Dec 032021
Vera the Gorgon is so cruel and ambitious which means she is instantly my waifu.

Monster Prom is a dating simulator for one to four people. The players are monsters at a high school for monsters, yet everyone is over the age of nineteen, and in some cases, are a couple of centuries old. Everyone is safely on the side of age of consent.

As you can imagine, there is a prom coming up and your goal is to get a date to the prom. There are six eligible students to woo, and some characters who are hidden. You spend your days and nights either at the auditorium, hanging in the gym, attending a rave outside, scamming money in the library, lurking in the bathroom or even going to classes. At lunch, you get to pick from different tables to socialize with students, teachers and occasional heroes.

It is a funny and silly game. The humor is interesting to me as it discusses sex a lot, but only in a vague way. This not a game about titillation, even when trying to research an obscure sex position to impress a ghost. In fact, it reminds me a lot of being young and knowing I wanted sex, but not terribly sure about the details of what they entailed.

I should also add that every character is effectively bisexual and one of the first things the game asks for is your pronouns. Yay!

What really sets this game apart is that you can play it with friends on the same computer or on a network. Players can compete for the same date, or stay out of each other’s way and maybe help each other. In multiplayer mode, the game gives you little mini games that are mostly prompts for social humor. It is the first video game in a long time that recreates the comradely you get from a tabletop game.

Speaking of which, this game is surprisingly deep. Each possible dating companion has multiple possible story lines. There is also a lot of random events not to mention a store that sells items that open other quests. The replay value is incredible and I think I will be playing for quite a long time. That is even before you get the DLC which opens up even more stories.

So yeah, if you want a casual slightly racy dating game with a lot of monster humor and satire of popular media, then Monster Prom is for you.

Dec 012021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day sixteen of my fifty-six day journey to the star system designated “The Enormous Cock of the Queen’s Consort,” by Royal Astronomers. It has been fourteen days since I have detected an Entitled spacecraft. There is no radio traffic. It appears that I have passed out of Entitled territory.

My prisoner, HoleBuster-442, has divulged that further exploration in this direction has been thwarted by strange anomalies. The Entitled have little interest in mysteries, especially those that cannot be fucked. He alleges that he has no idea of what I may encounter.

Since my prisoner’s use has come to an end, Royal Navy regulations require his elimination. I will begin preparations immediately. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: For some reason, I am hesitant to execute HoleBuster-442. Perhaps the alien’s arrogant cruelty reminds me of home. Maybe my long years of travel has introduced feelings of empathy for an enemy. More than likely, I am loathe to destroy the phallic alien’s magnificent girth and savage fucking skills.

Regulations require either an execution or a certain death. Stranding the Entitled on a planetoid would qualify as a certain death according to the rules, but the alien has proven to be incredibly resilient and capable. If I ‘forget’ to remove his anti-gravity rig and maybe leave behind some junk, HoleBuster-442’s chances would improve.

The little bastard has no idea how much mercy I plan to show him when I abandon him.

Vaquel Di looked through the scanner reports. There was the usual dark matter mass, solar winds and small debris that was common to all space. One scan detected a small gravity tug that might indicate a stray planetoid but unfortunately, the readings were from a direction too far from the probe ship’s current trajectory.

It was almost time for sleep. Vaquel stood up from Chairbot’s comfortable seat and stretched. The full curves of her breasts, hips and butt strained against the red fabric of her spacesuit. She ran a hand through her short pink hair and debated taking a shower. Nah, she was good.

The ship shook violently. Vaquel fell backward and Chairbot rolled into place to catch her. She landed softly as warning lights flashed all around her.


“No shit,” Vaquel said to the ship’s computer. “Defense protocol: Dickheads!”

The probe activated several defense measures that Vaquel had programmed for Entitled territory. The force field generator she stole from the Entitled buzzed to life. Power was diverted to the special Entitled weapons she had procured over the past year. The engines shifted into maximum speed to attempt an escape from hostilities.

A monitor displayed a view of the attacking ship. It was shaped like a massive cock brimming with weapons. That was an Entitled ship alright. Statistics rolled along the side of the monitor detailing current scans. Some of the numbers projected had far too many digits.

“That’s a Queen-damned capitol ship,” Vaquel swore. So far, the only Entitled ships that Vaquel had encountered were personal vessels. The Entitled never worked together and they only carried what they needed to fight and fuck. The ship attacking her was big enough to lay siege to a planet.

“INCOMING ATTACK!” the computer announced. Missiles slammed into the probe ship. Chairbot activated tractor beams to keep Vaquel’s ass in his seat as the ship shook again.


“This doesn’t make any sense,” Vaquel said. Fear sweat glistened on her brown skin. “The Entitled don’t have ships this big. The energy drain must be enormous. What is an Entitled ship doing out here anyway?”

“HoleBuster!” Vaquel screamed. “What is that?”

She turned to look at HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. It was a small cube made of clear glassteel. The phallic red alien stood upright on the gravel floor. There was no sound from the speakers.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said from under her. “There is writing on the side of the ship!”

Vaquel frowned. That’s right, the Entitled wrote their damn names on everything. They were almost as vain as an Euphorian. She should have looked for that earlier but she didn’t want to give any credit to the servile robot.

“Computer, enhance the markings on the enemy vessel,” Vaquel commanded.

A monitor displayed the attacking ship. As the probe ship weaved to dodge incoming fire, it snapped a clear view of the side of the vessel. Written in the stylized version of Palatino that the Entitled spoke, was the name of the owner of the giant ship.

It read, HoleBuster-442.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She jumped out of Chairbot and headed towards HoleBuster-442’s enclosure. Another missile hit the probe ship and Vaquel struggled to stay on her feet.


“That’s your damn ship out there!” Vaquel said, slamming on the clear wall of the Entitled’s prison. “How is that possible? What is it doing here?”

“It is here to rescue me of course,” the speakers crackled. The red alien phallus pulsed with malevolent glee. The white circles that dotted his body were turning pink with excitement.

“All Entitled have a dedicated rescue ship on standby,” HoleBuster-442 explained. “Mine has been following for quite some time, ready to destroy you and recover my body at any moment. I have decided that I no longer find amusement at being your captive.”

“You could have rescued yourself at any time?” Vaquel. “I said don’t believe it. How are you even controlling it? I have scanned your body hundreds of times! You aren’t emitting any sort of signal.”

“None that you can detect,” HoleBuster-442 said. “I refuse to respond to anymore of your pathetic babblings. My ship will destroy yours in seconds and I will laugh at your future death!”

“No, I don’t think you will,” Vaquel said. She turned and slammed a panel with her fist. The panel door popped open to reveal a group of weapons. Vaquel grabbed the biggest pistol and pointed it at the Entitled’s enclosure. The barrel began to glow.

“You can’t threaten me!” HoleBster-442 yelled over the speakers. “You know how durable my superior body is!”

The ship shook again. Lights flickered. This time, the ship computer didn’t have a damage report. That was bad.

The gravity generator shut off and Vaquel began to float. She grabbed the top of the enclosure and pointed the gun up against the glass. The barrel grew brighter.

“This is a plasma gun,” Vaquel said. “You might be tough, but I haven’t met anything organic that can take super-heated plasma at close range. It will probably blow a hole on my ship just to fire this, but I bet it will also turn you to ash.”

The alien phallus vibrated with rage. “I hate you so much, you whorser!”

“Yeah, I hate you too,” Vaquel said. She didn’t mention how wet her pussy was.

“My ship will destroy you,” HoleBuster-442 said.

“And as I die, I’ll pull the trigger and take you with me,” Vaquel said.

“May I suggest a compromise?” Chairbot said.

Vaquel and HoleBuster-442 didn’t answer.

“Both of you want to live,” Chairbot said. “And both of do not require the deaths of the other for your future endeavors. I suggest that HoleBuster-442 returns to his ship and the two of you continue on your separate paths.”

“What’s to stop him from killing me once he returns to his ship?” Vaquel asked.

“I wouldn’t do that,” HoleBuster-442 said over the speakers. Insincerity dripped from every word despite the alien’s attempt at lying.

“Of course, he wouldn’t,” Chairbot said. “Because my studies reveal that Entitled enjoy gloating and broadcasting their superiority to others. Mistress will owe her life to HoleBuster-442 and she will be forced by the codes of her people to tell everyone how he humiliated her.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” HoleBuster-442 demanded. “What if she refuses to share the details of her defeat?”

Vaquel winced and tried to think of a lie, but Chairbot had one ready.

“If Mistress somehow keeps her terrible defeat a secret, then she will still know the truth of her inferiority and bear that awful burden for the rest of her life.”

Vaquel was impressed. The obedient robot was a total submissive but also a good liar. She would have to keep an eye on him.

“That delights me greatly!” HoleBuster-442 said. “I will spare this slubie’s life and she will carry the embarrassment of her pathetic failure forever!”

Vaquel bit back a dozen insults and lowered her pistol. “Fine, we have a deal.” She undid the lock of the enclosure and lifted the lid.

HoleBuster-442 floated out of his prison. The tiny metal band around his base provided him with anti-gravity support. He started to drift towards the airlock and then stopped.

“What are you waiting for?” Vaquel said. “The door is right there.”

“After all of the indignities that I have suffered, you expect me to just leave?” HoleBuster-442 said. His voice was now coming from the harness around his base. “I demand a final ravishing of your holes!”

Vaquel’s wet pussy clenched. She tried to look casual as she stared at the alien’s thick body and pulsing veins. That didn’t sound too bad. “I will permit you to fuck my pussy, and only because you are halfway decent at it.”

“I am not one of your sex toys!” HoleBuster-442 said. “By right of conquest, I demand to pummel your ass!”

“Fuck no,” Vaquel said. “You can have my pussy.”




Vaquel pointed the plasma pistol back at the floating alien. The ship shook as laser fire hit the vessel. The hum of the engines died and the probe ship was adrift in space.

Chairbot rolled between Vaquel and the alien. His magnetic wheels clung to the floor of the ship. The robot was careful to not block Vaquel’s pistol.

“We’re making progress!” Chairbot said. “You two have agreed to fuck; you just need to settle on where. I have a compromise idea. How about fucking Mistress’ mouth?”

Vaquel lowered her pistol. “Are you shitting me?” she said to Chairbot.

“I accept!” HoleBuster-442 said.

The alien flew towards Vaquel’s shocked face. He wedged the tip of his body into her mouth before she could close her lips. Sharp teeth clamped onto him but his hardened skin resisted her biting. Wiggling frantically, HoleBuster-442 forced his way into her mouth.

“Fmcmimg mhmt!” Vaquel yelled with a mouth full of alien cock inside her. She grabbed the base of the alien and tried to pull but the antigravity rig was too strong. The phallic bastard wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’ll help, Mistress!” Chairbot said. Tractor beams locked onto the curves of Vaquel ass and pulled her into his seat. Vibrational motors activated and soothed her clenching buttocks.

Vaquel growled. Chairbot was always trying to feel her ass no matter what was going on. It was probably why he gave up her mouth so quickly. He knew that that would leave Vaquel’s butt all to himself.

HoleBuster-442 savagely fucked Vaquel’s gasping mouth. He shifted directions rapidly, stretching her cheeks as he bulged against one and then the other. Sometimes he would spin to loosen her grip before thrusting deep down her throat.

“Once more you are rendered speechless by my gigantic size!” HoleBuster-442 said.

Vaquel rolled her eyes. The alien had a high opinion of his magnitude but then again, so did most cocks. She wanted to say something devastating but it was impossible with her face getting fucked.

Spit flew from Vaquel’s ravaged mouth and floated in the zero gravity. The violence of HoleBuster-442’s fucking bruised her lips. She breathed hard through her nose as the alien dominated her mouth. Tears stung her eyes and drifted off to float with the spit in the air.

Chairbot’s vibrations pulsed along Vaquel’s ass. Vaquel’s pussy clenched in response. The space explorer had a weakness for being used and if there was one thing the Entitled were good at, it was using a body. Her hand went to her crotch and she rubbed through the thin material of her red spacesuit.

“Take it, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “Weep your helpless tears as I command and conquer your pathetic mouth-hole!”

Vaquel shuddered. The verbal abuse went straight to her sex. She rubbed harder, digging tightly into her spacesuit at the tender pussy beneath.

“This mouth-hole belongs to me!” HoleBuster-442 said. “When you meet other pathetic limb-users and they ask why your jaw is hurting, you will tell them how I used it! You will never eat solid foods again because it will remind you of my awesome body drilling your lips!”

Vaquel groaned. She almost nodded her head in agreement but the wild thrusts of the phallic alien would have choked her. Instead, her jaw hung slackly as HoleBuster-442 continue to abuse her.

The vibrations from Chairbot’s seat increased. Vaquel gripped the arms of the chair and writhed in place. She grabbed a breast that was straining against her tight spacesuit and squeezed.

HoleBuster-442 flew out of Vaquel’s mouth. She gasped in surprise. The red alien, glistening with her spit, flew in a sharp arc to the right. The solid mass of the alien slammed into her cheek so hard that her head spun.

“Fuck!” Vaquel yelled. Did that asshole just cock-slap her? Pain blossomed on her cheek.

Holebuster-442 flew towards her left cheek. The thick mass slapped her head to the right. Another burst of pain flared on her left cheek to match the pain on her right.

Vaquel cried out. She had almost climaxed. The pain lingered and she swore her pussy was contracting with the fading of the pain on her cheeks.

“Fuck me,” Vaquel whispered.

“What?” HoleBuster-442 said. “I am fucking you, you stupid biped!”

“Fuck my pussy,” Vaquel said with a husky growl. She looked right at the floating cock; her brown cheeks still pink from his slaps. “Fuck my wet, slick, tight hole. You know you want it.”

“I am not yours to command!” HoleBuster-442 said.

“I can help!” Chairbot said. A button sunk down on Vaquel’s belt. She looked down and saw the red spacesuit below her waist begin to retract. In seconds, her legs, ass and crotch were completely exposed. The pink pubic bush was a soaked mess.

Since when could Chairbot activate her belt controls?

An evil laugh came from Hole-Buster-442. “Chairbot, restrain your Mistress’ hands or the deal is off!”

“Oh no,” Chairbot said. “Sorry, Mistress! I have no choice!”

Tractor beams pulled at Vaquel’s hand. They slammed down onto the arms of the chair. Metal bands emerged to encase Vaquel’s wrists.

“Chairbot, you asshole!” Vaquel said. “You just want to feel me squirm on you! Let my hands free at once!”

Before Chairbot could respond, HoleBuster-442 flew back into Vaquel’s mouth. She choked in frustration as the thick alien hit the back of her throat. The vicious face-fucking resumed immediately.

Vaquel writhed helplessly. The metal bands were too strong for her arms. She kicked with her legs but her ass was held onto Chairbot’s seat by the tractor beams. Biting down was useless as the durable phallic alien was just too damn tough.

“Ha, ha, ha!” HoleBuster-442 gloated. “I revel in your weakness! Never before and never again will you have such a giant piece of flesh in your mouth!”

Vaquel tried to shout in defiance but all that came out was a choked whimper. The force of HoleBuster-442’s thrusts pinned the back of her skull to Chairbot’s headrest. Spit continued to fly from her pummeled lips and floated in the air.

Worse of all, the craving in Vaquel’s pussy was getting worse by the second. Chairbot’s vibrations were now targeted on her buttocks. Nothing was touching her greedy sex lips or entering her clenching pussy.

“Your pitiful mind can’t comprehend how much I am enjoying this!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “For months, I have listened to your inane chatter about your petty mission when your mouth should be used for my fucking! That is all limb-users are good for; fucking! Your mouths were designed by higher powers to pleasure the Entitled! All other uses are insignificant!”

Vaquel groaned. It was a sexy thought. She imagined never speaking, never giving commands or ever having to do another report. The only time she would open her mouth would be so an Entitled could fuck her face.

The daydream washed over Vaquel. She clenched tighter around a cock that wasn’t there. Her hands curled into fists that she wished were pumping her pussy. The despair of not getting fucked burned within her, making her all the more aware of how wet she was.

HoleBuster-442 pulled free of her mouth once more. “Beg me to fuck your fur-borrow!”

Hope bloomed within Vaquel. “Please!” she shouted.

The alien phallus slapped Vaquel’s right cheek.

“You can better than that, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Please fuck my tight wet fur-burrow!” Vaquel says. “I am begging your magnificent self to barrage my slick hole with your giant girth!”

HoleBuster-442 vibrated with excitement. “Fuck, I was just going to tease you but you won me over. Prepare to for ultimate cock-lair busting!”

The throbbing alien dived down to Vaquel’s open legs. In a single thrust, he buried himself inside her pussy. The slickness helped ease the way but it was still a rough fit.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. The sudden push inside her was a mixture of pain and bliss. She shuddered as his girth pulsed inside her.

“This hole is mine, whorser!” HoleBuster-442 said. He slid almost completely out of Vaquel before slamming his entire length back inside her. Short vicious jabs pummeled her pussy. The anti-gravity rig around the base of his body vibrated every time it pressed against Vaquel’s pussy lips.

“Queen protect me,” Vaquel whispered in a rare prayer. She pulled hard on her wrist restraints, not looking to escape but just to push against something. Her hips rose to meet each thrust but the swift drives deep inside her soon reduced her lower half to jelly. All she could do was take it.

Which is something HoleBuster-442 was quick to remind her.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!” the alien cackled. “Take it! Take my massive girth! Take my legendary length! Take my enormous size!”

Vaquel grunted with each thrust of the boasting alien.

“I am wrecking your internal organs!” HoleBuster-442 shouted. “My hard body is causing irreversible damage to your insides!”

Vaquel whimpered with pleasure and submission.

“You will never be able to engage in proper limb-coordinated travel again!” HoleBuster-442 cried.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. A massive climax exploded within Vaquel. She came so hard that her ears popped.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m detonating!” HoleBuster-442 announced.

Hot seed filled Vaquel’s sex. The Entitled spasmed like an epileptic snake inside her. The thick seed filled her slick pussy and jetted out from her stuffed pussy lips. Giant gobs of the alien spunk floated in the air.

Vaquel came again. It was almost an aftershock orgasm compared to the previous one. She shuddered and barely whispered, “Glory to the Queen.”

The inside of the probe ship was silent except for the vibrating motors of Chairbot’s seat.

“Well, that was a successful negotiation,” Chairbot said. “HoleBuster-442, please feel free to leave at any time.”

HoleBuster-442 didn’t respond. Vaquel knew what had happened. The Entitled were ruthless ravagers but orgasms mellowed them the fuck out. She clenched sore pussy muscles around him.

“No more, no more, no more,” HoleBuster-442 whimpered. He pulled out of Vaquel’s tender pussy. Seed and pussy juice glistened on his thick frame.

“Despite you being a lowly hole-bearer, I will leave without further busting of your holes,” HoleBuster-442 said.

The restraints retracted from Vaquel’s hands. She stayed in her seat. Everything below her waist felt numb and sore at the same time.

“Despite you being a literal dick, I will let you go,” Vaquel said.

“If you value your holes, don’t return to Entitled territory,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Although if you do, bring more of your kind.”

Vaquel grinned. “I just might.”

HoleBuster-442 flew towards the airlock door. Chairbot signaled the door to open. The Entitled went inside and door closed behind him. A moment later, the ship shook as it docked with the larger vessel.

“Mistress, he is gone,” Chairbot said. “Sensors indicate he is on a course back to the world where we first encountered him.”

“Good,” Vaquel said, still sitting limply in Chairbot’s grasp. “How are the automatic repair systems doing?”

“Oh, they are fine, Mistress” Chairbot reported. The lights returned and Vaquel felt the familiar tug of gravity on her heavy tits. “The ship repaired most of the damage halfway through your oral negotiation. I decided that HoleBuster-442 didn’t need to know about our capabilities. In fact, the probe ship will now resume its current course.”

The hum of the engines returned. Vaquel stayed in the chair though she did rub her wrists from the restraints had rubbed her.

“You know, you have done a lot of thinking for yourself today,” Vaquel said. “Some of it was good but some of it, like the part where you restrained me and wouldn’t stimulate my clearly-aroused pussy, was what some would call insubordinate. Are you developing mutinous thoughts? Was the captive a bad influence on you?”

“I wouldn’t know, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I trust your judgement on those matters. Are you going to punish me by standing up now? Your buttocks are still quivering from your orgasms and it would sadden me if you were to remove them.”

“Maybe later,” Vaquel said. “I think I need a nap first. The Entitled aren’t the only ones worn out by great sex.”

Chairbot tilted back and extended the bottom of his seat to support Vaquel’s legs and feet. Holding Vaquel’s prone body, the robot dimmed the lights of the ship. He did these things without being told, but Vaquel didn’t object.

Nov 292021

Everyone knows that Brom Stoker wrote Dracula. What very few people know is that the novel wasn’t fiction but an after-action report of British Intelligence trying to recruit Dracula and failing terribly. Operation Edom redacted the text, changed some details to cover their involvement and then released it as fiction as a coverup.

That is the premise of Pelgrane Press’s excellent Dracula Unredacted written by Kenneth Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. This book is the entire Dracula novel, with a crap load of annotations from three generations of spy analysts. They pick apart and speculate on the parts that are true, the parts that are disinformation from Dracula, and various followups attempted over the years. It also details British Intelligence’s incredible hubris in attempting to recruit Dracula for the Cold War and the War on Terror. Spoiler Alert: A lot of people get bitten.

Technically this book is a supplement for the role-playing game, Night’s Black Agents. I recommend that game, but Dracula Unredacted is a fascinating book on its own. The annotations flesh out some bits and also add wild lines of speculation. Some new scenes have been added to the original text from Stoker’s previous drafts and they fit seamlessly. Since it is meant as a game handout to spark adventures, the annotations are more plot hooks than explanations. I found it an exhilarating read as I started to question every damn thing Stoker wrote.

It is always fun to re-read Dracula and Dracula Unredacted feels like an expanded universe read of the great novel.

Nov 262021

Welcome traveler. You enjoy imaginative pornography and you wish to purchase books by Shon Richards. Or perhaps you have a loved one who wants to dip their brain into one of Shon’s works but you don’t know where to start. It is possible that you have an enemy that you wish to blast with erotica beyond their feeble imaginations. We don’t judge here. This guide is created to help bring porn to the porn-less.

First of all, you should know that I write quite a bit of interactive erotica. These books are like the choose-your-own-adventures books you read as kids, except you die a bit less and get fucked a whole lot more. Each book is self-contained and you can browse the entire series here. The books range from mundane stories of infidelity and working at a MILF Hotel, to tales of wild adventures in haunted houses and being an alien sex gladiator.

Second of all, Cell Phone Slave is my most popular work that is not an interactive book. A young college woman receives a cell phone in the mail along with some much needed money. The unknown person on the other end of the phone dares the heroine to engage in riskier and more risque acts of BDSM in exchange for more money. It is a mystery, a romance story and over the years, people still love it despite the cell phone in question is probably a flip phone.

Do you like science-fiction? I write a lot of it. If you like short stories about a sexy explorer traveling the far reaches of space and fucking aliens, then you should try The Deep Space Probe series. There are currently ten books in the series and a new one every January.

If you prefer something more novella-length, Violatrix is an ebook about a crew of sexy BDSM freaks who serve on the same starship. The premise for this book can best be described as Star-Trek-If-Everyone-Hate Fucked-Each-Other.

Another science fiction porn book is Wasteland Racer, a short novella set in a race being held in a post-apocalyptic world. Every sex scene is as rough and as brutal as the desperate inhabitants of the wastelands.

For gentler science-fiction, there is Sexy Science Beach Volleyball. In this book, a beach volleyball duo go to an exotic island to compete in a sexy tournament hosted by a mad scientist. This is also Shon’s only sports novel.

Sitting Science-fiction adjacent is Pusse’ and Cox. Two gun-totting badasses team up to fight a mad scientist and her sex zombies. Get this one if you wish gonzo b-movies had more sex.

Also sitting Science-Fiction adjacent is Seven Magnificent Sluts. This story is set in the Wild West and features vampires, steampunk inventions and seven hot women teaming up to help a man save his town.

if your tastes lean towards the more esoteric, Shon Richards has plenty of Weird Erotic and Supernatural Smut for you.

Take for example, Dark Lords of the Earth, a tale of one woman’s repressed memories of being kidnapped and sexually used by strange underground creatures.

Speaking of abductions, one (un)lucky groupie male becomes the willing sex slave to an all-girl Demon Metal band who worship what they sing. Doom Vagina might also be my favorite book title.

Probably my best weird erotica book, Touched By the Unknown is a story about a woman who buys the wrong blindfold online. She is soon touched and ravished by strange beings, but only when the blindfold is on.

And finally, The Wolf Inside asks the question we are all thinking: What if becoming a werewolf meant you had fucking awesome Dom/Sub sex with total strangers?

Last, but certainly not least, I have dabbled in making journal games. These are games where you are prompted to write a journal detailing your weird sexual experiences. Traveling the Planes of Desire is a sexy magic approach to Takuma Okada’s Alone Among the Stars.

Your Demon Lover is a much more involved game of summoning your own sex demon and the adventures you have. I am terribly proud of this one and encourage all of my fans to try it out.

This is by no means a complete listing of my books but it should help you get started. Have fun.

Nov 242021

Princess struggled to stab through the turkey meat. The fork she was using, pink with a cartoon princess’ face on the handle, was made for children and therefore the tines were remarkably blunt. It was also tiny, which made every bite feel like a small nibble. The spoon was just as bad and the knife was only good for spreading butter, and it had better be half-melted at that.

She finally managed to spear a small piece and she brought it to her lips. A tiny bit of gravy fell from the bit of turkey and landed on her bare breast. For today’s event, she was wearing one of her special-made dresses. It looked exactly like a certain fairy tale princess except the part where her breasts were exposed. Her nipples were bright red from all the sucking that Master and his friends had given them.

Princess winced from the kiss of hot liquid. When she looked up, she noticed Beggar Boy across the table was staring her tits again. Princess blew him a kiss and the handsome man winced. No doubt his cock was trying to grow again inside the tight metal cage that surrounded it. Princess enjoyed teasing Slut-Beggar because it was always so easy to torture a man who only comes every other month.

Beggar Boy returned to his food. He had not been given silverware and was struggling with the mashed potatoes. Princess was tempted to reach out and get his attention with her toe, but no, they were not allowed to touch each other at the Sub Table and Princess always followed the rules.


Loud smacking noises came from Princess’ right. It was Fucktoy. Unable to see with her hood on, and her hands bound to her thighs, Fucktoy was reduced to eating from her plate with her mouth. She was making a mess, all over the plate, the tablecloth and her bare tits with the cruel metal nipple clamps.

Princess was of the opinion that Fucktoy should be eating with the pets at the trough. Unfortunately, Master had explained that Fucktoy had earned her place at the Sub Table. Seeing how Fucktoy was sucking the kernels off the corn cob with no hands, Princess had a few suspicions on how that had happened.

Beggar Boy jumped in his seat. Next to him, Bella giggled. Her dark breasts jiggled within the tight French maid uniform she wore. She caught Princess looking at her and she winked.

Princess blushed and looked away. Master had talked about arranging a playdate with Bella and her Mistress. It was implied that Princess could have Bella as her personal maid for the session as others watched. Princess was terrified of performing for others, but she also couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“Leave Beggar Boy alone,” Thor said from Princess’ left. The big man spoke with authority that he didn’t really have.

“Are you going to tell on me, Thor?” Bella said. There was a vulnerability in her voice that Princess wished she could emulate. “Maybe if you do, they will let you punish me with that big hammer between your legs.”

Thor frowned. The oil on his muscles glistened.

Princess did her damn best to not look to her left and at the hammer Bella had mentioned. She especially tried not to imagine the metal bar than ran through the thick head of his massive cock. Most of all, she tried not to think of that powerful man driving that monstrous tool into her screaming body.

A bell rang on the table. Princess took a quick drink of her water. Thor and Bella put down their silverware while Beggar Boy sighed and cleaned his fingers on a napkin. Fucktoy lifted her head from the plate and finished chewing.

Twenty seconds later, everyone’s vibrators activated.

Princess cried out as her thick toy buzzed to life inside her.

Thor let out a pleasant moan and smiled.

Bella squealed and gripped the edges of the table.

Fucktoy shuddered, drool falling from her open lips.

Beggar Boy frowned and then whimpered as his cock strained against the small metal cage.

After a minute, or maybe two, the vibrations stopped. Everyone slowly recovered and went back to eating. It was quiet once more at the Sub Table.

Nov 222021

Joe Pera is a middle school choir teacher who appears to be 30-something but has the posture and energy of an 80-something. he would like to talk to you about some of his favorite things. That includes iron, winter sports, hiking and choosing the right breakfast. His talks are almost always interrupted by life and flashbacks, but that’s okay. Interruptions is what life is made of.

There is little on the air like Joe Pera talks with You. It is a gentle show that averages about eleven minutes in length. Despite being on Adult Swim, it is a show that revels in calmness and beauty. Technically it is a comedy but the jokes wouldn’t exist outside of the kind and gentle world the show takes place in. Every episode has a small piece of drama, but the overall destination is one of safety. Over the course of a season, we see Joe fall in love, meet new neighbors and find joy in discovering a new-to-him band called The Who.

What I love most about this show is that Joe is a nice guy with a few quirks, but this not a show that makes fun of him. There is no irony to be found here. This show celebrates kindness and being a little different in a way that feels inclusive. There is the occasional asshole character to be found, but they are often to be pitied, not emulated.

I wish I knew this show was on the air during the pandemic. Discovering it right before the holiday season works just as well. Watching this show is like snuggling on the couch with a sleeping pet as you watch the snow fall.

Oh wait, I just described Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep, a stand alone animated special.

Nov 192021

Camp Clarity is a “found footage” style horror podcast. The first season concerns a group of young high school graduates going on a camping trip before they separate for college. The one kid who is not leaving town has a podcast, so he records the trip and hopes to get some usable material out of it. Bad things happen and gets recorded.

This past October, I thought I would try to listen to fictional horror podcasts. There was more than I was expecting out there but they fell into predictable tropes and rather uninspired voice acting. One was promising until it got to the two part story about how an unmotivated guy with no real charisma lost his girlfriend. I was starting to lose hope but then I came across Camp Clarity.

I really enjoyed the quality of this show. The voices are distinct and the personalities are strong enough that you don’t get confused with five people talking. The plot wraps up in the first season, although like most good horror stories, that doesn’t mean all the questions have been answered.

There is a second season hat I haven’t gotten to yet, but I highly recommend checking out the first season. The showrunner has moved onto producing more podcasts for other companies but promises there will be a third season. Either way, what there is of this story is well worth your time.

Nov 172021

The Goddess, blessed be her lovely body, chose Brother Blake to lay beneath her. We praised her decision with our voices while our jealous hearts cursed Brother Blake. He stripped off his robes and laid on the Altar Bed. His erection was tall and ready for the ritual.

The Goddess, blessed be her soft skin, mounted Brother Blake. He cried out in pleasure as her holy sex sheathed his cock. Rapture spread across his face.

The Goddess, blessed be her bright eyes, chose Brother Curtis and Brother Todd. The two climbed onto the Altar Bed to either side of the Goddess. Brother Todd leaned down to suck on her left nipple while Brother Curtis sucked on her right. The Goddess rested her hands on their bald heads and whispered secret wisdom to them.

The Goddess, blessed be her bountiful curves, chose me to brush her hair. I picked up the Sacred Brush and took my place on the Altar Bed behind her. The hair, white as platinum and twice as precious, was soft to the touch. My cock pulsed as I gathered it in my hand. With all of my care, I began to brush.

The Goddess, blessed be her sacred pussy, chose Brother Larry to feed her. Voices groaned in disappointment and the Goddess laughed with pity. Brother Larry climbed onto the Altar Bed, stood over Brother Blake and presented his member for the Goddess to consume. She opened her ruby lips and took him into her mouth.

The Goddess, blessed be her hungry lips, rode Brother Blake and sucked Brother Larry. Brother Curtis and Brother Todd held onto her breasts, sucking and moaning their pleasure. I continued to brush her hair, careful not to disturb her holy movement.

The Goddess, blessed be her grinding hips, snapped her fingers. The Brothers who had not been chosen reached into their robes. Faithful fingers stroked, pulled and tugged on loyal cocks. Some climaxed right away but their hands kept pumping. Only the unbeliever would stop before being commanded by the Goddess.

The Goddess, blessed be her loving discipline, shuddered with pleasure.

Nov 152021
Well, I certainly feel inspired.

Muse is a two part graphic novel written by Denis-Pierre Filippi and drawn by Terry Dodson. The plot involve a very well-endowed Governess who is hired to take care of a young orphan genius named Vernere. How she is supposed to care of him is left vague as there are two human servants who do everything and the kid makes fantastic steampnk machines to do everything.

Things get weirder when the Governess has a strange dream where she is inserted into a romantic adventure that involves her losing a lot of clothes but stops just short of sexual consummation. The Governess wakes up bewildered, the servants whisper about her ability to resist her dashing dream companion and Vernere is grouchy and sulks the rest of the day.

Things continue in this manner with hints becoming more sinister and pieces falling into place until the sentimental happy ending. Where things get a bit uncomfortable is that the Governess is hot as fuck and Vernere looks like an under-developed thirteen year old. Until you know you ending, (and even a bit afterwards) the vibe of the book feels like the Governess has been hired to bang Vernere and teach him to enjoy non-steampunk related activities. For some people that may appeal but for me, I just felt like I was witnessing a sex crime in progress.

As uncomfortable as the book made me, the art is simply enchanting. The steampunk machines are cool to look at. The servants get their jokes in. Almost everything about this book is a sensual delight for the eyes, except of course for the underage kid.

Some books I recommend not because they are great, but because they are made of great bits and flawed bits. Our interaction with the flawed bits can sometimes be more inspiring than simply admiring the great bits. I feel like Muse falls into this category. There is a lot of inspiration to be mined from this mix of imagery.

Nov 122021

Here is a preview of my new interactive erotica book, Assimilated by the Sex Drones, available for purchase on Amazon.

Reborn in Pleasure

A skilled mouth kisses you deeply. Gentle hands cup your ass. One of your nipples is lovingly sucked while the other nipple is adoringly licked. A thick cock slides in and out of your soaking wet sex. A thousand kisses rain upon your body. A hundred mouths bite in all the right places.

It feels wonderful. You wish that you could see where you are but something covers your eyes. When you try to touch your face, the cock inside you pumps faster and your hands clench in pleasure.

Are you standing up or lying down? You are not sure. It feels like you are floating. Are you in a zero-gravity environment? Maybe, except you don’t feel the nausea that you normally do with anti-gravity excursions.

The thought of gravity stirs a swirl of memories. You remember training at the Coalition Academy. Images of living on a space station flash and fade away. You earned the rank of Lieutenant. Memories of performing countless repairs form and fall apart. The name of your assigned star base was Watch-Station 31.

What was your name? You can almost remember it.

The cock inside you thickens. You gasp as it expands inside you. A tongue licks your asshole, almost but not quite entering your tight ring of muscle. Mouths clamp down on your nipples and pull. Fingernails brush the inside of your thigh.

Countless sensual distractions play across your body. You force yourself to keep thinking. Where are you? What has happened? Who are you?

Vivid memories spring forth. There was a Class 3 Alert. That meant an unknown craft had come out of the stellar void that Watch-Station 31 kept a constant monitor on. You remember the station shaking around you. Damage reports on all levels.

The Intruder Alert sounded. Figures in orange moved in the corridors. Humanoids covered in some sort of shiny orange material. The material was skintight and you recall seeing an erect phallus covered in orange. You shot one, and the orange skin rippled like it was liquid.

There was a flash of pink and you remember coming. You climaxed so hard that you dropped your laser. The crotch of your uniform was soaked with your sudden dampness.

The memory is so vivid that you come again just thinking about it. Your body clenches and the hands, mouths, cocks and tongues touching you pause for a moment. The orgasm flows through you and you luxuriate in the euphoria.

The pleasure fades and the cock resumes fucking you. The mouths release your nipples and now hands play with your sensitive buds. The tongue at your asshole is replaced with a slender cock teasing your narrow entrance. Hands massage your back while fingertips glide softly over your lips.

You moan. Other voices join yours. A dozen voices; male, female and other cry out their pleasure. The voices multiply until you can no longer keep count. Mixed with the voices are other sounds. You hear the impact of hips on asses as they fuck. There is the sucking sound of a hungry mouth. Layered with screams of bliss are the sounds of wet orifices being entered again and again.


What was that? It was a voice in the darkness, louder and stronger than all of the other sounds but different. You felt that voice. It came not from your ears, but from your mind.

It is tempting to just drift and feel the attention being given to your body but something nags at you. Part of you wants to know where you are and how you got here. That is important, though you cannot articulate why.

You turn your mind inwards. The sensations you experience intensify. A high aptitude for psychic resistance that you don’t even remember having pushes through the sexual stimuli and unlocks a memory that had been suppressed.

Green people had picked you up. Their hands felt like rubber. They carried you aboard their ship. Dark corridors and strange machines moved past you. Other beings, covered in black, red and gold went about mysterious tasks.

Eventually, you were brought before a vast pool of black liquid. The green people stripped you with tender care. When you were naked, they dropped you into the pool.  

Black liquid wiggled against your skin like it was alive. You screamed. The liquid moved and crawled up your body. You screamed louder until the liquid covered your mouth. From there, the liquid covered your nose, your eyes and your ears before pulling you into the floating darkness.

Panic rises within you. Are you still in the pool? You must be.

“Calm yourself/Surrender/Climax.”

The moans grow louder. The cock teasing your ass pushes inward. You feel it sink into your ass while the cock at your pussy thrusts harder. The skilled fingers roll your nipples while a mouth kisses that special spot on your neck that only your lovers know about.

You come. You come again. And again. And again. Pleasure fills your every being. Time slips away from you.

Eventually, after too many orgasms to count, you hear the strange voice in your mind again.


The sensations fade away. You feel yourself rise. Strong hands grip your shoulders. You are pulled up and out and set on solid ground. On your knees, you try to look around but something keeps your eyes closed.

Something drags across your eyes and dim light peeks in. A thin substance, black and shiny covers your hands. Strange, it doesn’t block the sensitivity of your touch at all. It is like a second skin. You touch your face and realize the same material covers your face and head. Wait, the shiny black material covers your entire body. You touch your chest, your crotch and your legs but the thin black covering is everywhere.

You pinch a piece of the material on your arm and pull. It hardens under your grip. You release the material and it turns soft. Curious. It is alive, or maybe some sort of adaptive smart fabric made of networking fibers. The fact that it covers your body is worrisome. What is it?


There is that voice again. It responded to your thoughts and answered your question. What did it mean by collar? Is this ‘membrane’ some kind of restraining device? 

Green figures move around you. Other than the color, they wear the same material about their bodies. Muscles bulge on their bodies. Some have equally large cocks while others sport enormous breasts. A few have both. Their membranes shimmer and shift on their bodes as they move.

Someone touches your shoulder. It is another humanoid, covered in his black membrane. It is a man and his blue eyes look familiar. Do you know him? Maybe. He looks at you with a dazed expression but say nothing.

Behind the man are other beings covered in black membranes. There are eleven of them. All of them seem to be in a stupor. They touch their bodies in wonder and sometimes touch the bodies of others.

You stare at the group and realize you can still hear the moaning sounds from before. The orgy continues in your ears. Is it being transmitted through the membranes?

“Welcome/Insertion/Submit,” a voice says in your head. “Pleasure Yourself/Submissively Masturbate/Initialize Protocols.”

The man kneeling beside you starts to stroke his hard cock. Behind him, the others touch their sexes as well. The membranes parts around their mouth and they moan. As they manipulate themselves, sparkles appear on the black pseudo-skin. The sparkles explode like small novas.

The voice in your head wants you to masturbate. The membrane around your mouth parts so you can moan. Your body is sensitive. It is tempting to touch yourself but what little you remember of being a Coalition Officer urges you to resist.

Will you touch yourself as the voice demands?

No, I will resist deny their commands!

Yes, I am eager to continue my pleasure!