Mar 302015

There are many paths to the ways to magic. All are costly but what you pay differs with each method. For some the cost is years spent reading nearly incomprehensible books. For others the cost is fortunes spent acquiring artifacts. History is filled with those who paid too much envied by those who paid too little.

One method and perhaps the oldest is to give your body to desires of supernatural entities. Beings of unnatural bodies crave the flesh of mortals. We are a rare indulgence and a unique sexual experience for them. As tempting as painfully beautiful demons can be, we are just as irresistible to them.

Negotiation is key. Value your existence and sell it for a good price. Don’t be the wizard who sucked a thousand demon cocks and finds out later that all they gained was a spell for finding lost socks. Make your demands up front and haggle only in your favor.

Sometimes just the act of fucking a magical being is enough to endow oneself with magic. The thrust of something that has travelled worlds may penetrate your soul as well as your ass. Licking the juice from a giant cosmic vagina may give birth to new abilities. Even something as simple as a kiss can awaken a locked part of your mind.

Due to the complexity and power required for some of the more obscure and powerful beings, some wizards and witches pool their resources to call the creature. These grand summonings can pierce the veil and bring forth immensely powerful entities that are near insatiable with their desires. At this point the numbers of the group become a safety feature as they can work together to sate the needs of the aroused thing they have brought to this world.

Never summon that which you can not get off.

Samuel Noone,
“The Pussy of Life”

Mar 252015

“What does tightrope walking and getting a blowjob from your grandmother have in common?” asked Daisy the Dirty Doll.

“Eww,” said the human on stage. Her name was Connie. “I have no idea.”

“You don’t look down,” Daisy said.

The audience inside the tent groaned. Daisy’s little puppet legs kicked up to flash a thick brown bush at the crowd. Dirty snickers rumbled through the crowd.

I half listened to the act. I wasn’t here for a dirty ventriloquist act. I was here because my best friend Johnny said that if you approach Connie after the show with a twenty dollar bill in your hand, she’ll invite you back to her wagon for a blowjob.

That was crazy of course. Johnny was always bragging about getting sucked and fucked and no one ever believed him. I sure as fuck didn’t. Still, I had twenty dollars in my hand because you know, why not at least try?

I wished Connie was prettier though. She was plain looking with long straight brown hair and an upturned nose. She had no breasts that I could see and I considered myself an expert since I had felt up Megan Anderson behind the bleachers at least six times. Connie was no Megan Anderson at all.

But a blowjob was a blowjob and I had never had one.

The show ended and everyone filed out of the tent. I saw Connie carry Daisy to the side entrance. I pushed my way to the crowd towards her. My fingers clenched tightly around the twenty as if I was afraid anyone would notice what I was here for.

Connie saw me just as she was about to leave. She stopped and turned so Daisy could face me. I got a much better look at the doll. I thought she was wearing a white dress but up close I saw that it was sheer and I could see her naked wooden body underneath. Her dark bush was pretty hard to ignore under her white skirt.

“Hey there, good looking,” Daisy said. She flipped a small puppet hand through her long blonde hair. Her voice sounded sleazier up close.

“Hey,” I said. “Umm, my friend of mine told me to uh, bring some money-“

“And you’ll get your cock sucked?” Daisy asked. Connie wrinkled in nose in distaste.

“Uh yes,” I said. “I’m sorry if it was a prank-“

Daisy cut me off. “Hell no, it isn’t a prank! Connie here will choke on your fat cock for twenty bucks. You got twenty bucks, right?”

Words caught in my mouth so I just opened my hand. Daisy and Connie both looked at it.

“Hot damn!” Daisy said. “Looks like I know what you’re eating for dinner, Connie.”

Connie sighed.

“Come on, Dickie,” Daisy said. “Let’s go somewhere more private.”

Holy shit, it was true. Connie and Daisy went out the tent and I followed. I felt my cheeks grow hot. As I followed the two, I felt like everyone I passed knew exactly what was about to happen.

We passed by the House of Tremors and the Deep Sword Swallowers. We went past the Jiggle-Whirl and the Swinger Spinner. We kept walking past the Balloons Busty game and the Ring Nipple Toss.

Finally we came to a row of trailers. Connie went up the steps to a small trailer and opened the door. Daisy looked over Connie’s shoulder at me.

“Come in a boy and leave a man!” Daisy said. “Or at least a few ounces lighter.”

I stepped into the trailer. There was a surprising amount of porn on the walls. It was mostly cocks and suddenly I felt inadequate.

Connie sat on the floor of the trailer and propped Daisy up on the bed. Daisy patted the space beside her on the bed. I sat down next to the doll. I wasn’t sure who to look at.

“First of all, give us your money,” Daisy said.

I handed the money to Connie.

“No!” Daisy yelled. “You don’t pay the whore, you pay me!”

“Oh,” I said. I put out my hand with the money towards Daisy. She didn’t move.

“Stick it down the front of my dress,” she said.

I might have blushed more. I reached out and slipped the twenty down the neck of her dress. Daisy groaned as the money slid over her wooden bust. I drew my hand quickly back.

“I have a little rule in my trailer,” Daisy said. “If someone’s getting their cock sucked, then I’m getting eaten too. Understand? So if you want your cock sucked, you got to eat me out.”

What? I looked at Connie and Daisy loudly cleared her throat.

“Don’t look at that slut, you’re eating me out!” Daisy snapped. “Now lift my skirt and get to it!”

Maybe this was the joke. This whole thing was a set up to see if I would go down on a doll. Maybe Johnny and his friends were peeking through a window. The smart thing to do would be to leave now.

On the other hand, I might be missing out on a blowjob.

I reached for Daisy’s skirt and lifted it. A thick patch of fur was stuck in the space between her wooden legs. I tried to pick Daisy up but Connie shook her head and wouldn’t let go of her dummy.

Fine, I bent over on the bed and stuck my head down between the doll’s legs.

I felt fingers undo my zipper.

Oh shit, this was really happening. I nuzzled into the thick fuzzy hair.

“Use your damn tongue!” Daisy snapped.

I quickly obeyed. I stuck my tongue out and licked. I felt wooden ridges under the fake hair. Was that pussy lips?

A hand reached into my pants and grabbed my cock. I groaned into Daisy’s snatch. The hand pulled my cock out and stroked it.

“Get in there, pretty boy!” Daisy yelled. “Eat me out and make me shout!”

I licked harder. The wooden pussy lips were thankfully smooth. I licked and I licked.

Something warm and wet wrapped around the head of my cock. I shuddered as the warmth slipped down my cock and engulfed me.

Holy fuck! I was getting my cock sucked!

“Oh fuck this is some good mouth fucking,” Daisy moaned.

I realized that Connie was throwing her voice while my cock was almost completely in her throat. Damn, she was good.

I kept licking. I never really ate pussy before and I worried that I would do a bad job before I remembered it was just a fucking doll. In fact, I stopped licking altogether.

“Don’t you dare quit licking, fucker!” Daisy yelled.

I jumped and kept licking. How did Connie know? Maybe women just knew shit like that.

As I kept licking, Connie kept sucking on my cock. It was so much better than I had ever imagined. It was so much wetter than my hand. It was a hell of a lot better than Megan Anderson’s hand. Shit, blowjobs became my favorite thing ever.

“Keep sucking him down, you dirty whore!” Daisy yelled. “Suck on that thick cock while I get my pussy eaten! I bet you wish your pussy was being eaten you dirty slut. I bet your twat is so damn wet but too bad! I’m the star of this show and only the star gets her pussy eaten!”

Damn, this doll was mean. It was kind of turning me on. I kept licking the wooden pussy because I didn’t want that meanness directed at me.

Connie kept sucking too. Up and down my cock she went. Her lips were tight around me and her tongue licked every inch of me. She took all of me into her mouth and I felt her nose press into my lap.

“Oh yeah,” Daisy moaned. “Oh yes, yes, yes, FUCK!”

The doll grinded into my mouth. I kept my tongue out and let the doll fuck my face. She screamed her orgasm and it shook the small trailer.

It was too much for me. I never lasted long in Megan Anderson’s hands either. My nut busted and I groaned into Daisy’s hairy crotch.

Connie didn’t make a sound as she swallowed all that I gave her.

“Holy shit, that was good,” Daisy said. “Get off my cunt you greedy twat sucker! Get!”

I quickly moved away from her lap. As I sat up, Connie left my lap. It was up to me to tuck my wilting cock back into my pants.

“Alright fucker, you got what you came for,” Daisy said. “Now get. I got to smoke a cigarette.”

“Uh, thanks,” I said. I zipped up and headed for the door.

“Be sure to tell your friends!” Daisy yelled as I walked out.

Mar 232015

Attention Euphorians! After enjoying an eventful orgiastic night with the loyal men and women of the 51st Executioner Squad, Queen Erishella has declared a Moment of Reprieve for all enemies of the Queen!

This means all prisoners of the Queen shall enjoy a break from their deserved tortures and punishments.

This means all rogue states that have not rightfully submitted to the Queen shall enjoy a ceasefire from her righteous armies.

This means all traitorous democracy advocates will be allowed to speak without a justified beating.

This means all sex slaves of the state shall rest their weary and well used orifices.

Enjoy this Moment of Reprieve from Queen Erishella and do not mistake this act of mercy as weakness! The glorious Queen’s kindness is undoubtedly a complex and inscrutable action born from some terrible and mysterious cruel scheme.

The Moment of Reprieve shall end in one hour.

Mar 222015

The following are links I found interesting or useful for my writing.

I love conspiracies. Taking real world data and fudging it a little to make a story might be the basis for all fiction but conspiracies often go that extra mile for a little WTF. Read about how the Denver Airport is probably a secret Illuminati bunker.

Know what fantasy roleplaying games need more of? Real world economics applied to fantasy tropes. Multiplexer writes in depth articles about such things and each one is gold. Well, let’s just say a valuable precious commodity because as some of the articles prove, that pile of Dragon’s gold is probably the worse thing to ever happen to an economy. It is hard to pick a favorite but if I had to it would be about the Murder Hobo Investment Bubble.

Finally we have a free game you can play in your browser. The Coop Times is about being a reporter with a really vicious deadline. You are given a story and told to write five lines about it under a time constraint. It is a fun and hectic way to write and I highly recommend that any writer give it a shot. The stories are then collected and published on a site so you can see the collective efforts of your fellow reporters. 

Music this week is Beastmilk’s “Death Reflects Us” because everyone needs Beastmilk in their life.

Mar 202015

There are worlds of pure sex. The air is nothing more than musk. Every sound is a variation of a moan. The ground is shifting throbbing flesh. The oceans are a mixture of semen and pussy juices. The inhabitants are beings of sexual energy beyond comprehension.

Surrounding these worlds is the Astral Main. A near endless ocean of erotic thought, the Astral Main serves as a barrier and a gate to these worlds from ours. Every erotic thought, every base desire and every dirty notion came from the Astral Main. Every erotic thought, every base desire and every dirty notion goes to the Astral Main.

Creatures, demons, angels, gods and others roam the Astral Main. They come from the sex worlds to frolic and play in the minds of mortals. Their presence in the Astral Main inspires us with strange thoughts. They haunt us with unnatural desires. They motivate us to sate bizarre needs that are not our own.

A few mortals are there as well. Most are dreamers or magicians, arriving by accident or through unwise rituals. These are usually quickly overwhelmed by the raw thoughts and crash into the dreams of mortals

Beware also of pirates that guide strange ships through storming tempests of ravishing dreams in search of unwary travelers. They often capture trespassers into the Astral Main and subject them to their own twisted needs. Once they are thoroughly used, most of their victims are sold as playthings to barely comprehensible forces on strange shores. A select few however as inducted into the pirates though philosophers debate which is worse.

Not all trespassers are doomed. Some have the will to erect towers or carve caves out of the ocean of boiling desire. These sanctuaries protect the mortal from the attention of most of the inhabitants of the Astral Main. From these protected spaces, the trespasser will find that the slightest forbidden thought can become reality. They find it easy to invite other mortals to play briefly in their private realms. They can peer out onto the Astral Main and see wonders with a lesser risk of madness.

It is written that that some of these islands survive the deaths of their creators. The theory is that the will of the creator was strong enough to alter the turbulent depths of the Astral Main forever. I think it is more likely that something greater dreamed of the island and some poor mortal thought it was their own wish.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

Mar 182015

Felicia Grafal Flores parked in front of the sandwich place. A sign promised the best Philly cheese steak in town. That was a bold promise from a place that only opened last week. Felicia wasn’t that big of a fan of cheese steaks, but she did like new places.

She never knew what could happen with a new place.

Felicia walked into the place and saw that she was the only customer. There were three men working behind the counter and each of them turned to watch her. Why shouldn’t they? Felicia might be an older woman but she prided herself on still being gorgeous. Her wavy black hair was immaculately styled and her dark Puerto Rican skin was moisturized several times a day. All she needed to do with her plump breasts was wear tops with cleavage and Felicia considered it her duty to all men, and some women, to wear blouses that transformed her cleavage into a deep canyon. Some might think her hips were too wide for the skirts she wore but never had a single complaint.

The three men behind the counter had waxed moustaches like something out of her grandmother’s photo albums. The oldest was the same age as Felicia’s husband but the other two men were young enough to be his sons. They all wore shirts tighter than Felicia’s although where she had plump breasts to show off, they had the hard lines of broad muscles. They looked less like sandwich makers and more like strongmen from times past.

Thunder cracked outside despite there being clear skies when Felicia came in. She paid it no mind; these kinds of inconsistencies happened to her all the time.

“What can we do for you today?” the older man asked.

Felicia looked at the menu above his head while he looked at her cleavage. There were seven varieties of Philly cheese steaks. Most of them had ingredients that she didn’t recognize. She settled on the one that looked the most familiar.

“I’ll have a number three,” she said. She set her purse on the counter and took out her wallet.

“And your drink?”

“I’ll have the Coke,” she said. Coke was everywhere.

“That will be ninety-six,” the man said.

She noticed that one of the younger men walked around the counter towards her. The other young man flexed his fingers.

“Ninety-six?” Felicia said. “That’s all? Not even a dollar? Or did you mean ninety-six dollars? If that is the case I think I’ll pass.”

The older man shook his head. “No, ninety-six,” he said slowly, as if she didn’t understand English.

Felicia got that a lot. She was Puerto Rican but most people mistook her for Mexican. They didn’t know she grew up watching BBC and probably had a better vocabulary than most Americans. She also knew that these guys were probably not Americans themselves.

“I don’t understand,” Felicia said.

The young man behind her grabbed her skirt and yanked it down. Felicia cried out as her bare ass and hairy pussy was exposed. She rarely bothered with panties and never when exploring new places.

Despite being exposed, she made no motion to cover herself. “What are you doing?” she demanded. Her tone was not angry in the least.

“Getting payment, ma’am,” the young man said. He pushed her towards the counter. The other young man leaned forward and grabbed her wrists. He pulled her arms across the counter until she was bent over it, her naked ass exposed.

“Ninety-six what?” Felicia asked again although now she had a pretty good guess.

The young man kicked her legs apart. Felicia obliged and braced herself. She felt one hand go to the top of her ass and press down gently. He was locking her in place.

SMACK! His hand struck her plump ass with swift force.

“Fuck!” Felicia cried. There was no warm-up at all!

SMACK! SMACK! The young man behind her spanked each side of her ass in turn.

“Shit!” Felicia yelled but she wasn’t struggling. This wasn’t her first time being spanked in a strange place.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The young man continued to spank her ass, delivering slaps with painful precision.

She noticed a bulge in the pants of the man holding her wrists. She wondered if it was for the sight of her bare ass getting spanked or the sight of her cleavage falling over the side of the counter. Felicia guessed it was probably both.

“Ten.” SMACK! “Eleven.” SMACK! “Twelve.” SMACK!

The old man was counting. She looked at his pants and there was a bulge there as well.

Felicia wondered what her husband, Emil, would do if he saw her now. Probably take out his cock and jack off. He would tell the men to fuck her ass after they had spanked it. He would wait until all three of them had fucked her ass before coming in her mouth.

Sweet Jesus, she loved her husband.

SMACK! “Twenty-one.” SMACK! Twenty-two.”

Felicia groaned. The young man showed no signs of getting tired. Each spank was as hard as the last.

SMACK! “Thirty-three.” SMACK! “Thirty-four.”

She clenched her pussy in frustration. Juices flowed from her needy sex and down her leg. It wouldn’t be long before the smell of her pussy filled the sandwich store.

SMACK! “Forty-six.” SMACK! “Forty-seven.”

There was a bell. Felicia gasped. It was the door! Someone else had walked in! They were watching the strange men with the wax moustaches spank her!

It made her pussy even wetter.

SMACK! “Fifty-eight.” SMACK! Fifty-nine.”

Felicia’s ass burned. Over and over, the young man kept striking the two same spots on her ass. Each buttock seemed to be on fire.

She pulled slightly but the man in front of her held firmly onto her wrists. There would be no escape until every spank was paid for.

SMACK! “Sixty-five.” SMACK! Sixty-six.”

The bell rang again and then again. The lunch crowd was coming in. More people were waiting in line to order. That meant more people were watching Felicia’s brown ass turning pink with every slap.

She wished that she had just gotten the sandwich and not the combo. That would have been cheaper.

SMACK! “Seventy-two.” SMACK! “Seventy-three.” SMACK!

The pain was almost too much. It felt like the rest of her body had dropped off and now all that she was a tender ass.

No, she was also a needy greedy hungry pussy. Her sex ached with the need to be filled, fucked, rammed and used.

SMACK! “Eighty-four.” SMACK! Eighty-five.”

Felicia lunged for the bulge in front of her. Her lips closed around the young man’s slacks. In a haze of lust and pain, she bit down gently on the bulge as her spit soaked into his pants.

The young man groaned and pressed against her face. She smelled grease, onions and beef on his pants.

SMACK! “Ninety-One.” SMACK! “Ninety-two.”

It was almost over! Felicia just had to hold on for a few more spanks. It seemed like an impossible task. Her ass burned so much!

Felicia chewed gently on the slacks covered bulge in her mouth.

SMACK! “Ninety-three.” SMACK! “Ninety-four.”

Felicia’s ass hurt. It burned. It was on fire. It felt hotter than the grill they were using to make her sandwich. It was too much.

Felicia’s pussy was so wet. Juices flowed like a river down her thighs. She could fuck every wax mustached man working here. She could fuck all of the customers that she knew was behind her. She could fuck her husband and his huge cock five times at least.

SMACK! “Ninety-five.”

One more spank. It felt impossible. One more spank and she would die from pain and need.

SMACK! “Ninety-six.”

The man in front of her released her wrists. Felicia opened her mouth and he took a step back. She smiled at the wet stain that outlined his hard cock underneath.

Strong hands gently pulled her from the counter and to her feet. Her ass flinched as it waited for another spank. A stranger walked past her to place an order with the older man. The man that held her wrists turned around to get her sandwich from a window. The man who had spanked her stepped to the side to squirt sanitizer into her hands.

Felicia felt exposed. The sudden lack of attention made her self conscious about her bare ass. She bent down and grimaced as her ass complained. She grabbed her skirt and pulled it back up to her waist.

The light cloth settled on her tender ass. Felicia cried out as the simple touch enflamed her growing welts.

“Number three combo,” the young man said. He passed her a bag and a drink.

Felicia smiled and took her meal. She turned around to see a long line behind her. The men looked at her with obvious longing while the women blushed with embarrassed lust.

She didn’t want to dine inside. Felicia headed for the door even though the rain was coming down hard outside. A young grinning man half her age held the door open for her.

It was bright and sunny outside. When she reached her car, she looked back at the sandwich shop. They had one customer being waited on by a duo of teenagers.

Felicia opened her car. She took a deep breath and sat down in her seat.

The pain was overwhelming. Her abused ass flared with stinging sensation while Felicia bit down on her lip.

As soon as the door was closed, Felicia’s fingers were under her skirt. She buried her fingers in her hairy pussy as she clenched her eyes shut. The pain of her ass intertwined with the pleasure from her pussy like a braid of sensations.

She pictured the bulge that was soaked with her spit. She remembered the sound of the old man counting. She relived the force of the spanking man’s blows.

“Fuck!” Felicia screamed in her car. She climaxed and the car rocked with the force of her spasms.

Mar 162015

DoomCover-SCREENForever Doomed is a collection of comics and essays by Tenebrous Kate. She focuses on DOOM in music, literature and movies. This book is a lot like having Kate’s brain in paperback.

I love this little fanzine and it has super high production values from start to finish. This feels like the Blu-Ray edition of fanzines. The pages are glossy and sturdy which means it will survive even my rough handling.

Plus, Forever Doomed contains the best Nazgul on Nazgul sex scene you will ever read.

This super-affordable fanzine deserves a place on your weird bookshelf.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


Mar 152015

The following are links that I found interesting or useful for my writing.

There were many obituaries, retrospectives and just plain anguish over the death of Sir Terry Pratchett this week. Kieron Gillen wrote one that I felt was especially true and helpful in this dark time.

The Story of Yars Revenge is the story of how one of the most bizarre and yet most enduring videogames from the Atari was created. The most interesting part is that the designer was an economist and though he knew jack little about games, he understood economics and applied his knowledge to making a lasting game.

(Actually) True War Stories at NBC News is a cruel funny look at how an organization tasked with informing the public is far more concerned with ratings, egos and finding something to blame.

I have been hard on fan fiction in the past but lately I have come around to recognizing it as a fun creative outlet for people. Having said that, this article explores the mystery of one of the worse fan fictions ever created, My Immortal.

Nuns and Nuclear Security is a novel disguised as a news article but it is well worth your time. As a writer, I often imagine that nuclear weapons and other terrible things are guarded by something out of a James Bond novel. The truth is that the security resembles more from an episode of Archer. The Plowshares movement frequently breaks into top secret places and what they do there seems more like blood magic rituals than war protesting. It is a long fascinating read.

This week’s music is a throwback to my youth. “In the Back of My Mind” is from Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham-less Behind The Mask album.

Mar 132015

Terry Pratchett passed away yesterday. It is a death I have been emotionally preparing for but it still hits me hard. He was the rare writer that combined comedy, drama and heart. Compassion is the engine that drives all of his books and I always felt like a better person just for reading them.

I have no words for the grief I feel so I will leave you with two of Terry’s, both from my favorite Pratchett book, Thief of Time.

“When in doubt, choose to live.”

And my personal favorite,

“When you look into the abyss, it’s not supposed to wave back.”


Mar 112015

There were clues but Andrew didn’t notice them. Today he had to give a presentation to the upper managers and it consumed all of his focus. This was a common problem with mortals; they cared about all of the wrong things.

Andrew didn’t hear the ringing of bells because he spent the morning car ride listening to a motivational recording.

He didn’t catch the smell of robin eggs and nut beer because his mouth was full of a terrible breakfast burrito.

He did feel a warm breeze on a cold rainy March morning but he blamed it on global warming.

The flicker of golden wings around his office should have tipped him off but he never took his eyes off the presentation on his computer.

Andrew found out too late when he was in the restroom. He stood in front of a urinal and tried to pass the morning’s coffee. After he flushed but before he could zip up, he felt something thin and hot wrap around his wrist.

“No,” he groaned. He tried to move his hand but it was impossible. A powerful force yanked his hand up to the wall. Something else yanked his pants down to his ankles. He tried to use his free hand but he felt the thin hot thread encircle that wrist as well. It pulled his hand up to the wall and Andrew lacked the strength to move it.

“Not now!” he hissed. He was trying not to be heard. Oh God, was anyone in the stalls? He didn’t think so but he didn’t check.

“Please,” he whispered. “You’re a day early! I’ll give it to you tonight. Or if you need it right now, let me go back to my office. Anyone can walk in.”

He heard the giggles. The little ladies had no mercy.

One flew down near his head. It was the redhead. She was barely six inches tall with full breasts the size of his thumb. Her golden wings flapped as her other hand went to her sex. She fingered her furry red patch inches from his nose.

“Please,” he whispered again although he knew better.

A single note sang from her lips and he felt the fluttering of wings around his cock. Four of the little ladies settled onto his cock and wrapped their arms tightly around him. Small button breasts pressed against the length of his cock. Tiny mouths kissed the ridges of his cock. Their wings flapped and their bodies rocked back and forth as they tugged on his cock.

Andrew groaned. His cock throbbed. How many times had he done this for the little ladies? He had lost count. His hips moved back and forth as he gave into the rhythm of their stroking.

More of the little ladies appeared. Tiny cords wrapped around his legs and arms. Inch by inch they secured his body in place until all he could do was pump his hips.

The tiny redhead flew to his mouth and pressed a small breast to his lips. He kissed her breasts and flicked his tongue. Her tit tasted like lemon candy.

She giggled and flew away from his mouth.

“Faster,” he groaned. He looked to the restroom door. It stayed close. He knew from experience that no one else would see the little ladies. If someone walked in right now all they would see is him with his cock out humping the wall.

The ladies kept their slow steady pace. Their giggles were his only proof that they heard him.

Andrew looked away from the door. Not for the first time he wondered if it was all truly worth it. The Queen of the little ladies had whispered her offer to him. Straighter teeth, a better grasp of accounting and the blessing that his French fries would never be cold sounded great at first. The price of having to give his seed every twenty-six days was actually more appealing than the gifts they were offering. Who wouldn’t agree to something that required sex every twenty-six days?

He just didn’t know that the method and timing of the giving was never his to decide.

The red head lady sang something. More of the little ladies appeared all around him. One nuzzled his balls like it was a pillow. Another little lady rubbed her small breasts on his earlobe. Two of the ladies sat on his head and rolled around in his hair.

Most of the little ladies just flew around him. Their naked bodies floated about him as they stroked themselves and each other. Gold cheeks flushed as they sang out their orgasms. He was surrounded by a hundred of the naked little ladies.

“Fuck,” Andrew groaned. He was close. He laughed with nervous relief. He needed to come before someone walked in!

The redhead sang another strange note. Three of the little ladies appeared carrying a golden bowl. Andrew knew that bowl. He watched as they floated down to just in front of his cock.

The redhead drifted down to his cock. As the other little ladies continued to tug and pull on him, the redhead went to his tip. She opened her mouth and licked the drop of precum that waited for her.

Andrew came. He blasted the redhead with his first load and all of the little ladies laughed. They kept stroking him as the redhead moved out of the way. They jerked and pulled as he shot stream after stream into the gold bowl.

When he was finally drained, they released his cock. The little ladies rushed to the bowl to help carry it. Once again, the bowl was full despite only ejaculating a few ounces. It was just more magic he assumed.

He did wonder what it was they did with all of that seed.

The redhead floated up to his face. She tried to look cross with his come all over her body but her smile gave it away. She wagged her finger at him in mock admonishment.

“Sorry,” he said.

The redhead clapped her hands and suddenly he was alone. Andrew fell forward as the tiny cords released his body but he caught himself on the restroom wall. He pulled his pants up in a hurry and stuck his spent cock back into his boxers.

He still tasted her lemon candy breast on his lips.