Oct 222014

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the Queen of the D’s who knows how to please! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“There is a disturbance in the air tonight! The walls between worlds are crumbling! Souls are just one scary sex story away from being preyed on by demons!”

“I know, Burny! It is what makes this such a wonderful time of the year. To help in your soul damnation, I have a story for you today called, Hungry Deborah.”

“You can’t show that story! It will leave the readers in a puddle of their own desire! They will helpless against any cruel ravishing spirit that wanted them!

“Oh Burny, you do know how to sweet talk a girl!

“Read on, mortals.”

Maria checked her costume in the mirror. The light blue sparkles of the mermaid outfit popped on her light brown skin. The seashell clams squeezed her large breasts into a bounty of the sea. The starfish headband looked great with her long black hair. She was looking hot.

As she applied her eyeliner, she remembered something from her childhood. There was something about saying a name in front of a mirror. Was it Bloody Mary? Was it that guy from the movie. No it was something else. It was on the edge of her memory.

Suddenly it came to her. It was saying a name while wearing your Halloween costume. Her friend Anna had told it to her.

“If you wear a Halloween costume in front of a mirror, don’t say Hungry Deborah three times. She’ll come and eat you.”

Maria smiled. Anna always had scary stories. Maria was sure that Hungry Deborah had an elaborate back story but she didn’t remember it. It probably had something to do with an insane asylum or not getting any treats on Halloween. All Maria remembered was that she spent a year not talking in front of her mirror in case it summoned something.

She finished her makeup. There was no way that Jorge was going to miss her tonight. He was going to be eating out of her hand.

Maria turned away from the mirror and then turned back. She was excited. She looked great. It was a time for conquering fears and men.

“Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah.”

A chill went through her. The smile turned to a frown before returning a smile. There, she felt better already.

The party was at a friend of a friend’s house. Maria drove and trusted her GPS. The moon was full and bright tonight. She drove past the old Laymon house and thought she saw lights there. Gangs of children roamed the sidewalks with reflective costumes. A woman dressed as a bee and a zombie at the same time crossed the street. It was a crazy night.

The GPS guided her to an industrial road. She passed a warehouse where people were yelling and probably having a party. The night seemed to get darker.

The directions took her into the woods. Maria sighed and kept going. Jorge better be there and he better be sober. She didn’t want to drive all this way for him to be too drunk to appreciate her costume.

The car stopped. The engine and the lights cut off without any warning. Maria hit the brakes to keep the car from coasting.

“What the fuck?” she said. She turned the key and nothing happened.

Something bit the top of her breast. A flash of pain shot through Maria but also a flash of something else between her thighs.

“Jesus!” Maria screamed. She grabbed her breast. It felt like someone had bitten the exposed flesh of her tit.

She tried to turn on the car interior light. It wouldn’t come on. She dug out her phone and turned on its light. It shined onto her breast.

There was the outline of teeth where it had bitten her.

“Mary, Mother of Jesus,” Maria whispered.

Something bit her other breast. It clamped down harder and kept biting. Maria tried to push it away but there was nothing there. She shined her phone light on her breast and she could see her flesh being squeezed by an invisible jaw.

It suddenly stopped. The teeth marks remained.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” Maria said. She tried to dial a number. The screen wouldn’t accept any of her finger touches.

“Hungry,” a voice whispered in her ear.

Chills ran down Maria’s back.

Teeth clamped down on her neck.

Maria screamed.

The teeth bit down harder but Maria noticed it wasn’t breaking her skin. It was just a solid bite. She felt cold breath exhale onto her neck.

More chills went down her back. Other chills went to her sex.

The teeth released her neck.

“Hungry,” the voice whispered again. It was a woman’s voice.

“Hungry,” the voice whined.

Something nipped her ear.

“Fuck!” Maria yelled and she shoved open the door. She tried to run out but her seatbelt held her. Her fingers fumbled and finally released the seatbelt clasp. Free, she ran out of the car.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Maria yelled. She ran a few steps from her car but stopped. It was dark. There were no street lights. There was just the moon and the glow of the city over the trees.

Where the fuck was she going to run?

Something bit her thigh. Maria reached down to stop it but her own costume was in the way. She couldn’t touch her leg without pulling her costume off.

It wasn’t that bad of a bite actually. It was a gentle bite, soft and slowly clamping down on her skin. It reminded Maria of Jorge.

The bite let go and moved higher up her thigh. The sharp teeth were a gentle nip on her skin. Maria shivered and it had nothing to do with the cold.

“Hungry,” the voice whispered again. There was a dire need in the voice.

Something bit the top of Maria’s pussy. It was a quick nip that lasted less than a second. Maria cried out and stumbled away from it. She hit the car and cried out again.

The side of her pussy was nipped. Sharp teeth bit down on sensitive flesh for a split moment.

“Oh shit,” Maria said. The understanding of an adult reinterpreted a child’s story. That was why Deborah was Hungry.

A mouth pressed against Maria’s sex. Maria leaned on the car for support as an unseen mouth nibbled on her pussy lips. She looked down at her costume and could see no trace of the mouth that was there between her legs.

Biting gave way to kisses. Kisses gave way to licks. Licks gave way to hungry sucking of sexual juices.

“Oh shit, yes,” Maria moaned. Her tits heaved as she breathed harder. She bit her lips as the cold air kissed her face.

The mouth was ravenous. It buried itself in Maria’s sex. A tongue licked variously deep inside her. Without a need to breathe, the mouth never paused in its incessant devouring.

Maria gripped the car and moaned. Her knees were shaking. Her nipples were hard and rubbed against the clamshells of her outfit. She humped the air as she tried to rub harder against the mouth that was eating her.

The mouth kept licking. As the pleasure grew between her thighs, Maria felt a sudden bite on her pussy lips. The sharp pain halted her pleasure but then the licking resumed and her pleasure was amplified was twice as before.

The second time it happened was right when Maria was about to come. She cried out at the feeling of teeth but then she moaned louder at the loss of her orgasm.

The licking resumed and Maria knew she was close. This time she was going to come. There would be no stopping it this time.

The teeth bit her again and Maria climaxed. She shouted her pleasure and her surprise. The pain turned into pleasure and bliss invaded her body.

The licking didn’t come back. Maria moaned and rubbed the tops of her breasts.

“Hungry Deborah?” she asked.

Nothing touched her.

Maria leaned down in front of her side mirror. “Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah, Hungry Deborah!”

Nothing happened.

Maria opened her car and plopped in. She was wonderfully wet. She tried the key and car roared back to life.

She didn’t feel like going to the party now. Jorge had lost his appeal.

Maria did wonder what Anna was up to these days.

“I do love a story where someone is eaten alive. Don’t you, Burny?”

“Interesting how you had to stories in a row about the supernatural performing oral sex. Is this because of magical reasons or do you just run out of ideas?”

“Halloween is all about the oral treats, Burny. That and the dead, the spirits and the kinky costumes.”

“Hmm, I can see how the sacrifices of Samhain were really referencing sex and over the years it is had been passed down and translated into sweets.”

“Exactly, plus I am adding a hundred years of torment to your existence for that crack about running out of ideas.”

“As for you readers, we reach our thrilling finale for October! I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 152014

shondemonclr2“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the ones with the curves that rattle your nerves! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Beware, reader! You might be reading this to see tits and ass but before you know it, you’ll be ass deep in damnation and your tits will be wrapped around a demon’s cock!”

“Oh Burny, I think more people want to read the story now. You are really bad at warning people away.”

“If I wasn’t a burning skull, I could draw them up a PowerPoint presentation that would truly scare them.”

“Whoa, you scared me just talking about PowerPoint. Step from that horrible thought readers, and step into this horror instead.”

“Read on, mortals.”

“That’s the last of the Trick or Treaters,” my wife said.

“I think you’re right,” I answered. On the television screen, another young co-ed died from a masked slasher.

“I’m turning off the light,” my wife said. “Are you ready for bed? I’m beat.”

I pointed at the screen. “It’s the Trixie Treats marathon, remember? You know I watch it ever year.”

My wife shook her head. “The movies are bad enough but that green hostess with the boobs is the worse.”

“I like her, the humor is ironic.”

“Hmm,” my wife said. Trixie appeared on the screen in her tight white teddy. She made a joke that I didn’t hear because her nipples were poking through the fabric.

“Alright, I’m going to bed,” my wife said. She kissed me good night. “Don’t eat the rest of the candy.”

I promised her I wouldn’t. She went upstairs and I kept watching the movie. I lowered the sound to almost nothing. If she asked, I would tell her I didn’t want to wake her.

I had my lies all worked out.

The movie ended and another one started. This one was about zombies because they are all about zombies now. I didn’t like it. It made me think of things I’d rather not. Still, I barely watched it. I was just killing time.

Midnight came. My cock was painfully hard. I got up and went into the dark kitchen. I made sure the back light was off. It was still bright outside even without the light. The moon was full and glowing tonight.

I saw her shamble up the deck stairs. She was still wearing the same sexy bee outfit. The top was torn a little and her right breast was almost out. Her red hair caught the moonlight.

She knocked on the door; slow faint taps.

I opened the glass door. “Shh, I’m here,” I said.

She went down to her knees. The yellow mask hid most of her face except for her mouth. She opened her lips and stuck out her tongue.

I hesitated but only briefly. The smell was bad. Her clothes were dirty. There were grass stains all over her costume. I didn’t want to think about it.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She reached for it and pulled me closer. Her fingers were cold but that was normal because it was a cold night, right?

Her mouth was warm. I bit my lip to keep from groaning out loud. Her tongue was warm and her mouth was as wet as any pussy.

She made a faint moaning sound that disturbed me. I kept my cock in her mouth though.

Three years. That is how long she had been coming to my door on Halloween night. I had no idea who she was. No one in the neighborhood had her red hair. No one had her big tits that threatened to fall out of her skimpy bee outfit. No one ever tried to suck my cock just for opening the door.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her throat. Cold fingers dug into my ass while my cock filled her mouth. She never choked.

I thought about the zombie movie. I wasn’t stupid. It was Halloween. She was either the kinkiest weirdo I had ever met or some sort of dead woman going around sucking cocks.

It had to be the former.

She bounced on my cock. Dead people don’t have warm mouths. The dead didn’t have so much spit. The dead wouldn’t feel so damn good around my cock.

Her tit fell out of her top. It was dirty like the rest of her. It pressed against my leg and the nipple was freezing.

I should have just stood there and taken the sucking. But no, I was curious. I was willing to fuck up a good thing. Mostly though, I had been seeing Trixie Treats hosting movies with those big tits and I wanted some for my own.

My hand reached down. I grabbed a handful of her cold tit. My fingers squeezed around firm flesh.

She was ice cold. My hand released her breast and moved higher up.

Her mouth sucked harder. My hips began to thrust and I fucked her mouth. She took it. She always took it.

My hand found what it was looking for. Where there should have been a heartbeat was just still cold flesh.

I shook with fear. She sucked harder. I came in her mouth and she kept sucking. I pushed her back and she released my cock from her warm lips.

“What the fuck are you?” I asked. I wasn’t whispering. I was too scared to be scared of my wife waking up.

The thing didn’t answer. She stood up and shambled off my deck. I saw her head to my neighbor’s house.

I noticed his back porch light was on.

I closed the door and returned to the living room. My hands shook as I zipped back up. I fell back into the couch. My cock was drained but I couldn’t stop shaking.

That had been too much. I knew the truth now. There was no way I was going to put my cock into that thing’s mouth again. Shit, maybe I should convince the wife we should move.

The commercial ended and Trixie Treats appeared back on the screen. The white teddy stretched across her green cleavage. She took a deep breathe before launching into more inane patter. The fabric strained to hold her tits in.

My cock throbbed. I thought about the dead bee woman coming back next year.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so creepy next year if I wore a condom.

“More Trick-or-Treaters should use the backdoor. Don’t you think so, Burny?”

“What was that damned creature? How many cocks does it suck in a night? Where does it go for the rest of the year?”

“Oh she was just another lost soul who made the right kind of a deal with the wrong kind of demon. I tried to explain to her the fine details but she didn’t pay that much attention. You would be amazed how many souls skip right to the cock-sucking and skip the part about the eternal wandering of the living dead.”

“I believe it. I once had a contract with a phone company that damned me for a decade.”

“Yeah, sex demons are one thing but don’t fuck with phone companies. Those guys are assholes.”

“As for you readers, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 132014

51xpSJpofXL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Under Their Command is a new ebook. It is a 24 page story about a woman who reads a special ebook in public. She, and others, come under the sway of something that compels them to d many, many, many sexual acts.

This ebook was an experiment in creating a weird erotica story. I don’t know if I would call it mind control as much as body control. Think BDSM where your body is no longer under your control, it is now under their command.

I hope you enjoy this story and thank you for taking a chance on my experiment.

Oct 082014

suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the tart with a heart! Well, I ripped the heart from a person’s chest but they were a good person so it’s a good heart! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“When will my eternal torment end?”

Never, Burny! That’s what eternal means! Speaking of eternal, today’s story is about the timeless nature of a good striptease. I call it, Mystery Dances.”

“Wait, that story?! It is classified as a national security risk! Just reading this story threatens the time/space continuum!”

“I know! It is very exciting!”

“Read on, mortals.”

Marwa was exhausted. She sat down in front of her mirror and stared at herself. Halloween week was always the worse at the Body Palace. Management insisted on costumes for the strippers and the marks loved it. That meant more roving hands, more drunk lies about being millionaires and more weirdoes hitting on her because of her nun costume. She just wanted to get home and wash the sweat and cigarette smoke from her body.

It was nights like these that saving money for college as a stripper seemed like a bad idea. How was she going to become a doctor if she died of lung cancer from second hand smoke? How was she going to want to help people get better when she was starting to hate the sight of people in the first place? There had to be better ways to make money.

“Mystery, some people are here to see you,” Boris the bouncer said. “They look like cops.”

“Cops?” Marwa asked. “For me?”

“Jerry said talk to them in the stockroom. They’re making the customers nervous,” Borris said.

“Fine,” Marwa said. She thought about changing out of her nun costume but fuck it. If cops were going to talk to her at work, they had to deal with her work clothes.

She headed for the stockroom. Part of her was worried about what they wanted but mostly she was happy for the break. Most likely they just wanted to ask about one of her skeevy regulars. She bet it was about the guy with the cat tattoos.

The cops were in the storeroom except they didn’t look like cops at all. It was a man and a woman and they were wearing suits. The man looked as big as Boris but he had a blond crew cut and broader shoulders. The woman was petite, black and bald. They looked like federal agents from a movie.

“Ms. Rahal?” the man said. “Thank you for meeting with us.” He was looking at her face instead of her nun cleavage which was rare for a man.

Marwa shrugged. “Sure, but you’re costing me stage money.”

The woman stepped closer and flashed a badge. It said FBI, but Marwa noticed that she was definitely looking at her nun cleavage. “Homeland Security, sir. I’m Agent Gades, this is Agent Gardener.”

“What does Homeland Security want with me?” Marwa said. “You know I was born in Georgia right? My dad was Persian but he left us when I was kid. I don’t know any of my cousins in Iran.”

Agent Gades put her badge away. “You are not in any trouble, however I can tell you that it is a matter of National Security.”

“Did I do a lap dance for a terrorist?” Marwa asked.

“Ma’am, you possess a certain skill set and physical description we need for an operation,” Agent Gades said. “It is extremely classified but we will pay you ten thousand dollars for your services.”

“Wait, you two just want a Persian stripper?” Marwa said.

“Yes, Ms. Rahal,” Agent Gardener said.

“And you’re paying ten thousand dollars?” Marwa said.

“Yes, Ms. Rahal,” Agent Gades said.

“And there is no sex?” Marwa said. “I’m a dancer, not a hooker.”

“No sex, Ms. Rahal,” Agent Gardener said.

“Fine, you got a deal. But when I’m working you call me by my stage name, Mystery.”

“You have a deal,” Agent Gades said.

“Meet us out back after you change,” Agent Gades said. She took one last look at Marwa’s nun cleavage. “Regular clothes would be better for where we are going.”

Marwa smirked and went back to the changing room. Ten thousand dollars? She would wear a clown suit if they wanted. She shed her nun clothes and put on a t-shirt and jeans. She skipped a bra but did put on some panties.

Outside the agents were waiting by a black SUV with government plates. She wondered if this was really a matter of national security or if they were just arranging a stripper for a coworker. Fuck it, Marwa didn’t care. Wherever they went was better than the Body Palace on Halloween night.

They handed her money in the car. It was in a black gym bag. That surprised her. Normal people would have made her do the job first before paying. Maybe the government paid up front for their lap dances.

Agent Gades drove them further away from town. It was four in the morning and the roads were empty. Marwa knew better than to do any small talk. These two said nothing and Marwa felt they would have lied anyway.

At least they didn’t smoke, that was something. She liked them better than half her usual customers for that alone.

Agent Gades turned down a road that Marwa had never been. It was mostly factories and warehouses. None of them seemed to be open and some of them looked abandoned. It was at one of these abandoned warehouses that they finally stopped.

“Here?” Marwa asked. It looked like a great place for a rape and murder.

The Agents didn’t say anything. They got out of the car and Agent Gades opened the door for her. Marwa got out and followed them into the warehouse.

Spotlights had been rigged up. The place was empty and the blank dark space was overwhelming. Something ten feet tall was in the middle of the lights but a large tarp had been pulled over it.

There was another agent. It was short Asian guy. He was drawing something on the floor in chalk.

“Mystery, this is Agent Gutt.” Agent Gades said.

The Asian guy looked up at Marwa. “Yes, good. I am almost ready.”

“Is he the client?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gardner grunted. “No, that thing is.” He was pointing at what was under the tarp.

“What is going on?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gutt stood up and stretched. “I have spent the last two hours trying to come up with a way to describe to you. I can’t think of anything that doesn’t sound crazy and quite frankly, it is classified. So here’s what we are going to do. In five minutes, we are going to pull that tarp down. You will strip and dance for it. Weird shit is going to happen but you keep dancing. You will keep dancing until the weird shit is over and then you will go home with your money. We have a deal?”

“What kind of weird things?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gutt rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Christ, they never take the simple answer.”

Agent Gades touched her arm. “Mystery, do you love your country?”

“What? Of course. Maybe not as much when that racist dickhead was in office but yeah, I love my country.”

Agent Gades nodded. “And would you like your country trampled by an insanity that rips apart society and turns everyone into a raping sex maniac?”

Marwa did a double take. “Uh, no.”

“Then please, Mystery, just dance,” Agent Gades said.

Marwa shrugged. “Okay. Where’s the music?”

Agent Gardener laughed. Agent Gades closed her eyes. Agent Gutt just shouted, “Fuck!”

Marwa shook her head. “You guys are worse than a bachelor party. Look, I’ll play something on my phone.”

She picked some club music that didn’t have words. The beat echoed throughout the dark warehouse. Agent Gades took the phone from her and set it on top of a cooler. Agent Gutt took her by the arm and brought her before the statue.

“When we take the tarp down, just keep dancing,” he whispered.

Marwa nodded. The music was seeping into her body. Her hips were swaying and she released her long black hair from her headband. Dark curls fell on her shoulders and she closed her eyes.

The beat did things to her thighs. The keyboards did something to her spine that made it move. The music soaked into her.

When she opened her eyes, she was no longer Marwa. She was Mystery, and she was here to drive people wild and fill their dreams with longing.

Agent Gardener and Agent Gutt went to remove the tarp. She didn’t wait for them. Mystery danced before her unknown client.

The tarp came down. Mystery’s eyes widened at the sight before her. She felt her heart race but she her feet didn’t miss a step. She kept dancing.

It was hideous. It was made of white marble with sickly yellow veins of something else running through it. The statue was of a woman, and only Mystery only knew that because it was covered in breasts. The arms, legs, torso and face were covered in breasts. The breasts themselves had breasts. Instead of nipples, it had tiny cocks.

Mystery kept dancing. Did she believe the country was at stake? She didn’t know. She didn’t care. When the music played, Mystery didn’t think at all. She just danced.

She ran her hands down her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she made sure to make the fabric press against her tits. Her large breasts felt tiny compared to the monstrous breasts before her. She ran her hands over her tits, squeezing and pulling through the material of the shirt.

The statue stood there.

Mystery pulled at her shirt, swinging her hips as she slowly inched the material up, up, up and over her tits. She swung the shirt off her body and towards the statue.

It fell before the statue’s feet like an offering.

She danced a little faster, swinging her heavy breasts back and forth. The statue had no eyes so Mystery assigned eyes to two small breasts on the thing’s face. She flirted with those imaginary eyes. She leaned towards those faux eyes and let them see how her tits felt in her hands.

There was a shimmer. More yellow veins appeared on the statue. The warehouse filled with the smell of hot sand.

Mystery danced. She turned around and presented her ass to the statue. Agent Gardener was staring at her and she winked at him. Agent Gades was staring too, her hips slowly moving with the music. Mystery blew her a kiss that made Agent Gades blush. Agent Gutt was the only one not looking at her and he turned to the door.

She turned back to face the statue. It looked different. One of the arms seemed higher than she remembered. There might have been more tits than she remembered. She filed the differences away in the back of her mind while her body kept dancing.

Mystery unzipped her pants. She felt a breeze on her face and she thought she heard a moan. Her fingers pulled her zipped down to reveal electric blue panties.

Thunder rolled. The breeze grew stronger and played with her hair.

Mystery shimmied out of her pants. The jeans slipped down, down, down her long legs. They pooled around her ankles and she stepped out of them.

There was gun shot. Mystery jumped but she kept dancing.

“They are trying to bring the Daughter! Stop them! It is too early!”

Mystery flicked her head to the left, sending her long hair flying through the air. She made eye contact with Agent Gardener who had his gun out. He thought she was looking at him.

“Keep dancing!” he yelled before shooting into the darkness.

Mystery wasn’t stopping. The music wouldn’t let her. The beat was too strong. Mystery’s body was almost naked. Rhythms forged during late nights pulsed through her body.

The statue was leaning towards her now. It looked like it might topple on her. There were far more breasts than before.

Mystery stroked her panties. She pretended to be in orgasmic bliss. A fake orgasm rippled through her body. She stared at the statue with exaggerated lust.

There were more gunshots. Someone screamed.

The music kept going. Mystery slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties. Doing the same shimmy as before, she inched them down her flowing legs.

Thunder rolled. The tiny cocks on the statue leaked something blue. The smell of burning forests filled the warehouse.

Mystery stepped out her panties and tossed them to the statue. They landed on a thick breast on its hip.

She danced. Free of her clothes she let her body free. Wild motions filled her hips and shook her shoulders. She grabbed her heavy breasts, wild hair and swaying hips for the statue.

“Kill her!” someone yelled. “Kill her before SHE comes through!”

More gunshots. Something burned her shoulder. She stumbled in pain and grabbed her shoulder. It was a cut and she was bleeding.

The statue roared. The tits vibrated with a horrible elasticity. The cocks wiggled. Before Mystery’s unbelieving eyes, it took a single step forward.

There were screams. Popping sounds ricocheted through the warehouse. She looked back. Someone she didn’t know exploded like a balloon filled with blood.

Mystery screamed. She also rose to her feet. Her hips grinded the air as she found the beat. She resumed dancing.

The screams stopped. The statue seemed bigger.

Mystery danced. The song was building to a climax. Mystery writhed in the throes of fake sexual bliss. She stared at the awful statue like it was the only one she had ever lusted for. She told a lie with her body and her dancing hips repeated the lie over and over.

The statue shrunk. It took a step back. As the music slowed, so did Mystery. When the song was over, the statue had resumed it’s original pose.

The music stopped.

“Turn it back on,” Marwa said. Terror gripped her and she stumbled. She wanted to keep dancing. She wanted to keep this terrible thing appeased.

“It’s over,” Agent Gades said. She took off her jacket and used it to cover Marwa.

Marwa wrapped the jacket around her. Her shirt was too close to the statue. She had no desire to go near it.

Agent Gardener was on the ground. Agent Gutt was covering Gardener’s face with his jacket.

There was a lot of blood in the warehouse. It flowed outwards from small piles of chunks of meat. She thought of the popping noises and gagged.

“Who was shooting at us?” Marwa asked.

“Bad people,” Agent Gades said. The black woman was sweating and her lip quivered. “Bad people who were too stupid to know better than to shoot at someone who was serving a higher power. The time was wrong for the statue so we called it now before the time was right. Now it has wasted its energy and will sleep for another decade.”

“Are you guys really, FBI?” Marwa asked.

Agent Gades shrugged. “No, but close enough. We deal with things like this.”

“What are things like this?” Marla asked. She noticed her panties were higher than she had thrown them. They were now on the statue’s face.

“You don’t need to know,” Agent Gades said.

“I have a right to know,” Marla said. “I think I got shot!” She showed her shoulder.

“They just winged you,” Agent Gades said. Her face was angry. “And you know what? You have a right to not know. You have a right to have a few nightmares about this instead of never going to sleep again because you know what it really is and what it really means for all the things you ever wanted to do with your life. So take it from me, you did a good job and your reward is you don’t know what you did.”

Marwa looked away from the statue. She saw Agent Gardener’s dead body and shivered. The pools of blood flowed and mixed with one another.

“Ten thousand dollars and not knowing,” Marwa said. “I’ll take it.”

“Oh Burny, I think every sex story should end in shaking terror and a high body count.”

“Technically there was no sex in this story, Suckubeth.”

“Oh really? Tell that to the avatar of whatever the fuck that thing was. Maybe it had cosmic climaxes just from watching a beautiful woman dance. Don’t project your flaming skull sex-normative values to unholy entities.”

“Wow, I actually feel chastised. Who knew a demon monster like you could make a damned soul like me feel like the judgmental one?”

“It is never too late to eliminate your prejudices, Burny.”

“As for you readers, I’ll catch your souls later.”

Oct 062014

Orgy on Pleasure Station Sigma is my new writing project/obsession. It is a blog about an orgy that has been going on for six years. Every day I update with around 500 words about what is happening at the orgy. Spoiler alert: It is a lot of sex.

A few years ago I was on a Team Fortress server that was set up for one map at all times. No matter what time of the day I logged in, there was a battle going on between these two forts. The names were almost always different but the fight remained. I was intrigued by the endless nature of it all. Some times one side would dominate the other but it was all meaningless as there was no way to truly win it all and end the battle. No matter how much one side destroyed the other, the fight kept going.

I touched on this idea in a Von Madd story.  In that story, Von Madd had set up a room where an ongoing orgy was set aside as a sort of reward for employees. To keep the orgy going, sexbots were added who were unaware that they were robots. To the robots, they were always on the verge of leaving but their libidos got the best of them.

Pleasure Station Sigma has a slightly different origin. It was started by persons unknown who rented a section of the space station for their party. The station is already a sex tourist destination spot which attracts deviants from all over the galaxy. People are drawn to the orgy because it is free to get in, and the Station Overlord allows it because people have to leave the orgy to eat, recover and maybe get enhancements.  As long as the rent keeps getting paid, the orgy will continue.

Personally I was drawn to the project because I am often jealous of artists who can just sketch a character or landscape and walk away without the need to create a story for the drawing. It is a brief act of creation that I envy greatly. Writing scenes from a science fiction orgy is my way of doing a daily sketch.

My initial goal is write this for six months and then evaluate if I want to continue.

Oct 032014

ddwav-coverMy Dream Date With a Villain is a small comic booklet of wonder, sexiness and despair criminally under priced at five dollars. Created by friend-of-the-blog, Tenebrous Kate, this book gathers together all sorts of writers and artists to create stories of romance, desire, and horror all focusing around dates with terrible villains.

Some of the stories are prose while others are illustrated in full comic book style. Some stories are sweet while others are cruelly fun. The villains range from Dr. Doom, to Ilsa, to Stripe from the Gremlins. There is a little something for everyone here. Fun permeates every story here despite the possible gruesomeness of the subject.

I was very impressed with this book as the quality is top notch. It is glossy and very pretty. It might be most durable “fanzine” I have purchased.

This is one of the coolest things I have come across in awhile and if you like anything I do here on my blog, you would love this book.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers.


Oct 012014

“Greetings mortals! shondemonclr1It is that time again when the veils between worlds go flying apart like a busty girl’s sexy cat outfit! It is me, Suckubeth, the evil fiend who never keeps it clean! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Look away, mortals! Reading her words will damn your soul worse than joining Facebook!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Burny! Nothing is worse than joining Facebook. Not even what happens to the lovely pair in today’s story, The Final Couple.”

“By the flaming pits of Abaddon’s ass, not that story! It will terrify anyone from going to a Halloween party at an abandoned haunted house ever again! You can’t show them that story!”

“Ha! Nothing will stop horny people from having Halloween parties at abandoned haunted houses. At least, not while I exist and my brown beautiful ass is immortal!”

“Read on, mortals.”

“They won’t find us in here, Allison. I found this closet when we were searching for poor Caleb.”

“Oh God, Conner, I hope not. We should turn off the light to be sure.”

“Fuck, I knew we shouldn’t have had a Halloween party at the old Laymon house. This place has always freaked me out. I can’t believe Slit-Throat Sally is real! I thought that was just an urban legend but now Ashley, Taylor and Emily are dead!”

“What about the Fiend, Conner? I thought the idea of a monster living in the cellar of the Laymon house was just a joke but now Tyler, Austin and Jacob had their heads smashed in! With all that fur flying around, what else could it be?”

“Shh, calm down, Allison. We’ll be safe here. We just need to hide until morning and then we’ll sneak out. Everything will be okay.”

“Connor, can you hold me?”

“Sure, Allison. Wow, your heart is beating so fast.”

“So is yours. You must be really upset about Ashley. I mean, you guys have been dating for like two months.”

“To be honest, I was planning to break up with her soon. She can be really bossy and well, I was afraid to break up with her since her dad owns the plant that my mom works at.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“You must be upset about Tyler’s death though, he was your boyfriend.”

“Well I have a secret too. I was going to break up with him tonight but before I could . . .”

“We found his body in the kitchen.”

“Yeah. Do you think we’re really safe here? Won’t the Fiend find us?”

“That won’t happen, Allison. I’ll protect you.”

“Connor, it feels so good to be in your arms.”

“You feel good too, Allison.”

“Connor, we might die here tonight. The Fiend is out there.”

“Don’t talk like that. Besides, I’m not worried about the Fiend. It’s probably some dumb mutant or something. It’s Slit-throat Sally I’m worried about. She’s some sort of ghost and can probably go through walls and shit.”

“She wouldn’t hurt you.”

“What do you mean, Allison?”

“Slit-Throat Sally only kills bad girls. Emily was a smoker, and Taylor stole from her job. As for Ashley . . .”


“Ashley was a bad girl because she only dated you because I had an interest in you.”

“Really, Allison? I had no idea! I’ve had a crush on you too!”

“Really, Connor? You’re not just saying that?”

The sound of kissing filled the closet.

“Does that convince you, Allison?”

“Yes! Oh Connor, make love to me.”


“Yes! Before the Fiend comes for us! Here, let me take my sweater off.”

“Oh God, you don’t have a bra on! I have wanted to touch your breasts forever!”

“They are yours now. With Tyler gone, they are all yours!”


“Yes. And this is all mine.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Can I unzip your pants, Conner?”

“Yes, please.”

The sound of zipping joined the sounds of heavy breathing.

“You are so much bigger than Tyler.”

“And your breasts are so much bigger than Ashley’s.”

Groans filled the dark closet.

“Fuck me, Connor.”

“I want to fuck you, Allsion.”

Pants fell in the closet.

“Fuck! Oh God you are so hard inside me!”

“Oh God, you are so tight.”

“Oh Fuck me, Connor, but be quiet. The Fiend is out there!”

“I will.”

Whispers gave way to panting which gave way to grunts. The floor creaked and a hand slapped a wall for support. Wet sex squishes filled the small space. A wall shook as bodies grinded.

Grunts quickened in the dark closet. A whimper was smothered between clenched lips. A shuddering groan was whispered into soft hair.

“Oh my God, Allison. I have never come that quickly.”

“Me, neither, Connor. It was like we were made for each other.”

“Oh Allison, I am so glad we came here tonight. Even with everyone dead.”

“I was thinking the same thing. I just wish that Fiend wasn’t here! I want to see you. I want to make love to you again and see your face when you come, Connor.”

“Well, I need to tell you something, Allison. There is no Fiend. I killed Tyler. I also killed Austin and Jacob. I didn’t want any competition because I love you so much. All that fur is from a stuffed bear in the attic. Since Tyler wanted to have a party at the Laymon house, I figured everyone would assume it was the Fiend. I wanted to be brave and impress you, but then Slit-Throat Sally killed every one and, why are you laughing?”

“Because there is no Slit-Throat Sally, silly! I killed them. I wanted to kill that skank you were with because I knew that you were mine! I got the other girls so it wouldn’t look personal. Oh my God, we’re both killers? You know what this means?”

“It means that Allison, you were meant for me.”

“And you were meant for me, Connor.”

The sound of kisses returned.

“Wait a minute, Allison. If you cut the throat of the girls, and I bashed the heads of the guys, than who ripped Caleb’s heart out in the shed?”

“I did,” answered a voice as the closet door opened.

Screams filled the closet and were quickly silenced.

“Burny, I do love a bad romance.”

“You also like a bloody romance, a screaming romance and final romance.”

“And we got all four today. It is almost Valentine’s Day around here.”

“Valentine’s with a body count! Couldn’t they just break up with their dates instead of murdering them?”

“Burny, you do not understand romance.”

“As for you readers, I’ll catch your souls later.”


Sep 242014

This was bad. I was stuck in a restraining chair with my shirt torn off. My hands and ankles were bound with solid vilimium metal. My head was still ringing from the beatdown I took. The only good thing was that my intelligent pants refused to come off so my captors couldn’t strip me completely naked.

The prison cell opened. In walked a big tough looking guy. You learn to recognize the type. He had dead eyes, a slight gut and thick wrists from sending threatening messages to women over social media. This guy was the torturer.

The guy behind him was worse. He had the dashing face of a space pirate. A trimmed goatee decorated a cruel face while a flattering scar accented his left dead eye. He flexed his metal hand that had probably been up some cabinwoman’s ass moments ago. He also had a parrot, some sort of cybernetic bird and that was new. Anyway, he was much worse because he was an asshole.

“Captain Blastpants, I can’t believe you were foolish enough to sneak aboard my ship,” my long time enemy said.

“Foolish!” the bird said. A robotic eye glared at me.

“Captain Assfucker,” I said in return. “Is that a Mark Four Parborg? I hadn’t seen one of those before

Pow. Assfucker punched me. He was pretty strong and the metal hand made it worse. My head snapped and stars danced in front of me. Shit, that fucking hurt.

“You know,” Assfucker said, “when I downloaded the entire contents of the internet cloud of Kolos Five, I just thought I would make a fortune selling it back to the poor citizens and maybe jack off to some of their homemade porn. I had no idea that the idiot Captain Blastpants would be stupid enough to sneak on board and try to steal files. Did you plan to sell them yourself?”

“Nope,” I said, spitting out some blood. “I steal money and valuables. Stealing people’s personal pictures, letters and videos? That’s just being a dick.”

Assfucker punched me again. The room spun.

“Correction, that’s being an asshole dick,” I said.

I wasn’t sure what that meant but he punched me again. My left eye closed and stayed that way.

“Keep an eye on him, Gog” Assfucker said to the brute. “Don’t let anyone in. Blastpants is a tricky bastard so don’t take your eyes off him fro a second.

The brute grunted.

“Fuck his ass!” the Parborg said.

“Much later,” Assfucker replied. “I want to get the cargo hold ready and prepare the recording devices. I’m going to take Blastpants there so the entire crew can watch us find out how many fists we can cram in his ass.”

I laughed. “Never as many as you can, Assfucker,” I said.

“Assfucker takes three!” the bird croaked. Assfucker gave his bird a dirty look. He turned away and headed for the cell door but I called out to him.

“Hey Assfucker!”

“What?” Assfucker said.

“Give me the bird and let me go, that’s my final offer,” I said.

Assfucker smiled. “And what would I get?”

“Your get to keep your nose,” I said.

Assfucker blinked at me. “I’ll be back later.”

The door closed and it was just me and Gog. The thug stood in front of me, his brow furrowed with the stress of not hurting something. He didn’t blink as he looked at me.

It was damn creepy.

The cell door opened. Gog kept looking at me because that was what he was told. He didn’t see the two women enter and raise stun pistols.

Gog glowed and I saw his skeleton. When the glow faded he slumped to the ground. Smoke rose from his ears. What passed for a brain was most likely vapor.

“About time you ladies- hey, you’re not my crew,” I said.

“We certainly aren’t,” one of them said. The other dragged Gog off to the side while the first one sealed the door behind them. That gave me time to study them.

The one who talked was my age with the scars to match. She had a strong body that came from countless fights. Ragged jeans covered an ass that promised bountiful treasures. Straight blond hair was pulled into a sensible ponytail that also revealed a missing right ear. Heavy breasts were suspended by a gravity reducing black demicup bra.

Her companion had the darker color of one that lived on a desert planet. Short kinky black hair crowned her head. A stolen Pik Navy jacket covered small breasts while stolen Qwer Army pants covered long legs. She was the youngest of all of us and had that happy deluded look of a newbie pirate who thought they could get away with anything.

“Well ladies,” I said. “I am grateful for the rescue. Untie me and I will gladly accept you into my crew.”

The younger one giggled and the older one just smiled.

I kept smiling because when you’re tied up, it is always good to appear confident.

“Get his pants off, Farine,” the older one said.

“You’ll find that hard,” I said. “My intelligent pants only open in my best interest.”

Farah knelt before me. She kissed my crotch. My intelligent pants betrayed me and unzipped.

“Got them, Venda,” Farine said. She pulled them down and my cock stood at attention. Farine smiled and then smirked.

“Not that big after all,” Farine said.

“Hey!” I snapped. “It is quite big enough. What do you two want?”

Venda came over and pointed the stun rifle at my cock. To my credit, my erection didn’t waver.

“We wanted to fuck the famous Captain Blastpants before he had his cock ripped off and shoved up his ass,” Venda said.

My erection may have shrunk a little then.

“He doesn’t look like he likes us,” Farine said, pointing to my unsure member.

“Nonsense,” Venda said. “Give him a kiss.”

Farine saluted and grabbed my cock. Instead of a dainty kiss, she opened her mouth and took me inside her.

“Whoa!” I groaned. I pulled against my bonds but the vilimium kept me pinned.

“This is against the Space Pirate’s Code,” I told Venda.

She laughed. “Are you claiming duress?”

Farine looked up at me with her bright eyes. The side of her cheek bulged from where my cock pressed. Drool dripped from her lips and down onto my balls.

“No, I don’t think I am,” I said.

Venda smiled and put the stun rifle down. She sat on the arm of the chair I was bound to. Her leg pressed against my arm but I couldn’t grope it like I wanted to.

She smelled nice. Like lasers shots and flowers.

“Go deep, Farine,” Venda commanded. “Like I showed you.”

Farine saluted with my cock in her mouth and then swallowed more of me. My back arched as her lips took inch after inch. She struggled with the last inch or two, her nostrils flaring but she kept at it. Her lips finally met my balls and she gave me a lick at the base of my cock.

“Lords of Space,” I groaned.

“She’s a quick learner,” Venda said. “She was the hundredth and third daughter of a Governor-Caliph. He paid the ransom for the first hundred but wasn’t willing to pay for the other thirty. We put them to work around the ship. I think they like it better with us.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Farine groaned, nodding her head in agreement. I shuddered as my cock moved with her head.

“What about you?” I asked. “What’s your story?”

Venda looked down at me. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my head back. A sharp fingernail pressed against my throat. “I’m the bad girl who grew up to be a bad bitch pirate.”

“Good enough,” I said.

She let go of my head. I guess I should have been mad but my cock was still deep in Farine’s throat. It made me a little mellow.

Farine withdrew her mouth. My cock was shiny with her spit. She grabbed the base of my cock and slapped it against her cheek. It left a wet spot on her dark skin.

“It is much nicer now,” Farine said.

“Well then, let’s fuck,” Venda said.

Farine stood up and grabbed her pants. They were a size too small for her and she had to wiggle to get out of it. Watching her hips and long legs move side to side was the best part of my captivity so far. Her sex was unnaturally bare and looked like it may have never grown hair.

Next was her jacket. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly unbuttoned the Pik uniform. Only the military would still use buttons. One by one, she slowly unfastened her jacket to reveal the small proud brown breasts beneath.

When she took off her jacket, I saw a red tattoo of a foreign language written across her breasts. She must have seen the confusion on my face because she laughed.

“It is my birth number,” Farine said. “It is how they told us apart.”

Venda had gotten undressed while I had been leering at Farine. There had been no performance on her part. She stripped off everything except her gravity reducing bra. It kept her heavy breasts floating forward with eternal perkiness.

My eyes drank in her body. There were a dozen stories written on her pale flesh. A laser scar on her leg, a burn on her ass and cut on her ribs told me of the fights she had been in. The tattoo of a black hole on her thigh told me about her time with the Singularity Gang and a name on her shoulder told me that she had once loved. There was beauty in her story.

“Senior officers always go first,” Farine said.

“She is a good learner,” I added.

“Yes, she is,” Venda said with fondness.

There wasn’t a trace of fondness in the way Venda grabbed my cock. It was too tight and she pulled too hard. I gritted my teeth and didn’t complain. I was a fucking Captain; I had an image to maintain.

Venda mounted me facing away from me. I watched her plump ass lower towards my lap. My cock pressed against a furry sex before being engulfed in liquid heat. Down, down, down she went to impale me deep inside her.

Farine knelt down in front of me. I couldn’t see her but I felt her hands on my thighs. She was in front of Venda’s sex, watching from the most intimate place possible.

Venda rode me. The vilimium bonds rendered me helpless as the space pirate fucked me. She went at her own speed, moving in ways that pleased her and taking what she needed from my cock.

All I could do was watch and feel. I watched her plump ass rise and fall just out of my reach. I felt her warm sex wash me with her plentiful desire. I watched her ponytail bounce in front of me. I felt her ass as she grinded on my lap.

Farine leaned forward and I heard her lick. I moaned as I realized it wasn’t me. She was eating her fellow pirate, her teacher and her senior officer. I couldn’t feel Farine’s mouth but I knew her work ethic. She was eating the hell out of Venda.

I groaned and pulled at my restraints. Fuck, I couldn’t do shit. I could barely move my hips. All I could do was sit there and take Venda’s grinding.

Venda groaned. She grinded faster. Her ass slammed into my lap as she took her pleasure. She was close.

I felt Farine’s tongue. She licked my balls as Venda rode me. Venda must have been moving too fast for her to lick. My balls were grateful for her attention. The Governor-Caliph’s one hundred and third daughter had a talented tongue.

“Yes, yes, yes, blast off!” Venda yelled.

I felt a surge of fluid dampen my cock. Farine’s tongue moved up and licked Venda’s juices as they sprayed onto my cock. I shuddered and gritted my teeth. Fuck, I would have given anything to slam Venda downand fuck her pussy right.

Instead I was stuck in the chair.

“Your turn,” Venda said. She climbed off my cock. It looked like someone had dumped a bucket of pussy juice on my lap.

Farine smiled from between my legs. Her face was splattered with pussy juice. She climbed onto the restraint chair and mounted me while facing me. My cock was gripped by your young tight pussy.

“Whoa,” I said.

Venda grunted as she sat beside me. “Men don’t last long inside of Farine.”

“Yeah,” I whispered. Farine was tight but other factors were at play. She had muscles down there. She a certain kind of heat like a laser shot. If this talent was genetic, I can see why her mom had over a hundred children.

Farine rode me. The chair kept me from grabbing her and pounding her. I watched her small pert breasts bounce. Pussy juice ran down her small brown body.

Venda watched as she sat beside me. She was smiling. A rosy color had warmed her pale cheeks. Her breasts floated before me.

“Please,” I whispered to Venda.

I saw a flash of cruelty in her eyes. Yes, any pirate would be happy to deny any request. It was nothing less than I would expect but her eyes softened. She took pity.

Venda leaned forward and guided a breast to my mouth. I opened my lips and sucked on her pale pink nipple. I couldn’t move but at least I had this breast. I was being used but at least my lips were kissing this lovely breast. I was going to die but at least my tongue was licking one last nipple. It was a beautiful mercy.

Farine started to squeak. It was adorable. She did things with her hips that were taught on some distant desert planet. My cock was trapped within a wild spin of pussy muscles. My cock was slick from the pussies of two wanton pirates.

I sucked harder on Venda’s breast. I bit down a little. Venda winced but she didn’t stop me. All of my frustrations went into my biting suckling mouth.

Farine suddenly stopped in mid hump and let out a long squeak. She climaxed on my cock and I felt the spasm of a hundred muscles within her pussy.

Venda stood up, her nipple escaping from my lips. Farine dismounted and my cock was a shiny throbbing mess. Venda helped Farine stand as the younger pirate wobbled on shaky legs.

“We should go,” Farine said. “Before the Captain gets here.”

“Finish him first,” Venda said, pointing at my cock.

Farine made a questioning face.

“He is an enemy Captain, but still a senior officer,” Venda said. “He deserves our respect.”

I suppressed the smile coming to my lips.

Farine nodded and knelt before me. She grabbed my cock and stroked me towards her mouth. Her dark lips opened and dusky eyes looked up at me.

Venda stood behind her, touching herself idly as she watched.

I came immediately. It was a wonder I had lasted as long as I had. My cock released its payload into the waiting mouth of Farine. She smiled with the first load, was surprised at the second load and became concerned with the third load. She sputtered a little and my cock kept erupting. My seed joined the pussy juice that had dried on her dark face.

“By the souls of my Fathers!” Farine cried when I was done. “That is why they call him Blastpants!”

“Told you,” Venda said. “Captains always earn their names.”

The cell door popped open. Deepthroat Sadie and One-Eye Peter rushed in; plasma rifles ready. Old Nathan followed behind them, wielding two laser swords in his gnarled hands.

“Anyone make a move and we’ll cut your tits off!” Old Nathan said.

Farine squealed but Venda just glared at them. Even naked she was a bit scary.

“About time, assholes!” I yelled. “Leave the girls alone and get me out of here!”

One-Eye Peter went to the restraint chair and released me. My intelligent pants bashfully crawled up my legs and zipped up.

“Are you sure, Captain?” Deepthroat Sadie said. A cruel gleam came to his/her eye as she looked at Farine and Venda.

“Of course,” I said. Venda looked a little surprised. “They were just showing me some hospitality. Leave them here and I’m sure they will wait at least ten minutes before sounding the alarm, correct?”

Farine looked to Venda. Venda nodded. “I think I read that in the Space Pirate Code.”

“Good,” I said. “See, even pirates can come to agreements.”

I took a plasma pistol from Old Nathan and saluted them. We left the cell and headed to the shuttle bay.

“Did you get the files?” I asked in the hall.

“Aye, Captain,” Old Nathan said. “Clever plan getting caught like that. The old ship is setting up for your public ass fucking and left next to no security anywhere else. We raided the data banks, stole the files back and got you.”

“I may have left some farm bovine porn in their data banks,” Deepthroat Sadie said. “And in their navigation computers, weapon systems and life support computers.”

“Of course you did,” I said. You don’t bring Deepthroat Sadie unless you wanted bovine porn everywhere.

We were almost at the shuttle bay when we ran into a complication. Captain Assfucker and two of his men came around the corner.

“Motherfuckers!” the cybernetic parrot squawked.

Everything happened at once.

Old Nathan skewered one of Assfucker’s men. Deepthroat Sadie castrated him once he was on the ground.

One Eye Peter shot the other pirate in the face.

I kicked Assfucker in the nuts. As he headed down to the ground, I upper-cutted his falling face. He slammed into the deck wall and was out cold.

“Tits and dicks!” the Parborg said.

I held out my hand to the bird. It hopped on my fingers and I guided him to my shoulder. Suction grips attached to my bare skin.

“You’re my bird now,” I said.

The bird looked at me. It scanned my face and blue lights lit up behind its eyes.

“Pieces of ass!” it squawked. It was mine. Parbogs of his model were highly idiosyncratic. He would only stay as long as he wanted but even a cybernetic bird knew Assfucker was a loser.

“I’m going to call you, Venda, cause you remind me of a tough girl I know.”

“Captain, we should be going,” Old Nathan said.

“Yep,” I said. I turned to the shuttle bay.

“Take his nose, take his nose!” Venda said.

“Oh yeah,” I said. I turned and reached down to Assfucker’s unconscious body. One finger hooked inside Assfucker’s nose while the rest gripped as much as I could. I pulled up with all I had.

The sound was awful. One Eye Peter got sick. Deepthroat Sadie looked turned on. Old Nathan gave me that look that said I was showing off, which I was.

I fed the nose to Venda. She gobbled it up.

Sep 172014

Robyn stopped by Ken’s house. It was Friday morning and she was expected. She had been doing this for several months but every time she came by she felt nervous. Did the neighbors know why she was here? Did they suspect?

Ken opened the door. “Come in,” he said. Months of practice had worn off the idle conversation. Robyn had to get to school and traffic was a bitch. Ken was many things but at least he understood her schedule.

Robyn came in and Ken closed the door behind her. She stood in the hallway and waited. She was afraid to go into the living room with the spanking bench, or the dining room with the stocks. The hallway was safe.

“Strip,” Ken said. He had the black marker ready.

Robyn bit her lip and began to take off her clothes. It was easier if she just rushed through it. She pulled off her thick blue blouse, the one that concealed her skin. Next went the sturdy black bra that held her large breasts.

It was harder to pull down her pants. She was a big girl; much bigger than any of the girls that Ken played with. Robyn was ashamed of her big hips and thick thighs but Ken never made a comment. She knew what he had to be thinking though. All men thought that way.

Last to go was her black panties. Her shaved sex was exposed. Ever since they started this game, Robyn had been keeping it shaved. It was her little shameful secret that almost no one saw.

Ken went to work. He grabbed her right breast and held it in his hand. Robyn felt her heart race but she kept her face as neutral as possible. She refused to show how much she enjoyed it.

He wrote on her. Robyn didn’t watch. She wanted it to be a surprise later.

The black marker dragged across the skin of her breast. His fingers held her breast with a focused firmness. Words were marked onto her breast, etching sexual acts not meant for her.

Ken’s fingers trapped her nipple. It would take nothing for him to bend down and lick it. Or maybe he could pinch it and make her cry like he does the other girls. Robyn had made him agree to never do that but it didn’t mean she didn’t fantasize about it.

It was over too soon. He let go of her breast and took hold of her left arm. He lifted it up so he could write along the top of her arm. It was long. The black marker painted words all the way up to her shoulder.

“Turn around,” he said.

Robyn swallowed and obeyed. He was going to write on her ass. He was going to write on her fat ass with all the unsexy curves and weight. Robyn hated her ass but he always wrote on it. Always.

Ken squatted down behind her. Robyn squirmed at him being so close. He grabbed her hip and kept her steady.

The black marker wrote on her. The marker touched what she never allowed her last two boyfriends to touch. Ken wrote where even Robyn never looked.

He wrote in slow, big marks. Ken was covering her ass with his writing. She guessed that it was numbers. He was making a note for how much to spank his playmate.

Robyn wondered what it would be like to be spanked. She wondered how badly it would hurt. She wondered what it would be like to be spanked by Ken.

“Turn around,” Ken said. He was still squatted down behind her.

Robyn felt the heat rise to her face. She knew what was coming. It was so dirty. It made her so wet.

She turned around. Her shaved sex was level with Ken’s face.

He placed the tip of the marker against the top of her sex. The marker moved slowly, teasing the sensitive flesh around her pussy. Ken took his time and used his best penmanship.

Robyn imagined Ken suddenly licking her sex. She would cry out with outrage. She would push him away but he would be too strong. He would eat her until she climaxed.

Ken finished writing. He stood up and looked at her. The smug smile spread across his face. Robyn kept her face as blank as possible.

“Thank you for being my notepad once again,” Ken said. “Though if you want to play with us this weekend, you are certainly welcome.”

Robyn tried to frown in a disapproving manner as she yanked her panties and pants back up. “Amy might disagree with you on that.”

“This week it is Kelly, and she’ll agree with whatever I tell her,” Ken said.

Robyn fastened her bra together. “This is as far as I want to go,” she said.

“Oh yes,” Ken said. “My lovely notepad. The woman who helps but never plays.”

“I play,” Robyn lied.

“Oh yes, I forgot,” Ken said. “You just never play with me.”

“Right,” Robyn said. It was a lovely lie about her being a strong independent woman who had all sorts of fun sex so she was too strong to let herself be fucked by a man such as Ken. It was not a very convincing lie but Robyn clung to it. It was a safe lie.

“The news said that 75 was backed up from an accident,” Ken said.

Robyn pulled on her shirt and headed for the door. “Thanks,” she said.

She made it to school without too much trouble. Classes went by and Robyn turned her attention to the teachers. The day went by and Robyn did her best not to think about the dirty words written on her body. She was getting very good at it.

Lunch time rolled around and she knew she would get her first call soon. Ken liked to start his weekends early. He also knew that Robyn had a two hour window in which she was free. Ken was very respectful of her schedule.

On her way to the sandwich shop, her phone buzzed. Robyn glanced at the text.

“Your arm,” it read.

Robyn smiled. She could do this while driving. She rolled up the sleeve on her blouse. A red light gave her the time she needed. Out came the cell phone and she stretched her arm out. She took a picture and pressed ‘send’.

Her eyes danced over the words. “Force her down to her knees and make her suck me.”

Robyn moaned. An image formed in her mind. Some woman, maybe a redhead or a blonde but thin, they were always thin, would be pushed down to her knees. The woman would watch as Ken unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Robyn always imagined it as a big cock. Ken had too much confidence to have a small cock. His large cock would be erect and he would pull the woman’s head towards it.

Robyn closed her eyes. The woman would choke. Maybe she would even struggle. Robyn hoped she did. Ken would be more forceful and push his cock into her lips. The woman would fight and then surrender. She would suck Ken’s cock until Ken climaxed.

A loud honk broke Robyn’s dreams. She opened her eyes to see a green light ahead of her and an annoyed man in her rear mirror. Robyn drove on.

Lunch was nothing special. Robyn ate and tried not to think of what Ken’s cock tasted like. She tried not to speculate on what it would be like to swallow a man’s seed. She had never done it before but if Ken was forcing her to do it, she might.

“No,” Robyn realized. There would be no ‘might’. She just would.

After lunch she went back to her classes. She was wet but she kept her attention on the teachers. The area between her thighs was in a constant state of need but that was okay. It made Robyn smile for reasons no one could guess.

Robyn went home and there were no text messages on the drive. She didn’t change her clothes because she didn’t want a glimpse of the words. After some homework she made microwave lasagna for dinner. She killed a few hours watching reality TV.

The credits were rolling on the last show of the night when she finally got another text.

“Your ass,” it said.

Robyn frowned. She hated taking pictures of her ass. It just looked even bigger on her cell phone.

She stood up and dropped her pants. Her panties were next and Robyn held the phone behind her ass. The first picture missed her ass completely but she got it on the second picture.

She read the picture before sending it. “50 Spanks, fuck her, 50 spanks.”

“Fuck,” Robyn whispered.

She went to her bedroom in a daze. She stripped down in the dark and climbed into bed. Her vibrator was ready at her bedside. She flipped it on and pressed it to her naked sex.

“Fuck!” Robyn cried out. There was no need for foreplay. She was already soaked.

50 spanks. Robyn had seen the paddles that Ken used. He gave a demonstration at the BDSM club once. Robyn was there by herself and all the guys were too busy hitting on the skinny women. She had been left alone to watch and she watched every swing.

Robyn pressed the vibrator harder against her sex. The vibrating round ball was tight against the lips of her sex. Her thighs opened wide and with need.

She imagined it would be the red paddle. It was a long thin paddle with metal studs that left a pattern on the ass. Robyn had seen how much Ken smiled when he used it. It was light in his hand and it stung like a crop. The girl would cry out with every swing.

Robyn ground the vibrator against her pussy. She pictured Ken spanking the woman he had tonight. He would make her count every swing and if she lost count, then Ken would start over. Robyn didn’t know this for sure but she wanted it to be true. She wanted Ken to be that cruel. She wanted the woman to suffer that much.

She adjusted the vibrator to go at a faster speed. Robyn cried out as the flood of sensations radiated from her pussy.

50 spanks and then fuck her. That was the instruction. Robyn knew it would be from behind. Ken would want to feel the heat he had given the woman’s ass. His cock would plunge between her thighs and into her pussy while his belly pressed against her hot ass. It would be rough. It would be without mercy.

Robyn was about to climax. She wondered what Ken’s rules for climaxing were. Did his women have to ask permission first? Could they come as much as they want? Would they have to wait until he came first?

“Fuck!” Robyn cried out. She climaxed. Her thighs clamped together around the vibrator. Robyn slammed her head back into her pillow. The force of this orgasm was amazing.

She clicked the vibrator off. Her thighs slowly parted. It might be over for her but it wouldn’t be for Ken’s woman. They would fuck and then the spanking would continue.

Robyn wondered what that must feel like. Would the sex make your ass more sensitive? Would the orgasm make the pain less? She didn’t know.

People had offered to spank her at the dungeon. She wanted to but at the same time she didn’t want her ass to be seen by others. Some had offered to spank her with her pants on but Robyn had declined. It would make her ass the focus. She couldn’t handle that.

Robyn put the vibrator away and thought about putting some panties on. She went to sleep before she could actually do that.

She dreamed of being at Ken’s house. He was fucking some skinny girl while Robyn watched. Robyn was naked and tied up. Every once in awhile, Ken would walk over to her and check to see what he had written. Then he would go back to fucking his slave for the night.

The phone woke her up. Her thighs were sticky from last night. She rolled over and checked the phone. It was from Ken.

“Your tit,” it read.

Robyn moaned. It was still early in the morning but Ken was ready to fuck his woman already. Robyn pulled the blanket down and took a picture of her tit. She checked the picture before hitting send.

He had written, “nipple clamps and tit fuck.”

Robyn only hesitated a moment. She reached for her table drawer and pulled out her nipple clamps. They were cheap things; not nearly as fancy as the ones she had seen in the club. She was sure that Ken had nicer, nastier clamps. Robyn wondered how badly they would hurt.

Her nipples were already hard. They had been that way since she heard the phone buzz. She pinched her nipple and applied the clamp. She hissed with pain and then applied the other clamp to her other nipple. Now both breasts were crowned with pain.

Robyn reached for her vibrator again. She flipped it on and placed the vibrating ball against her pussy. Her hips lifted to great the vibrator.

She imagined Ken straddling on top of her. She had a lot of tit so there would be plenty to squeeze together and fuck. How did that work anyway? Did titfucking need lube? It is just skin after all. Would Ken massage her tits with lube until it was ready for his cock? Or would he do something more crude like spit on his cock and then slide it between her tits?

Robyn used her free arm to pull her breasts together. It wasn’t enough for titfucking but it helped with the fantasy. She imagined Ken would squeeze roughly so that the clamps would be agitated. Every thrust would hurt.

She moaned. She fucked the vibrator so that her breasts would move. Her arm squeezed her tits tighter together like she imagined Ken would do. Her nipples ached from the clamps and the movement. Robyn reveled in the pain.

How long would it take Ken to come? How long could Robyn endure this? Better yet, how long would the skinny bitch that was with Ken last? Her breasts were probably too small for this sort of thing. Ken would be better off fucking Robyn’s breasts.

Robyn moaned. She was close to coming.

When Ken climaxes this way, it must make an awful mess. Thick seed would go flying everywhere. It would coat the breasts and maybe even spurt into the woman’s face. Robyn didn’t know how she felt about getting spunk on her face. If she was with Ken, she knew she might not have a choice in the matter.

Robyn squeezed her tits tighter. She pressed the vibrator tighter against her sex. Her orgasm was coming and it was coming fast.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she yelled. She came hard and her entire body shook.

“Fuck,” she said much softer when she was done. Robyn turned the vibrator off and it dropped from her fingers. Next came the clamps. She pulled them off her body and winced as the blood rushed back into her nipples. It was a delicious pain.

“Wow,” Robyn said. It was a hell of a way to start the morning.

Robyn went to the bathroom and gave herself a sponge bath. She didn’t want to risk washing the marker off in the shower. Her sex was thoroughly washed although she was able to do it without once looking at the writing above her pussy. It was quite the feat.

Breakfast was next followed by watching more reality shows. After that was lunch and watching a movie. Next came reading a book and ordering Chinese for dinner.

Robyn knew she should get out more but she didn’t feel like it. Also, it would be annoying if she was out and about when Ken called her. Well, annoying and maybe a little sexy. Still, Robyn had no interest in rushing to a public restroom to take a picture if he demanded it.

She toyed with the idea of taking a picture before hand and just sending it when he requested it. The idea was rejected. It felt like cheating. This was the only BDSM games that she had ever agreed to play and she was going to play it right.

As she ate dinner, Robyn wondered why Ken hadn’t texted. What did he do all day with his women? Did they go out and do something together? Robyn couldn’t imagine Ken going to the movies or out shopping with a woman. That seemed too much like dating.

Did they just fuck all day? That would explain the lack of texts. You don’t need to check your notepad when you are just fucking. Robyn doubted that. People just couldn’t fuck all day. Could they?

Robyn stayed up late but no text came. She went to bed and tried to masturbate. Ten minutes in, she knew it wasn’t working. She was annoyed, frustrated and tired.

The fact that she was jealous never crossed her mind.

On Sunday Robyn did go out. She did her grocery shopping and bought extra ice cream. She ate out for lunch and pretended to not care if he called. In a bigger act of defiance, she went to see a movie at the dollar theater and silenced her phone. She still let it vibrate though.

Robyn came home after the movie and flopped on her couch. She debated her next act of defiance.

The phone vibrated. Robyn sat up and looked at it. She knew what it would say before she read the text.

“Your pussy,” it read.

A spark of rebellion flared within Robyn. Maybe she would hold off on sending it back. Maybe she wouldn’t do it at all. Maybe she was tired of the game.

Her rebellion melted away and was replaced with curiosity. She pulled her pants down and took the picture.

He had written, “Tie her down and eat her at my leisure.”

Robyn hurried to the bedroom. She stripped quickly out of her clothes until she was naked. With vibrator in hand, she got on her bed and spread her legs.

She closed her eyes. Ken would tie her down spread eagle. He would use rope and maybe those leather restraints. Whatever he used, Robyn would be completely helpless.

Robyn pressed the vibrator against her pussy. A day of being angry hadn’t reduced her desire any. She cried out as the wonderful vibrations touched her sensitive skin.

The note said that Ken would eat her at his leisure. What did that mean? Would he lick her slowly? His mouth would toy with her with his tongue? Would he nibble on her pussy just enough to drive her crazy?

Or did it mean that he would eat her as he wished with no concern for her climax? Robyn pictured Ken diving between her legs. His mouth would take her pussy. He would lick, nibble and kiss as he wished. Robyn would be helpless as the man ate her pussy without a concern for her.

“Fuck yes,” Robyn moaned. She wondered if the woman Ken was eating would be allowed to climax. Would Ken force the woman to hold off? Maybe he would let her beg.

“Please let me come,” Robyn moaned. She pressed the vibrator harder against her pussy.

Ken would ignore her. She knew it. He would keep licking, and licking and licking and licking and licking.

“Please, please, please,” Robyn begged.

Her climax was close but Robyn was fighting it. She wanted to hump the vibrator but the imaginary rope around her ankles restrained her. The vibrator pressed harder as Robyn pictured Ken licking deeper.

She was going to come.

Robyn tried not to come.

Her orgasm was on the verge of exploding within her.

Robyn struggled against the orgasm with every ounce of her will power. Ken wouldn’t let her come. She knew it.

Or maybe he would.

Robyn imagined Ken allowing her to orgasm. She giggled with relief.

“FUCK!” Robyn yelled. She climaxed and she forgot all about imaginary rope, possible restraints or even Ken’s mouth. She curled up on her side and rode the vibrator until she could take no more.

It was a nice long time before she turned the vibrator off. Robyn felt completely fucked. The animosity towards Ken was gone.

The loneliness began to creep on her. Maybe it was time to stop playing these games by herself. Ken had offered to do more with her than just use her as a notepad but Robyn always declined. Men like Ken didn’t usually want to fuck women like Robyn.

Or maybe they did. Robyn had a tendency to deny what men said to her face. She thought she knew them better than they know themselves.

Robyn rolled out of bed. She laughed as her knees nearly gave out. That was a good orgasm.

She stumbled to the bathroom. The mirror would help her. She didn’t have a marker but she had lipstick.

It wasn’t going to be easy to write on her own body but Robyn had time. She also had a soap and water to erase her first two attempts. On her third try, she had written what she wanted to say across her breasts.

“Fuck me next weekend,” it said.

Robyn took a picture and sent it to Ken.

She regretted it a second later. Her heart was pounding so hard that she thought she was going to die.

Her phone buzzed. It was a text message from Ken.

“I will,” it read. “Guess I need to get another notepad too.”

Robyn smiled. Let some other girl be teased and used. It was Robyn’s turn to play.