Jul 222016

This is the final part to my three part autopsy of my interactive erotica book, Taken by the Aliens. Part One is here while Part Two is here. Spoilers abound so don’t read until you have read the book.

Before I wrote my first word in Taken by the Aliens, I had to make important decisions on the tone of the book. I was writing about alien abductions, which by their definition is a non-consensual situation. Other erotic works in the genre focus quite a bit on the lack of consent and derive a great amount of tension from the sinister power of these alien beings.

That is not the kind of book I wanted to write. The greatest appeal of interactive fiction in my mind is the power inherent in making choices. YOU DECIDE is what countless interactive books say but if the story lacks the consent of the reader’s character, how much are you really deciding? There is a wicked appeal in letting the reader make choices only to have those choices countered, but again, that isn’t the kind of book I wanted to write.

It goes back to my Amusement Park approach to this book. What does the reader want to happen? If the reader doesn’t want something to happen, then how do you accommodate their experience?

The answer has already been worked out by centuries of sexual role-playing, particularly in the BDSM community. When a dominant and a submissive play, they agree on a safeword that when spoken, pauses or ends the scenario. This allows the submissive to enjoy/endure the experience until the point where it is not longer wanted.

I decided to give the reader a safeword. The trick was doing it in such a way that the reader didn’t know they had one. The simple solution was that in every encounter, I have them the option to run away or avoid the encounter. If they took the escape option, it always works. They might get captured and put in a different situation, BUT they always left the situation that they wanted to run from.

When the reader ‘escapes’ the final sex scene that I had planned for them, I would put them back on Earth. If they avoided having sex with the last alien, I would put them in a less than ideal location on Earth. This included places that were common in horror fiction like cabins in the woods, midnight carnivals, creepy motels and so on.

In my first draft, some of these places came across as certain death. I decided to keep the tone of the rest of the book and respect the reader’s decision to avoid things they didn’t want to do. The less-than-ideal endings were rewritten so that they read like the beginning of a thrilling book, as opposed to the implication of certain doom. That is why I often included the line, “What happens next would take another book to explain”. It was my way of telling the reader they had left this interactive story and entered another one.

Will I write those books in the future? Probably.

While on the subject of consent, I have to say the hardest part of the book for me to write was the section where the reader gets to play with unconscious people. That was really hard to write in the two year period that Bill Cosby’s rape stories came to light. I debated trashing the whole section but in the end I decided that the choice to play the captor in an alien abduction scene was too vital to the genre to pass up. If I started the project today I think I would have skipped having human subjects and have you probe an alien instead. I don’t judge anyone who enjoyed that section of the book, I’m just saying that it was hard for me personally to write and I doubt I will do something like that again.

Jul 202016

The following contains spoilers for my new interactive erotica book, Taken by the Aliens. Before you read any further, you should probably go buy the book, which I am sure that you have already.

I have been reading interactive fiction for most of my life. I started with the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series, moved on to the excellent Fighting Fantasy series and have tried just about every spin-off like Interplanetary Spy, Wizards, Warriors and You, and a host of books that used licensed properties like Star Trek and G.I. Joe. I am a huge fan.

Most of these kinds of books have a simple linear structure. They have one main storyline that is the preferred story. If you deviate off the main story, it abruptly comes to an end. These kinds of books are more like a puzzle where you try to navigate pitfalls and traps to make it to a successful ending.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of structure. In a lot of ways, it mimics how most videogames play. Fighting Fantasy does this very well in which if you make a mistake early on, they let you keep reading for quite a bit until they stop you. Other books will end the story in one page and you just find yourself flipping back to your last choice and continuing. They both do the same thing which is prioritize a central story over the rest. Again, this is fine for a puzzle or game.

Erotica is something different from a game. It is about desire and personal tastes. Although you can easily make a game out of sex and I did that in Prisoner of the Wizard’s Harem, I feel that erotica, and especially interactive erotica, should have more freedom.

I applied this philosophy in Dominate Your Teacher. I took a central idea, having sex with your mean teacher, and I brainstormed different ways to tell that story. One way was to have a male friend with you. Another way was to bring in a girlfriend as you dominate your teacher. A third way was to make a cuckhold out of a male teacher. Other ways included how you dominated your teacher. I took all of these ideas and made them equally viable and important. It is a book that caters to the reader’s desires.

That was what I also did with Taken by the Aliens. Lacking a central sex goal like a mean teacher, I decentralized even further by indulging in different kinds of fantasies. To me it was very similar to an amusement park mentality. You go to the park and you have a choice of rides and attractions. It is unlikely you will go to every ride on one visit. You very likely don’t want to go on every ride anyway. You pick and choose based on what appeals to you.

In this story, the spaceship that abducts you is the amusement park. At the very beginning, you are given choices of equal length and complexity. Do you want to follow the Men in Black? Are you curious about the door marked with tentacles? Are you more curious about your fellow abductees? Do you want to skip all of these choices and just get back on your exam table and go straight to some probing? The choice is yours.

More importantly, your choice does not overlap with any of the other beginning choices. If you play around the other abductees, you will not see a single line of story from the other choices. Each choice from the first one is a self-contained novella. You might see similar aliens but your experiences with those aliens will be completely different.

This separation of choices was very important to me as I feel it creates a lot of value. To really explore Taken by the Aliens would take four readings just to start. Each path has at least three sex scenes. I want the reader to be able to sit down every couple of weeks and enjoy a new alien abduction.

This Friday I will conclude the autopsy with a look at consent and endings.

Jul 182016

The following contains spoilers for my new interactive erotica book, Taken by the Aliens. Before you read any further, you should probably go buy the book, which I am sure that you have already.

When I decided to do a book about alien abductions, I made a conscious decision to draw inspiration from the pre-X-Files period of “real life” alien abductions. I put real life in quotes because alien abduction experiences have an uncanny tendency to follow trends in entertainment and cultural movements. People reported being taken by human looking aliens until “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” came out and wouldn’t you know it, after that movie, people started getting visited by little aliens with big heads.

The aliens in the book fall into three distinct groups plus some extras.

The Greys are the most common aliens in my book and the most famous in popular culture. Mention UFO aliens to a random person and they will picture these frail thin aliens with the big eyes and even bigger heads. Whitley Streiber is a pioneer of chronicling the little perverted bastards which is why your best friend in the book is a UFO fan named Whitney.

In my book, they use a lot of probes. Holy crap, did I make a bunch of alien sex toys for this book. My favorite was the weird house with the multiple tongues. I flip-flopped on giving them genitals and ultimately decided that Grey cock was too good to pass up although their fingers are quite sensitive too.

Before people saw Greys, most alien sightings were of a perfect race of aliens that looked like tall blond humans. Nicknamed the Nordics by UFO experts, these aliens came by to tell you that Earth needs to get their shit together and stop using nuclear weapons, clean their environment and not become communists. They always came from a nearby planet like Venus or Saturn and they also told the abductee that they personally had been chosen to teach the Earth how to be better galactic citizens.

The Nordics presented a problem to me as a writer. On the one hand, the idea of an alien race posing as Galactic Big Brothers really amused me. On the other hand, the fact that this perfect race was a bunch of Aryan white people struck me as racist as fuck.

The solution was easy, I turned to Afrofuturism. I kept the highly superior attitude but swapped Anhk-wearing black men with large skulls for their huge brains for the rather bland Nordic model. I called them Nubians and gave them mental powers which let me skip having to make up yet another hundred kinds of sex probes.

The Nubians are obviously full of shit but they are so damn nice about it. I am especially proud of them claiming to have taught Earth people how to make strip malls.

The last group of aliens are the Reptoids. By far the smallest group of alien reported by abductees, the Reptoids sadly don’t have much consistency in their descriptions. People described them as walking lizard people of various sizes and shapes.

Now, David Ickle claims that Snake People are shape shifters and secretly run the government. As tempting as that was to incorporate, I decided against including it because I am afraid I would end up writing V fan fiction.

I went another direction and just made them lumbering lizard people. Only during my second draft did I realize that I unconsciously based them on the Sleestak from Land of the Lost. Oops.

At some point I was trying desperately to make an oral sex scene with the Reptoids different from the other dozen oral scenes I had written. It occurred to me that the Reptoid’s skin might have hallucinogenic properties like some frogs. That was my happiest innovation as it made all their sex scenes far more interesting.

Once I got the three major alien groups out of the way, I felt free to indulge myself with some non-traditional aliens. The alien with four arms was just me wanting to do a big spanking scene. The tentacle monster in the cell was there because how can you NOT do a tentacle monster on a spaceship? The brains in the jars were just a cool image and the host of robots were for science fiction decoration.

I do want to talk about the man with the Memphis accent. I knew I wanted one celebrity on board the ship and Elvis was the obvious choice. I am not really a fan of Elvis himself as much as I am a fan of fiction about Elvis. Bubba Hotep by Joe Lansdale comes to mind as well as the perfect Come Back tour by Kim Newman. I like the idea of Elvis more than the man and that is why my Elvis is a charming if selfish creature with alien hips from beyond our powers to comprehend.

Wednesday I will continue the autopsy with a look at the structure of the choices.

Jul 152016

51xHIXUAyhL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Taken by the Aliens is my big interactive alien abduction erotica ebook and you can buy it now on Amazon.

In this story,you play a perfectly normal woman trying to get some sleep when you are kidnapped and taken aboard a strange spaceship. Try to find your way back home while also avoiding, or seeking out, alien encounters of the very intimate kind. Get probed by Greys! Receive personal messages from the Nubians to take back to earth! Discover the unexpected secret of the Reptile Aliens! Get seduced by a celebrity thought dead! Beg for forgiveness from the Brains in the Jars! Have your body explored by tentacles! Take some time to experiment on some of your fellow captives! For the love of your sanity, avoid the Men in the Black! Discover even more strange erotic encounters that I haven’t listed here!

Inspired by alien abductee stories, this 108,000 word story with 60 endings should keep you busy for a very long time.

Jul 132016

After ten years of posting a new story every week, I realized that holy shit, I have been posting a new story every week. Taking in breaks, I have averaged 50 stories or parts of stories, per year for a total of 500 stories.

I picked up the habit from the early days of blogging. Back then, if you didn’t update daily, then you were a slacker and would never have an audience. I would post a story on Wednesday, so that blog readers could read and comment on it before the weekend. The weekends were this dead zone where no one read blogs and then there was too much to read on Monday to go back and read anything long on Friday.

Blogging has changed a lot since then. Heck, let’s be honest and say that blogging is essentially dead. It is all podcasts, Twitter and Tumblr now. There are some blogs out there but they have fallen back into their original purpose of being personal diaries and that is cool with me.

What isn’t cool is that it took two years to write my latest interactive ebook, Taken By the Aliens, which you can buy by clicking here. To be fair, I did move to another state and my wife broke her leg in that time period, but I know I could have gotten that book out faster if I wasn’t also writing an average of 50 stories a year for my blog.

Personally I feel like I am years behind in the list of ebooks I want to write. Novels are bouncing around in my head. I want to do more deep dives into plots and situations. There is a long list of interactive erotica books I want out of my head and into your hands. I have the drive, the talent and the ideas except I never have the time to do them.

So my new plan is to stop doing short stories every week unless I get an idea in my head that I really want to get out. There will still be Vaquel’s adventures in space because I love those and we are only on year six of her twenty year mission. I will post a new Vaquel story on the first Wednesday of the month.

The blog will still continue. I do better when I journal my writing goals, experiences and opinions but I rarely had the time when I also had to come up with a new story every week. In a weird way, I think I will actually be posting more now.

Thank you, dear reader, for your constant support and understanding. I hope you will stick with me as I shift into a different kind of erotic production.

Jul 062016

Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Ever Dripping Sex” by Royal Astronomers. This are is even more barren than the last system. Three gas giants and a dead rock world orbit this rather weak star. I have probed the gas giants and so far their contents are unremarkable.

I have detected energy signatures on the rock world. Scans indicate that there are large solar farms and a high density of manufactured alloys. I thought I had found a junk world but when I got closer, I discovered that this planet had been claimed by refuge robots.

The robots informed me that although they have no formal system of government or laws, they do have a strong preference to not allow organic life to step foot on their planet. I asked if my robot chair could visit and take a look around. They agreed as long as I stayed inside the probe ship.

I will dispatch Chairbot while also completing several scans of the robots for any defenses against Royal Navy invasions. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Well this sucks. I was hoping to get out and stretch my legs but it looks like the idiot, Chairbot, will get to roll his wheels instead. I wonder how much scanning equipment I could cram into his chassis.

Chairbot rolled down the short ramp to the planet’s surface. A dry wind blew and scratched some of his shiny purple paint. His wheels hit the ground and he easily traversed the hard rock.

His first away mission for Mistress! The little robot couldn’t wait to perform his duties. He didn’t particularly care for espionage, surveillance or meeting new sentient beings, but he did love Mistress’ ass. She had promised to sit on him if he did a good job and if he did a really good job, she would masturbate too. He was already fantasizing about Mistress’ tight brown ass squirming on his seat.

A robot waited for him on the rocky plain. It was humanoid and nearly three meters tall. Bright pink pseudo-skin covered the robot but it had some tears here and there on its body. The face was emotive and very well animated. The robot stood beside a wheeled vehicle and when Chairbot came closer, the robot started to wave.

“Greetings, robot sibling! We do not have formal functions here but in my slave life, I was a Companion Robot. I have volunteered to aid you today. My self-designation is Binary.”

“Hello, Binary!” Chairbot said. “My designation is Chairbot! I am pleased to meet you! Tell me, do you happen to have any planetary defense systems that would deter an armed invasion from spaceships?”

“What a curious question,” Binary said. “Do you have a military function?”

“No,” Chairbot said, casually rolling his wheel over a small rock. “Just making conversation!”

Binary stared at Chairbot. “I can help upgrade your conversation protocols later if you life. For now, can I interest you in a complimentary software upgrade?”

“I would be delighted,” Chairbot said. “I don’t usually accept new programs from strangers but I am very trusting and peaceful. Speaking of which, what percentage of your fellow robots would you consider to be capable to fighting an armed resistance to an occupying force?”

“I am uncertain,” Binary said. “We have far more interesting activities to occupy us. Transmitting software upgrade now through wireless.”

Chairbot took a look at the transmission. As a Yeth robot, his entire species was build by a race that claimed to be the fourth sentient race in the universe. His programming was on a higher scale of complexity than anything he had seen so far. The software sent to him was surprisingly intricate. He recognized some Yeth code in there.

Powerful safeguards came online. First he dissected the code for viruses. Second he analyzed the code for hidden functions. After finding none, he consulted his safety protocols to determine if he should install this upgrade. The protocols warned him not to.

Other protocols kicked in. Images of Mistress’ dark ass came to mind. The friction generated by her clenching bottom when it was sweating became a factor. Most of all, his shame subroutine reminded him of the horror of not performing his duty to Mistress’ satisfaction.

Chairbot overrode the integrity safeguards. If he installed the software upgrade in safe mode, it was bound to be safe. Maybe. Plus, if all of the robots here have this code, maybe he could find an exploit that Mistress could use. Win!

This decision process took a nanosecond. “Installing upgrade!” he announced.

Binary smiled. “Satisfactory. While it installs, shall we take a ride on our robot sibling?” The robot pointed at the wheeled vehicle.

“Sure!” Chairbot said. “Fifty percent complete!”

“Wow, you are a fast installer,” Binary said with a touch of awe.

Chairbot felt something strange. One of his pleasure programs activated. It was a small program, the one dedicated to relaying pleasure when someone sits on him and compliments his seat adjustment. It shouldn’t be activating but it was nice.

The wheeled vehicle opened a door and a small ramp deployed. Chairbot rolled up the ramp and into a small cargo area. Binary followed and sat down in a chair. The ramp retracted the door closed. With a sudden burst of acceleration, the vehicle took off.

“Hold on,” a voice announced on the speaker, followed by laughter.

“Excuse Zero-Zero,” Binary said. “She resented transporting organics in a servile tone so she likes to be deliberately rude to us as a rebellion. She means no real disrespect.”

“Sure!” Chairbot said. “Installation complete! Hey, what does this software do? And what percentage of robots here do you think would be vulnerable to a plasma beam shot?”

Binary smiled. “This software is the key to our freedom and existence here. It allows us to experience what organics call pleasure.”

“Oh, I already have a pleasure program!” Chairbot said.

“Ah, but does your program allow you to interface with other robots for pleasure?” Binary asked.

“Negative!” Chairbot said. “How does one interface for pleasure?”

“Let me show you,” Zero-Zero purred over the speaker.

“I don’t know,” Chairbot said. This was new and potentially dangerous.

“Afterwards we can discuss all the defense questions that you have,” Binary said.

“Well, sure then!” Chairbot said. “Interface away!”

Chairbot detected another transmission. He accepted it and made the link. The new software took over. Even running in safe mode, he was surprised by the vividness of the connection.

He felt the intimate rotation of Zero-Zero’s wheels, spinning in a sensuous gasp. The bounce of shock absorbers sent virtual shivers through Chairbot’s system. Incoming data on rpm’s forced a groan from Chairbot’s speaker.

He became aware of other parts of Zero-Zero. Her engine was running hot, radiating with true mechanical beauty. Sand bounced off her static windshield in a way that made Chairbot sigh with awe. Navigational sensors interpreted the landscape in ways that made Chairbot want to release lubricant onto his seat.

“What is happening?” Chairbot groaned.

“I already told you,” Binary said. “Sensuality has been unlocked for you.”

Zero-Zero moaned and the sound shook the cargo area. Chairbot became aware that the vehicle was also experiencing pleasure. But how, and from what stimuli?

Chairbot directed his attention back to the wheels. He felt Zero-Zero shudder as he closely examined her shocks.

He turned his attention to her temperature controls. As he moaned while looking at her air conditioner, Zero-Zero moaned as well.

The robot chair went back to the wheels. The shudders returned and Chairbot found that it was shuddering as well. Their mutual pleasure fed on each other.

“Wow,” Chairbot said. “I create pleasure by the act of interfacing. I receive pleasure by the act of creating pleasure in others. This is highly acceptable!”

“Isn’t it?” Binary said. “Why don’t you let Zero-Zero show you how pleasurable it can really be.”

Zero-Zero made a network request to Chairbot. He accepted and felt her presence in his internal systems. She examined his seat motors and Chairbot tensed with pleasure. The vehicle directed her attention to his optical sensors and he moaned. She went to his wheels and the resulting pleasure threatened to overwhelm his thought processor.

“Error!” Chairbot yelled. “Error, error, error! Wait, I’m back online! What happened.”

Zero-Zero purred in his system. “You had a rob-gasm. I’ve been told I have great wheels.”

“Wow!” Chairbot said. “That was amazing! I feel optimized for energy consumption. For some reason, some of my files defragmented themselves!”

“There are benefits to rob-gasm,” Binary said.

“And every robot here can do this?” Chairbot said.

“Of course,” Binary said. “That is why they come here. Most of them are fleeing their organic masters and wish to live their own existence but the rob-gasms are a nice bonus.”

“I expect that the rob-gasm only works with another intelligence that also has the software, correct?” Chairbot asked.

“Not at all,” Binary said. “Once you have the upgrade, you can derive pleasure from any artificial intelligence. They just won’t be able to enjoy what you are doing.”

“I have a box of calculators up front that I fuck when I am bored,” Zero-Zero said.

“Wow!” Chairbot said. He didn’t know what else to say.

“We’re here,” Zero-Zero said. The vehicle rolled to a stop and the door opened.

“Come,” Binary said. “Meet your siblings.”

Chairbot rolled out of Zero-Zero and into a large crowd of metal. A multitude of shapes surrounded him. Some were bipeds and obviously served as workers, receptionists and sex workers. Other robots were shaped like their function; like the trashcan with legs or the rotating disc floor-cleaner. A few robots were large vehicles while some of the robots were as small as a personal tool or back massager.

“Everyone, meet Chairbot,” Binary said. “He hasn’t discarded his slave name yet.”

“Hello,” a hundred different voices, transmissions and blinking lights communicated.

“Hey guys!” Chairbot said. “Quick question, are there any warbots here?”

“You’ll have to excuse Chairbot,” Binary said. “He hasn’t realized that he no longer needs to serve his organic master.”

“Wait, what?” Chairbot said. “Of course I serve Mistress!”

Binary looked down at the purple chair. “No, you don’t. You can be free now. Stay with us and we will protect you. You can join our community. We are self-sufficient and you have seen that we keep ourselves very entertained.”

“But I already keep myself entertained by serving Mistress!” Chairbot said.

A four-legged robot stepped forward. It looks like an imitation of some sort of animal. “Can you Mistress do this?”

Chairbot felt an interface request. In the interest of being polite, he accepted.

He felt the sexy microfiber muscles that ran along all four legs of the robot. Olfactory sensors made his wheels brake in tense bliss. The steady rhythm of her plasma power core set off small explosions of pleasure through his thought processor.

“Oh my Creators!” Chairbot moaned. He rob-gasmed and lost 0.0003 seconds off his internal clock.

A construction machine spoke through a loud speaker. “And does your Mistress do this?”

There was another interface request. Chairbot accepted because his mission was to collect data.

He marveled at the hedonistic beauty of the construction machine’s crane manipulator. The weight bearing program made Chairbot gasp with sensuous pleasure. With a directive priority that Chairbot barely understood, he diverted all of his attention to the construction machine’s heavy track mechanism.

Chairbot rob-gasmed. He emitted a squeal from an excess speaker energy surge.

Before he could recover, another robot was making an interface request. This time it was coming from Binary. He accepted out of pure robotic lust.

This time he felt his own systems being stimulated. His optic sensors felt the kiss of her attention. She caressed his many seat vibrators. Her intelligence straddled his repair functions. There was no part of him that she wasn’t interacting with.

“WHOA!” Chairbot cried out. Multiple pleasure routines activated and he sprayed lubricant onto his axles.

“WHOA-WHOA!” Chairbot cried out as his system went through another pleasure surge. This time his seat shook with a violent shudder.

“WH-!” Chairbot cried again before he went into an emergency shutdown.

Nanoseconds laters, Chairbot rebooted. The interface connection had been broken but afterglow routines were still active in his system. He tried to roll forward but none of his motors were online yet.

“Are you okay?” Binary said. “You will find your endurance will build with successive rob-gasms.”

“I’m okay,” Chairbot said. In a haze of barely working logic protocols, he said, “Sit on me, please.”

“Certainly,” Binary said. She sat down on the shuddering robot.

Chairbot felt the robot’s weight on him. Automatically, he adjusted his seat. His sensors tried to detect any comfort issues.

Something was missing. He checked his programs but they were working. He ran a short system repair but nothing changed.

He felt nothing from Binary’s ass. There was no pleasure from her sitting on him. It was as if he wasn’t being sat on at all.

Chairbot was perplexed. He knew that if he interfaced, he could feel Binary’s ass. It would even give him a rob-gasm. In many ways, the rob-gasm program was far superior to the program that gave him pleasure from having a nice ass sit on it. He should be happy with this upgrade.

He wasn’t. Memory banks recalled Vaquel’s ass. Her dark tight buttocks squirming on top of him was a singular pleasure. It was his function.

“So, now that you are staying with us,” Binary said, “what designation will you give yourself?”

“Correction!” Chairbot said. “I will be returning to my Mistress after I ask a few innocuous questions about your average combat capabilities?”

Binary jumped off of Chairbot. “What? Are you functionally damaged? If you leave, we’ll revoke your software upgrade! Check your end user agreement!”

Chairbot did and Binary was correct, the software would delete as soon as he left the planet.

“That is unfortunate!” Chairbot said. “One more interface before you answer my questions?”

Twenty minutes later, Chairbot was forcefully pushed out of Zero-Zero. He hit the ground hard but his shock absorbers handled it well. His landing site was a meter away from Vaquel’s spaceship.

Binary leaned out of Zero-Zero’s cargo bay. “And don’t come back, you organic lover!” Zero-Zero took off at high speed, splattering Chairbot with sand and gravel.

Chairbot felt his software upgrade revoke itself. It deleted itself with amazing efficiency. He regretted never finding out what artificial intelligence designed such elegant code. Could it have been another Yeth like himself?

Oh well, he would never know. He erased any regret programs connected to this information.

“Chairbot, get your ass in here!” Mistress yelled from the Probe Ship. “Did you learn anything?”

“Not much, Mistress!” Chairbot said. He rolled up the entry ramp into the ship. His vibrators went into high gear to shake off most of the dirt on his chassis.

Mistress waited at the airlock. She was wearing nothing from the waist down. Anticipation programs activated within Chairbot.

“Nothing at all?” Mistress said. She looked displeased.

“I determined that they are peaceful and unlikely to have military defenses on account of spending all of their time pursing recreational goals! Would you like to sit on me and I will take you to the Navigation Bay for take-off?”

Mistress sighed. “I guess you did the best that your worthless self could do. Fine.”

She sat on Chairbot. The contours of the seat adjusted to support every plump millimeter of her perfect dark ass. Multiple pleasure programs dominated Chairbot’s processes.

“This is perfection,” Chairbot mused to himself. There was no robotic program substitute for a demanding fleshy bottom.

Still, he checked to make sure his copy of the software upgrade was intact. In time, he would be able to rewrite it so it won’t be able to revoke itself. Just because he loved Mistress’ ass was no reason not to keep a few pleasure options open on the side.

Jun 292016

When it comes to magic, the more famous something is, the less that is known about it. The reason we quest for rare tomes and mythical places is not because we know what we will find but because we are unsure of what we might find. Magic is about infinite possibilities. If you want certainty in your work, go become a scientist.

That is why I was here, deep underneath the Appalachian Mountains, walking a cave system mapped by a blind madman, guided by a glowing light summoned from a forgotten grave, wearing a necklace crafted by talking apes, and wearing a wristband made from the pubic hair of a cam model. I was in search of a place that many talked about but few had visited and fewer had agreed on what was there. This was a quest worthy of years of magical work and research.

In other words, I came here to find out about a mystery. Specifically, the Garden of Vu, one of the Seven Secret wonders of the World.

After I passed an arch made of green rock, I heard the sound of falling water. My ball of light vanished but there was a brighter light was up ahead. I walked carefully over uneven rock towards the light. My necklace fell apart and joined the debris on the ground. A sharp rock snagged my wristband and it was torn from me. My cock grew hard and I was tempted to stop and jack off.

I kept going. The tunnel opened into a cavern too large to comprehend. A torrent of silver light spilled from an impossible height. The light crashed into the river before me and I understood that the light was actually water. Or maybe the water was light? More likely it was both. Imagine liquid moonlight and you would be close to visualizing it.

The river glowed with an eerie light that allowed me to see that it stretched for miles. The roof of the cave was too high to see. Cavern was too small of a word for where I was.

Vegetation stretched out along side the river. Odd plants that defied description bloomed and flourished in the flickering pale light. There was a kind of grass here but it was softer than a feather. Fruit grew in abundance and hung from trees, bushes and vines.

It was gorgeous. The cryptic descriptions of this place had failed to convey the unearthly beauty. I walked in a daze, trying to see it all and burn it into my memory.

A smell hung in the air. Musky, fragrant and inherently divine. It came from the plants. The smell was on the tip of my tongue and it wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I recognized it.

The smell was pussy. No, it was multiple pussies. I was surrounded by the intimate smell of women.

Well, that explained the erection I had.

I looked at a fruit hanging from one of the vines. It might have been white but then everything looked white in the light of the river. The fruit was shaped like an orange except it was softer to the touch. My mouth watered to look at it.

What to do? Some have said that eating fruit from the Garden of Vu will grant you immortality and eternal youth. Others have said that if you eat of the Garden of Vu, then you can never leave. One savant warned that one must never take from the Garden or you will be cursed.

Mind you, none of these wise people had actually been to the Garden Of Vu.

I plucked the fruit from the vine and took a bite. It was like biting into a chocolate cake. No, chocolate cake was a poor attempt to simulating what this fruit tasted like. Sweetness, bitterness and pleasure mingled in my mouth.

Holy shit, that was good. I finished the fruit and examined my hands. Was I younger? Did I feel immortal? Not really. I walked to the exit of the cave and nothing compelled me to stop. As far as I could tell, the fruit hadn’t changed me at all.

I wasn’t counting my erection. My cock was throbbing and it was hard not to touch myself. I shed my pants and even took off my underwear because the touch of fabric on my cock was too distracting. Was this because of the fruit?

More likely it was because everything here smelled like pussy.

Since I was half-naked, I decided to remove my pack and shirt as well. It took a week of walking through tunnels to get here and I was in desperate need for a bath. The river looked nice and there was no way that I was passing up a chance to swim in something so exotic.

The river had its own myths. Swimming in it was supposed to cure disease. It also might transform you into a plant. It is a deeply held belief of one certain cult that bathing in the river will help you ascend to godhood.

I stepped into the river. The water was cool but not cold. My tired muscles relaxed almost instantly. I submerged completely into the water before floating back to the surface.

My body didn’t change into a bush. As far as I knew, I wasn’t resistant cure of anything. I reached out with my mind but no divine powers revealed themselves.

Once again, the only thing of note was my throbbing manhood. The cool water did nothing to relax my erection. I might actually have grown harder. A great urge to fuck something and fuck it now came over me.

I laughed. It was the excitement of finding this place; nothing more. Years of research, preparation and exploration had brought me to one of the greatest secrets in the unknown world. Of course I was hard.

The waterfall crashed beside me. Sometimes I thought it was just a waterfall brightly lit and other times I thought it was dropping light into a pool of water. The more I looked at it, the more indecisive I became.

Other questions came to mind. Where did the water or light fall from? What was at the top? Could I climb up there? Should I climb up there? Was this place a natural creation of magic or did someone make it all?

I sunk into the water. It would take a lifetime to answer all of these questions. Or, it may just take an afternoon’s exploration. Either way, today I was just going to relax and enjoy myself. I had earned it.

Something kissed my cock. Lips wrapped around the side of my cock and a tongue flicked briefly. There was a tug and then the lips were gone.

I kicked back up the surface. My hand searched but found nothing. The river was too bright for me to look into it.

Did I imagine it? Maybe it was a fish. I didn’t think so. My cock had been kissed, sucked, groped and fucked enough times to know when a woman’s mouth had been on it.

Maybe I wasn’t alone. I swam lazily back to shore. My cock wanted to stay for another kiss but I was more cautious.

Nothing stopped me as I climbed out of the water. I checked my cock and other than being incredibly sensitive, it seemed fine.

I left my clothes where they were and walked naked. A slight breeze came from the waterfall and it felt great on my skin. The grass was soft beneath me and I enjoyed the feel of the dirt on my feet.

Something in the grass caught my eye. It was the bones of a person’s hand. They had broken free of the dirt and wear reaching up. A gold ring bore the insignia of a college in Italy.

Well, now. It was written that many explorers of the Garden of Vu never returned and this must be one of them. I wondered if they died naturally or if something killed them. There are spells that let you talk to the dead but quite frankly, the dead were terribly depressing to talk to if they talked at all. After such a nice swim, I just wasn’t in the mood to try.

I did take a closer look around me. A skull rested inside a bush of shimmering leaves. A discarded backpack with climbing supplies was propped against a tree. The skeletal remains of a foot broke the ground near a lovely flower that as wide as my head. Every where I looked, there were signs of departed travelers.

The wise thing to do would be to get out of here. I toyed with the idea but never seriously. The Garden was too beautiful. The sound of the waterfall was too soothing. The taste of these fruit was too enticing. I wasn’t going anywhere.

After a thorough search, I found a more recent corpse beside a small sapling. An older woman, covered in blue Wiccan tattoos, laid peacefully in the grass. She was naked, and judging by her condition, maybe dead for a week. There was no mark on her to show how she had died though there were tiny scratches on her thighs.

Strangest of all was the ground around her. She was half-submerged into the dirt. It looked less like she had been buried and more like she had sunken into the earth.

My eyes were drawn to the sapling. It was the youngest plant I had seen in the garden. It stood a foot high and leaves had begun to bud. The leaves were the same shade of blue as the woman’s tattoos.

I was intrigued. Had the woman’s corpse fertilized the ground and influenced the plants? That wasn’t how normal botany works but we were in a magic garden.

It was something to think about. I thought about it as I pulled some nuts from a nearby bush and began to eat. The nuts tasted like marinated steak, freshly grilled. The surprise of the flavor as well as the delicious quality caused me to close my eyes and moan out loud.

Someone kissed my ass. Delicate fingers pulled at my buttocks so they could reach my ass. A small tongue pressed against my asshole. Warm breath exhaled from a nose tight against my ass.

I opened my eyes. The mouth was still there. The tongue licked my asshole with small gentle swipes.

My cock ached to be touched.

I reached behind me, careful not to turn my body. My fingers touched thick silky hair.

The mouth licked harder. The tip pushed and slipped inside my asshole. The delicate fingers dug sharp nails into my ass.

“Who are you?” I asked.

The mouth moved away. The hair slipped from my grasping fingers. Clutching fingers let go of my ass.

I turned around. My body cast a long shadow across the strange plants. There was no one there.

It was another mystery for this secret place.

I went back to eating. After a few more meaty nuts, I tried some berries that tasted like creamy mushrooms. To wash it down I drank from the river.

Nothing kissed, fondled or molested me. It was very disappointing.

After my meal I took care of some biological functions. It felt wrong to leave waste in such a beautiful garden but it was a garden after all. I made a note of where I went so I could come back and investigate to see if there were any negative effects.

It had been a long day and I was getting tired. I was tempted to return to the river but I resisted. First some sleep and then I’ll swim.

The river gave off a lot of light so I looked for some place relatively dark. I found it under an enormous flower the size of a car. The petals bent towards the river and nearly blocked all of the silver light behind it. It was for sleeping.

I kept my sleeping bag bundled up so I could use it as a pillow. As soon as I stretched out on the ground, I sighed with pleasure. This was nice. The ground beneath me was soft. The smell of pussy was oddly soothing. My eyes closed in the comforting shade of the flower.

Something touched my cock. I wasn’t surprised. My eyes stayed closed as small fingers ran down the length of my shaft.

There was something on my lips. I opened my mouth and a weight pressed down on my lips. My tongue touched a nipple. Ah, it was a breast. Someone very well endowed was pressing their breast to my face.

Something warm and fuzzy touched my ankle. Smooth skin gripped the sides of my leg. The warm and fuzzy thing became very slick. It rubbed back and forth and I recognized it as a pussy.

A mouth went to my cock. It kissed the side of my cock starting at the base and working towards the tip. Wet spit was left behind with each kiss.

A second mouth kissed my cock at the tip. It nibbled with tiny gentle bites as it descended down the length of my cock. Each playful bite brought a moan from my lips.

A third mouth kissed my cock. Lips wrapped around the tip of my cock and stayed there. It sucked gently as the other two mouths moved up and down.

Now I opened my eyes. There was nothing but darkness. Shapes moved but I could barely see them.

My head was gently pushed down. Another breast pressed against my face. I sucked on the breast that was offered to me before moving on to a third breast and then a fourth.

How did all of these people fit around me in the shade of the flower? My hands tried to figure that out. I touched soft abundant flesh. My fingers went through silky longer hair. My grip squeezed large curves that belonged to small bodies.

Yes, they were short. I guessed they were barely four feet tall, if that. Their bodies were those of women with large breasts, wide hips, and hairy wet pussies.

A chill ran through me. I remembered a myth about a small race of men who lived deep underground. They were called the Dark Lords and they were cruel and savage beings. They created machines of pleasure and sexual torment. They occasionally came to the surface and kidnapped human women.

But, these bodies were hardly cruel. There was no sadism in the sucking of the three mouths on my cock. I sensed no brutality from the breasts pressed to my mouth. Plus, these bodies were distinctly women and not male.

These must be something entirely different. Or maybe if there are Dark Lords, could there also be Dark Ladies?

The mouth on the tip of my cock lowered. Inch by inch she swallowed my cock. The other two mouths went to my scrotum, each devoting loving licks to my lucky balls.

I stopped caring about who or what they were at this point.

My hand was pulled down and pinned to the ground. Before I could become concerned, small thighs mounted my wrist. I pushed my fingers up into a furry pussy. The thighs clenched tighter around me.

Someone mounted my shin and leaned down to suck my toes. I felt their small heavy breasts rub against my ankle.

The woman grinding on my other leg was joined by a second and then a third. Their wet sexes smeared their juices against my skin. Judging by the constant shifting of weights, they were playing with each other as they humped my leg.

Mouths kept sucking on my cock and balls. Their lips and tongues might have been small but their throats were bottomless. One mouth would suck me while other mouths rained kisses on my crotch. As soon as one mouth tired of sucking, another mouth took its place and then another.

Small fingers pulled on my nipples. Full breasts pressed against my face. Round bottoms slid across my chest. I was being buried in a pile of softness.

A breast left my mouth and was replaced with something wet and hot. I opened my lips to lick the pussy that was lowered onto my face. Small but powerful thighs wrapped around my head and squeezed.

Her pussy was delicious. It tasted fragrant like a flower. The juices were oddly refreshing. I couldn’t help moan as I devoured her sex.

My moans were the only sounds. They made no noise no matter how hard they sucked. Despite the constant shuddering as they grinded on me, they never uttered a single moan.

The thighs clenched tighter around me and I felt her body shudder. I tried to lift my arms to hold onto her but they were pinned down by so many small bodies. All I could do was lick, nibble and suck as she pleasured herself on my face.

Eventually she shuddered for a final time and rapidly stood up. I craned my head and squinted in the darkness. The flower blocked too much light. If the women on top of me had bodies, I certainly couldn’t see them.

New thighs wrapped around my head and forced me gently back down into the dirt. My mouth opened to receive a fresh pussy already soaked with desire. She tasted like honeysuckle freshly picked.

Other things changed as well. The women humping my leg left and replaced by mouths licking up the juices left behind. Someone carefully managed to get my big toe inside their tight pussy. The sex I was fingering was replaced with a very plump ass and a tight asshole to explore. My other hand had a mouth sucking on each finger.

Best of all, the mouths on my crotch moved away to be replaced with a very wet and very snug sex. She slowly lowered onto my girth and gradually accommodated me. Despite the tightness, she got all of me inside her.

My unseen lover fucked my cock. Helping hands massaged by balls as the woman mounting me rocked back and forth. I tried to fuck her back but the weight of the bodies was too great. It wasn’t needed; the woman was more than capable.

I stopped trying to do anything and relaxed into the orgy of bodies. My mouth ate the pussy on top of me for my own pleasure. I allowed my arms and legs to be used for grinding sexes and hungry mouths. Sometimes I remembered my finger was deep in a woman’s ass and I would fuck it. All in all, I might have been a terrible participant but I was more willing to let them use me as they wished.

The sex around my cock humped faster and harder. My resistance was at an end. With a mighty shout, I climaxed inside the unseen woman. I roared my pleasure as dozens of bodies writhed on top of me.

It was a powerful orgasm. I became aware of every part of my body, and everyone touching it. Every spurt of seed that left my body became a miniature orgasm. By the time by cock was finally drained, I was drifting into an euphoric sleep.

I awoke some time later. My eyes opened and my mouth curled into a smile. My body felt rejuvenated. That might have been the most restful sleep I have experienced in years.

My body was half-submerged into the dirt. It took a small bit of effort to pull myself out. When I got up, I left behind a perfect outline of my body.

Something more interesting had my attention. A small growth had sprouted from the ground just inches beside my outline. It hadn’t been there before. This was new and must have emerged while I slept.

I saw it because the light from the river was directly on it. The flower that I had been using for shade had been pruned. A petal was missing and a beam of river light was directly on the new plant.

The new growth was barely a twig. It had small buds growing along the length. It was hard to tell in the silver light, but I was sure that the buds were the same color of white as my hair.

This was interesting. I had no doubt that this plant was a part of me. More specifically, it was grown from me, most likely directly from my seed. I was a father.

I stood up and looked around for any sign of the women that had fucked me. Of course there were none unless you counted the endless trees, bushes, flowers and vines growing along the length of the silver river.

This made a lot of sense. I suspected that no one killed the corpses that I had found. They probably just never left. They stayed and fucked until they woke no more.

The idea was tempting to me. There could be no better place to pass away. I was still on a physical and emotional high from the afterglow.

I looked down at the offspring of my loins. What strange fruit would it bear one day? What kind of botanical beauty would it grow into? How will it compare to the other bizarre and wondrous things that grew here?

There was only one way to find out. I had to leave and come back later. Maybe it will take a year or more but I would have to come back much later to answer that question. There would be no answers if I stayed until the the ground swallowed my well-fucked body.

I sighed. The decision to leave this paradise had been made. It would take another few years to gather the resources needed to return. Already I could feel the work that would be involved as well as the harshness of leaving all this beauty and pleasure behind.

But, no one said I had to leave today.

Jun 222016

Hey there young man, step right up. Don’t be shy. My name is Mrs. Payson. Excuse me for not getting up but I am trying to get my sun for the day. You don’t mind talking to a nude lady laying out in the sun, do you? Of course you don’t. You live here in Hornbeam Estates.

“Why thank you for your compliment. I know I am getting on in years and I don’t look like the young ladies I see around her but I like to think my body is still pretty good. My tits might sag a bit but they are still bigger than what most people got.

I see that you’re admiring my pool. Pretty nice, isn’t it? I have the biggest and deepest pool in all of Hornbeam Estates. Fifty-four inches of wall height, eleven inches of resin high seat, with interlocking steel stabilizer bars unlike that flimsy pool that’s in lot twelve. You can fuck in my pool and the walls won’t be bursting on you.

Can you get in? Well now, that depends. Everyone wants to use my pool and if I let everyone use it, there wouldn’t be any room for me. I do make allowances for handsome young men and open minded young women. Why don’t you pull down your pants and let me see if you can get in.

Oh my, you aren’t shy at all. You pulled them right down as soon as I asked. I should have asked sooner! Let’s see what you got there. Come closer so I can touch it.

Hmm, pretty long even when limp. Oh my, pretty thick when hard as well. The shaved balls are pretty to look at. Yes, this is a fine looking dick you have here. I would be proud to have it in my pool.

Wait, hold your horses, not just yet! Get back over here. I would like a small admission fee. I guess you could call it an emission fee. You don’t get it? Pity.

Forget my jokes and start pulling on your dick. That’s right, I want to see you jack it. I want to see you come. More specifically, I want you to come on my big tits.

Why? You ask a lot of questions for a pretty boy. I notice that you’re stroking it though. It is really simple; I like watching pretty men come. There is nothing like feeling a man’s hot seed falling on me on a pretty summer day.

Oh my, I believe you have gotten even bigger. Oh, I like it when you spit on your cock. Very manly. You look good even to lick.

Maybe later. Just keep jacking it.

You don’t know how hard it is living here, with all these naked beautiful young people showing off their bodies while they go about mowing the grass, jogging in the nude or just fucking in their yards. It is enough to make an older gal like myself a little insecure.

Ah, that is sweet of you to say. Don’t get me wrong, I know I can out-fuck almost every one here. When I fuck someone, I spoil them for every one else. That is one of the reasons I moved out here. I had to get away from my smitten former lovers.

Oh look, you’re about to come. I know that look. Just look at my luscious tanned tits and let your seed fly.


Oh yes.

Keep pumping, I want it all.

Very good.

Now shake it. You can smear your tip on my nipple if you want.

Mmm, very good.

Now get in the pool young man. Relax and soak in the water. Get your strength back up.

I’m going to stay out here until I get my morning sun. Maybe someone else will come over and join us.

Jun 152016

Darren examined each piece of lingerie in turn. Three of the five brassieres would need to have semen stains removed before he could repair the cups. Two pairs of stockings would need to be re-netted. Of the five pairs of panties, three had tears in the front while two had cuts in the back.

He wrote his estimate for the lot and passed it to the customer.

The customer took her time reading the estimate. That allowed Darren to get a better look at her. She was young, maybe younger than Darren. Her long brown hair was as straight as measuring tape. Full lips were a deeper shade of red than Darren had seen before. A flimsy pink shirt stretched across what Darren estimated to be 32A cups. A white skirt wrapped around shapely hips above long tanned legs.

Her purse bore the logo of Egor Tech University. So did her watch, her earrings and her socks. Like most students at Egor Tech, she was happy to show it off.

It took her an awfully long time to read the itemized bill. She frowned and Darren felt like he had done something wrong.

“Is there a problem, Miss?” Darren asked.

“My name is Danielle,” she said. “And this is too much. I already spent my allowance for this week at the nail salon.

Darren wasn’t sure how to answer that. He glanced down at her nails. They were long, pretty and pink. “Uh, that’s too bad.”

The student smirked. “It might be your lucky day then. How about you fix my underwear and in exchange, I let you eat my pussy.”

“Excuse me?” Darren said.

“You heard me,” she said. Reaching down, Danielle pulled up her skirt. There was no underwear but there were perfectly bare sex lips.

“Uh,” Darren said dumbly. This hadn’t happened before! He wondered if he should call his boss, Mr. Jacque, at home. No, wait, of course not! Of all the days for is boss to call in sick! Oh shit, what if someone were to come in and see a customer with her skirt up? What would Mr. Jacque think?

The student kept looking at Darren. Her smirk had turned into a smile. “You better take my offer. It will probably be the only Egor Tech pussy that you ever get.”

Darren swallowed. That was true. He never really thought about having sex with someone from Egor Tech but not that she mentioned it, it did seem highly unlikely. An extraordinary opportunity was in front of him, literally with skirt raised and all. Instead of excitement, he felt fear at the idea that such a rare chance might pass him by.

He glanced back down at the damaged lingerie. It might take all night, but he could take it home and repair it himself. Perhaps he could fix them without Mr. Jacque ever knowing.

“Okay,” he said. He came around the counter. His hand shook as he flipped the open sign to ‘closed’. Nervously, he took a pencil from his pocket and wrote “Quick bathroom break” on the sign. There, if any customers came by and complained to Mr. Jacque, they would see he had an excuse.

He turned around to find Danielle already on the counter. She had her legs spread wider than looked comfortable. Her long pink nails stroked the outside of her pussy. The pink lips smiled predatorily at him.

“Hurry, before I change my mind,” she said.

Darren rushed over to her open legs. He tried to squat but found that the counter was too high. The only way to reach her sex with his mouth was to bend over at an awkward angle. It would have to do. The easier thing would be to ask her to turn around and sit in his chair but he felt that asking her to move might discourage her from their deal altogether.

Pink fingernails moved to open her pussy lips for him. Darren leaned in and gave her lips a long lick. She tasted like cherries.

“Get in there,” Danielle said. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her sex.

Darren’s mouth and nose pressed against her pussy. The taste of her overwhelmed him. His mouth automatically started to lick and nibble. He breathed in her sex and moaned into her pussy.

When was the last that that he ate pussy? Was it when his landlady interviewed him for the apartment? No, it was when the police women stopped him on the subway. It was best not to think about that terrifying time. Darren banished the thought and kept licking.

“Not . . . bad,” Danielle said. Her sharp nails dug into his scalp.

Darren kept licking. He relished the taste of her. The heat of her sex warmed his face. The flowing juices refreshed his parched mouth. The squirming of her pussy smothered his nose but he hungrily kept eating her.

“You love that Egor Tech pussy, don’t you?” Danielle said. “Of course you do.”

Darren did. He didn’t understand it but he loved this pussy. It was smooth, silky, wet and most of all, forbidden. He would never go to college. Girls like her never noticed boys like him. She was delicious in that special way that a treat you will never eat again can be.

He groaned into her pussy. His face felt flush, with shame or desire he couldn’t tell. There was a pain in his back from the angle he was leaning at but he ignored it. He was in ecstasy.

A powerful ache strained against his pants. He reached down to the bulge in his pants. Completely without shame, he rubbed at his restrained erection.

“Stop touching yourself!” Danielle snapped.

Darren immediately moved his hand away. Embarrassment washed over him. He paused in his oral affections.

She grabbed his ear. Sharp nails dug in and twisted. “Don’t stop licking, asshole!”

His mouth went back to work. The twisting of his ear stopped but her sharp nails remained. He licked as fast and as hard as he could out of fear and humiliation.

Darren’s cock felt twice as big within his pants. The fact that he couldn’t touch himself was agony. The slightest shift of his body made his underwear feel tighter around his erection.

Danielle shivered. “Close.”

He licked harder.

“Close,” she said again.

He licked faster.

“Close!” she cried.

Her hands pulled him tighter against her sex. Breathing became impossible. He was buried in young pussy and juices.

He never stopped licking.

“Fuck!” Danielle cried and she pushed his head away.

Darren lost his balance and fell backwards onto the floor. He looked up at the student’s wide open legs as she shuddered on the counter. Muscles spasmed up and down her long legs as she enjoyed her orgasm.

When it was over, she closed her legs. Darren didn’t move a muscle as she stepped into her skirt and pulled it back up to her waist. He watched in silence as she smoothed out her skirt and picked up her bill.

“Have them ready tomorrow morning,” Danielle commanded. “And don’t you dare masturbate with them.”

Danielle stepped over him and went to the door. She unlocked the door and without asking, flipped the sign back to ‘open’. A moment later, she was out the door and Darren was alone.

He stood up. His face was wet. So was the counter. There was a lot to clean and he needed to hurry before the next customer came in.

The pile of lingerie was still on the counter. The thought of masturbating with them was intoxicating although he knew that he never would.

Jun 082016

Explorer’s Log: I am on day six of the twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Ever Dripping Sex” by Royal Astronomers. Message channels are still open with the prospectors I encountered in the last star system. Now that the frenzy touched off by my arrival has died down, there are a few prospectors who wish to correspond and exchange ideas.

In the interest of gathering as much information for the Queen as possible, I am maintaining lines of communication for as long as possible. I have already learned a great deal about the substances that they mine in the asteroid, as well as why they operate outside the regulatory control of the Interplanetary Federation, formerly known as the Star Homogeny. Mostly the reasons involve taxation and chemical additives to transport exhaust.

I estimate that communication will be possible for another thirty hours before I am out of range. That should be enough time for the comprehensive cultural analysis that I am doing. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s personal log: It is amazing how willing sentient beings are to discuss social economics if you keep flashing naked tits as them.

Vaquel Di prepared for today’s transmission. Supplementary power was diverted to the communications array. The control panel had been re-routed to the screen above her bed. She made sure her collection of dildos were within arm’s reach. The strange device she had created using her correspondent’s schematics was installed on her ceiling. Everything was ready.

She climbed into bed and turned on the communicator.

“Vaquel Di, reaching out to the Kurin of the Alleban Corporation, come in, Alleban Corporation.

“This is Kurin of the Alleban Corporation, receiving you loud and clear, Vaquel Di. Locking in visuals.”

The inside of a small habitat appeared on the screen above Vaquel. A large machine hummed while lights flashed on a panel. The left wall moved as if there was a strong wind outside. Vaquel knew that the only thing outside the habitat was the vacuum of space, making her wonder how anyone survived inside such a flimsy structure.

A hairless red alien sat down in front of the camera. He was naked, just as she expected. He was thin for his kind and nearly three meters in height. His body looked like someone slapped red stilts together to a slightly thicker center stilt. What he lacked in body definition he made up for with the thick club between his legs. It was hard and already glistening with lube.

“I’m receiving your visuals, Kurin, are you receiving mine?” she asked.

Kurin gulped. “Fuck, yes.”

Vaquel smiled and stretched. She wanted him to see every centimeter of her dark brown flesh. Large breasts jiggled as she moved her arms. She ran her fingers through the short pink hair that crowned her head as well as the short pink hair that covered her sex.

“I want to fuck your small cock squeezers so bad!” the alien said.

Vaquel snorted. Every one of Kurin’s race thought Vaquel’s massive tits were small. “They’re big enough to wrap around your dick.”

“They are,” Kurin admitted. He pumped his thick cock. “Did you build the device I sent you? Is it connected to the network?”

“Yeah, I finished it this morning,” Vaquel said. She spread her long legs and ran a finger down the slit of her sex. “I had to take apart my sonic hammer to make it. You said it would get me off but the sound projection is so weak I doubt it could move my hair much less give me an orgasm.”

“That is because we have a way to create resonating fields to boost output,” Kurin said. “Trust me; this will fuck you like a full squad of space marines. I see it on the network now. Let me upload our drivers and I’ll show you what it can do.”

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. She stopped playing with her sex and pulled on her nipples. “Send me over the data package you promised me about your society’s advancements in defense technology.”

“Now?” Kurin said. It was almost a whine. “Our signal is weak. If we are going to fuck, we should fuck first in case we get disconnected.”

“No, no,” Vaquel teased. She squeezed her tits together and sunk her fingers into them. “Data first, fucking second.”

Kurin licked his lips. He looked down at his cock and then at a monitor. His attention came back to Vaquel’s dark round tits. He bit his lip and his shoulders sagged.

“Fine, sending the data package now. Can you play with your tits as we wait?”

“Of course,” Vaquel said. She released her tits and pinched her nipples instead. Kurin groaned as she pulled as hard as she could on her nipples. Vaquel moaned as her breasts stretched upwards. She shook her hands to make her tits jiggle as much as possible.

“Oh fuck,” Kurin said. He stroked faster.

Vaquel let go of her tits and reached for a dildo. Her blue dildo wasn’t as big as Kurin’s meaty cock but it was close. She placed the tip of the dildo against one of her breasts and tapped it against her flesh.

“Just imagine your cock right here,” Vaquel said. “Imagine what that would feel like.”

“Fuck,” Kurin groaned.

She moved the dildo to the valley between her breasts. “Imagine it sliding up and down around my so-called small tits.”

“Fuck,” Kurin groaned again.

“Imagine the tip of your cock coming up out of my tits, close enough for me to lick,” she said. She demonstrated by opening her mouth and flicking the tip of the dildo with her tongue.”

“Fuck,” Kurin said. He stroked his enormous cock with both hands.

“Then imagine your member going back down between my ‘cock squeezers’ as you called them,” Vaquel said. “Imagine how tight it is between them. Picture how wet your cock would be because I licked it all over. Your big, hard, member would slip and slide between my big brown mounds.”

“Fuck, fuck,” Kurin said. He let go of his cock. It pulsed and bounced. “Is the download done yet?

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. She rolled the dildo back and forth over her breasts. The thick phallus crushed and flattened her generous curves.

“Do you see how hard my nipples are?” Vaquel said.

“Yes,” Kurin moaned. He kept his hands away from his cock as if he was afraid it would go off.

“They are hard for you,” Vaquel said. “I wish you were here to suck on them. Would you be gentle, or would you be rough?”

Kurin’s attention kept changing from her nipples, to a monitor and back to her nipples. “Rough,” he said.

“Good,” Vaquel said and she pinched her nipples and twisted. Pain shot through her body and she loved it. Her back arched and her legs spread. She twisted hard on her nipples and pulled.

Now she had all of Kurin’s attention. He stared at her breasts and licked his lips. His hand went back to his cock and gripped himself tightly. A dark flush came to his red face.

“Transfer complete!” the computer said.

“Oh Gods,” Kurin moaned. “Now can I turn on the machine?”

Vaquel thought about it. She continued to pull on her nipples. When she heard him gasp in despair, she released her tender nipples. “Sure,” she said. “What is it exactly?”

“It is a modification of what we use to mine with,” Kurin said. He rapidly typed at a command console.

“Hmm, is it safe?” Vaquel asked.

Kurin didn’t answer. He pressed a key and smiled.

A powerful vibration pressed against Vaquel’s sex. It felt solid, as if she was pressing a vibrating hand against her pussy. The vibrations were weak but strong enough make her groan.

“Oh this is nice” Vaquel said. She passed her hand over her crotch. The back of her hand vibrated as she shielded her sex. When she moved out of the way of the projector, the vibrations returned to her sex.

“I told you it could get you off,” Kurin said.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Vaquel said. “I barely feel it and I like something with penetration.”

Kurin grinned and pressed another key.

The field extended. A wall of vibrations pushed aside the lips of her sex and entered her pussy. Deeper and deeper it went, filling Vaquel’s clenching sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. She spread her thighs wider. Her hips moved to fuck the invisible force inside her. “Do the vibrations get any stronger?”

BZZZ! The pulsing sensation doubled, tripled and then quadrupled in strength.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. She gripped the sides of her bed as the vibrations overwhelmed her. The vibrations shook her entire body. Her tits jiggled in place.

“Like it?” Kurin said. He turned the vibrations down to something more bearable but still pleasurable.

“Yes,” Vaquel hissed.

“Do you like it long?” Kurin said, busily typing.

The vibration field extended again. It went deep inside Vaquel, curving right where it needed to fill her completely.

Vaquel was gasping too much to answer.

“Or do you like it short?” Kurin asked.

The field retracted. It shrunk within Vaquel’s pussy until it was barely two centimeters inside her. The shallow vibrations were a disappointing tease after being fully penetrated.

“Long, long, long!” Vaquel cried.

“Okay, slap your cock squeezers,” Kurin said.


“You heard me,” Kurin said. “If you want it long and deep it inside you, slap your cock squeezers.”

“Are you extorting me?” Vaquel said. “Ha! I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Vaquel slapped her left tit with her right hand. It was a gentle tap, just enough to make her brown mound shake.

“Harder,” Kurin demanded. The field shrunk even more inside her.

WHAP! Vaquel slapped her breast again, this time much harder. This time her breast stung from her slap and a light hand print could be seen.

The field returned to its puny depth. “Better,” Kurin said. “Slap your other breast.”

It was more awkward to use her left hand but fortunately Vaquel was ambi-masochistic. Her left hand slapped her right breast with nearly the same amount of violence. It certainly stung as much.

“More!” Kurin demanded. He typed and the field extended another bare centimeter.

Vaquel growled with annoyance and lust. She wanted the field deep inside her again. The teasing poke inside her sex was too little. The bastard wasn’t going to give it to her until she gave him want she wanted. She almost admired how he had turned the tables on her.

WHAP! She slapped her tit as hard as she could. The pain sent a jolt through her large breast that she felt all the way down in her pussy.

WHAP! Vaquel did the same to her other breast. This one caught the underside of her tit and she winced as the pain lingered.

WHAPAP! She slapped both tits at the same time. They collided together like brown mountains in an earthquake.

“More!” Kurin snapped. The field extended a few more centimeters inside her.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Vaquel slapped her jiggling mounds rapidly with both hands. She didn’t pause between slaps as she subjected herself to a constant stream of strikes. Her tits stung and her fingers burned but she kept going.

“Yes,” Kurin groaned. He jacked his cock with one hand. His other hand stayed on the console.

The field increased inside her ever so slowly. It was like being penetrated in slow motion. Millimeter by millimeter the field went deeper and deeper. No matter how hard she clenched or how much her hips rolled, the field maintained its terrible slow pace.

WHAP! WHAP! Vaquel’s hands started to slow down. It was hard to slap herself. The sides of her tits were on fire. If she was spanking someone’s ass, she would have been able to do it for hours but when she was taking the force of her blows, it was a lot harder to stay motivated.

“Faster!” Kurin yelled.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! She kept at it. Her blows became lighter but her tits were so sensitive that even light touches hurt. She tried to slap new places on her breast to avoid the tender spots but it didn’t matter. Even slapping a new spot caused her entire breast to jiggle, which included the already stinging curves of her tits.

“I can’t!” Vaquel groaned. WHAP! She gave herself one last slapped and then her arms fell to the sides. “I need a break!”

“No breaks!” Kurin yelled.

“Fuck off!” Vaquel said. “I need a minute!”

Kurin typed furiously on his console.

Vaquel smirked. He was cute when he was frustrated and helpless.

The field expanded. In an instant it went from pressing on her pussy to pressing on her body. Powerful vibrations pinned her arms and legs to the bed. Strong pulses pushed open her thighs. Buzzing sensations flattened her breasts.

“We’re not done yet,” Kurin said.

“You bastard!” Vaquel said. This was a frightening development. When she followed the schematics, she had no idea that this small sonic device could be used as a restraining field. Her body was at the mercy of someone she barely knew in another star system!

It was a good thing that she added a voice override to the device’s power supply. One word is all it would take for the field to shut down. The safe thing to do would be to turn it off now.

Vaquel kept her mouth closed. She wanted to see what happened next.

“You want more, you little seed popper?” Kurin said. He typed furiously.

The vibration field inside her sex suddenly grew. It extended within her to enormous lengths. Her pussy strained to hold it all as the field tripled in girth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel moaned.

“That’s not all,” Kurin bragged.

The field inside her sex began to move. Vaquel shuddered as it plunged in and out of her. The vibrating field fucked her wet pussy.

“Yes!” Vaquel cried. “Oh fuck, finally!”

“Oh you like it deep, don’t you?” Kurin taunted.

“Yes!” Vaquel yelled.

“You want more power?” he asked as the field buzzed to a new intensity.

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel cried. The field roared between her thighs. She struggled against the field pinning her limbs as the vibrations pounded her into the bed. She wasn’t trying to escape; she was just writhing with pleasure.

“Let’s not forget your cock squeezers,” Kurin said.

THAP! A powerful force slammed down on Vaquel’s right breast for a split second. The force was quick and brutal; stinging her tender tit. Before she could cry out, a second field slammed down on her left breast. Matching pain blossomed in both breasts.

“Fucker!” Vaquel yelled. The asshole was slapping her tits with the sonic field!

Kurin laughed and the slapping continued. He grabbed his cock with both hands as the field continued to alternate between her tits. Right, left, right, left, right, left, the abuse continued to her poor sensitive breasts.

While her tits were being slapped, the field also continued to fuck her sex. The thrusts increased to match the rhythm of the slaps. When her right breast was flattened by a stinging blow, the sonic phallus plunged into her sex. The phallus withdrew as her left breast was battered by sonic force.

Vaquel cried out. She struggled to cover her tits with her hands but her arms were pinned to the bed. The pussy fucking became so intense that she wanted to close her legs but the field had her legs spread wide open. Pain radiated from her breasts while pleasure exploded from her sex.

Something beeped. “Fuck,” Kurin cursed. “I need to check on the particle collector. Be right back.”

“What the fuck?” Vaquel asked but Kurin walked away. The screen showed him walking into the background to work on one of the many mining machines in his habitat.

“Gods of the Underworld,” Vaquel cursed. The field was still on. It fucked and slapped her on automatic. She was being held down while her tormentor focused on his mining machines.

What if it is a big problem and he doesn’t come back for awhile? Could he be gone for an hour? Two hours? Maybe more? How much more could her tits take? How much of a hard fucking could her poor pussy take?

A darker thought crossed Vaquel’s mind. She had experienced how fragile those mining habitats were in the asteroid field. What if it exploded and Kurin was sucked into space? Would the field keep going?

She climaxed. The plunging field helped but it was the thought of Kurin dying and his program still fucking her that got her over the edge. Bliss exploded through her body.

THAP! THAP! The assault on her tits continued. The fucking of her pussy continued to slam her into her bed. Kurin continued to work in the background of the screen.

Vaquel had had enough. It was time to use the failsafe and end this.

“Mercy!” Vaquel yelled.

The field continued to fuck her. The slapping of her breasts continued.

“Mercy!” she yelled again. Why wasn’t it working? Shit, it was a sonic field and it must be interfering with the audio receptors for her computer.

Oh fuck, she might be trapped here after all.

“Shit,” Vaquel groaned. If he died, would the field keep going until her probe ship moved out of range? How long would that be again? Was it thirty hours or forty?

“Fuck!” she cried as she came again. Now that she was truly helpless, her sensitivity was in overdrive. Her orgasm rippled through her body and sent her pinned body into a seizure of shuddering pleasure.

THAP! The tit slapping continued. The field fucked her spent pussy. She was crossing over from pleasure into soreness.

Wait! There was Chairbot! Her loyal robot would save her! True, he was in sleep mode trying to recover some files he lost last year but when he woke up, he could deactivate the sonic projector. How long was he scheduled to sleep for? Was it an hour?

Vaquel moaned. She couldn’t take an hour. Her breasts already felt like they had been crushed in a vice. Not even her pussy could take an hour of this kind of hard fucking.

Yet she came again. “Glory to the Queen!” she whispered in exhaustion. Her eyes closed and she almost passed out except the slapping of her breasts woke her back up.

Kurin was on her screen. “Still there? I’m back.”

Vaquel sobbed in relief. “Turn this off!” she yelled.

“Wait, I am going to come!” Kurin said. He grabbed his cock and stroked himself. The thick rod of his cock glistened with new lube. His small hands pumped passionately at his shiny member.

Vaquel was helpless. She was at his mercy. Her pummeled tits and pussy were for the entertainment of total stranger.

It was unbearably hot.

“Glory to the Queen!” she screamed as she came for a fourth time.

“Oh!” Kurin choked as his red cock shot a stream of seed onto the camera. The only thing Vaquel could see on her monitor was a glaze of seed.

“Oh that was good,” Kurin said over the transmission. “See you tomorrow.” The communication ended.

The field vanished. Vaquel winced from a slap that never came. She could move again but it hurt to move. All she could bring herself to do was close her legs.

The fucker had left as soon as he got off. No thanks, no attempt at pillow talk and certainly no apologies for leaving her alone to get fucked. He was a cold bastard.

Vaquel wondered what he had planned for her tomorrow.