staring at her tits.

Jul 132015

KateWitch 001The amazing Tenebrous Kate was kind enough to do a personal bookmark for myself. I have been reading magic books and it just didn’t seem right to be using mundane bookmarks. I wanted something wicked and beautiful. Kate was gracious enough to bless me with one and now it is a prized possession. Please visit her site and buy all of her stuff.

In other news, I have finished outlining my Choose-You-Own-Erotica story about the alien abduction. Time to put all of my obscure 60’s and 70’s UFO knowledge to use! I will begin writing it today and by my math it will take umm, 25 full writing days to complete. Sheesh.

Have you seen Sense8 on Netflix? You should because it ate up my weekend and it is awesome. I wasn’t hooked until episode 3 but now it is one of my favorites of the year.

Jul 082015

Darren stood carefully within the shadow of the bus stop wall. It was a hot morning in Atlantica and sweat crept down his spine. The tiny shade of the bus stop wasn’t much comfort but he took what he could.

He fantasized about the air conditioner at work. His chair was right under a vent. The air would hit him right at the back of his neck as he hunched over the hundred bras he would mend today. The sewing instruments would be cold in his hands. The bras themselves would be crisp to the touch from sitting overnight in their work pouches. The smell of perfume would drift up from the bras.

A clicking sound woke him from his daydream. His eyes opened and blinked back sweat. The source of the clicking was a blonde woman with high heels. Sunglasses concealed her eyes and her face was a mask of urban solitude. A professional skirt wrapped around her stocking clad legs while a blouse of the latest fashion covered a proud chest.

Thirty-eight D cups, Darren assessed. It was his profession to know.

The blonde woman walked past the bus stop towards a mailbox. She stopped in front of the mailbox and adjusted her skirt. She reached around and fidgeted with the zipper.

Darren caught himself staring and looked away. He looked down the street for signs of the bus. There was none.

He pulled the schedule form his pocket. He had just moved to Atlantica a few weeks ago and the buses still confused him. It should have been here by now.

Darren glanced back at the blonde woman. She was bent over the mailbox now. Her skirt was unzipped to her waist and her bare ass was exposed. Black panties were pulled down to her ankles. She had her head down and a veil of blonde hair covered her face.

This time he stared. The woman’s ass was pale white. A hint of a blonde bush could be seen between her legs.

Darren wondered if she was in distress. Should he go over and ask if she was okay? Surely this wasn’t normal?

It was so hard to tell in Atlantica.

Darren’s member stirred within his slacks. He groaned. Multiple experiences measuring women’s busts had taught him how poorly his work slacks covered erections. He turned as subtlety as he could towards the wall and hoped the shade would conceal the rising bulge.

A small group of people walked down the street. Darren relaxed a little. There were two men and a woman walking in that focused rush that was so typical of Atlantica pedestrians. One of them was bound to approach the bent over blonde woman.

One of the men saw her and went back to talking on his phone. The woman saw the bare ass and increased her pace of walking. The other man made no sign of noticing. All three of them walked past the strange woman.

Darren bit his lip. That wasn’t what he was expecting. Did they avoid the woman because that is what you are supposed to do when such a thing like this happens?

He thought about calling the police. A shiver ran down his spine. No, he remembered his last encounter with the police.

Cars drove past. The blonde woman stayed bent over the mailbox. The sun added a glare to her pale bottom.

This must be some custom he was unfamiliar with. He thought about going over there and asking her. It was hard not to see her position and not interpret some sort of invitation. One does not expose their ass and bend over without expecting some sort of response, right?

What would Darren say? He tried a few questions in his mind but they were all wrong. They were too forward or too risqué. Mostly though the questions he thought of would betray how naïve he was about this big city.

He looked down the street. Still no bus.

A man walked past Darren and towards the woman. The man’s suit was high quality and his expensive shoes put Darren’s to shame. The man paused behind the woman and set down his briefcase. He unzipped and pulled down his pants.

Darren felt that he should really say something about this point. Was the man about to take advantage of the woman’s vulnerable state? Or was this something that happens around here?

He kept quiet.

The man guided his member into the woman’s sex. He let out a loud groan as he entered her. His hands clenched her skirt as he began to fuck her.

The woman didn’t look like she was in trouble. Her arms wrapped around the mailbox for support. She spread her legs further to let him reach deeper.

The sound of the man slamming into the woman’s pale ass echoed down the street. Darren’s erection ached for attention. The shade of the bus stop wall was little comfort to the heat within Darren’ slacks.

Another group of people walked down the street; three men and two women this time. They all turned to look at the fucking couple but none of them said anything. They kept walking.

This must be a thing Darren decided. No one was calling the police. There were no looks of shock. It was perfectly normal for a woman to pull her panties down and bend over until someone fucked her.

The man slammed into the bent over blonde. His hips worked with the steady relentless pulse of a stitching machine.

Darren wondered if he could have fucked her. She never lifted her head to see who was fucking her. She kept her head down even though he was fucking her so hard that the mailbox was shaking. It seemed to Darren that she didn’t care who fucked her.

He thought about how nice it would have been to touch that pale ass. He wondered if her sex would feel hotter than the Atlantica asphalt. Could he keep an erection while fucking on the side of the street?

His erection was confident that he could.

The heavy squeal of air brakes came from down the street. His bus was coming. Darren kept staring at the fucking couple. The man was going faster now and would soon climax.

The bus stopped. Darren reluctantly climbed aboard. He slipped his card into the machine and waited for acceptance.

Outside the front of the bus, the man kept fucking the bent over blonde.

CLICK! His card was accepted and pushed back to him. Darren took the card and looked for a seat. There were no window seats available.

Darren sat down. The bus drove on. He thought about his missed opportunity to fuck a stranger on the side of the street.

Jul 012015

When you deal in magic your home becomes a temple. Magic flows and moves all around us constantly so it helps if the area you live in is not spiritually polluted. A wise magician takes care to make sure his area is cleansed regularly and to not bring in negative influences.

I had gotten really bad at that last part lately.

A knock at the door woke me up. I was in a deep sleep dreaming about dolphins sucking on my toes. It was a pleasant dream.

The knocking dragged me out of the bliss of sleep. I became aware of my body slowly. I thought the dolphins had followed me at first but it turned out that was just Karen. The redhead stock broker was sucking on my toes and had no desire to quit anytime soon.

A groan came from my right. Standing by my bed was a tall man with blonde hair. He watched Karen intensely while he jacked his very chaffed cock. It took me a moment to remember his name. It was Tom and he was also a stock broker.

The knocking returned. I sat up and sighed. The knocking wasn’t going away.

“Stop sucking my toes,” I said gently. Karen pouted. She had a serious oral fixation.

“Suck on Tom instead,” I said. Tom grunted and shook his head. “Oh yeah, right. Suck on your toes instead and let him watch.”

Karen and Tom groaned together. I rolled out of bed as Karen tried to get her toes in her mouth. She had a hard time but she was very persistent. I had no doubt she would get something into her mouth.

The knocking grew louder. I stumbled out of the bedroom naked. If someone was going to wake me up, they were getting all of me. I headed for the stairs but stopped at one of the guest rooms instead.

Inside was a bound black woman. She had a full sensory deprivation hood on. She was tied to a rope pentagram that suspended her two inches from the floor. Desire dripped from her sex to the floor.

I completely forgot her name but she looked fine. She too was also a stock broker.

The knocking became slow and angry. I made my way downstairs. I grabbed a water bottle from a step. I downed the remaining water. Last night had been dehydrating.

I finally opened the door. An Asian woman in a business suit stood on my porch. Gold glasses that might have been real gold sat on her nose. Shoulder length black hair framed a stern face. She held a briefcase that gave me a bad vibe.

Ha, they sent another one.

“Samuel Noon?” she asked. A single glance of her eyes took in my hard cock and flicked back to my eyes. She didn’t seem the least bit perturbed by my nudity.

“That is a name I answer to,” I said. “Come on in.”

“Mr. Noon, my name is Emily Hyata and I am here on behalf of the firm of Silverman and Tacks.”

“No shit,” I said. I was always more sarcastic before breakfast. I sat down on the chair and pointed to the couch.

Ms. Hyata sat down and ignored the purple dildo beside her. She flipped open the briefcase and took out a familiar looking piece of paper. She closed the case and held onto the paper.

“Mr. Noon, my firm is currently in the process of recruiting new talent,” Ms. Hyata said. “We are seeking to open a new branch on the west coast as well as several foreign markets. Although you have never formerly worked in a corporate environment, we have reason to believe your talents could be an asset to us.”

A shudder went through me. Just the thought of having a day job was disgusting.

“And what would I be doing?” I asked.

Ms. Hyata smiled. It almost looked genuine. She unclasped the button of her jacket and licked her lips. “We will bring you in for a full assessment of your abilities to properly place you but our reports had told us that you are good at summing spirits as well as performing divination.”

“I am quite good at divination,” I said. “I assume you would have me predicting stock markets and financial shit?”

“Certainly,” she said. Without noticing, she kicked off her shoes. “But other firms try to predict the markets but Silverman and Tacks have a more diversified approach. We question spirits about CEO’s, other banks and bribable congressmen and regulators. We try to predict the behavior of everyone who stands in the way of personal profit.”

It sounded like such a waste of magic but something caught my interest. “Tell me more of this personal profit. Is that like commissions?”

“Of course!” Ms. Hyata said. She slid off her jacket and draped it over the dildo. Her legs parted and stretched the material of her skirt.

“We offer a full package of incentives to all of our employees,” she said. “That includes health insurance, full blessings by our trained staff, commissions as well as 401K’s and the secret 623K that congress just passed that is only available to those in the financial industry.”

Ms. Hyata started to unbutton her blouse. I saw the peek of a red bra underneath her blue shirt. For some reason, I wasn’t interested in it. I was distracted by what she had said.

“Tell me more about 401K’s,” I said. “I don’t know what that is but I feel like I want it.”

Ms. Hyata got frustrated unbuttoning her shirt and simply pulled it apart. Buttons popped everywhere. She stood up and her briefcase fell to the floor. The paper she had taken out drifted to the coffee table. She ignored it as she took off her blouse.

“I feel strange,” she said.

I stood up and grabbed the paper. It had numbers on it. I didn’t understand them but they looked big and the percentages made my cock hard.

“Your colleagues never told me about ten percent salary growth,” I said. “I like that.”

Ms. Hyata frowned. “My colleagues? Have you heard from them? They called to say you declined our offer but we never heard back from them. They haven’t returned to work.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “Karen has been living out her fantasy as an oral slut for the past week. That woman will put anything in her mouth. Tom is a voyeur and has been operating as a sort of silent wingman with me as he watches me fuck people. The first one you guys sent, I forget her name, she loves bondage. I am planning to get her in touch with a rope woman I know.”

Ms. Hyata looked around my house as if noticing it for the first time. She unzipped her skirt and it dropped to the ground. Black stockings encased her slender legs. Bright blue panties hid her sex.

“If you have harmed them in any way,” Ms. Hyata began to threaten. Her threat would have been scarier if she hadn’t been rubbing her nipples.

“Of course not,” I said. “My home has been warded to remove connections from those who enter. People who walk through my door are cleansed of bonded thought. Deals made with spirits, contracts written in blood and personal hauntings are exorcised.”

Ms. Hyata looked horrified as she pulled down her panties. “Those connections take years to form! I personally have transacted with seventeen different principles of commerce for their guidance. You’re reducing their enhanced value to zero!”

I shrugged and stared at the employment offer. “I thought it was better than letting strangers bring their own demons into my house. Now I am not so sure. It says here that you will provide stock options. That’s good, right? I feel like it is a good thing.”

“Why am I so horny?” Ms. Hyata said. “I have sex with an intern twice a week. He was my Christmas bonus.”

She stood before me with a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. Her fingers were buried in her wet sex. My cock responded but it was a distraction. I really wanted to know about those stock options.

“Every use of magic reformats the mind,” I said. “You might have sex but your inner desire has been steadily replaced with financial greed. You’re dealing with a career’s worth of ignored sexual desire.”

Ms. Hyata finger fucked herself harder. “Eat my ass,” she said. She turned around and presented a firm fit ass for my devouring.

I could care less. “But really, what are stock options?” I asked. “I really want those.”

“I’ll tell you if you eat my ass,” she said.

Annoyance flashed through me but something else did as well. This was a transaction. She would provide information for ass eating. It was a small price for a good amount of gain. My cock got hard thinking about it.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. I buried my face in her ass. She smelled like expensive soaps and more expensive clothing.

“Yes!” Ms. Hyata moaned. She ground her ass into my face.

My tongue found her asshole. I flicked my tongue against her tiny hole. I tasted skin and something else that I didn’t think about.

“Tell me,” I said with my face in her ass.

“A stock option is a contract between two parties,” Ms. Hyata began.

I tightened my grip on her thighs. My tongue pushed against her tight little anus and sought to work my way inside her. I felt her ass quiver around my face.

“The stock option buyer, known as the holder, purchases the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell shares of an underlying stock,” she said before her voice broke and she let out a loud groan.

I needed to know more. My hand slipped between her thighs and onto her sex. I pushed her hand out of the way and my fingers entered her sex. While my tongue kept licking, my fingers stroked the inside of her sex.

“Yes” Ms. Hyata cried. “The purchase is at a predetermined price from and to the option seller within a fixed period of time.”

It was gibberish to me but it made me feel so good. I wanted that. I wanted that and I wanted more of that. I wanted as much as there was to take at an advantageous price to myself.

The tip of my tongue wiggled inside the ring of her anus. My fingers fucked her sex with all of my new found enthusiasm for stock options.

Ms. Hyata shook in my grasp. Her ass clenched around my mouth as her pussy clenched around my fingers. She shook as I licked and finger fucked her.

“Shit! Who’s that?” she yelled.

I didn’t need to look up. “That’s Tom. He likes to watch.”

“Fuck me,” Ms. Hyata said. “I need a cock in me.”

A part of me wanted to do that but I shook my head after giving her anus a final lick. “What do I get?” I demanded.

“What do you want?” Ms. Hyata said.

I wanted it all. “What can you offer?” I said. My fingers fucked her wet sex harder.

“I can offer you your own team to manage,” Ms. Hyata said.

That confused me. I pulled my fingers out of her sex. “Does that give me more money?”

“Yes!” Ms. Hyata said. She stepped away and bent over my coffee table. Her legs parted and she lifted her ass to me.

“Fuck me now or the offer is off the table!” she said.

I sprang into action. Wealth was at stake! Once again I grabbed her hips but this time it was my cock that I slid into her. Her wet pussy took my cock and clenched tightly around it.

“Do I get a company car?” I asked. Her buttocks bounced from where my hips crashed into her.

“Two cars!” she cried. She reached under and stroked herself as I fucked her.

“Do I get quarterly bonuses?” I asked. My cock slammed relentlessly into her.

“Yes! Dependent on performance review!” she cried. The table shook from the force of our fucking.

“Ask for three weeks vacation time!” Tom yelled from the staircase. He was jacking his sore cock with both hands.

I grabbed Ms. Hyata’s ponytail and pulled her head back. “What he said!”

“Three weeks to start and then five weeks after a year!” Ms. Hyata yelled. “Now shut up and fuck me!”

I did. I fucked the hot Asian woman while thinking about all the money I will be making. I fucked her hard while Tom watched and jacked off. I fucked her tight pussy with a passion I couldn’t explain.

We came at the same time. My cock exploded inside her while tight walls quivered around me. We screamed together as we swapped sexual fluids and magical energies.

I fell back onto the chair. Ms. Hyata fell onto the coffee table.

Tom kept stroking.

“What the fuck was that?” Ms. Hyata said.

“What the fuck was I saying?” I said. “For one moment I really wanted a bank account.”

Ms. Hyata turned around and sat on the coffee table. She wouldn’t be the first person to leave a wet spot on it. Her gold glasses had nearly slid completely off her nose.

“Well?” she demanded.

“I have a theory,” I said. “You’re my fourth guest in a short time to bring with you your own magical energies. I think my cleansing system got overwhelmed. I think some of your energies got into me and vice versa.”

She nodded. “And the orgasm reset our equilibriums. Interesting, hopefully this means all of my spirit contracts are still valid.”

“Should be, but you should probably go now,” I said.

“I agree,” she said. Clinically she began to gather her clothes. “Mr. Noon, I do not believe you would be a good fit for out company. There will be no offers made.”

“Thank goddess,” I said. “My cock needs a fucking break.”

Jun 292015

I started my blog in the middle of the Bush II administration. It was a dark time out of some sort of dystopian novel. A black tit was revealed at the Super Bowl and people lost their shit. The Attorney general was covering up the bare breast of Blind Justice and states were tripping over themselves to ban gay marriage. Conservatives were bragging about having a permanent Republican majority in Congress.

Now look at where we are. We have a black president. We have health care. We have gay marriage at the national level. We are finally discussing taking down that damn Confederate Racist flag. Republicans are in Congress but hey, they hate each other too much to do anything.

Last week was crazy in a good way. I found myself glued to the news because I wanted to see the celebrations. I read a lot about how interracial marriages were illegal until 1967 as a preview for what legal fights couples are going to have now. I have been drinking the tears of bigots who have declared this the end of the world.

Wow. So much can happen in ten years. I know there will be more fights and some setbacks but fuck, imagine what we can accomplish in ten more years?

In the meantime, the porn must be written.

Jun 242015

Explorer’s Log: I am on day ten of my twenty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Perfect Bust” by royal Astronomers. Ship malfunctions have increased to a fatal rate. The atmosphere recycler has completely shut down as well as the hull integrity field. Vital systems have broken down at a rate too fast for me to repair. By my calculations, I expect total system failure in an hour.

Nice job, Royal Navy. You sent me out in death trap. Put that on your fucking recruitment posters! Make sure you tell all your space explorer cadets how they won’t make it through their twenty year mission because you incompetent fucks will send them out in a ship that won’t last five years!

FUCK ALL OF YOU! I hope some space anomaly resurrects my corpse and I come back to destroy you all! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It must be the impending doom but I have had the weirdest sense of déjà vu all day long.

Vaquel Di floated inside her ship. The artificial gravity kicked out hours ago. The emergency lights were running and there was only the barest level of illumination.

She was naked. Large brown breasts floated and got in her way. Her short pink hair formed a halo around her. Long brown legs swam in the open air.

With the ship about to fall apart Vaquel should have been in her spacesuit but she was passed caring. This was ridiculous. She couldn’t believe that her journey was coming to an end because of hardware failure. It was so unfair that her only response was to simply quit trying. She would die out here and hope the force of her hatred would strike down those responsible.

Vaquel drifted near Chairbot. The purple robot was offline. She wasn’t sure why. The robot’s internal technology was beyond her and she wouldn’t know where to start.

Still, it was weird that he broke down too.

Vaquel drifted near Chairbot. The robot chair was offline. She wasn’t sure-

Vaquel shook her head. There it was again. That weird déjà vu had been bothering her all day. Maybe the air was so toxic that she was hallucinating.

“Who turned out the lights?” someone yelled from the back of the ship.

Vaquel turned around. The voice was familiar.

A brown woman floated down the corridor. Large brown breasts floated ahead of her. Short pink hair floated in a halo around her head. A black patch covered her left eye. Her right arm was made of purple metal.

Vaquel gasped. It was her. She knew those large tits anywhere!

The other Vaquel groaned. “I forgot about this. I’m back here. Fuck.”

Vaquel drifted towards her double. She saw lines on the woman’s face that didn’t match the face in the mirror. Scars accented the woman’s brown limbs. The purple arm was attached to a burned shoulder.

“You’re an older me,” Vaquel said.

“By about ten years,” the other Vaquel said.

“So I don’t die in this ship?” Vaquel said. “How the fuck do I survive with everything broken?”

“Reality is weak here,” the other Vaquel said. “Laws of science, rules of electronics and other shit don’t apply. The ship will stop working but it will keep traveling and it will keep you alive.”

“How?” Vaquel asked. For a moment she was distracted by the other Vaquel’s breast. Damn, they were big. She reached out and touched one of the other Vaquel’s tits. It was soft and plush in her hand.

“It’s because of the-FUCK!” Other Vaquel’s face contorted in sudden pain.

“What’s wrong?” Vaquel asked. She didn’t let go of Other Vaquel’s tit.

“I can’t say,” Other Vaquel said. “It told me to shut up. It wants to keep its secrets for now.”

“Who told you?” Vaquel said. “And how? Is it related to those two dead planets I found? Wait, I heard a voice on those planets. Is that what you are talking about?”

Other Vaquel shook her head. She reached for Vaquel’s sex and metal fingers brushed Vaquel’s pink pubic hair. “I can’t say no matter how close you might be. It is for you to discover and overcome, just like I did.”

A shiver went up Vaquel’s spine. Other Vaquel’s fingers were warm despite being made of metal. The fingertips grazed the outside of Vaquel’s’ lips.

“You need a break,” Other Vaquel said. “You’re exhausted from fixing things that are going to break no matter what you do. You need an orgasm to clear your mind so you can prepare for what is to come. I felt much better after this encounter.”

Vaquel gasped. Other Vaquel had pushed her fingers in. Vibrations radiated from the metal fingers. The vibrations were wonderful and very familiar.

“Wait, is this arm made of Chairbot’s chassis?” Vaquel asked.

“Chairbot!” Other Vaquel said. “I have been trying to remember his name all day. Yes, when I lost my arm he gladly sacrificed himself.”

Other Vaquel pulled Vaquel’s down to one of her breast. Vaquel opened her lips and sucked as much of the big brown breast into her mouth as she could. Her future self shuddered as Vaquel sucked on her breast just the way she liked it.

While Vaquel sucked, Other Vaquel continued to stroke her sex. They rotated slowly together in the zero gravity of the ship. Vaquel shook as the vibrating fingers fucked her. Long solid thrusts reamed her sex, just the way Vaquel liked it.

Vaquel closed her eyes and kept sucking. She did need this. Mentally and emotionally exhausted, not even the Queen’s anal plug was helping. What she needed was a fucking.

Questions roamed through Vaquel’s mind. The Royal Navy had explicit rules about what to do if she encountered people from the future. She was to gather as much information as possible for the Queen. Paradoxes would be dealt with on a case by case basis but tapping future knowledge for the Glory of the Queen was top priority.

It was just so hard to think of a good question when Vaquel was sucking on a large tit and her pussy was getting finger fucked. All Vaquel cared about was licking soft flesh and spreading her thighs wider.

Fortunately for Vaquel, Other Vaquel had a clearer mind. “I’ll tell you one thing, if you like having peripheral vision, never let an alien creature with acid blood come on your fucking face. And another thing, never visit a planet that has been set aside as a sanctuary for large reptilian meat eaters.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Vaquel said with a tit in her mouth.

A vibrating thumb pressed against Vaquel’s clitoris. Vaquel shook as her orgasm claimed her body. She jiggled from head to toe in the zero gravity.

Other Vaquel pulled Vaquel up and away from her tit. Lines of spit floated around her mouth. Other Vaquel pulled Vaquel’s mouth to hers and they kissed.

Identical tongues explored identical mouths. Equally passionate mouths took each other. Matching lips claimed each other.

They pressed together. Vaquel slipped her thigh between Other Vaquel’s. The older explorer’s thighs locked tightly around her. Vaquel slipped her fingers down and danced over Other Vaquel’s sex lips.

“Let’s do this,” Other Vaquel said.

The two grinded together. She was not surprised by how quickly they fell into a rhythm together. Other Vaquel humped Vaquel’s thigh while Vaquel played with Other Vaquel’s sex. Their bodies were in perfect sync with each other.

They continued kissing. Vaquel’s mouth would be dominant before surrendering to Other Vaquel. Their brown breasts jiggled against one another in the zero gravity.

“Come,” Vaquel commanded. She stroked faster.

“Make me come,” Other Vaquel commanded. She humped harder.

“Glory to the Queen!” Other Vaquel cried. Vaquel pulled back so she could watch her future self come. She had seen herself come many times in the mirror or on a recording screen but it was completely different to see it in person.

Queen’s tit!” a voice called out. “A time anomaly! I’m only a week out from Royal space!”

Other Vaquel and Vaquel disengaged in an instant. What they saw made both of them gasp.

It was another Vaquel but just as alien as the one that was fucking her. Short pink hair floated in a halo around bright energetic eyes and an open smile. She had a little bit of real food weight on her; making her hips, ass and breasts all the more luscious. Like them, she was floating naked but her body was shiny from a recent shower. Shiny spheres of water drifted around her body.

“Queen’s tit,” Other Vaquel and Vaquel said together.

“This is amazing,” Young Vaquel said. “If I am experiencing time anomalies so soon, then my explorations are going to be statistically significant! Wait here, I’m going to get some recording equipment. We need to interview both of you to satisfy the Royal Navy Temporal Prime Command.”

“Wow, I was much more obedient,” Vaquel said.

“Almost a perfect servant of the Royal Navy,” Other Vaquel said.

Young Vaquel smiled. “This is great! You two can tell me what you did wrong on my future voyages. I want to make sure I keep my body parts and don’t end up looking as old and tired as you two.”

“I kind of want to punch you in the face, even though you’re me,” Vaquel said.

“I felt the same way when I saw you had two eyes and two arms,” Other Vaquel said.

Young Vaquel’s beaming smile faltered a little. “Remember, you have to tell me what you have experienced. It is right in the Royal Navy Handbook.”

“That’s it,” Other Vaquel said. “You’re eating me out.”

Vaquel and Other Vaquel lunged for Young Vaquel. The younger version resisted with all of her recent training. Both of her older versions had more experience in zero gravity combat and both of them really resented her younger better body. Experience and resentment beat healthy enthusiasm easily.

Other Vaquel trapped Young Vaquel between her thighs. Vaquel grabbed the Young Vaquel’s waist and grabbed a handful of Young Vaquel’s pubic hair. She pulled harshly on the pink hair and she could hear Young Vaquel screaming into Other Vaquel’s sex.

Vaquel released Young Vaquel’s pubic hair and slapped her sex instead. Young Vaquel jumped but the screaming stopped. Other Vaquel grinded her sex against Young Vaquel’s trapped head.

Slowly Young Vaquel’s fighting stopped. Vaquel kept slapping her pussy and she could see and smell Young Vaquel’s pussy getting wetter.

Other Vaquel groaned. “I forgot how good I am at licking my own pussy.”

Vaquel felt there was a story there but she let it go. After months exhausting herself on a shitty ship, she was happy to be engaging in some recreational sadism. She kept slapped Young Vaquel’s furry pussy as the young explorer squirmed with pain and delight.

She slapped harder. Short sharp slaps rained on Young Vaquel’s pussy. The young explorer twisted and struggled but her hands never came down to protect herself. She was enjoying the suffering too much.

Vaquel had a sudden flash of memory. She recalled the feeling of powerful thighs around her head. The taste of pussy was smothering her but brief flashes of pain descended on her most sensitive area. Her pussy felt enflamed and also energized at the same time. It brought her to the edge of climax but never enough to get off.

The memory was vivid in Vaquel’s mind. She hesitated before her next slap and then slapped twice as hard. Young Vaquel screamed into Other Vaquel’s sex.

A moment later, Vaquel remembered that vicious slap on her own sex. She also remembered that it made her climax.

She shook her head. The idea of creating memories on the spot was a bit too abstract for her. She tried to remember what was going to happen next but couldn’t. Was it because it hadn’t happened yet? Then how did the older Vaquel remember things?

Vaquel felt her head spin. She was too exhausted for such complexities. Hell, even if she was well rested she wasn’t sure she could handle it.

Fuck it, she wasn’t going to think about it.

“My turn with her mouth,” Vaquel said.

“Deal,” Other Vaquel said. She released Young Vaquel from her thighs. Young Vaquel’s face was shiny with pussy juice.

Vaquel grabbed Young Vaquel but the nipple and cruelly pinched her. Young Vaquel squealed as Vaquel pulled her to her sex. The young explorer didn’t need any force as she dived into Vaquel’s sex with her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” Vaquel cried out. It was true; Vaquel was a good pussy eater! Her tongue was eager and willing. Nimble lips nibbled on Vaquel’s tender sex lips.

Other Vaquel pinned Young Vaquel’s legs together. Other Vaquel slapped Young Vaquel’s big round ass with her metal hand. The force of her impact made the ass shake.

Young Vaquel screamed into Vaquel’s sex. Vaquel shuddered as the younger explorer resumed licking. A moment later, Vaquel winced as she recalled that metal hand smacking into her ass.

Other Vaquel kept spanking. The blows to Young Vaquel’s ass were brutal. There was no mercy in the older woman’s swing.

Young Vaquel screamed and licked. She held onto Vaquel’s thigh and ass for dear life as her bottom was spanked. Her mouth licked faster and harder as if trying to stop the spanking through talented licking.

Vaquel held onto Young Vaquel’s head and just enjoyed herself. She loved watching herself spank a big round brown ass. She loved remembering the merciless spanking she took five years ago. Most of all she loved the feeling of her young tongue on her wet pussy.

“Faster, you little slut,” Vaquel said to her younger self. “You’re fresh from the Academy, eager to explore new worlds and make your fortune but first you have to explore my wet pussy. My ass is tired from planets you can’t even imagine yet. Give me the licking that I have earned you naïve little slut.”

Young Vaquel obeyed. Deeper and deeper she licked.

Vaquel quivered. Her tits jiggled wildly in the zero gravity. She felt her orgasm coming like a speeding comet.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out. She pinned Young Vaquel’s head to her pussy as she came.

“Brown flesh grinding hard. Pleasure is a flat circle. Three new heralds come.”

Vaquel looked across the ship. A new Vaquel was here but the sight of her made Vaquel’s skin crawl. She pushed Young Vaquel away from her sex and she noticed Other Vaquel had adopted a fighting stance.

The Strange Vaquel drifted towards them. She was naked but her skin was covered in something. Red scales glittered from splotches on her body. Her nipples were solid red encrustations of some sort. Long pink hair snaked in weird patterns around her head.

The eyes were the worse. They appeared to have been scooped out and replaced with large multifaceted rubies. They pulsed with an unholy energy.

“Oh shit, is this another future self?” Young Vaquel asked. “Are we going to be fucked like this further down the timeline?”

Vaquel shook her head. “Look at her face. She could be my age. I don’t understand.”

“She is your age, because is a possible you,” Other Vaquel said. “This is what happens if you join the-FUCK!”

Other Vaquel clutched her head. Tears ran down her eyes. “I don’t fucking care what you do!” she screamed at the voice in her head. “I’m warning myself! Don’t join the Eye! Refuse the offer!”

ZZAP! A bolt of red flashed from Strange Vaquel’s nipples to Other Vaquel. The older explorer was slammed into the wall of the ship with tremendous force.

“Are you insane?” Vaquel yelled. “You nearly killed our future!”

Strange Vaquel shook her head. “Time is not straight line. Time is a jiggling tit. Ever changing shape.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Vaquel said.

“Wait,” Young Vaquel said. “My Temporal Teacher had a theory about this.”

“The old guy with the weird beard?” Vaquel said. “I can’t remember his name much less his class.”

“I do,” Young Vaquel said. “He said there was a theory that time was constantly being rewritten by cosmic forces. In his theory, multiple timelines exists simultaneously until some unknown final outcome has been determined. Our older Vaquel is part of a timeline where she never became this weirdo. Both can exist until some crucial point in the time space continuum when the true timeline is determined.”

Vaquel struggled to wrap her head around it. She also experienced more déjà vu as the Strange Vaquel drifted closer. Memories entered her head and were instantly rewritten.

“So what you are say is that time is a jiggling tit,” Vaquel said. “It’s not solid, it’s malleable?”

“Metaphor solid. Choices have yet to be made. Fates peak like nipples.” Strange Vaquel said.

“My older self said I have to make a choice,” Vaquel said. “I take it something wants to change me. You accepted it; do you like what you are?”

Strange Vaquel reached out to Vaquel. She placed a pink scaled hand on Vaquel’s breast. Vaquel reached out and touched a hard crusted nipple. They looked eye-to-ruby.

“Answer her,” Young Vaquel said. “Do you like what you are?”

Strange Vaquel smiled and nodded her head yes.

Déjà vu swept over Vaquel. She saw herself watching Strange Vaquel smile. She saw herself looking out through ruby eyes at two unchanged Vaquels. She remembered nightmares of this moment and she remembered nightmares of knowing this moment was coming.

Vaquel clenched her eyes shut. Dizziness made her sick to her stomach. She let go of Strange Vaquel’s hard tit and curled into a ball. Her body clenched tightly until the overwhelming wave of déjà vu passed.

Eventually it did. Vaquel opened her eyes and looked around. She was alone. The other Vaquels were gone, if they were ever here at all.

Jun 212015

The following are articles I found interesting or useful for my writing.

Shut up & Sit Down is a great blog for board games on a normal day but their account of one player’s experience in a poker tournament is riveting. I love researching gambling but never actually gamble because it is one giant system designed to deprive you of money. This gives a great outsider’s peek into the casino environment.

Week in Weird had a wonderful article about the demons who possessed every other nun in a convent in 17th century France. Okay, it was probably less a demonic invasion and more of a frame job to convict a heretic but hey, the alleged demonic activities are bizarre. Mostly it seemed to involve planking.

Have a pothole in your city that the government refuses to fix? Try drawing a giant penis around it. Hell, I bet if you did a vagina that they would do it twice as fast.

This week’s music is “We Don’t Die” by Tricky.

Jun 192015

I have a contact link at the top of the page that rarely gets used. When I did get an email from there, five times out of six it is from an adult toy site that wants me to review their products or sell banner space.

I always reply to these people that I am a sex fiction blog and I don’t review sex toys.

They always reply that they will pay money and hey, a lot of sex fiction bloggers review sex toys and it helps everyone. Yesterday I got a response that I should incorporate the toy into a sex story. They then asked me my fee.

There is a perverse temptation to do a story that is just one giant product placement add, complete with pricing, shipping options and the characters going on at length about how many stars they would give it. Someone on Twitter suggested that I make the sextoy the murder weapon in a story. These are terribly tempting.

The reason I don’t do these passive aggressive though highly entertaining responses is hard to explain. I understand and in fact sympathize with the adult toy sites that want to use my blog. They are dependent on advertising and marketing to get their products in your homes. They are actively recruiting blogs and bringing them into their fold. My little read spot on the web is underdeveloped property to them. My refusal to have their ads is potential lost revenue to them. They have families to feed and loans to pay. Fucking with them seems cruel.

It doesn’t mean I want to participate with their ads. I don’t make much money from my blog but let’s be honest, I like writing more than I like selling. My little corner is where I talk to you and share some stories with you. I sell ebooks because they are fun to put together and I get more of an affirmation joy from every sale than I do a greed joy. When I do advertise other people’s work, it is because I am in love with it and want to share the joy with you.

Basically I don’t have advertisements for stuff because I love what you and I have together and I don’t want to mess with that.



Jun 172015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked through the mall. It was the morning of a weekday and not many people were around. Her high heels echoed in all directions around her.

Bored mall employees turned to look at her. Felicia was wearing a white summer dress that clung to her dark Puerto Rican curves. Her pink bra was barely visible under her white dress but most people were too busy staring at the deep valley dark brown cleavage. She turned her head often as if she was looking at the different stores but really she was just finding an excuse to toss her long black curly hair from side to side.

Felicia was tempted to stop at the lingerie store and see if there was anything her husband might like. She was equally tempted by the shoe store as she wasn’t wearing panties and she often enjoyed flashing the very helpful store associates. A cute man at a massage kiosk pleaded with her to stop but she kept walking.

Nothing the mall could offer would be as good as what she might discover on her own.

She reached her destination. It used to be a toy store but now it was being remodeled for an electronics store. Flimsy partitions blocked the view of the construction from the rest of the mall. The sound of circle saws and hammering came from behind the walls.

Felicia smiled. The area behind the wall was somewhere new. There was no telling what would be there.

Years of practice told her what to do. She walked right to the side of the partition like she belonged there. With no hesitation and certainly no fear, Felecia stepped behind the false wall.

The sounds of hammers and saws vanished. In their place were the sounds of moaning and screams. The rumble of heavy machinery made the ground vibrate.

There was a track in front of Felicia. The tracks led off to a wall of curtains. On the track was a chair facing her.  The legs of the chair had straps for the feet of whomever would sit there. The chair had two handles on the arms of the chair to be gripped. A box was attached to the side of the chair.

A sign hung behind the chair. The figures were genderless and neutral like the people in pedestrian signs. A sequence of panels instructed a person to take off their clothes, put them in the box and then sit. The last panel instructed the person to grip the handles.

Felicia studied the chair. She wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen. The straps worried her but she wondered why the hands were left free. As much as she liked new things, she tried to be a little sensible.

A scream came from behind the curtains. It was a powerful scream of pleasure. Felecia’s sex clenched in response. Whoever was screaming was enjoying themselves.

She made a decision. Felicia stripped off her summer dress and put it in the box. Her heels went next followed by her bra. She almost took her wedding rings off but she left them on.

Naked, she sat down on the chair. The seat was soft and wide enough for her plump ass. She spread her legs to place her feet near the open straps. Did she need to strap them herself? If that was the case, wouldn’t the sign had said so?

Felicia grabbed the handles. They were simple rubber grips. Her fingers closed around them and they reminded her of cocks.

The straps wrapped around her ankles on their own. The edge of the seat near her sex retracted. It left her sex hanging over the edge of the seat. The chair tilted back suddenly. Something wrapped around her neck and tightened. The chair shook as it began to roll down the track.

Felicia let go of the handles. The chair stopped immediately. The straps around her ankles instantly released. Whatever held her throat pulled away. Her chair returned to an upright position and her seat returned to normal.

“Ahh,” Felicia said. So she was in control. Still, who knows what was behind the curtain. Maybe she should stop now.

There was another scream. It was much louder and lasted a full minute. Someone just came and they came hard.

Felicia gripped the handles. The straps went around her neck and ankles. The seat retracted as her chair leaned back. The chair rumbled down the track.

She went through the curtains. It was dark. Light peeked in through various cracks. It was dim but she could see shapes. The sound of machinery was deafening.

The chair stopped. A single light came on from above. Her body was illuminated.

Something pressed against her sex. She tried to look down but the strap held her neck. The thing was round and as big as a baseball. It pressed against the outside of her sex.

It vibrated. Felicia moaned. It was a weak vibration but just enough to make her sex clench. Her nipples hardened and her legs pulled against her straps.

She wanted to reach down and pull the object against her sex but she didn’t. If she let go of the handles, Felicia had no doubt that everything would stop. She needed to relax and just let it happen.

The object pressed harder against her sex. It rubbed up and down the lips of her pussy. The gentle vibrations teased and excited her lips.

Felicia grinded back. It was hard to move but she could be very determined when she was horny. The object was wide but the vibrations were too weak. All she did was just turn herself on more.

The object pulled away. The light above her turned off and the chair rolled down the track.

A light mist fell on Felicia. It was a warm spray. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. It was water.

The chair stopped again. Another spotlight illuminated her body.

Something licked her sex. Felicia shuddered as a skilled tongue flicked across her pussy lips. Up and down the length of her pussy lips it licked.

It wasn’t a person. Felicia realized it was something mechanical. The tongue was too precise and the motion never changed. Up and down, up and down, up and down the tongue flicked and licked her sex.

Felicia squirmed on the chair. Mechanical or organic, she wanted that tongue inside her.  She wanted to reach down and pulled her pussy lips apart. She wanted to sit on whatever or whoever was licking her.

Someone screamed from down the track. Felicia felt a pang of jealousy. The scream sounded like sex. Surely it couldn’t all be teasing on this track, right?

The spotlight turned off. The unknown tongue moved away. The chair rumbled again into the darkness

Something grabbed her tit. It squeezed as her body rolled by in the chair.

Something pinched her nipple. It was over in an instant.

Something licked her other nipple. It happened so fast she wondered if she imagined it.

The chair stopped again. The spotlight came back on. Felicia moaned as she waited for the next thing to happen.

Something sprayed against her sex. It was water. It pulsed like her shower massager at home.

“Fuck,” Felicia moaned. This was good. The water pressure was strong and the pulses were perfect. She could come on this. She would come on this. There was no doubt.

The pressure grew stronger. Water splashed off her pussy and drops landed on her tilted body. Felicia came closer to coming.

The pulsing increased in speed. It was like getting finger fucked by water.

Felicia’s hips gyrated in her seat. She bit her lip and focused on her pleasure. She was so close.

The water stopped. The light turned off. The chair rolled into the darkness.

Felicia screamed. It was a scream of frustration and her orgasm denied. She gripped the handles tightly as the chair carried her.

Air blew onto her. Felicia shivered as powerful gusts of air blasted her. The air was strong enough to push her large tits around. A gust of wind blew onto her pussy and Felicia’s sensitized sex clenched.

The chair stopped. Felicia realized she was completely dry. The light came back on.

“Please, please, please,” Felicia moaned.

Something pressed against the lips of her sex. It pushed and then slid inside her. It entered her and stopped only when her entire sex was filled.

“Yes,” Felicia moaned.

The object began to move in and out at a steady pace.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Felicia moaned.

The object picked up speed. It fucked her like her husband after a long day of flirting.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Felicia shouted.

It went even faster. Lubricant sprayed onto her sex but she was already soaking wet. It was pounding her sex like her husband after a week’s separation.

“YES, YES, YES!” Felicia cried.

The power of the thrusts increased. The chair shook as her body took the fury of the thrusts. Her tits jiggled and her hair bounced. It fucked her. It rammed her like her husband had been watching her fuck other men.

“YES! YES! YES!” Felicia screamed.

Felicia held on as it fucked. Her knuckles turned white as she kept a grip on the handles. She took the fucking like the wet horny housewife that she was.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. Her orgasm was an explosion.

The object kept fucking. More lubricant sprayed onto her sex. The thrusts didn’t falter for a second.

“FUCK!” Felicia screamed. She writhed in her chair as the straps held her down.

The object picked up speed. She was pounded into the chair. Her body went limp as it took all that the object had to give her.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Felicia howled. Her third orgasm crashed over her. Darkness crowded around her vision.

The fucking suddenly stopped. The light went off. The chair began to move.

Felicia wondered why it stopped. Her pussy was tingling but she wanted more. She half sat up in the chair and then fell back into it.

That was when she realized that the straps were gone. The chair was back to an upright position. She had let go of the handles. It must have happened with the last orgasm.

Felicia gripped the handles again. She hoped she could resume whatever she had started. Her hands clenched with all her might.

The chair passed through a set of curtains. The light hurt Felicia’s eyes. She was back at the beginning.

She kept squeezing but the chair wouldn’t restart.

Felicia let out a sigh and climbed out of the chair. Her legs almost gave out. She steadied herself and touched her sex. It was sore. It hadn’t been fucked like that since the time she fucked her husband’s bowling team.

It was time to go. She took her clothes out of the box and put them back on. It took much longer to get dressed than it did to take them off.

When she was decent, Felicia walked out the side of the partition. The sounds of hammering and sawing resumed behind her. The comforting smells of the food court beckoned.

Felicia walked on unsteady feet towards an early lunch.