Jun 072021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. There are three planets in this system. One is a gas giant, the second is a near-molten slag too close to the sun and the third outermost planet supports life.

According to a satellite beacon, this inhabited planet is a “Chamber World”. My alien prisoner, HoleBuster-442 explained that the rules of this world. Certain sadistic/voyeur Entitled create mazes, compounds or towers that are filled with monstrous clones and valuable prizes. Other Entitled come to this planet, with their small armies of slaves, to invade these structures. Following strict guidelines, the Entitled are allowed to fuck whatever clone they defeat and in some cases, gather genetic material in order to create their own monster-slaves. In exchange the Entitled that set up these chambers are rewarded with endless recordings of the savagery that takes place, as well as the gratification of watching their monsters tear apart the challenger’s forces. It is a win/win for sadists on both sides.

Some of those prizes could be of great use to me. My prisoner has given me many of the design specs for his species’ technology, but some of the power sources needed to construct the weapons are beyond my abilities to replicate. According to the advertisements from the satellite beacon, one of those energy cells is the prize for reaching level sixty of a certain monster tower.

The Entitled’s superior weapons is a constant threat to my well-being as well as my mission for the Queen. I have no choice but to invade this tower and face down sixty levels of engineered monstrosities. It won’t be easy, but I can no less for my Queen.

Fortunately, the identification codes provided by my prisoner has allowed me to pass as an Entitled ship while in orbit. It is very uncomfortable parked next to dozens of ships that are easily capable of ripping my hull apart. After this mission, I plan to at least be able to do the same to their vessels. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Yeah, there is no way I can fight my way through this tower. According to HoleBuster-442, I would need at least thirty of my own monster slaves to get that far. It is a good thing that I don’t plan to play by the rules.

Darkness filled the room. Beams of light stabbed up from the floor in random spots. Hanging from the ceiling were white cocoons four meters in length. Each cocoon held a woman. It was easy to tell because the white material wrapped around them had been pulled apart to reveal perky breasts of all shapes and sizes.

TIK! TIK! TIK! Something tapped the ceiling as it moved. A shape emerged from the darkness. The top half, or maybe the bottom half since it was upside down, was that of a busty red woman. Eight eyes glittered on her face. Giant breasts sagged downwards. She had four arms, two of which were always groping her breasts. The other half of her body was the bloated oval of an arachnid, complete with eight spindly legs. This was the source of the tapping.

Vaquel Di stayed where she was. A skintight stealth suit clung to her voluptuous body from head to toe. Light refracted around her suit, making sure that not a single round breast, wide hip or thick thigh was visible.

The spider-woman monster paused. She pulled on her large breasts and moaned. Her eight eyes stared at the entrance of the chamber. There was a hopeful look on her face. It was clear she was hoping for an intruder.

“Might be a long wait,” Vaquel thought to herself. She has passed a group of invaders ten levels ago. They were having a tough time with a group of top-heavy cyborgs. Vaquel had lingered to watch the cyborgs fire rockets from their vaginas but left before she could find out who won. Her bet was on the cyborgs and their crotch-rockets.

One of the cocoons moaned. The spider-woman disappeared back into the darkness. TIK! TIK! TIK!

Vaquel hurried across the chamber. The stealth suit muffled the sound of every step. A beam of light emitted from the floor and passed through Vaquel’s invisible body. She reached the stairs at the end of the corridor and quickly ascended.

A sign at the top of the stairs declared in Palatino, “Level 60”.

A smile came to Vaquel’s lips. All she had to do now was find the power cell and then escape. It should be easy enough to locate. So far, every prize in the tower has been left on a convenient pedestal for easy removal.

The stair case opened into a wide room. Bright lights illuminated intersecting metal bars that emerged from the floor and walls. Each bar was a third of a meter thick. The bars formed a sort of web through the room. Curiously, the space between the bars were huge and offered no impediment to Vaquel’s height.

There was no sign of a monster. Vaquel found that suspicious. The metal bars obstructed her vision but she could make out a pedestal on the far end of the room, right beside a flight of stairs. Unsure of what else to do, Vaquel slowly walked towards the pedestal.

There was a skeleton on the floor. It looked humanoid, expect all of the bones had been crushed. That’s wasn’t good.

A meter away was another skeleton. Further down was another. Queen’s tit, the floor was littered with them!

Vaquel was increasingly unnerved. What had crushed these skeletons? For that matter, what had stripped out the rest of the body from these broken bones? Could it be invisible too?

Staying on the ground seemed like a bad idea. Vaquel grabbed a metal bar and climbed onto it. The bar was not as stable as she expected. It shifted a few centimeters. Vaquel was in no danger of falling, but it could be a problem if she was in a hurry.

There was a grinding sound. Vaquel froze where she was on top of the bar. She looked around for the source of the noise.

It was coming from a far wall. There was an opening there that Vaquel had missed earlier. Out came something large and red. It was a giant of a red woman. No, it was the top half of a red woman. The bottom half was the long tail of a giant snake.

The monster was huge. She was twice as big as Vaquel in width and girth. Glittering red scales covered most of her body except for a yellow area around her face, neck and tits. She had two arms and they rippled with muscles. The creature stretched out of the hole and curled around a large metal bar. The back half of her body extended for six meters at least.

The bar Vaquel was on vibrated as the monster moved. Vaquel grimaced. All the bars must be connected. The monster must have detected the vibrations when Vaquel climbed onto the bar.

The snake-woman slithered through the bars and towards Vaquel. A long forked tongue fluttered from her open lips. Bright yellow eyes scanned the room. The monster came within a meter of Vaquel and looked around.

Vaquel examined the creature. The scales looked armored, but the bare skin did not. Other than the forked tongue and reptilian eyes, the woman was quite beautiful. The arms were bigger than Vaquel’s thighs. Sharp talons glittered on the tips of each finger.

It was impossible not to stare at those giant breasts. They were big enough to exert their own gravity. Vaquel shook her invisible head. Every monster in this tower had enormous breasts. She wondered if they came that way or if the Entitled that owned this place bred enhanced that feature. It made her own large breasts feel small by comparison.

“I smell you,” the snake-woman said. Her voice was melodic. “I only smell one of you. Are you all that survived from your team? Take my advice and go back. Tell your owner that you failed.”

Vaquel said nothing. Maybe the snake-woman will think she left.

The monster shot through the bars with amazing speed. She slithered to Vaquel’s left and then cut back behind Vaquel. Briefly, her back was to Vaquel but then spun around. Her forked tongue extended nearly a meter and tasted the air.

“Wait a moment, something is wrong,” the monster said. Her forked tongue undulated in front of her. “I don’t smell blood. I don’t smell sweat. I don’t smell a treasure hole or the musky reward of lust. You didn’t fight and fuck your way to this level.

Slowly, Vaquel raised her wrist laser to point at the woman. It was one of the Entitled’s weapons, and she prayed that meant it would be tough enough to stop this busty horror. Maybe if she aimed for one of those tits. No, they enormous orbs might be too thick for her laser to penetrate.

“Clever, clever, clever,” the snake-woman sang. The music of her voice was quite soothing. “You are not a fighter. You have sneaked your way here. Fifty-nine levels of monsters, hand-picked for maximum sexual combat and you have avoided them all. Your plan was to just walk in and take the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell and walk out. Clever, clever, clever.”

Vaquel finally brought the wrist laser to bear. It was pointed right at the woman’s yellow eye. Wait. What was that dark furrow between the eyes? Vaquel recognized that triangle from somewhere. Was it in Exobiology class?

The snake-woman lunged to Vaquel’s left. Vaquel turned to track the monster with her laser but the snake-woman swung a thick fist and hit Vaquel’s weapon. The laser broke from her wristband and fell onto the skeleton-ridden floor.

Before Vaquel could react, the monster slithered onto Vaquel’s metal bar. She spun around the invisible explorer with incredible speed. The massive red body of the snake half coiled around Vaquel and squeezed.

Vaquel gasped. Her arms were crushed to Vaquel’s sides. Only her head, shoulders and tops of her breasts had escaped the enclosing grip.

The snake-woman brought her face close to Vaquel. She smiled. The forked tongue emerged from her lips and flicked the tip of Vaquel’s nose.

A memory came rushing back to Vaquel. Heat sensors. The dark area between the snake-woman’s eyes were heat sensors. Some reptiles evolve them to help track prey.

The snake-woman squeezed. Vaquel cried out as the crushing pain gripped her. The stealth suit flickered as the fragile systems failed. Vaquel became visible.

“There you are,” the monster said. “You wrapped yourself for me. How thoughtful!”

The snake-woman grabbed Vaquel’s head with her giant hands. Sharp talons pierced the flimsy stealth suit and pricked Vaquel’s skin. The monster pulled strips of the suit away from Vaquel’s head, exposing her face.

“Pretty, pretty,” the snake-woman said. She ran a talon through Vaquel’s short pink hair. The flickering tongue glided over Vaquel’s dark cheek.

“You are bigger than most clones,” the creature said. The forked tongue glided over Vaquel’s full lips. “I don’t recognize your class. Are you from another tower?”

“My name is Vaquel,” the explorer offered.

“No, no, no,” the snake-woman said. “You are wrong. Your name is Dinner.”

Vaquel’s heart raced but she kept her face calm. “I am not a clone. I come from another planet. That power cell is important for my survival. If you let me have it and let me go, I can help you get out of this place.”

The snake-woman hissed. Vaquel was afraid that she had offended the monster but then she noticed the creature’s tits were jiggling. The hissing gave way to laughter.

“Help me get out?” the snake-woman said. “And then what would I do? Lurk around other towers and ambush invaders on the outside? That sounds like too much work. I’d rather stay here and let come to me. I am kept very well fed.”

The coils tightened around Vaquel. She cried out again as the air was crushed from her body. Fire lanced through her ribs where her own breasts were crushing her.

“Fine, stay here,” Vaquel gasped. “Just spare my life. I’ll give you anything you want!”

“Anything I want?” the snake-woman said. “How interesting! I don’t usually think about what I want. I just take it.”

The monster’s snake body slid down Vaquel’s body a small amount. It was just enough to expose Vaquel’s chest but her arms were still pinned to her sides. The snake-woman grabbed the black steal suit that was stretched across Vaquel’s breasts. The sharp talons ripped strips away from the suit until Vaquel’s brown tits were exposed.

“They are lovely little pedestals, Dinner” the snake-woman said, staring at Vaquel’s breasts. “Do they do anything? Shoot fire? Aim your weapons? Help you fly?”

“The nipples are really sensitive,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman flicked a dark nipple with her forked tongue. The feathery touch sent a shiver through Vaquel’s body. The monster leaned closer and took Vaquel’s breast into her mouth. Sharp fangs bite down around her nipple but fortunately didn’t break the skin. Vaquel screamed and the monster let her go.

“I see,” the snake-woman sang. “They are more sensitive than mine.”

“Can I have a taste?” Vaquel said. “You tasted mine.”

The monster hissed. “What an idea! An equal exchange! I accept your perversity, Dinner.”

The snake-woman grabbed one of her yellow breasts and leaned close to Vaquel’s face. The taloned hand squeezed and the hard yellow nipple jutted forward. She brought the nipple to Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her tongue circled the hard flesh. It had a spicy flavor. Vaquel almost drew back but she kept licking. Her tongue took long loving licks of the nipple.

The snake-woman shuddered. The yellow face faded in color. Her mouth opened and pointed fangs were barred.

“What is this, Dinner?” the snake-woman asked. “It feels good.”

Vaquel let the monster’s nipple fall from her mouth. “My kind calls it foreplay.”

“But there is only two of us?” the snake-woman said.

“No, it is what we do before we have sex,” Vaquel said.

“Ah, I usually humiliate, crush, and poison before sex, but this is nice too,” the snake-woman said. “Do it to my other breast!”

The snake-woman grabbed her other tit and presented it to Vaquel’s mouth. As Vaquel sucked on the offered nipple, the monster tilted her head back. The long forked tongue emerged and flicked the empty air.

Vaquel sucked on the spicy nipple. Her lips and tongue burned but she kept at it. She was tempted to use her teeth but the monster was probably used to rough treatment. The novelty of tender licking might be the only thing keeping her from swallowing Vaquel.

“that does feel good, Dinner,” the snake-woman said. “You are making me slick in my treasure hole.

Vaquel opened her mouth, keeping the yellow nipple between her lips. “You have a um, treasure hole?”

“Of course, Dinner!” the snake-woman sang. “How else will an Entitled fuck me if he ever defeats me? I have two. Do you want to see them?”

Vaquel nodded with the spicy nipple in her mouth.

“This is my primary treasure hole,” the snake-woman said. She used her hands to reached for an area just below her humanoid waist. Her fingers parted a fold in the scales to reveal a yellow slit.

“And this is my secondary treasure hole, in case they prefer something tighter and more painful.” The snake-woman twisted around to present her humanoid backside to Vaquel. The familiar curve of buttocks confused Vaquel until she remembered the creature was designed by horny cock-aliens. The snake-woman reached behind her and spread her buttocks to reveal a tight yellow hole.

“May I lick your asshole?” Vaquel said. “It is another skill of our people.”

“Yes, do it, Dinner!” the snake-woman demanded. Still coiled around Vaquel’s body, the monster brought her backside to Vaquel’s face. Red scales pressed against the trapped explorer’s cheeks.

Vaquel leaned into the scaly buttocks. The giant ass cheeks dwarfed Vaquel’s head. She wedged her face into the crack of her ass but the cheeks were too tight.

“This would be easier if I have my hands free,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman didn’t hesitate. The coils around Vaquel loosened enough for her to pull her arms free. As soon as she grabbed the monster’s scaly ass, the red coils tightened back around Vaquel’s body. Her large breasts were flattened against her aching chest.

Vaquel pushed through the pain. She grabbed a red buttock in each hand and spread them apart. The yellow sphincter muscle winked at her. She leaned in and stretched out her tongue.

A bitter flavor greeted Vaquel’s tongue. At least it wasn’t spicy. She took a lick and then another. The giant butt cheeks quivered but Vaquel kept them from clenching around her head.

“Dinner!” the snake-woman cried out. “That feels great! More! Give me more!”

The snake-woman thust her ass into Vaquel’s face. The red coil tightened around Vaquel’s body. A hand reached back and grasped Vaquel’s head in a taloned grip. She pulled Vaquel hard against her asshole.

Vaquel licked harder. There was nothing else she could do. The monster’s cheeks kept clenching and it took all of Vaquel’s strength to keep them apart. Her tongue did tight circles around the yellow asshole before taking darting pokes inside the clenching hole.

“My treasure hole is soaking wet!” the snake-woman cried out.

The grip on Vaquel’s head pushed her deeper into the monster’s ass. Vaquel’s face grinded into the clenching asshole. She lost her grip on the buttocks and they closed around her. The world went dark but Vaquel kept licking.

The snake-monster shuddered. The coils cinched around Vaquel. The air was forced out of Vaquel’s lungs. Her tongue was tingling. It was getting harder to lick.

The buttocks moved away. The grip on Vaquel’s body relaxed. The pinned explorer was still trapped by enclosing scales but she could breathe again. Her breasts ached from the constant crushing.

“I need . . .a . . . moment,” Vaquel gasped.

The snake-woman swayed in front of Vaquel. The tallow coloring of her skin was almost white. Both eyes were wide open and staring at Vaquel. The forked tongue flicked the air with rapid urgency.

“Dinner, do that to my treasure hole!” the snake-woman demanded.

Vaquel shook her head. “I only do that for friends,” she lied. “I don’t lick treasure holes of people who will eat me.”

The snake-woman growled. Vaquel didn’t know reptiles could growl. She didn’t like the sound.

“I’ll make you do it,” the snake-woman said.

“You can’t,” Vaquel said. “Crush me and poison me all you like; I won’t do it unless we’re friends.”

The monster frowned. “I have never had a friend. What does that mean?”

“It is simple,” Vaquel said. “You let me go, and you let me have the power cell that I need. In exchange, I will lick your treasure hole until you scream my name.”

The snake-woman swayed as she thought. “My job is to protect the Mark Nine Ultra-cell with my life. But I have failed before, and Master always revives me. I am the best clone he has and I have never had a friend before. Hmm, alright, I will be your friend. Now lick my treasure hole!”

“Let go of me first,” Vaquel said. “No, wait. Being hugged like this is turning me on. Just don’t crush me by accident.”

“That will not happen,” the snake-woman said. “I will crush you on purpose.”

Before Vaquel could respond to that, the monster woman grabbed Vaquel’s head and brought her sex to Vaquel’s mouth. Cold scales pressed against Vaquel’s lips. Vaquel used her own hands to part the slit in the scales. A musky scent greeted her nose.

“Lick, friend! Lick!” the snake-woman demanded.

“At least she isn’t calling me dinner anymore,” Vaquel whispered. She took a test lick of the monster’s pussy. There was a savory flavor that she wasn’t expecting. It was quite nice. Vaquel licked deeper.

“Oh!” the monster woman moaned. “I like this! Give me more!”

Vaquel swirled her tongue inside the snake pussy. It was tighter than she expected for such a large creature. No doubt the Entitled made sure that all of their monster clones retained a sex tight enough for their fucking.

The snake-woman shuddered. The coils quivered around Vaquel’s body. Vaquel felt her own pussy dampen in response. She tried to push a hand into the coils to rub her sex but the enclosing body was too tight around her.

“This is almost better than fighting!” the snake-woman cried. She ground her sex into Vaquel’s mouth. As her torso moved, the top coil of her snake body rubbed back and forth against Vaquel’s trapped tits.

The smooth scales felt great on Vaquel’s brown breasts. Her nipples were rubbed one way and then the other. The compression of her tits on her chest made it harder to breathe, but there was no denying the increasing heat inside her pussy.

Vaquel explored the snake-woman’s pussy with her tongue. The texture inside was ribbed. She used her nose and chin to wedge her face between the slit in the scales. As her mouth licked, she reached around with her hands and grabbed the monster’s buttocks.

“Yes!” the monster woman cried. “You’re a good friend! Take that treasure hole like you have earned it legitimately and according to the rules!”

Sharp talons pressed against Vaquel’s head. The tiny pricks of pain fired like flares that went straight to Vaquel’s crushed breasts. The sensations amplified and went down to her neglected pussy.

Vaquel moaned into the snake-woman’s pussy. Savory juices flowed into her mouth. She used her tongue to map out the contours of the monster’s sex. Every fresh discovery was greeted with a spasm in the coils around her.

“Yes, Friend!” the snake-woman cried. “You are on target!”

Vaquel repeated the lick she just performed at the center of the monster’s sex. The interior of the pussy clenched in response. She rapidly licked in that same spot as juices soaked her face.

“Victory!” the snake-woman cried.

The monster’s body tightened in a spasm around Vaquel’s body. The air was forced out of the explorer’s lungs. Her tits felt like they were in a crushed by a gravity compacter. She gasped into the gushing pussy and frantically slapped the snake-woman’s ass.

The coils released Vaquel’s body. Vaquel nearly fell except for the snake-woman’s grip on her skull. She choked for air as her feet kicked in the air. The strain of her body weight on her neck almost made her forget about breathing.

The snake-woman shifted her grip to under Vaquel’s arms. The easing of Vaquel’s neck was euphoric. The monster lifted Vaquel until their faces were level. The bright yellow eyes glittered with excitement. Her face was almost as white as her fangs. The forked tongue emerged and licked the pussy juices from Vaquel’s face.

“That was very good, Friend,” the snake-woman said. “When I defeat the next round of intruders, I will make them lick my treasure hole like you did. Then I will eat them, of course.”

“Happy to help,” Vaquel said. Her lungs burned, but not as much as the heat in her pussy.

“You may have the Mark Nine Ultra-Cell,” the snake-woman continued. “You may even use the secret exit under the pedestal so you won’t have to go through the tower again.”

“Thank you,” Vaquel said. “I think my stealth suit is pretty much crushed at this point.” She poked the crotch of her suit. Her finger sank right into her wet pussy.

The snake-woman held onto to Vaquel’s shoulders. “Yes. I have spared you and given you the Mark Nine Ultra Cell in exchange for your life. That is what friends do. So, what will you give me in exchange for the secret exit?”

Vaquel rubbed her pussy as the snake-woman held her. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

“Lick my treasure hole, again!” the snake-woman said.

“Sure,” Vaquel said.

The snake-woman wrapped around Vaquel’s body again. The crushing coils closed around Vaquel’s sore body. The monster’s hand pressed Vaquel’s soaked face to the alien pussy once more. There was no escape until she made the creature come again.

At least Vaquel’s hand was pinned to her own pussy this time.

May 052021

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nine of my twenty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’s Ability to Suck Your Soul,” by Royal Astronomers. The ship computers have finally finished analyzing the scans I made of the Entitled I captured. The creature’s genetic structure has been heavily modified to the point that I am not sure what kind of being the species was originally. That makes sense, as a species that is just a sentient cock wouldn’t be much of a competitor on the evolutionary stage.

From what I can tell, the Entitled’s body is designed to self-generate sustenance and feel extraordinary sexual pleasure. Large parts of the nervous system are dedicated to interfacing with cybernetic implants for the purpose of guiding artificial bodies. The brain is surprisingly complex and can retain amazing amounts of information. He could probably tell me everything I need to know about their technology if I could just get him to cooperate. Unfortunately, the scans tell me that his body is designed to also block unwanted painful stimuli.

Well, that explains why the first eight days have been such a failure. I thought starving him and setting extreme temperatures for his containment aquarium would get him talking but now I see I was wasting my time. If I am going to get his cooperation, I am going to have to engage him on a level he cares about. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: If I’m being honest, I was going to get my hands on the Entitled today no matter what the scans said. It has been hard staring at a lifeform the shape of a thick cock and leaving it alone.

Vaquel Di sat down in front of the enclosure she had constructed. Glassteel walls surrounded a gravel bed. Standing erect on the gravel, was a red phallus dotted with white spots. The phallus pulsed with indignant fury.

The Entitled had a name. He was HoleBuster-442. Vaquel wondered if there was a HoleBuster-441 running around. She also wondered if it was a family name. For that matter, did Entitled even have families?

She knew that HoleBuster-442 was staring back at her. The creature didn’t have visible sensory organs but she knew he was taking in the sight of her. Today she was wearing a blue spacesuit stretched across her abundant curves. The seam of her suit was open to reveal dark brown skin and the top of her cleavage. Short pink hair topped her pretty face.

The speaker light was blinking. HoleBuster-442 was speaking. Vaquel turned off the mute button.

“-and then I will fuck each one of your ears! I will detonate my seed and fill your brains with my thick ooze!”

Vaquel shook the enclosure. The Entitled fell over onto the gravel. A long snarl emanated from the speakers.

“We’re going to try something different today, HoleBuster,” Vaquel said. “I had Chairbot power down and take a nap. I don’t want my robot interrupting us.”

“That’s HoleBuster-442!” the speakers crackled. “Are you going to try new insidious tortures? Try your best, slubie! Your pathetic attempts at torment only cause me amusement. Ha, ha! See? I am already chuckling at your ineptitude!

“Damn, you talk a lot and never about anything I want to hear,” Vaquel said. “Why don’t you tell me how the force fields on your ships work?”

“You will be forever ignorant of our weaponry, hole-walker!” HoleBuster-442 said. “It sickens me to my core to think of giving a slubie like you that kind of information! If you possessed our incredible force field technology, then you would no longer be preyed upon by other Entitled! You would disrupt the natural order of your inferiority! Your kind was made to be taken and fucked!”

“Refresh my memory, does your species like tits?” Vaquel said. She pulled on both sides of her spacesuit. Blue fabric parted to reveal large brown globes of soft delight.

The red phallus pulsed in her direction. The speaker was unusually quiet.

“Or do you need a better look?” Vaquel said. She leaned against the glassteel side of the enclosure. Both of her large breasts flattened against the wall. She shifted from side to side, dragging her hard nipples across the glass.

“Squash your milk-sacks all you want!” HoleBuster-442 said. He leaned to the left and to the right in sync with her breasts. “I will tell you nothing!”

“Hmm,” Vaquel said. She leaned back from the glass. HoleBuster-442 leaned forward inside his cell. Vaquel reached for two small nipple clamps she had modified. She brought them up to the enclosure and opened their jaws. The sharp points stretched open.

“Are you going to clamp those onto me?” HoleBuster-442 said. “Ha! I am shaking with merriment! I won’t feel a thing!”

“They are not for you,” Vaquel said. “See the little bit here at the base? That is a piece of your mech body control system. I connected it to the clamping mechanism. According to my scans, you should be able to remotely control it.”

HoleBuster-442 twitched, The clamp in Vaquel’s right hand snapped shut. It opened and then clamped shut again. The clamp in her left hand did as well.

“What is the purpose of this?” HoleBuster-442 asked. There was a faint hint of excitement in his voice.

“I will put these on my nipples,” Vaquel said. “I should let you know; my nipples are very sensitive. The slightest pressure makes me wet. Because they are so sensitive, that means any sort of painful pinch is unbearable. Do you understand?”

“And I will control these clamps?” HoleBuster-442 said. “Why would you do that? I will show you no mercy!”

“I’ll do it because you will have told me how your ship’s force fields work,” Vaquel said. “My computers have a link to your neural relay. Transfer the information about force fields, and I will put the clamps on my nipples.”

There was a retching sound from the speakers. “You want me to elevate you above your undeserving status with force field technology? Just to clamp on your enormous flesh mountains? Never!”

Vaquel brought one of the clamps closer to her nipple. It was a few centimeters away. The clamp opened and closed in a fury.

“So close,” Vaquel said.

The speaker growled.

Vaquel held the other clamp to her other nipple. She moved her shoulders to swing her breasts back and forth. The clamps chomped eagerly at her moving nipples.

“You wretched hole-walker,” HoleBuster-442 snarled.

“If you don’t give me the specs on your species’ force fields by the time I count to three, then I’m cutting off your control of the clamps,” Vaquel said.

“Unworthy stupid phallus sucker!” the speakers crackled.


“Worthless underachieving slubie!” HoleBuster-442 yelled.




“Stop! Stop!” HoleBuster-442screamed. “Here! Take it all you ignorant fluck! I doubt you will know how to even use it!”

Vaquel glanced at a monitor. The screen scrolled as it rapidly received the data from the Entitled. The amount of information was astonishing.

“Now do it!” HoleBuster-442 commanded. “Give me your flesh morsels!”

Vaquel, flush with excitement from the data transfer, pressed the clamps against her nipples.

The clamps bit down. Twin bolts of pain shot through Vaquel’s tits. The teeth grinded together. HoleBuster-442 manipulated the jaws with cruel expertise.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried. She grabbed the sides of the enclosure for support. Tears sprang to her eyes. The clamps were familiar toys, but the savage biting controlled by the entitled was new.

“Yes, suffer, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Feel my power! Take what you deserve for imprisoning your betters!”

Vaquel hissed through clenched teeth. The clamps were stars of pain upon her breasts. She didn’t remember them being this tight. Was the Entitled somehow amplifying their pincer strength?

“Tremble with agony, hole-walker!” HoleBuster-442 said. “Your quiver of pains brings me delight! Oh, how I long to wiggle against your flesh-mountains as you suffer!”

Vaquel smiled. She sat up and winced as the clamps pulled on her plump breasts. Leaning back in her chair, she pressed a button on her belt. A seam opened around her crotch and expanded leave her sex bare. The bright pink hair of her pubic bush nearly glowed in the ship light.

HoleBuster-442 pressed against the glassteel of her enclosure to get a better look. “Don’t try to distract me with your fur-burrow! It will not save you from my wicked bite!”

To prove his point, the clamps opened and flexed mere micrometers. It was just enough movement to cause Vaquel’s nipples to ache with new pain.

Vaquel reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips. Pink walls glistened with her juices. She clenched and the tunnel of her sex pulsed.

HoleBuster-442 groaned. The clamps bit down with new force.

Wincing, Vaquel let go of her pussy lips and reached for something else on her belt. She pulled out two pieces of metallic cloth and pressed them to the wall of the Entitled’s prison.

“What are these?” HoleBuster-442 asked. “I am unfamiliar with your primitive excuses for technology.”

“There are cunt prickers,” Vaquel said. Her voice ragged from the cruel clamps. “I had to use precious resources from my supplies to fabricate them. They are considered an interrogation and recreational device back home. They stick to the outside of my sex.”

“Why should I care about your filthy hole accessories?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Because there are tiny extendable needles embedded into the fabric,” Vaquel said. “Usually they are controlled by voice-command, but it was a simple matter to connect it to your cybernetics. Give it a try.”

HoleBuster-442 was unusually quiet. An instant later, a hundred needles stabbed the glassteel walls of the enclosure. The needles retracted and emerged in rapid pulses. The tapping sounds from the walls sounded like a rainstorm.

Evil laughter boomed from the speakers. “Put them on now! I demand it!”

Vaquel shook her head. “What good are force fields without weapons? I have been trying to duplicate the lasers that your ships use, but the power source and frequency is beyond my scanners’ capabilities. I need more information.”

HoleBuster-442 wiggled. The clamps on Vaquel’s breasts relaxed to a dull sting. The Entitled fell over and continued to wiggle on the sharp gravel on his cell.

“Fuck,” Vaquel whispered. Is he having a seizure? Much of the creature’s biology was still a mystery. Was there a problem with the cybernetic connection?

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed over the speakers. The entitled jumped back up to is base and slammed into the wall of the enclosure. “Fucking slubie fluck whorser!”

“Is that a yes?” Vaquel teased. She pulled the cunt-prickers off the side of the prison and leaned back in her chair. With her legs spread wide, she dangled the metallic strips over het wet sex.

“It is unthinkable!” HoleBuster-442 said. “A slubie armed with Entitled weapons? It is an abomination! It upsets the natural supremacy! I would be the most hated Entitled of all time! The ultimate fluck!”

“I don’t know what that is,” Vaquel said. “Do you want to dominate my pussy or what? You have to the count of ten.”

“RAGESHIT! Here! Take it, slubie!” the speakers snarled.

New data filled Vaquel’s computers. The monitor displayed reams of text flying by. Diagrams and blueprints flashed and disappeared.

Vaquel smiled. The fucker actually did it. The need to hurt someone outweighed his loyalty to his species. She sympathized.

“Put them on, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Vaquel did what as he commanded. She pressed both strips to either side of her labia. Nanobot adhesives pushed past her thick pubic hair and secured themselves to the skin. Thankfully, the adhesives wouldn’t strip her hair out when she removed it later.

“There,” Vaquel said. “They are in place. FUCK!”

Hundreds of needles stabbed Vaquel’s sex. She gripped the arms of her chair in pain. The needles lingered and then retracted. A moment later, needles stung on her left side and lingered briefly before retracting. That is when the needles of the right side struck.

“Oh, perfect,” HoleBuster-442 moaned on the speakers. “I can see the agony etched on your face. When I escape from here, I will create more of these hole-stabbers and sell them to other Entitled. I will make a killing at a Tycoon Zone!”

The clamps on Vaquel’s nipples bit down harder. The fucker hadn’t forgotten about those. The clamps released and tightened in unpredictable patterns that happened to coordinate with the stabbing of Vaquel’s sex.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel babbled. She hadn’t been subjected to a cunt pricker since the Academy. It was too easy to forget just how insidious they could be. The hundreds of tiny needles not only pricked with stinging pain, but they also sensitized as they worked, making Vaquel more aware of every new pain she endured.

“Take it, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 babbled. “Call me you master! Do it!”

Vaquel grimaced. “You’re the one in the cage, cock-brain!”

Hundreds of needles stabbed Vaquel’s sex at once. The clamps bit down with force far exceeding their construction parameters. Vaquel’s nipples and pussy transformed into burning infernos of pain.

“Ow! No, Master! Please, don’t Master! I’ll call you whatever you want”

The needles retracted, or at least most of them did. Enough remained to keep Vaquel’s pussy feeling like it was being perforated. The clamps around her nipples relaxed and but still held on tight enough to keep her pinched flesh buttons throbbing.

“Yes, slubbie, I am your Master!” HoleBuster-442 moaned.

The Entitled pressed against the walls of the enclosure. His red body writhed and undulated against the hard glassteel. The white spots on his body pulsed. Lubricant fluid oozed from the slit in his head.

Vaquel smiled. Her vision was blurry with tears but she could see how aroused the Entitled was. Now was the time for the most important question.

“I want to know how the Entitled ship sensors work,” Vaquel whispered. It was hard to speak when your pussy was being needled. “I want to know what it takes to evade them.”

The relentless stabbing and retracting of Vaquel’s sex continued. “What can you possibly offer me for that?” the speakers rumbled. “I am the Master of your misery. No further torture is necessary now that I have your hole.”

Vaquel reached for her last surprise that she had kept under her chair. Pain flashed in her sex as she moved. The terrible clamps pulled at her nipples as her weight shifted. Fresh tears flowed down her cheeks as she picked up the small ring and set it down in front of the enclosure.

“This is a harness,” Vaquel said. “I modified some of the anti-gravity thrusters from my micro-probes and connected it to your cybernetics. If you wear this, you will be able to fuck me.”

All of the needles retracted. The clamps relaxed to a muted throb. Then, all of the needles stabbed at once. The clamps bit down with doubled strength.

“Is this true? Are you lying, hole-walker?” HoleBuster-442 said.

“Have I lied yet?” Vaquel said through clenched teeth.

“The hole-biter stays on if I fuck you,” HoleBuster-442 said. “And the clamps!”

Vaquel laughed. Instead of denial, he was negotiating. “Deal, but you can only fuck me until you come.”

“How dare a whorser like you tell me when I am done!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Hundreds of needles rapidly stabbed Vaquel’s labia. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. In a storm of painful pricks, she felt the lightning flash of a near-orgasm.

“Take the deal, or keep humping the wall, cock-brain,” Vaquel said.

The speaker was silent. The small ring levitated off the table. HoleBuster-442 must have established a connection. The ring flew in tight circles and then settled back down.

“I accept, slubie,” HoleBuster-442 said. “Now open this cage!”

New data filled the monitor. Vaquel could barely see the screen through her tear-filled eyes. She pressed a button on the side of the aquarium and the lid retracted.

The harness flew up and into the cage. HoleBuster-442 stood up straight and the ring slid down his length and tightened around his base. There was a groan from the speaker and then HoleBuster-442 levitated into the air.

“Told you,” Vaquel said. “Now fuck me, cock-brain!”

HoleBuster-442 shot out of the enclosure. The phallic alien flew with surprising skill. As soon as it was out of the cage, it dived down towards Vaquel’s spread open legs.

The thick head of the red alien smashed into Vaquel’s pussy. She cried out as hundreds of needles grinded against her sex. HoleBuster-442 wiggled and burrowed his way inside of her until almost his entire length was submerged.

“Feel my immense girth, slubie!” the speakers cackled. “I know this is what you have been craving! All of your demands have just been a ruse to have me fuck you again like the cock-loving fluck that you are!”

At that moment, it was hard for Vaquel to deny. The arrogant alien felt wonderful inside her. Thick veins pulsed and grinded inside her in all the right ways.

The anti-gravity harness continued to work. It pulled HoleBuster-442 halfway out of Vaquel’s tight cunt and then plunged back in. After several punishing thrusts, the harness began to rotate, spiraling the phallic alien in and out like a drill.

The rest of the connected toys continued to punish Vaquel. The nipple clamps bit and relaxed in furious pulses. The stabbing needles from the cunt-pinchers tattooed sadistic designs into the over-sensitized sides of Vaquel’s pussy. Both sets of devices tormented Vaquel while the thick alien fucked her silly.

Pain and pleasure warred within Vaquel. Every fuck of the phallus agitated the stabbing needles. Every gasp of pleasure moved her breasts and caused the clamps to tighten. She groaned with pain. She moaned with pleasure. Her body was in a tug of pain between ecstasy and agony.

Ecstasy won. Vaquel climaxed and screamed her pleasure.

“Glory to the Queen!” she screamed.

The speakers grunted in response. “You love it, you whorser! You live for the pain! My cock in your fur-borrow justifies your existence!”

Vaquel came again. “Glory to the Queen!” Her pussy clenched despite hundreds of pricking stings.

“Your sex hole is so big!” the speakers crackled. “I have had tighter but not wetter! You are a sorry excuse for a fluck but I am going to rut your pitiful small brains out anyway!”

Vaquel came again. She grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed, not caring that she was grinding the biting clamps into her breasts.

“Oh, oh, oh!” HoleBuster-442 grunted. “You’re going to make me detonate! You’re going to do it! You filthy slubie, here I blast!”

Hot seed flooded Vaquel’s stuffed pussy. The alien jerked and wiggled. Vaquel felt a surge of sticky fluid fill her sex and spill out. Where did it all come from? She swore the amount was larger than the Entitled’s total mass.

After ten seconds of coming, HoleBuster-442 was suddenly still. It pulsed once more to eject a final load of seed into her sated sex. The needles retracted from Vaquel’s exhausted labia. Both the clamps relaxed but were still tight enough to barely hang onto her tender nipples.

“Damn, you’re a good fuck despite having no legs or hands,” Vaquel whispered. She reached between her legs to pull the alien out.

HoleBuster-442 suddenly withdrew from her pussy. More seed spilled out of her sex. The clamps bit down with full force. More needles, no, ALL of the needles stabbed her vulnerable sex.

“FUCK!” Vaquel cried out. Any afterglow was obliterated in a flash of sudden pain.

WHAM! Something thick and heavy slammed into her head. It left a sticky mess on her hair.

“Die you weak ignorant fluck!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

WHAM! The flying red phallus smashed into Vaquel’s head again, knocking her out of the chair. She spilled to the ground, landing on top of her tits and the savage clamps. Hundreds of needles grindinded into her pussy.

“Computer!” Vaquel screamed. “Override: Cockblock!”

HoleBuster-442 fell to the ground. The speakers emitted a scream of helpless despair. The cunt-pincher strips dropped from Vaquel’s skin. Both clamps let go of her nipples.

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Vaquel sat up. The wiggling red phallus was trying to crawl away from her. It was leaving a trail of pussy juice and alien seed. She grabbed it and gave it a good hard squeeze.

“RAGESHIT!” the speakers screamed again.

Vaquel kept squeezing. She knew HoleBuster-442 wasn’t feeling any pain, but it felt good to do it.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Vaquel said. “I gave you a great fuck and you immediately tried to kill me afterwards. That is downright ungrateful of you.”

“Death is too good for you, slubie!” HoleBuster-442 yelled. “I was going to send out a distress call and then bargain with the first Entitled who came! My plan was to barter for a new body and then use it to fuck each and every one of your holes until you screamed in submission! When I was done with you, I was going to shave your head and wear your hair as a come-rag!”

Vaquel laughed.

“What are you laughing for, you stupid fluck?” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

“You’re a mean little dick,” Vaquel said. “I think I got all of the information I need from you, but I don’t know. Maybe I should keep you for a little bit.”

“RAGESHIT!” HoleBuster-442 screamed.

Apr 262021

Primal Skin is an erotic novel by Leona Rhys. It is set at the end of the ice age and centers on Skin, a human/neanderthal hybrid who is also an apprentice shaman. She teams up with Bat, a human shaman and Wolf, a Neanderthal dwarf shaman to solve a murder mystery. There isn’t that much investigating, but there is a lot of walking, discussions of tribal differences, prejudices and of course, sex.

Erotica books like this fascinate me. This is clearly a smutty take on Clan of the Cave Bear type fiction, which is really cool. Anything that gets sex novels out of offices and chateaus is fantastic. What blows my mind is that Black Lace published this hyper-niche novel. All praise to Leona Rhys for pulling that off.

The book itself was very compelling. I don’t know about actual anthropology to quibble with the speculative fiction here, but that doesn’t matter here. This is a book about prejudice and understanding. The sex scenes are actually a bit sparse, which again, was fine with me. The shaman rituals often take center stage and I believed in their power. It is the rare smut book that is spiritual in nature.

It is also a very bisexual book. Men and women equally have sex with one another in a way that is taken matter-of-factually that is refreshing. This leads to some rather complicated love polygons.

If I had to critique the book, I would say the plot needs a little tightening. There is a LOT of walking. As a reader of 80’s fantasy fiction, I recognize the fashion but have long burned out on it.

All in all, Primal Skin is a weird, beautiful creation of erotica that is unlike anything else made at the time, or even now.

Apr 232021

Today is my birthday. I turn 48, which is a mind numbing number. That looks like the age of a Call of Cthulhu RPG character that I deliberately age to get more skill points in Ancient Egyptian and Library Use. Real people don’t have that age.

Last time this year, I was in month two of the lockdown, picking up carryout from restaurants and watching horror movies on my computer. That was in-between worrying about President Orange Shitstain and obsessively following election news with the prayers that Democrats get their shit together.

This year, I will be picking up carryout from restaurants, watching Mortal Kombat and playing Pandemic Legacy Season 3 with my wife. Orange Shitstain is just a bad memory and I already have my first dose of the COVID vaccine. Things are getting better and I just got to hold out a little longer.

Getting older is weird. You pick up a lot of information and wisdom. I can make a much better burger than I could a year ago. But you also forget shit too. I get halfway through some movies before realizing I have seen them. Experience feels like a zero sum sometimes and but hopefully more sticks than gets forgotten.

One thing you do retain is how special the things you love are. That could be people, music, fiction or whatever. If you love something, enjoy and appreciate the hell out of it. Nothing is guaranteed to be here tomorrow, so enjoy that shit now.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 48 years bring.

Apr 212021

Christina rolled the last burrito and placed it in the pan. She stepped aside so I could sprinkle the cheese. After I was finished, she opened the oven door and I slipped the pan in. While she cleaned the counter, I checked the recipe and set the timer.

“We got eight minutes to kill,” I said.

“Good, clean the frying pan while I load the dishwasher,” she said.

“I was hoping we could do something else,” I said. I stepped behind her and placed my hands on her hips. The bulge in my pants pressed against the crack of her ass framed by her sweatpants.

Christina laughed. “We’ll never finish in eight minutes. Those days are long behind us.”

“Who cares about finishing?” I said. “Can’t a man just fuck his wife for eight minutes if he wants to? Or is the honeymoon already over?”

“Yeah, I think that happens after twenty years,” Christina said. Her ass pressed back against my trapped cock. “And it is probably seven minutes now.”

“Then we better hurry,” I said.

“Well, take my pants down already,” Christina said.

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her sweats, making sure to catch her pink underwear as well. As she took a step back, I pulled them down and helped her step out of them. After the Easter Incident, we don’t fuck with our pants around our ankles. As I set her sweats on the table, Christina leaned forward and braced herself on the counter. A dark bush peeked from beneath her thighs.

My pants and underwear took less time to remove. Christina was already stroking her pussy. The wet sound hurried me along. I stood behind her and pressed the head of my cock to her lips. Slick fingers guided me in.

We moaned together. Our bodies joined once more. My hands on her hips, her elbows on the counter, we began to fuck.

The timer ticked on. Hips and ass created slow steady claps of sound. Groans and the occasional gasp filled the kitchen.

A plate moved. A cup rattled in a bowl. Spoons rattled together.

“Are you cleaning?” I asked. My hips kept moving.

“Just a little straightening up,” Christina said. Her sex clenched tighter.

I growled in disbelief and amusement. My hand grabbed her long black hair, streaked with gray. A sudden pull and there was a cry of pleasure. My hips slammed into her with increasing fury.

“Fuck,” Christina said. It was both a swear and a statement of fact.

It turned out that eight minutes was more than enough.

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Apr 192021
She’s not filthy now, but give her a page.

Filthy Fetch Quest is another sex novella from Serena Silverlake set in a fantasy world. It tells the story of Alexandra, an impatient adventurer who made a really big mistake and was gangbanged by horny goblins. They stole her money, her sword, her armor and left her a sticky mess. Alexandra is greatly annoyed by the loss of equipment and money, but was happy to have the sex. She is that kind of an slut.

What follows is how Alexandra recovers from such a setback. Did I mention that is a slut? Because she does most of her recovery bent over, on her knees and stuffed full of cock. finally, she takes on a quest for a wizard, the filthy fetch quest in the title. It involves more cock.

This book was a delight to read. Equal parts filthy and funny, I was constantly smiling. Alexandra was raised in a brothel and has a very sex-positive attitude to everything. She is not a dumb bimbo, but she is impatient and that gets her into trouble.

You know, it is a tricky thing to write a slutty character who keeps messing up. In the hands of a lesser writer, Alexandra would come across as stupid, or worse, a bad stereotype of a clueless slut. This story does a great job of portraying Alexandra as that friend you have that doesn’t quite work things out before hand, but still manages to come out on top. her healthy attitude towards sex gives her a leg up (or legs open) advantage that other characters in the world don’t have. It results in stories where the character engages in hot transactional sex, but as an aggressor instead of a victim.

This is the second of Serena’s books that I have read and I am turning into a fan.

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Apr 162021

Billy is a high school kid who wants to get a basketball scholarship so he can go to Denver College with his girlfriend. His guardian, Aunt Cheryl, wakes him up every morning by crawling over his nude body and rubbing against his face before whispering in his ear. As you can imagine, Aunt Cheryl isn’t happy with the idea of hot young Billy moving away.

What I described sounds like the start to a lot of taboo porn stories, but no, this is Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker, a horror film from 1981. Aunt Cheryl, the most inappropriate older aunt figure ever, cannot keep her hands off the boy and wants to keep him around. To do that, she will stab a television repair man and claim he tried to rape her. There, that should keep Billy around.

From here, the movie takes a detour from creepy-aunt touching. The lead detective finds out the repair man is gay and therefore wouldn’t rape a woman. He gets hung up on the gay part and assumes that Billy must be gay and they had a lover’s quarrel. The detective fills the movie with homophobic slurs and threats of gay-bashing while ignoring that Aunt Cheryl is the real killer.

Interestingly enough, the homophobic detective becomes a secondary bad guy and gets his comeuppance as well. It is remarkably progressive for an 80’s slasher film. By the end of the movie, the detective is completely disgraced as a character and the only other confirmed gay character is a hero!

But Aunt Cheryl is the real star of the movie and eventually the movie remembers that. Aunt Cheryl escalates to keep Billy around. Billy gets roofied before the big game. Teenage Julia Duffy gets hit upside the head. The nosy neighbor gets gutted. Once the killing restarts the bodies start dropping fast.

I will say, this movie was a fascinating display of cringe. Aunt Cheryl’s every action with Billy is disturbing. Later reveals about her relationship to Billy DOES NOT make it better. Even when she dies in the end, her dying action is try to get an open mouth kiss from her nephew.

So yeah, Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker. If you wish there were more slasher movies with sexually deviant older women, then this is for you!

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Apr 142021

The video feed of my boss, Nadine, filled the monitor. She wore a burgundy pant suit today. We have been working from home for over a year but she still puts on work clothes. The matching lipstick is a bit too dark for a workspace, but no one would complain. The lack of a bra and shirt under her jacket means her pale freckled skin contrasts sharply with the suit.

Nadine wore a dark eyeshadow that gives her a slightly sinister look. Right now, they are staring at me. There is a hint of a smile on her lips.

I jacked my cock at a slow steady pace. The head of my member wa red and a drop glistens on the tiny slit. It would be so nice to speed up and climax already, but that is forbidden. I will stay hard until Nadine grants me permission.

“We reviewed twenty more audits today,” Carol said. “Five of them were unsatisfactory. Of those five, two were due to incomplete information . . .”

Carol droned on. It was hard to pay attention. My focus was on the contour of Nadine’s breasts under her suit top. I could almost picture where my boss’s nipples were.

Conference calls were my hardest challenges. Nadine insisted that I provide entertainment for her. We had a video link to each other’s computers. Every call, whether I was on it or not, she turned the link on.

Worsen I had to pay attention. Nadine might quiz me later. It was not good to fail those quizzes. That would mean the clamps. Or the ice. Maybe even the dreaded rubber bands.

“The last unsatisfactory audit was filed with an outdated form,” Carol continued.

“Was it the TH-99?” Sara asked.

“It was,” Carol said.

“I thought we had finally eliminated those documents,” Sara said.

My cock dried. It would be easier to spit but Nadine forbade it. There was a chance someone might hear. I had to lick my hand instead. It tasted like dick.

“I want a full investigation done,” Nadine said.

Her voice was cold and stern. I groaned but bit my lip just in time to stop it.

Nadine’s eyebrow arched. She looked right at me through the monitor. Did they hear my groan on the call?

My heart accelerated. If someone had heard, then maybe they would report it to Human Resources. I would be investigated. They might find out about Nadine and all of the improper ways she abuses the boss/employee dynamic. There would be firings and mandatory training for everyone else.

I guess technically, she would be the one that got in trouble, but if she got fired, who would tell me to do the filthy things I love to do?

“I’ll let Steven know,” Carol said. “He has been the point person for updating the forms.”

“I bet he will know where to look,” Sara added.

No one heard my groan. My heart was still pounding but it was going to be okay. That had been close.

“All right, go on with your report, Carol,” Nadine said.

As Carol resumed talking, Nadine pointed upwards with one finger. I was to go faster.

My stroking increased in speed. Oh, I was close. This was going to be much harder to keep from coming. It was a suitable punishment.

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Apr 122021
Strangely, no one wears a white suit in this.

FantasPussy Island by Will Buster is a brief novella set in the year 2344. Jon, a horny guy with no personality, goes to the famous resort of FantasPussy island where every woman there will fuck you. Jon fucks, he fucks a lot and then goes home. Around page 130, something of a plot emerges and then the story is over. I wasn’t a fan.

The thing is, I don’t like to talk about bad porn novels. Every piece of smut is someone’s favorite and there is enough negativity in the world without me bashing a book. This might be will Buster’s favorite piece of work and I wouldn’t want to be the guy who takes a dump on it. Live and let write.

But something strange happened while I was reading this book. The descriptions and word choices made me wonder if the book was written for an especially lowbrow audience. Then I started to wonder if the writer has touched a woman. A few pages later, I wondered if the writer has ever touched a penis. Things got so weird that I wondered the writer was asexual and was just writing what he thought people did during sex.

And then I realized what was going on. This book has been translated from another language, and probably poorly. Take a look at these exact quotes.

“She rimmed him savagely and then his warm wetness squirted up her shit hole!”

“His cock was damn itchy and super hard.”

“He groaned with searing sex pain as more and more of his baby milk erupted into Tina.”

“Her tits jutted out in perfectly-shaped triangles that promised superb pleasures to touch and grasp.

It’s just not me, right?

So yeah, Fantapussy Island. If you need ridiculous sex talk then this is the book for you.