Jun 082017

Explorer’s Log: I am on my first day of my thirty-seven-day journey to the star system designated “Beloved Third Toe on the Queen’s Right Foot” by Royal Astronomers. Systems scans show that everything is optimal but my own personal diligence has revealed that we are currently travelling under nominal thrust as if we have extra weight on board. I will engage in a thorough search for possible stowaways as well as examine the propulsion units. To accommodate for the reduced thrust, I am enacting an emergency protocol to use extra power to stay on schedule. The twenty-year mission for the Queen cannot be jeopardized! End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I was recruited by rebel forces to smuggle a robot to the next star system. The robot has plans for a planet killing weapon and the rebels want to develop counter-measures. I could give a slave’s pimple about the rebels but I am debating blackmailing the rebels for a ransom before returning their robot. I am not sure what I should demand, although the idea of a bed slaves comes to mind. I have thirty-six days to think of something.

The robot exceeds my cargo limit but I think I can successfully lie about it for a few weeks. I have yet to activate the robot so who knows, it might actually be entertaining in its own manner.

“It doesn’t look like much,” Chairbot said. The robot chair had elevated his seat in what could only be described as a haughty manner.

Vaquel agreed. Right now, the robot looked like a bunch of metal bars stacked on top of one another. The box it came in didn’t contain any instructions. What kind of robot was this, anyway? Some sort of plumbing examiner?

“Oh well, it must be inactive,” Chairbot said. “Too bad! I guess we’ll never know! Would you like to sit on me, Mistress? I can detect that your ass is particularly sweaty today!”

“Eww, no,” Vaquel said. She self-consciously picked at her violet spacesuit. To make up for the extra power to thrust, Vaquel had to turn down the temperature controls. It was muggy inside the ship and her short pink hair was sticking to her scalp. The spacesuit insulated her curvy body from the heat but unless she wanted to wear her helmet for a weeks, there was still going to be some sweating.

She took a closer look at the robot. There had to be a way to power it up. If it did nothing else, she could instruct it to wave a fan at her.

A black button almost perfectly blended in with a metal bar. Who designed this shit? Vaquel pressed it.

There was a buzzing sound. The metal bars began to slide around. Two of the bars planted themselves and lifted the rest of the bars into the air. More bars slide around to form legs and arms. A metal bar rose from the shoulders and flashed blue lights. Small metal bars extended from the ends of bars to form hands.

“Still doesn’t look like much,” Chairbot said in a surly manner. “There is nowhere to sit!”

It was true. The robot now looked like a skeleton frame of a three-meter tall humanoid. It still wasn’t clear what its function was.

“Hello!” a polite voice said. “I am Fictor-96! I am a Personal Attendance Robot trained in eighty techniques of personal satisfaction! How may I attend to you?”

Vaquel’s eyebrows raised. “Personal attendance? I like the sound of that. What kind of attendance?”

“Anything you can imagine, madam,” Fictor-96 said. “I can answer messages. I can serve drinks. I can cook meals. I can bathe you. I can perform sanitary waste manual exertions on your behalf.”

“Wait, is that a fancy way of saying you can wipe my ass?” Vaquel said.

“I would be happy to, madam!”

“I didn’t hear provide a comfortable place to sit,” Chairbot said. “That’s too bad! I guess we have no use for you!”

“It may appear so, little friend, but I have a few surprises,” Fictor-96 said. He held his metal hands out. The buzzing sound became louder.

“Well, if you like that sort of thing,” Chairbot said.

“What? I don’t see anything,” Vaquel said.

“Sorry madam, I am unfamiliar with the ocular abilities of your petite species,” Fictor-96 said. He extended his hands towards Vaquel. “Feel for yourself.”

Vaquel reached out and felt his hands. There was a pleasant vibration as she touched something solid. “Oh, it’s a force field.”

“Yes, madam,” Fictor-96 said. “I am equipped with forty different force fields with nine different variable speeds. They allow me to lift objects, provide defensive cover, apply massages and substitute as furniture for rest and comfort.”

“I’m the only furniture that Mistress needs around here!” Chairbot snapped.

“Hush, Chairbot,” Vaquel ordered. “Don’t say another word! Fictor, what was that about massages?”

“The massage skills of my make and model are rated highly by robot users,” Fictor-96 said. “Although massages designed for muscle relaxing is my primary massage function, a surprisingly high number of users use their robots to perform massages of sexual gratification.”

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. “If those idiot rebels had told me that they wanted me to smuggle a sex robot, I wouldn’t have given them such a demanding time!
Wait, you are aware that you are carrying plans for some sort of terrible weapon, right?”

“I cannot confirm or deny such information to a user without the proper password or biometric data,” Fictor-96 said.

“That is smart,” Vaquel admitted. “Although it would be smarter if you lied about that rather than telling someone they don’t have clearance. Fuck, it is amazing these rebels accomplish anything.”

“Lying is outside of my capabilities,” Fictor-96 said. “Which means you can be sure that I am being completely factual when I say that I would like to demonstrate some of my sexual gratification fields for you at this time, since you seemed to have such an intense interest in it.”

Chairbot’s seat vibrated with jealous rage.

Vaquel kicked Chairbot. “Show me one of your sexual massage fields.”

“Where shall I apply it, madam?” the robot asked. “I shall also consider your limited ocular senses.”

“Try my breasts,” Vaquel said.

Fictor-96’s hand was surrounded by a red glow. He spread his small metal fingers and the field shrunk around them like a glove. The robot placed his hand on one of Vaquel’s massive breasts.

“Whoa,” Vaquel groaned. The spacesuit dulled some of the vibrations but not all of them. She felt her breast quiver inside her suit. Vaquel’s nipple hardened and poked against the violet material.

“Oh my,” Vaquel said. She took Fictor-96’s hand and pulled it down to her sex.

“Is it enjoyable, madam?” Fictor-96 asked.

Vaquel tried to speak but all that came out was a moan. The vibrations were wonderful against her pussy. If it felt this good with her suit on, how good will it feel inside her?

She pulled the hand away and gasped. “You have been trained to get people off like this? You finger-fuck them with your force fields?”

“I have been trained in that manner of stimulation, yes, madam,” Fictor-96 said. “However, I thought you might enjoy it more if I create a phallus to stimulate you instead.”

“You can do that?” Vaquel asked.

“Allow me to demonstrate,” Fictor-96 said.

A red field formed under what passed for a pelvis on Fictor-96’s skeletal metal body. The field coalesced into a phallic shape. It grew and extended to an impressive size.

“Whoa,” Vaquel said. “A little shorter and half as wide.”

“Yes, madam,” Fictor-96 said. The phallic field changed to her specifications.

Vaquel was impressed. It wasn’t often she got a cock made to order.

She touched a button on her belt. The skintight violet spacesuit began to retract to from her body. Her larger brown breasts flopped out of her suit. The material pulled away from her wide hips and generous ass. The pink bush of her pubic hair was revealed and they were already damp with desire.

Vaquel pulled off her belt and stepped out of her boots. She stood naked before the metal robot and its force field cock. “Well get to it, Fictor. Skip any foreplay you have programmed. I’m ready to go.”

“I will take that into my calculations,” Fictor-96 said. “Choosing random position. I’ve selected Executive Power.”

The robot bent over at the waist and grabbed Vaquel’s thighs with his manual force fields. He stood up, sweeping the explorer’s legs out from under her. As she cried out, the fields held onto her thighs and lifted her up. She was upside down with her head missing the floor by inches.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Vaquel yelled.

“Shall I subdue him, Mistress?” Chairbot said. The robot chair bumped aggressively against Fictor-96’s leg.

“Position is nearly complete,” Fictor-96 said.

Vaquel felt something thick and vibrating press against her upside-down pussy lips. It was the force field cock. The robot lifted Vaquel by her thighs and the force cock entered her sex.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out. “Shit, that feels good!” The robot began to lift and drop her in a slow manner with its force cock inside her.

“I almost have him!” Chairbot said as he continued to ram against Fictor-96’s leg.

“Stop, Chairbot!” Vaquel yelled. “It feels great and if you stop it, I’m selling you for scrap!”

Chairbot speed away in a silent huff.

“I am glad that you enjoy it, madam,” Fictor-96 said.

The robot kept fucking Vaquel. The arms did most of the work, as it slid Vaquel’s tight sex up and down its force cock. The vibrations pulsed in an unpredictable manner that kept Vaquel shuddering with delight.

Blood rushed to Vaquel’s head. Her large breasts flopped down to her shoulders and felt weird. She had her arms down on the ground for lack of any better place to put them but it was still awkward. There had to be a better way to have sex but it felt too good to interrupt.

“Would you prefer this speed instead, madam?” Fictor-96 said.

The vibration inside her increased. Vaquel moaned as her sex was assaulted with more sensation. She clenched tightly around the field and rode the pleasure.

“I will accept that answer as a positive,” Fictor-96 said. “Standby for more friction.”

The field elongated inside her. Vaquel cried out at the increased depth and then groaned as it shrunk back.

It happened again. Vaquel cried out louder.

The field did it again and again and again and again. The force field cock was cycling through different lengths inside her pussy as the robot continued to lift and drop her in mid-air.

Vaquel squirmed within the robot’s force field grip. She wanted to wrap her legs around something but the fields hold her thighs wouldn’t let her move. She wanted to use her hands to hold onto something but hanging upside down as she was, all she could grab was the floor. She wanted to kiss or suck something but all she could do was bite her lip.
There was one more thing that Vaquel could do. She could come.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried out. Her orgasm was powerful and rocketed through her body. The force of her climax was so strong, she felt herself on the verge of passing out.

Then again, that might just be from being upside down so long.

“Gratification detected,” Fictor-96 said. “Selecting another position at random. Changing to Rebel Hideout.”

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel asked.

Fictor-96 lifted pulled out of Vaquel’s wet sex and lifted her body in the air. Vaquel was spun around so that now her feet were pointing at the floor again and her head was nearly upright. A wave of dizziness came over her as force fields grabbed and pulled at her limbs. She offered no resistance as she was guided into a new position.

Vaquel was levitating facedown a meter from the ground. Her arms knees were pulled up and pressing into her breasts. Strong forces pinned her arms around her legs. She felt like she was sitting inside an invisible egg of force.

“This will be tight, madam,” Fictor-96 said and he entered her from behind.

“Oh, yes!” Vaquel agreed. The familiar phallic force field was back inside her. With her legs compacted, she felt like a tiny ball of muscle being penetrated by something wonderful. The field pushed inside her and she felt tighter than she had in years.

“Prepare for heightened stimulation,” Fictor-96 said.

“What does that mean?” Vaquel tried to ask but she got her answer immediately. The phallic force field dived deeper inside her and then pulled nearly out almost as fast. It repeated the action as the vibrations increased.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel said as she was fucked. It was almost too much. The vibrations were too powerful. The penetration was too deep. The position of her body made her too tight. She was overwhelmed with sensation.

“Your posterior area jiggles in a manner that most sentients find pleasing,” Fictor-96 said. “I will record my visual data so you may appreciate it later.”

Vaquel frowned. Was this dirty talk? If it was, it was working.

“The tightness of your vaginal port is in the top five percentiles of desired sexual characteristics,” Fictor-96 said.

Vaquel moaned in response.

“If I was an average Zatty male, I would have reached climax three minutes ago due to your superior attractive qualities,” Fictor-96 said.

“Oh yeah,” Vaquel groaned.

The fucking increased in speed and force. Vaquel cried out as the vibrations filled her sex. As tightly bound as she was, it felt like the force field was penetrating her entire body.

“Do you want more, madam?” Fictor-96 said.

Vaquel laughed between gasps. She couldn’t possibly take any more, could she? There was only one way to find out.

“Give it to me,” Vaquel said. “I order you to fuck my brains out!”

“Complying,” Fictor-96 said. The fucking increased in speed. The phallic force field lengthened and thickened. The vibrations reach new levels of intensity.

“Glory to-“ Vaquel’s cry turned into a scream as the power of her orgasm broke through her body. She screamed in pleasure as her senses reeled. She kept screaming as her body shook and then collapsed.

“Oh dear,” Fictor-96 said. “Is she broken?”

Chairbot rolled next to Vaquel’s hovering body. “She’s passed out.”

“Is that normal?” Fictor-96 said.

“Only when the sex is really bad,” Chairbot said.

“That’s too bad, I thought she was enjoying it,” Fictor-96 said. “She had all of the signs of good sex. She was sweating profusely. Her breathing was elevated. The spasm of her vaginal cavity was rapid.”

“Correct, that is bad sex,” Chairbot said.

“I will enquire when she wakes up as you what I can do to make it better,” Fictor-96 said. “Is there a place I should put madam?”

“Mistress sleeps here,” Chairbot said as he rolled down the probe ship corridor. He stopped in front of a wall. A section of the wall lifted to reveal a bed bunk.

Fictor-96 carried the sleeping Vaquel over to the bed. He placed her down gently and deactivated his force field. Vaquel instinctively stretched out. Fictor-96 covered her with a blanket.

“Now that madam is asleep, I wanted to say something to you, Chairbot,” Fictor-96 said.


“I notice that you are jealous of me,” Fictor-96 said. “Although I am capable of providing many services to madam as well as endless variations in sexual pleasure, there is no need to worry about me replacing you. I admit, I do appear to be superior in you in many ways, including providing a place for madam to sit, but I am sure you will serve madam’s needs in your own way.”

Chairbot processed this. “Thank you for saying that. I feel much better now.”

“I am glad,” Fictor-96 said. “I am sure that we will become great friends. Now I need to recharge. Sexual gratification drains a lot of my batteries. I am unfamiliar with this ship design and the language of the signs is unknown to me. Is there a recharging station I can use?”

“You can use mine!” Chairbot said happily. Chairbot rolled over to a different part of the wall. A small panel opened retracted into the floor. The new doorway was just large enough for Chairbot to roll into.

“It is quite low,” Fictor-96 said.

“I am sure your superior design will allow you to use it!” Chairbot said.

“True,” Fictor-96 said. The robot’s frame began compressing onto itself. The leg bars telescoped down and the arm bars shrunk. The shoulder bar reduced in length. Even the robot’s head bar collapsed onto itself.

Now much smaller, Fictor-96 crawled into through the hole in the wall. Once he was completely inside, he scanned the interior.

“Chairbot, I do not detect a charging port,” Fictor-96 said.

“Oh, that is because the door needs to be closed first,” Chairbot said. The robot beeped and panel door slid close.

“I still do not see it,” Fictor-96 said.

“Really?” Chairbot said. “Even with your superior design that doesn’t allow lying?”

“What does lying have to do with-“ WOOOSH!

“Garbage Airlock Cycle Completed,” the ship’s computer announced.

Chairbot rolled over to the navigation pod. He accessed the ship’s systems to find and detect Fictor-96. The flailing robot was drifting in space as the probe ship continued its course to the next star system.

“Incoming message from outside object,” the ship’s computer said.

“Block transmission,” Chairbot said. “Delete log of transmission blocking. Delete log of transmission. Delete log of log deletions.”

Chairbot rolled over to Vaquel’s sleeping body. It placed itself with leg’s reach in case Mistress wanted to sit down when she woke up. Vibration motors began a maintenance cycle for peak efficiency.

“Mistress, the robot stepped right into the garbage airlock!” Chairbot practiced. “I tried to stop it but it said it was superior and knew what it was doing!”

Chairbot marked that lie as believable and filed it away for when Mistress woke up.

May 242017

In my interactive haunted house story, I have several endings where the reader is given the opportunity to join the house as a resident. This means they essentially become a monster in the house, ready to molest and terrorize new people coming in. I did something similar in my interactive UFO book where the aliens recognize that the reader is just as big of a pervert as they are, so they invite the reader to help them abduct and probe other races.

I like this kind of ending a lot. I have done it many times in my regular writing, especially the magical stories. That kind of ending casts the story in a new light. Instead of just being adventures, you understand that it is more of an initiation. By the end of the story, the main character, and in part the reader, is invited to become the story.

Even though I have been writing these kinds of endings for years, I only now realize where the inspiration came from. It is the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you have never seen the movie, Charlie is a poor kid who wins a lifetime supply of chocolate and a trip to Wonka’s famous factory. Charlie is asked by Wonka’s rival to steal a sample of top-secret candy in exchange for untold wealth.  Charlie goes to the factory, encounters many wonderful mysterious things, watches other kids get eliminated one by one for their greed, steals the candy because hey, Charlie is dirt poor but then because of a minor transgression, loses the lifetime supply of chocolate. Now this is a big deal because Charlie’s family is so poor that the chocolate might be the only steady meal that the kid gets but instead of cashing out with Wonka’s rivals, Charlie returns the candy to Wonka because Charlie is the Best Kid Ever. That is when Wonka reveals that IT WAS ALL A TEST and now Charlie is his new heir and will now inherit the chocolate factory and live happily ever after.

Yep, I have been copying the end of this movie ever since. As a Poor-but-Good kid, this movie really impacted me. I realize that I have been giving away chocolate factories to characters and readers ever since.

Oh well. It is a good story to steal.

May 222017

Five years ago I had testicular cancer. I lost a testicle and had two rounds of chemo. After the cancer I was cured, I started to celebrate my survival by commissioning a sketch card where a sexy lady says “Fuck ball cancer”.

This year I commission Anastasia Catris to do a card of Clea from the Doctor Strange comics. I really liked how she incorporated Clea’s normal costume into the underwear. I also freaking love how Anastasia did those wonderful floating magic sigil hands.

I was 38 when I was diagnosed. That is a bit on the young side for testicular cancer but still in the range. If you are a guy, check those balls. Mine felt a little big for a few weeks and I just thought I was getting fat. If someone feels off about your balls, go see a doctor. Don’t put it off.

You know what, let’s say that goes for everyone for every part of your body. Early detection is key for any cancer. Check your body for lumps and size changes. Check often.

May 122017

The Houses October Built is a 2014 horror movie that feels like it has been sitting on my Netflix List for ten years longer than that. Now that I am writing a haunted house book, I am diving deep into anything creepy house related. This movie is a found footage film, which I am a complete sucker for.

Spoilers ahead because this is one of those movies I loved before the ending came. Once the ending hit, I instantly soured on the rest of the movie.

The movie is about five alleged adults who are going to tour haunted house attractions the week before Halloween. They ride an RV and for some unexplained reason, they film it all. Are they art students? Is this a documentary? Nope. No explanation is ever given for why they are filming this and why they ask documentary style questions of the scare workers they find.

The first hour goes like this, the group find a haunted house attraction, they go through it, they talk to employees and they manage to piss off an employee with their rather demeaning questions. The attractions they visit are real attractions you can go to, which means the production values are better than most cheap movies. I also have a fondnes for haunted house attractions so it was cool to see them even in first-person video form.

Now, in between seeing the people on their road trip, we get random interviews with haunted house owners. They all talk about hard it is to scare people these days and how you always have to do something more extreme than last time to scare jaded kids. They bring this up over and over, creating a theme of shit is getting out of hand.

The other theme that these owners all discuss is the idea that some haunted house, somewhere, might be using real corpses and no one knew. It is something they talk about with a wink and  nudge, as if they don’t quite believe it but it could happen.

The third theme, repeated often, is that all of the haunted houses share special chatrooms and message boards. They talk to each other and share information.

Now, as the characters travel, they hear rumors of an extreme house that has a new location every year. This is called Blue Skeleton and you have to know a password, or know a guy or get really lucky to even find it. They specialize in extreme scary shit and they are the best of the best. Of course, some of the characters want to check it out.

During their travels, they keep seeing clowns and monsters dressed up like the first place they went to where they pissed the owner off. This is probably the best part of the movie as these reoccurring “monsters” stand in threatening manners or appear in the woods when the heroes are camping. Keeping in mind that the haunted houses talk to each other, it is not far-fetched to think that the heroes are being harassed not by the same people, but by a network of people who want to get payback on the heroes.

The harassment escalates as the heroes get closer to finding Blue Skeleton.  Being horror movie characters, these guys decide to keep going even after their RV is broken into and video of them sleeping gets uploaded to the internet. They keep going when someone leaves a heart on a platter in their fridge. They keep going when over fifty scary clowns show up outside their RV one night.

And you know, I was okay with it. This is a very slow movie. It is part road trip, part scary houses and a very small part of creepy movie shit. Most people would hate this slow pace but I thought it was perfect. The creepy-non haunted house bits are spaced out so far apart that you can almost chalk them up to random weird shit.  The heroes themselves get bored with the scary houses halfway through the movie. I felt this slow pace was a clever way of getting the viewers to be just as jaded and eager for something to happen as the jaded audiences of modern haunted houses.

The heroes eventually reach Blue Skeleton. One of them goes missing and then they receive calls from his cell phone on where to go. They go there, and then get bound, hooded and separated. We see spliced footage of them separately entering a scary house where they encounter more scary shit until they are finally stuffed into coffins and then buried alive. End credits.

Which is about the time I hated the movie. They’re dead? It was all real? So, after being told that patrons need more and more extreme shit to scare them, we just have people killing folks? How boring.

What about that network of haunted houses? Did they work together to bring down this group? Is this a parable about screwing with the people who do scary for a living? We don’t know. They never say. that means Blue Skeleton will murder anyone who finds them, which makes me wonder how word of mouth works.

Surely after discussing corpses as props, at least one of the heroes was displayed in a gruesome manner in a haunted house? Nah, they all got buried alive and the credits immediately roll.

It is always weird someone doesn’t use Chekhov’s Gun but it is even more bizarre when they don’t use Chekhov’s Armory. It is ridiculous. If all of those themes were fake outs, then you need to at least have the characters speculate on these themes and make bad decisions because of them. Instead, we get these ideas hammered into the viewer for no good reason.

So yeah, I was disappointed but it brings me back to what I am starting to realize is Shon’s #1 Rule of Writing: Let your disappointment inspire you. As a creative type, other people’s misfires encourage me to do better. Learn from the mistakes of others. Make the story or movie that you were enjoying right up until the original creators messed up.



May 102017

I started keeping a log of how much time I spend writing a day. I don’t really have a goal in mind as much as I want to know just how much time I actually spend versus time I thought I spent.

This is the sort of record keeping that I have always resented in the past but now that I want to finish this giant Haunted House CYOA before Halloween, I am very curious. If I fail at that goal, I want to be able to look back and figure out why.  I am brutally honest in my records on why I stopped writing and it has created some interesting trends. Comic book day is hard to write. Days that I am depressed as hard to write. This kind of data is nice to have as I can form strategies for dealing with it.

The best result of this is when big legitimate reasons for missing my writing time occur, I have it written down. I usually get frustrated with my slow progress but now I can point at a block of time and go, “No one is getting shit done when they have to spend all their time dealing with health insurance.” I haven’t had a guilt episode since this record keeping and that is very nice for me.

Record keeping has also made me very aware of my writing habits. I tend to write in twenty minute bursts and then have an urge to be distracted. The act of stopping a timer every time I want to be distracted makes me very aware that I am sabotaging myself. Since I have recorded my writing time, I have managed to extend my usual writing burst to an hour before I need some sort of distraction break.

Right now I am using an Excel spreadsheet where I list the date, minutes logged writing and any notes of the day. I have to stress that I have fought this kind of detailed record keeping at every job I have held but now, I find it so useful.

I recommend you give it a try too.


May 072017

I have a fondness for demons. I never really bought into Christianity as a kid, so devils and fallen angels never clicked with me. I was into the demons of Michael Moorcock fiction or the demons of Warhammer games. Demons were entities of magic and malice, selfish jerks who were to be never trusted. You don’t make friends with them because they will always betray you for your own ends. If you do deal with them, it is to make a deal or bind them outright.

Demons are the bad boys of magic which makes demon girls the ultimate magic bad girl. Demon girls are sexy and dangerous. You should know better than to trust them but they are just attractive enough to make you weigh the consequence of letting your guard down just a tiny bit for a small taste of their affection.

There will always be a fascination with the abomination and for me, I will always have a weak spot for the demon beauty. Plus the whole binding a demon thing fits rather well with my BDSM interests.

This sketch card was drawn by Chris McJunkin. Red demons remind me too much of Devils which have a Christian context so I usually commission demons in purple. I think I asked for black hair but the rest of her features were all him. Especially with demons, I feel it important for the artist to have a free reign in bringing them to life.

May 032017

Explorer’s Log: I am on my second day of exploring the fifth planet in the star system designated “Queen’s Judgment of Remakes” by Royal Astronomers. This is a heavily populated system and the location of at least twenty-three crucial battles between rebels and the governments they eventually overthrew. The Zatty have turned these battles into memorials and amusement parks.

I have visited four of these parks and they are comprehensive. They show off the hardware used, the tactics engaged and then names of great leaders on both sides. They also offer interesting refreshments, collectible clothing and thrilling rides to recreate the greatest moments of the battles.

There is a lot to learn about the military might and strategies of these people and I feel it is my duty to the Queen to visit these parks to gather as much information as possible for the Royal Navy’s inevitable conquest of this region. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: This has been a fun planet to explore. You don’t get to take mock river battle rides on uninhabited planets. I have seen a dozen shows, eaten far too many sweets and bought the most useless stuff. I needed a damn vacation.

Vaquel Di stared out from the command center of the starship, Persistence. She stood in front of the command chair where Admiral Buthos famously proclaimed that the government forces had flown into a trap. The lights on the ship were dim but her short pink hair stood out on her dark stern face. She had her hands on her wide hips and her back straight to thrust out her copious breasts from her skintight white spacesuit. Despite the grimness of the situation, her red full lips were almost smirking.

“Perfect!” a Zatty man called out. There was a flash of light.

Vaquel stepped away from the chair. The alien male gave her a small piece of plastic.

“Your picture will be processed shortly,” the man said. “You can pick it up at the Guest Services Desk.”

“Good,” Vaquel said. She was enjoying purchasing these images. The one where she choked the hologram of a rebel leader was her best one so far but this might be just as good.

She took another look at the bridge as she left the image stage. A large gaping hole revealed the landscape of the planet that Persistence had crashed into. Most of the lights were out and few of the monitors were still working but enough survived to create the illusion of a working ship if you stood in the right place.

“Amazing,” Vaquel said. Not many starships could survive crashing into a planet. It said something about the durability of Zatty warships that worried Vaquel. Oh well, that was the Royal Navy’s problem, not hers.
A crowd of Zatty were moving to the gun decks. Vaquel slipped in among them. The Zatty were a race of three meter tall red aliens comprised mostly of muscle. Vaquel was almost a child by comparison and she slipped into the crowd easily. She thread her way through the crowd, taking care to dodge into any available space.

In this manner, Vaquel was able to reach the gun deck ahead of most of the crowd. The sight of vast wreckage greeted her. The remains of a small fighter ship was wedged into the ruins of massive plasma cannons.

A plaque nearby read, “Here is where a brave pilot of the Carefully Considered Rebellion heroically crashed his ship to jam the main gun deck of the Persistence. Over three hundred gun technicians were killed in this amazing sacrifice.”

Vaquel frowned. Some jackass probably had his guidance system damaged and crashed into the gun deck. She wasn’t sure how a small fighter could even get that close without running into anti-fighter counter-measures. To her the real story was who fucked up to let a damaged fighter smash into their guns?

She shook her head. The entire planet were covered in plaques like these. No matter what government was overthrown, it was always the rebels who were awarded the glory. The most accidental turn of events were converted into massive acts of heroism.

It was an alien idea to Vaquel. On her home planet of Euphoria, the Royal Family had ruled for thousands of years with an iron fist that had lots of sharp spikes. Genetic engineering insured that a King or Queen existed for centuries. When one finally died, they went to the afterlife to continue their reign. It is under the guidance of their cruel but successful rulers that Euphoria has managed to ravish and plunder other worlds.

For Vaquel, a rebel was just an enemy of the current Queen, Erishella. A rebel was an enemy of all Euphorians for they jeopardize their prosperity.

“Excuse me.” A Zatty male made his presence known to Vaquel. She looked him over. His was tall, bald and wearing casual worker’s clothes. The way he carried himself however was like an experienced combatant. Was he some sort of security person?

“Speak quickly,” Vaquel said. “I want to get in line for the Structural Integrity Failure ride.”

“My name is Furgh,” the male said. “This is Panna.”

A Zatty female stepped from behind a gun control station. Vaquel jumped as she hadn’t noticed the woman before. She was dressed in the same plain worker’s clothes but Vaquel wasn’t fooled. Anyone that could sneak up on her had stealth training.

“Great, you two know your names,” Vaquel said. “Get on with it.”

“You are an offworlder,” Furgh said. “And you have a Visitor’s Pass allowing you free travel throughout the Carefully Controlled Democracy?”

“Yes,” Vaquel said slowly. Shit! The authorities must have figured out how she obtained the pass! She knew she should have killed that jackass bureaucrat while she had him naked and tied up!”

“Good,” Furgh said. “My associates would like you to transport a small robot for us to a neighboring star system. We are willing to pay.”

“Oh, smuggling,” Vaquel said. She began to relax. “I don’t do that and I don’t need the money. Get lost.”

The Zatty woman growled. She stepped closer to Vaquel and towered over the dark space explorer. The Zatty’s giant breasts hung over Vaquel like two moons.

“The lives of millions are at stake,” Panna said.

Furgh laid a hand on Penna’s shoulder and pulled her gently back. “What my associate is trying to say is that we are not mere smugglers but are in fact part of a secret group that is trying to prevent the tyranny of the current government from committing an unspeakable evil.”

Vaquel frowned. “Oh, rebels.”

Furgh and Penna stiffened. They glanced to see if anyone heard. A crowd of Zatty nearby were taking pictures of the gun deck wreck.

“Look,” Furgh said. “You seem an intelligent and compassionate being, why did you snort?”

“Sorry, allergies,” Vaquel lied. “Please continue.”

“The Carefully Managed Democracy is working on a new super weapon that eradicate the atmosphere of a planet.”

“Oh, a Class Four Planet-Killer,” Vaquel said. “I didn’t think you guys were that advanced. Congratulations.”

Now it was Furgh’s turn to frown. Penna looked distinctly uncomfortable. Furgh continued with his speech. “If they finish this weapon, it would be a formidable deterrent against rebellious planets. We have stolen the plans of the super-weapon and want to reverse engineer a defense. You can take the robot carrying these plans to a contact who will get it to our best scientists.”

“Is the robot here?” Vaquel said.

“No,” Penna admitted. “For security reasons, the robot is in a safe place nearby. If you agree, then you will meet another contact outside this memorial who will take you to the robot.”

“Wow, you guys have really thought this out,” Vaquel said. “This is really important to your cause, huh?” Vaquel said.

“Very,” Penna said. Her hand went to a suspicious bulge in her pants.

“And if I turn it down, you will probably have to kill me just to keep me from telling anyone about it.”

Furgh nodded sadly. Penna’s nod was a bit more enthusiastic.

“It would sadden us, but we are willing to take on this hardship for the good of the rebellion,” Furgh said.

Before Vaquel could say anything, a klaxon began to blare. Holographic simulations of plasma cannons superimposed themselves on top of the wreckage. Outlines of gun technicians ran back and forth. Their faces were obscured so to minimize the chance of the audience sympathizing with them.

A loud speaker announced. “It was the Battle for Democracy! The Persistence was lobbying vast volleys into the poor rebel fleet.”

Vaquel made her decision. She leaned in close to Furgh and Penna so they could hear her. “All right, I’ll do it but only on one condition.”

“Anything,” Furgh said. “We have rich sponsors who could provide you with money or collectibles.”

Vaquel cut him off. “Nope, I want you two to do what I tell you until I am satisfied.”

“Do what?” Penna asked.

“For starters,” Vaquel said. “You can open up your shirt and expose those giant red breasts of yours.”

“Are you mad?” Penna asked. Her red face darkened to a deeper shade of red.

“Are you serious?” Furgh said.

“I am dead serious,” Vaquel said. “I will transport your robot and get the plans to your rebel friends and you can try to stop a planet killing weapon. But first, you two are going to do what I say.”

“Never!” Penna snarled.

“Wait!” Furgh added. He gripped Penna’s arm tightly. “She is our only hope at getting the robot off world. The authorities are monitoring all of our other prospects.”

He turned to Vaquel. “We can indulge your, uh, hedonistic needs. Let us retire to a hotel or Fornication Shelter to accommodate you.”

The klaxon buzzed again. The holographic technicians fell to the ground as the sound of an explosion echoed through the deck.

“The rebels launched their cunning trap! The Persistence was trapped on all sides!”

Vaquel grabbed both of the Zatty rebels by their belts. “Listen, I don’t want to go somewhere private. You rebels want to overthrow civilization and rewrite it? Well, that takes a lot of courage or idiocy. If you don’t have the diamond ovaries to strip in public, what kind of courage do you have?”

“This is ridiculous!” Penna said.

Furgh sighed. “Do it, Penna.”


“We swore an oath to do whatever it takes to save our rebel siblings,” Furgh says. “Indulge the pervert alien and show her your baby-feeders.”

Penna glared at Vaquel. Grabbing her shirt, she lifted it up over her breasts. A plastic bra covered her massive red breasts. Vaquel assumed the bra was some sort of armor.

“Take the bra off, no wait, Furgh, you take it off her,” Vaquel commanded.

Furgh looked to see if anyone was watching. The crowd of tourists were too busy watching the holographic gun crews firing the cannons. He swallowed and then stepped behind Penna. A moment later, her bra fell to the ground.

“Nice,” Vaquel said and they were. Penna’s breasts were bigger than Vaquel’s head. They had the imprint of the bra that she had been wearing. Her nipples wee a darker shade of red and Vaquel was tempted to bite them.

“Satisfied?” Penna snarled.

“Not even close,” Vaquel said. “Furgh, take out your cock.”

Furgh looked at her in stunned silence.

“You heard her,” Penna said. “We swore an oath, remember?”

Furgh winced as if physically hit and then he reached into his pants. He opened a slit and pulled his member out. It was flaccid but still large enough to choke Vaquel.

“That won’t do,” Vaquel said. “Penna, get him hard.”

Penna bit her lip in annoyance and grabbed Furgh by the cock. Her powerful hands squeezed tightly and Furgh cried out before remembering he was in public. Penna stroked his cock with short rapid thrusts.

The klaxon went off again. “Despite the brilliant trap planned by the rebels, the Persistence was almost able to break through but that is when a lone pilot decided on a heroic course of action!”

“Listen,” Vaquel said. “When they recreate the fighter crashing into the gun deck, that is when I want you, Penna, to drop to your knees and suck on Furgh.”

“You piece of star-shit,” Penna growled.

Furgh said nothing, although his cock was now a thick rod in Penna’s hand.

Another klaxon sounded. A frighteningly real hologram of a fighter crashed into the hologram of the gun deck. Multiple holograms of technicians died horrifically. Sound effects of explosions and screams filled the deck. The Zatty onlookers cheered.

Penna dropped to her knees with military precision. She took Furgh’s hard cock into her mouth. Furgh cried out and his hands went down to her head. Penna slapped his hands away.

“No, Penna!” Vaquel said. “Furgh, fuck the shit out of her face!”

Furgh puts his hands back on Penna’s bald head. His large hands held her in place as he rammed her mouth. He groaned his pleasure but you couldn’t hear it over the simulated screams of the dying.

“Harder,” Vaquel told him. “Fuck her face as hard as you can for the rebellion!”

Penna trembled as Furgh pounded her face. Spit flew from her lips as she gagged. The rebel put her hands behind her back so she wouldn’t try to stop him.

“Uh oh,” Vaquel said. “Some of the tourists see you. Don’t you dare stop! Keep fucking Penna’s face! Let them look.”

Furgh whimpered but he did as he was commanded. He shut his eyes as if he could hide his shame if he wasn’t looking at it.

Sentimental music started to play. The gun deck was filled with holographic fires as the plasma cannons and simulated technicians faded to nothing.

More and more Zatty noticed what Furgh and Penna was doing. They pointed. Some of them looked offended. Others were amused.

Vaquel was curious about their reactions. This was a special place that Furgh and Penna were disrespecting. Would the Zatty get angry? Would they react violently?

The crowd seemed to collectively shrug. As a group, they began to move on to the next exhibit.

Vaquel shook her head. Maybe the crowd thought this sex act was another form of rebellion and respected it as such.

Furgh was slowing down. Vaquel’s annoyance with the crowd shifted to the lack of endurance of the rebel.

“Penna stand up and pull down your pants,” Vaquel said.

Penna shoved Furgh away and stood up. She rubbed her bruised lips and faced Vaquel. “The guards will be here any moment. This was surely reported!”

“Well then you better get your pants down in a hurry!” Vaquel snapped. “If Furch is not cock deep in your sluthole by the time the guards get here, then the deal is off!”

Penna glared at vaquel but then she pulled down her pants in furry. She was naked under her pants but she reached into her sex and pulled out a small knife.

“Damn,” Vaquel said. “Respect.”

“We don’t have time for this,” Furgh said. He grabbed Penna and pushed her up against a rail overseeing the gun deck below. Kicking her legs apart, he pushed his cock inside her.

“Bastard!” Penna snarled.

“There!” Furgh said. “I am inside Penna! Now do you agree to help us?”

Vaquel stood next to the rail. She reached over and grabbed a handful of Penna’s plump breast. Her fingers sank into the soft flesh.

“Keep fucking her, and I will tell you when,” Vaquel said.

“Shitfucker!” Penna yelled and then she cried out as Furgh began to fuck her.

The rebel male must have found new inspiration because his endurance problem was over. Furgh slammed Penna hard from behind. His cock was a piston driving inside her.

Vaquel let go of Penna’s breast and reached between her own legs. A tap on her belt and pink pubic hair emerged from her a hole in her suit. Vaquel slipped a few fingers into her wet sex.

The first of the next crowd arrived. At first they were amazed by the sight of the crashed fighter and the vast wreckage of the guns but they soon noticed the Zatty male fucking the Zatty female bent over the rail. They also couldn’t help notice the short alien woman rubbing herself furiously.

Vaquel stopped masturbating long enough to wave at the crowd. They were confused by her openness. She slipped her slick fingers back inside her.

“What kind of a deviant are you?” Penna said.

“Grab her head,” Vaquel commanded. “Pull her head back and fuck her harder.”

Furgh raised his arm but then he hesitated.

“You heard me,” Vaquel said. “Rebels are willing to destroy society for change, are you not willing to humiliate yourself for the same cause?”

Fugh sighed and then he his large hand grabbed Penna’s bald head. He pulled back and Penna cried out. Her back arched under the stress.

“Now move those hips,” Vaquel commanded.

Furgh fucked Penna faster. Her buttocks quaked under the force of his thrust.

“There you go,” Vaquel said. She leaned over and bit Penna’s bouncing breast. Her teeth caught the hard red nipple and bit down hard.

“Shitfucker!” Penna cried again.

“More people are coming,” Furgh said. “They look upset!”

Vaquel let Penna’s nipple escape her mouth. She rubbed furiously at her own sex. “Then hurry up, asshole. You don’t get to stop fucking until you come on Penna.”

“What?” Penna yelled.

Vaquel ignored her. She fucked herself harder. Her hand moved in sync with Furgh’s thrusting pelvis.

A Zatty in a blue uniform emerged from the tourists. He looked like some sort of guard. The barge baton in his hand looked like it would hurt.

“Oops, you might be out of time,” Vaquel said. “I guess I won’t be taking your stupid little robot anyway.”

“No fucking way,” Penna said. She pushed Furgh out of her pussy and spun around. Quick as a laser, she grabbed Furgh’s slick cock and pumped it. Massive muscles bulged on her arm as she stroked her rebel partner.

“What is going on?” the Zatty security guard said.

Vaquel shrugged. “I have no idea, officer! I am an alien and a stranger to your world! These two told me I had to watch their sex act and masturbate or I could go to jail. Were they wrong?”

“Now wait a min-“ Furgh started to say. He shut his mouth as he realized that if Vaquel was arrested, then she couldn’t smuggle their robot. The alien sadist was sacrificing them!

Penna was still stroking Furgh’s cock. The guard pointed at Furgh’s crotch and said, “Hey, stop that right now!”

“Come, Furgh,” Penna growled. “For the rebellion!”

Vaquel was still masturbating. No one told her to stop yet.

“For . . .the . . .rebellion!” Furgh cried and a jet of seed shot from his cock. It splattered against Penna’s leg.

“Get it on your face, Penna!” Vaquel yelled.

Penna rushed into action. She knelt before Furgh, still jacking his member. The second stream struck her shoulder but the third, fourth and fifth load splashed her face.

Furgh looked at Vaquel. “The codeword is ‘refreshing’! Don’t forget it!”

“This is unacceptable!” the security guard said. He pointed his baton at the two rebels and fired a white bolt.

The bolt struck Furgh. He cried out and convulsed. Penna cried out as the convulsions reached her and spread through her body. More of his seed emptied onto her twitching face until they both collapsed to the ground.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out as she came. The sight of the two rebels going through their convulsions sent her over the edge. Her pussy clenched tightly as pleasure spread through her body.

“You stop that too!” the guard said to Vaquel.

“Sorry, officer!” Vaquel said. She pulled her fingers out of her sex and the spacesuit hole closed over her pussy. “I am new to all of your customs and was easily fooled by these two. Did they say something about a rebellion?”

“Yes,” the security guard said. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of them. You enjoy the rest of the memorial!”

“I sure will!” Vaquel said. She paused to wipe her wet fingers on Penna’s bare ass before leaving.

Vaquel began her journey to the exit. She wondered where she would meet the rebel contact for the robot transfer. What kind of a rebellion uses a codeword like refreshing? Was she really going to go through and smuggle this robot to help rebels? It seemed unlikely but maybe she could use the robot to blackmail the rebellion when she gets to the next planet. It was fun to humiliate two rebels in public, what would it be like to dominate an entire group of rebels?

“First things, first,” Vaquel said to herself. “I still need to pick up my pictures from Guest Services.”

The rebellion would have to wait for souvenir pickups.

Apr 172017

On of my biggest interests is hoaxes. To me a hoax is not just a lie or a forgery, it is usually an attempt to introduce a weird idea, like a mermaid in Fiji or a secret Conspiracy of Nice People, and make it seem just plausible enough that you know it is unlikely, but you kind of hope that it is true. I like the idea of introducing magic and mystery to the world.

I have tried my hand and small hoaxes in the past but nothing of a grand scale. In the back of my mind, I was always gathering ideas for the Big Hoax but never found my inspiration. I considered it a writing exercise and to pull it off, it would require my best skill.

As I studied other hoaxes, I found out some unexpected side effects. mainly, if you create a weird thing that has no obvious explanation or background, then mentally vulnerable people can latch onto those ideas and incorporate them into their own delusions. You could argue that deluded people will latch onto anything anyway, but the particular nature of a good hoax; ambiguity, fake history, mysterious clues and other bits are almost tailor-made to become part of a deluded person’s psychosis. For every benign social experiment out there on the net, there are someone, or a group of someones, who take it far too seriously.

Which is why I gave up the hoax hobby. I still study it but I have little wish to write fodder for someone elses break from reality.

Which brings me to Alex Jones’s lawyer arguing that his client, a known conspiracy spreader, is just a performance artist. that doesn’t surprise me. He is pretty damn good at how he frames, spreads and originates a conspiracy. What gets my goat is that I realized conspiracies can be harmful to people BEFORE I ever made one, but this guy made a living from it and can still look art himself in the morning. I would have thought that the only way Alex Jones could maintain his dignity would be do the long hoax of pretending to be a believer ot stupid things. It turns out he can’t even do that.

Oh well, scumbag is just as big of a scumbag as imagined. Still, I am grateful I never finished one of my conspiracy hoaxes.


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Apr 052017

Explorer’s Log: I am on day three of my twenty-six day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Judgment of Remakes” by Royal Astronomers. I am happy to report that I have recovered fully from the freak accident that injured me on the last planet I visited. That will teach me to use an escalator that hasn’t been inspected by the Queen’s auditors!

As I explained in my last report, the escalator operator gave me a lifetime subscription to their porn transmission as compensation for my injuries. By strange coincidence, this subscription is exactly the same as rewarded to the winners of the arena deathmatch game that I absolutely did not participate in. I will take advantage of this lucky occurrence to examine what passes for porn among these red giants. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am not sure if the Royal Navy will accept my explanation for how I got a hold of this porn. Fuck them. I nearly got killed for this sleaze and I intend to enjoy myself.

Vaquel Di sat naked in the navigation pod. Her dark brown skin was freshly washed and still glistening with the lotion she had put on. Hard dark nipples adorned her heavy breasts. Short pink hair curled around her head. Full lips frowned as intelligent eyes stared in a box on her lap.

The label on the box said “Complimentary Pornography Enhancers.”

“What the fuck is this shit?” Vaquel said.

“What does the box have, Mistress?” Chairbot said underneath her full round ass. “Did the porn people give you dildos? Or did they give you an inferior vibrator?”

Vaquel snorted. “Your jealousy does you credit. No, nothing that simple.”

She took out a small ball of something green and gooey. Small letters in alien script spell out the word, breast. Looking back in the box, she saw there was a matching ball.

Vaquel thought about running the ball through an analyzer but she dismissed it. She had spent three days on pain killers while her body mended. That was three days of clumsy masturbating and unsatisfying orgasms. Now was the time for being adventurous.

She took one of the gooey balls and pressed it to her breast. It was cold and her hard nipple stiffened even more. The ball began to melt on her skin. The goo clung to her breast as she rolled it over her skin. Around and round she rolled the ball until it melted into a waxy cast over her mound.

“How does it feel, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Cold,” Vaquel said. Nothing seemed to be happening. Oh well, maybe it acts on a time lapse.

She reached inside the box and pulled out the second goo ball labeled breast. It was just as cold against her skin but she rolled it against her breast anyway. Like the first ball, the goo spread across the contours of her tit like a sticky film.

There were more balls inside the box. One was labeled neck so Vaquel pressed it to her throat. The cold goo stuck to her skin as she smeared it on her neck.

Two balls were labeled thighs and Vaquel pressed them inside her legs. The balls melted into twin rings around her thighs.

One ball was labeled ass. Vaquel hesitated. Chairbot was an excellent vibrator and she worried that the gel might block the sensations.

She laughed. Fuck it. Chairbot will just have to work harder. She stood up and smeared the ball against her ass. It took her a few minutes to get it properly stretched across her expansive brown buttocks.

There were two more balls in the box. One was labeled penile extrusion. Another was labeled penile receiver. Vaquel took the receiver ball and pressed it against her sex.

It was damn cold. Vaquel shuddered as she ground the ball into her hairy sex. The goo melted and formed a seal against her pussy lips. The green goo turned her pink pubic hair into an ugly shade of grey.

“I hope this shit washes out,” Vaquel muttered.

She sat back down on Chairbot. The goo on her ass was still cold. It was also a bit sticky and Vaquel wasn’t sure she liked the sensation.

“Mistress, you have covered your ass!” Chairbot said. “My receptors can only perceive your wonderful bottom at 99.99994 percent efficiency!”

“I’m not crazy about it either,” Vaquel said. “But as a space explorer, I will at least give it a try.”

Vaquel leaned back into Chairbot. The intelligent chair adjusted to her preferred tilt level for masturbation. Foot rests emerged to support her legs. Neck padding moved to support her head.

“Computer, open a channel to the porn stream,” Vaquel said.

A naked Zatty woman appeared on the screen. She had red skin, long flowing black hair and giant breasts. The woman grabbed her tits and gave them a happy squeeze.

“Welcome to the Gratification Network!” the woman announced. “I see that you are a Premium Subscriber! We currently have eight channels open so pick one to begin your enhanced experience!”

Eight titles appeared on the screen. The titles began a slow rotation around the woman’s giant red breasts.

“Big Mammaries in Government!”

“Property Owners in Control!”

“Bureaucrats Got Ass!”

“Real Marriage Contract Partner Stories!”

“Barely Legal Citizens Like it Big!”

“Government Inspector Adventures!”

“Clothed Government Naked Citizen”

“Just the Tip!”

Vaquel planned to work her way through the list so she started with the first. As she screen loaded, she reclined further on Chairbot’s seat. She reached down between her legs and tried to stroke her sex. The thick gel got in the way and she wondered what exactly was it supposed to do.

A scene appeared on screen. It was an office. No matter the civilization or race, all offices looked the same. There was a chair and desk. A monitor sat on the desk. Decorations were minimal and non-distracting.

A Zatty man sat at the desk. His red muscles bulged from his tight shirt. He stared at the monitor on his desk in an imitation of thought. There was a slight glare from his bald head.

“Dal, are you busy?” a voice off screen asked.

Dal continued to look at his monitor. “No,” he said absent-mindedly. He finally looked up from his monitor and looked at someone off-screen. His mouth opened and his eyed widened.

The camera cut to a Zatty woman. She had the same shirt at Dal but her shirt had burst open from the giant red breasts within it. Massive tits jiggled and shook as she walked closer to Dal. A tight black skirt wrapped around her ass and forced her legs almost into a hobble.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “Those are big mammaries!” She was used to Zatty women having breasts the size of fuel drums but this woman was even bigger. Vaquel couldn’t take her eyes off of the massive red flesh.

“How can I help you, Miss Xon?” Dal asked.

“I need to growth projections for the economy,” Miss Zon said. “The Carefully Managed Democracy is so successful, that we are having troubles charting just how successful we are!”

“That’s true!” Dal said. “We have never enjoyed this much growth and prosperity!”

“Are you sure that this is porn?” Chairbot asked.

“Of course,” Vaquel said. “Porn is the best vehicle for propaganda. It is one of the few mediums that beings are guaranteed to watch. Now hush.”

“Dal, I’m also going to need those requisition reports,” Miss Xon said. She leaned forward and her giant breasts swung forward.

“Ahh,” Dal said.

“Did you hear me?” Miss Xon said. She snapped her fingers in front of Dal.

“Uh, sorry, Miss Xon!” Dal said. He forced himself to look up at Miss Xon’s face.

“Dal, are you staring at my mammaries?” Miss Xon said. “That is highly inappropriate behavior!”

“I’m sorry!” Dal said. “Now that the Carefully Managed Democracy has provided me with a safe and enjoyable lifestyle, I find myself getting aroused more and more often!”

“Hmm,” Miss Xon said. “Now that you mention it, so have I! It must be a side effect of knowing that you are governed by a fair and free, but not too free, system!”

“Miss Xon, would you be interested in attending an Assessment of our Romantic Capabilities?” Dal asked.

“Fuck that,” Miss Xon said. “Let’s just do it on your desk!”

“See?” Vaquel said. “Told you it was porn.”

Miss Xon and Dal leaned across the table and kissed. Dal’s hand went straight for Miss Xon’s right breast and squeezed. The plump flesh was overflowing in his red hands.

The ooze around Vaquel’s right breast contracted. Vaquel cried out from the unexpected sensation. The ooze contracted, relaxed and contracted again in a pleasant sequence of massage.

“Ohh,” Vaquel moaned. “This is going to be interesting.”

Miss Xon leaned back and ripped open the rest of her shirt. She grabbed Dal’s face and pulled him towards her breasts. The Zatty man groaned happily as he was smothered in tits.

The gel on Vaquel’s breasts moved and squeezed. Something felt like a tongue as it licked her skin. Vaquel looked down to see the outline of a face pressed against her tits.

Dal groaned and Vaquel felt vibrations play across her breasts. He bit down on a nipple and Vaquel’s nipple was gripped in a sharp tightness. The man grabbed a massive red breast and squeezed. A vice gripped Vaquel’s breast and wouldn’t let go.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel groaned. She reached between her legs and tried to stroke. The gel covering her sex was too thick. Her buttocks clenched as she grinded into her hand.

“Yes,” Chairbot groaned but Vaquel ignored him. She didn’t care that the robot experienced pleasure from contact with her ass. All she knew was that her own pleasure was being denied.

“Suck these big mammaries,” Miss Xon said. “Suck these mammaries that are fat on prosperity and order!”

Dal groaned and kept playing with her breasts. He moved to one nipple and sucked down hard. Vaquel knew how hard he sucked because she could feel it around her own hard brown nipple.

Miss Xon grabbed a handful of her breast and Vaquel felt the woman’s hand. It was softer than Dal’s and certainly gentler. Miss Xon fingered her nipple and Vaquel felt the tender manipulations on her own.

Vaquel stroked harder on the ooze covering her sex. She barely felt it. Was that the point? Was it supposed to force her to follow along with the sex being played out?

“Mistress, I can sense your frustration!” Chairbot said. “Want me to activate my vibrators?”

“Yes-no! Wait,” Vaquel said. The vibrations might interfere with the gel. It was tempting but she didn’t want to stop what sensations she was experiencing.

“Get your meat hammer out,” Miss Xon said.

Dal happily pulled down his pants. An immense red erection sprang forth. It was big even by Zatty standards. Vaquel’s pussy clenched just looking at it.

Miss Xon swept her arm across the desk and sent everything flying. Without being told, Dal climbed onto the desk and laid down. Miss Xon got between his legs and wrapped her giant breasts around his equally giant cock.

Vaquel felt his member throb between her tits. She looked down and saw her breasts being squeezed together around an invisible rod. The accuracy of sensations was amazing. She felt the contours of his dick as well as heat coming from his girth.

Miss Xon opened a bottle of lube. Vaquel wasn’t sure where she got it from. Briefly she obsessed about the continuity error but when Miss Xon poured the lube onto her breasts, Vaquel’s trajectory of thought was deflected by the sensation of warm slippery liquid sliding over Vaquel’s tits.

“I can’t wait to fuck these big mammaries!” Dal said. “We never had mammaries this big under the last government!”

Vaquel growled. If her pussy didn’t get touched by something soon, she might start a one-being rebellion herself.

Miss Xon wrapped her arms around her tits and squeezed them around Dal’s cock. She raised them up and down with his member trapped between them. His shiny red cock emerged from between her round pillows and sunk back down.

Vaquel felt the cock moving between her own tits. It was a slippery fluid motion that felt great. She could feel the throbbing of his member as if it was about to explode with male desire.

Dal reached and grabbed the tits around his cock. Vaquel felt his fingers sink into her flesh as his hips pumped. The cock was a blur between Miss Xon’s breasts.

Her hands free, Miss Xon reached down and pressed a button on her skirt. The fabric fell away in one long ribbon to reveal her naked red sex. As Dal fucked her tits, Miss Xon ran her fingers through her damp sex lips.

The gel on Vaquel’s sex pulsed to life. Vaquel felt fingers running up and down her own pussy lips. Her sensitive pussy clenched desperately.

“Finally!” Vaquel groaned.

Mis Xon stroked faster. Vaquel felt expert fingers grinding and rubbing against her sex. The Zatty woman rubbed in tight circles and Vaquel felt the gel pulse in sync with the fingers.

Chairbot groaned. Vaquel’s ass was grinding harder against the robot seat. Pussy juices leaked through the gel and were smeared onto her round bottom. The robot’s receptors picked up every clenching twitch of her ass.

Dal kept fucking Miss Xon’s tits. His thumbs pressed down on her nipples. Vaquel felt the pressure on her own nipples and winced.

Mis Xon’s fingers slipped inside her sex. Vaquel felt the gel extend into her pussy. She cried out as she was filled with alien fingers.

“You have the best mammaries!” Dal yelled as he fucked them.

“No,” Miss Xon corrected. “The Carefully Managed Democracy has provided the best mammaries!”

Both actors groaned together in a mixture of lust and patriotism. Vaquel groaned with them as the gel worked on her tits and pussy.

Miss Xon stopped playing with her sex and grabbed her tits again. Vaquel moaned in frustration as the gel on her pussy became inert again. The ooze around her breasts simulated Miss Xon’s grip as she jacked Dal’s cock with her tits.

“I am going to blast!” Dal yelled.

“No!” Vaquel yelled. She wanted more stimulation! She didn’t want to waste that gorgeous piece of male equipment on just tits!

A second later, he did. Alien seed spurt from his cock and sprayed Miss Xon’s tits. Vaquel felt every drop as hot spots formed and cooled on her breasts.

“Lovely,” Miss Xon said. She rubbed her breasts together to smear the seed onto her round mounds. “Now I need you inside me.”

Vaquel perked up. What? They do multiple male climax porn in this culture? They are advanced!

“Get up here on my slut slammer!” Dal said.

Miss Xon grinned and climbed up on the desk. The camera focused on her seed-covered breasts as they jiggled and bounced. She grabbed his stiff member and held it as she lowered her sex onto it.

The gel pushed deep inside Vaquel. It copied the wide girth of Dal’s cock and completely filled Vaquel’s pussy. She worried that it was too big but the ooze sensed her limits. The result was a throbbing, pulsing filling sensation.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

Miss Xon began to ride Dal. Her hips swiveled on top of Dal’s trapped pelvis. She leaned forward and he grabbed her swinging tits. He held onto them as she kept fucking him.

Vaquel trembled on top of Chairbot. She gripped the arms of the chair as watched the screen. The gel pummeled her sex with thrusts. The ooze on her breasts squeezed and pinched along with Dal’s hands.

“By the Stars,”Dal swore. “I never got fucked like this before!”

Miss Xon groaned. “The Carefully Managed Democracy takes care of everything!”

Dal’s hips went into overdrive. The force of his thrusts lifted Miss Xon’s body. The thick red penis slammed into Miss Xon’s sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out. The ooze was pounding her sex as well. She felt like she was being nailed to the chair. Her legs hung limply off the side of the chair as the gel pushed deeper and deeper.

Miss Xon fell forward. Her wide red breasts fell up Dal’s face and smothered him. She kept him pinned down while he rammed her pussy.

Vaquel felt him between her breasts. He was gasping for air against her skin. Sharp teeth bit while his tongue licked.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried. She climaxed as the ooze drove fucked her into the chair.

“Glory to Mistress!” Chairbot cried as his sensors read Vaquel’s squirming ass and activated various pleasure programs.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Miss Xon cried as she came, or pretended to come. The camera focused on her quivering breasts still smothering Dal.

The ooze inside Vaquel suddenly stopped fucking her. A moment later, the sensation of a flood of hot liquid filled her sex.

As Dal twitched under Miss Xon’s quivering body, a message appeared on the screen.

“Remember, Anarchists hate the Carefully Managed Democracy for our sexual freedoms! Report any Anarchists you know to your local authorities!”

“Fucking anarchists,” Vaquel growled.

The transmission ended. The various gels on Vaquel’s body became inert. She reached for the ooze on her pussy and it easily peeled off.

Vaquel thought about the ooze on her ass. There was also the gel around her neck, not to mention the ones on both thighs. They never activated but then again, she did pick a mammary-centric transmission. If she wanted these to activate, she needed to find the right pornographic stream.

“Ready for more, Chairbot?” Vaquel asked.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Me too,” Vaquel said and she selected another channel.

Apr 032017

My next interactive erotica novel is available for purchase Amazon. Banging Your Sister-In-Law lets you play an unhappily married man who receives unexpected filthy invitations from his sister-in-law. The man is planning to divorce his wife anyway, so he takes advantage of the family reunion to indulge in some forbidden carnal desires. What he doesn’t know is that his wife is up to something as well and his mother-in-law has very inappropriate plans of her own. All sorts of wrong choices are available for the reader to make.

This is the third book in my Amazon series of interactive erotica. After spending two years writing about the aliens in the last book, I decided to go with something more realistic like adultery, sexual rivalry, cuckholding, public sex, domination, dirty talk, unexpected threesomes, deviant mother figures and an appreciation for crab fritters.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please leave a review on Amazon.


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