Feb 032016

Explorer’s Log: I am on day eight of my fourteen day journey to the star system designated “Precious Drop of the Queen’s Spit” by Royal Astronomers. I am picking up many weak transmissions from nearby star systems. This section of space appears to be inhabited but very lightly. I wonder if there are crazy like that alien I met recently who was hoarding fungus. I will see what I can do about boosting my receiving capability to see if I can communicate with these lonely voices.

Speaking of the fungus, I have completed my analysis of the fungus I secured. It appears to have many transmutative qualities. It also appears to be have some aphrodisiac properties that might work on Euphorians. I am transmitting all of my analysis back to the Royal Navy to see if this qualifies as a Major Biochemical discovery. The seven bed slave reward for such a discovery is nice, but I would be more excited to know I discovered something that could please the Queen personally.

Also, I humbly request that we call the fungus, Vaqus, since I did discover it and all. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Of course, sending back analysis is nice and all, but to really get some data I need to test the fungus myself. It gave the crazy guy a giant erection and a powerful sex drive. I can’t wait to see what it does to my pussy.

Vaquel Di stood naked inside the main corridor of her probe ship. The bright ship lights illuminated her dark skin and bright pink hair. Her large breasts and thick ass cast curvy shadows on the walls.

“Listen up, Chairbot,” she said.

The purple chair robot wheeled itself next to her. “I’m listening, Mistress! Would you like to sit down while you talk to me?”

“No, now shut up,” Vaquel said. “This is important. Vaqus increased the alien’s strength and made him a savage horny savage. I have no problem with that but I don’t want to hurt the ship. See that patch on my neck? This is an automated injector that will fill my body with enough sedative to put an orgy to sleep. If I start trashing the ship, activate the injector using ship channel six. Understand?”

“Certainly, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Would you like to sit on me while you try to the Vaqus?”

“No,” Vaquel snapped. She picked up a pinch of the weird fungus. The alien had grabbed a mouthful and the transformation was severe. Vaquel figured that a small bite would probably just make her horny and strong.

She placed the tiny amount in her mouth. It tasted bitter. She chewed on it for a few seconds. There was a slight minty flavor. She swallowed.

“Feel anything, Mistress?” Chairbot asked. “Are your legs tired?”

Vaquel ignored him. She didn’t feel anything. Maybe it was too small an amount.

Her right arm shook. The twitching grew stronger and her right breast began to jiggle. The shaking spread down to her leg. Her left breast began to shake followed by her arm.

“F-f-f-f-uck!” Vaquel stuttered. She was twitching from head to toe. Her skin felt like it was on fire. Something hot and acidic ran through her veins.

“Want me to sedate you, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

Vaquel tried to respond but her teeth were chattering. There was a strange sound coming from her arms. She watched in wonder as her muscles squirmed and grew. Giant bulges emerged on both arms.

The growing spread. She felt her thighs thicken. Her ass got bigger. There was pain in both breasts as she grew a cup size and then another. It became hard to swallow as her neck increased in girth.

“I’m going to activate the injector!” Chairbot yelled.

Vaquel raised a large hand for the robot to stop. The pain was fading. There was a new feeling. It was a tingling. It was a lightness that spread through her limbs. It was good.

The feeling reached her breasts. She grabbed her giant dark breasts with giant powerful hands. Her nipples were as big as her thumbs. She felt a new sensitivity in her breasts and it was wonderful.

“YES,” Vaquel growled. Her voice was so much deeper than before.

She let go of her breasts and touched the rest of her body. Her ass was huge and thick but every millimeter of it was muscle. She couldn’t wrap her enlarged hands around her now enormous thighs.

Vaquel looked down at her sex. A thick forest of pink pubic hair had emerged from her normally thick bush. She reached down and pulled on pussy lips stretched. A terrible heat emanated from her sex.

“NICE,” Vaquel said. She slipped a finger inside her. The heat was almost unbearable.


Vaquel stroked her pussy. Powerful muscles clenched around her finger. A gush of desire sprayed from her sex. She was more than simply aroused; she was an explosion needing a trigger.

“YOU!” Vaquel yelled at Chairbot. “HERE!” She found it hard to think of more than one word at a time.

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot squealed. He happily rolled over to her. The seat expanded in an eager attempt to accommodate her enlarged ass.

Vaquel sat down on him. She heard support motors whine as her vast mass settled onto the seat. Her ass hung off the edges of the customizable seating but she didn’t care. There was only function that she worried about.

“VIBRATE!” Vaquel yelled.

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “May I just say that your beautiful perfect bottom is now even more perfect and wonderful!”

The vibrations began and Vaquel cried out. She leaned forward and rubbed her thick extended pussy lips onto the vibrating seat. It felt good to her sensitized body but it wasn’t enough.

“MORE!” Vaquel yelled.

“Activating super-motors!” Chairbot said.

The vibrations increased but it wasn’t enough. Vaquel clenched her thighs around the seat and grinded. She felt the twisting of metal beneath her. She rubbed back and forth across the vibrating seat. Why were the vibrations so weak today? Any other day and Vaquel would have came twice or three times already.

“MORE!” Vaquel bellowed. She clenched her thighs and cracks appeared in Chairbot’s metal frame.

“Mistress, I suspect your higher body mass is preventing the vibrations of reaching sexual penetration! I might not be able to get you off which saddens me greatly because your ass is so very large and wonderful right now! I am also detecting multiple fractures to my chassis and I am politely asking you to get off of me before I sustain critical damage!”

Vaquel growled. “MORE!”

“Activating emergency vibration motors!” Chairbot said.

There! The seat was vibrating so hard that it was a blur beneath Vaquel. She almost felt something! Her pussy released a steady stream of desire onto the seat. She wasn’t squirting; it was just her natural enhanced amount of lubrication.

Vaquel rocked back and forth. The seat was slippery with her juices. The vibrations soaked into her thighs, ass and pussy. She reached down and pulled on her clitoris which was now as big as a finger.

“Critical chassis failure is eminent!” Chairbot said. “I might have to stop this!”

“NO!” Vaquel yelled.

“Sorry, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I am activating your sedative injection!”

Something stung Vaquel’s neck. It hurt and then she felt a weird numbness spread from the prick.

This angered her. She stood up and gripped the injector on her neck. Her fingers ripped it from her neck and then closed around it in a fist. There was a terrible grinding sound as Vaquel clenched in rage. When she opened her hand, fragments fell to the ground.

Vaquel slapped her neck and the numbness went away. She should be fast asleep but nothing was happening. The dosage couldn’t affect her stronger body.

“PUNY SEDATIVE!” Vaquel yelled.

She waited for Chairbot’s response. He didn’t say anything. She looked for him and she couldn’t find him. The door to the navigation pod was closed though and the safety locks were on. The little bastard had run away!

This made Vaquel angry. She wanted to tear down that door. She wanted to rip Chairbot apart with her bare hands. She wanted to stuff his mangled shape into her hungry pussy.

Wait, she was still horny. Vaquel put a hand down to her sex. Wet pussy juices flowed to the floor in a steady stream. She plunged a finger inside herself and groaned.

Vaquel didn’t need the weak robot! She needed something solid and strong inside her. Vibrations weren’t going to get her off; flesh and muscle would!

She stroked herself. Her other hand went to one of her giant tits and squeezed. She pulled on her nipple that was as hard as diamond. The harder she pinched, the wetter Vaquel became.

“MORE,” Vaquel growled. One finger wasn’t enough. She added a second finger.

“MORE,” Vaquel demanded. A third finger pushed inside her sex. Her pussy grinded on her fingers with immense power.

“MORE!” Vaquel yelled. The cry echoed down the ship interior. She added a fourth finger to her tight sex.

“Mistress, you might hurt yourself!” Chairbot said. He was communicating over the ship’s speakers. “I highly recommend you protect yourself and your wonderful bottom by taking a nap!”

“SHUT UP!” Vaquel bellowed. The enlarged woman leaned back against the hull. She raised a thick leg and propped it on a shelf. Her four fingers plunged deeper inside her soaked sex.

Vaquel’s body shuddered. The need to be filled was incredible. She had been horny but this was different. This was a need that bordered on violence.

She fucked herself with her hand. Her pussy clenched around the thick knuckles of her fingers. Pussy juice flowed onto the floor in an unnatural waterfall of desire.

“Mistress! This drastic of a change is going to have terrible long term effects on your body! You should stop now and figure out a way to purge Vaqus from her system!”

Vaquel’s fungus addled mind felt a moment of rationality. Chairbot was right. This was unnatural, but then her fingers slipped back inside her clenching sex and she forgot all about medical side effects. She had a hungry pit inside her sex that needed to be filled.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched tightly around her fingers. Powerful muscles contracted and squeezed. The pressure on her fingers was incredible.

Fingers weren’t enough. Vaquel needed a fist.

“YES!” Vaquel bellowed. Her fingers curled into a fist. She didn’t bother to stop fucking herself. Her need was too great.

She battled the tremendous forces within her own pussy. With a mighty roar, she did it. Her hand became a fist inside her sex. The penetration was overwhelming. She had achieved the perfect amount of tightness.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried. Her foot kicked out and punched a crater into the hull. She slammed her head back and felt the metal hull give way. She reached down and sunk fingers into the wall.

It was awkward and it was tight but Vaquel kept fisting herself. Muscles bulged on her arm as she plunged deep within herself. The walls of her pussy tightened in an unforgiving vice.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said over the intercom. “Think of a cool shower and maybe oxygen reclaimer statistics!”

“SHUT UP! Vaquel snarled. She was close. Her body was tightening in that familiar manner. All she needed was a little more.

She grunted as she fisted herself deeper. She jabbed her sex with all of her might because her orgasm was almost within reach. Se dropped down into a squat to give her as much access as she could.

In and out, in and out, in and out. Vaquel plunged her thick fist inside her gushing tight sex.

It wasn’t enough. She was on the edge of orgasm but she just couldn’t fall over the brink into euphoria.

Vaquel screamed. It just wasn’t going to happen like this.

She pulled her fist out of her sex. Her hand was glistening with her juices. She shook her hand and it splattered everywhere.

Vaquel stalked the hallway. She growled as she walked. Desire flowed from her sex with every step. Something here had to be able to fuck her.

She found it. A pipe of Crabbian ran along the length of the ship. It carried the plasma flow so it was the most durable part of the ship. That might be tough enough to fuck her.

Vaquel reached up and grabbed a length of pipe. Unknown to her, Chairbot frantically diverted the plasma from the pipe she was gripping. The crazed space explorer wasn’t thinking at all about the risk of a plasma spill burning the ship from the inside out.

She grabbed the Crabbian metal and sunk her fingers into it. The metal resisted her grip but slowly gave way. With a violent jolt, she ripped the thick pipe from the wall.

Vaquel looked at what she had. It was as thick as her fist and nearly as long as her arm. It was perfect.

She spread her legs and brought the pipe down to her sex. The end of the pipe was jagged so she crushed it with her hand. The metal buckled and formed a crude cone.

Vaquel pressed the tip of the pipe to her sex. The never ending stream of desire kept flowing. She had no patience for softness, she jammed the pipe into her sex.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. That felt good! This is what she needed: something thick, hard and almost as tough as her.

She fucked herself. With both hands, she rammed the pipe in and out of her sex. The sounds of her grunts were drowned out by the sound of her pussy being fucked.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched against the invading metal. Powerful muscles exerted tremendous force on the thick metal. Intense heat from her sex warmed the metal. Anything else would have been broken and melted but the tough Crabbian metal was meant to handle heats and pressures far worse.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. That was all she could think of. Every altered part of her body existed for this one purpose. She had a wet tight hole that needed filling.

“Mistress!” Chairbot tried again over the speaker. “Have you considered slowing down? You might hurt yourself!”

Vaquel ignored him. Pain was inconceivable. She was stronger than she had ever been. She was going to get off on this pipe and then she was going to hump this space ship and then she was going to land on a planet and fuck every living thing.

But right now, she was going to come. Her two hands held on tight as she slammed the pipe in and out of her sex.

It wasn’t enough. Vaquel needed more. She reluctantly let go of her pipe with one hand while the other kept masturbating. She grabbed her clitoris with her free hand. The fleshy nub had grown and she could wrap her fingers around it.

Vaquel squeezed. A bolt of pleasure and pain ran through her. The metal warped inside her crushing pussy.

She slapped her clitoris. More pain and pleasure ran through her.

“FUCK!” Vaquel roared.

She pummeled her enlarged clitoris. She started with slaps and went straight to punches. Her body could take it.

Each punch to her clitoris made her pussy wetter. Every punishing blow made her sex clench tighter. Every brutal jab made her body shudder with pleasure.

Vaquel groaned. She was close to coming.

She punched harder.

She slammed the pipe deeper.

She bit her lip until she tasted blood.

“YES!” Vaquel howl. Her body finally climaxed. She shook as her pussy broke off the end of the pipe. She fell to both knees as a waterfall of desire fell from between her thighs onto the deck.

Exhaustion swept over her. It was an endorphin high like none other. Vaquel felt her eyes closing on their own.

Self-preservation kicked through the haze of pleasure. She reached into her sex and pulled out the shards of Crabbian metal. She could feel her body falling into a deep sleep but she held on long enough to clean her pussy of any remaining metal fragments. She just barely succeeded before succumbing to sleep.

Vaquel dreamed of fields of green fungus.

“Mistress, are you alright?”

Vaquel awoke to Chairbot’s wheels bumping into her leg. She sat up and pain flared through her body. Her sex felt like a rocket had slammed into it.

No wait, it was her fist.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She felt awful.

“Mistress! You look terrible! Would you like to sit on me?”

Vaquel didn’t answer. Her jaw hurt. She grabbed the robot and pulled herself up to his seat. She noticed that cracks in his chassis were already gone. How did he do that?

She sat on Chairbot. The seat adjusted to cradle her hurt body. She relaxed into his grip and took a deep breath. It hurt.

Vaquel looked at herself. Stretch marks covered her body from where the muscles had enlarged. With the muscles gone, her skin was ridiculously saggy.
She would have to spend a week with the dermal regenerator to fix all of this.

Worse was what was under the skin. She felt bruises everywhere. Her clitoris was a throbbing mass of pain. Her pussy felt hideously dry. Vaquel wondered how dehydrated her body was.

Eating that fungus might have been the most dangerous and painful thing Vaquel had ever done.

Still, that had been one hell of an orgasm.

Chairbot purred happily under her sore ass.

“Well,” Vaquel said. “That concludes test number one of Vaqus.”

“What do we do now?” Chairbot asked. “Take you to the shower? Take you to the medical scanner? Maybe you just want to nap in my seat?”

Vaquel shook her head. “I have some ideas about test number two. I think I will lower the dosage. Also, I need to make some Crabbian dildoes.”

Feb 012016

January was a busy fucking month.

I completed my second draft on a ebook I am calling “Touched by the Unknown”. It is an entire book of weird sex. A woman buys the right blindfold online and every time she puts it on, something strange touches her. There’s bondage, spanking, weirdness, strangeness and lots of sex. It is my focused intent on creating a truly Weird erotica book and I am pretty proud of it. Now I just need outsiders to read it and poke fun at my typos.

Starting this month, I begin my second draft on my Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style alien abduction book. It is freaking huge. I don’t know how long it will take me to go through it a second time. I am not 100% happy with the first draft and I will be taking the time to go slow and fix every little thing I am not happy with.

I shudder to think how long it would take a proofer to go through it.

I did manage to put out Deep Space Probe Explorer Volume Five. This collects all of the Vaquel stories for 2015. It might be my favorite arc of stories to date.

Also this month I am starting a new ebook that doesn’t have a title but it concerns a woman who becomes a submissive to a mastermind criminal. The criminal is a master of disguise, incredibly smart and of course, wickedly sneaky. He wants a casual BDSM relationship to amuse himself during capers. I picture this book as far shorter than my usual ebooks. Maybe it only concerns itself with one crime per book. The french villain, Fantomas, is a huge inspiration.

Speaking of Fantomas, I finished the 5th book in the series and I am struck by how the villain is the best character but he only gets 10% of the story. Most of the book is about the two heroes following helplessly behind the bad guy. It becomes a sort of reverse-inspiration for me in that I become frustrated with the source material and just want to do it “the right way” in my mind.

So yeah, that’s me.

Jan 272016

My cock pushed into the Cabin Woman’s ass. Her tiny asshole opened for me as I slid in. She cried out and grabbed the back of the chair.

“The Countess will see you-Lords of Space!”

I looked at the servant who had come into the waiting room. He was mostly cybernetic but the parts that were organic were blushing. Half of his face turned the same shade of crimson as his uniform.

“Wait here,” I told my Cabin Woman. I pulled out of her ass and my intelligent pants zipped me up. The Cabin Woman waved at me still bent over the chair.

“Take me to the Countess,” I told the servant.

He glared at me with one organic eye and two robotic. He turned without saying anything and I followed him through the mansion.

I took in the décor as we walked. Seven years ago, the hallways had been decorated with portraits of famous love scenes in history. Now the walls were decorated with holographic recreations of pirate ships exploding. Quite a few of the ships bore a resemblance to my own.

The servant paused in front of a door. He turned to face me and took a moment to not spit at me.

“The Countess is waiting for you, pirate filth!”

I smiled back at him. “That’s me!” I said.

He opened the door and I went in.

The room was another display of money and power. A balcony looked out on the city with only the barest flicker of a privacy screen. A large desk carved from a single giant tree dominated the center. The floor was made of priceless delicate tiles imported from the far side of the galaxy. Even the air was specially treated to be refreshing and soothing.

The Countess was standing by the balcony. We were alone, as I knew we would be. She turned to face me and I admit that even I was struck breathless by her beauty. Long red hair shone with a faint light around her face. Intelligent green eyes stared out from behind floating gold glasses that were merely cosmetic. Pale pink lips sneered at me and yet I still had an erection from their fullness.

She wore a thick dress of green and silver. Her breasts were fully exposed and I wondered if it was the fashion or something especially for me. A necklace held a silver amulet that dangled between her small pert breasts. The dress tightened to an impossibly small waist and I wondered if she indulged in rib removal surgery again. The bottom of her dress was a dozen different ends that snaked and moved on their own; revealing flashes of her long slender legs.

“Captain Blastpants,” Countess Matherine Pellis said. “What blight has brought you back to my world? What fecal matters do you bring to my attention today? What fresh stain will you inflict on my sovereignty now?”

She always makes me laugh. I walked over to her desk and sat down in the seat behind it. She stared at me with silent hatred.

“First, my ship needs refueling,” I said. “Second, we are low on provisions so we will require the normal re-stocking. Third, we suffered some damage on our tracking systems so if you could send a repair team that would be great. Last, my First Mate has a birthday coming up so I am going to take that necklace from you and give it to her.”

The Countess walked over to the desk. The ends of her dress swished and swarmed with menace. She stared at me from behind her floating glasses.

“And what if I told you to go to a black hole and fornicate yourself?” the Countess said.

“Oh, no problem,” I said and I stood up. “I’ll be leaving now and you won’t hear from me again.” I headed towards the door.

I walked six steps before she said, “Wait.”

I stopped but I didn’t turn around.

“And what if I said that I had six warships of the Pik Collective hiding on the moon, waiting for my command to destroy your precious pirate ship?” the Countess asked.

I still didn’t turn around. “Then you would have another hologram to decorate your halls.”

She walked towards me and I heard the swishing of her dress. “And what if I told you that I had twenty armed warriors right outside the door, ready to arrest you?”

At that I laughed. “I would say to get twenty more.”

The Countess came around to my side. She stared at my face but I saw her eyes dip for a split moment to my crotch. I was too much of a gentleman to mention it.

“And what if I said I had a hundred of the best neural surgeons in the sector, waiting to tear you apart, nerve cell by nerve cell, to figure out how to undo the neural lock you placed on me?”

I looked down at her bare breasts, intentionally not looking at her face. “I would say that you wasted your money. At the first sign of being captured, I would activate my own failsafe which would reduce my nervous system to mush.”

The Countess’ breasts rose in a gasp. “You would kill yourself? Wait, are you taking yourself hostage?”

This time I looked her in the eyes. “When it comes to you; that is the only hostage you care about.”

The Countess looked away. She knew it was true. She just hated admitting it.

I felt sorry for her but only for a moment. I remembered seven years ago when prison pods would orbit her planet containing captured space pirates. I remembered how the pods transmitted the screams and agonies of the prisoners as they died of starvation, exposure or worse. I remembered the look on my friend, Captain HellSnatch, as she died slowly in one of those pods.

All of this was on the order of Countess Matherine Pollis. So one very lucky day, my crew and I snuck into this very mansion and we brought along a certain criminal genius of medical skills. We captured the Countess and we made a few small adjustments to her brain. We could have reduced her to a vegetable or inflict endless torments but no, we just made a small tweak to her sex drive.

We made it impossible for her to climax without my touch.

“I’ve enjoyed out talk,” I said, “but I got a pirate ship to restock and refuel and since you’ve said no, I better be going.”

The Countess stepped in front of me. “You bastard, I will take care of it.”

“What?” I said, playing dumb. “Why would you do that?”

“You know why,” the Countess hissed. Her red hair glowed brighter.

My smile faded. “Then do it, now.”

The Countess raised her fingers to her lips. “Port Authority, restock and refuel the Savage Thrust. Also send a maintenance team over to assist with any repairs.”

She nodded as the Port Authority answered in her ears only.

I placed a hand on her breast. She gasped and her knees buckled. Her breast was soft and immaculate like only youth-treatments could provide. For me, it was a lovely breast to hold. For her, it was the first sexual thing she had felt since the last time I had been here.

What was it, two years ago? I wasn’t sure.

“How long has it been since I last fucked you?”

“One solar year, fourteen months and three days,” the Countess said.

“Have you tried vibrators?” I asked.

“Yes,” the Countess answered. Her defeated tone told me how well that worked.

“Did you try subliminal programming?” I asked.

The Countess nodded. I pulled on her nipple and she moaned.

“Anything else?”

“I tried Ugnian mold as an aphrodisiac,” the Countess confessed. “I tried a telepath. I sought out a teacher of the Six Mysteries.”

“Did any of them help?”

“No,” the Countess growled.

“Would you like me to fuck you now?” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered and it came out like a hiss.

I squeezed her breast. “Suck me, first.”

The Countess dropped to her knees faster than a Mupian whore. I laughed as she tugged at my intelligent pants. A seam opened and my hard cock flopped out.

She took me into her mouth instantly. Her eyes narrowed at the taste of the Cabin Woman’s ass but she didn’t stop. She sucked my cock between her lips and down her throat. Her hair glowed intensely around my crotch.

“Lords of Space,” I groaned. I always forgot how strong her need was. Right now the taste of my cock was unlocking parts of her body. She felt wetness between her legs. Sensitivity was returning to her nipples. An old heat returned to her sex.

She grabbed my ass. Her fingers bit into my cheeks as she tried to swallow my cock. I felt her tongue take long licks of my hardness.

I grabbed her glowing hair and pulled out of her mouth. She fought me but I was stronger. When I left her lips, she looked up at me with desperation.

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing, I just like the look in your eyes when you want my cock,” I said.

I slammed her face back into my crotch. My cock went back into her mouth. My balls slapped against her chin.

The Countess took it as I fucked her face. Spit fell from her hungry lips and landed on her small breasts. She looked up at me from behind her floating gold glasses. Her eyes were dazed and had trouble focusing.

I kept fucking her face. The Countess took it. One of her hands drifted down between her legs. She parted the swathes of her dress and fingered her sex. The violence of what I was doing to her mouth was nothing compared to the fury of her stroking.

The countess moaned. The moan turned into a cough and then into choking. I pulled out of her mouth and let her recover. When she tried to take me back in her mouth, I tightened my grip in her hair to stop her.

“Let me!” the Countess said.

That was the terrible thing about the neural lock. It didn’t suppress her desire. It just suppressed her ability to climax. It kept her on edge without any relief. It turned her into a pirate-cock hungry slut.

“I am going to fuck you,” I said.

Tears sprung from her eyes.

I dragged her by the hair towards the desk. The Countess crawled alongside me. Her dress slipped off her body. It must have been intelligent or maybe she had a quick release in there somewhere. Either way, by the time we reached her desk, she was naked.

The Countess crawled up on her desk. She tried to sit on it but I spun her around and forced her face down over the desk. I slapped her ass and she parted her legs.

“Beg,” I said.

“Please!” the Countess cried.

“Say it,” I commanded.

“Please fuck me! Please, please, please!”

“Do you need it?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, yes! I need to be fucked! Please fuck me! My port needs it so bad!”

“Do you need my cock?” I asked.

“YES!” she nearly howled. “I need your damned cock! I need your filthy pirate cock!”

“Hold yourself open,” I commanded.

The Countess reached behind her. She pulled at her bare pussy lips and held them open. Desire dripped from between her legs.

I thought about the pirates she had condemned to death. I sickened at the thought of giving the Countess anything.

Then I remembered Captain HellSnatch. She would have gotten a kick out of this. I did it for her.

I spat on my cock. My fingers ignored her pussy and went for the Countess’ ass instead. I pulled apart her tight buttocks and pressed my cock against her round brown hole.

“No! Yes! No!” the Countess cried out as I pushed inside her.

She was tight but I was insistent. My thick cock opened her so very slowly.

“You can make me stop at any time,” I reminded her. “Say the word, and I will stop right now.”

The Countess said nothing.

My cock slipped past her tight ring and into her ass. The Countess moaned as my thickness filled her. She trembled as I slowly invaded her.

“Want me to quit?” I taunted her.

The Countess shook her head. Bright glowing hair flew everywhere. She grabbed the edges of the desk. Her knuckles turned white.

I fucked her ass. Nice slow strokes violated her bottom. I took my time. I wanted this to last.

The Countess whimpered. She also humped the edge of the table. A few strokes later, she used one of her hands to finger her pussy. She had no shame left.

“Maybe I should take you with me,” I said as I slammed into her ass.

The Countess whimpered but she didn’t disagree.

“I could make you make my Cabin Woman and fuck your ass every day.”

The Countess moaned louder.

“I could fuck your ass while you suck each and every one of my crew.”

The Countess cried out and shook her head.

“Oh, you would like it,” I said. “As long as my cock is in you, you would enjoy sucking on my crew. You would service the women too. You would lick and suck and you would like it because I was fucking your ass.”

The Countess screamed. Her body trembled around my cock. The slut had climaxed.

I hadn’t so I kept fucking her ass. The spit had long dried so every thrust was awfully tight. It didn’t matter to her. I was tearing her ass apart but it meant she could come. No matter how hard I pounded, she kept stroking.

“Come again, Countess Slut,” I said. “You called me filthy, but you are the one coming on a pirate’s cock on your own desk. You will never sit at this desk again without remembering my cock in your ass. You will never forget how much you enjoyed me plundering this tight little hole.

The Countess screamed another climax.

I fucked her harder. There was no mercy left in me. I pounded her ass as cruelly as I could. I made it hurt. I made her pay for every climax with pain.

I fucked her ass for Captain HellSnatch.

The Countess came again. Her scream was a pitiful thing of lust and pain.

I pulled my cock from her ass. A tug on her glowing hair and the Countess fell to the floor in front of me. The silver amulet bounced on her chest. She looked at me with tear streaks behind her floating glasses. Her lips bled from where she had bitten them.

My cock was inches from her face. She tried to suck on it but I wouldn’t let her. I stroked myself. She stroked herself.

I came. A large load of seed splashed onto her face. I kept pumping and coming. Seed dripped from her floating glasses. Seed splattered her glowing red hair. Seed coated her face and dripped onto her tits.

The Countess came again; shaking and quivering as my seed fell onto her.

When I was finally, finished, I released her. The countess clutched to my leg and kept stroking.

“That’s right, I nearly forgot,” I said.

I reached down and ripped the necklace from her neck. The silver amulet was heavy in my hand. My First Mate was going to love it.

My leg kicked free of the Countess before she could come again. She was sobbing on the floor as I left her chamber.

Jan 202016

Felicia Grafal Flores bought a large popcorn and ordered a large bottle of water to go with it. As the young man gathered her popcorn, she broke down and ordered a bag of sweet and sour candy. She stuffed her purse with napkins while the man totaled her order. The amount due was always shocking but she paid it anyway. Felicia always indulged herself at the movies.

The young man behind the counter indulged himself on Felicia. It was cold outside so Felicia had on a large coat but it was open enough to reveal her cleavage. Her blouse underneath was scandalously transparent. The young man tried hard to look at her face instead of stealing peeks at her plentiful soft peaks.

Felicia picked up her popcorn. She could have used her hand to get a bite but instead she leaned forward. Her lips parted and her tongue flicked out. The buttery popcorn stuck to her tongue and she drew it back to her mouth.

The young man stared. He licked his lips as he tried to think of anything to make this transaction last a little bit longer.

Felicia thanked the man and gathered her food. She walked slowly away from the counter. It was freezing outside which was a good excuse to wear tight jeans. The high heels she wore lifted her round ass as she clacked across the lobby. There weren’t many employees in the afternoon on a workday but Felicia knew that every one of them were watching her right now.

This was a familiar place for Felicia. She had blown her husband, Emil, in six of the ten theaters. He had fingered her in seven of the ten. They had fucked in three of the ten. Out of the ten theaters, she had fucked, been fucked or seen a movie in nine of them.

It was the tenth theater that she was heading for today. It was one of the smaller screens, set off to the side at the end of a long hallway. A movie from last Halloween was playing there. It was a kid’s movie about vampires or maybe witches. Felicia wasn’t sure.

It didn’t matter. It was some place new and when Felicia went to new places, something good always happened.

Felicia opened the door and walked into the theater. Right away she could tell the difference. Red lights ran along the walkway. The air was warm and her coat was unnecessary. Instead of pop music she had never heard of, the sounds of a full orchestra could be heard.

She turned the corner expecting to see an orchestra pit, but no, it was set up like any modern theater. Seats were laid out in rows. A white screen waited to be used. Exit signs glowed red in the dim light.

There were only a dozen people here. No one sat together. There were more men than women although not by much.

Felicia decided to blend in and sat by herself. The seat was comfortable vinyl. She sunk into her seat. The smell of a disinfectant hung in the air. Well, this was certainly new. It might be the cleanest theater seat she had ever sat in.

She noticed that that there was a lot of space between her and the next row. It gave her an immense amount of legroom. In fact, there was plenty of room for another person to sit on the floor if they wanted.

The lights dimmed. Felicia put her water in the drink holder of the arm seat. She ate her popcorn as the curtains pulled back to expose more of the screen.

She heard a dozen zippers come undone. The man in the row in front of her took off his shirt.

Felicia wasn’t sure what to do. She unzipped her pants but she kept them on. At least they were ready to drop in a hurry. There was no need to worry about panties. She never wore panties to a new place.

An advertisement appeared on the screen. It was for a green food that she had never heard of. It looked a lot like a dick. The people chomping on the food were doing their best to imitate oral sex. By the end of the commercial, Felicia was licking her lips.

Another advertisement followed it. This one was about a company that edited your home sex movies. Felicia nearly choked when she saw penetration on the big screen. The advertisement gleefully explained how the company could add computer generated effects to make you and your lover look like aliens, monsters or just remove unwanted pounds.

Felicia had some more popcorn. This was getting interesting.

The next advertisement was for Coca-Cola. Felicia wasn’t surprised. No matter where she went, Coke was every where. This ad was memorable for having a cunnilingus scene in it. Felicia wished she had bought something sweeter than water.

There were three more advertisements after that. One was for camera equipment, another was for lubricant and the third was for renting the theater for a party.

“Some things never change,” Felicia said. “There are always too many damn ads at the movies.”

A logo appeared on the screen. The orchestra music returned. It was slow and sensual.

Someone walked across the front of the theater. Their image was duplicated on screen in a live feed. It was a woman, dressed in a tight red jacket and black stockings. Her ass and pussy was left bare. A small red hat sat on top of her short hair. She looked like a pornographic version of an old time movie usher.

Felicia looked to see if she could find the camera. It was impossible to tell in the darkness.

The usher was joined by another woman and then another. A dozen women lined up under the screen. The large screen panned slowly across their faces. Sometimes the view dipped down to show their cleavage bursting from tight jackets.

The audience clapped. Felicia joined them. They were pretty young women.

The ushers walked towards the aisles. Some of them peeled off from the main group to head towards the audience members. A girl with short frizzy blonde hair made her way over to Felicia. She stood in front of Felicia and sank to her knees.

Felicia ate another bite of popcorn.

The blonde girl reached for Felicia’s pants and pulled them down. Felicia let the usher peel the jeans from her legs. The girl took the jeans and folded them properly before sitting them down on the ground.

A cock appeared on the movie screen. It was being stroked by dark delicate hands. The hand was joined by red lips that slipped over the head of the cock. The shot pulled back to show the grinning smile of the man being sucked.

He was one of the audience members. Felicia recognized the plush seat. The red hat sitting on top of the head of the woman sucking confirmed it. He was being sucked by an usher.

Felicia smiled. So that was the movie being shown. The audience was the star.

The usher in front of Felicia reached for Felicia’s sex. Her pale fingers stroked the hairs of the dark bush. Fingernails lightly grazed the thick lips.

Felicia groaned. She didn’t know where to look. Did she stare at the cock being swallowed on the screen? Or did she look down at the smiling young usher teasing Felicia’s pussy? It was a dilemma.

The usher slipped a finger past Felicia’s sex lips. It slid easily into her wet pussy. Ever so gently, it pushed and stroked inside her.

The image on the screen changed. This time it was a dark man leaning back in his seat while a darker woman impaled herself onto his cock. His hands gripped her ass while she lowered herself. The screen zoomed in on the juices dripping down his cock and onto his balls.

Felicia noticed that the shot seemed to be well lit but the theater was still dark. For that matter, where were the cameras? The image moved to the side of the fucking couple and the man’s face was buried in the usher’s cleavage. How were they being filmed?

The usher slipped another fingers inside Felicia and she stopped worrying about cameras. The usher also placed a hand on Felicia’s blouse, her palm cupping Felicia’s beast. The young woman’s hand felt tiny on Felicia’s large breast but there was nothing small about the strength of the usher’s grip.

Felicia groaned. Her thighs parted wider as the usher finger fucked her. She clutched her breast while the usher gripped the other. With her free hand, Felicia grabbed another bite of popcorn.

The screen kept showing other audience member. A thin woman was being eaten by a redhead usher. A large man was having his cock jerked by skilled hands. An athletic man was being ridden by a dark usher.

Felicia shuddered. All of this was happening here. The audience was both watchers and performers. Voyeurs and exhibitionists were fucking together.

The screen changed and Felicia moaned. It was her. She watched a giant close up of her sex as the usher’s slick fingers plunged in and out of her. The view shifted to show the usher’s tiny hand groping her breast. The camera panned up to reveal Felicia’s moaning mouth.

Felicia reached into her blouse to pull out her breast. An appreciative moan came from the audience. The usher’s hands grabbed Felicia’s exposed breast and pinched her nipple. The pale fingers contrasted wonderfully with Felicia’s dark Hispanic skin.

Someone in the audience cried out. The screen shifted to show a man’s cock erupting with seed. The usher’s mouth was there at the tip, lapping and licking at the spurting fountain.

Felicia reached down and grabbed the usher’s head. She pulled the usher’s mouth to her sex. There was no resistance. The usher kept finger fucking her but now her mouth was nibbling on Felicia’s dripping pussy.

The images on the screen kept changing. Cocks fucked tight holes. Fingers plunged inside of pussies. Men and women writhed, moaned and shuddered on screen.

Felicia returned to the screen. The usher’s head was buried between her thighs. The camera lingered on the usher’s bare squatting ass before returning to Felicia’s gasping mouth.

She came. She cried out her orgasm as a giant version of her face filled the screen. She climaxed as the audience watched and other moans of pleasure joined hers.

Felicia gently pushed the usher away. The usher smiled up at her with glistening lips. Felicia watched as the usher wiped her mouth and licked her fingers.

“Thank you for coming to Royal Cinemas,” the usher whispered. “Complimentary showers are in the restrooms.” She kissed Felicia’s thighs before standing up and leaving.

Felicia sat limply in her chair. Her sex tingled with afterglow. She opened the bottle of water and took a long drink.

On the screen, a dark cock was squeezed between dark breasts. The usher spit down on his cock as she continued to breast fuck him.

Felicia reached for her popcorn and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Jan 132016

I read the terms of the gift again. It was cruel. It was trouble. It was going to make things damn uncomfortable. My pecker throbbed with every line.

The Girl in the Cage moaned. She saw my hard-on. She pressed her mouth to the cage and opened her lips.

Her pretty mouth was tempting but I ignored her. The gift had my interest today. I read through the terms again. It said anytime.

The clock read 9:21 am. I decided to put the terms to the test.

I got dressed. The Girl in the Cage pouted. She masturbated. The sound of her wet pussy getting fingered filled the trailer. When she came, the windows shook.

“Be good,” I said as I walked out the door. It was our little joke. She couldn’t do anything else in the cage.

It was a cold morning in Hornbeam Estates. Most of the trailers were still decorated for Christmas. A light frost stuck to the windows.

I walked over to lot 19. The picnic table was covered in chains. I shuddered at the thought of someone being bound in this weather.

Three knocks at the door and it opened. It was Bob. He wore a pink apron and not much else. I hoped that was underwear under the apron.

“Hey Jason, what’s up?” Bob said. He was smiling. “Oh wait, come on in. It’s cold out there.”

“Thanks,” I said. He was awfully friendly. Oh shit, he didn’t know what his wife had given me.

“Is Michelle here?” I asked.

“Yeah, she’s in the bedroom,” Bob said. “Mistress! Jason’s here!”

Michelle came into the living room. She was wearing a red night gown. Her blonde hair was a mess. She was twice as old as the Girl in the Cage but she was still hot as fuck. I sometimes jerked off to her but never really thought we would ever fuck. She was too much like me.

A small grin came to her lips. It was an evil smirk. Normally I was afraid of that smirk but today was different. I knew it wasn’t meant for me.

“Hey Jason,” Michelle said. “What can I do for you?”

“You can suck my dick,” I said.

“Hey now!” Bob said. A growl came from Bob that I didn’t think he had. He took a step towards me but Michelle snapped her fingers. Bob froze in mid-step.

“Sit down, Bob,” Michelle said. “On the couch.”

Bob’s mouth hung open. He looked at her and she glared at him. Her fingers came together for another snap. He rushed to the couch before she could finish. He sat down angry. His legs were open and thank God, he was wearing underwear.

Michelle came over to me. Her robe had come open. A well bitten breast peeked at me.

“You ready to use your gift already?” Michelle asked.

My hand went to her shoulders and I pushed her to her knees. Michelle made a sound and Bob half rose from his couch. I looked at him and he sat back down.

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I was starting to think that Michelle didn’t know her husband slave as well as she thought she did. I thought about leaving.

Michelle’s fingers went to the bulge in my pants. She squeezed my bulge while her other hand unzipped me.

I decided to stay.

She pulled my pants down hard. I grunted kept my cool. That’s what was I was talking about: she was rough just like me.

My dick flopped out and hit her in the face. Bob growled again. His fingers clutched the arm of the couch.

I grabbed the back of Michelle’s head and pulled her to my crotch. I half expected teeth but I got warm lips and an eager tongue. Her mouth slid over my pecker and everything was right with the world.

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned. I looked away from Bob and looked down at her mouth. My wood had disappeared between her lips. The mean bitch had taken all of it. She looked up at me with those cold blue eyes. This must be how Michelle had kept her husband in line all these years. This was a mouth worth submitting too.

I wasn’t doing any submitting today. My hips began to move and I fucked Michelle’s mouth. She managed to smile that evil smirk even though she had a dick in her mouth.

There was a creak from the couch. Bob was glaring at me. Both of his hands were clutched into fists. He was thinking about ripping my dick off.

“Nothing personal, Bob,” I said as I fucked his wife’s mouth. “It was Michelle’s idea. She sent me a Christmas card and said I could come over any time and have my way with her.”

Bob glared at the back of his wife’s head. I didn’t tell him about the rest of the note. There was a part of how it had to be done in front of Bob. There was another part where I had to be rough. There was a long descriptive part about making sure I used her like I would any slut given to me by any of the other trailer park masters. This was Michelle’s game all done for whatever reason she had.

I pounded Michelle’s face. She grabbed my thighs as my balls bounced off her chin. She made a sound and I fucked her face harder.

Something began to rise under the apron. I smiled and Bob grabbed a pillow to put over his lap.

Michelle choked and I pulled my pecker out of her mouth. This time she was the one glaring at me.

It was her stupid game. “Take the robe off,” I snapped. Before she had a chance, I yanked it off her shoulders. I pulled it from her body and tossed it aside.

Fuck, she had a nice body. I had never seen her naked before. The closest was at the Fourth of July cookout when she rode Bob in front of the pig barbecue pit. She had some miles on her but she was all right.

I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. I grabbed one of her tanned tits with my hand. I squeezed and pulled on that forbidden tit. My fingers ran over the bite marks Bob must have left last night.

Bob stared knives at me. I do believe if he had a gun, I would be dead right there.

Michelle whispered something. I pinched her tit and she whispered it again. This time I heard her.

“Bob’s chair,” she said.

I laughed. Oh, that was just being mean.

Every relationship is different at Hornbeam Estates. Some people live like husband and wife and other people live like owners and dogs. Some people don’t even get treated as well as a dog. That’s okay but even the lowest slave, slut, or cock meat usually have something that is all their own that no one else can touch.

For Bob, that was his chair. It was a leather recliner with genuine mahogany wood finish. It was the nicest piece of furniture in the whole trailer. It was a goddamn work of art. Bob might get fucked up the ass by his wife on a daily basis but he had the best damn seat in the trailer park to rest that fucked ass.

I pulled Michelle over to the chair. I sat my naked ass down on Bob’s chair. The chair made that nice smooth leather sound as I settled into it.

Bob half rose from the couch. I had fucked his wife’s mouth but the chair was too much.

Michelle snapped her fingers. Bob sat back down. His eyes half closed as if he was sighting down a rifle at my head.

Maybe I went too far.

Michelle sat on my lap. I felt the heat of her pussy against me. I looked away from Bob and reached around. My fingers brushed the hairy bush around her pussy. She shivered in my lap.

“Fuck me,” I told her.

Michelle squirmed in my lap. She turned around and faced me. My legs came together and her knees went around my legs. It was a nice big fucking chair. She guided my pecker into her honey patch and squeezed.

Oh sweet Jesus, that was nice. Hot and wet and most of all, one place I never ever thought I would be. That was the best kind of pussy.

She gripped the back of the chair and started to bounce. Up and down her fit ass slammed into my lap as she fucked my pecker. Her tanned titties bounced in front of my face.

Fuck, this was good fucking. Michelle knew how to move. She knew just how hard to come down on me and how to slide back up without losing my dick. I needed to send the Girl in the Cage over to Michelle for lessons.

Bob kept staring at me. He clutched the couch pillow to his lap. His cheeks were red with shame or rage; I couldn’t be sure which.

“Fuck, you are so big!” Michelle yelled.

I grunted. That was always good to hear but I didn’t think Bob needed any more reason to kill me.

“Oh Jason!” she cried out. “I don’t think, ah, I don’t think I have EVER had dick this good!”

I stopped looking at Bob. I could feel his hate from across the room.

“Oh Jesus,” Michelle moaned. “I might need this dick every night!”

I grabbed her throat. Michelle glared at me but then I saw that smirk. My fingers tightened and she stopped talking. She also fucked me faster.

We fucked in Bob’s chair. I felt her wet snatch soak my cock and balls. A wet spot formed under me as the chair groaned and squeaked. Deep down I worried that we might break the chair. Fucking a man’s wife is one thing, but breaking his chair would be downright inhumane.

Bob’s chair weighed on my mind. I slapped Michelle on the ass and told her to get up. She kept humping my dick. I squeezed her throat a little more and slapped her tit. A flash of anger crossed her face and then she climbed off my pecker.

I pushed her towards Bob. She cried out as I bent her over. She had to rest her hands on Bob’s knees for support. While she did that, I slipped my dick into her sweet spot from behind.

“Oh yes!” Michelle screamed in her husband’s face. “Give me that fat dick!”

So I did. I grabbed her hips and pounded her from behind. This was much better. I had her nice ass to look at and I didn’t have to worry about Bob’s chair. Even better, I couldn’t see Bob and his murder-eyes.

Michelle swatted the pillow off his lap. I guess she wanted to see his pecker.

I slammed into her. I fucked her mean pussy with everything I had. I was rough just like she wanted. I was rough just like I wanted.

Michelle kept talking shit. “Fuck me with that giant dick! Fuck me like a real man! God damn, it has been too long since a real stud fucked me! My cunt needs your big dick!”

Maybe it was the dirty talk or maybe it was the wet pussy but I was ready to come. Michelle’s card had been very clear on how to do that. She wanted it inside her. I am sure it was something else to torment Bob with.

“I’m going to come,” I said.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Michelle said, her sweet spot clenching around me. “Fill my cunt with your spunk!”

And I did. I yelled because it felt good. I kept fucking her until she had squeezed out every drop. It was a big load because I had been thinking about fucking Michelle for years.

When I was done, I pulled out of Michelle. I almost wiped my pecker on her ass but then I remembered that Girl in the Cage could clean it. I walked over to my pants and started putting them on.

“Thanks for the Christmas gift,” I said.

Michelle purred and sat on Bob’s lap. She had her fingers in her honey patch. She stretched and rubbed against Bob.

Bob just kept staring at me. It was going to be a long ass time before I could borrow his lawn mower.

“Thank you, Jason,” Michelle said. “I needed a real man to get my new year started right.”

“You’re welcome,” I said because I wasn’t sure what else to say. I zipped up and walked out the door.

I left their trailer and closed the door behind me. It was still cold but I was warmed by the good fucking. The frost clung to the cars and crunched under my feet.

Chris was outside too. He was bundled up but I recognized his Cowboys hat. He was walking towards me and I waved at him. He motioned for me to come talk to him.

“Hey Jason, do you know if Bob and Michelle are up?” Chris asked.

I started to laugh. Chris was a big guy. He was over six feet tall and worked out. All of the pussy in the trailer park got wet when he washed his car. He liked to wrestle women down and fuck them in the ass. He was a beast.

“Yeah, they’re home,” I said. “Tell me, did Michelle send you a Christmas card?”

“Yes sir,” Chris said. He was all polite when it came to sex shit but he had a bird-eating grin.

“Well good,” I said. “Have fun. I’d stay out of the chair if I were you.”

“Thank you, sir,” Chris said and he headed for their trailer.

Well that was a relief. After Chris tears up Michelle’s ass, Bob will have plenty to be made at other than me.

I headed back to my trailer and thought about what I was going to tell Girl in the Cage when she sucks my cock.

Jan 062016

Explorer’s Log: After forty-six days of uneventful travel, I have finally reached the star system designated “Holy Power of the Queen’s Breasts” by Royal Astronomers. There isn’t much here. Of the three planets, one is nearly molten from it’s proximity to the star, the second is a gas giant and the third barely counts as a planetoid due to its small size.

I have sent probes to the first two planets and will land on the third. Initial scans show there is a bare atmosphere with rudimentary fungoid life. I am detecting minute energy signatures that appear to be artificial. Some poor being is actually living on that Queen-forsaken rock. It might be someone shipwrecked, exiled or on the run from the law. Come to think of it, they may be another explorer like me. I am going to check it out. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: It has been a year since I fucked an actual living creature since I don’t count hallucinations, alternate timeline versions of myself and sycophantic sexbots as other beings. I just hope the being down there has gonads or a face because I need to ride something.

Vaquel Di walked carefully through the glowing green growths of fungus. A white spacesuit clung tightly to her large breasts, wide hips and round ass as well as contrasting nicely with her deep brown skin. She had left her helmet back on the probe ship because she wanted the wind to blow through her short pink hair but now she was regretting the decision due to the smell of all of the fungus.

There was a building up ahead although a more accurate description might have been shack or a miraculously delayed structural collapse. Parts of it looked like it belonged to a spaceship while other bits looked like algae baked into bricks. A row of solar panels desperately tracked the dim light of the distant star.

A voice barked from the shack. Vaquel froze. The voice continued to yell but Vaquel couldn’t quite place the language. It was an old one and the dialect was odd.

A being emerged from the shack. It was three meters tall and red all over its muscular body. A large member swung from between its legs and it throbbed in Vaquel’s direction. His face was similar to Vaquel’s except for the long nose and rather wide mouth. The being was carrying something in its right hand that had the universal design of projectile weapons everywhere.

The being yelled at her again. Vaquel recognized the language. It was Old Times Goman.

“Say again?” Vaquel yelled back.

“I said, get your ass off my planet! You’re not getting any of my fungus!” The being pointed its weapon at Vaquel while it used its other hand to grab its cock. He tugged on his phallus with quick short strokes.

Queen’s tit, that was a nice cock! At this point any cock would be a nice cock but this one was especially attractive. It was long, thick and pulsed with life. Vaquel wasn’t going to leave until she had it inside her.

“You’re sending me mixed signals there!” Vaquel said, pointing at the being’s crotch.

BAM! The being fired its weapon. There was a loud noise and then a ricochet sound as it bounced off the ground near Vaquel. “That make it clear?” he yelled.

Vaquel tried not to smile. Was that an explosive combustion weapon? How primitive was this creature? How was it ever able to even get to this planet?

“You’re still playing with yourself,” Vaquel said.

The being shrugged. “It has been a long time since I saw another person. Even though you got the body of a child, it is better than nothing. It might be a long time before I see another being so I better take advantage of it now.”

“Not a bad idea,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on her belt. The skintight fabric on her legs began to retract into her belt. Centimeter by centimeter, her long thick brown legs were revealed. The red being stared as her shins were exposed and then her thighs. The material slid over her sex to reveal her thick pink bush of pubic hair. When she was naked from the waist down, Vaquel ran her fingers through her sex.

“I said, go!” the being barked again. He raised his gun again.

Vaquel quick drew with her other hand. She pulled her laser pistol and fired a shot. A bright beam of red light smashed through the flimsy metal of the shack.

“My gun’s better,” Vaquel said. “So I’ll keep stroking.” She buried her fingers deep into her sex.

The being stared at her sex. He licked his lips. “Just make sure you don’t steal any of my fungus.”

“I don’t want any of your fucking fungus!” Vaquel snapped. “My name is Vaquel and I come from the planet, Euphoria. Who the fuck are you?”

The being didn’t answer right away. It was too busy staring at her sex while it jerked its cock. He groaned when Vaquel’s fingers plunged deeper.

“My name is Pok,” the red man finally admitted. “You don’t need to know my last name. I don’t want you stealing my fungus and telling those bastards at Grand Command where I am!”

“Grand Command?” Vaquel asked. She kept her pistol aimed at the Pok but she was staring at his thick member.

“Those bastards are why I came out here!” Pok said. He kept stroking as he stared at her sex. “All of their rules and regulations were driving me insane! I didn’t want their government insurance! I didn’t need their laws about edible fungi! Out here, I’m still free! They can have their taxes and their social! They can’t take the fungus from me!”

“Sure, that makes sense,” Vaquel lied. “You think we can fuck?”

Pok snorted as he kept stroking. “I want to pound your beef box but there is no way I am letting you get that close.”

“Beef box?” Vaquel asked. “Never mind. Look, neither of us has seen another living thing and we both want to fuck. Can’t we help each other out?”

“And let you steal my fungus?” Pok said.

“I don’t want your fucking fungus!” Vaquel snapped. She stroked herself harder. She was wet. She was horny and this asshole was hung like a bed slave. Being this close to good cock was almost painful.

Vaquel took a step forward. Pok aimed his gun but he didn’t fire. He licked his lips as she took another step forward. With the third step, he cocked his primitive weapon.

“Not another step!” he yelled.

“Come on,” Vaquel said. “Don’t you want to at least smell what you are jacking to? It smells a hell of a lot better than this fungus.”

“I can smell you from here.” Pok sniffed the air. “Oh man, that is good beef box.”

“Let’s fuck,” Vaquel tried again. “If we are fucking, how can I steal your fungus? You will literally be inside me.”

“I don’t know what race you are but you are not a Zatty female,” Pok said. “You might have strange alien powers!” He groaned and he stroked faster.

Vaquel frowned at his shaking knees. If the asshole climaxes, then she wasn’t getting any of that thick cock!

“Keep your gun on me while we fuck,” Vaquel said. “If you see me stealing fungus, you can shoot me right there.”

Pok grinned. He didn’t have many teeth. “Good idea! Get over here and take my baby maker!”

Vaquel was appalled by his language but his cock was too big to ignore. She hurried over to him. He grabbed one of her shoulders and tried to turn her around but Vaquel wouldn’t let him.

“If you have a gun on me, I’m going to have one on you,” she said. Maybe now he would put his stupid weapon away.

“Fine with me!” Pok said. He reached down and grabbed her ass. Clawed fingers dug into her skin as he easily picked her up. He pressed her to his throbbing member and tried to slide her on.

Vaquel kept her pistol aimed at him as she reached down. She guided his thick cock into her sex. His cock was incredibly warm to the point of being almost too hot. It didn’t matter. She settled her weight onto him and let his large cock fill her.

The two groaned together as their sexes joined. His clawed hand kept a grip on her ass while her brown legs wrapped around his red body. He leaned back against his shack for support and Vaquel was surprised the whole structure didn’t fall over.

Together they worked at fucking each other. Vaquel grabbed Pok’s shoulder and used it as leverage to raise herself. Pok used her grip on her round ass to guide her fucking. The point of her pistol was braced against his broad chest. The end of his pistol rested against her pink hair.

The fucking was awkward and slow but Vaquel didn’t care. A real cock was inside her. It belonged to an intelligent being and not something imagined or recreated through weird temporal manipulation. A real hand greedily clutched her ass. A cock made of flesh and blood pumped in and out of her wet sex.

“Yeah, grind on my baby maker,” Pok groaned. “Squeeze me with your beef box!”

Vaquel was tempted to put her gun in his mouth. She let him keep talking. What he was saying was disturbing but it was real. It was filthy like only another living creature could come up with.

“Let me see your jelly cakes!” Pok yelled.

“My what?” Vaquel said. It was hard to think with a cock driving up inside her.

“Your jelly cakes! Your flank steaks! Your baby feeders!” Pok rammed into her harder with every word.

Vaquel finally understood. She pressed another button and the top half of her spacesuit retracted into her belt. Her large brown breasts were revealed. They jiggled with every pounding thrust.

“Sweet Star Lords,” Pok groaned. He stared at them as they bounced. “They are so tiny but by the Fermentation, they are beautiful.”

“Tiny?” Vaquel groaned. Her breasts didn’t feel tiny as they bounced on her rib cage.

He watched her tits as they fucked. Sometimes he rested his gun on her breasts but she waved it off. The last thing he needed was the wrong jiggle setting off his trigger fingers.

They kept fucking. Vaquel was frustrated with their slow grinding. She wanted him deeper. She wanted him to fuck her harder. She wanted him to fuck her better than just holding her with one hand while he leaned on a shack.

It was the gun. The crazy hermit was more worried about his fungus than he was about fucking Vaquel. How could she convince him that she didn’t want his fungus? She racked her brain for an argument that would let the madman forget about the fungus and just focus on his need for her.

Fuck it. There was an easier way.

Vaquel did two things at once. First, she brought her arm up in a sweeping motion that forced the hand holding the gun to move away from her head. Second, she swung her own pistol at his jaw with all of her frustrated might.

BAM! The gun went off and a fungus patch absorbed the bullet.

“Uhhf!” Pok groaned as his head snapped around. His knees gave out and he fell to the ground with Vaquel still impaled on his cock.

Vaquel landed on top of him. She stuck her laser pistol up one of Pok’s enormous nostrils. Her thighs camped around his waist and her pussy clenched.

“I knew it!” Pok said with tears springing to his eyes. “You tricked me and now you’re going to steal my fungus! This is the worse day of my life!”

Vaquel shoved her pistol deeper up his nose. “I don’t want your fucking fungus!” Vaquel said. “Now shut up and fuck my beef box with your baby maker.”

Pok stopped crying. Relief washed across his face and he grinned. He grabbed her ass with both hands. He lifted her up slightly and then his hips went to work. He slammed up into her. His pelvis became a piston. In and out, in and out, in and out his baby maker pummeled her beef box.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Vaquel moaned. This was intense. He was too big and the thrusts were too hard but it was what she wanted. No, it was what she needed. Her breasts bounced with savage fury from the fucking. Her thighs stung from the force of his thighs. Most of all, her pussy was reduced to a quivering mess.

“Lords of Space!” Pok cried out and much too soon, his thrusting stopped.

“No!” Vaquel cried. It was too late. She felt his cock spasm within her tight walls. A rush of seed filled her tight sex. She quivered on his member, already feeling it go limp.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. It was too soon! She needed more.

“Wait,” Pok groaned. He reached out and grabbed a handful of fungus from a stalk. He tore a piece off.

“I don’t want your damn fungus,” Vaquel snapped. “I want a hard cock.”

“It isn’t for you,” Pok said. He stuffed the fungus into his mouth and chewed.

The alien’s cock twitched inside Vaquel. It twitched again and then throbbed. She felt it grow inside of her needy pussy.

Pok growled. His dark eyes turned silver. A ripple went under the skin of his chest. Stretch marks appeared as his muscles bulged.

“Oh, I see,” Vaquel said.

Pok grinned with his oddly wide mouth. He grabbed Vaquel by the waist and rolled her onto her back. He paid no attention to the laser pistol that was wedged up his nostril. He laid a clawed hand on each of her round breasts and then he thrust back into her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. It was a full recovery. Pok was hard and ready to fuck again. No, he was harder than before. He was thicker than he had been before. She shouldn’t be able to take a monster cock of this size but she was just wet enough and just intrigued enough to handle it.

Pok fucked her. If earlier had been the fucking of a piston, this was now the primal rush of an animal in heat. He fucked Vaquel with relentless fury. He pounded her tight wet sex with frenzied desire. His hands clamped around her breasts with insatiable need.

Vaquel held on. Once more her sex was reduced to a wet mess of sensation. She was pinned to the ground by hands and cock. The rough rocks of the ground dug into her back. The claws were pinching her breasts too tightly. Pain jolted through her body but it was washed away by the bliss of a well fucked pussy.

Pok kept chewing. Spittle fell from his lips. The muscles on his shoulders grew in bulk. His neck all but disappeared. She wasn’t sure that his eyes were focusing on anything. He was just a thing that was fucking the shit out of her.

Vaquel took it. That was good. This was frightening. This was abstinence breaking like a dam. This was an engine exploding after years of not being used. This is why explorers went out into space. This is why they endured crazy inter-dimensional beings and long stretches of dead stars.

Vaquel climaxed. Metaphors and meditations on exploration were blown away by an orgasmic storm.

Pok kept fucking her. His cock grew in size. He released her breasts and grabbed the ground instead. Clawed fingers tore into chunks of solid rock. His mouth kept chewing the strange fungus.

Vaquel thought about escape. She lost the thought on the next thrust. The tick cock pushed deeper into her drenched sex and she surrendered to the feeling.

She came again. She screamed her orgasm as the cock kept using her.

Pok growled again. He grabbed her and stood up with her still impaled on his cock. He held her by the waist as he rammed her body onto his cock. There was no trace of the former lack of balance. He stood on his own and slammed her onto his cock like she was a sex toy.

Vaquel realized that was all she was. Her body was just a sheath for that magnificent cock. Her laser pistol was on the ground and she didn’t remember dropping it. She hung limply within Pok’s clutches as he fucked her.

She came again. There were no more screams left in her throat. She came with a moan as he continued to fuck her.

Pok froze. Vaquel felt his cock pulsing inside her. He even stopped chewing.

A second rush of seed filled her sex. Her tight pussy over-flowed and the seed gushed out. The cock shook and quivered as it released load after load.

Pok’s jaw dropped open. The last bit of fungus fell from his lips. He dropped to one knee with his cock still inside her. Vaquel winced and then dismounted his cock. A moment later, he fell back onto the hard ground. He started snoring immediately.

Vaquel took a step before she fell over too. Her legs weren’t working yet after that fucking. She could feel the bruises on her thighs. Her sex ached and she knew it would ache worse in a few hours.

She wondered if the shack had a bath. That seemed unlikely. She needed to get back to her own ship. That was if she could walk in the next few hours.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. “Chairbot, come get me. I need a ride back to the ship.”

“On my way, Mistress!” her faithful robot replied. “I will get there soon and cradle your wonderful ass on my loving seat! I am adjusting the temperature on my seat so that it will be cool and soothing when you sit down!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Vaquel interrupted. “That sounds nice. Tell me, do you have any room in your chassis to carry cargo?”

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot replied. “What do you need for me to carry?”

Vaquel looked at the glowing green fields. “I have some fungus I want to take with me.”

Dec 302015

Vanessa knelt under the table. Her head rested on the floor with her arms beside her. Heavy breasts pooled on the ground. Her back was straight in a deep stretch.

It was dark under the table. The thick table cloth blocked most of the light. She saw the shadows of feet as they walked around her. Because there was a punch bowl on the table above her, there was a lot of traffic.

She could hear the party around her. Mostly she just heard the music that her boyfriend, Adam, played. He was older than her and his music was alien and full of synthesizers. Someone was threatening to fall apart.

There were other sounds but only wisps. She heard someone describe a new movie. Someone else complained about the traffic. She thought she heard someone say they were fucked in the ass this morning but Vanessa felt she must have misheard that. It didn’t seem like the kind of thing one says at a New Year’s party.

Vanessa smiled. You usually don’t have a naked woman secretly under a table at a New Year’s party either but here she was. Adam knew how much she loved being a secret kinky slut. He knew that putting her under the table for an entire party would leave her dripping wet by the end of the night. The fact that she was one peek-under-the-cloth away from being exposed was too arousing for words.

HMMM! The vibrator strapped to her thigh came to life. It took her by surprise and Vanessa nearly groaned. It was a small vibrator and quiet but in her aroused state, it came close to pushing her over the edge.

Vanessa clenches her lips shut. Somewhere, Adam had his hand in his pocket and was activating the switch. He was probably talking to someone. His cock would be hard and pulsing at the thought of his little slut under the table.

The vibrator turned off. Vanessa let out a gasp of relief and then winced at how loud it was. Her heart pounded as she wondered if anyone heard her. She stayed absolutely still and listened.

Desire ran down her leg. She heard nothing. A song wanted to be taken on.

Vanessa thought about how terrible it would be if she was discovered. These were Adam’s coworkers. They would be shocked. They would wonder if Adam was a deviant. They would know for sure that Vanessa was. Some of the men would leer at the naked body. Some of the women would too. They would think she was trash and yet also wonder what she was like in bed.

Vanessa moaned to herself. Her pussy clenched at the delicious thoughts. She was tempted to stroke herself right here under the table. Adam hadn’t forbidden it but that wouldn’t stop her from punishing her if the mood struck him.

HMMM! The vibrator returned to life. Vanessa was ready for it this time. She kept quiet as it buzzed at her sex. She bit her lip as her hips grinded against it. She didn’t make a single sound as it brought her closer and closer and closer to orgasm.

The vibrator stopped. Vanessa shuddered but made no noise.

The smell of wet pussy was over powering. It was all Vanessa could smell under the table. She wondered if anyone else could smell it. The odor was so strong and musky. How was it that no one at the party had asked about the smell of a soaking wet pussy? Surely someone had to smell it!

HMMM! The vibrator snapped on again. Vanessa quivered. It was so soon after the last time, it felt like it had never stopped. Was Adam trying to get her off? Did he say that she couldn’t? She couldn’t remember.

The vibrator stopped. There was a new song now about money for nothing. Someone laughed at a joke that Vanessa couldn’t hear.

How much longer? Vanessa had no idea. There would be a countdown for midnight. There would be less sound as people left. If she lifted the cloth, she could peek and see what time it was.

The idea made her moan. Imagine that, someone standing nearby and seeing her face under the cloth. They would point it out to a friend. Together they would lift the cloth and see her. The smell would hit them and they would gasp at her naked body.

They would call her a slut.

They would call her a whore.

They would call her a kinky bitch.

HMMM! Almost as if Adam was reading her mind, the vibrator came back on. Vanessa bit down hard on her lip. He was trying to get her off! It was the only explanation for what was happening. The vibrator was coming on too frequently. There wasn’t enough time to rest. Her horny little pussy was being pushed to its limits.

Vanessa was going to come. She had to. It was almost demanded of her. She was going to come in the middle of a party. If she made a single sound, or moved a little too much, then she would be discovered.

The vibrator stopped. This time she did moan. She had been pushed to her limit. The only thing that kept her from moving was her own self-discipline.

The party was quieter. There was a song about the night. Someone was waiting for a tomorrow that never comes.

Something happened to the table above her. Someone walked away. People had stopped talking.

The song ended. There was no other sound.

The table cloth lifted. Vanessa cried out as she was exposed. Her thighs clamped together and her arms tried to cover her breasts. She shook as a powerful feeling came over her sex.

Every one at the party stared at her. They were all naked. They all wore masks that covered her heads. She was surrounded by strangers silently judging her for her obvious lack of morals.

“Now Vanessa,” a voice said from a man dressed as a wolf. It sounded like Adam. Or did it?

“Yes, sir?” she asked, still on her knees.

“Now the party can really begin,” the wolf said.

Dec 282015

It is with quite satisfaction and exhaustion that I can say that the 1st draft of my Alien Abduction Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ebook is done. Now I need to put it way until February where I will re-read, re-write and re-curse. It is a massive book for me at 423 pages. Ha, 4-23 is my birthday.

In January I will start the 2nd draft to a book I wrote last year. It is called Touched by the Unknown and is about a woman who purchases the wrong blindfold. It was an experimental piece but I am quite fond of it. Well, I am fond of it now. Let’s see how I feel when I re-read it.

Which means technically I have this week off. There are no major projects on my plate right now. Well, that is if you don’t count starting Vaquel’s next year of adventures considering that I need to have a story ready for January 6th. I know the theme I want for next year and as a bonus, I have an idea for 2017 as well. It should be interesting.

I am debating NOT doing a new story each week. I want to keep writing Vaquel once a month but I wonder what I could accomplish if I didn’t have to produce a short story every week. I debate this every year and every year I don’t change anything. There is something deeply satisfying about producing 5oish stories a year. I might schedule some vacation weeks.

Lastly I want to thank everyone who reads my stories. It blows my mind that I have been writing for as long as I have and it blows my mind more that people like reading them. Thank you for your attention, your comments and your purchases.

I hope to continue to be worth your time in 2016.


Dec 232015

Felicia Grafal Flores walked through the mall with purpose. Instead of dressing for attraction, she had opted for utility. She had sensible sneakers instead of heels. Comfortable blue jeans covered her generous ass. To cover her plentiful brown breasts, she wore light sweater that was just warm enough for the outside with a jacket but not too warm for the inside of a crowded mall. Even her long curly black hair was tired back into a practical ponytail.

The mall was crowded like it always was around Christmas. Felicia had thought she was done with Christmas shopping but there was always a cousin she had forgotten, a present needed returning and of course, many last minute inspirations of generosity. Despite the best plans, Felicia had returned to the most crowded shopping area in town in the busiest week of the year.

Felicia wasn’t her usual self. Normally she would be looking for lone men to flirt with or cute saleswomen to seduce. She would have found reasons to bend over and catch people’s eyes. Usually she would have whispered an indecent proposal or two to fellow shoppers by now but now today. The stress of the holidays had her out of her usual mindset.

Part of the reason for her lack of sexual energy was the fact that she had been to this mall hundreds of times. There had been no new shops in months. There was a familiarity to the mall that dulled her senses. For Felicia, adventures happen in places she had never been, not places she knew as well as the veins on her husband’s cock.

But Felicia forgot an important fact. Christmas wasn’t normal. It was a time of hope, giving, desire and faith. It was a time when people wanted and people believed they would get what they wanted.

It is a magical time of the year.

Felicia continued her mission of shopping. She didn’t notice the little things. Most of the other women shoppers were wearing skirts despite the cold outside. The men shoppers had thin collars around their necks. There were no children in the mall. The food court actually had clean tables.

There was still Christmas music playing though. There will always be Christmas music.

It wasn’t until Felicia reached Santa’s Workshop that she realized something was different. The area was as she remembered; a gingerbread fence to keep kids out, a fake cottage surrounded by fake reindeer and a perky woman dressed as an elf but there were changes. The woman’s elf costume had a strap-on dildo painted like a candy cane. Santa was naked with a massive cock under his large belly. He had a woman shopped bent over the gingerbread fence and he was fucking the hell out of her.

“Oh,” Felicia said. She had seen such sights before but she wasn’t expecting it. She was at the mall. This kind of thing didn’t happen at old places but here it was.

There was a place to get in line but no one else was there. Felicia smiled. A short line was proof that she was somewhere else.

Felicia took her place in line. Shopping could wait.

The elf woman approached her. “Would you like Santa or his helper?”

Felicia looked down at the strap-on. It was tempting but there was something she couldn’t resist about Santa. He was a big man but he certainly looked jolly.

“Santa,” she said.

The woman that Santa was fucking cried out. The gingerbread fence shook.

“Not long now,” the elf woman said. “Would you like complimentary pictures?”

“How much do they cost?” Felicia asked.

The elf woman’s smile turned a laugh. “For a woman? They don’t cost anything. It’s taxpayers’ money.”

Felicia laughed with her. Free things were another sign that she was somewhere else.

The elf woman was right; it wasn’t long before the other woman was done. She screamed her orgasm and the scream was lost in the Christmas music and shopping crowds. Santa pulled out of her, slapped her ass, and then pulled down her skirt. The woman stood up and walked away on unsteady legs.

It was Felicia’s turn. She worked at the buttons of her jeans as she walked over to him.

Santa wiped his massive cock with a wet towel. “Have you been naughty, or nice?” he asked. His voice was deep and his eyes twinkled. She knew the beard was as real as was the red cheeks.

“Naughty,” Felicia answered. “Very, very, very naughty.”

“Good, that is what I like to hear!” Santa said.

He grabbed her hips and yanked down her pants with a speed that unexpected from one of his size. He glanced at the plain white panties that covered her sex and yanked them down as well. He ducked in and gave her thick bush of pubic hair a kiss before spinning her around towards the gingerbread fence.

Felicia laughed as he pushed her over the fence. The rail was soft and deceptively padded. She wondered how many other women had been bent over this rail today. For that matter, how many women this holiday season?

His cock pressed against her sex. Felicia gripped the gingerbread fence. Thick hands held onto her hips as he pushed in. The warmth of his belly pressed against her ass. Santa’s cock filled her wet sex.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Santa grunted. His deep voice made her pussy clench tighter around him.

Santa fucked her. He kept a tight grip on her thighs as he pounded her. He had wonderful stamina. Felicia had no doubt he could fuck her all day.

The elf woman set up a camera in front of Felicia. The camera was huge and looked old. Felicia reached for her ponytail and removed the band. She shook her hair out for the picture.

“Smile!” the elf woman said and Felicia did. She smiled as Santa banged her from behind. She smiled as she thought about showing the picture to her husband, Emil. She smiled as Santa’s big fat cock rammed into her pussy.

“Tell me how naughty you have been,” Santa said.

“Last week I gave a handjob to one of the old men who hang out in the food court,” Felicia said. “We went into the bathroom and I let him come down my tits.”

“Naughty, naughty,” Santa said with his booming voice. He fucked her deeper. “More.”

“I sent pictures of me playing with my pussy to a friend my cousin brought to Thanksgiving,” Felicia said. “I sent them from the bathroom while my family was making dinner.”

“So naughty,” Santa said. He pounded her harder. “More.”

“At Halloween, some college kids were trick or treating and they came to my house. I let each one have two minutes of sticking their head under my witch’s dress and licking my pussy. Both guys and the girl took my offer.”

“Naughty, naughty, naughty,” Santa. It was a mantra he chanted as he fucked her as hard as he could.

“Smile!” the elf woman said again. Felicia hadn’t noticed that the woman had moved the camera for a side shot. Felicia smiled as Santa continued to fuck her.

Shoppers continued on their way around her. Some of the men looked wistfully at Felicia before moving on. Some of the women checked their watches and debated getting in line. Three women had already formed a line to be next.

Santa fucked her harder. His thick cock came ramming down her pussy. The gingerbread fence creaked.

Felicia felt her orgasm building deep within her. It was slow and steady like the anticipation of Christmas. She could feel it coming but she couldn’t wait for it to come. Every stroke of his cock brought her just a little bit closer.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa said, punctuating each ‘ho’ with another thrust.

Felicia came. She cried out her orgasm to the busy mall. She felt the joy of the season reverberate through her body.

Santa pulled out of her. “Merry Christmas!” he said.

Felicia laughed. It was a merry Christmas. She slowly stood back up and pulled her pants back up. The elf woman was by her side and passed her an envelope. She helped Felicia walk out of the Santa area as a second woman took Felicia’s place.

Felicia walked away from Santa, clutching the envelope to her. She kept walking until she no longer saw men with metal collars. She passed through crowds until she saw children again.

She peeked inside the envelope. Glossy 8×10’s of her getting fucked by Santa were stacked on top of one another. They had given her four copies of each shot.

Well, Felicia knew what she was giving her husband this year but who was going to get the other three? She thought about it as she went back to her shopping.

Dec 162015

Craig looked at the time. He was late for the office Christmas party. It was a little surprising that no one had come by the office to tell him. He shrugged. Missing the party wouldn’t be so bad. It would give him the time he needed to finish a few things before the break.

There was one downside to missing the party. He would miss whatever Danielle was wearing today. The busty woman delighted in showing off her tits and every year she seemed to wear a tighter sweater for the party. Last year’s sweater was so tight that Mrs. Morrow in accounting threatened to file a complaint.

Craig had a feeling that Danielle would wear an even tighter sweater this year. That was how Danielle was.

There was a knock at the doorway. Danielle leaned into the doorway so that only her head was showing. Short blonde dangled above her eyes.

“Coming to the party, Craig?” she asked.

“Got some work to finish,” Craig said. He was disappointed that he couldn’t see what she was wearing. “I might drop by later.”

“Hmm,” Danielle said.  She came around the corner and through the doorway. Today was a red sweater with reindeer. It was tight, but not as tight as earlier years. The neckline however was completely different. It plunged downwards between snowy white globes. Her cleavage was tight and jiggled with every step. Danielle walked in and sat down on the other side of his check.

Craig started to groan but stopped himself in time. He noticed that she had closed the door. He tried to look at her face but the lights were causing the pale skin of her cleavage to glow.

“Not going to the party either?” Craig asked.

Danielle smiled. “I thought I would bring you your present. I drew your name for Secret Santa.”

“Oh,” Craig said. “How nice,” he said carefully. He was so busy not looking at her breasts that he didn’t notice she was carrying anything.

“I knew exactly what to get you,” Danielle said.

“Oh?” Craig said again.

Danielle leaned forward. Her breasts shifted within her sweater. The neckline seemed to move further down.

“You are always looking at my tits,” Danielle said.

“What? No!” Craig said. His face flushed with heat.

“It’s okay,” Danielle said. “I put them out there to be looked at. Everyone looks at them; you, the IT guys, marketing, and especially the assholes in sales. I like to have all of you looking at them. They are gorgeous tits, right?”

Craig nodded. He was too afraid to speak. It felt like he was in a HR harassment training video.  He didn’t want to say anything incriminating.

“Yeah, they are,” Danielle said. “So I when I drew your name for Secret Santa, I remembered how much you helped me on the Myers account. I decided you deserve something nicer than a tie of a gift card. I thought I would give you my tits.”

“Your tits?” Craig asked. He forgot about HR and harassment.

“Only for the rest of the year and the month of January,” Danielle said. “I mean, I can’t give you my tits for a whole year. That would be silly.”

Craig nodded in agreement.

“So here is the deal,” Danielle said. “My tits are yours for Christmas. You can grope them, bite them, kiss them or do whatever you think of to them, but only to my tits. Do you understand?”

“Uh, I have a wife,” Craig said.

“Your wife can play with my tits too,” Danielle said. “They’re your tits.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Craig tried. “Aren’t you married?”

Danielle shrugged. It did wonderful things to her breasts. “He’s not your problem.”

Craig didn’t know what to say. Danielle didn’t wait for an answer. She pulled off her sweater. A sheer green bra struggled to hold all of her abundance. Giant pale nipples pushed through the tin material.

Danielle reached for the clasp in the center and paused. “Are you turning down your gift?”

Craig said nothing.

Danielle undid the clasp. She pulled back the cups to let her breast fall. They were bigger than Craig had thought. They were huge. They were massive. They were the greatest tits he had ever seen.

And she said they were all his.

“Here, take a closer look,” Danielle said. She rose from the seat and leaned across the desk. Her heavy tits hung down before him.

Craig licked his lips. Her nipples were hard and pointing down.

“Hold them,” Danielle said.

Craig reached for one. At first he was slow and hesitant but as soon as his fingers closed around the flesh, his self control broke. His fingers squeezed. He felt the heat from her breasts. He lifted her tit and felt the immense weight.

“Take a suck,” Danielle said.

Craig leaned in. He brought the nipple to his lips and licked. Danielle groaned and he opened his mouth. He sucked in as much of breast as he could but there was so much more breast left to suck.

“Oh fuck,” Danielle said. “I knew you would like your gift. I knew you would want to bite, suck and hold them. And you can. They are yours now.”

Craig released her breast. It was shiny with his spit. He went to the other breast. His teeth sunk down. There was so much to bite.

“Ow!” Danielle moaned but she didn’t stop him.

Craig kept biting. He also grabbed the other breast. He tugged on both of them, one with his mouth and the other with his hand. He pulled and Danielle had to learn further across the desk.

“Oh, Craig!” Danielle said.

Craig released her breast from his mouth. He looked up at her and grabbed both nipples with his fingers. He pinched and twisted.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Danielle said.

“They are mine?” Craig asked.

Danielle looked at Craig, perhaps seeing something in him for the first time. “Yes,” she said.

“Then I will choose what you wear on them,” Craig said. “I will pick your bras, on days that you get to have bras.”

Danielle smiled. “That’s hot. Sure.”

Craig twisted her nipples harder. He pulled and Danielle almost lost her balance. She struggled to not fall onto the desk.

“And pictures,” Craig said. “I will text you and ask for them. You will send me pictures of them, whenever I ask.”

Danielle’s smile faltered. “Sure.”

“Good,” Craig said. “Now come over here and kneel. I want to fuck my tits.”

He let go of her nipples. Danielle’s smile widened. She stood up and came around the side of the desk. This was more of what she was expecting. She just didn’t know that Craig would be so willing.

Craig unzipped his pants and pulled them down. His cock pressed hard against his underwear. He pulled that down next and it flopped out. It pointed towards’ Danielle’s waiting mounds.

He opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a bottle. He handed it to Danielle as he sat back down.

She took the bottle and looked at it. Kit was lubricant. Not lotion or some sort of cream. It was lube for sex.

How well did she really know Craig?

Danielle squirted the lube onto her breasts. It was cold but she kept smiling. She squirted a large amount and then set the bottle down. Using both hands, she rubbed her tits together while looking up at Craig.

Craig couldn’t wait any more. He reached down and grabbed her breasts. He pulled her to his cock and wrapped her breasts around him.

He let out a groan. They were so warm. His cock was embraced in slippery heat.

Danielle regained her confidence. Slowly she rocked up and down. She bought her arms together across her chest. Craig’s hands moved away as she took over. She kept her tits nice and tight around his cock as she slowly tit-fucked herself.

“I knew you would like this,” Danielle said.

Craig groaned louder.

“Always looking at me. Always looking at my big, soft breasts. Always peeking to look down my cleavage.”

Craig gripped the arms of the chair. His hips rose to meet her breasts.

“I knew that this was the best chr-“

“Shh,” Craig interrupted. “I want you to know that I will have these tits every day for lunch. I want you to know that on some days I will fuck them and on other days I will slap them until they are sore and tender to the touch.”

This time Danielle groaned.

“I’m going to give you a set of nipple clamps,” Craig said. His hips moved in short violent thrusts between her soft pillowy breasts. “You’ll wear them when I tell you too. You’ll wear them at work.”

Danielle trembled. She felt a flush of desire soak her panties.

“And yes, I think my wife will play with your tits too.”

Danielle moaned and squeezed her tits tighter. She watched his thick cock emerge from her cleavage and then disappear back down into her immense breasts.

“Maybe I will write my name on them,” Craig said.

He stopped thrusting and suddenly a spurt of seed flew upwards. It splattered on her breasts and neck. She felt his cock throb and then another spray flew up and then another.

Danielle gently pulled with her breasts. She milked Craig’s cock. She tugged and rubbed until she had drained all of him. His hot seed stuck to her breasts and ran down to her stomach.

“That was good,” Craig said. He pulled his pants back up.

Danielle reached for a napkin. Craig’s hand stopped her.

“Let it dry on your tits,” he said.

Danielle nodded. She did wipe the come from her neck. She stood up and retrieved her bra and sweater. Craig watched her as she put it back on.

“Thank you, Danielle,” Craig said.  “It is an excellent gift.”

Danielle smiled and wondered what the next month would bring.